Tea Party







“So, what on earth are we going to get your grandfather for his birthday present?”


Belinda smiled as she poured the tea from the pot into the china cups, and looked at her three daughters.  She was in her early fifties, but looked ten years younger, a wide brown belt round her hips and over the fawn cardigan that matched her skirt.  Under the cardigan was a white top, a pair of dark tights keeping her legs warm and a pair of dark brown suede boots on her lower legs that came to her knees.


Her daughter Veronica nodded as she took the cup.  She was wearing a scoop necked black top with long sleeves, her long light brown hair falling over her shoulders.  Her silver fabric skirt was short, but the dark tights she was wearing preserved her modesty, and the knee length black fabric boots kept her feet warm.


“I have no idea – no idea at all,” she said with a smile.  “What about you Kate?”


Her cousin Kate sat back, crossing her legs and said “Sorry – I’m not sure either.”  She had long light brown hair which fell over the long light brown scarfs she was wearing over a black jersey dress, her black tight covered legs crossed as she moved her tan suede ankle boots to and fro,


She glanced through her glasses to her side, where her sister Valerie was sipping her tea.  She too had glasses, but her hair was as black as her aunts, whole she wore a black jumper and short skirt, dark tights and knee length brown leather boots.  She put her cup down, and said “Honestly, Aunt Belinda, I have no idea.  Is there anything you think he might want?”


“A bit of peace and quiet from the boys, I suspect,” Veronica said as she heard the sound of laughter coming from the dining room.  Her younger brother was in there, along with Kate and Valerie’s young brother, and they had been left fairly much to their own devices.


“Oh they’ll be fine,” Belinda said as she heard them talking.  “I was wondering about paying from him to have a weekend away somewhere…”




“Wow – these old comics are great,” Steve said as he looked at his cousin, “where did you get them?”


“I bought them in a jumble sale,” Belinda’s son said as he looked at his cousin, “I can’t believe they used to have things like this.”


They looked at the picture of Lois Lane, tied to the chair and a cloth tied over her mouth, as Steve said “do you think Aunt Belinda would play with us as Lois Lane Alan?”


“What – we take her captive and hope that stops Superman coming to find us?  She might – if we do this the right way…”




“So we’re decided then?”


The other three smiled as Belinda collected up the tea cups.  “Right then – let me see what the boys are up to,” she said as she picked the tray up, leaving the three girls talking as she carried them into the kitchen.  Placing them by the sink, she smiled as she went into the dining room, and said “All right boys, what are you up to?”


“What the…  Who let the snooping reporter in,” Alan said as he turned and looked at his mother, Belinda amused to see he had tied a scarf round the lower part of his face.


“Don’t worry,” she heard her nephew say behind her, and then she felt something pressed against her back.  As she looked at Alan, he produced a water pistol and pointed it at her, saying “get over here lady – we need to make sure you can’t get a message to that muscle bound oaf you follow round.”


As she looked at the table, Belinda saw the open comics, and shook her head as she raised her hands, saying “you’ll never get away with this” as she walked over to her son.


“Sit down,” she heard Steve say, and as she turned and sat in one of the dining chairs she saw Steve with a similar disguise, a water pistol in his hand as well.


“What are you going to do to me,” she said as she sat down.


“Keep you where you can’t stop us – tie her up Bert.”


“Boys…”  She looked at their eyes, and then sighed as she lowered her hands and put them behind the chair back.  “All right – but only for a little while.”


“Thanks Mum,” she heard Alan say as he took a skipping rope, and tied her wrists together behind her back…




“Mum must be talking to the boys,” Veronica said as she stood up.  “I’m going to the toilet – see you in a few minutes.”


“Try not to take too long,” Kate said as her cousin walked up the staircase, along the corridor and into the toilet.  Closing the door, there was silence for a few minutes, before coming out – but as she did so, she thought she heard a sound in her bedroom.


“Alan, if you’re in my room,” she said quietly as she walked quickly down, opened the door and walked in – only to see a stranger, a man in a denim jacket and jeans, as he turned from searching through her drawers and looked at her.


“What the hellhmmggddd,” she said as someone clamped a gloved hand over her mouth, silencing her as the stranger said “shit – what are we going to do?”


“Stop her raising the alarm,” an older male voice said from behind her, “see if you can find something to shut her up with.”  As she watched, the younger man pulled a pair of panties and a set of hose from a drawer, and walked over, folding the panties into a pad.


“When I take my hand away, open your mouth and say nothing,” the older voice said, Veronica nodding as the hand went, and she tasted the cotton on her tongue from the pad that was forced into her mouth.  That was followed by the gusset of the tights, before the legs were wrapped tightly round her head, the nylon pulling into the corners of her mouth as the legs were secured behind the back of her head.


“Face down on the bed,” the voice said, and she was pushed onto her mattress, too scared to fight back as the young man pulled her wrists behind her back, took a length of cord from his pocket and started to bind her wrists tightly together.  She felt the cords rubbing on her skin as it was pulled around and between her arms, while at the same time she felt her ankles as they were crossed and secured tightly together as well.


“Sit her up.”


As Veronica was made to sit on the edge of the bed, she saw the older man, dressed in denim as well, but with grey hair, as he took a second length of cord and secured her legs together below her knees.  As he did this, the younger man took another length from his own pocket, and pulled her arms together behind her back, her elbows almost touching as the rope was secured.


“Not a word out of you,” the older man said as he stood up, Veronica nodding as she tried to move, the black fabric of her boots compressed and lightening where her ankles were secured.  She watched as the older man left the room, the younger one smiling as he resumed his search of her room.




“I wonder where Aunt Belinda has got to,” Valerie said as she stood up and walked over to the window.


“We could always go and look,” Kate said with a smile.


“Nah – on you go.  I’m sure Veronica has finished in the toilet, so I’ll go and see what she is up to.”


“Well, if you insist,” Kate said as she stood up, brushed the skirt of her dress down, and then made her way into the corridor, walking to the dining room as Valerie started to walk up the stairs.


“All right, Steve,” she said as she came in to the dining room, “what have you two horrors done with…”


“Rnnnkteee,” Belinda said as she wriggled in her seat on the dining room chair.  Kate looked at her, her arms pulled around the chair back, her ankles tied with a skipping rope and secured to the front leg of the chair, and a woollen scarf tied around the lower part of her face, muffling her words as she tried to speak.




“Oh look – another meddling snoop come to see what’s going on!”


Kate turned to see Alana and Steve standing there, the scarves still over the lower half of their faces as they pointed the water pistols at her.  “Is this a game,” she said as she looked at her aunt, who nodded and said “Gsssurplnnnswll.”


“Yeah – guess I am, but you need to tell your sister and Valerie what we’re doing, all right?”


“Sure lady – sit next to Miss Lane here,” Alan said as he pulled another of the dining chairs over, Kate sitting down as she looked at her aunt. 


“Put your arms round the chair back.”


As she did so, Alan moved her wrists so that they were together, while Steve knelt in front of her with another skipping rope, and started to tie her ankles together, the grey rope over the brown suede.


“Where did you learn to tie knots anyway,” she said as he pulled the rope tight, secured the ends, and then pulled her ankles over to secure them to the chair leg, while at the same time Alan moved her wrists together and tied them with a fourth rope then tied that to the chair back.


“Yes,” was all her brother said as he stood up, and went into the corridor, returning with a white wool scarf.  He passed it to his cousin, who pulled it around Kate’s head, covering her mouth as she felt the material on her lips.  She grunted a little as he secured the ends at the base of her neck, and then smiled as she said “Whtrrugnntddnnw?”


“Come on Bert,” Alan said to Steve, “let’s go and finish setting the trap for him.”


The two boys walked out of the room, Kate and Belinda looking at each other as they wondered what to do next.





“Come on Cuz,” Valerie said as she walked into Veronica’s room, “what on earth are you up to…”


“RNNNFRRTIVLREEE,” Veronica screamed through her gag as Valerie looked at her, sitting on the bed and struggling in the ropes.  “Oh shit,” she whispered as she turned round - to see a grey haired man standing there, smiling as he said “Keep quiet or we take care of the kids downstairs as well.  Walk in, hands in the air.”


As she slowly walked backwards, Valerie raised her hands as the old man closed the door, and then removed her glasses.  “Tie her up,” were the only three words he said, as someone grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back, and she felt some sort of rope rubbing on her wrists as they were secured tightly together.


She then felt her arms as they were forced together at her elbows, while the old man reached up and removed her spectacles.  Folding the legs, he placed them on the chest of drawers, before he said “sit next to your friend.”  As Valerie sat down, she saw a younger man walk to the wardrobe and take out a large white silk square, rolling it into a band as the older man knelt and used some sort of cord to bind her ankles together, her boots squeaking as they rubbed together.


While he pulled the rope tighter, the young man tied a double knot in the scarf, and then said “open wide.”


“No…  I promise, I’ll be quiet…”


“I said open wide,” he whispered, and as Valerie slowly opened her mouth the knot was pushed past her teeth, the band puled round her head and the ends secured at the back of her neck as Veronica looked at her.  She felt the cord as it was sued to secure her legs together, before the older man said “lie them both down on the bed – we gotta make sure they stay here while we make our getaway.”


“Whtrrudnnn,” Veronica grunted as she and her cousin were forced to lie on their stomachs, and she felt one of the men pull her ankles back.  Looking over her shoulder, she saw him secure them to the rope around Valerie’s elbows with a short length of rope, then returning the favour as he tied Valerie’s ankles to her elbows.


The two girls looked at each other as they collected up two pillow cases, and then left them to struggle and try to call for help through their stuffed mouths…





“Mgnnkllthsbs,” Kate said as she tried to free her wrists – but not with much success.  Belinda shook her head and said “ssjjsstegmgg – thllcmbcksnnn.”


They didn’t hear the shouts from upstairs – neither did Alan or Steve as they sat in the front room, watching cartoons.  They didn’t even hear the soft footfall or the front door opening and closing, Alan turning the volume up…




“Oh god, I’m sorry Mum,” Alan said as he came in and untied Belinda from the chair, “we just lost track of time.”


“That’s all right,” his mother said as she rubbed her wrists, “where are your sister and cousin?”


“I don’t know,” Steve said as he untied his sister, “they must have gone out.”


“They weren’t in the front room?  Val said she was going to see what Veronica was up to…”


They then heard the noises upstairs, and Belinda walked up.  “Where are you girls,” she said as she opened the door to Veronica’s room – and stared at the girls, the drool running down their chins as Veronica said quietly “hllpsss…”








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