The Coffee House







As Shirley descended the stairs, she smiled as she looked round the floor of her new cafe.  The tables and chairs were all laid out, the white tablecloths neatly laid and symmetrical, and to one side her kitchen with the pots, cups and other items ready.


The cafe itself was due to open in the morning, but tonight she had invited two old friends round with their older daughters for a small celebration.  She was wearing a long sleeved blue cropped cardigan, fastened under her chest by a single button, and a knee length white dress.  A pair of knee length black leather boots enclosed her lower legs, and she had a scarf printed with the US flag rolled into a large band and hanging loosely around her neck.  Lastly, a large black leather belt, was fastened round her waist.


“Well, I can tell this is going to be a very special night,” Shirley said to herself as she looked round, and then heard the knock  on the front door.  Smiling, she walked over and opened it as she said “Barbara, Sara – come in, come in.”


“Thanks,” Barbara said as she and her daughter came in.  The older woman had long chestnut brown hair, which fell in soft waves over the shoulders of her dark blue jersey dress, decorated with a bow at the front.  The skirt came to above her knees, while she had dark tights on her legs, and a pair of knee length blue-black leather boots with side straps.


While Barbara was the same age as Sheila, Sara was nineteen, and wore a grey round necked denim crop jacket with short sleeves, a black jersey dress with a short skirt, dark tights and knee length grey suede boots.  She had dark brown hair, brushed back and slightly platted.


“Nice place Aunt Sheila,” she said as she looked round, “you’ve done a great job here.”


“Why thank you – hopefully Joanna and Jenny will be here soon...”


“They’re here now,” Barbara said as she opened the door.  Joanna was a year younger than her and Barbara, and was wearing a blue coat over a knee length white dress, a white lace shawl tied over her neck and shoulders and hanging down to her waist.  Her outfit was completed by a pair of knee length white boots.


Jenny was the same age as Sara, and like her mother had long light brown hair.  Unlike her mother, she did not wear glasses.  Her blue jacket covered the white patterned blouse, the cream coloured linen skirt coming down over her knees, but allowing a glimpse of blue tights over her brown mid-calf boots.


“Hey Sara,” she said as the two friends hugged each other, “I see you got invited as well.”


“Invited is the wrong word,” Sara said with a sigh, “once they start talking, how long do you think before we get a chance to sneak out?”


“Let me go and make the first batch of coffee from the new machine,” Sheila said as she headed into the kitchen.


“She has done a good job,” Barbara said with a smile.


“Yes,” Joanna said, “she has...”




As Sheila placed the slices of banana cake on the plate, she smiled.  Her best friends were here – and their daughters, who she knew would get bored, but she liked their company.  So she put the plate on the tray with the five coffees, and backed through the door, saying “here we go, I hope you...”


She looked at the four other women, and the three men standing behind them as they sat with their hands palm down on their heads.  The three men were wearing black overalls, and full head balaclava masks, allowing only their eyes and thin lips to be seen.  They wore latex gloves on their hands, and two of them were carrying very large guns, aimed at her friends.


“Very slowly,” the third masked man said, “put the tray down, Sheila.”


“How do you know who I am?”


“Not important – put the tray down Sheila, and then make the introductions. 




Nodding, Sheila put the tray slowly down on the table, and said “Joanna, Jenny, Barbara, Sara, I have no idea what is going on, but if we just do as they say...”


“Two mothers, two daughters, I would guess,” the man said.  “Who is paired with who?”


Sara looked at Barbara, the man smiling as he said “good – thank you.  Who are you?”




“Well Barbara,” the man said as he took from his back pocket a length of rope, “you will bind your daughter’s wrists together behind her back.  And make sure it is tight – or I will have to do it myself.”


“You cannot be serious...”


“Do I look as if I am joking,” the man said, “do it now.”


“Just do as he says mum,” Sara said as she slowly lowered her hands, crossing her wrists behind her back as Barbara stood up and took the rope.  She walked over, saying “I’m sorry,” as she used the rope to secure her daughter’s wrists together.  The man walked over and looked, then pulled the rope tighter and between Sara’s wrists, before he said “Good – Sheila, you tie her wrists together before she sits down.”


He handed her a length of rope, Sheila shaking slightly as she took the cords, and then guided Barbara’s wrists behind her back and secured them together.


“Good –now, you two, Joanna and Jenny,” the man said as Barbara sat next to her daughter, “my friend will give you each a longer length of rope.  Double it over, and stand behind Barbara and Sara.”


Sheila could only watch as the man instructed them in how to use the rope to bind the arms of the other two to their sides, taking the rope above and below their chests as they did so, Sara’s jacket opening and falling to the side of her breasts as Jenny did so.  He then made them use the ends of the rope to tighten the bands between their bodies and their arms, so that their chests were forced up and out.


“Why are you doing this to us,” Barbara asked, only to recoil as the man took from another pocket two sponge balls.


“Put these in their mouths.”


Five minutes later, Sara was trying not to panic as the sponge expanded behind her teeth, Jenny whispering “I’m sorry” as she pressed the length of brown sticking plaster firmly over her mouth.  She nodded, looking at her mother as the shape of Barbara’s lips appeared under the brown fabric.


“Now then,” the man said as he looked at Joanna, “now that you know what you are doing, you bind your daughter’s wrists and arms.  While she does that, Sheila, take these ropes and bind Barbara’s ankles tightly together, then her legs below her knees.”


“I want to know what’s going on,” Sheila said, but she saw one of the armed men holding the ropes out, and knelt in front of Barbara, passing the rope around the dusky leather and then hearing the squeak as the rope forced her ankles together, rubbing on the boots as well as the boots rubbing on each other.




“I don’t know,” Sheila whispered back as she passed the rope around her legs, above the tops of the boots and below her knees, and then heard Jenny grunt as Joanna was forced to bind her arms to her sides in the same way as the other two had been.  As she pulled the rope tight, she looked up to see Joanna tying the ropes off, and then made to gag her daughter with a sponge and the plaster.


“Bind her legs.”


Sheila secured Sara’s legs, and then stood up as Joanna was made to bind Jenny’s legs.  The ropes had forced her chest out and her blue jacket to the side, as she struggled in the seat.


“Her turn now,” the man said as he handed ropes to Sheila, and looked at Joanna.  “I’m so sorry,” she whispered as Joanna kept looking at the three men, a look of defiance as Sheila systematically bound her arms, and then her legs.


“Good,” was all the man said as she tied the last rope between Joanna’s legs, “now you can do one last thing for me.”


“And that is?”


“Pull your scarf between your own lips, and tie it off tightly.”


Sheila had to comply, the other four watching as the two masked men put their guns down, and walked to the door, locking it as the blinds were pulled over.  “Swhhruhrrr,” she said through the thick chiffon band that sat between her teeth.


“Oh you will find out soon enough,” the man said as he walked behind Sheila, taking her hands behind her back and crossing her wrists as the two men stood behind Sara and Jenny.  They looked at each other, and then grunted as the two masked men started to stroke their hands over their bodies.




“Manners, Barbara,” the man said as he pulled the rope tight between Sheila’s arms, “your turn will come, but we want the younger girls to be relaxed before then.  We have something very special planned for both of you – and Sheila is going to play a star part in that.”




“Oh yes you are,” the man said as the rope pulled her arms into her sides.  As she felt the bands tightening, she could see Barbara and Joanna struggling as the other two men began to massage the chests of their daughters, hearing their soft moans. Neither Sara or Jenny had ever been treated this way, and as their nipples became prominent, they looked at each other, unsure of what they were meant to do.


Then they closed their eyes and squealed as the masked men pinched their nipples, and the older women saw the red flush on their cheeks.


“They look a little warm – help them to cool off.”


He passed the rope under Sheila’s left arm, pulling it up and around the back of her neck as the two young girls were continuously squeezed and pinched, their mothers unable to stop them as the bands tightened on Sheila’s chest.  They then had their jackets pulled down, and as Jenny’s blouse was opened the man with Sara took a knife and cut through the front of her dress, both of them looking as their chests burst out, and then their bras moved up as the latex gloved hands massaged their bare breasts.


Joanna and Barbara looked at each other as Sheila was forced to sit down, and her own legs were secured.  The sounds coming from the gagged mouths of the two girls were getting louder and deeper, and the protests of both mothers as well.


“As I said, your turn is coming ladies,” the man said quietly, “make sure the girls are kept occupied and out of the way.”


Sara and Jenny looked at each other as they were made to stand up, and then kneel on the floor, as the two men wrapped more rope around their waists – and then pulled it between their legs and up, both girls squealing as their skirts were hiked up and the ropes rubbed between their legs.  Before they knew what was happening, they were lying on their stomachs, their ankles pulled back and secured to their chest ropes as the crotch rope was secured to their wrists.


They tried to move, and then gasped as they realised what was happening – but that gasp was nothing compared to that of their mothers, as Joanna’s coat was pulled to the side, and both of them felt the gloved hands on their own chests.


As they were groped, they both closed their eyes as they felt their own bodies respond – and the man whispered into Sheila’s ear “now, you are going to make them both very, very happy women, before I make you a very happy woman as well.”


Her eyes shot open – as she suddenly realised what was going on, and she remembered a telephone call...


“Good evening, you’re through to Fantasy Fulfilment.  How can I be of service to you?”


Sheila was sitting in her front room, looking out of the window as she said “Oh – well, I saw your advert, and...”


“It’s all right Sheila,” the female voice said, “take your time, and tell us what you require.”


“So you really can fulfil any fantasy?”


“When it is within legal limits, then yes.  First, can I just confirm your address as...”


“How did you know that,” Sheila said quietly.


“Software – now, where would you like to begin?”


“Well...  A few months ago, I was the recipient of a gift of sorts – a couple held me hostage all weekend, made me dress up various ways, and I spent most of the time bound and gagged.”


“I believe we know the couple you mention,” the voice said, “let me venture a guess.  They ignited something inside you?”


“That’s right,” Sheila said, “and now I keep having fantasies of been taken hostage at work or at home, only...”


“Only they do more than bind and gag you?”


Sheila nodded, before she said “I imagine two or three men coming into my workplace, force me to tie my own legs up, and then they immobilise me, before they start to arouse me, grope me, turn me on, and then...”


“And then?”


“Well, without actually raping me, make me come to an orgasm and then leave me with a toy tormenting me until I am released.  Also – if another woman was there, they force me to use my mouth to make them cum as well...”


“A more common fantasy than you may think Sheila.  It is certainly well within our capability to do that.  First the rules.  We will not say when we are coming, but if you agree in this call, it will happen at some time.


“Second, we will leave you unable to raise the alarm, and distracted, but after a set time, which you will see countdown, the means for your escape will be provided.


“Third, no payment is taken until the fantasy is fulfilled.”


“I see, and the fee?”


As she heard the figure mentioned, she nodded and said “very well – I agree.”


“Excellent – thank you for calling Fantasy Fulfilment...”


Sheila grunted as the rope was pulled between her legs, and she saw her friends squirming under the assault of the two masked men.  She could not deny, there was something arousing about the way they moved...


Both Joanna and Barbara were made to stand, before the man walked over, and used a scalpel to cut through their dresses from neck to hem, the two gropers then pulling their dresses away and leaving them in their lingerie, boots and tights.  He then cut through the straps of their bras, removing them as they both felt the latex on their bare and sensitive nipples, before he pulled their hose down to the ropes below their knees, and made them both sit down again.


“Now then,” he said as he looked at Sheila, “who is going to be first?”


“Plssdntmkmdths,” she mumbled, while inside she was thinking “who wants it the most – Barbara or Joanna?”


She glanced over at Sara as she threw her head back, her body shaking as she squealed, and her mind was made up.  As the masked men started to kiss the necks of both her friends, their hands and fingers dancing over their chests, she was made to jump over to them and then kneel in front of Barbara.




“Msreee,” Sheila said as she shuffled forward, and then pressed her gagged mouth over Barbara’s crotch.  She could feel the dampness on her lips, and then her gag was removed as the man said “do it.”


Nodding, she started to kiss Barbara’s mound, using her tongue to gently lick her as she felt the gun against her head.  Immediately Barbara began to shake, but Sheila continued, feeling the body squirming over her mouth as the masked man kept groping and squeezing her chest.  As the petals gently opened, she was able to edge her tongue into Barbara, and heard her muffled squeals as she began to tease and lick her passage.


Joanna watched, unable to comprehend what was going on before she let out a long, low groan as a result of what was happening to her.  Barbara also started to writhe round as she felt the tongue licking, teasing, and felt the fire growing, the desire rising...


Sheila also felt damp between her own legs as she realised how aroused she was getting as well, rubbing her chest on Barbara’s legs as well as she pressed her face in, and her friend found herself forcing her hips up, sealing the contact as she started to shake...


When she came, it was suddenly as she screamed out into the sponge and tape, her whole body shaking as Sheila was forced to lick all the juices up.  Eventually, she collapsed as Sheila was allowed to shuffle back – and then turn her attentions to Joanna.


She was vaguely aware of one of the men doing something to Barbara, and then of a low buzzing sound as she was forced to pleasure Joanna as well, the other woman coming quickly to a climax as well.  Once Sheila had licked everything up, she watched as one of the other two men pushed something between Joanna’s legs, the buzzing increasing in volume as her hose was pulled up, and then she was hogtied on the floor alongside the other three.


She was, however, very aware of the hands now massaging her own chest, pulling her cardigan open and groping her breasts, the way they were firming instantly and how she was pushing her body into the gloved hands.  The buzzing as getting louder as well, as all four of the other captives started to moan.


“Don’t worry,” the man said as he pushed a sponge into her mouth, and then pressed brown sticking plaster over it as she felt the expanding material push her tongue down, “I will be just as good to you.”


Sheila was past complaining by that point, as she felt the cold air as her dress was cut away, the air on her firm nipples, her hose been pulled down, and then the pressure on her chest as the lips gently kissed and caressed her sex.  She was lying on the floor now, writhing round as the two men caressed and kissed her chest, her neck, her clit, the tongue working in and...


She screamed and arched her back as the pleasure exploded within her, her screams matched by the other four for some reason, and then she slumped down.  The reason for the buzzing became blindingly clear as she felt a lozenge slipped inside her, the throbbing making her giddy again as her hose was pulled up, and then she was rolled over, her ankles pulled back and secured to her chest ropes.


All five looked at each other, their bodies glistening with sweat as the man placed a box in front of them, and a timer.  As he pressed a button on the top, they saw the clock start to tick down from one hour.


Sheila started to groan again as she watched them leave through misty eyes, and then wondered how she was going to explain this – and pray they would not need to call the police.  By the sound of the sirens, they were busy anyway...







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