The Pyjama Game







“There – now isn’t it nice to be quiet?”


Vreefneee,” Clare mumbled as she looked at the masked woman.  She was lying on her back on the couch in the front room, the shoulder straps of her purple vest top slipping down her shoulders as the silver tape crinkled over her mouth.  Her wrists were pinned together behind her back with blue washing line, wrapped around and between her arms, while her ankles were secured in the same way with another length of the nylon cords, tied tightly over the cuffs of her purple and grey checked pyjama bottoms.


“Now, I strongly advise you stay right there,” the woman said as she watched Clare her top slipping down over her bare breasts, “or you may end up like your flatmate here.”


Dntdhtthtt,” Sara said as she struggled on the floor.  She had been awoken by a noise in the main room, getting up and putting a purple hooded top on over her bare upper body before she walked in – and then felt the gloved hand over her mouth, and the gun against her back.


The intruder had used tape on her as well – securing her wrists together behind her back, and then wrapping tape round her waist to lock them against her back.  She then made her sit on the floor of the main room, and taped her legs together above her knees and round her ankles, her light grey pyjama bottoms with the darker polka dots stretched underneath.  Her feet were also taped together, and strips of the tape covered her mouth, preventing her warning Clare from the danger when she had come in.


Both women watched as the masked intruder left them, struggling, trying to call for help as they started to sweat, before Clare looked over at Sara.






Clare nodded as she saw Sara’s top opening up, revealing her bare breasts, and then glanced down to see her own top had slipped down as well. 




Clare looked over at Sara, who had closed her eyes as she wriggled round on the floor, and then slipped herself off the couch, pushing herself over and then lying in front of Sara as they looked at each other, and then pressed their taped lips together as they wriggled round.


From the doorway, the masked woman watched, and then slipped away…


“Oh my god, how did you hear about that?”


“Oh, Sara is a friend of a colleague at work.  They apparently are very close together now.  At any rate, what do you think?”


“Well, it seems obvious – if a burglar finds someone in, they stop them raising the alarm, even if they are in their pyjamas.”


“Yeah – mind you, I heard about another woman who felt differently…”


“Yeah, I guess you are a diva at that.”


“Fuck you,” Rhea said as she felt the man yank the rope tight between her arms, locking her wrists together even more.  She had planned a quiet night in, and changed into her pyjamas – and yes, they did have ‘DIVA’ printed on them, but that was a coincidence.  The top had a white body and pink sleeves, the bottoms a dusky cream with the word framed by pinked strips all over them.


Sadly, she had not checked the back door was closed – which was how he had come in, bold as brass, and made her sit on the couch while he bound her wrists together behind her back.  But worse, he was now forcing her arms together at her elbows, making it even more difficult for her to move.


As he pulled the rope between her arms, she could feel his breath on her neck – and then he wrapped more white rope round her body, forcing her rms against her back as the bands sat above and below her small chest.


“What do you want,” she said quietly as she wriggled round, looking at the man as he bushed her long blonde hair back from her head.


“Right now, to make sure you stay here,” he said as she knelt down and lifted her ankles onto his leg, taking more rope and tying her wrists tightly together with more rope, and then securing her legs together above her knees before he let her feet fall to the floor again. 


“Look, if it’s money you want…”


“That helps.  But I need to do something else first.”


“What – what coudlyouphsssblelenhhhh,” Rhea mumbled as he pushed a folded white cloth into her mouth, and then pulled a thin strip of the same cloth between her lips, pulling the corners of her mouth back as she sat there.


“Now then” he whispered as he looked at her, the cloth going dark at the corners, about that money…”


Whyhbhhhtt,” she mumbled as she looked at me, and then felt his hands on her chest.


“Perhaps later…”


“Oh my god – did he…”


“No, he didn’t go all the way, is what I heard – he just groped her, and then robbed her.”


“But how did you hear about this?”


“Oh, I have some friends of friends of friends…  Did you hear about your neighbours?”


“The Harson girls?  Yeah, I heard about that…”



“Please, don’t hurt us…”


“Then do as I say,” the masked woman said as she looked at the dark haired girl, “Kneel in front of the bed, and put your hands behind your back.”


Tina looked at her sister, who nodded as she slowly knelt down, the masked woman taking her hands behind her and securing them together with white rope.  Tracy was a year younger, and wearing a pair of white pyjamas with red hearts printed on them.  But she was struggling, the bands of rope above and below her chest rubbing on them as her pyjama top was stretched, while her ankles were bound as well, her legs below her knees, her hands behind her back.


“Why are you doing this,” Tracy said as she watched the woman binding Tina’s wrists together behind her back.  She was dressed in black, a balaclava over her head, her gloved hands working quickly to bind Tina’s wrists, and then take a longer length of rope around her arms and body, pulling them into her sides under her chest.  Her pyjamas were red with white polka dots, pink cuffs at her elbows and ankles.  She gasped as the rope was pulled tighter framing her chest and pressing it down and out as the masked woman bound them, and then fed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm.


“that hurts,” Tina growled as she felt the gloved hands securing the rope at her back.


“Tough – you, sit up, let your sister sit next to you.”


Tracy nodded as she managed to sit up and against the wall, watching as Tina was helped to sit next to her, the masked woman taking more rope and binding her ankles and legs tightly together.  She tried to wriggle round, as Tina said “what now?”


“Now, tell me were your pretty things are – and then I keep you quiet.”  She held up a roll of red tape, as the two sisters looked at each other.  Tracy nodded, as she said “that cupboard – over there.”


“Very nice – now, lips together…”


“They were left on the bed, red tape over their mouth and face, as the masked woman took all their jewellery.  I must confess, I did wonder if they did something else after…”


“Like what - kiss each other?  They’re sisters for goodness sake.”


“True – but I do wonder how it must feel to be like that?”


“I’d be terrified…”


“Please, don’t hurt me…”


Anna was starting to cry as she felt the rope around her waist, fixing her bound wrists to her back as she stood in her bedroom.


“Shut up, and stand still,” the masked intruder said as the rope was passed round her body, pulling her arms to her sides and her pyjama top across her chest as it was taken above and below her chest.  The brunette was wearing dusky pink pyjamas with a little cherry pattern, the darker pink obverse side just visible as the top opened slightly.  The rope rubbed on her chest, making her both afraid and strangely excited as the intruder pulled tighter and secured them behind her, and then passed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm.


“Why are you doing this?”


“Because I want to,” the intruder purred as she pulled the rope tighter, and then reached round, caressing Anna’s chest in her gloved hands as the captive sent out a soft moan, and whispered “no, please, don’t…”


“Why, is it unpleasant?”


“No – but please…”


“then I will continue,” the intruder said as Anna closed her eyes, wondering why she wanted it to continue.  When they stopped, she opened her eyes again as she was pushed onto the bed, sitting up as more white rope was tied round her ankles, around and between her legs, holding them together at the foot of the bed next to the wooden bar.


“I don’t understand what you want,” Anna whispered as the ropes were tied off, and then they started to secure her legs above her knees.


“Oh you will,” was the response as her legs were secured together, and then a folded pair of panties was held in front of her mouth.  Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth as the panties were pushed in, before a strip of blue cloth was pulled between her lips and tied tightly round her neck.


“Now then,” the intruder said as they looked at Anna, “let’s have some fun.”  Anna watched as they put their lips over her big toe and started to suck, wondering why it felt so good…



“Good lord – are all burglars perverts as well?”


“I don’t know – I imagine they find it exciting, and perhaps they think the person they are robbing find it exciting as well.  People are strange, after all…”


“What do you mean?”


“What do you mean?”


Fiona struggled as the masked robber bound her wrists tightly together behind her back with white rope, making sure the rope went around and between her arms.  She had just gone to her bedroom, wearing her brown leopard print pyjamas, and found the intruder there, the smile on their lips as they made her turn round and put her hands behind her back.


“I’m here to have fun, and you will have fun as well,” they replied as the rope was pulled tighter, and secured, “now, sit against the wall.”


Fiona turned round, seeing the gun in their hand, and nodded as she sat on the floor, watching as the gun was put down within reach, and then the masked robber took more rope, doubling it over and kneeling at her feet as they started to bind her ankles together, the cuffs of her bottoms flaring out under the bands of rope.


She watched as her ankles were secured together, before the intruder took a thinner length of cord, and bound her big toes together.  “but – why do that?”


“Because I want to, any other questions,” they said as they stood up and walked to her chest of drawers, taking a pair of white panties out and folding them into a pad.


“No – please don’t…”


“Would you rather I used that dirty pair on the floor?”


Fiona shook her head as they knelt next to her, and said “then open wide.”


She tried not to choke as the panties were pushed into her mouth, and then she heard a soft ripping sound as thin black electrical tape was wound tightly round her head, sitting between her lips as her long red-brown hair fell over her shoulders.


“there – nice and quiet,” the intruder said as they stood up, Anna struggling and then staring as they returned from the bathroom with her electric toothbrush.  She wondered what she was going to do with that – and then closed her eyes, trying not to laugh as the toothbrush was switched on and run over the bare soles of her feet.


Fiona wriggled and squirmed – and then the toothbrush was taken up her legs, and between her legs at her crotch…



“Oh… My…. GOD!  How do you know these things…?  Hold on, you never said it was a man or a woman…  And how did you know about the Harson girls having their jewellery in their wardrobe?  I knew because they told me, but…  That means…”


“Oh dear – I did rather give myself away, didn’t I?  No, let me tell you another story while you put those pretty hands in the air…”


“You’re going to tie us both up?”


Hannah and Lesley looked at the masked woman as she slowly nodded, and held some lengths of white rope up in her gloved hands.  Both women had dark hair, Lesley wearing a white vest top and blue pyjama bottoms with a cow print on them, Hannah a pair of peach coloured silk pyjamas with a black print.


“Now then, why don’t you both kneel down in front of that fine couch,” she said with a smile, “heads on the seat, hands behind your back.”  The woman was dressed in black, a balaclava over her head, over the knee leather boots with a black catsuit.


“Just don’t hurt us,” Lesley said as she put her hands behind her back, looking at Hannah as she felt the masked woman crossing her wrists, and then the white rope as it was pulled tightly round them.  She could feel it getting tighter with each ass, and then the rope as it went between her arms as well.


“I don’t understand, why us,” Hannah said as the masked woman went to her back, securing her wrists together with her palms together, making sure they were tightly bound as well, before she bound the ankles of each of the women together in the same way.


“You,” she said as she put her hand on Hannah’s shoulder, “lie on the couch, you lie on the floor after I do this.”


“Do whthhhtthhnhhh,” Hannah mumbled as a rolled up red bandana with a white print was pulled between her lips, tied round her head as she looked over at Lesley, watching as she was gagged in the same way, and then pushing herself onto the couch.  She watched as Lesley lay on the floor, the masked woman tying her legs together below her knees, and then doing the same to her, before the two of them watched her leave the room.  They started to struggle in their bands, sweating slightly as they tried to get free…


“I swear, Miranda, I won’t say anything…”


She grunted as her flatmate secured the white rope around her ankles as she sat on her bed, wearing a pink nightdress with a Betty Boop print on it.  Her wrists were already tied together behind her back by the blue haired woman, who sat in her black dress.


“I know you won’t say anything,” Miranda smiled as she rolled a white cloth, then pulled it between her lips, smiling as she tied it round her head and kept the blonde hair out of the way, “I know…”









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