Tell Me On A Sunday




“Gentlemen, what is your decision?”


The five men looked at each other, before the first one spoke.


“I’m in,” he said as he threw a ten spot in.


“I’ll see you and raise you ten.”


They went round the table, raising bets until one by one they dropped out, leaving Dave and Jack in the game.


“Raise and see you,” Jack said as he threw a twenty into the pile.


Dave smiled and spread his hand out.  “Tens and Jacks.”


“Not bad – but not good enough,” Jack laughed as he laid out a full house of Aces over Queens and scooped in the takings.


“All right, guys – beer break,” the dealer said as he stood up.  Dave looked over at the victorious player.


“What did I hear about you last week – running into something a little unusual?”


Jack looked over as he took a cold bottle.  “Oh yeah – that one….”


The house stood in a large open area, which should have made any unseen approach difficult, if not next to impossible.  For that reason, Jack took the direct approach – coming to the front door as a gasman.


“Can I help you?” the young woman who answered the door said.  She was brown haired, about five foot four, with a slightly Asian look to her and dressed in a pink vest top and shorts with patterned ankle socks.


“Meter reading, love,” Jack said as he flashed a card in her face.  “Can I come in?”


“Oh, I suppose so,” she said as she stepped aside, allowing Jack to come in with his bag in his hand.  He placed it on the table, and followed the young lady to the cupboard under the stairs.


“In there,” she said as she opened the door.


“Thanks – any chance of a cup of tea?  I’m parched.”


She looked at Jack, shrugged and walked down the corridor.  He looked after her, before quietly closing the door and picking up his bag.  He could hear music coming from the room she had gone into, so naturally he opened the door and watched her as she continued her workout.


Sensing she was not alone, she turned round and said “All done?”


“Not quite,” Jack said as he walked in and closed the door behind him.  “I’m going to look for your valuables as well, and I need to stop you from stopping me.”


She looked at Jack, and then lunged for him, looking to harm the tall strong burglar.  Well, no chance – he flung her down in front of the brown sofa, and used a set of manacles to secure her feet and hands together.  She glared up at him, as Jack said “Now stay there while I have a look round.”


Closing the door on her, Jack was about to head upstairs when he heard a noise coming from the kitchen.  Looking in, he saw the kettle boiling, but as he switched it off eh realised the noise was coming from behind a door that must have led to the garage.  Opening it, Jack saw something that made his day.


Two women were standing there, with long brown hair and staring at the new arrival.  Their arms were pinioned together behind their backs, secured at the wrists and elbows, at ninety degrees to their backs and secured to hooks in the ceiling with ropes.  One was wearing a turquoise silk blouse with a wide black belt and a cream leather skirt, while the other wore a similarly coloured sleeveless jumper with a belt and a short black leather skirt.  White tape covered their mouths, as they tried to call out to Jack while he stood watching them.


“Kinky – but I’m sorry ladies, I’m the dastardly villain, not the shining night,” he said as he closed the door and made his way back up to the bedrooms, their muffled screams following him.


Some minutes later, he went back into the room where the young lady was lying on her stomach on the rug.


“I saw your house guests,” he said as she raised her head.  “Want to tell me about them?”


“My employer and her sister,” she said with a smile.  “They like to … play, and I was meant to watch over them.  You prevented that.”


“So you’re the maid?”


“I prefer Au Pair, but yes,” she said with a smile.


“Very nice – but I have to go now – say bye bye,” Jack said as he held up a knotted bandana he had found in her room.


“I wish I knew a few more places that had games like that,” Dave said as he took a drink from his bottle.


“Like what?” John said as he came back to the table.


“The Kinky Raid.”


“Oh yeah – nice one Jack.”


“Thanks – how are you and Louise getting along?”


“Can’t complain – in fact, we had real fun last week…”


“U bstrds – u dnt d ths!!!”


“Hold her down, dear,” John said as he placed the struggling woman on the two chairs.  The convention was in full swing when the tow of them had arrived, looking for a few ‘marks’ from the floor, and this robust dark haired woman had proven to be just what they were looking for.


She was wearing a short dress, consisting of a black camisole-style top that merged with a leopard print body from her breasts down to the hemline just below her crotch.  Louise had offered to buy her a drink, and got talking to her before suggesting a short walk.  Dressed as she was in her light blue business suit, the woman had no idea of what was going to happen when she went with Louise to “discuss some possible jobs.”


That was, until she felt John’s hand over her mouth and saw Louise pointing the gun at her.  OH, she had protested, sworn and cursed, at least until the large cotton pad had been stuffed into her mouth and the bandage wrapped several times around her mouth and neck.  Then she had fought as Louise tightly bound her wrists together behind her back, before John had put her on the chair and started to tie her legs together above and below her knees.


Louise looked over to where she had dropped her handbag.  As John took a length of rope and started to lash her sandaled feet together, she walked over and picked it up, rummaging through for a room key.


“Got it,” she said as she held up a card.  “Looks like an executive suite as well – good choice, darling.”


“Of course it is, darling,” John said with a smile as he secured the ends of the rope to the back of the chair, and walked round to bind her chest to the seat she was on.  “Give me five minutes, and we can head up.”


As they crossed the convention floor, nobody looked askance at the tall woman and the man in black t-shirt and jeans.  They made their way over to the lift, and pressed the correct number.


“Just this one, and then we try another hotel,” John said over the muzak.  “We don’t want to be too greedy.”


“Quite right, dear,” Louise said with a smile as the lift doors opened, and they walked down the quiet corridor to the double doors at the end.  As they quietly opened the door, they were surprised to hear voices.


“Please, don’t do this to us, we won’t stop you,” a female voice was saying, and Louise could hear sobs as well.


“Shut it,” was the coarse reply, and John put a finger to hi slips as they looked through the cracks in a door frame.


The room was opulent, with several cream leather chairs and recliners within, as well as three women and one man.  One, a blonde in a white strapped top and patterned short skirt, was sat at the end of a couch, while a second dark haired woman in a purple Greek style short dress was sat in a chair.  John noticed both had their hands behind their back, and black tape over their mouths, and he signalled to Louise to stay quiet.


The third woman had their back to the door, as she tried to reason with the man who was busy using leather belts to secure her legs together as he had her wrists and arms.  She was wearing what looked like a red string bikini, and the other two had their attention focused on her.


“Please, just take our money and go,” she pleaded as the man stood up and started to rip a length of black tape off a roll.


“I told you to shut up,” he said as she slapped the tape over her mouth, the other two giving muffled protests as he did so.  He stood back, looking at the three women, and Louise shivered at the look that he had in his eyes.


“You,” he finally said as he picked up the woman in the red bikini, and threw her over his shoulder.  To the muffled screams of the other two, he carried her towards a door in the back of the room, as John indicated to Louise to follow him.


“This is out of our league,” he said as Louise closed the door to the suite while he dialled a number on his phone.  “Have you ever seen Terror Amongst Us?”


“No – what is it?”


“Not nice,” he said as he listened.  “Hello – hotel security?”


“Come on – we’re robbers, not rapists.  Besides, I think we did that woman a favour by not letting her walk into that.”


Jack nodded as Bert came back to the table.  “Tales time, is it?”


“Yup – John was just saying how they stopped a multiple rape.  What have you got to tell?”


Bert smiled as he sipped his whiskey.  “Guess who I bumped into the other day?”




“The Challenger.”


Dave whistled.  “The Challenger?  How on earth did that happen?”


“Would you like another drink, dear?”


Wilma politely shook her head as she was offered the pot.  She had been invited to meet with her boss and the two assistants at her home, and she had plans that demanded that she stay at least fairly dry.  She sat back, crossing her legs under her denim skirt, and watched the three of them.


The boss was blonde haired, although her roots were really starting to show, and wearing a short brown suede skirt and matching jacket.  Kelly, the first assistant, was wearing a light blue crop top under her cream leather jacket, and a matching short skirt, while Annie had on a black camisole top under a white v-necked jumper and skirt.


“Wilma, the three of us were wondering if we could have a word with you about your work to date.”


“No problem – but why are we doing this here rather than at the store?”


The boss looked at Wilma, in her tight red jumper and brown calf length boots.  She had long brown hair, and looked like a student – which was exactly the effect she wished to make.  “Well,” the boss said as she put the cup down, “we find it’s easier to do things in a more relaxed atmosphere.”  It was at this point that the door bell rang.


“Kelly, would you get that please?” she said, and Wilma watched as she walked on her too high heels to the front door.  Turning back to her boss, she started to say “I wonder if I can ask…” when she saw the look of horror in her face and turned round.


Bert was standing there, one arm around Kelly’s body and the other pointing a sizable handgun at the three women.  “Just sit still and nobody gets hurt,” he said with a smile as he pushed Kelly towards the others.  “Four lovely looking women such as you should be careful enough that you don’t want to be hurt, right?”


Annie looked at her boss, who was slowly raising her hands.  “Please, don’t hurt us,” she said as she whimpered quietly.


“Good girl – right, I want you all to take your jackets and tops off.”


“Before I do that,” Wilma said as she picked up her handbag, “I have a question for you.”


“Oh yeah,” Bert said with a sneer as he pointed the gun at her, “and what might that question be?”


“Have you heard of The Challenger?” she replied with a smile as she pointed a handgun at Bert.


He stared at the woman for a moment, and then laughed.  “You are having me on – you’re The Challenger?”


“I am – I was about to ask this lovely lady how much she valued her friends and employees over her valuables, but you rather spoiled the mood for that.  So, what do we do now?”


Bert eyed up Wilma – he had heard of this woman, and knew she was good.  He also knew she was a member of the BA, and as such certain obligations came into play.




“Excellent – now, would you like some help tying these three up?”


“I think so – once they’ve removed their tops.  Well, ladies?”




Half an hour later, Bert was standing with his arms folded looking at three women sat in chairs.  The boss was in the middle, her light brown bra constrained by the ropes, while at each side her assistants sat, Kelly on her right and Annie on her left.  All three had their wrists secured behind their backs, and their arms secured to their sides, while white scarf had been wrapped through their teeth several times and knotted behind their heads.  Their ankles and legs were also secured.


“You check downstairs, while I look upstairs,” Wilma said as she stood on the bottom stop and looked over at the struggling woman.  “Oh, and boss – I quit!”


“Nice little haul actually – and it keeps me in good with the powers that be.”


Barry came over and joined the growing throng at the table.  “Telling tales are we – did I mention to you lot we re-enacted a great bad Seventies show the other day with my group?”


“You did – which one?”


“Did you ever see the pilot episode of Vegas?”


Jack thought for a moment.  “The one with the white slavers?”


“Yup – although in our case, it was more a pool party than slavers….”



Barry looked at his fellow robbers as the three of them looked out onto the rear patio.  They had parked their van outside the house, and walked up as any other set of workmen would do, the only difference been they let themselves in rather than wait for the door to be opened.  Now they looked at the group of four women waiting outside by the pool.


“Guess the house wasn’t empty after all,” Barry said as he looked at his friends.  “I’ll keep an eye on them, while you look round – hopefully they won’t come in, but if they do…”


The other two nodded as they left him looking through the drawn blinds at the group.  Four women, two in their forties and two in their twenties – this could be interesting.


It only took ten minutes before Barry had to step back and hide in the shadows, as one of the older women stood up and started to walk towards the rear door.  She was wearing a black bikini top, that barely covered her breasts, and large pants, but she was a looker even at her age.  Barry licked his lips as he stood there, watching her walk to the door and come in.  Her curly blonde hair fell around the back of the neck as she looked in the refrigerator for a drink, but Barry knew he would have to move fast.


She barely had time to make more than a gurgling noise as he clamped one of his hands over her mouth, and his other arm around her throat.  She tried to pull his arm down, but the struggle was short as her eyes slowly closed and Barry relaxed his grip.  Allowing her to lie on the table, he quickly crossed her wrists behind her back and secured them together with some twine that was lying on the work surface.


Taking hold of the unconscious woman under her breasts, Barry half carried, half dragged her over to a wooden staircase, where one of his colleagues was stood halfway up.  “Take her and make sure she’s comfortable,” he said as he dragged her up the first few stairs and handed her over, “I need to go back and check on the other three.”


He quickly went back to the rear window and watched the other three talking and laughing.  After some time, one of the younger women, a raven haired beauty in a skimpy purple bikini, stood up and walked back over to the house.  Looking round, Barry saw a roll of black electrical tape, which he reached over and picked up.  He withdrew into the shadows as the young woman came in.


“Mum?” she called out, but Barry’s hand over her mouth made her look over with fear in her eyes.


“Mum’s fine – you just shut up and put your hands behind your back,” Barry said as he held the roll of tape in front of her.  “Are you robbers,” she said quietly as he taped her wrists together and then started to wrap the tape around her arms and chest.


“I am, and so are my friends,” he said as one of his companions carried a pillow case down the staircase.  “Watch the other two while I take the daughter upstairs,” he said as he pushed the young girl in front of him and up the staircase.


They stopped in front of the main bedroom, where the blonde beauty was lying on her side on rhea bed, her ankles secured and a scarf tied into her mouth.  Barry pushed the dark haired girl down the corridor and into another bedroom, where they stopped in front of a bed.


“Time to be quiet,” he said as he pulled the end of the tape roll off and held it in front of her mouth.  Several times he wrapped it round, before she lay on her back and watched him taping her ankles and legs together.


“Stay there,” he said as she looked up at him leaving the room, struggling to get free.


Descending the staircase, Barry was surprised to see that the third woman had come in.  the other younger girl, she was wearing a black and white patterned bikini, and was lying on her back on the long couch that occupied a corner of the main room.


“She was going to scream,” he was told as he watched the white tape going over the scarf that had been stuffed into her mouth.  Her wrists were already tied together in front of her with rope, and the ends were lying down to the floor as he finished taping over the gag.


“Well, get her secured quickly,” he said as the robber picked up the ends and pulled her ankles up so that they could be bound together.  “With three in here, it won’t take long for the fourth to wonder where they’ve gone.”


“Too late,” the other robber said as he pushed the fourth woman into the room.  A green scarf was tightly wrapped around her mouth, and her bikini top seemed to be missing.


“In there,” the man said as he pointed at her mouth, and the young girl on the couch said something like “Mmmm!”  “I needed to silence her quickly – where will I put her?”


Barry pointed to a straight backed chair, while the roll of white tape was tossed over to him.  “Secure her to that – and quickly, I want to get out of here.”


The ash blonde was pushed into the chair and tape wrapped round her wrists in front of her, while Barry quickly checked the rest of the house.  When he returned, she was on her side on the floor, tape around her bare chest and her legs and staring at her bonds.


“Let’s go,” he said as they picked up the sacks and left the women struggling.


“Nice,” Dave said as he drained his bottle.  “Come on, Rob – what have you been up to lately?”


“Oh, this and that.  A little larceny, a little home espionage…”


“Hey, I heard you split from your girlfriend.  What was that all about?”


“Like I said - a little larceny, a little home espionage…”


“Very nice – now stand up and put your hands behind your back so that your friend here can take care of you.”


The tall woman stared back at Rob as he held the gun over her companion.  The third office worker was on the floor, where Dave had forced the girl to hogtie her by securing her wrists behind her back, then wrapping rope around her arms and chest and pulling them together, this had made her breasts more prominent through the material of her white blouse, but that had not stopped Dave forcing her to tie her ankles together, then pulling them up and securing them to her wrists.  The final indignity had been the blue tape he had made her stick over her mouth.


“I expect you want me to do the same to Jessie now,” the office manager said as she lowered her hands from their position on her head.


“That’s right – I can’t tie her up and keep an eye on you.  Now come one – here’s the rope.”


Jessie stared at him.  She was statuesque, with long brown hair, and was wearing a short white dress with capped sleeves that barely covered her shoulders.  “It’s all right, boss,” she said defiantly as she turned her back to the manager and crossed her wrists behind her back to allow them to be bound together.


As the manager wrapped the rope around her assistant’s arms, Rob watched approvingly.  She knew what she was doing, as she crossed the rope around above and below her breasts and then between her arms to further tighten it.   Jessie stood there as he walked over.


“I think you’re a screamer,” he said as he held up a length of cloth, “so I’m silencing you now.  Open wide and say ah.”


“Ah,” Jessie managed before the cloth was stuffed in and red tape placed over her mouth.  Rob then pulled her sleeves down over her shoulders exposing the tops of her breasts before he made her lie face down,


As the manager crossed and tied he rankles together, Rob looked at the safe lying open.  A few more minutes, and he would be able to take what he had been paid to obtain.   He’d also have the joy of tying this woman up as well.


She was in her late thirties, dressed in a fawn jacket and skirt.  The jacket barely covered her very ample breasts, and Rob could barely contain the shiver of excitement at the thought of them caressed by the rope.  Finally, as she stood up having secured the ankles and wrists of Jessie together, he took his chance.


“Hands behind your back, dear – and not another word from you.”



In a small terraced house, a thin blonde haired woman was watching the intruder tying her own wrists together in front of her with rope.


“What the fuck do you think you’re doing – when Rob finds out….”




“There now, all nice and cosy,” Rob said as he stood up.  The manager was lying beside her two assistants bound as Jessie had been but with white tape over her mouth.  This was one of Rob’s touches – a little individuality with each of the people he secured.


Not that the manager was appreciating it – her red hair falling over her face, she looked at the other two while trying to cover up her exposed breasts by lying as flat as she could.  Rob chuckled as he took the contents of the safe – some he had been paid to obtain, some he just took for himself.


“Adios, ladies,” he said as she closed the door behind him in leaving, locking the three struggling women in.  “I wonder what Linda’s doing,” he thought to himself as he climbed into his car and left the car park.




“Linda – where are you?” Rob called out as he walked in some time later, having delivered his order and deposited the other items safely elsewhere.  The silence was puzzling, apart from the muffled grunt in the living room.


“Linda?” Rob called out as he opened the door, only to see Linda sat in an armchair, her legs over the arm of the chair and the rope from her wrists around her ankles, then secured to a heavy oak table.  An orange scarf was pulled between her lips, making her mumble as she looked up and called out to Rob.


“What the hell – who did this to you?” Rob said as he came over and removed the sodden cloth from her mouth.


“I’ve no idea – she had dyed chestnut brown hair, and said you’d know who it was.”


Rob nodded – he knew who it was.  “Annie – my old girlfriend.  I’m sorry this happened to you, love – will you let me take care of it?”


“Of course I will darling,” she said as Rob tenderly kissed her on the lips.




“I told you it was over - you stole from me, and that was it,” Rob said as he tightened the rope around Annie’s wrists while she lay on the bed.  Her elbows were already tied together, touching in the small of her back, and her ankles were crossed and tied, the heels of her white sandals knocking together as she tried to twist out of the way.


Annie grunted as the rope was tightened around her wrists.  She had opened the door, smiling as Rob stood there and hoping he had come to tell her he was coming back, but that had been short lived when he pushed her against the wall of her hallway and made it very clear what he thought of her little stunt.  He had then forced her to take off the light blue silk top she was wearing and taped over her mouth before pushing her into the bedroom.  Now Rob was securing her wrists together and to her ankles, Annie grunting all the time.


“You’ve only yourself to blame,” he said as he pulled the hog tie together.  “No-one steals from me – no-one!”




“Ouch – is Linda all right?”


“Yeah, she’s fine – in fact, she wants to come with me on my next job.  It’s wonderful when that happens, right John?”


“Hey, it nearly didn’t, remember,” John said with a laugh as the poker party re-assembled.  The dealer sat back down.  “All right gentlemen – let’s see how this hand goes,” he said as he dealt the cards out.


Outside the house, the simple grey van was still parked, the men inside listening intently…