The Contest









“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” Sheila sang to herself as she walked towards her front door.  After the – interesting weekend she had a few months before, she had got to know a few people on line, and this weekend three of her friends were coming to meet her for the first time.


She had been to the hairdresser, her blonde hair stylishly cut, and was wearing a black wool jacket over a grey top, grey leggings with a slight snakeskin pattern, and the legs tucked into a pair of knee length black leather boots.   This, she felt, was going to be a very good afternoon, as she walked up her garden path and let herself in.


As she went into the kitchen, and placed her bag in the table, she opened the fridge door and took a wine bottle out, pouring some into a glass and returning the bottle to the table.


That was when the black leather gloved hand clamped itself over her mouth, Sheila reaching up and trying to pull it away as a male voice said “Hello Sheila – I’ve been following you on line.  I think you and your friends will enjoy what I have got planned...”




“26...  24... Ah, this is number 22,” Barb said as she looked at the metal numbers attached to the walls.  The woman has greying dark brown hair, and was wearing a long sleeved white blouse over a blue top, a wide brown leather belt around her waist and a knee length denim skirt, her dark tights visible between the hem and the knee length tan leather boots.


Walking up the garden path, she rang the doorbell, looking round before the door opened and she saw Sheila there.


“Sheila?  I’m Barb – it’s a pleasure to meet you.”


“And you,” Sheila said as Barb noticed the look on her face.  “Come in.”


As she came in, and Sheila closed the door, Barb suddenly stopped as she saw the man standing there, pointing a gun at her.  He was six foot tall, and dressed in black – including the balaclava covering his head.


“I’m sorry, Barb,” Sheila said as the man motioned to the front room.


“What’s going on?”


“He surprised me at home – I don’t know what he wants but...”


“Put your hands behind your back,” he said as he looked at Barb.  As Sheila watched, he put the gun away and then pulled her guest’s wrists together, using the cord he produced from his pocket to secure them together as she stared straight ahead.


“That hurts,” she said as she looked over her shoulder.


“Tough – sit down.”


“Please do as he says,” Sheila said as Barb sat in an armchair, watching as he took another length of cord and tied her ankles together, then tore a strip off a roll of duct tape and pressed it over her mouth.


“Don’t move, don’t speak,” he said quietly as the door bell rang again.  “Answer it,” he said as he picked up the gun and looked at Shirley, “and no warnings, just as before.”


“I’m sorry,” Sheila said as she looked at Barb, and went to open the front door.


The woman standing there was in her late forties, with a hint of grey appearing in her long brown hair.  She was wearing a grey lace top with a raunched neckline, over a white slip, blue jeans and a pair of grey-brown knee length leather boots.  The grey top had long sleeves and a brocade pattern on the bottom.


“Sheila?  I’m Jenny – pleased to meet you,” she said as she held a hand out.


“Welcome,” Sheila said with a smile, “come in.”


“Am I the first to arrive,” Jenny said as she came in, and Sheila closed the door.


“No – I’m afraid not,” Sheila said as the masked man appeared in the doorway, and beckoned to both of them to come in.





As Sheila opened the door again, she saw a smiling grey haired woman there, wearing a grey and white checked blouse under a black jacket, dark pants and knee length black boots.


“You must be Dolly,” Sheila said quietly, “come away in.”


“Sorry I’m late,” Dolly said as Sheila closed the door, “but...”


She saw the masked man, and slowly raised her hands as she walked into the front room.


“This is Barb and Jenny,” Sheila said quietly.  “Barb, Jenny, this is Dolly.”


The two women nodded as their lips moved under the silver tape, as Dolly felt her wrists being pulled behind her back and the rope as it was pulled tightly round them. 


“What’s going on?”


“I don’t know,” Sheila said as the man made Dolly sit down, and tied her ankles tightly together.  As she tried to move, Barb and Jenny did so as well, her Dolly looking at the top of her black socks as they sat over her boots.


“You’ll see soon enough – are you expecting anyone else?”


Sheila shook her head as he looked at the other two, and then pulled the tape from their mouths.


“No noise,” he said as he put the holdall he had brought in on the table, and opened it, taking out a length of black rope and pulling Sheila’s hands behind her back.  She had removed her jacket, as she felt the rope on her wrists forcing them together.


“So what’s this all about,” Barb said as she wriggled round.


“All in good time,” the man said as he pulled the rope between Sheila’s wrists, and then produced a fresh skein of rope, shaking it loose and doubling it over before he passed it round her arms and body, pulling it tight under her chest.


“Oh my god – not again,” Sheila whispered as she felt the rope pressing on her chest, the masked intruder passing it above and below and pulling with each pass.  Sheila felt very strange as her top stretched over her breasts, before the man tied the ropes off.


“How does that feel,” he said quietly as he started to caress her chest from behind, Sheila looking at the others as they stared at her.


“Oh god,” Sheila said quietly, “if you’re robbing me...”


“Who says I’m robbing you,” the man said as he used two short lengths of rope to cinch the chest bands, sat Sheila down and produced another length of rope.  “Stand up,” he said as he looked at Barb, “and come over here, then turn round.”


“How am I meant to get over there?”


“Jump,” he said quietly.


Barb pushed herself up and jumped over, her blouse coming loose from under the belt as she went over and hopped round, looking at the others as the intruder started to bind her arms to her sides as well.


“If this isn’t a robbery,” Dolly said as she struggled, “what is it?”


“You’ll see,” the man said as Barb grunted, the ropes forcing her chest out and making her blouse open at the top before he passed the rope over one shoulder, took it under the lower band between her breasts, and back up, making a rope bra as he tied the ropes off and said “jump back.  You,” he said as he looked at Jenny, “jump over here.”


As Barb jumped over, she felt the ropes rubbing on her chest, before she fell into the seat as Jenny felt the ropes going around her body.  In her case, he took the rope under her left arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm before tying it off.


As she jumped back over, he took another length of rope and went behind Dolly, binding her arms to her side as she sat n the seat.  As this took place, Sheila said “I don’t think we’re going anywhere,” as she tried to move her arms.  The ropes rubbing made her feel strange, excited – and as she looked at the other women, she was surprised to see the same look in their eyes.


“Are you all...”


“Yeah,” Dolly said as he tied the ropes off, “was it like this for you that weekend?”


“A bit – but I was alone with two captors then.  This is...”


“Hush,” the man said as he knelt at Sheila’s feet, crossing her ankles and binding them tightly together, the rope going around and between her legs as they were secured.  A second length went around her legs below her knees, before he went round and secured the legs of the other three women in the same way.


He then went to the dining table, and set four chairs facing each other.  One by one, he made them jump over and sit down, before tying rope round their waists and securing their ankles to the front leg of a chair.


As he left the room, Dolly looked round and said “Can I ask – am I the only one who is a little bit excited by this?”


“Well – no,” Sheila said as she smiled, “but I still want to know what he’s intending to do.”


“I gotta admit, I’m excited as well,” Barb said as she wriggled round, “who is he?  Was he here when you came home Sheila?”


“He was – and he hasn’t said much more than come here and do this,” she said as the man came back in, carrying four pairs of her freshly laundered panties.


“What are they for,” Jenny said as we watched him ball a pair up.


“To start to keep you all quiet,” he said as he walked behind her, and held them in front of her mouth.  She clamped her lips closed and shook her head, but that only made him smile as he pinched her nose closed, and as she opened her mouth to breath pushed them in, before rolling up a red bandana and using it as a cleave gag.


Hmmgdddd,” she said as he reached round and started to massage her chest, the other three women watching in fascination as she closed her eyes and moaned at his touch.


“Don’t do that,” Barb called out – and then she grunted as a pair of panties and a bandana was used to gag her, and she felt his hands on her chest, pulling her blouse open as he groped her on the blue vest top.


“You’re going to do that to all of us, right,” Sheila said – which earned her a gag as well, as she felt his hands on her chest, and involuntarily moaned as he squeezed tight.


Hfffknnhllll,” Sheila moaned as she watched him walk to Dolly – and all three stared as she licked her lips and opened her mouth.  “Make it good,” she said as he pushed the last pair in and cleave gagged her, before he groped her, and she closed her eyes, moaning as he did so.


For the next thirty minutes, he walked round the chairs, gently kneading the chests of each of the women as they each felt something different, and yet the same – especially when he started to kiss their necks as he did so.  Sheila squirmed round, and felt warm and excited – a feeling she could see the others shared.


They then saw him move to the bag, and take out a roll of what looked like white tape.  As Sheila heard him peel the end loose, and stick it to her cheek, she knew it was white tape as he wound it tightly round her head, covering her lips as the shape appeared under the tape.


He did the same to the other three captives, and then left them there, Barb and Dolly with their shirts open and showing their tops underneath.


Hsnnrbbnnsssshee,” Sheila said as he looked round.


Dsnntlkklkttt,” Dolly said as she tried to move, the ropes rubbing on the bare top of her chest, “sowhstsshgnndddnst?”


Eeddntkknnn,” Barb said quietly, “btthfllssgddd....”


All four women looked at each other and nodded as he came back, holding a roll of duct tape.  All four women could only sit as he wrapped the tape over the white band, and then untied Barb, making her stand up as he continued to grope her and kiss her neck and shoulders.


She closed her eyes and moaned again as he unfastened her belt and skirt, the others watching it fall to the floor before he made her jump across, and stand in the middle of the floor.


Whtsshh – HMMGDDDD,” Barb called out as she felt the rope around her waist, and then between her legs as he pulled it up, pressing on her as he secured it to her wrists, and then made her kneel down.


“Now – who’s next?”







Hswtlrrddd,” Sheila said as she looked over, the rope rubbing between her legs as he secured her ankles to the bar under the coffee table.  All four were sitting between that and the couch, moaning as the ropes rubbed on them.


They watched as he produced a camera and started to take pictures of all four, as they squirmed and tried to free themselves, but all that could be heard was the squeak of leather and rope, and their own moans as the ropes rubbed on them.


“I would hogtie you – but I took pity,” the man said as he looked at them.  “So enjoy your evening – oh, forgot one thing.”


Whhtttt,” Sheila said as she tried to watch him go to the bag.


“This,” he said as he turned the television on, and put the blu-ray into the player.  As it started, all four groaned as Mamma Mia played, and the man tied a folded scarf over their mouths, before he slipped out of the house.


Wllwhtdwwddnnw,” Barb said as she looked at the other three.




All four looked at each other as they started to sing along.







As the film finished, Dolly looked at the others and said “mmmffggg.”






Mmmmffffgggg,” Barb said as she wriggled round, and then moaned as she started to shake, the others following suit.  A few minutes later, they looked at each other and started to try to talk, with little success...





“Is there anyone in here?”


Nhrrrr,” Sheila called out as the policeman came in, and looked at them.


“We had an anonymous call – are you ladies all right?”


They all nodded as more policemen came in, and they were released, their mouths dry from the gags and their limbs sore.  Nothing had been stolen, so after they gave statements the police left, as Sheila made some coffee.


“Some night,” Barb said as he took a cup.


“Yeah – are you all okay?”


“Yeah – we all live alone, so no real harm done – it was actually,” Jenny said as she looked round.


“Fun,” Dolly finished the sentence as they all smiled.


“Well – want to make this a regular thing?”


“The coffee or the bound and gagged bit?”


“Both,” Sheila said with a smile, “both...”







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