The White Stuff







“Oh oh oh oh – the right stuff…”


Astrid smiled to herself as she listened to the radio, while tidying the bedrooms and making sure things were put away.  Although she was in her late fifties, she was a slim woman, with light red hair that fell in soft waves down her head.  She also liked to dress in a way that showed off her figure, in the case of today wearing a white round necked top with short sleeves, old faded blue denim jeans, and a pair of tight white stack heeled leather boots that came over her jeans and her knees.


She smiled as she stood up and removed her yellow rubber gloves, knowing the work was done, and now she could go and have that well-earned beer.   The girls would be home soon, and then they could…


She heard the footfall on the stairs, and called out “That one of you girls?  I thought you weren’t going to be back early?”


There was no answer, as Astrid walked to the door and said “girls?”


“No – not really.”


She looked at the two young men in the hallway, wearing woollen hats, leather jackets, jeans, trainers and leather gloves, and started to laugh as she said “oh my god – are you collecting or something?  And how did you get in?”


“Your front door was open,” the other man said, “so we came in, isn’t that right Ernie?”


“That’s right Bert,” the other man said, “and now I guess we’re going to have make sure you can’t get in our way.”


“Oh – and how are you going to do that?”


“We could knock her out Ernie?”


“But where is the fun in that Bert?  No, we’re going to make sure this lovely lady stays out of the way, and gets to enjoy herself.  You going to let us play, lady?”


“You think you can keep my out of the way?  Want to show me how?”


“Some rope please Ernie.”


“Sure Bert,” the man said as he went into the carrier bag he had in his hand, and passed a length of white rope to Bert.  He walked behind Astrid and doubled the rope over, before he passed it round her arms and pulled them together, the woman gasping as her elbows touched and her top was stretched over her forced out chest.


“That’s – different,” she gasped as he took the rope between her arms, tightening the band and its hold, and then tied it off, before he secured her wrists together on the same way.


“Now, any comments before we continue Ernie?”


“Fine work, Bert – good and tight.”


“the binding or my top,” Astrid said as she looked at them.


“Yes – the chest ropes Bert?”


“Of course, Ernie,” she heard the second intruder say, as rope was passed around her body, in several bands neatly stacked, forming her chest as her arms were pinned against her back.  Bert then pulled them together behind her, and passed the rope over one shoulder, under the lower band between her breasts, and back over the other shoulder.


Astrid squirmed round, her top threatening to slip down as she did so, and whispered “oh my…”


“Quite a different sensation, isn’t it?  Now – shall we go to your bedroom?”




“We said we’d leave you to enjoy yourself,” Ernie said, “and somewhere out of the way.  Your bed seems fair – so let’s go.”


“Fair enough,” Astrid said as she walked along, surprised she was so cool about this – maybe it was the way the ropes were rubbing on her that made her feel this was different.  They certainly made her feel different…


“Here we are,” she said as they walked in, Bert and Ernie whistling as they looked round.


“Nice room – now, stand still for a moment please.”


“Why – what are yoouuuuuuuuohhhhmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…”  Astrid was taken by surprise as Ernie tied a length of rope between her breasts, bringing the bands even closer together, and let it drop to the floor as he walked round.  She felt his hand between her legs, but before she could say anything he had pulled the rope up and against her crotch, making her feel even stranger as he tied the ends to her elbows.


“why…  What…”


“Walk to the bed and lie down,” Ernie said, the two men watching as Astrid slowly walked over and lay down, trying not to let the way the rope moved between her legs get to her – and failing miserably as she watched the two men securing her ankles together, then her legs below her knees, and her thighs, their hands stroking her legs as they took the rope between them at each band.


“Oh my lord,” she said as she tried to move her legs, the leather squeaking as her boots rubbed together and the ropes rubbed on them, the rope between her legs rubbing on her.  She was helpless – and as the men rolled her onto her side, and pulled her ankles back, it got more difficult as they secured the bound limbs to the rope between her legs.


“now then,” Bert said, “how shall we…”  They all stopped as they heard the front door open and close, Ernie pressing his hand firmly over Astrid’s mouth as Bert picked up something from the bag of ropes, and slipped out of the room…





Cindy looked round as she called out, but there was no response, as she went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water for herself.  The brunette took a drink, and then unfastened the wide brown leather belt that was round her waist, removing that and the leopard print coat to reveal her matching minidress, the outfit completed by knee length white boots with a three inch stiletto heel.


“Wonder where she is,” she whispered to herself as she turned round – and saw the man standing there, smiling as he held a roll of white tape in one hand, and a knife in the other.


“Hi there – I’m Bert, and you’re going to keep quiet and do what I say, aren’t you?”




“Good start,” Bert said as he took Cindy by the arm, and walked her into the front room.  “Keep going – lie face down on the couch, and put your hands behind your back.  We need to keep you out of the way.”


“What the hell do you – OW!”  Cindy yelped as he crossed and started to tape her wrists together, making sure they were well secured, before he did the same to her booted ankles.


“If that hurt, I’m sorry, but do not callout again, or you will regret it,” Bert said quietly as he taped her legs together below her knees and around her thighs.  He then made her sit up, and taped her arms to her sides, the two white bands prominent as they framed her chest.


“Where’s my mother,” Cindy almost spat out as she looked at Bert.


“With my friend upstairs,” the man replied as he looked at her, her breasts heaving as she stared back.  “What is it about this family and white boots?”


“What do you…”  Cindy was shocked into silence as Bert pushed her onto her side, and then covered her mouth in white tape, pressing his gloved hand firmly over that.  She wondered what was going on, and then she heard the front door open and close, as a younger woman walked up the staircase…



“Another day of educational fun done,” Emma said as she threw her bag onto her bed.  The seventeen year old took off her denim jacket, revealing her purple vest top held up by a collar of black beads.  She was also wearing a denim skirt, frayed at the edge, with a white belt loosely fastened round her waist, and like the rest of her family a pair of knee length white leather boots, in her case with a stacked sole and heel.


Sitting on her bed, she fished her mobile phone out of her bag and started to look through the messages, smiling as she read them.


“Are they all funny?”


She looked up to see Ernie standing in the doorway, smiling as he pointed a gun at her.  “Hello – no screaming please.  I have your mother secured in her bedroom, and another woman downstairs.”


“Aunt Cindy.  Oh my god…”


“So, I suggest you get comfortable – on the bed – and you place your hands together in solemn prayer.”


“Now why would I do that?”


“Because,” Ernie said as he took some rope from the bag, “I’m going to tie you up.  So please, do as I say, and save time and pain for yourself.”


Emma looked at Ernie, and then moved her bag to one side.  “I guess my college assignments can wait – if you put the radio on,” she said as she lay with her head on her pillows, and put her hands together, palm to palm, and held them in the air.


“I think that can be arranged,” Ernie said as he doubled the rope over, and secured Emma’s wrists firmly together, taking the rope around and between her slim arms before he tied it off, and raised her hands above her head, the girl watching as he tied them to the headboard.


“Well, I’m stuck here now,” Emma said as she twisted round, “you can do anything to me and I won’t be able to stop you.”


“Oh – and what are you afraid I would do?”


“I don’t know – gag me with my own panties?”


Ernie stopped and looked at Emma, as she giggled and said “I’m sorry – I just always wondered…”


“Your wish is my command,” Ernie said, Emma giggling as he reached under her skirt and pulled her blue panties down, folding them into a pad as she said “oh wow – anything else you can do to make this more fun?”


“I have an idea – but enough talking.  Open wide now.”


Emma nodded as she tasted the silk on her tongue, Ernie pushing the pad in and waiting as she closed her lips over it.  She then saw a second man standing in the doorway.


“Bert – do you have the tape?”


He nodded as he threw a roll of white tape at Ernie, Emma watching as he tore several strips off and pressed them firmly over her mouth and chin.  Tossing the roll back, she watched Bert walk away, as Ernie took more rope and tied it round her left ankle.


Hmmmsdffrrntt,” she mumbled, the silk blocking the noise and the tape preventing her lips moving, as he pulled her ankle to the side, and secured it to the bottom of the bed.  Her other ankle was soon secured in the same way, before Ernie left the room, returning with….




“An electric toothbrush,” Ernie said as he switched it on, and moved the hem of her vest top up, before he started to run it over her bare midriff, Emma giggling as she tried – and failed – to move out of the way.




In her bedroom, Astrid could hear her daughter, but she was unable to move – well, that was not quite true, as she moved her legs so that the rope moved between her legs, the dampness making it even more pleasurable, her own scarf and the tape keeping her moans as quiet as possible…




“Ah Bert – did you find everything?”


“I did Ernie – and this as well.  Want to use it?”  He threw a small white lozenge at Ernie, who smiled as he looked at Emma.




“Pleasure,” he said as he switched it on, and then slipped his hand under her skirt, Emma’s eyes widening as he slipped the vibrator into her, and then left the room with the second man.


“What about the other woman?”


Bert nodded as he slipped into the front room, Ernie watching as he walked to the struggling Cindy and slipped another vibrator into her panties, the older woman wriggling and groaning at the same time.


Shaking the bag, Ernie said “nice haul – and we left the women of the house happy.  A good day in my book – let’s go…”








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