The First Time







As she stared out of the window of the Metropolitan line train, Eleanor wondered if she was really doing the right thing.  Yes, the divorce had been finalised, and yes she knew she was looking for some companionship – but with her work colleague? 


She had not realised the attraction until after Jerry had walked out on her, and they had offered their support to get through the work day.  From there, they had started to have lunch together, share little confidences – and now, here she was, on the way to their house for dinner.  A date – her first real date for fifteen years.


And yet, it still felt strange, different, exciting…  She hugged herself, her dark wool great coat keeping her warm along with the thoughts, the excitement as to what might be about to happen.


The invitation had come in a hand written note – “Eight o’clock, tonight – and wear something sexy.”  She was sure others in the office had noticed, but she was determined to be discrete as much as possible.  So she had gone home, stripped off her office clothes, showered, done her make-up, put on a nice perfume – and now here she was, standing as she approached the nearest stop and the train came to a halt.


She got off the train and walked over the footbridge, leaving the station and walking the short distance to the block of flats, the heels of her boots clicking on the pavement.  The note had said to dress sexily, and so she had – she had seen the boots in a store window, and bought them on an impulse, but this was the first time she had dared to walk in them.


She found the converted mansion house easily enough, and pressed on the intercom button.




“Hey – I’m here,” Eleanor whispered.


“Good – come on up.  Top floor.”


The intercom went silent and there was a loud click, as Eleanor opened the door and walked to the lift.  Stepping in, she rode the lift to the top floor, controlling her breathing as she did so, and then saw the slightly open door.


“Hello,” she said as she opened the door and looked in.


“Come on in,” the voice called back, “close the door, and hang your coat up.  I’m in the main room.”


Eleanor slowly closed the door to, slipping off her coat and placing it on the stand, before she checked herself in the mirror.  Her lightly permed brown hair fell either side of her face, brushing the shoulders of her sleeveless blue dress.  A wide brown leather belt was fastened round her waist, the skirt coming halfway down her thighs.  The cuffs of her brown patent leather boots went just over her knees, the four inch stiletto heels giving her the extra height.




She smiled as she walked into the main room, the smile growing wider as her host said “Wow – you look amazing.”


“Thank you,” Eleanor said with a blush as she accepted the glass of wine, “so do you.” 


“Well, it’s very good of you to say so – do you like it?”


Eleanor looked at the brushed brown suede pinafore dress, the tops of the black patent leather boots going under the skirt, and nodded as she said “You look amazing Aileen.”


“Well, I wanted to make an effort,” Aileen smiled as she sat down, putting her hand on her short black hair.  “How’s your wine?”


Eleanor took a sip and smiled.  “It’s a lovely Chardonnay.”


“Well, you made it clear that was your favourite,” Aileen said as she stroked her hand down Eleanor’s head.  “Just as you have made it clear how you feel about me.”


Eleanor smiled shyly, as she said “well, bear in mind, this is all new to me.  I was married after all.”


“So was I – and our husbands ran off with younger women.  You know how I feel about you.”


“And you know I feel the same about you,” Eleanor said quietly as they came closer, their lips gently touching as they kissed each other.  “It’s just that I have never…”


“I know,” Aileen whispered, “let me guide you…”


They kissed again, more passionately this time, as they stroked their hands down each other’s back, their tongues starting to entwine round each other as they…


“Good evening.”


Eleanor looked at Aileen, and they both turned their heads to see the two men standing in the room.  They were smartly dressed, in dark suits, white shirts, ties, highly polished shoes, black leather gloves, and stockings covering their heads, one of them cradling a sawn-off shotgun in their hands as the other held a large briefcase.


“What the…  Who are you?”


“Well,” the man not holding the gun said, “right now, we were admiring the passion you were showing for each other.  Having said that, we are here for a purpose, and to my personal regret, we need to make sure you stay out of our way while we are about our business.  You are a very wealthy woman Aileen – may I call you Aileen – and we wish to share that wealth.”


“Aileen, do you know these men,” Eleanor whispered as she gripped her girlfriend’s hand.  As she shook her head, Aileen said “if it is money you want, I can give you money…”


“We can discuss that in due course – but first, we need to make you both secure.”  As he placed his case on the coffee table and opened it, both women watched him lay out a selection of coiled ropes.


“Oh god,” Eleanor said, “have you been robbed before?”


“No,” Aileen whispered, “I guess there is a first time for this tonight as well.”


“So,” the man said as he doubled over the first length of rope, “guests should always be treated first.”  Looking at Eleanor, he said “please, put your hands behind your back.”


“It’s all right Eleanor,” Aileen said quietly, “I will be with you all the way.”  She nodded as she felt the man cross her wrists behind her back, and then the soft rope as he wound it round them, pulling them together as she felt him wind it around and between her limbs.  She knew they were secured together, and bit her lower lip as he took a second length of rope, and pulled her arms together at her elbows.


“You look really cute when you do that,” Aileen said, Eleanor smiling as she watched her chest becoming more prominent.  This was a new experience to her, as she wriggled round.


“Your turn,” the man said as he collected two more lengths of rope, the armed man grinning as Aileen felt her arms been taken behind her back.


“How does it feel,” Eleanor asked as she watched Aileen’s chest when it was forced forward as well.  Aileen wriggled round, and said “strange – unusual…  Exciting?”  She smiled as Eleanor nodded and said “I know what you mean.”


“You know, they may be tying us up – but damn you look sexy like that.”


Eleanor blushed again as the man went back to his bag, and took out a longer length of rope, doubling it over as he walked back and then passed it round her body, under her chest.  She gasped as he wound it tightly round, above and below her chest, making her even more secure as he tied the rope off, then cinched it between her arms and body.  She should be afraid, but she felt so free…


“Are you all right Eleanor?”


She opened her eyes and smiled as she looked at the bands framing her chest, and then wriggled round, feeling the pressure and the rubbing.  “Oh god.” She whispered, and then heard Aileen’s sighs as he started to bind her upper body in the same way.  She looked even more alluring, and before she realised what she was doing she leaned over and pressed her lips against those of her girlfriend.


Aileen returned the kiss, the two women closing their eyes as her arms were further secured, and then the masked man stepped back.


“I see you are enjoying the experience,” he said with a smile.


The two women blushed as he said “I will remember that.  Go and find what we came for.”


The armed man nodded as he left the room, and the first man looked at both women, before he said “do not let me stop you.”


“Dare we?”


Aileen said nothing, but shuffled over and started to gently kiss Eleanor’s neck, her sighs getting louder as she felt the gentle pressure and touch.  They moved together, their chests rubbing against each other as the ropes rubbed on them, and the warmth between Eleanor’s legs started to grow stronger.


“Now why do I get the feeling you two want to be close together?”


“OH yes,” Aileen whispered, and then they both looked at him.


“Get up, both of you,” he said as he picked up his bag, “and walk to the bedroom.”


They stood as one, Eleanor following Aileen as they went to the master bedroom, a king size bed in the centre.  “Kneel on the bed, facing each other,” the man said, Aileen nodding as she walked to one side of the bed and knelt, watching Eleanor kneel opposite her.


“Well, I wanted to get you on the bed anyway,” she said with a smile as Eleanor felt the man cross her ankles, and then the rope as it was used to secure them together.  The leather squeaked as she tried to move her legs, and the she sighed as her legs were secured below her knees.


“Are you all right,” Aileen whispered.


“Oh better than all right,” Eleanor sighed as she looked at Aileen, and then kissed her neck, the other woman moaning and not noticing as her own legs were secured.  They were losing themselves in the moment, in the new experiences – especially as they realised they were bee tied together by their legs above their knees.  The man then took a long length of rope, and tied one end between Eleanor’s wrists, before he fed it between their legs and tied the other end between Aileen’s.


“Why did you…  OH,” Aileen said as she lifted her wrists, and Eleanor was pulled closer to her.  They looked at each other, and began to kiss again as he looked through Aileen’s drawers.


“OH god – this is amazing,” Eleanor gasped, “I never knewwwhtsthhssss.”  Aileen looked on as the masked man pushed a folded pair of her silk panties into her girlfriend’s mouth, and then pressed a length of white tape over her lips.


“I’ll talk to you later,” she said quietly as she pressed her lips on the tape, smiling as she saw the lipstick before opening her own mouth, and allowing the man to gag her as well.


He then pushed them gently over, the two women groaning as the ropes rubbed on them.  “Let me do something else,” he said as he reached round and under Eleanor’s skirt, feeling her wriggle as he pushed something into her panties.  She felt the vibrating and squirmed round as she heard Aileen’s squeal, and she knew she had one as well.


“As this is a first date, according to you, I think we leave your dressed,” he said as the two women wriggled round, the leather and suede squeaking as they did so.  The heat between her legs was only increased by the vibrator there, Eleanor moaning as she rubbed against Aileen’s chest, and then rubbed her gagged lips against hers – then they screamed in unison as the orgasm overwhelmed both of them.


“Enjoy,” he said as he walked out, the two women moaning as they moved together.









Aileen looked up from her desk as Eleanor stood in her doorway, wearing a red leather shift dress and suede boots.


“Hey,” she said quietly, “how are you?”


“I’ve just about come down,” Eleanor said with a smile.  “We never did go out that night – you free tonight?”


“Well – unless you have other plans…”


Eleanor smiled as she said “oh I may rope you into something – see you about eight?”







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