The Hijab Chronicles – Together








It started with a dare, if truth be told.  I was sitting having a beer with some friends, fellow artists, as we discussed some recent visits we had all made, and I said I though one of the sexiest sights available to man was a tightly bound and gagged woman, wearing a hijab.


“I don’t believe you,” Steve said, “prove it – get photos of one bound and gagged woman to show us.”


“No,” Alex said as he put his glass down, “two women in hijabs bound and gagged together.”


“And not just one,” Paul said, “we want to see four pairs, this time next week.”


I should have turned them down there and then – but, well, you know…




Fortunately, I had a good idea for the first pair of ladies I would have to secure – and, more to the point, I felt they might actually enjoy it.  Mary lived in the flat down from me, and more often than not you would find Maria in the flat with her.  Despite their names, both were converts to Islam, and when I knocked on the door of Mary’s flat she smiled when she saw me, wearing a floral print blouse and faded jeans with brown shoes, a red scarf wrapped over her head and neck.


“Come on in,” she said, and I was pleased to see I was right and Maria was there.  She was also wearing skinny faded jeans, with a green long sleeved top, the red and brown patterned scarf tied nicely over her head.


“So,” Mary said quietly, “what can we do for you?”


“Well – if I said I want to tie you two up together, what would you say?”


Maria looked at me, and said “are you serious?”


“I am – and before you ask, it would be with you dressed as you are.”


“Spoilsport,” Mary said with a smile.


“Well, maybe another time – but for now, will you allow me to do it, and take a picture of you for you to look at?”


“Okay then,” Mary said with a smile, “want me to get the ropes?”


I may have forgot to mention I knew the two of them liked to tie each other up - which was just as well, as I had to go shopping before I visited anybody else.  As she went off, Maria looked at me, and said “are you going to keep a copy of the photo?”


“For my own records,” I said with a smile as Mary came back and put a Perspex box on the couch, then turned and put her hands behind her back, crossing her wrists.  I opened the box and selected a length of rope, doubling it over before I bound her wrists tightly together.  I then wrapped more rope round her upper body, securing her arms to her sides as Maria took out a roll of white tape, and wrapped it round Mary’s head, covering her lips as the band sat over her headscarf.


I then had Maria stand in front of her, Mary watching as I took her wrists and secured them together behind her back, and then her arms to her sides as well – and now they could not take their eyes off each other, as I tied the ropes off, and then helped them to kneel down facing each other.


I used more rope to secure their ankles together, and then tied their legs together above their knees, taking the rope round both of them and then between the leg of both of them so that they were held together.  I then tied more rope round their waists, forcing them together there as well as they giggled – and then kissed each other.


That was so hot…


I then gagged then each with a rolled up scarf, tied round their heads and between their lips, before they started to kiss each other again, as I took their phones and took pictures of them, and took a couple for myself.



That was a good start, but I had also selected some profession visits to take some suitable photos – starting with the Knightsbridge flat I slipped through the kitchen window of. 


This is a good area of town if you want some quick gains – but it is also an area that is renowned for the growing Islamic community, both born and converted, if you catch my drift.  And the lady of this particular flat was a convert – one from a very old and wealthy family.


I was not surprised to find she was at home either – in fact, I anticipated it.  She was in her late fifties, her greying brown hair under a red tartan scarf. And wearing a red lace top over a lighter red one, black satin leggings, and tiger skin heels.


And she was surprised to see me – but I managed to persuade her to do what I wanted, which was to take a seat in an old wooden armchair in her front room, and then to sit with her hands on her head as I passed duct tape round her waist to make sure she stayed there.  A desire reinforced by taping her wrists down to the arms of the chair, and taking the tape round her upper arms and body as well.


I just had time to tape her ankles to the front legs of the chair before the room door opened, and her daughter came in.  She was in her early twenties, with a denim jacket over a black top and a long leopard print skirt – an orange hijab – and a shocked expression as she saw her mother.


And then me.


I told her to stand and put her hands behind her back, before I taped her wrists together, and then made two silver bands around her arms and body, her jacket opening up as I did so.  I then taped her legs together, above and below her knees and round her ankles so that the skirt flared out under the silver, before I wrapped the tape round her head to cover her mouth.


Her mother had to watch as I made her jump over to a couch and lie down, and then she wanted to say something – so I wrapped the tape round her head as well to keep her quiet.  It didn’t take me long to find their valuables – and to take the photo I needed to take…



The next night found me walking down a street in the South of London, following two sisters home.  One of them was wearing a short black jacket over a grey slip dress, dark hose and flat black shoes, a black turban on her head covered by a red chiffon scarf inlaid with silver thread.  The other woman was wearing a blue scarf over her black hijab, a black jacket with a zip at the front, a grey skirt, natural hose and brown open toed sandals.


I had followed them from their place of work, the day’s takings still in the handback of one of them – very old fashioned of them, but hey.  At any rate, they turned and walked up to the front door of a terraced house, and let themselves in – but didn’t quite manage to close the door before I came in a swell, all smiles and everything as I pointed a gun at them.


They got the message fairly quickly, as I told them to remove their jewellery – watches, rings, and so on – and leave them by the telephone in the hallway, then to walk into the front room with their hands raised.  It’s so much easier when they do what you ask…


When in the room, I got them both to kneel down in front of a couch while I closed the curtains, and then took off the rucksack I was wearing as I knelt behind them, drawing out lengths of white rope before one at a time I made them cross their wrists behind their backs and secured them tightly together.


They were talking to each other - but I confess, I did not understand what they were saying, as I took more ropes out of my rucksack and bound their ankles in the same way as their wrists, before making them sit back to back. 


From there, I made sure they both bent their legs while I secured them together below their knees, making sure the bands of rope were cinched.  And oh, the dirty looks they were both giving me!  It’s part of the job – you learn to take them – but they were not happy.


They were even less happy when I bound them together with a very long length of rope, forcing their upper bodies together.  I knew there was a good chance they would manage to untie each other’s wrists, but to be fair it was not such a bad idea – so long as they were scared enough to not try as long as I was there.


So once they were secured, I took two black silk scarves from my bag, rolled them up and tied knots into the middle – and then made them each open their mouths so that I pushed the knot behind their teeth, then tied the bands tightly round their heads, leaving them sitting there while I ransacked the house, and then got out as quickly as I could – but not before taking the photographic proof.




So where was I?  Mother and daughter separate, check.  Sisters, check.  Next up – the grandmother and granddaughter.  And on this occasion, I was going to start with the granddaughter – she was a seventeen year old student, and as I watched from outside the house I watched the rest of her family leave the house, for work or school.


I then got out of the car and walked to the rear of the house, checking nobody else was watching before I slipped through the back gate and across the garden.  I was disguised for this one – a simple one, involving a stocking down over my head, but effective.


The granddaughter could testify to that after I let myself in the back door, finding her standing near a kettle – and then she felt my hand over her mouth, and my arm round her waist as I told her to calm down.


She was a – bigger girl, wearing a burgundy red jersey dress and black pants, a black scarf with a red rose print on it covering her head and neck, and black checked slippers over her feet.


Eventually, she calmed down, and offered no resistance as I took her hands behind her back, and used a plastic zip tie to secure her wrists together behind her back.  I then walked her out of the kitchen, and into the front room, sitting her down on the couch before I used a second zip tie to secure her ankles together – and then used a pair of scissors to cut the excess strip away.


She wriggled round a little as I looked at her – and then we both heard the front door open and close, so I quickly walked behind her and put my hand back over her mouth.  I knew the family routine, so I had a fairly good idea of who it might be walking in.


Turns out I was right, as the grandmother of the family walked in.  She was certainly a larger woman, with a pink scarf wrapped round her head and neck, a grey and white striped top with elbow length sleeves over a long sleeved white top, and a long blue skirt.  She had taken her shoes off, so I could see her nylon covered feet as she stood there – and asked what was going on.


So I told her - as her granddaughter watched me explain I was robbing the house, and they would have to stay here, unable to raise the alarm.  Well, the wisdom of age was certainly in place that morning, which is why fifteen minutes later, they were sitting side by side, their wrists behind their backs and their ankles secured together with plastic zip ties, watching me as I smoothed sticking plaster down over their mouths.


I left them there while I searched the rest of the house – but when I came back down, the younger woman was lying down with her head on her grandmother’s lap, while she looked down on her.  A very pleasant photograph to take…



Well, I had the three pictures I needed, and my colleagues all paid up – but I wanted a reward for myself as well, and it was when my sister asked if I would help her with a project I got the opportunity. 


I met her at her flat, where she was dressed as if she was going out – a sheer black long sleeved blouse over a black slip dress, and tight black satin tights with velvet slippers, a black and grey leopard print scarf tied as a hijab over her head.


Yes, she is a Muslim – so am I.  What, you didn’t realise?  Anyway, we are liberal in our world view – she knows how I earn a living, and me?


I started to taking some soft rope and tying her wrists together behind her back, making sure it was tightly cinched, and then using a longer length of rope to make sure her arms were felt firmly against her side, framing her chest as the blouse was stretched tightly over her chest.


I then helped her to sit on the bed, her watching as I took more ropes, and secured her ankles together, as well as her legs above and below her knees, each band cinched between her legs as well.


She wriggled her legs from side to side, and then smiled and thanked me as I folded a pair of her own panties – and then pushed them into her mouth, before pressing a length of white micropore tape down over her jaw to seal her mouth.


Why did I go to these lengths?  Well, we both heard the flat door open and close, and her partner walked in.  She looked stunning – a metallic effect cream and gold dress with a blue hem, and a blue sash round her waist, and matching tights and slippers.


She looked at my sister, the blue scarf tied over her head and hair, and smiled as I walked behind her and guided her hands behind her back as well.  They both liked to play such games with each other – but tonight, they were going to play together.


So I secured her wrists, and her arms to her sides, before she sat on the bed, my sister pushing herself over and rubbing her cheek on her partner’s chest as I secured her legs together.  Once I had done that, I used a second pair of my sister’s panties and a fresh strip of the very adhesive white tape to gag her, and then helped her to lie on her side, my sister looking at me as I did so.  From the shape of her lips under the tape, she was happy as she started to kiss her partner, the kisses returned as I left them alone.


And no, I did not take any photos – some things are truly private…









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