The Lovers Robberies







Houston, TX


“Get in there, both of you, and keep those hands raised where we can see them.”


Cara and Sara looked at each other as they walked into the front room of their home, arms in the air as they were followed by the two women who had just come in.  They were dressed in black, including the balaclava masks that covered their heads, one of them holding a Glock in her gloved hand, the other carrying a large holdall.


Cara was the older of the two, with long black hair, and was wearing a loose fitting purple top with a graffiti pattern on it, a black vest visible underneath.  Her blue denim miniskirt was worn over black leatherette leggings, her legs below her knees in a pair of black leather knee length boots with a small square heel.  She had opened the door, believing it to be their takeout, only for the two masked women to force their way in as Sara came out.


The knock on the door made both of the masked woman look at each other, the one with the bag walking round and covering Cara’s mouth with her gloved hand as her partner looked at Sara.  “Get whatever that is, and not a word, or your partner here does not survive the evening.”


“Don’t hurt her,” Sara whispered as she walked out.  The blonde was wearing a pink and black tunic with a silver belt round the waist, leatherette leggings and knee length black boots, and rubbed her bare arms as she opened the door and collected the Chinese food.


“Pity you won’t get to eat it,” the masked woman whispered into Cara’s ear as the door was closed, and Sara came back in, putting the food on a table.


“Good, now let’s get you two nice and comfortable.  Stand in front of each other,” the armed intruder said as she looked at them, “and embrace one another, show your love.”


“With you watching?”  Cara watched as the masked woman nodded, and then put her arms round Sara, the two of them embracing as their lips touched.


The second woman put the bag down and opened it, handing her partner a length of rope as she took one in her hands, and they walked behind the two women, crossing and binding their wrists together behind each other’s backs as they kissed.


Sara broke off and looked at Cara, as she said “we’ll get through this together, all right?”


Cara slowly nodded as they felt more rope around them, Sara looking over her lover’s shoulder as she saw the rope going round their waists, and then their upper bodies, before they were both made to kneel on the floor.


“Just relax, you’ll enjoy it all the more,” one of the masked women said as Cara felt her ankles been bound together, and then the tug on her own wrists as the second woman tied them to Sara’s ankles, Sara feeling the same thing.


“Stay there,” the intruder said as they were both left on the floor, Cara looking at Sara as she said “well, what are we going to do now?”


“I suppose,” Sara said as she looked into the older woman’s eyes, “I can do this” and she leaned down, her lips touching Cara’s neck as she sighed.


“Yeah, yeah you could do that,” she moaned as she tried to rub her hands up and down her partner’s back, making her giggle as she watched her ankles rise and fall.


After a while, the intruders returned, each holding a black silk square which had been rolled into a band.


“Open wide.”


“Talk to you later,” Sara said before the band was pulled between her lips, and tied round her head, and she watched Cara been treated the same way.  They looked into each other’s faces, and then gently kissed as the intruders left them there…


“Oh my god, the rush…”


“I know – the way we felt when we had that done to us was amazing, but doing it ourselves…  Where are we due to be next?”


“Louisiana – let’s see if we get the opportunity there…”



Baton Rouge, LA


They watched them on the nightclub floor, dancing and enjoying each other’s company.  The blonde had glasses on, and was wearing a tight yellow top and a black leather micro skirt, light hose and short black leather boots.  The brunette was wearing a grey striped off the shoulder top, a grey micro skirt and hose, and black ankle boots.


As they left the nightclub, the two women looked at each other and followed them at a discrete distance…



“Roberta, do you fancy a drink?”


Suzanne nodded as she ran her hand through her blonde hair.  “Sounds good,” she said as she walked into the front room of Roberta’s apartment, smiling as she picked up a magazine.  “So what are you getting me Roberta?”




She turned and then stared at her friend as she was marched into the room by two masked and armed women.  “Hello Suzanne,” one of them said as she put a bag down on the chair, “you’re going to do whatever we say, isn’t that right Roberta?”


“I’m sorry Suzanne, they were in the kitchen…”


“So, let’s ensure you both have fun,” the second woman said as she looked at the two women.  “Take each other’s jumper off.”


“I beg your pardon?”


“You heard my friend – take each other’s jumpers off.”  The two women looked at each other, before Suzanne took the edge of Roberta’s top and pulled it over her head, revealing the black bra.  Roberta nodded and removed Suzanne’s yellow top, revealing her own white bra.


“Very nice,” the masked woman said quietly, “now, sit down, and take your boots and shoes off.”  As they did this, Roberta watched as the bag was opened, and several rolls of silver tape were taken out.



“What…  What are they for?”


“I’m so glad you asked,” the woman said with a smile as she tossed a roll over to each of the two women.  “Sit down, and tape your ankles together.”


“You want us to tie ourselves up?”


“I want you to do as you’re told,” was the reply as Suzanne saw the gun.   “So, do it, please.”


“Let’s just do as they say,” Roberta said quietly as she leaned forward and wound the tape round her black covered ankles, Suzanne nodding as she did the same, and then her legs below and above her knees at their instruction.


“Very good,” the masked woman said quietly as she took the rolls of tape back.  “Now then, lean forward, and out your hands behind your back.”


“I don’t have much money, why did you decide to rob us,” Roberta whispered as she heard the tape been torn free from the roll again, and then the pressure on her wrists as they were forced together.


“Oh we had our reasons – now be quiet,” the masked woman replied as the two women felt their wrists been secured, and then the tap pressing on their bare arms as it was wrapped round their upper bodies, forcing their arms into their sides as two bands were formed below and above their chests.


Suzanne looked at Roberta, the silver bands forcing her chest out as the bra cups strained over her chest, and sighed before she realized how she looked.  She then caught the look in Roberta’s eyes, a shy smile on her lips as she realized they were both thinking the same thing.


“Put those red lips together.”


She nodded as she felt the tape pulling on the skin round her mouth, and looked at Roberta, her blue eyes wide open over the silver pad as the glasses were taken off her and put to one side.


The two masked women looked at them, and then left to search the apartment, Suzanne wriggling round as she said “shhhwhtnhhh.”


Roberta looked into Suzanne’s eyes, and then leaned forward, gently nuzzling into her shoulder as she tried to speak.  She then turned her head, nodding as they pressed their taped lips against each other…




“Young love, true love, filled with deep devotion…”


“You young romantic you…”


“Well, it was obvious they had more than friendship in mind for each other, we just helped it along…  So, the job is done in both senses, what’s next?”


“We have a meeting in Sebring – and a long afternoon off.  I’m sure we can find something to do to help someone else along…”



Sebring, FL


“You sure your parents are away for the whole day?”


“Of course I am,” Kay said as she looked at Ellie, “and we’re eighteen, an afternoon off high school is nothing at this time, we’re fine…”


The two students smiled as Kay opened the door to her home.  She had long ash blonde hair, and was wearing a jumper with vertical grey and white stripes and black sleeves, grey jeans and mid-calf black leather boots.  Ellie had similar coloured hair, falling over a grey cowl necked top which had a long sleeved black top underneath, jeans and knee length black leather boots.


As she came in, she looked round through her glasses, and said “well, this is a nice home.”


“Yeah, it is,” Kay said as she closed the door and put her books down.  “So, what do you want to do first?”


“Kiss you.”


Kay smiled as Ellie took her head in her hands and gently pressed her lips on Kay’s, returning the kiss as she put her arms round Ellie and her hands on her bottom.


“Well now, isn’t this a nice thing to see.”


Both girls turned to their heads to see the two women standing there, dressed in black with stockings pulled down over their heads, one warmed and the other holding a black bag.


“Oh my god,” Ellie whispered as she looked over.


“Oh don’t worry, we’re gonna make sure you both have a good time,” the woman holding the bag said as she put it down, and opened it, taking out two coils of rope and walking over to hand them to the two girls.  “In fact, you’re going to make a wonderful discovery.”


“What…  What do you want us to do with these,” Kay stammered as she looked over.


“Start a voyage of discovery,” the armed woman said as she smiled, “starting by tying that rope round each other’s waist, and letting the ends drop to the floor in front of each other.”




“Sweetie,” the masked woman with the gun said as she walked forward, and stroked Ellie’s cheek with the gun barrel, “just do it.”  She smiled as she saw the sweat on the young girl’s face, before they stood in front of each other and tied the rope around their waists, the long ends dropping to the floor in front of them.


“Now, whose lovely house is this?”


“Mine,” Kay whispered.


“Good, turn round.”  As Kay slowly turned, the woman looked at Ellie and said “now, stop down, reach between her legs, take the ropes, and pull then through and up.”


“What the…”  Kay gasped as Ellie pulled the ropes through and up, pressing against her body as Ellie was forced to tie the ends to the waist rope.


“Now that’s good – I hope you were paying attention young lady – because it’s your turn to do that to your friend.  Turn round, both of you.”


“It’s all right, Kay, just do it,” Ellie whispered as they both turned, and she looked down, seeing the black sleeved arm come through and biting her lip as the rope was pulled through an dup, rubbing on her as it as tied behind her.


“Now then,” the second woman said as she picked up the bag, “both of you, up the stairs, and let’s find a nice bedroom for you to be comfy in.”


As they were forced to walk to the stairs, the two girls looked at each other, the ropes rubbing on them with each step and giving them both feelings they had never experienced before – and they weren’t sure if they liked them or not.  Each step up, however, made the rubbing increase, the new and strange sensations more intense…


“Let’s use Mom and Pop’s room,” the masked woman said as the two girls were forced into the large bedroom, and looked at each other as they sat on the bottom of the bed.


“Take these,” the other woman said as she passed over two more lengths of rope, “double them over, then wrap them round your ankles and pull the ends through the middle loop.”


“Oh god,” Ellie whispered as she looked at Kay, “bad enough you made us tie those ropes, but now we have to tie our own ankles together?”


“Just do it…”


The two girls sat back, banding their legs and putting their feet on the cover as they pulled the rope around their ankles, forcing them together before they were forced to complete the job of binding their legs together – a second band of rope passed to them as they tied their legs together below their knees.


“Very nice job girls,” the masked woman said, “now, both of you, lean forward and put your hands behind your back.”


As they did so, the two masked women collected more ropes form the bag and stood either side of them, Kay and Ellie looking at each other as they felt the rope around their wrists while they were tightly bound together.  They then felt the two women kneeling on the bed behind them, and then saw the rope around their bodies as their arms were forced into their sides, their chest forced up as their topes were stretched over their breasts, as they struggled – and felt the rope rubbing more between their legs…


Ellie looked over at Kay, seeing the blush in her cheeks as she said “are you all right?”


“I’m scared,” Kay whispered, “I’m tied up so tightly, and that rope… that rope…”


She looked at Ellie who nodded in understanding, and then tilted her head to the side, putting her lips on Kay’s as they twisted round while the ropes were tightened still further.


Breaking, they looked at each other as they were forced to lie on their sides, facing each other as sticking plaster was pressed firmly down over their lips, and their ankles were pulled back, secured to the rope between their legs as they twisted round.  They heard the two masked women searching the room, but their eyes were only on each other, as they tried to move their legs, comprehending fully the feeling snow as they shuffled over and pressed their covered lips together…



“Do you remember our first time?”


“Of course I do – both our first times – and I hope they are as happy as we were.  It makes me feel good, going round the country, been able to share with them.”


“So, north?”


“Yes – north…”



Raleigh, NC


To say it had been a logn shift was to udnerestiamte how busy they had been, but as Laura and Jane drove back to their apartment, they knew they had the whole weekend ahead of them – time they could be with each other, time they could be themselves.


The outfit their bosses made them wear was not the most stylish – the sleeveless pink tunic with the purple collar and stripe at the front – and his insistence on them, having black hair was also a little unusual, but at least they could express their individuality in other ways.


Laura was the taller, the silver leggings glittering in the street lights as they shone through the car widows, her feet in mid-calf black coots with a block heel.  Jane was wearing black leather pants, her boots also black and with a kitten heel.


As they pulled up in front of the apartment black, the two women got out and walked to their door, looking at each other as they went into the lobby and walked up two flights of stairs.  Laura fished out of her handbag the door keys and opened it, the two women walking in and Jane closing the door – then the two women looking at each other as leather gloved hands were pressed over their mouths.


“Ready for some fun girls?”


Neither of them recognised the voice, as it said “slowly, carefully, walk into the front room and sit on the floor, side by side, so you can reach each other’s ankles.  Understand?”


The two of them nodded as the hands were removed, and they walked in, sitting down in the unlit room as they tried to see who was there.


A length of rope was put into each of their hands, as the voice said “tie your flatmate’s ankles together – and do it properly.”


“But I don’t know how to…”


“We have seen the magazines, we know you do – go on.”


The two young women looked at each other, and then doubled the rope over as they made sure the ankles of the other woman were tightly secured together.


“I guess we’re going to be the same – unusual,” Laura said quietly, Jane nodding as she passed the rope between her friend’s legs to tighten the binding.  She looked down at her own legs as the voice said “good – shuffle forward so you can reach each other’s knees.”  They did this, and then found another length of rope in their hands as they tied their legs together below their knees.


“Don’t we get to see who you are,” Jane said as her eyes slowly adjusted to the gloom, and she saw the two female shapes in the room, but there was no reply, as she twisted her legs round.


“Shuffle forward so you are side by side.”


As they came closer, Laura smiled as she said “well, seeing we are here…”


Jane nodded as they started to kiss each other, dimly aware of the shapes taking their hands behind their back and starting to bind their wrists tightly together behind their backs.


“You know, this might not be so bad,” Laura said with a smile as they broke off, both of them looking down as ropes were wrapped round their chests to keep their arms into their sides, framing their chests as their tunics were stretched over their breasts.


The ropes were then passed under one arm, up and around the back of their necks, and under the other arm, before they each saw the gloved hand in front of their mouths, a sponge compressed inside the hand.




Laura nodded as she and Jane opened their mouths, feeling the sponge expand in their mouths as it was pushed in, and then the soft pull of the adhesive tape as it was pressed over their faces.  They heard rather than saw the women leave, as they nuzzled each other…



“Such a lovely couple, and they get to enjoy the same experience together.”


“Yeah – it makes me think of that night, and how we felt after it.”


“The night that made us what we are?”


“Oh yes…”


Chicago, IL
Last Christmas


“Now that was a show,” Lesley said as she and Barbara walked along the snowy streets.


“Yeah – I think the band is really coming together,” the taller woman said.  She was wearing a black leather jacket over a black jumper, faded jeans and knee length black leather boots, while Lesley had a long coat on over her purple jumper and tights, black skirt and knee length black fabric stiletto boots.  They were both backing singers in a band, and they had just been given a contract to do a tour of the country.


“Let’s crack open a bottle of wine and celebrate,” Lesley said as she walked up to the front door of the house they shared, opening the door as they both walked in – and then saw the masked man standing there, a gun in his hand as he looked at them and said “very quietly, close the door, and take your coats off.”


Barbara stared at him as Lesley closed the door, and slipped her coat off as he said “pity you came home – you two lovers.”  They looked at each other and nodded as he said “well, let’s make sure you keep each other company.  Into the bedroom – now.”


They were forced to go up to Lesley’s bedroom, as the man picked up a duffel bag and followed them.  As they walked in, he put the bag down and opened it, saying “I want you both to lie face down on the bed, put your hands behind your back, and cross your ankles.”


“You don’t have to tie us up,” Barbara whispered.


“Yes I do – now do as I say.”


The two women looked at each other, and lay down, as Lesley said “oh my god, we’re going to be tied up?”


Barbara nodded as the man quickly wrapped rope around their wrists, securing them tightly together, and then bound their ankles in the same way before he took more rope, and tied their legs together below their knees.


“Roll over and sit up.”


As they did so, Barbara watched as he took a longer length of rope, doubled it over and passed it round Lesley’s arms and body, pulling it tight under her chest, her jumper stretching as her breasts were forced out, and then framing them with two bands as he finished securing her upper body.


Lesley, for her part, watched as Barbara had her arms secured as well, listening to the squeak of her legs as she rubbed her boots together.  She was feeling very strange – she knew she should have been scared, but she was excited, wondering what else was going to happen. 


She looked at Barbara, and saw the strange look I her partner’s eyes as they were made to lie on their sides, their ankles pulled back and secured to their chest ropes as they wriggled round.  He then folded two of their silk square scarves into pads and pushed them between their lips, as they watched him search the room, and then walk off.


They lay there, looking at each other as they struggled, before Barbara shuffled over and looked at Lesley, the other returning the look before she pushed the scarf out of her mouth with her tongue.


“Are you…  Are you as turned on by this as I am?”  She looked at Barbara who nodded, before she used her teeth to pull the scarf from her partner’s mouth.


“Yeah, yeah I am – but want to know what I also was excited about?”




“The fact we were like this – and how exciting it was watching you.  Imagine if we were able to do this to others…”


Lesley looked at Barbara as the other woman slowly nodded.  “Why wouldn’t we share this joy with others – and if we gain something in the meantime…”  She kissed Lesley, her lover returning the kiss, before she said “let’s enjoy this, then figure out how to get free – we can talk after that…”



“So who shall we visit next?”


“Well, the next show is in Philly…”


Conshohocken, PA


“Don’t be afraid, we are going to take you both on a very special journey.”


The two women looked at Lesley and Barbara as they stood there, the black stockings covering their heads, Lesley holding the gun as Barbara looked at the two young women.  “What’s your name,” she said as she looked at the redhead.


“Helga.”  She was tall, thin, wearing a brown Nordic style jumper with short fake sleeves, dark brown leggings and knee length brown fabric boots with studs on the front, “and this is Sondra.  Please, don’t hurt us…”


“We’re not going to hurt you,” Lesley said as she looked at the other young woman, wearing a long fawn striped blouse with a thin belt round her waist, blue leggings and over the knee brown leather boots, “we’re going to help you to relax.  So, Sondra, want you to sit down, and Helga I want you to remove her boots.”


Sondra slowly sat down, watching as her girlfriend knelt and slowly pulled her boots off, revealing her blue ankle socks.  “There, isn’t that better,” Barbara said.  “Now, you sit down, and Sondra you remove her boots.”


As the dark haired girl did this, revealing Helga’s white socks, Lesley took several lengths of rope from the bag and handed two to Sondra.  She told her how to bind Helga’s ankles and legs together, the redhead watching before she was made to tie Sondra’s legs in the same way.


They sat, looking at their legs and at each other as Barbara and Lesley smiled.  “Now,” Barbara said as she looked at Helga, “take her top off her.”


“I’m sorry,” Helga whispered as she unfastened and removed the belt from round Sondra’s waist, and then slowly unbuttoned her blouse, Sondra leaning over and kissing her partner as her blouse came off, revealing her blue bra.


“Return the favour,” Lesley said quietly as they watched Sondra lift Helga’s jumper up and over her head, her breasts exposed to the night air as she gently kissed hem, Helga closing her eyes and smiling.


“Very nice – now both of you, put your hands behind your back.”


They looked at each other as they felt the rope tightening around their wrists, holding them firmly together, and then around their arms and bodies, their chests raised and pushed out as this happened.  The light of love and fear was clear in their eyes as they looked at each other, before Barbara looked at Lesley.


“Open your mouths.”


As they did so, each of the masked woman took a red bandana, rolled it into a band and tied a knot in the middle, and then pushed the knot into the mouths of their captives, their lips closing over it as they tied the cotton bands round their heads.  Looking at each other, they said “do you wish our help?”  As they both nodded, the two women gently embraced and massaged the chests of their captives, as they closed their eyes and started to kiss each other…








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