That Was Then, This Is Now – Granny’s Tale









“Are we out of milk AGAIN?”


Violet heard the cry of exasperation from the kitchen as she walked down the stairs, ad knew what it was she had forgotten to do earlier.  “Mea culpa – shall I go and get some,” she said as she saw her flatmate come out of the kitchen.  Nicole had long blonde hair that fell over her blue blouse, the grey crop top visible underneath.  She also had on blue denim cut-off shorts, and a pair of open flat sandals.


“It’s all right, I need to go and get some other things from the store anyway,” Nicole said as she picked up her handbag.  “My gran is coming round later, and I need some things for her to have.”


“Which one?”


“Granny Betty – do you need anything,” Nicole said as she looked at Violet.  Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she was wearing a red cardigan over a floral print smock top, red on cream.  The neckline revealed the top of her chest, while her slim legs were in a pair of denim jeans with the cuffs turned up.  A pair of grey training shoes completed her outfit.


“Well, I should only be half an hour, an hour tops – Granny isn’t due for two hours.  Any chance you could tidy some things up?”


“Sure, sure,” Violet said as she watched Nicole leave, and heard hr drive off.  “In a month of Sundays,” she said quietly to herself as she walked to the kitchen – and then was grabbed from behind, a rough hand clamped over her mouth as she tried to scream.


“Looks like one of them stayed behind, Bert.”


“Sure looks like it Ernie,” the second man said as he stood in front of Violet, smiling in the balaclava that only showed his eyes and mouth.


“Whhtthhhelllhruh,” Violet screamed out into the hand.


“Us?  Just your friendly neighbourhood robbers,” Bert said with a smile, “now, are you going to give us any trouble?”  As Violet looked at him, and shook her head, Bert said “good – so my friend is going to take his hand away, and you are going to put your hands behind your back.”


“What are you doing here,” Violet said quietly as she moved her hands behind her, and she felt whoever Ernie was crossing her wrists before he started to bind them tightly together with white rope, “we don’t have a lot?”


“Oh you would be surprised at what we can find,” Bert said with a smile as Ernie tugged the rope between Violet’s wrists, and then tied the ends off, tucking them into the bands as well.  “But right now, what is your name?”


“Violet – why?”


“Because Violet,” Bert said as she saw a white cloth appear in front of her, a large knot tied in the middle, “it’s time for you to stop talking.  Open wide now…”


Violet shook her head as she clamped her mouth shut, only to see Bert smile as he leaned over and pinched her nose.  “Nice try – let’s see what happens next…”





“I’m back,” Nicole said as she closed the door, but there was no reply as she carried the bag into the kitchen, putting it on the table and removing the milk before she put it into the refrigerator.  She then took a couple of plates out, and arranged the cakes she had bought on them, listening for her flatmate the whole time.


“Now that is unusual, for Violet to be so quiet,” she said to herself – and then her eyes opened wide in shock as she was grabbed from behind, a gloved hand clamped over her mouth.


“So you must be the other resident,” a male voice said behind her, “your friend is with mine – so please, no loud noises.  Nod if you understand.”  Nicole’s eyes darted to and fro, as she assessed the situation, then slowly nodded in agreement.


“Excellent – I am going to take my hand away, and you are going to open your mouth as wide as you can.”


As the hand was removed, Nicole opened her mouth to scream – and then had to check herself as a large sponge was pushed into her mouth, filling the space behind her teeth as it expanded and pushed her tongue down, and she closed her lips as she heard a tearing sound.  There was a tug on her cheek, and then she saw the roll of silver tape as it was wrapped tightly round her head, covering her mouth and trapping her hair to the back of her neck as it muffled her.


“There – that’s better,” she heard the man say as her hands were pulled behind her back, and she felt him wrapping rope tightly round her wrists as they were forced together.  He obviously knew what he was doing, as the rope went around and between her arms, holding them firmly together before one last tug, the feeling as the ends were tucked into the bands, and then she was turned round to see her balaclava masked captor.


“Ernie?  What’s going on down there?”


“New arrival – want her up there?”


“Yeah – she can keep her friend company,” Nicole heard the second man said as she was thrown over the first man’s shoulder, his gloved hand on her bottom as she kicked her legs up and down and tried to call for help.


“Save your breath,” he said as she smacked her bottom, and then carried her up the stairs, Nicole’s eyes opening wide as she was carried into Violet’s room.  There were obvious signs of a search, as Violet mumbled “Hghhddthhghtuhth.”


She was sitting on the floor, the knotted cloth clearly visible between her lips and the band tied round her head.  The second man in the room had obviously bound her ankles tightly together, and then bent her knees, ropes going around and under them and then around her neck as she twisted her head from side to side.  Her red cardigan was pushed to the sides, her chest heaving under her smock top.


“The other housemate?  Stand her up Ernie.”


“sure thing Bert,” Ernie said as he made Nicole stand in front of Violet, and Bert walked behind her, tying one end of a long length of rope between her wrists as well, and then lifting her by the arms and putting her behind Violet, before he let the long rope drop down between the dark haired girls arms behind her back.


“Whthrhruhdhnnn,” Violet said as she looked over her shoulder.


“You’ll see – sit down,” Bert said to Nicole as he held the rope.  The blonde slowly nodded as she sat down, Bert pulling on the rope so that her arms went between Violet’s, and then as she sat on it he pulled it tight, then used it to bind her ankles together side by side.


Nicole tried to grip Violet’s hand with her fingers as she watched the masked man binding her ankles, so that her legs were stretched out, her blouse moving to the side as she struggled.  She then saw Ernie taking even more rope, and starting to bind her upper body to Violet’s, the rope going above and below their chests and stretching their topes over them as they were pulled tighter and tighter.


“Hmhgghddd,” Nicole groaned as the ropes rubbed on her grey top, her blouse pulled back like Violet’s cardigan, as she heard her housemate doing the same.  Trying to look over her shoulder as Ernie and Bert kept searching, she said ”whthrhthlhkkhnfhr?”




“now, don’t you girls go anywhere,” Bert said with a smile as they left Violet’s room, the two girls struggling, trying to find a way to break free and raise the alarm…



“Nicole?  Are you upstairs?”


“Hmhgghdd,” Nicole said as both women heard footsteps coming up, and then the door to their room opened.


“Oh my – am I interrupting something?”


The woman who was standing in the door was in her mid-seventies, wearing a grey leather jacket over a leopard print top and grey trousers, her heels just visible on her feet.


“Ghrreneebhttee – RHNNN!”


“Oh now this take some back,” the older woman said as she pulled a chair from a table and sat down.  Betty was one of Nicole’s grandmothers, and called every week to have tea and cake with her – but she seemed to be blissfully unaware of what the situation was.  If anything, she seemed mildly amused to see the tow of them bound so tightly and well gagged.


“I’m glad to see this runs in the family,” Betty said with a smile as she leaned forward, “I remember the times I spent with Molly.”


“Whssmhllhhee,” Violet said as she tried to look at Nicole.


“We had been introduced to these games by Mrs Forbes – we had been to her house for coffee when her sons and the rest of their scout troop asked to practice their rope tying on us.  Well, it stirred something, and after that Molly and I used to have real fun.  I remember this one time…”


Nicole shook her head and rolled her eyes as her grandmother continued…





“That was delicious,” Molly said as she wiped her lips and put the napkin on the table.  “So where is that husband of yours tonight Betty?”


“Conference in LA – he won’t be back till Saturday,” Betty giggled, a thin blue scarf holding her blonde hair back at the top of her head.  She was wearing a short sleeved pale blue silk blouse and a pleated skirt, as well as matching heels, while her friend Molly was wearing a purple cardigan over a royal blue checked dress, a pair of heels in the same shade as her cardigan on her feet, a band like her chest holding her dark hair back from her face.  A thin black belt was also round her waist.


“How fortunate,” Molly said with a smile as she stood up.  Her dark skin was strangely attractive to Betty, as her friend said “so, it is my turn this time, right?”


“It is indeed – so where are we going to do this?”


“In here,” Molly said as she put her chair in the centre of the kitchen, “get comfy.”  She smiled as she watched Betty slowly stand up, and start to unbutton her blouse, while she opened a wicker basket in the corner and took out several lengths of rope.


Ever since that fateful afternoon at their friend’s house, both women had known several things.  One, they enjoyed been bound and gagged, unable to do anything.  Two, they enjoyed it even more when someone was playing with, or tickling their feet.


And three, they liked doing it to each other, and that was what they did at each other’s house on a regular basis.  Tonight it was her turn, as she removed her blouse and reached behind her, slowly unfastening and removing her skirt so that she was standing there in her light blue camisole and stockings, and her matching heels, the only other item the white suspender belt her stockings were attached to.


“Very nice,” Molly said as she played with her pearls, “but I need you to take those stocking off.




“I’ll show you,” her friend said as she put a footstool in front of the chair, Betty slowly removing her stockings and then sitting down with her feet on the stool.  Molly took the stockings, knelt in front of the footstool, and then used the stockings to bind Betty’s ankles together as her friend put her hands on the sides of the chair back.


“This is a different start,” Betty said as she watched, Molly nodding as she tied the second stocking between Betty’s feet, and then stood up, walking behind her and taking the first length of rope which she used to tie her legs together below her knees, the rope making neat bands before she passed it between her legs.


“Hey – that tickles,” Betty laughed as Molly’s fingers stroked the back of her legs, “not fair – I’m not ready yet.”


“Sorry,” Molly smiled as she finished that band, and then picked up two shorter lengths of rope, using them to bind Betty’s wrists to the chair back, before another length was tied round the her thighs, as well as the chair seat and her wrists again, so that Betty was locked into position.


“I’m definitely going nowhere,” she said quietly as Molly took a long length, and passed it round her arms, pulling them into her sides as she made two bands above and below her chest.  Betty breathed in and out as her breasts were squeezed between the two bands, her camisole top stretching over them and threatening to slip down.  In fact, she felt one strap slip down her arm, but she wasn’t bothered – the feeling was one she enjoyed so much…


Molly then wrapped the ropes round the bands so that they were forced out even more, and then she took it behind her, over one shoulder and around the lower band before she pulled it back up.  Betty groaned as the ropes were tied off, before Molly used two short lengths at each side to make it more secure.


“I…  I need to be kept quiet before you do.,.  Too late…”


“I know,” Molly whispered into Betty’s ear as she wound more rope round her and the chair back, holding her firmly into place as she wriggled round, her shoes falling onto the floor.  She then opened her mouth as Molly pushed the clean pair of panties into her mouth, filling it and puffing her cheeks out before she tied a scarf round her head, white with red polka dots and a blue trim, covering her lips and keeping the cloth inside.


“Now,” Molly said as she put her hands on Betty’s shoulders, giving them a gentle squeeze before she knelt in front of her friend and tied her big toes together with a thin blue string.  “Are you ready for some fun?”


“Hyhsss” Betty nodded as Molly picked up a white feather, and then smiled – as she walked to the telephone on the wall.




“Quick call,” Molly said as she turned the dial.  “Hello Mama.”



Betty rolled her eyes as memories of two weeks ago at Molly’s mother’s house came to mind…


 “Yes Mama,” Molly said as she rolled her eyes, “I’m still at Betty’s.  I wanted to tell you I’ll be late.


“Yes, her husband is still in Los Angeles,” she said as she looked at Betty.  “Can you take care of Junior’s dinner?


“Thank you – You know, Mama, all in all I think I should sleep here tonight.”


“Oh just hang up,” Betty thought as she wriggled her toes, “I want you to start…”





“And after she hung up, Molly went to town on my feet,” Betty said as she knelt down and slipped the sandals off her granddaughter’s feet.  “And seeing you there brings back such happy memories.”


“Gherdndnmhffrrwhthruhh…” Nicole’s eyes opened wide as she saw what Betty had picked up off the floor.


“Whstshdhhnnnnhhchll!”  Violet heard the soft bussing sound, and then the ropes rubbing on her as Nicole started to squirm, trying to get her bare feet out of the way of her grandmother and the electric toothbrush she was running over the soles of her feet.


“Perhaps your friend would like this as well…”


“Or maybe you would?”


Betty slowly turned her head as she saw Ernie and Bert standing, arms folded as they looked at her.  She then looked at the two younger women as she said “Ah.  This is not a game, is it?”


“No, not really,” Bert said as he took Betty’s hands behind her back, holding her wrists together as Ernie started to bind them, “but I am sure we can make sure all three of you have fun…”






“Mum?  You here with Nicole?”


As he walked into the door, the middle aged man could hear the muffled groans from upstairs, and walked slowly up, opening a door as he said “Nicole?  What are you and your grandmother up to…”


He stared at his daughter and her friend, tied together on the floor, the cloth in Violet’s mouth dark and damp as his daughter looked up, and then over to the bed, where his mother was lying, ropes tied tightly round her arms and chest, her legs secured and pulled back, her bare feet tied to her chest ropes, and a band of silver tape round her head as she looked over.  They had at least tickled her feet as well before they left…







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