The Gentle Touch - Part 3









Sunday, 7 am


“Jrrj?  Jrrjr whtst?”


Mrs Bridges turned and looked at her husband, her eyebrows raised and a questioning look in her eyes as she watched her husband putting on a dressing gown.


“I need to go and do something on behalf of His Lordship,” he said as he turned and kissed his wife on her forehead, “I promise I won’t be more than five minutes.”




“The ladies are taking care of that - they insisted on it.  Besides, our instructions are clear -we will let you go in time for breakfast, and escort you into the room to ensure everything is still in place.”


Mrs Bridges squirmed a little as he said this, a small giggle escaping from the tape covering her lips as the vibrator placed inside her buzzed gently away.  As with all the other wives, a crotch rope had been tied between her legs to hold the device in place, and she had spent the night bound and gagged.  In her case, her wrists had been crossed together in front of her, and rope passed around her arms and upper body below her chest, then secured to those wrists.  There was a band of rope around her legs, forcing the skirt of her blue silk nightdress around her above her knees and then her ankles.  To finish the tie, a small length of cord had been tied around her big toes.


“Did you enjoy last night,” George said as he stroked the hair away from his wife’s head, a smile as she nodded breaking out on his face.  “Well, I’ll be back in a few minutes,” he said again ash e reached down and kissed her gagged mouth, Mrs Bridges raising her head to kiss him back before he left.





Cassie slowly opened her eyes and turned her body to look at the clock by her bed.  It showed the time to be 8 am, as she slowly bent her knees and then relaxed them as much as the rope holding her ankles to the harness encasing her chest would allow.


She was dressed in a pair of white cotton pyjamas, with a pair of thick bed socks over her feet and the legs of her trousers.  Over her ankles was a band of white rope, pulled between her legs, and a second band was around her legs below her knees.  Her arms were folded behind her back, with her wrist attached to her elbows and a final band around her forearms, before the harness had been tied by Miranda around her arms and upper body.


“Sleep well?”


Her eyes wide open, Cassie rolled herself over to look at the other side of the bed, and specifically the woman sitting in a chair by the bed.  She was the same age as her, with long brown hair that had been pulled back in to a ponytail that fell over her right shoulder.  She was wearing a light blue short sleeved blouse, the top two buttons open, and a pair of tan trousers, as well as a very concerned expression on her face.


“Jo?  What the hell are you doing here?”


“I might ask you the same question,” Jo Frost said as she uncrossed her legs and sat forward.  “My god, Cassie, you and I have been in a few tight spots, but this happens to you and you don’t even call?”


Cassie swallowed before she said “How...”


“Funny thing - I got back to my place late last night to a phone message from someone called Anne Duncombe, asking me if I was free to come and see you.  I called her back, and we had a little chat about something that happened at Holderness Manor a few weeks ago.  She didn’t tell me everything, but enough for me to know that you needed me.


“I got here about an hour ago, was let in by a very nice man who gave me a cup of coffee, and I had a little chat with Anne and your mother.  They told me everything.”  Jo stood up and walked over to the bed, sitting on the edge as she stroked Cassie’s hair.  “What I want to know is, why didn’t you tell me?”


“How could I?”  Cassie looked up into Jo’s face, a tear starting to run down her cheek again as she said “Jo, I’ve always been the strong one, in my work and with my family.  This just stripped me of all that, and I didn’t want to appear...”


“Cassandra Craig, if you dare say the word weak to me, I will hit you so hard...” 


“Actually, I was going to say scared,” Cassie said with a weak smile, which made Jo grin.  “Truth is, I didn’t want to burden you with this.  We’ve always dealt with this sort of thing within the family in the past, and I wanted it to be the same this time.  Seems I wasn’t able to do that.”


“Why not?”


Cassie looked up into Jo’s eyes, and said quietly “I told Mum last night.  Jo...”


“It’s all right, Cas,” Jo said as she stroked Cassie’s cheek.  “I’ve decided to stop hiding as well.  If we’re going to get through this, I want us to get through it together, and as partners.”


“But the firm...”


“I decided the time was right to retire - I have a month left.  I was going to surprise you with it then, but - well, surprise.  Know any schools that might be looking for a Chemistry teacher?”


“I think I may be able to talk to the chair of the Board of Governors later,” Cassie said before she raised her head, gently pressing her lips against Jo’s.




“You look like you hardly slept at all.”


“I could say the same thing about you,” Bobby said as he and Colin came into the dining room, and saw Jenny and Alicia sitting there.  All four were wearing shorts and t-shirts, as they made their way over to the breakfast buffet.


“Ah - good morning,” Chloe said as she carried in a large coffee pot, “The rest of your family are not quite awake yet, but I am sure they will join us shortly.”


“Morning squirt,” Angela said as she came in after Chloe, “I would ask if you slept well, but...”


“We had a hard time processing what we heard, Angie,” Alicia said, “So I’m sorry if...”


“No - I’m sorry,” her older sister said quietly, “It was hard for you I know.  But thank you for being here - whatever else you may think, you have helped us all.”


“Ah good, you’re awake,” Anne Duncombe said as she came in, dressed like Chloe in a blue sweatshirt and pants.  Alicia was wearing a pair of cycling shorts under a blue and white smock top, with flat shoes.


“Anne,” Bobby said, “We need to have a word with you and Grandma this morning - all of us.”


“Oh,” Anne said as she put some muffins on a plate, “about what?”


“Not what - who.  Sara.”


Anne and Chloe exchanged a quick glance, before Anne said “Yeah - I figured you might.  Let’s wait until everyone is up, all right?”


“Good Morning everyone!”


“Mum,” Bobby said as his mother and father walked in and joined them.  Alexander was wearing a short sleeved shirt and blue trousers, while Susan has on a knee length floral print skirt and a sleeveless cream coloured top.  She also had a big smile on her face as she walked over and hugged Bobby.


“Mum,” he said again, “Are you feeling all right?”


“NAAAever better,” Susan gasped as she looked at Bobby, before saying “I am starving, what have we got to eat?”


Bobby looked at Alicia, Jenny and Colin, who were staring back at him as the door opened again to allow Simon and Anne Bowden to come in.  Simon was also casually dressed, while Anne had on a pair of leggings with an Aztec design on them, and a matching top with cap sleeves.  As they walked in, Alicia and Angela both noticed the slight skip in their mother’s step, as well as the way she sighed from time to time.


“Mum?  Dad?  Are you all right?” Alicia said as they embraced their daughters.


“Oh yes,” Anne Bowden replied, “more than all right.  Good morning Susan - how are you feeling today?”


“Do you know Anne, I feel a real buzz in the air.”


“I know what you mean,” Anne replied as they both started to giggle.


“Shock - it has to be shock,” Jenny said as Colin stood there, completely bemused as to what was happening.  When the door to the room opened again, however, and Lord and Lady Holderness came in, all three of her grandchildren looked at her open mouthed.


Lucinda was wearing a pair of bright green Capri pants, with a pair of matching shoes on her feet, and a white blouse which had a thin green leather belt around her waist.  Her outfit was completed by a green chiffon scarf around her neck, and a polka dot scarf tied on her hair.


Alexander and Anne both looked at their mother, before all three of the women broke into fits of giggles and sat together at a table, their husbands watching with smiles on their faces.


“Erm,” Bobby finally said “Dad, what’s going on?”


Before Alexander could answer, the door opened again as Jennifer and Connie came in arm in arm, smiling and waving as they approached the buffet table.  Jennifer was wearing a white denim skirt that came to just below her knees, and a matching blouse with a brown leather belt to match her shoes, while Connie was wearing a blue and white Gingham skirt that came to just above her knees, and a white top with elbow length sleeves.  They saw the Holderness women sitting there, waved and grabbed some food before joining them, while John and Dave joined the others.


“Did we miss something during the night,” Jenny said as Amy and Veronica came in with more food, “or...”


“We’ll tell you another time,” John said, “Right now, your mothers and grandmothers are the happiest they have been for a long while - let’s leave it at that.”


“Is it just me,” Colin then said, “or is something buzzing.”


“Oh - that’s the air conditioning,” Desmond Holderness said, “It’s a little noisy this morning.  I’ll get Mr Bridges to have a look at it later.”


“You called,” Mr Bridges said as he and Mrs Bridges came in, the former walking in a funny way to join the other women at the table.  She had on her usual grey dress coat, but there was something strange about her as she joined them and they all burst out laughing.


“I take it the private therapies worked,” Anne Duncombe said as she sipped from her coffee cup, all the men nodding as she looked at Angela and Chloe.


“What about you two?”


“We sat up all night, we talked, and I think we’re both a lot better now,” Angela said with a smile as Chloe nodded beside her.


“And you four?”


“Honestly, still angry and confused,” Alicia said as she looked at the others, who all nodded.  “Although - whatever happened after we went to bed last night, it does seem to have cheered them all up.”


“It does, doesn’t it?”


They turned to see Miranda standing there, a plate in her hand.  “I went to free Cassie this morning, but someone had already done so.  Did you do it, Amy?”


“No,” Amy said quietly, “but I think I know who did.”  Miranda turned to look in the direction Amy was looking at, as both Jenny and Alicia said in unison “Dr Frost?”


“Good morning,” Jo said as she stood with Cassie, their arms linked.  Cassie had changed into a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt, and for the first time she could remember Jenny saw she was slightly embarrassed.


“Erm - hi everyone,” Cassie eventually said, “I think most of you know Jo, but for those who don’t - this is Captain Jo Frost, my former comrade in arms, and now - if you will accept her - my partner in all ways.”


Cassie and Jo looked round the assembled room, before John put his plate down and walked over to the couple, a serious expression on his face.  Cassie began to look worried, before he hugged both of them and said “Welcome to the family, Jo - it’s about time someone made an honest woman out of my sis.”


“Did you know,” Alicia whispered to Jenny as Connie and Miranda embraced both of them.


“Nope,” Jenny said as without thinking she slipped her arm round Colin’s waist, “but I could not be happier for her.”


“Thank you for coming Jo,” Anne Duncombe said as she stepped forward and shook her hand after the family embraces, “May I introduce my friends, Chloe Bandelaine, Amy Strong and Veronica Cabot.”


“A pleasure,” Jo said as they all shook hands, “and thank you for inviting me.”




“I’m sorry Alicia,” Lucinda said before she put her hand to her mouth, “is there something wrong?”


“Grandma,” Bobby said, “Can we four talk to you and Anne - alone?”


“Well, I did ehhhheheeee...”


Alicia looked at Lucinda as she blushed and giggled, shaking her head as she said “Look, we have questions, and...”


“I’m sure you do,” Anne said quietly, “but I think Chloe should join us as well.”  She motioned to the young French girl, who excused herself from Angela and Anne Bowden to walk over.


“Let’s go to the boardroom,” Lucinda said as she opened the door, the four younger children following with Chloe and Anne Duncombe.  As the door was closing, Jenny heard Cassie say in a loud voice “They did WHAT!” before Chloe guided her to join the group.


“Now,” Lucinda said as she slowly sat herself in one of the leather padded chairs, “What is it you wish to ask of us?”


Bobby and Alicia looked at each other, before Bobby said “You remember that Sara came with Chloe to visit us before they returned to the States?”


“I do,” Anne said quietly, “She wished to meet some of the next generation of the Holderness and Craig families.  I also understand she told you some interesting stories.”


“I think we discovered a few things about both sides of the family,” Alicia said quietly.  “Mum, she told us stories about how her family seem to have - I don’t know, would you call it Second Sight?”


“I think that is a fair term to use,” Lucinda said quietly.  “Sara has a gift, a curse, call it what you will, to dream of events that involve danger.  It was such a dream that allowed her to raise the alarm and for Colin’s father to come to our rescue.”


“Yeah,” Bobby said quietly, “but she then told us some of the stories of the dreams her family had, and it left more questions than answers.”


“Oh,” Lucinda said as she crossed her legs, “what questions?”


Alicia swallowed, and then said “She told us of her great grandmother, who sailed on the Titanic, and helped to save the lives of many children - but there was one lady who sacrificed herself for Sara’s ancestor.  She asked her to take a small green jewellery box to her husband when she was rescued.”


Anne looked at Lucinda, who nodded and said “That would be Lady Alicia Holderness.  You have seen the memorial in the family crypt, but there is no body there.”


“But grandma, the description of the jewellery box - is it the same one as you showed me and Angela?”


“It is,” Lucinda said quietly, “and, to answer your next question, her husband brought it back to the manor with him.  A coincidence, nothing more.”


“Grandma,” Alicia said quietly, “Lady Alicia’s maiden name was Strong, correct?”


Now Anne looked at Alicia, and said “What makes you say that?”


“The tale she told of her great great grandmother - she saved a girl who had been kidnapped in Boston when she was working as a maid, and her name was Alicia Strong, the daughter of a shipping magnate.  The same Alicia Strong who married Alexander Holderness some years later, and who died on the Titanic.  Her family does seem to keep running into ours, doesn’t she?”


Alicia nodded as Bobby spoke, and then said “Grandma, that raises a question in my mind - is Heidi...”


“A distant relation of ours?”  Lucinda took a deep breath and said “The Strong fortune was lost in the Wall Street Crash - they managed to save enough to ensure a roof over their heads, and to live comfortable, but the shipping line went under.  When you drew Heidi’s name as a penpal, your grandfather and I made some enquiries - and yes, Heidi’s mother is a descendant of Harold Strong.  So you are very distant cousins.”


Chloe had been listening to the conversation, and looked round the table before saying “You probably have another question you need to ask your grandmother - about another of your ancestors.”


“Grandma,” Bobby said, “We all know the story of Great-Grandpa, how he was shot down behind enemy lines and saved by the heroic actions of a nurse who found him.”


“That is true - why?”


“We know the name of the nurse,” Jenny said quietly, “It was Sara’s grandmother.”


“AHHHHH,” Lucinda said in a low voice, and then composed herself as she said “sorry - Sara’s grandmother.”


“She told us,” Alicia said, “how she rescued him, took him back to their hospital, and nursed him until she was transferred back to the US.”


“Well, it would appear that we owe Sara’s family an even bigger debt of gratitude...”


“Grandma,” Alicia said quietly, “forgive the directness, but she was pregnant, and right after she told us the tale she and Chloe left the room.”


Lucinda looked over at Chloe, who slowly nodded and said “It is true, Madame Holderness - but we said nothing more to the children, because Sara herself did not...”


“I overheard you.”


Chloe, Anne and Lucinda all looked at Jenny, who had her head down.  “I was closest to the door, and I heard you talking to Sara,” she said as she looked at Chloe.  “If what I heard was true...”




“Grandma, what is wrong with you?”


“Sorry,” Lucinda said with a weak smile.  “I guess you’re old enough to know the truth now - but please, keep this to yourselves for now.  Anne?”


“At Lucinda’s request, I did some research into Sara’s ancestors, and it confirmed her grandmother gave birth six months after returning from the war.  She had married by then, and her husband adopted the daughter and took her as his own, but the father...”


“We are almost certain that the father was your great grandfather.”


Colin let out a low whistle as he heard this.  “So that makes the Sara we met - what, your cousin or something?”


“Something like that,” Lucinda said.  “Desmond knows this, but no-one else does - and especially not your Great Aunts, so they must not know.  Sometimes secrets are best kept hidden.”


“Forgive me,” Colin said, “but the link between Sara’s family and your families is getting to be beyond coincidence.  Is there something else going on here?”


Lucinda looked at the four youngsters in front of her, suppressing a giggle as she said “What name did she give you when you met?”


“Sara Sidle,” Bobby said, “but...”


“But that wasn’t her name, was it,” Jenny said quietly.  “When she told us of her mother, a clipping fell out of the book she had.  I picked it up and read it, and then showed it to Alicia.”


“I was afraid of that,” Chloe said quietly as Lucinda said “How did her mother die?”


“She died preventing a massacre at a bank - a security guard was determined to kill a certain FBI agent and her sister.”  Jenny looked at Anne as she said this, who closed her eyes and said “Chris Andrews.”


“You know who this agent is,” Chloe said as she looked at Anne.


“I should do,” Anne said quietly, “it was me.  I can’t go into the details, but Sue and I had put his cousin away for a very long time, and - well, if you read the article, then you know what happened.”


“Sara’s mother saved you,” Chloe said quietly.


“Not just me,” Anne said quietly, “She also saved the other customers - including a young mother and daughter who were waiting to be served.  You’ve met them.”


“Amy and Heidi Strong,” Lucinda said quietly, before whispering “I swear by my lifeblood that if there is any way of repaying the debt that I owe you, then one day, I will do it!”


“But that...”  Alicia looked at her grandmother as a light of realisation flared in her eyes.  “Oh my god,” she whispered, “then that means Sara is really Sara Smite?”


Bobby, Colin and Jenny looked at Alicia.  “Is that name significant to you?”


“The story you told me and Angela, months ago - it’s her, isn’t it?”


Lucinda nodded and said “It is - she is the direct descendant of the first Sara Smite, whose husband killed Horatio Holderness.  It would appear that while the Holderness Shadow was keeping watch over our family, there was also another spirit keeping watch over us.”


“But this Sara is different, isn’t she?”


The others looked at Colin, who said “From what I heard yesterday, it was her arrival that caused the gang that attacked you to start fighting amongst themselves.  When she came to see us, that idiot who tried to rob us just touched her, and he was scared out of his wits.  Not just of whatever that thing was - the white shade.”


“That was the Holderness shadow,” Alicia said with a smile.


“Well, whatever, he was frightened out of his life.  Does Sara have more than one gift?”


“She does,” Anne said quietly, “but I cannot tell you more than that.  All I can say is she saved your families that night, but that gift came at a great price.”


“But she’s one of us - a Holderness.  Does that mean she saw the Shadow as well?”


“She did - I can tell you that much,” Anne said, “because I saw him as well that night.  I think he was watching over her as much as the rest of the ladies there.”


“Will we see her again?”


Lucinda looked at Alicia and said “I hope so - some day.  Because of her situation, she will be travelling under an assumed name - one that Desmond and I think was most appropriate, once we found out her connection to our family.”


“Her situation?”


“Classified,” Anne Duncombe said, “but she is a member of your family now - her name is Sarah Holderness when she travels.”


Bobby and Alicia looked at each other, and said “Good” in unison.


“Now,” Lucinda said as she slowly stood up, gasping a little as she did so, “We should rejoin the others.  Please, keep what you have heard here to yourselves for now - but what would you like to do this morning?”


“I think we could all do with some fresh air,” Anne said as she looked out of the window.  “Who’s for a walk?”


“That sounds like a wonderful idea,” Lucinda said as she walked to the door, almost tripping for some reason before she opened it.


“Grandma, just what is wrong with you,” Alicia said as she watched the older woman suppress a giggle.


“Absolutely nothing,” Lucinda said as they rejoined the rest of the group, the women sitting with Cassie and Jo as the men were drinking coffee.


“Now then,” Anne Duncombe said, “We think a nice brisk walk is what is needed to help everyone this morning - and there will be no exceptions.  What’s more, I think you should take a tip from the youngster’s books, and be tied up for it.”


“Oh good, does that mean we get to tie our families up again,” Bobby said, only for the older men to stand up as one and say “NO!”


“I mean,” Alexander said, “why don't you let us take care of your mothers, and Jenny and Alicia can take care of Miranda and Angela.  Then perhaps the boys can tie both of you up?”


“But HOOOOOOW are we expected to be able to walk,” Jennifer said as she too started to giggle, the others joining in.”


“We’ll hobble your knees - tie them together, but allow enough slack so that you can take short steps.”  Jo looked at Cassie and said “Want to join in?”


“All the way?”


“I don’t see why not - if you are up for it.”


“Does that mean we have to all be tied the same way,” Angela said as she saw her mother and aunt giggle as well.


“We’ll do what the girls normally do - arms behind the back, tied together, rope around the waist and stomach,” John said as he stood up.


“Will you excuse us for a moment,” Cassie said as she and Jo left the room, Veronica following behind them.  “Perhaps we should go to the side room,” Miranda said as she and Angela guided the youngsters out of the room, “Give your fathers and the others a chance to get them ready.”


“I’ll come as well,” Amy said as they set off, “to provide moral support.”  The group made their way to the changing room, where a box of ropes and gagging material had been set out.


“Right,” Amy said as Angela closed the door, “what do you need to do?”


“Put these on your hands first,” Alicia said as she handed Angela and Miranda a pair of white sports socks each, “and then cross your wrists behind your back.”  As the two women pulled on the socks, Jenny found two lengths of rope and shook them loose, handing one to Alicia before she doubled the other one over and stood behind her grandmother.


“Where will we go for this walk,” Angela said as she felt her wrist being drawn together behind her back.


“Well, the grounds are very extensive and very private - I’m sure we’ll find a way to go,” Miranda said as her wrists were tightly bound, and then Jenny passed some rope round her waist, fixing her wrists to the small of her back as the ends went between her arms and body.


“Why are all the others so giggly this morning,” Colin said as he watched the two girls binding the arms of their victims to their sides, “After last night, I would never have guessed they would have been this happy.”


“Well,” Amy said, “Sometimes after times of great stress, the body can feel great elation as well.  I’m sure that’s what’s going on.”


“Really?” Angela said as  she shot a look at Amy.  “Is that all that’s going on?”


“I’m sure that’s all,” Miranda said as she tried to twists her arms round.  “Now, our legs.”


The two girls took a long length of rope and passed it round the legs of the two women, just above their knees.  Miranda watched as Jenny pulled her legs slightly together, and then wound the ends around the four inch gap she left between them, making a coil that ran from leg to leg before tying it off.  The hem of her grey skirt came to just above the band, as she looked at the way her matching top stretched over her upper body.


As for Angela, the rope came just below her shorts, as she started to move round.  “That should do the trick,” she said as she looked at her little sister, “but it’s your turn now.  Bobby?”


“It will be my pleasure,” Bobby said as he threw a pair of sports socks at Alicia, while Colin passed one to Jenny.  As they pulled the younger girl’s wrists behind their backs, and started to bind them together, Jenny looked over her shoulder and said “I’m glad you’re here this weekend Colin - Bobby needed you.”


“And you?”


“I need you as well,” Jenny said with a little smile as she felt her arms being pinned to her back, and then the rope pulling her upper arms against her body as it went round her chest.  Alicia smiled as well as Bobby secured her arms, and then knelt behind her, binding her legs above her knees as his older cousin had been.


“Very nice,” Amy said as all four of the women tried to walk round the room, getting used to the way their legs moved.  “Now, let’s make sure you stay nice and quiet.”  From the box, she took out two more pairs of socks, and handed two each to the boys.


“Ah well, we can talk later,” Miranda said as the sock was balled up and pushed into her mouth, each of the captives getting the same treatment before the boys took a silk square and used it to cleave gag the four women.


“Thtsntggngtbnf,” Miranda said, but she soon realised the boys had not finished as they picked up a roll of flesh coloured micropore tape, and tore off four long strips, smoothing then down over their mouths to cover their lips.  Finally, they selected four larger white headscarves from the box, folded them into wide bands and tied them over their mouths and heads, covering the gags completely as they looked at each other.


“So nice, mes amis,” Chloe said as she came into the room and looked at Amy, “but I have some news - a request from your father actually Bobby.”


“Oh,” bobby said as he looked at the young French girl, “and what is that?”


“that you enjoy the walk as well,” Chloe said with a smile.  “So, if you would be so good as to don the socks on your hands as well...”




“Ah, there they are - and such a fine sextet as well.”


“Fnksltdd,” Bobby said as they walked back into the main room, shuffling their feet as they did so.  They found the other woman waiting, all gagged with scarves covering the rest of the material, but they all also had ponchos covering their upper bodies, hiding their arms and wrist from view as the points fell down in front of and behind their hips.


“We have ponchos for you four as well,” Desmond continued as Anne, Veronica, Simon and John came forward and pulled the large shawls over the heads of the four women.  “Would you boys like one as well?”


“nfnlks,” Colin mumbled as Jenny looked at Connie, who was standing with her mother and Connie.  She looked slightly flushed, and was giggling as well as they stood side by side.


“Whstggng,” Jenny mumbled, but Cassie just shook her head as Desmond opened the doors to the garden.  “Shall we,” he said as one by one the women walked out, giggling and squealing as they moved forward, accompanied by the older men.  As Miranda and Angela were escorted out by Anne and Chloe, a loud and muffled peal of laughter came from outside.


“Thrllcrse,” Bobby said as he and Colin walked out as well, and the party started to walk round the edge of the lawn, Jenny remembering the races they had there last Summer as the mothers tried to talk to each other, only to glow bright red in their cheeks as they shuffled forward.


“Thrrhbsngn,” Colin said as he looked round.


“Crickets,” Alexander called out as they started to walk down a gentle slope, “Nothing more.  You said there were more than usual this year, didn’t you Father?”


“That’s right,” Alexander called back as Lucinda bumped into him, her eyes smiling as she let out a muffled sigh, “Crickets.”


Colin and Bobby looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders as Jo put her arm round Cassie and hugged her.


“FnnkksksssEEEEEE” Cassie called out, making Jenny laugh as they continued their progress down the hill.  As they came towards the bottom, they could see what looked like an obstacle course laid out, with low hurdles, hoops lying on the ground, and cones in a line.


“Hhnnn,” Susan said as they stopped in front of the course, “Plstllmurntgngtmksss...”


“Well, then I’d better keep quiet,” Alexander said as Bobby watched his mother stand in front of his father.  “We’ll let the youngsters have the first go - give you older ladies a chance to gather your strength.”


“Eelvubtehtu,” Connie said as Dave hugged her from behind.  “Oh come on,” Dave said with a smile, “What possible harm can running a little obstacle course do to you?”


“Mmgmgmgmgmhhaaaaaaa” was Lucinda’s reply to that as she bent her legs slightly, making Alicia wonder if she was all right.


“Perhaps the ladies can sit down,” Desmond said as he pointed to a row of benches.  There was a muffled grunt of thanks as they were all escorted to the seat, and then they sat, their legs as together as they could possibly be.


“The course is simple,” Anne Duncombe said as she walked round it.  “A short run, then wind round and between the cones, over the first hurdle, jump from hoop to hoop, over the second hurdle, under the high bar, and round the post before running straight back.”


Alicia heard the row of women groan and laugh at the same time, as her mother tried unsuccessfully to cross her legs.


“So, who wants to be first?”


Anne Bowden and Susan looked at each other, the buzzing between their leg gently distracting and arousing them to the point of complete submission, but there was nothing they could do - the wet crotch ropes were keeping the device firmly in place, and if they were being honest with themselves they loved it.  So they contented themselves with watching as first Alicia and Jenny, then Bobby and Colin made short work of the obstacles.


“Uknwwrrgngthvtdths,” Susan mumbled as she looked at her sister in law.  Anne could only nod and then let out a groan as she tried no tot let her daughter see what was happening to her, but it just felt so good to be buzzing like this...


Cassie sat with her head resting on Jo’s shoulder, while her partner ran her fingers through her hair.  She had only had the vibrator tied in place for a short while, but already she was near to collapse with the way it made her feel, and she had no idea how the others had managed to cope today, much less through the night as they had told her when Chloe had taken the other girls out.  All she could do now was moan softly into her gag as Jo sat with her, whispering into her ear.


“Cmnnntcssy, shwthmhwtsdn!”


“Uvgttbkdng,” Cassie moaned, but Jo helped her to stand up and hop over to the starting line.  Connie and Jennifer watched wide eyed as Anne said “On your marks, get set... GO!”


“Hmmgdddd” was all Cassie could say as she started to hop over the low hurdles, the poncho rising and falling with her leaps, but as she stepped between the hoops Jenny could see her closing her eyes and concentrating like mad.


“Sshhhlrt,” Colin said as he watched Cassie almost trip over, then giggle as she reached the end and ran in a slightly ungainly manner back.


“Rtttutw,” she said as she looked at Jennifer and Connie, “urtrn.”


The two women looked at each other and slowly walked over.  Jennifer was trying desperately not to moan with each rub of the damp rope against the petals of her clit, while Connie was stifling some very loud moans as her body felt as if it was reaching the fifteenth climax of the morning.  They looked at each other, wondering what was going to happen next until they heard Jenny scream “GGTAMVVNNN!”


“Hsshhttt,” Jennifer said as she started to hobble forward, but with each step the rope sank deeper into her passage, and pushed the vibrator more firmly in, so all she could do was stumble forward as she felt the dampness between her legs.  Connie was no better, as she struggled to keep the skirt from riding up too much.


As they wound their way round the cones, both women were panting hard, as they felt their bodies approaching another climax and the desperate need to conceal what was happening from Jenny and Alicia filling their minds.  So much so that, as they stepped over the first hurdle, they forgot for a moment how their wrists had been tied - not only crossed and secured behind their backs, but also tied to the crotch rope where it was bound around their waist, so the jump made their arms rise, which made the rope sink still further in, which made...


“HSWTTJSSSS” Jennifer called out as she almost stumbled, and looked at her daughter, her cheeks red and flushed.


“Crrjj,” Connie said as she looked at Jennifer, who nodded as they started to jump between the hoops, groaning each time they landed as they felt the ropes digging further and further in.


“You know, they are putting up a remarkable good race,” Dave said to John as they watched their wives racing.


“Actually they are,” John replied as he reached into his pocket, “What do you say we give them a little surprise.”


“Whtrudng,” Miranda said as she looked at her son, who just smiled enigmatically back and said “Don’t worry, Mum - Jennifer is enjoying every second of this.”


“Ecnsstht,” Miranda said quietly, “bwhtrudng?”


“Enjoying the race,” Dave said as he looked at Miranda, waiting for her to turn round and cheer her daughter and daughter in law on.  The two men looked at each other and nodded as both Jennifer and Connie bent down to go under the bar, before pressing a button on the box they had in the palm of their hands.



“HMMMGDDSWTJSSSSSAAAAAAA” Jennifer called out as she collapsed to the ground, her body responding to the sudden and unexpected increase in the vibration rate inside her, tipping her over the edge as she lay on her side, the dampness spreading on the ground under her as she did so.  Connie was on her knees, doubled over in joy and laughter as her body exploded into one of the biggest of the orgasms she had experienced since last night.


“MMM!!  NTRCNNEEE!”  Jenny called out as she ran forward, only for her dad to say “It’s all right Jenny - your mum just fell and she’s laughing about it, aren’t you dear?”


Jennifer slowly raised her head and nodded, closing her legs and trapping her skirt between them as she did so before she started rolling round on her back.  As Dave knelt next to his wife, Connie looked at him with a mixture of love and pity, before saying “Ehhtu,” under her breath.


“Perhaps,” Veronica said with a smile, “You two should escort your wives back to the house, and make sure they are both all right?  It looks as if they may had found a damp patch on the grass.”


“That sounds like a good idea,” John said as he helped Jennifer to stand up, her face red as she looked into his eyes.  “Why don’t we head back to the main room and make you more - comfortable.”


“Dlkkthtt,” Jennifer mumbled as John kissed her gagged move, and then the four of them began to walk up the garden path.


“Tllmmuhfnt,” Anne Bowden said as she looked at Alexander.


“I haven’t what dearest?  Now, why don’t you and Susan show us what you can do, hmmm?”


As the two women hobbled to the starting line, Alicia and Jenny were looking at each other.  Jenny knew her aunts and mothers were almost as good as she and Cassie when it came to hopping around and moving when tied up - and yet they had collapsed in heaps of laughter just as they were about to finish the course.


Alicia was also worried - she knew her mother was not unused to the way to move in ropes, and yet she seemed to be trying to stop something from happening.  Her shoulders were tensed, her legs drawn together.


“Whtswrngwfthm,” she said as she turned to Chloe.  The young French girl just smiled and shrugged her shoulders as both Anne and Susan started to run the course, Susan’s skirt blowing in the wind as they did so.


Susan was wondering just how much her son may have noticed, as the tail of her poncho blew up slightly and then fell again, covering the ropes which lay along the waistband of her skirt to conceal the way her crotch rope was tied to her wrists.  Each step was pure blissful agony to control, as she felt her body wanting to give all again and again and again...


For Anne Bowden, it was like a raging fire burning in her loins that she desperately wanted both to quench, and also to fan the flames of, if such a thing were physically possible.  What she really wanted right now was for Simon to take her to bed and ravish her, but that was not possible - and besides, what was Bobby thinking, and what would he think if he knew.


As Susan stepped over the first hurdle, taking care not to allow the younger kids to see her crotch rope, there was a similar thought burning in her mind - a desire for her and Alexander to do again what they had done the previous night, when he had made every particle of her body ache with desire as he made love to her, and her helpless to stop him.  Now what she wanted was him, his touch, his scent, his....”




Susan’s screams were heard over the grass as she dropped to her knees, taken completely by surprise by the sudden increase in the vibrations inside her.  As her head went back and her eyes rolled, Anne Bowden looked at her, wondering what was going on before she too dropped down and called out.


Lucinda slowly turned and looked at her son and son in law, who had big grins on their faces as they put something quickly away into their pockets. 


“Dsmnd, dntudr...”


“Don’t worry,” Desmond whispered into her ear, “The ones in you and Mrs Bridges do not have that facility.  We felt it might prove more - interesting for the younger ones.”


“MMMrulrt,” was what both Bobby and Alicia called out now as Alexander and Simon came forward and helped them to stand up.


“They’re fine,” Simon said, “I guess they’re just so happy to be out in the open, and to have that huge burden off their backs, right?”


Anne looked at her husband, eyes full of lust and fire as she whispered “JstuwtsmnbwdNNNNNNN,” then collapsed into his side as he helped her to walk away, Alexander following with Anne in his arms.


“Thwrdldgnlpeee,” Colin said as Lucinda and Angela walked over and took their place at the start line. 


“Rugngtclppstgrne,” Angela said as she looked at her grandmother, who was standing with her knees together and her eyes closed.  Lucinda was remembering a time, long ago, when she and Desmond had been on assignment in San Francisco, and some of the things they had done then...




“Hsrranjla, ltsdths,” Lucinda said as they set off along the course.  To Alicia’s surprise, Lucinda easily beat Angela over the obstacle course, almost running back to the start before she fell into Desmond’s arms.


She had done it so quickly for a good reason - well, it was a good reason to her.  She had felt the climax approaching again from her own vibrator, and the effect of the rope rubbing against her mound as she ran and twisted had brought her right to the point of  ecstasy.  As she collapsed into her husband’s body, she buried her face into him and pulled up sharply with her wrists, the pressure of the rope and the vibrator sending her over the edge as she screamed though her gag into Desmond.


He realised what was happening and held her, whispering “Well done my dear,” as Angela  walked over to stand next to him.


As Cassie closed her eyes and let out a low groan again, Miranda looked at Jo.


“You know what’s going on, don’t you,” Jo said, and Miranda slowly nodded - she had figured it out a while ago, but to know that all the other women were being given such intense support from their partners....


“Dntcrmm,” Cassie said as she saw the tears running again down Miranda’s cheeks, “Wrllflngbtternw.”


Miranda nodded as Angela looked at her.  “Wntthvag,” she mumbled as the four youngsters started to come over.


“Nfnks,” Miranda said, “prhpswcldhdbk?”


“I think that’s a very good idea,” Amy said as she helped the others to stand.  “It’s getting close to lunchtime anyway, and I’m expecting a call from the States.”


The party slowly made their way back up to the house, Mrs Bridges and Lucinda softly moaning alongside Cassie as they walked together, and Jo walking with Amy and Veronica, a smile playing on her lips as they left the field behind them.


“Listen,” Anne Duncombe said as they entered the main room, “Why doesn’t everyone go and freshen up, and we’ll meet here for lunch in an hour or so.  Do you guys want to be untied?”


Alicia nodded as Chloe came over and started to remove their ropes and gags.  “What did our dads to them to make them so happy,” Bobby said as soon as he could talk properly.


“I am not sure, but whatever it was, it worked, n’est ce pas?”


“Yeah - I even feel better seeing them that way.  I’m still angry, but...”


“Anger is good,” Anne Duncombe said as the four were fully released, “but it must not be allowed to turn into hate, because that way is bad.  Better to let it out and then move on.  Now, I will see you all in a little while.”


As Anne and Chloe left, Colin looked round the room.  “Whose laptop is that,” he said as he saw one sitting on the table.


“It’s ours,” Alicia said, “I’ll see if we can get a link going and do something online.”





“What are you looking at?”


The four of them looked up as Amy came behind them, and stared at the screen.


“We’re...  just catching up on a history project,” Alicia said, “Second World War - Pearl Harbour.”


“Really,” Amy said as she looked at the page, “Did you know my grandmother was there?”


“No, Heidi never mentioned it.”


“Not surprised - I don’t talk about it much.  She was a nurse and...”  Amy looked at the changed expressions on the four youngsters.


“She was a nurse,” Jenny said slowly, “at Pearl Harbour?”


“Yeah - she told me this tale of one of her colleagues who set fire to their barracks.  They thought she was mad, but it saved their lives - it meant they were able to treat more of the wounded that day.”


“I don’t suppose she ever mentioned this nurse’s name?”


Amy looked at Alicia as Veronica walked over.  “Pearl Harbour?  Are you telling them about Gran and the mad woman?”


“I was - they were transferred after that, but they met up again in Normandy for a short while.  In fact, that was where she met my grandfather.”


“Your grandfather?”  The four of them were now looking at Amy and Veronica, open mouthed.


“Yup - Colonel Phineas T Strong, Army Medical Corps.  In fact, it was Gran who got the woman out of trouble when she went off again.  Can you remember the name she told us, Veronica?”


“Not sure - was it Sprite or Mitre or...”


“It wasn’t Smith was it?”


“Yeah that was it - Sara Smith.  Why?  What’s wrong?”


Amy and Veronica looked at the four youngsters, who were staring back as if they had discovered a gold mine.  “Nothing,” Alicia eventually said with a smile, nothing at all, it’s just a common name, that’s all.”


“Lunch is ready,” Anne Duncombe said from behind them, as she held the door open.


“Great - I’m starving,” Bobby said as they followed Anne into the dining room.  Angela and Miranda were already sitting at a table, as the group went and collected their lunch before going to sit with them.


“Is mum all right, Gran?  She seemed very distracted when she fell over this morning,” Jenny said as she picked up a sandwich.


“Oh I’m sure she’s fine - look, here she comes now,” Miranda said with a smile as Jennifer, Connie and Cassie walked into the room, followed by John, Dave and Jo.  The three women had changed into blue vest tops and denim shorts, and were talking amongst themselves as they collected food and then sat down.


“There’s that buzzing noise again,” Colin said as he looked round.  “It’s a lot quieter, but I can still hear it.”


“Don’t worry about it,” Angela said as she saw her mother, aunt and grandmother come in and head for the buffet.  Anne Bowden was now wearing a sleeveless white blouse and black leggings, while Susan had on a blue t-shirt and denim shorts.  “I can’t speak for them, but after this weekend I feel as if I’m finally putting that weekend behind me.”


“Good,” Veronica said as she came and sat with them, “because that’s the whole reason we are here.  What happened happened, but you had to learn to trust again, and to know what it means to enjoy when family and friends play with you.”


As Lucinda let out an involuntary yelp, Alicia looked at her and said “You know, I forget how lucky I am to be in such a strong family at times.  If anything like that ever happened to me, I hope you’ll all be there for me.”


“Let’s pray nothing like that ever does happen to you,” Angela said, and her cousin saw a slight frown pass over her mouth for a moment, “but that was then, this is now, as you said Veronica.”


“So what else are we going to do for the rest of the afternoon?”


“I think Anne has something in mind,” Veronica said with a smile, “but I’m not sure what yet.  Where is she anyway?”






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