The Gentle Touch - Part 2









“I don’t know,” Susan said as she watched Bobby picking up a length of rope from the first box, but he turned and said to his mother “She’s right you know Mum - I’m not going to hurt you.  If you want, I’ll even tie your hands in front of you, rather than behind.  Perhaps everyone will be happier that way, Veronica?”


“Would you all like that,” Veronica said as she looked round the room, seeing the nodding of the women as she did so. 


Susan put her hands together in front of her, and watched as Bobby carefully wrapped the rope around them, gently pulling them together as his father put his hands on her shoulders.  “See Mum, it doesn’t hurt, does it - and you can see what I’m doing,” Bobby said quietly as he passed the rope between her arms, to tighten the coils like a pair of cuffs around her wrists.


“No,” Susan said as she watched Colin take rope and stand in front of Angela, his cousin holding her wrists up in front of her as he tied them together, “It doesn’t hurt, and you’re right - it does feel better when someone you know is doing it.  Jennifer, Anne - are you ready?”


Anne Bowden swallowed to try and hide a little thump in her throat, before Alicia started to bind her wrists, while Jenny hugged her mother and said “I love you,” adding a little kiss before she started to tie Jennifer’s arms together.


As the children tied off the ropes, Mr Bridges said “Excuse me one moment,” before he left the room, Mrs Bridges following.  As the door closed, four more lengths of rope were taken, as the work began on securing their ankles together.


“Do you know what this reminds me of,” Jennifer said as Jenny tied her ankles side by side, “the first time I was tied up with the girls - that afternoon after I picked Cassie up from school.”


“Oh yeah,” Jenny said, “When we were tied up side by side on the couch.  I remember being scared stiff of what you would say - especially when Cassie demanded to have a tape gag like ours.”


Jennifer started laughing as Alicia said “You have got to be kidding me - even then she tried to call the shots?”


“That’s Cassie - takes after her aunt,” John said as he looked at Cassie, who smiled and shook her head.  Before they realised what had happened, all four had their ankles secured, and their legs below their knees.


“Now,” Amy said as she looked on, “Tie their wrists down to their legs - we will do no more than that at this point.  The idea is to make you comfortable, and to help you to stop viewing the ropes as something to be feared.”


“So how are we going to be able to eat the food,” Anne Bowden said as Mr Bridges started to carry in several large pizza boxes.


“Don't worry about them just now - your four ladies get comfortable, and kids - give them a big hug to show how much you love them.”


“Even teacher,” Colin said as he looked at Angela, who was twisting her wrists round to see how well the short rope between them and her legs held.


“I’ll forgive you the hug this time,” Jenny said with a wink to Colin, as all four of the older women got a big embrace from their binders.  “My turn I believe,” Miranda said as she sat forward and looked at John.  “Be gentle with me.”


“Wasn’t I always?” John said as he crossed his mother’s wrists and started to tie them together.


“At least its soft rope and not farmer’s twine,” Miranda responded as Alexander tended to Lucinda, and Dave to Connie.  Desmond stood in front of Cassie, the length of rope in his hands as he said “Captain Craig, will you show us once again your courage?”


“Are you all right, Aunt Cassie,” Jenny said as Cassie started to softly cry.  “I will be,” she eventually said, “It’s just that some memories you don’t want to be reminded of.”


“I understand,” Desmond said softly, “as you well know.  But as you also well know, fear needs to be faced if it is not to cripple us - so face it now with your family and friends.”  Cassie nodded and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, before allowing Lord Holderness to bind her wrists together.


As the binding continued, the children now supporting the grandmothers and aunts as they were secured at their ankles and legs, Mr Bridges had been opening and laying out the pizza boxes, with the help of Chloe.  When he had finished, he left for a moment, returning with Mrs Bridges, and had her wrists bound together in front of her as well and her legs secured below her knees.  He walked her over to an empty chair and sat her down, before crossing and binding her ankles together.


“Where did Anne go,” Chloe said as she returned to Amy and Veronica.


“She had a phone call - went outside to take it.”




“Yeah, it’s going well, Sara - they’ve talked through the events of that night, and there were a few frayed nerves.”


“I’ll bet,” Sara said as Brian served her a steak dinner, “how do you think they are coping?”


“Difficult to tell - Lady Holderness and Miranda Craig are old troopers, and they’re fine.  The others, not so sure - especially Cassie.”


“Cassie - is that the one who knocked my special one unconscious?”


“One way of putting it, but yes - she said she almost felt drawn to you then the feeling disappeared.  Any idea why?”


“Who knows - I think that ghost was a calming influence.”


“Well, I need to make a decision soon - Amy and Veronica are looking at me as if I’m hiding some things.”


“Well, you are, aren’t you?”


“Yeah - for now.  You’re safe, so don’t worry.  I’ll call later.”


Sara switched off the phone and cuddled into Brian as he put his arms round her.  “Having a fun time over there?”


“For now - stormy waters ahead I fear...”





“Ah - all nice and comfortable are we?”


The others nodded as Anne came back in and looked at them.  “Right - by the kind ministrations of Lord Holderness and the local Pizza Hut, we have a wide variety of snacks and foods here for you to eat - although for those of you unable to move easily, you will have to ask for some help from the others.”


“I knew there was going to be a catch,” Miranda said as she looked at the others. 


“Part of the trust scenario - you need to allow us to feed you.  Now then - tell your servants what you desire, and it shall be brought to you.”


“Servants?  I thought we weren’t getting paid for this.  I knew I should have read the small print.”


They laughed at Alicia’s comment as John went and collected a couple of slices of garlic bread, holding one for Jennifer to eat as he munched on the other.  Mmmsgdd” she said as she munched on the toasted slice, “cnihfadrnk?”


“What do you want,” Dave said as he walked over, “Coke, lemonade, beer, wine?”


“You’ve got some wine there?”


“Sure have - if you want it.”


Jennifer nodded as the group started to dig into the meal, the husbands and youngsters feeding their mothers and wives, sisters and friends as they did so.


“They’ve even got a veggie supreme for you, Sis - seeing as you hate bacon so much,” Alicia said as she held a slice up for Angela to nibble on.


“Thanks,” her sister said as she swallowed a piece, “I don’t think I’ve felt so hungry since that night.”


“I can imagine - given how bad I was last summer, I’m amazed I didn’t fade away from not eating.”


“Yeah - but you got better, didn’t you?”


“And so will you Angie,” Alicia said as she hugged her sister, then held the slice of pizza to allow her to nibble some more.


“Anyway,” Connie said as she swallowed a chicken bite, “Food is all very well, but what are we going to watch?  I hope it’s a comedy?”


“Actually, it is in some ways,” Amy said as she loaded a DVD into the player, “and you might recognise the stars of it.”


“Help yourselves - well, ask for more food if you want it,” Veronica said as she sat down as well, “and once again, share how you feel as you watch.”


The group nodded as they saw the film start on an empty cellar - and empty and very familiar cellar, as three girls were carried in...


“Oh God - last summer,” Alicia said to herself as she recognised herself, Jenny and Heidi being laid out on the mattresses.  “That was an interesting night - though it got better after that.”


As they continued to watch, more and more girls and women were brought in, starting with Suzie Holderness, her grandmother and Mrs Bridges.


“And we missed this because of the Scout camps?  If only I’d known...”


“Hey,” Jenny said as she looked at Colin, “I heard about you showing this to Mary and Cathy.   Don’t come the innocent with me as if this surprises you.”


“Hey - I just mean I wish we had been there to help,” Colin said as they watched Miranda, Connie and Cassie joining Suzie and Jennifer in the room.  “So is that Natalie,” Anne Bowden asked as one more girl was carried in.


“It is - she came over with us for the trip,” Veronica said quietly.  “We’d only just realised who she was at that time, and we wanted to get to know her better.”


“Of course,” Lucinda said as the film showed them working together to free each other.


“Hey - I always meant to ask,” Bobby said as he looked at his mother, “Where were you and Aunt Susan when all this was going on?”


“Well, someone had to bring the dresses later in the day,” Susan replied, and then she started laughing.  “Seriously, we were asked to come later, as part of the surprise.  I was actually there - as you girls well know.”


“You were?  Where?”


“You’ll see,” Susan said to Bobby as the film shifted to an upstairs corridor, and six girls in sports gear hopping along and entering a room, where Angela was sat cross legged on the floor.


“Now that I remember,” Angela said, and she too had a little smile on her face, “Dad helped me to get ready, and the look on Ali’s face when she saw me was worth it.”


“Well, I was surprised,” Alicia cried out, “but you’ve proven to be a great teacher since then.   I mean, look at Bobby and Colin, Mary and Cathy, the younger girls - have you ever thought of becoming a teacher?”


“I’m thinking the same thing,” Cassie said as she looked at Angela, “Perhaps we can talk about it tomorrow?”


“Possibly,” she said as the film continued, Mrs Bridges laughing as they jumped round the room with dusters, then April.  Veronica had to stop herself from chuckling as they watched her making Heidi and Natalie take the pledge, and then they hopped into a room with a sheet on the bed.


“And if we had known that was you, Aunt Susan...”


Susan laughed out loud, and then hugged Alexander as the film continued, the children continuing to feed them as they watched the sports, and then the mother and daughter race,  which made everyone in the room laugh.


“Come on,” Anne Bowden said as she looked at Angela, “I shocked you then, didn’t I?”


“Just a little,” Alicia said with a nod as the film continued, the sun starting to set outside as they did so.  As they came to the time when each of the girls was tied with an older person, Anne Duncombe said quietly “Ladies - will you allow the children to re-tie your hands behind your back?”


There was a few moments hesitation, as they looked at each other, before they nodded as one.  Jenny, Alicia, Bobby and Colin went round them one by one, releasing their wrists from their legs and then untying their wrists, before they gently took their arms behind their backs and re-tied them, crossing their wrists as they did so.  They also tied a further length of rope around their waists, to secure their wrists to their backs, before they sat back and continued to watch.


“I remember this time,” Amy said as she looked at herself and Heidi, next to Natalie and Veronica, “not just because we needed the rest - and we did - but because of the total peace there was then.  How does it feel watching it now?”


“Strange,” Cassie said as she watched herself sleeping with young Cassie, “and you’re right - it was incredibly peaceful.  Given everything that’s happened since - the Pearl, and everything else - it’s like a little bit of heaven.”


“That’s right,” Veronica said, “and we need to cherish that feeling, because that is what is important in the end.  What has happened has happened, and things may never be exactly the same again, but you need to forget the negatives, and focus on the positives, on the love of the family.”


As she said this, Bobby and Colin looked at each other, Miranda watching as they picked up some rope and walked behind Jenny and Alicia.


“I think it’s time you joined them,” Colin said as she moved Jenny’s arms behind her back, crossing her wrists and tying them tightly together.


“Well, if you insist,” Alicia said quietly as her cousin performed the same service on her, so that within ten minutes both girls were tied in the same way as the others.  “Comfy?” Jennifer said as she looked at Jenny, who nodded as Colin hugged her from behind.


We then sat and watched the dinner, and the speeches afterwards.  It was when April said something that Chloe noticed the tears running down Angela’s face.


Angela, is there something you need to say,” she said quietly.


“It’s just...  April’s not that much older than me, and she went through something as scary as we did.  She held it all in, and then...”  The tears finally started to flow as Chloe walked over and held her, saying “It’s all right, Angela, I know something of how you feel.  We will talk later...”


The film then moved on to Jenny’s birthday, and as the party watched the game of Musical Chairs Alicia and Jenny stood up and started to jump around the room.


“Come on Angela,” Jenny said as she looked at Alicia’s sister, “we may not be the little devils, but you can at least keep up with us.”


“Keep up with you?  I can beat you two any day of the week,” Angela said as she stood up and jumped after them, the others laughing and watching as they made their way around the room.  Even Mr Bridges was clapping by the end, as they watched the present giving and then the picture being unveiled.


“Stop the film on that please,” Anne Duncombe said, and Amy paused the film as everyone looked at the picture.


“For all of you, this is what is important - family, and the support we can give each other.  When we got here today, you were all naturally nervous, unsure of what was going to happen.  Now look at each other, and ask yourself this - do you feel better?”


The group looked round the room, before Connie said “You’re right - when you start to get a little perspective around things, then it does get better, easier to deal with.”


“Good,” Veronica said quietly, before she looked at her watch.  “Well, it’s getting late.  Bobby, Colin, would you unite Alicia and Jenny please - it’s time the four of you went off to bed.  We’ll see you at breakfast tomorrow.”


“Do we have to go,” Jenny said as she looked at her mother and father.


“Yes you do,” John said quietly, “I know you probably all have questions, but they have to wait for tomorrow.  Chloe, would you show them to the rooms we have prepared for them please?”


“Of course, Monsieur Craig,” Chloe said as she watched the two teenage girls being freed.  “If you will come this way?”


“First, say good night to everyone,” Amy said, as one by one they went round and hugged each of the older women, kissing their mothers as well before they left the room.


“Chloe,” Alicia said as the door closed behind them, “We need to ask you some questions about Sara at some point.”


“We will talk tomorrow,” Chloe said quietly, “For now, I need to know what you think of what you have learned today.  You now know more of what happened that night, and you have shown remarkable patience in hearing it, but how do you feel truthfully?”


“Truthfully?”  Bobby looked at Colin and said “I want to hit something is how I feel.  What about you girls?”


“I don’t know what to think yet - except now I understand why they have been so afraid,” Alicia said quietly.  “Do you really think they were in real danger?”


“I believe they were - but also that they are still here, and need your support,” Chloe said as they walked up the stairs, “now, the boys will use the first room on the left, the girls the second.  Talk amongst yourselves, and hold nothing back.”


The four youngsters looked at each other, then nodded as they entered the bedrooms, Chloe smiling as she walked back down the stairs and re-entered the room.


“They have gone to their bedrooms, but they have more questions,” Chloe said as she closed the door.


“I would expect so,” Amy said as she looked round the room.  “Now, for the next part of the weekend, we need to ask you to trust yourselves to others.  Chloe, will you please untie Angela’s legs?”


The young French girl did as she was asked, before Amy said “Angela, will you please go with Chloe?  She may be an easier person to talk to than us old fogies.”


“I guess so,” Angela said with a smile, “Good night Mum.”  The others watched as Chloe left the room with her, before Veronica said “Now, for the wives, we turn you over to the tender care of your husbands.  They will look after you for the night, and they all have their instructions.”


“Instructions,” Jennifer said as she looked at John.  “You’ll see,” he said a she picked her up and carried her out of the room, Amy holding the door open as one by one they were either carried out or, in the case of Lucinda and MRs Bridges, walked out still with their arms bound by their husbands.


“Which leaves you,” Anne Duncombe said to Miranda and Cassie.  “You I leave to Amy and Veronica - I have certain arrangements to make for the morning.”  She left the room, closing the door as Amy said “Now, Cassie - tell us how you feel right now...”


“I... I’m not sure how I feel at the moment,” Cassie said as she sat back and looked at Amy and Veronica.  “I still feel so angry at those men, and yet somehow I feel more relaxed, as if some of the weight has been taken from my shoulders.”  She turned and looked at Miranda, before saying “I must be a disappointment to you, Mum - Dad always taught us to be strong and never show fear.”


“Cassie,” Miranda said as she looked at her daughter, “Your father also taught you to be honest with yourself.  Amy, would you untie me please?”


“Of course,” Amy said as she removed the ropes from Miranda’s arms and waist.  Rubbing her wrists, she shuffled over in the chair and put her arms round Cassie.


“Do you remember that day the women from the Pearl broke in, tied us up and tried to steal the information they thought he had?”


Cassie nodded slowly and looked into her mother’s eyes.  “We were both so scared that day, but you stayed brave, you showed us how it was not to have fear.”


“Oh I was petrified,” Miranda said with a sad smile, “but I was determined not to show it to them or to you - I felt I had to be strong to keep you safe.  Later that night, when the police and redcaps had gone, and I was alone with your father, I broke down and could not stop sobbing.


“David - David just took me in his arms and held me, allowed me to let all my fears and emotions out until I was spent.  When that finally happened, he looked into my tear stained face and kissed my forehead, then my eyes as I closed them, and then my mouth, before he led me up the stairs.


“’Tonight, Miranda’, I remember he said to me, ‘Tonight I will remind you once more of why I love you more than anything else in this world...’”


“What did he do?”


Miranda looked at Cassie, before saying “He gently took my blouse off, kissing me the whole time as he then removed my bra, and he tied me to the bed, arms above me, then removed the rest of my clothing before he secured my legs.  He then made love to me, such beautiful love that I can still recall the touch of his lips on me to this day.  He reminded me that fear is natural, but also that ropes in themselves are not something to fear.”


Cassie nodded as she looked at her mother.  “What would he have done, if he had still been here,” she said quietly.


“David?  He would have been with John and Dave at the hospital, he would have made sure you were all right - and then he would probably have had a quiet word with Barry Hampton, and spent five minutes in the cell with the surviving intruders and a nice stout piece of two-by-four.”


“Sounds like a devoted father and husband,” Veronica said calmly.  “As you two know, we have both faced a life or death situation, and it took us both a long time to get over it - we had the support of each other and of friends.  You have your entire family and the Holderness clan as well - so you must not be afraid to let them know how you truly feel.”


“She’s right,” Miranda said quietly, “I wish he was here now so very much, but he is not, so we must rely on the others and each other.”


“I know, Mum,” Cassie said as she looked at Miranda, “but it is harder for me than for them.  I don’t think you understand just how much harder...”


“Would it have been easier if Jo was here as well?”


Cassie looked at her mother, and quietly said “You know?”


Miranda simply nodded.  “Did you honestly believe, Cassandra, that your father or I would love you any less because of that?  What you have shown is the most tremendous courage in bearing this by yourself for so very long - and I understand why you have done so for Jo’s sake.  Stop bearing it by yourself now - as I said, your father would have wanted you to be honest with yourself and us.”


“Your mother’s right,” Amy said quietly, “and I know exactly where you are coming from, Cassie.  I found love where I wasn’t looking, and I have the great fortune to have friends and family who have accepted that.  Don’t throw away this opportunity.”


Cassie looked at Miranda, at Amy and at Veronica, before the tears came in great waves, her mother holding her as she did so....




“What are you going to do now,” Jennifer Craig said as John gently laid her on the bed in one of the rooms.


“I am so proud of you, Jen,” he said as he sat next to her, “and I love you so very much.  You must allow me to show you the level of that love now, but you must allow me to do it my way.”


He sat behind his wife and slowly pulled down the zip of her jogging top, kissing her neck and shoulders as he slowly slid the top down to her bound sleeves.  “John, what are you doing,” she whispered, but at the same time she closed her eyes and shivered at the touch of his lips on her skin.


“I want to make love to you, and I want you to be helpless to stop me,” John whispered into her ear as he stroked across her belly with his hands, “and I want you to realise that as with the kids, you have nothing, nothing to fear from me.”


“But the memories...”


“Are for me to help you to deal with,” John said as he slowly lifted her t-shirt up and over her head, again pulling it down her arms before he slipped the straps of her bra down, his lips caressing her shoulders as his hands began to massage her chest.


“Oh god,” Jennifer whimpered as she felt her flesh firming under his gentle touch, “John, please, it feels...”


“It feels what, Jen?”


“It feels so good,” she whispered as she leaned back against him, allowing his lips to touch hers as he slipped the cups of the bra down and ran his fingers around her nipples, the shivers increasing as she pressed back against him.


“I love you, Jennifer Craig, and although I could not be there for you that night, I am here now,” he said as he untied his wife’s hands and removed her clothing, before lying her on the bed and holding her hands above her head.  Taking the rope, he tied them together and then to the wooden headboard, before he moved down her body, kissing and massaging her breasts and stomach as he started to pull her jogging pants and panties down.


“Oh god,” she whimpered as John’s lips touched her belly button, while he untied her legs and ankles, removing the rest of her clothing and her trainers, then sucked gently on her toes as he looked up at her.  “I love you as well, John," she whispered, “and I am so sorry that I have been so...”


“Do not apologise,” John said quietly as he stood up and stripped himself, before he started to move back up her body, his lips tracing the inside of her legs as she wrapped them round him, “Never apologise for who you are, my darling.”


She looked at him as he leaned over and gently kissed her crotch, then knelt so that she could see him.  “Are you ready?”


“No,” Jennifer said quietly, “I am afraid I may cry out - will you?”


John nodded as he picked up her panties and folded them, placing them in her open mouth and waiting for her lips to close over them before he kissed them.


Fnku,” she murmured as she watched him move slightly, and then closed her eyes as he entered her body, gripping him tightly as he did so both with her legs and with her passage.


He started to move, slowly rhythmically as she twisted round in his grip, arching her back and mewling as she felt him throbbing and pushing inside her.  It did not take long before the throbbing turned into a pleasant pressure, and she squealed with delight through her panty gag as he made sweet, gentle love to her.


As he came out and she rested, Jennifer could only watch as he crossed and tied her ankles together, and then bound her legs below her knees, before he took an extra length of rope.


“I know these men sued this as an instrument of torture almost,” John said as he stroked Jennifer’s hair, “but I want you to know I would never use it for that - and this is part of the therapy we have agreed.  I have something I want you to do for me, will you allow me?”


Jennifer nodded as he tied the rope around her waist and between her legs, and then smoothed a long length of micropore tape over her lips.  “Now,” he said as he picked up a vibrator and held it in front of his wife, “this is going between your legs, and it is to stay there until I say so.”


Jennifer nodded as he slipped the rope under the rope, the low humming against her clit making her squirm, before John lay beside her and held her in his arms.  “Good night, my love,” was all he said as he turned the light off....




“Lucinda, I know that all of the husbands have agreed to this, but you do not have to...”


Lucinda looked at her husband and said quietly “I must do as they do, Desmond - otherwise how can I face Anne and Susan in the morning and now how they feel?”


Lucinda was lying on the bed, dressed in a long white nightdress, the skirt of which was up around her waist to reveal her naked body.  Her wrists were already tied tightly together in front of her, and there were ropes around her arms and chest, holding them firmly in place.  Her legs were bound at her ankles and knees, both above and below, while Despond stood there with a last length of rope in his hands.


“Very well then,” he said as he tied the rope around and between her waist and legs, Lucinda gasping slightly as she felt the rope against her bare flesh.  “It... it’s been some time,” she whispered as Despond slipped the vibrator into position, and then pulled her nightdress down.


“Does it feel as it used to - before that night?”


“It does,” Lucinda said as she suppressed a little giggle, “and I like it.  So what do you purpose we do now, Des?”


“Oh I don’t know, Lu,” Despond said as he climbed into bed, and kissed her gently, “We may think of something...”




“Jenny?  Are you still awake?”


Jenny Craig turned on her bedside light and looked over at Alicia.  “What’s up?”


“I can’t stop thinking about what we heard - our parents, our families, to be attacked in that way...”


“I know what you mean,” Jenny said as she got out of bed and walked over to sit with Alicia, “and to be saved by Sara like that.”


“That’s the thing - Sara said she had a dream and told the police, but we learned today she was actually in the room with your family.”


Jenny thought for a moment, and then said “Yeah, you’re right - something doesn’t add up here.”


“Tomorrow, at breakfast, we get Chloe and Anne and ask for the truth - agreed?”


Jenny nodded in agreement, as the two looked at each other.




“Chloe, can I ask you a question?”


Angela was sitting in her bed, having showered and changed into a pair of cream silk pyjamas, while Chloe sat in a chair next to her.


“Of course you may, Angela - that is why I am here, to talk to you.”


“Well that’s the question - why?  Why you?”


“Anne asked me because we are of a similar age,” Chloe said quietly, “but also because I had a similar experience to you, where I thought I was going to die.”


Angela looked at the young red haired French girl, and said “Want to talk about it?”


“Do you wish to be untied first?”  Angela nodded and waited as Chloe removed the ropes, before she sat on the bed next to the teenager.


“Some months ago,” she said quietly, “I found myself involved in a rather - dangerous situation.  A friend of mine had managed to uncover some secrets, and someone wanted them back, so they kidnapped me and a flatmate and held us hostage at a medical research facility.


“My hands were secured behind my back with plastic strips, and my legs pulled together below my knees.  They even used long ones around my arms and chest, and then gagged me with a rubber ball in my mouth and tape over it.  I was then marched to a room, where my friend was, and my legs secured with more zip ties while I was - questioned.”


Angela could see Chloe starting to shake, and she put her hand on her leg.  “It sounds like what we went through - but what happened?  Did they...”


“No,” Chloe said quietly, “they did not threaten me as they did you and your family, but they did say they were going to leave is to die in an explosion.  At that moment, I was certain that my life was at an end, and I would never... never see...”


To Angela’s surprise, Chloe started to sob quietly, her shoulders moving up and down as she buried her face in her hands.  “Chloe,” she said quietly, “I know how you feel.  When we were trussed up in my grandmother’s bedroom, the hood over my head, and the men were talking, I was afraid that I would never see them again - and even the touch of my mother’s hand could not take that feeling away.  Believe me, I can understand.”


Chloe looked up, wiping her eyes as she said “Yes, Angela - I can see in your eyes that you understand.  Forgive me - I am the one who is meant to be helping you, but instead...”


“Instead,” Angela said quietly, “We have ended up helping each other.  When Anne Duncombe came into the room, all I heard was her voice, the gang leader, and then the gunshots and the screaming.  There was also the light of the ghost - and then the hood came off, and Grandma was looking in my eyes, asking if I was all right.


“I lied and nodded - but if today has shown me anything, it is that none of us were all right.  And Anne was right about one thing - I needed someone my own age to talk to.


“What is his name anyway?”


Pardonez moi - whose name?”


“The boy you thought you would never see - at least, I presume it is a boy?”


Chloe blushed and said “He is called James - a student at the university.  Do you...”


“No - not yet,” Angela said quietly.  “So who saved you?”


“It was - a friend who raised the alarm and alerted the authorities in time.”


“A friend?  Anyone we may have met?”


Chloe simply smiled, as the tow girls embraced and then kept talking.


Outside the room, Anne Duncombe allowed herself a little smile as she heard the two older teenagers talking and laughing, and then walked down the corridor, past the room assigned to Simon and Anne Bowden.


On the other side of the door, Anne Bowden was lying on the bed, clad in a white men’s shirt.  She was watching Simon as he tied a long blue chiffon scarf to her wrist, and then secured it next to her other arm to the headboard.


“Simon,” she said quietly, “thank you.”


“For what, Anne?”


“For being a wonderful father and husband - I know these last few weeks have not been easy for you.”


“They have not been easy for any of us,” Simon said with a smile as he sat next to his wife, and slowly started to unfasten her shirt, “but I hope that, after today, things have become a little more bearable.”


“They - ummmm - they have a little,” Anne said as he placed his lips on her breasts and kissed her gently.  “How do you think Alicia is coping?”


“She had to learn what happened at some time,” Simon said as he stroked his hand down his wife’s legs, feeling her shiver at his touch, “but at elates here she has friends of her own age, who she can talk to.  I imagine Angela will have something to say to her as well.”


“Simon - all the night, the one thing that kept me going was the fact she was there with me.  If not, I don’t know how I would have coped.”


“Hush,” Simon said as he kissed her neck, his hand stroking between her legs, “that is in the past.  I know you may never forget it, but you are here with me now.”  He moved his head up and pressed his lips against hers, Anne raising her head to kiss him back as his fingers played on the lips of her clit.  Anne gasped and mumbled as his tongue entered her mouth, wrapping round her own as he stroked and felt the dampness between her legs.


“Oh god,” she whimpered when he finally removed his mouth, “You are one hell of a man, Simon Bowden.”


“I know,” he whispered into her ear, “and you are the most wonderful woman in the world.  Let me show you how wonderful you are, and how you should be treated.”


She watched as he removed his pyjama bottoms, and then spread her legs apart, moving between them as he bent down and kissed her between her legs.  She gasped at the touch of his lips and his mouth, and then wrapped her legs around him as he moved smoothly into her body, slowly rocking back and forth as she gripped him tightly.


“OH SIMON” she moaned out as he made love to her, arching her back and pressing against him as they both built slowly to a mutual orgasm of pleasure.  As it subsided, Simon moved out and said “Anne, there is something we as husbands have agreed to propose to our wives.”


“What is it,” Anne said as she looked at him through misty eyes.


“You need to conquer this fear,” he said as he picked up a length of rope, and passed it around her waist and then between her legs.


“Simon, please - don’t...”


“Hush,” Simon said as he kissed his wife.  “It is not tight, and I am adding this.”  He showed her the vibrator, and thins aid “You must keep this in place, on a low setting, until you show me you are happy for that to be there.”


“Well, if you’re going to do that,” Anne whispered as Simon switched on the device and slipped it between the rope and her crotch, “I needed to be kept quiet...”


“Exactly,” Simon said as he folded a large green silk square into a band, and tied a knot in the middle of it, “so open wide and say Ah....”





Colin turned in his bed and looked over to see Bobby standing in front of the window, looking out over the grounds.


“What’s up,” he said as he sat up and turned on the bedside lamp, while Bobby continued to look outside.


“I don’t know,” Bobby said without turning round, “I don’t know what I’m meant to think about what we’ve learned today.” 


“I can kinda understand that,” Colin said quietly as he slipped the covers off.  “Dad wouldn’t say a thing about what happened when he got to the manor house that night, but from what your family and Jenny’s family have said...”


Bobby turned round and looked at his friend.  “Suppose, for one moment, that Jenny had been there, and you learned that had happened.  What would you want to do?”


Colin stood in silence for a moment, before replying “Honestly?”




“Do you remember when we went to that forest, and we did the treetop walk?”


Bobby nodded - they had gone with the scout troop to the New Forest, and made a trip round on an elevated walkway with rope bridges.


“Well, I would take the man who did it there, hang him upside down from the tallest tree by his ankles, picked up a good stout cricket bat, and proceeded to treat him like a pińata.”


Bobby nodded and went to sit on his bed.  “I wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of taking him up into the trees - I would have just laid into him.  And got a great deal of satisfaction out of it.”


“You know what Dad would say about that?”


Bobby shook his head as Colin continued “He would have said something about justice not being just about revenge, but about the fact that you have to be seen to be paying the price.  There were five in the gang, right?”


“Right,” Bobby nodded.


“Two are dead, one is apparently in a secure hospital, and the other two will go on trial for their crimes - not just to your family and Jenny’s family, but to the others they deprived as well.  Bobby, I understand how you feel, and if you need to let it out, let it out to me. 


“Besides, I think the girls may feel the same way.”


Bobby nodded, before saying “I’m glad of one thing though - Cassie isn’t here to learn all this.”


“She’ll find out one day.”


“Perhaps, but I’ll face that day when it comes.”  As he got back into bed, Bobby said “Colin?”









Ohhhh thanks Alex - that does feel good.”


Susan Holderness smiled as her husband pulled her elbows together behind her back, securing them with a length of soft rope.  Her wrists were already tied tightly together, as she sighed and relaxed following the most exquisite love making they had done for some time.


“I’m glad you are feeling better now, Susan,” Alexander said as he stroked his hands gently down her bare arms, “and that you have agreed to do this.”


“I’m glad too,” she said as she leaned her head back and smiled at him, before they kissed.  “I have been so afraid since that night, but talking through things today helped put everything into perspective.”


She was sitting on the bed; her nightgown discarded on the floor as her husband picked up a coil of soft rope, and started to wrap it around her body, pulling her arms against her back as he made a rope harness that supported her breasts in the bands around and between them.


Mmmm,” she mumbled as the rope pulled against her body, “You know, Alex, we need to do this more often.”


“Perhaps,” he said as he picked up a length of rope, “but not when the children are watching.  Are you ready?”


Susan nodded as he wrapped the rope around her waist, pulling the ends through the centre loop at her belly before he fed the ropes between her legs and pulled them up.  “No fear?”


“No - not in your hands,” Susan purred as the rope rubbed against her still damp clit, while Alexander bound the end to her wrists.  “You had better put it in before you tie my legs.”


“I need to do something else first - a little present for you,” Alexander said as he slipped off the bed.  Susan turned her head and watched him as he went to his bag, and took out...


“Kinky,” Susan said as she saw the white ball, with the leather straps running from either side.


“It was meant to be a surprise, for when you were ready and recovered from Andrew’s arrival,” Alexander said as he walked back.  “But events...”


“I know,” Susan said as she felt his hands on her breasts, gently playing and squeezing her nipples, “Ahhhh - do it.”


“As you wish my love,” Alexander said as he slipped the ball between her teeth, fastening the straps round her head before slipping the humming vibrator against her crotch, and then crossing her ankles as he held more rope in his hands....




Dave looked at Connie as she sat on the bed, her eyes sparkling over the white tape that had been wrapped around her head.  The fabric of her baby doll nightdress was stretched tightly over her chest by the rope that had been wound down her arms, pinning them together behind her back before her wrists had been moved up her back, and then her arms secured in place.


He had done this at her request, after a very long and very frank talk about what had happened, and how they had felt about the events and each other since then.  There had been tears, and there had been kisses and hugs, but when Connie had said she was not quite ready yet to make love to Dave he had accepted it.


“I love you, and will always love you, Connie Brown,” he had said, “and Daniel makes us a family.  Never forget, my purpose is to make you happy - so tell me how I can do that.


“With one proviso.”  He had then explained what the challenge Anne Duncombe had mentioned was, and for a moment he thought Connie would not have agreed, given what had happened.


Eventually, however, she nodded and said “All right - but we do it our way.”


As he checked the ropes that held her ankles tightly together in front of her, her legs in the lotus position, Dave pulled lightly on the rope that ran from between her breasts and down between her legs, making her close her eyes and moan at the rubbing against her bare flesh.  The skirt of her nightdress had been pulled up as a result of the rope, as she moved her arms to move the rope in the other direction.


“And now,” he said as he sat behind her and kissed the side of her neck, “Are you ready?”  Connie nodded, her panties nestled in her mouth under the layer of tape preventing much legible sound escaping as Dave switched on the vibrator, and slowly ran it down her arms, making her giggle and twist round, which made the rope rub even more against her, which made her moan and wriggle more...


Dave moved the device across her stomach, and then down her thighs, as Connie felt a warmth that had not been there for a while develop between her legs.  As the vibrations went across her crotch, she closed her eyes and arched her back, allowing Dave to gently kiss her throat and neck as he moved the device up and across her chest.


Her breasts started to firm up at the gentle teasing, especially as he rubbed it gently over her nipples as he kissed her.  Connie sighed through the cloth and tape as she felt more and more stimulated, and then looked down as Dave pushed the vibrator between her breasts, and left it running.


“I never said I would only use one,” he whispered into her ear as he picked up a second device and switched it on, Connie’s eyes widening suddenly at the sensation between her legs.  Hggddddtkmnw,” she moaned as Dave tipped her gently back, his fingers tracing over her firm nipples as she moaned and wriggled round.


“You know the deal, Connie,” he whispered, “Enjoy...”






“I... I can’t believe how tired I am,” Cassie said as she stood up, free now from the ropes.  “So what happens now?”


“The other women are receiving - well some TLC from their husbands,” Amy said as she watched Miranda stand up as well.  “You two are exempted from that, and I think tonight you have both made great progress, so I suggest you both get a good night’s sleep.”


“Won’t it be cheating if we don’t get what they get?”


Veronica and Amy looked at each other, before Veronica said “That might be a little difficult - they need to know that their husbands love them, and they need to know they are safe with them in ropes and gags.”


“Oh,” Miranda said as she looked at Cassie, “A little difficult for the two of us, I think.”


Cassie nodded, before saying “Mum?”


“Yes, dear?”


“Will you tie me up in my bed please?”


Miranda nodded as they left the room, allowing Anne Duncombe to come in as well.


“Success,” she said as Veronica poured three drinks.


“I think so - it seems Captain Cassandra Craig has a friend she wishes were here.”


Anne looked at Amy, before saying “that might be possible to arrange - what’s his name?”


“Not his - hers.”







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