Team Building









“So this is Trenton Hall – if we’re going to have to spend two days on a junket, I can think of worse places.”


Suzanne looked round the large room, smiling as she looked out of the window into the autumnal sunshine.  Taking off her black leather jacket, she placed it over the back of the chair and rubbed her bare arms.  She was wearing a black vest top with a thin black belt, grey jeans and mid-calf black leather tops with a red top.


“Hey – how do you always manage to be here first?”


“Because I know where I’m going,” Suzanne said as she looked at Anna.  The ginger haired assistant had her hair put up on her head, and was wearing a white t-shirt over a vest and black leggings, the lower half tucked into tan leather boots.  A black and white Arab style scarf was wrapped around her neck to keep the chill out.


“Nice place,” she said to the redhead as she looked round through her black glasses, “where are the others?”


“On their way I’d imagine,” Suzanne said, “coffee?”


“Please,” Anna said as she took a cup.  “So, what is the theme for this exercise today?”


“No idea – still, we’ll see what happens soon enough.  So you made it?”


“We did,” Helen said as she came in with Jenny, “no thanks to the sat nav.”  Helen was wearing a peach coloured cardigan over a black top and jeans, with burgundy lace up boots over her lower legs.  Jenny looked round through her glasses, wearing a black v-necked sweater, jeans and black boots.


“Thanks,” she said as she took a coffee, “so why exactly have we been sent on this?”


“No idea – all I know is the appointment appeared in our in-boxes.  There doesn’t see, to be anybody else around either.”


“Ah good, you have arrived.”


The four women turned to see a tall, dark haired woman standing in the doorway.  She was wearing a black sweater and jeans, and smiled as she walked in, two blonde haired women in the same clothing coming behind them.


“Welcome to the ropes course,” she said with a smile.  “Now, all four of you, on your knees, hands on your heads.”


“I’m sorry, what did you just...”


Suzanne then saw the guns in the hands of the other two women, and slowly dropped to her knees, the other three following suit.


“What the hell is going on here,” Anna said as she put her hands on her head.


“I already said, a ropes course,” the dark haired woman said as she opened a bag that was sitting on a table, and took out four lengths of brown rope.  “Very slowly, all four of you, take your hands and place them behind your back.”


“Why?  Who are you?”


“Your instructors,” the dark haired woman said as she produced her own gun, watching as one by one the two blondes crossed the wrists of the women behind their backs, and secured them tightly together.  She then passed four more lengths of rope over, watching as they had their ankles secured together as well.


“Now, this ropes course is straightforward,” the woman said as they were made to sit back to back, Anna and Suzanne feeling the rope as their upper bodies were secured together, and then Helen and Jenny getting the same treatment.  “You will spend the next twenty=four hours in ropes, and together we will learn new things.”


“When I get hold of my boss...”


“Oh, he does not know you are here – this is strictly off the books,” the woman said as hr assistants took out four red bandanas, rolled into bands and with knots tied in the middle.  “Now, open wide – this first exercise is about learning patience and trusting in each other.”


“But what is thsslsbbttt,” Jenny asked as the knot was pushed into her mouth, and the band tied round her head, trapping her hair underneath.  She shook her head, trying to twist the gag out as she heard Helen’s muffled complaints, and then looked over as Suzanne and Anna were also gagged.


“We will be back later – enjoy the rest of the morning,” the woman said as the four women tried to free themselves, watching as they walked out of the room.



“How are they doing?”


“Stressed, but coping so far.  Let’s see what happens when they have their lunch.”




Hmgdgddmscrdd,” Anna whispered, Suzanne trying to hold her hand as the three women walked back in, followed by others who laid the table for a meal.


“Well done,” the dark haired woman said as they were untied from each other, and then made to jump to the chairs.  As they sat down, their waists were tied to the chairs, and then their hands released before the gags were taken out, the knots dark and soaking wet.


“What the fuck do you think you are doing,” Suzanne said as soon as she could speak.


“Serving the meal,” the woman said with a smile.  “You must all be hungry – please, eat.  I assure you, the food and drink is quite safe.”


“But why are you doing this?  Who are we to you,” Helen said as she looked at their ‘instructors.’


“Now that is a very good question – let us just say you are here to learn, and we are here to learn as well.  Please, eat – I know you want to.”


The four looked at each other, before starting to eat, saying nothing as they looked around and tried to make sense of what was happening.





“Well, I have to admit, that was good,” Suzanne said as she placed her cutlery on her plate.


“Of course – I only speak the truth,” the dark haired woman said.  “Now, for the second part of the course.  Re-bind them.”


“Look, just tell us why you’re doing this,” Suzanne said as her wrists were re-crossed behind her back and secured together, before one of the blonde haired woman took a long length of rope, and started to bind her arms to her side, the rope going above and below her chest as they were forced against her torso, the ropes forcing her chest out as they were pulled tighter.


As she was untied from the chair and made to stand, she saw Anna being bound in the same way, the other two watching as Suzanne was made to jump to a mat, and lie down.  She felt her legs been drawn together, and then pulled back as her ankles were secured to her chest ropes.


“Now,” the dark haired woman said as she watched Anna being tied in the same way, “you two will remain here for the moment.  Bring Jenny and Helen through to the next room.”


One of the blondes nodded as she pushed cloths into the mouths of the two hogtied women, and then pressed several strips of duct tape over their mouths as the other two women were forced into the next room.


“Now,” the dark haired woman said as she closed the door, “we need to also secure both of you, but first we wish you to change.  Jenny, you will put on the swimsuit.”




“Now,” she said as the blonde held Helen, the gun at her side.  Jenny nodded as she pulled her boots off, and stripped down, before putting on the black and green swimsuit.


“All right, I’ve done your dressing up game – now what.”


“Now,” the dark haired woman said as Helen was pushed forward, “she ties you up, under our instruction.  Take this rope, double it over, and tie her wrists together behind her back in the way we show you.”


Nervously, Helen took the rope and tied Jenny’s wrists behind her, whispering “I’m sorry” as she did so.


“It’s all right, we’re in this together,” Jenny said as she felt her wrists drawn together, and the feel on her body as the rope was pulled around her arms, drawing them into her sides as it went below and above her chest.


“How does it feel,” the dark haired woman said as Helen pulled the rope around above and below her chest, the cords rubbing on her breasts.


“Strange,” Jenny sighed as Helen was instructed to take the rope under one arm, up and around her neck, and under the other arm, “and your touch...”


Helen tied the ropes off and walked round, looking at Jenny before she placed a gentle kiss on the woman’s lips.


“So our notes were correct.”


“And this is why you made me do this,” Helen said as she stroked Jenny’s cheek.  “So what do you want me to do now?”


“Put on a swimsuit yourself,” the dark haired woman said as she took a length of rope, “and we’ll make sure you two stay together...”






Anna shook her head in response to Suzanne’s question, as she tried to move her legs.  The door opening made her look in that direction, as the dark haired woman walked in.


“It’s getting late,” she said, “we need to get you settled for the night.  We will release you, and escort you to your bedrooms.”


Looking at each other, they nodded as the ropes were removed, and they were allowed to stand up.  Peeling the tape away from her mouth, and spitting out the scarf, Suzanne said “Please, just tell us what you want.”


“We want you to come with us,” the woman said, as they were made to walk out of the room and down a corridor.  Opening a door, they were shown into what looked like a well appointed hotel room.


“Go in there,” the dark haired woman said to Suzanne, “you will find a change of clothing.  Put it on, and then come back in here.”


“I’ll be all right,” Anna said as Suzanne went into the room, returning a few minutes later in a pair of blue silk pyjamas.


“Excellent,” the woman said, “lie on the bed, hands on your head.”


“What are you going to do,” Suzanne said as she lay down, “tie me to the bed?”


“Actually – yes,” was the reply, as a length of rope was tied to each wrist, and then secured to the headboard so that her arms were spread apart.  A few minutes later, her ankles were secured in the same way as the dark haired woman walked forward.


“We don’t wish you to be bored during the night however,” she said, Anna watching as she leaned over Suzanne for a moment, and then produced a wide roll of white tape, as well as a sponge ball.


“Something tells me you’d like to have your voice muffled, yes?”


Anna watched as Suzanne bit her bottom lip, and said “yes” very quietly, opening her mouth as the woman pushed the sponge in, and then pressed a long strip of the tape firmly over her mouth.  The only noise Anna could hear was a low buzzing, as she was escorted into a second bedroom.


“And I suppose I am going to be tied to the bed as well?”


“No – our records suggest you would prefer to roll around.  Go, change.”


Nodding, Anna went to the room and returned in a white baby doll nightie.


“How... How did you know?”


“That you like to tie yourself up?  As I say, we are here to learn.  Now, stand still – we’re going to grant your wish.”


“But this is a ropes course?”


“Indeed – tell me, are you familiar with the term Kun Bang?”



In a third room, Helen and Jenny were moaning as they kissed, their taped lips touching as they pulled on the ropes that lay between their legs.  They both writhed around, their bodies responding to the stimulation as they pulled the ropes with their hogtied legs.


As Jenny opened her eyes and let out a long moan, Helen nodded and did the same, before they both lay still, panting through their noses as Helen nuzzled Jenny’s neck.


“Sleep well,” the woman said as Anan lay on the bed her arms pulled behind her and folded as they were tied together, and then the ropes encasing her chest in a tight harness.  Another length of rope held her legs together at the ankles and knees, while one more went between her legs, the tape covering her mouth holding the sponge in, and keeping her moans to a minimum as she moved round.





“Interesting – this just confirms what we knew, but Suzanne really impresses me.”


“Indeed – so we let them rest, and then the final exercise in the morning.”




“Oh thank god,” Suzanne said as Helen and Jenny were escorted in, “are you both all right?”


“Yeah,” Jenny said, “but it was – intense.”


“You do know everyone knows you two are an item?”


“Yeah – but we prefer to keep it out of work.  What about you?”


“Let’s see – tied up and gagged most of yesterday, and all night, and...  Well, it wasn’t totally bad.”


“How are you three coping,” Anna said as she joined them.  All four had been given the same clothes to wear – long sleeved tops, joggers and sandshoes.


“Good morning,” the dark haired woman said as she walked in.  “Please, enjoy breakfast.  We have one last exercise for you to complete, before we give our evaluation and send you on your way.”


“And that exercise is...”




The four women looked at each other as they lay on the mats, their hands covered in silver tape and socks before their arms were folded and their wrists tied to their elbows.   Their ankles were crossed and bound with rope, and their legs secured below their knees, before their legs had been bent and secured to their forearms.


Each of them had a black scarf tied over their hair, with a band of silver tape around their mouths and lower heads, holding a knotted silk scarf and padding in their mouths.  A black scarf was also tied tightly over their eyes, as they tried to look round.


“Now that you have conquered any fear of the ropes,” the dark haired woman said, “your task is to try to free each other.  Good luck.”


She left the room, closing the door behind herself as Suzanne began to rub her head on the carpet.  After a few minutes, she managed to move the blindfold off her eyes, and saw Anna next to her.




The ginger haired assistant nodded as she rolled onto her side, Suzanne wriggling over on her stomach until she was able to use her cheek to dislodge Anna’s blindfold.


They both looked over at Jenny and Helen, who had somehow found each other and were kissing with their gagged mouths, and shook their own heads as they looked around the room, noticing the items that had been left on the low table.  Both women started to roll over slowly to the table, Suzanne knocking the table and making the knife fall.


She breathed a small sigh of relief as it landed between them, and she started to rub the rope connecting her ankles to her arms against the blade...





“Well, we managed to get free,” Suzanne said as Jenny removed the scarf from her mouth, “now what?”


“Now, you pass,” the dark haired woman said.  “You are free to go.”


“Hey – what did you learn from us?”


“That you can be trusted – safe journey home,” she said as she left the four women, and went back to where they were being monitored from.


“Well?”  The voice that spoke was deep, mellow, and belonged to a tall auburn haired woman.


“They pass with flying colours Madame – this team are ready to serve as a front line group in the business.”


“Excellent, Dominique – it is important the public face of our business knows how to cope in a crisis.  Arrange for the next group to be invited – I will inform Susan.”








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