The Queen’s Speech








Across the four corners of the land, at 3 pm on Christmas Day, it is time to hear from the Queen – but how you hear her message can be different…


The South




The intonation, the intent was unmistakable, as I slowly dropped to my knees.  The man was wearing a black balaclava over his head, and was dressed in black – he had come into the room while Top of The Pops had started, and made his intentions very clear.


Perhaps I should not have paraded myself in my front window, dressed the way I was – the sheer black top with the strategic darker panels to the side, revealing my breasts, the burnt ochre leather miniskirt with the wide belt, the over the knee tan leather boots, the dark tights.  But the first thing he said when he came in was to close the curtains, that I was for him alone – and I was too scared to do anything but comply.


He had a bag in his hand, and a knife, and when I had the curtains closed he told me to turn round, and put my hands behind my back.  I then felt rope on my wrists as he crossed them and bound them tightly together, but then it got worse – he passed a long, long length of rope round my body, pulling it tight under my chest as my arms were forced into my sides.  He then took it round and round me, framing my chest between two tight bans that pressed on them and forced my breasts out, before he pulled them tight behind me.


I was helpless – and then even more so, as he took the rope over one shoulder and walked in front of me, smiling as he put it round the lower band between my breasts.  As he did this, his gloved hands stroked my chest and I shivered – I had no idea it was making me feel that sensitive…


When he had finished, my breasts were so large, my nipples so prominent, as he walked back behind me and put one gloved hand over my mouth – and then started to grope my chest, making me groan as I felt my body react to the teasing despite the way my mind was racing.


And by the Lord above, was my mind racing, as the music played in the background of the darkened room.  So much so, when he stopped and walked in front of me, tying a long length of rope between my breasts which brought the bands even more tightly together around them, I genuinely did not realise what he was going to do.


I soon found out as he walked behind me, and then pulled the rope back between my legs, hiking my skirt up as it rubbed on – well, me as he secured the ends of the rope around my wrists.


The music was coming to an end as he put his gloved hands on my shoulders, and said “kneel.”  I slowly did so, and then I felt my ankles being forced together.  Looking over my shoulder, I watched as he bound my booted legs, ay my ankles and below my knees, the leather squeaking as the rope rubbed on my boots, and my legs rubbed together.


As the program came to an end, he walked in front of me, and I saw the bulge at my eye level – a bulge that escaped as he opened the front of his pants, and he put his hands on my head.


As the National Anthem started to play, he nodded as I kissed his member, and then put my lips over it, drawing back as there was a soft pop, and then I took him in my mouth, feeling the throbbing on my tongue as I started to suck gently, playing with him as he groaned softly and started to grow larger.


I also started to move my wrists, feeling the rope slip between the lips of my clit as he did so,  feeling I should get some pleasure as well as he groaned softly.  I was certainly having the desired effect on him, as the throbbing intensified, and he pushed my tongue down, filling my mouth.


As I heard her speak, I continued to suck on him, feeling him grow larger – and I continued to pull the rope between my legs as I ft it growing damper, and felt my body starting to shake as well.  The throbbing got more and more intense, as I looked up at him, and brought him further and further on…


And then, as the military band started to play, he jerked and the hot, salty flow hit the back of my throat, as at the same time, my body shook in orgasmic pleasure.  It was pure joy as I swallowed and swallowed, until he let go and moved back.


I looked up at him as he pushed the red ball into my mouth, and fastened the straps round my head, before making me lei down and hogtying me.  Removing the mask, he smiled and said “I’ll start dinner.”  This was such a wonderful Christmas present from my husband…






I was meant to be heading to my friend’s house now for a meal – and instead, here I am.  I even got dressed up for the day – a gold jacket over a white silk cowl necked top, new black leather trousers, and over the knee purple suede boots.  And what is happening instead?




I’ll tell you what’s happening instead – what is happening is I am standing in my front room, listening to the radio while this young woman tears the end of that roll of silver tape free.  I saw it as she took it behind me, and now I feel it as she winds it round my wrists, then down over my hands so that they are held together.  I can’t move them now…




Now she’s winding the tap round my waist, forcing them against my back as she makes sure I can’t move them – and then…  And then – she starts winding the tape up my body, holding my arms against me as she makes a silver sheath around my stomach, my chest, my breasts – and then up to my neck, making me look like half a mummy…




She pats the tape down behind me, and I try to twist round – but with little success as she walks round, smiles and removes my glasses, folding the legs and putting them to one side – before she takes from a bag a second roll of the silver tape.




She takes the tape round my waist again – but now she is going down my body, forcing my legs together as the tape sticks to my trousers – and then over my boots.  They’re going to be ruined, but she doesn’t seem to care, as my legs become like a silver snake, only the purple shoes parts of my boots showing.




And there I am, a silver mummy, as she makes me jump over to a couch and lie down on my side, before she forces me to open my mouth, and pushes a large cloth inside – then picks up the roll of tape again.




At least she lifts my hair out of the way as she sticks the tape to my cheek, and then winds it tightly round my head, covering my mouth, stopping me from pushing the cloth out, muffling my calls as I hear the national anthem play, and start to hear her speak.


I really cannot move or speak now, as she leaves me to wriggle round, the tape crinkling as Her Majesty speaks…




He seemed like such a nice young man as well, when he asked if he could use my phone – and I clean forgot to ask why he was going to visit someone when everyone had being told to stay at home, but as I say, he was so charming, so I let him in.  He was smartly dressed, while I was wearing a grey party dress, with black lace trim, and over the knee black felt boots.


I had Channel 4 on – waiting for the Alternative Christmas Message.  This year, it was meant to be a sort of deep fake talk by someone who was being digitally replaced by the queen – useful in my lien of work to watch.


Turned out I was going to get a chance to really watch it – I turned my back for a second, and then I felt a hand over my mouth as the man told me to remain calm, to be quiet, to do what he said.


I was so taken by surprise that I had no choice, as he made me walk back into the front room.  He had a high backed chair facing my television, as he told me to sit down and put my hands palm down on my head.  When I did this, I heard the peeling sound, and then I looked down as he wound white tape tightly round my stomach, forcing me against the chair back.


He then told me to put my hands to the side, and I watched as he taped my wrist and arm to the wooden chair back, before he wound the tape round my upper body and arms, holding them to my sides and the chair.


He then knelt in front of me, smiling as he removed my left boot and then taped my ankle to the chair leg, and my knee at the joint – when he did the other leg, he had my legs spread, my skirt riding up slightly, but I was going nowhere.


Nor was I saying anything, as he wound the tape tightly round my head, covering my mouth, my lips, my hair as I sat there.  And as he left the room, the message started.


But it was a convincing fake…




“Lie down, and put your hands together in prayer.”


I live alone in the Moors, and I don’t watch television – so when the escaped prisoner surprised me in my bedroom, I knew I wasn’t going to have my Christmas lunch any time soon.


I was a little dressed up – a tight fitting black dress, and knee length grey black leather boots, but the intruder had a knife, and a determined look in their eyes, so I felt I had to do what they said as they made me walk into my bedroom, and lie on my bed.


I put my hands together in prayer, and watched as rope they must have cut from a coil in my workshop was sued to bind my wrists tightly together, and then saw them as they were taken above my head, and lashed to the wrought iron headstand on my bed.


I twisted round, and then I saw the look in their eyes, as more rope was cut from the coil, and then used to lash my ankles tightly together, going around and between my legs so that I could not move them apart.  I could hear the music on the radio next to me as another length of rope was used to lash my legs together below my knees – and then the intruder took a pair of panties from my drawer, and folded them up as they walked back over.


No way was I willingly let them put that in my mouth, so I tried to keep my lips closed together – but then my nose was pinched closed, before I had to open my mouth – and tasted the clean cotton as the panties were pushed in.


I was told no tot push them out as I lay there, and they left the room – returning with a roll of brown sticking plaster that was in my bathroom.  Well, a strip of it was soon pressed over my mouth, and then I could only struggle and squirm as they left the room.


As the Queen’s Speech started, I smelt a smell that should not have happened – turkey roasting, but then the intruder came back and sat on the bed, as they smiled at me, they stroked my cheek with their hand – a hand that then stroked over my chest as I shivered.


A hand that then began to gently massage my chest as I lay there, and I groaned softly – a groan that continued as the gentle massage did so.  Nobody had done this to me before, and I was helpless, unable to stop them.


Unwilling to stop them as they whispered in my ear what they were going to do.  I was taken by surprise – but then the hand slipped under my skirt, and I felt it over my panties, losing myself in what was happening.


I looked into their eyes, their smile, their blue eyes sparkling as their long blonde hair fell over the denim jacket, and I knew I watched the intruder to continue.


Wanted her to continue as I shook, and felt the warmth…







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