Veronica’s Open House - Part 1









Friday, 5.30 pm


Amy trembled as she reached for her bra clip whilst Dorothy slowly slid her tights down, dropping them on the floor before unclipping her own bra. Now wearing only their panties, both women looked at the silhouetted forms in front of them and very slowly hooked their thumbs under the last of their underwear, sliding them down their legs and then trying to cover up as much as possible with their hands.

One figure threw some rope to the two women. "Sit down and tie your legs together. Ankles and knees. And no funny business - we'll be checking later."

Both women slowly sat on the floor, resting against the couch as they wrapped ropes around their ankles, going round three times one way and twice the other before cinching and tying the ropes off.  They repeated the process below their knees, and then looked at the two masked captors.


“You,” the voice said, “Tie your partner’s wrists and elbows together behind her back, and then tie some rope around her chest.  No reason why she should not look good.”


“You have a dirty mind,” Amy said as Dorothy shuffled round and put her hands behind her back, balling her fists as she felt the rope pulling her wrists together.  “Enjoying the view,” she snarled at the two masked watchers, but they said nothing as Amy encased her upper body in a rope harness.


“Will you be all right,” she whispered into Dorothy’s ear as she held her and kissed her shoulders.


“I will be,” Dorothy whispered back before Amy felt her arms being pulled behind her back and realised she was being bound as well.  As she was moved back to rest against the couch, she put her head on Dorothy’s shoulder for a moment, as they watched one of the figures balling two small silk squares up.


“Be glad this is not your panties,” they said as the cloths were pushed into their mouths, and then a second scarf, this one a gold 36” square, was folded into a tight band and pulled between their lips, forcing the corners of their mouths back as they pushed the wad further in.  Finally, two other large gold squares were folded into a three inch wide strip and tied over their mouths, keeping the other gagging material in place.


“Don’t move,” the voice said as the two figures walked out, leaving the naked, securely trussed and well gagged women to wriggle round.  They watched as they walked up the stairs, and then carried down a trussed and gagged young woman, taking her out through the kitchen.  Amy looked at Dorothy as the two then returned and went up stairs, coming back with a second young lady, and then a third.  As the third was taken out, they looked at each other - they had recognised them.


Heidi.  Cindy.  Jannifer - but where were they going?




“Sounds intriguing,” Veronica said as she refilled Katherine Jenkin’s glass, “So they will all be out of the area for the whole weekend?”  She was wearing a pair of shorts and a vest top, while Katherine had on a short blue skirt and matching blouse, with a pair of heels on her feet.


Katherine smiled as she sat back.  “That is the general idea - and if I know my sister and my daughter, they will have plenty to occupy their minds.  I’m actually looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend.  What about you?”


Veronica was about to speak when the doorbell rang, and she heard Maria answering it.  A few moments later the door opened, and her maid came in, saying “Miss Duncombe and her sister to see you, Miss Veronica.”


“Anne,” Veronica said as she stood up and welcomed the tall, blonde haired woman into the room.  “Thank you both for coming round.  How are you both?”


“Can’t complain too much,” Anne Duncombe said as she handed Maria her coat, revealing that she was still in her usual work outfit - a dark trouser suit and white blouse with heels.  With her was her sister Sue, slightly shorter and with dark hair, wearing a grey sweater under a brown short sleeved jersey dress and knee length brown suede boots.


“So why did you ask us round,” Sue said as she sat down, “Want to arrange another ladies night in?”


“Not quite,” Veronica said as Maria brought in another bottle of wine and two glasses.  “Maria, fetch a glass for yourself - I want you to be part of this discussion - and you are off the clock as of now.”


“Of course, Miss... Of course, Veronica,” she said as she left and returned with her own glass, sitting down and adjusting her coat dress.  “So what is the subject of conversation?”


“Amy and Dorothy,” Veronica said as she poured wine for the other three.  “With the girls away this weekend, I think there are one or two things we need to make sure they know.”


“Such as?”


“Such as, Anne, the fact that we support them in their relationship, and I want them to make a public commitment to each other.  I also think it’s about time we had a word with a few people about their attitude to them.”


Anne paused with her glass to her lips, and said “Are you seriously proposing they should...  Actually, is that legal in Maine?”


“It has been since the turn of the year,” Katherine said in answer to the unspoken question, “but they’ve said time and again they do not want to do that.  I sincerely hope you’re not planning a shotgun ceremony?”


“No I am not,” Veronica said as she sat back, “but I know they are committed to each other.  I want to give them the opportunity to share that with those who want to be here.”


“Forgive me, Veronica,” Maria said, “but perhaps you could tell us exactly what you are planning for Miss Amy and Miss Dorothy - especially given the younger ones will be away.”


“I have some ideas,” Veronica said with a smile, “but we need to get them here first.  Can I trust on your help with the arrangements for that?”


“It depends,” Katherine said, “on whether or not they can work with our own arrangements for the girls.”


“Then tell us your plans,” Anne said as she sat back, “and then we can hear Veronica’s.”








“That will work,” Veronica said after they firmed their plans up.  “Katherine, if you let Coral know what is happening, I’ll tell Suzanne.  Anne, you happy to play your part in the event?”


“More than happy,” Anne said with a big smile.  “Now, what are the other matters you wished to discuss?”


“Right,” Veronica said as she opened another bottle of wine, “I happened to walk into the grocery store the other day and heard Jack Hawkins mouthing off about ‘those damned lady lovers in the church.’  I presume I do not need to tell you who he was talking about?”


The others nodded as Maria uttered an oath in Spanish under her breath.  “The man’s an idiot by the sound of it,” Sue said as she sat there, idly playing with a pair of handcuffs, “why should you be bothered about him?”


“Apart from the fact that’s my sister and your friends he is talking about?  Alice is his daughter, and I know the girls were unhappy she could not come over Sunday before last because he had stopped her doing so.


“Well, if Alice is going up to the farm, it gives us a chance to deal with the issue as only we can - through Margaret.”


“But she’s the quietest and timid woman I know,” Katherine said, “How is she going to stand up to him?”


“I don’t know, but I’ve invited her over on Saturday afternoon, and I’m asking her to stay for dinner.  We’ll have our little event Sunday, and hopefully by then we may have talked her into calming him down.  Who knows - she might even stick around for it.”


Veronica felt her cell phone vibrating, and as she looked at the text message Anne said to Maria “Do you need any help getting what you will require?”


“Oh no, Anne,” Maria said with a smile, “I think I have all I need at home.”


“Curioser and Curioser,” Veronica said as she switched her phone off.  “That was Amy - she was wondering if I could come round Saturday and talk to Blossom Dale about something.”


“That’s Jannifer’s mother, right?”


Veronica nodded at Katherine.  “I think we’re going to have a very busy weekend ahead of us.  So everyone know what they are doing?”



Friday, 6.30 pm



Amy looked at Dorothy as she sat next to her, the cool sweat on her naked body making the ropes that held her tightly bound glistening in the twilight of the room.  The second assailant had stayed with them after the two of them had carried Jannifer out, and she had heard some sort of vehicle leaving.


“Whtsgngn,” Dorothy said as she placed her head on Amy’s shoulder and gently nuzzled at her neck with her gagged mouth.  Amy turned her head and rubbed her lips against her lover’s cheek as she bent down and moved her head against her breasts, sighing as she did so.


Their mood was interrupted by the arrival of a third person in black - this one smaller and plumper than the person who had sat with them, but dressed identically.  Without a word they walked over to Anne and put their hand sunder her arms, while the first person came over and grabbed her legs. 


“Whrugng,” Dorothy moaned out as Anne was carried through the kitchen and into the garage, where she could see a black van parked, the rear doors open.  She was hoisted into the rear and laid on top of a large sleeping bag that was opened out on the floor, trying to sit up as the two masked intruders left.


They returned a few minutes later, carrying Dorothy into the van and laying her next to Amy.  The newer arrival left, while the second one rolled the two women to face each other, and then closed the sleeping bag tightly around them, forcing them to lie face to face with their bare chest pressed against each other.


“Ntbdfrrkdnpng,” Amy mumbled, making Dorothy laugh as the masked intruder started to secure a row of zip ties that had been placed under the bag around them, forcing them still closer together so that their gagged mouths touched.  Amy pressed her head against Dorothy’s, rubbing her head from side to side as they gag kissed, their bodies wriggling against each other as they felt a warmth spreading through them from more than just the cover.


They did not even mind the black scarves that were tied tightly over their eyes as blindfolds, before they felt the van start up and move off. 


The journey passed uneventfully, as Amy and Dorothy made the most of their situation to gag kiss each other on their necks and press their bodies closer together, before they felt it stop and the ties around them being cut.  As the sleeping bag was opened, they felt themselves being carried and then laid on a carpeted floor.


“Remove the blindfolds.”


“Mreee,” Amy said as her blindfold was taken off, and after a moment she realised she was in the front room of Veronica’s house.  The curtains were drawn, and the entire room was lit by candle light.  She looked to her side at Dorothy, who was also blinking as her blindfold was removed.


Standing in front of them was Anne and Sue, their balaclavas removed as they smiled down, but the real surprise was the woman standing between them, her greying black hair pulled up and fixed in a tight bun on top of her head.  She was wearing a crisp white silk blouse, open at the neck with a black silk cravat tied around her neck, tight black leggings and knee length black leather lace up boots.  She wore a pair of black leather gloves on her hand, and she had a small riding crop in her hand.


“Good evening, Amy, Dorothy,” Maria said with a smile, “Welcome to your special weekend.”


Amy and Dorothy looked at each other, then at the three women in front of them, before Amy said very calmly and quietly “Ubstrds, whtrudng!”


“Surprise,” Anne said as she sat down, “but I have to say that this time I am not the cunning mastermind - we are merely the hired help.”


“Thnwhsrspnsbl,” Dorothy said as she squirmed round, “bcsmgnnaklhr.”


“Oh come on,” Veronica said as she walked in and sat in the chair, crossing her legs as she looked at the naked couple in front of her, “Is that any way to speak of your sister and your best friend?”


“Vrnk, tlmwhtsgngn,” Amy said as she tried desperately to get the ropes off her, only to wince as Maria stroked her riding crop up her body.



“Okay, you two,” Veronica said as she sat forward, putting her hands on her chin as she looked at Amy and Dorothy, “ground rules for this weekend ladies.  Maria is in charge, but she has Anne and Sue to help her out.  She is going to ensure that you are both well cared for, looked after, fed, cleaned - everything.  You two are not going to be able to lift a finger - literally and metaphorically.


“Doubtless, you are wondering both what has happened to the girls and why we did to you what we did.”


“Udntss,” Dorothy said as she tried to wriggle her jaw and loosen her gag.


“If you try to do that, Dorothy,” Maria whispered as she knelt down and held Dorothy’s chin up, “I will be forced to ensure you really are not able to speak for some time.  I have everything I need here - so please, listen and behave.”


Amy looked at Maria and Dorothy, then turned back to Veronica and said “wh?”


“Glad you asked,” Veronica said as she sat back and crossed her legs.  “First of all, by now all the girls will be out at Heather’s farm, discovering what a fun person Katherine’s younger sister actually is.  I took Heidi, Cindy and Jannifer, and Katherine took Natalie and Alice.”


“Sutdsp,” Amy said as she looked at her sister.  Veronica nodded, and continued “As for you two, this weekend is all about you, in a funny sort of way.  Tonight, we are going to treat you and keep you together.  I get the feeling you will like that.”


“Prble,” Dorothy said as she looked round, “ndthn?”


“Tomorrow I am hosting an open house - the girls are going to come round, see you, and tell you what they think of you and of the girls.  On which point,” she said as she leaned forward, “We should tell you now that Blossom and Margaret as well.”


That made Amy and Dorothy sit up and pay attention.  “Uddwht,” Amy screamed out, as Dorothy said “Fmrgtbrngshm...”


“If the man, or whatever he is, called Jack Hawkins comes with her tomorrow,” Sue said very quietly, “then I will have a quiet word with him - show him the error of his thinking.”


Veronica looked at Sue, then at Anne.  “She’s joking, right?”


“Do you know, I’m not exactly sure,” Anne said with a smile.  “Having said which, if he does come then he will be kept away from you two - we know Blossom wants to talk to Dorothy, and Margaret needs to talk with both of you.  One of us will also be present, at least.”




“Well, at least one - Maria will play a back role in those meetings - because, you see, you two are going to be securely bound all weekend.”




“You’ll see - at which point, I think some dinner will be in order.  I’m going to ring for some Chinese takeout - in the meantime, Anne and Sue are going to entertain you.”


“Ntrtns,” Amy said, and then she heard the buzzing sound, and saw the two vibrators that they held in their hands, smiling as they gently placed them on the soles of their feet...





Friday, 10 pm



“All right - now that we’ve calmed down and you’ve fed us, I feel a bit better.”


Amy allowed Anne to wipe her chin, and then took a sip through the straw that was sitting in her glass of wine, while Sue put down the glass of water that Dorothy was sipping from.  The two ladies had finally had their gags removed, and all six women had finished the Chinese banquet meal that Veronica had ordered.


“Agreed,” Dorothy said as she sat back and wriggled her hands, “but I could do with a shower before I change for bed.”


“Change,” Maria said quietly, “Who said you were going to change?”


“For bed,” Amy said, “We get to wear night clothes, right?”


“No - but you do get to shower,” Veronica said as Anne stood up and started to untie Amy, “and then Anne will take you to your bedroom for tonight.  When she is finished, Sue will bring Dorothy up - and then we will make you both secure for the night.”


“How secure,” Dorothy said as she reached up and accepted Amy’s kiss.


“You’ll see,” Veronica said as Amy was led away, and she turned to Maria.  “Once we have them settled, Maria, you know what you need to do?”


“I do,” Maria said with a smile as she looked at Sue...




“That’s better,” Amy said as she towelled herself off, “so what happens now?”


“First,” Anne said with a smile, “You need to be quiet.”  She handed Amy a pair of clean pink panties, and said “Put these in your mouth.”


“And then what?” she said as she saw Sue lead Dorothy into the bathroom.


“Just do it,” Anne said, so Amy opened her mouth wide and pushed the panties in, as Anne folded a red silk square into a band and tied a knot in the middle.  She then handed the silenced Amy the scarf and said “Use this to gag yourself - make it nice and tight around your mouth.”


As the sound of running water came through, Amy pulled the knot between her lips and then tied the ends together at the back of her neck, before she looked to the doorway in anticipation of what would happen next.


“Stand still,” Anne said as she picked up a length of silk rope, and passed it around Amy’s waist, securing it around her body before she brought the rope between her legs and pulled it up, smiling at Amy’s muffled squeal as she tied it off to her waist.



“Looks interesting,” Dorothy said as she walked back in and saw Amy standing there, blushing as the rope rubbed against her clit while she was walked to the bed.  As she was sat down, and Anne started to bind her legs tightly together above and below her knees, Sue handed Dorothy a pair of clean white bikini briefs and said “Put them in, dear.”


“No noise frmsthn,” Dorothy said as she pushed the wadded up briefs into her mouth, and then watched Sue as she folded a green silk square into a band and tied the knot in the middle.  She pulled the knot into her mouth and tied the scarf around her mouth before she winked at Amy, then groaned at the feel of the rope against her clit as it was tied into place.


“Come, join your partner,” sue said as she walked Dorothy over to the bed, sitting her down and binding her legs together as Anne tied Amy’s ankles together.  The two looked at each other and began to kiss their gagged lips together as their legs were well secured.


“Now then,” Anne said with a smile, “both of you stand up and face each other.”


“whrugngtd,” Dorothy said as she stood herself up and waited for Amy to turn and look at her.  Her answer came as she felt Sue pull her wrist behind her back, crossing them in the small of her back before she started to secure them together.


Anne did the same for Amy, before the two binders looked at each other and nodded.  Amy then gasped as she felt her wrist being secured to her crotch rope, and Dorothy responded in kind.  They then continued to kiss each other on the lips and neck as Sue and Anne between them tied their upper bodies tightly together, ropes around their waist, arms and shoulders forcing them closer as their breasts rubbed against each other.


“mmmsgddd,” Amy said as she looked into Dorothy’s eyes, and began to gag kiss her before she nuzzled against her neck and throat.  Dorothy nodded in response as Anne helped them both to lie down on the bed, and placed pillows their heads.


“they look so cute,” Anne said as she started to bind their lower legs together, “I think we need to help them to feel really relaxed and warmed up.”


“I do so agree,” Sue said, “and I have just the thing for both of them.”  Amy and Dorothy turned their heads, pulling on their crotch ropes and rubbing them against their bare clits as Sue went to the bedside table and returned with the two vibrators from earlier.


“I have them on a low setting,” Sue said quietly as she inserted a vibrator under each of their crotch ropes, the moans of the two women increasing as the bussing worked on their bodies.  “That should keep you nicely occupied for a few hours - and after that, I’m sure the two of you will think of something else.  We’ll come back to release you both in the morning, all right?”


Dorothy made a low, guttural moan as Anne and Sue left them, turning off the light and plunging the room into darkness as they walked down the stairs.


“So, sis,” Sue said as they stopped outside the door to the main room, “What happens now?”


“You get a good night’s sleep - just in case you need to deal with anyone tomorrow.”


“But I’m not tired mmmnnnn” Sue started to say as she was grabbed from behind, and a damp cloth pressed over her nose and mouth by a gloved hand.  She tried to break free, her eyes looking at Anne, but she just smiled as darkness crept over her eyes and she slumped into her assailant’s arms.


“I wish this was not necessary, Anne,” Maria said as she picked the unconscious form of Sue Duncombe up, “but from what I remember of last time...”


“Sensible precaution,” Anne said as she walked off with Maria, “Show me which room we are sleeping in, I’ll strip her, you bind her.”


The two women walked up the stairs, as Veronica looked out and then made her way to the kitchen to make some tea.  After some time, Anne and Maria returned.


“So what have you done to keep us safe from Sue,” Veronica asked as she made three mugs of hot chocolate.


“Enough,” Maria said with a smile, “you can have a look as you go to bed - Anne and Sue are using the second guest bedroom.



Thirty minutes later, Veronica was passing the room and looked in on Sue.  She was lying on her stomach, stripped to her bra and panties, and her arms and legs were held behind her back by a linked set of manacles.  A black hood covered her head, but from the muffled groans she could tell Sue had been well gagged and silenced.


“Good night, Sue,” Veronica said quietly as she closed the door, and made her way to her own bedroom.






Saturday, 7 am.


Veronica slowly opened her eyes, wondering why her arms felt so stiff.  As she began to focus, she soon saw the reason why - her arms were spread out above her head, and tied to the top of her bed.


“What the...” she said before a length of white tape was pressed over her mouth, and she looked up to see Anne standing over her.


“You have a lot to do as hostess, Veronica,” Anne said with a smile, “so you get to have some downtime first thing this morning.  Maria and I will prepare breakfast, get Amy and Dorothy settled first, and then get you.”


“Dnthvachsd,” Veronica mumbled, as Anne waved and walked out of the room.  Stopping to look in on the still unmoving sue, she knocked on the bedroom door and walked in.


“Gdmrnngnn,” Dorothy said as she looked over Amy’s shoulder, “plsstpthevbrtr.”


“Of course,” Anne said as she reached between their bodies, the sweat on them glistening in the sunlight, and removed the two devices.  As she did so, Amy opened her eyes and said “Tswndrflbtndtlt.”


“I would be surprised if you did not,” Anne said as Maria came in.  Both were wearing blue silk pyjamas.  “We will separate you, ungag you and untie your legs, and then help you to the toilet.  After that we will take you downstairs for breakfast.”


The two women nodded as their hosts started to untie them, wondering what lay ahead of them that day...


Thirty minutes later, Amy and Dorothy were led into the dining room by Anne, and helped to sit in the seats before Maria bound their ankles and knees to the front legs of the chair, and then secured their waists to the chair backs with rope.


“Now then,” Maria said, “if you will wait here, Anne and I will bring breakfast in and then fetch Veronica.”


“Where’s Sue,” Dorothy said as she looked at Anne, and then blushed as she realised the answer to that question.  “Scratch that - is she going to join us as well?”


“She will - but you are the main focus, so you first and then her,” Anne said.  “Would you like the radio on while you are waiting?”


Amy nodded as Maria started to bring in bowls of food and a pot of coffee, and Anne went to help her.




“Now that’s better,” Veronica finally said as she put her empty coffee mug down.  The six women were sitting round the table, their empty plates before them as Amy wriggled in her chair.  Sue was not bound, but Anne was keeping a very wary eye on her sister.


“All right then,” Amy said as she looked at Maria, “I get that we are under your command for the weekend, and that you are in charge, with the other helping.  So what’s the plan - keep the two of us bound and gagged together for the two days until the girls get back?”


“Tempting,” Veronica said with a smile, “What do you girls think?”


“Certainly an intriguing idea,” Anne said, “but no - we need you to be around when our guests come later.  No point in having them come to talk to you if you cannot talk back, right?”


“Yeah,” Dorothy said, “but come on - what about Blossom and Margaret?  We can’t be tied up in front of them - we hardly know them?”


“True - and we did promise you would be dressed for them.  When can we expect them, Veronica?”


Veronica looked at the clock and said “I think Blossom’s coming at eleven and Margaret this afternoon some time.  We’ll make sure you are dressed for them, but I believe Coral is coming first.”


“Excellent,” Maria said as she stood up.  “Dorothy, do you wish to head for the toilet before we begin?”


“I’m good,” Dorothy said as she started to stand up, and then remembered that she was bound to the chair.  “Hands behind my back first?”


“No - on your head please,” Maria said as she picked up a large coil of rope and waited for Dorothy to place her hands palm down on her head, before she began to wind the rope around her chest, above and below her breasts, making a rope harness that forced them up and out.


“Well - that suits you,” Amy said with a smile as she watched Maria winding the rope around the coils and between her breasts, unaware of Veronica standing behind her until she heard a slight cough and her sister saying “You too - hands on your head.”


“Suits you as well,” Dorothy said as she watched her partner receive a similar harness, and lowered her arms, gasping slightly as the snug ropes compressed around her chest.  “We’re going to have to wear this all day,” she said as she looked at Anne and Sue.


“Not up to us,” Sue said, “although you do look cute like that.  Perhaps I can...”


“... Stop there unless you want to spend all of today chained in the attic,” Anne said quietly, making Sue stop and nod instead.  Maria stood up and said “Would you clear the table please, Anne and Sue,” before she started to untie Dorothy from her chair and make her stand up.


“All right, so what do I doooooooo,” Dorothy said as Anne wrapped a length of rope round her waist, pulling the ends through the centre loop at her belly button and then passing the ends between her legs, pulling them up and into the lips of her clit as she secured them to the back of her rope belt.  “That - that’s gonna be interesting,” she finally squeaked as she tried to move round, and the rope rubbed against her.


“ComfyyyyyIIIIII” Amy asked as she received the same treatment.  “There now,” Veronica said as she tied the rope off, “Why don’t you both get used to them before we get you ready for Coral to arrive?”


“Thanks - I think,” Amy said as she and Dorothy walked round a little, squealing as the rope rubbed on their most intimate areas while the table was cleared.  Eventually Anne came in, holding what looked like tow sheets of soft leather in her arms.


“Now then,” she said as she handed Veronica one of the sheets, “Hands behind your backs ladies - time to be immobilised.”


“Armbinders,” Amy said as she watched Anne sliding the first one up Dorothy’s arms and pulling the leather laces tight, forcing her arms together behind her back, “Coral used to love playing with these a long time ago.”


“Really?  She strikes me as the sort of woman who would avoid them,” Dorothy said as Anne laced the leather single glove up, and then fastened the straps round her shoulders to keep it firmly in place.


“Yeah - she was the most flexible of the four of us,” Amy said as she felt her own arms being drawn together behind her back.  “Still, normally this means other things are employed - and they are not in this room, are they?”


“You have not seen what we are planning yet,” Maria said as she came back in.  “Please, kneel.”


“Now what,” Amy said as she slowly got on her knees, Dorothy following suit, while their binders left the room, returning with a pair of wooden poles.  They were about three feet in length, and had two leather cuffs attached towards each end.


“All right, why are you AAAAA,” Amy said as he legs were spread apart, forcing the rope more firmly against her crotch as he ankles were strapped to the pole, and Dorothy followed suit.


“Now, that should keep you both occupied,” Veronica said as she sat in a chair opposite them.  “You may want to sit on your haunches, but if you want to stretch your legs out we can help.”


“Yeah,” Amy sighed as she squirmed round, “but why this way?”


“Because I want to talk to both of you before Coral gets here - can we have the room a moment please ladies?”


“We’ll be getting changed,” Maria said as she led Anne and Sue out of the room, closing the door behind them.  “Right,” Veronica said as she leaned forward, “I get the feeling this is going to be a busy day, so let me get my thing out of the way first - do you two love each other?”


Amy and Dorothy looked at Veronica, then at each other, before they leaned over and kissed each other.  “Does that answer your question,” Amy said as she turned and looked at her sister.


“Not quite,” Veronica said with a smile.  “I know you love each other, but that you do not want to formalise your relationship by entering a formal marriage or likewise, right?”


“No, we don’t,” Dorothy said as Amy nodded in agreement.  “Once was enough, and it only caused us both pain.  What are you getting at, Veronica?”


“I’m getting at this,” Veronica said as she knelt in front of both of them.  “I had to carry the burden of being Natalie’s mother for years, never knowing what had happened to her until she revealed herself to me last year.  I am so glad she is in my life now, and I love her almost as much as I love both of you - which is why I don’t want you two to hide your light under a bushel.”


“I don’t want to hide anything,” Amy said quietly, “but you know how others look at us.  I don’t want to do anything that would hurt the girls.”


“Neither would I,” Dorothy said, and Veronica nodded before saying “I don’t want you to - but I want you two to know that you are accepted and loved as a couple by those closest to you.  So I have a proposal.  I told you what was going to happen today - but not tomorrow.”


“Why - are we all going to go for a walk tomorrow?”


“Not quite - Amy, Dorothy, I want to invite you both with your friends here to show your commitment to each other, publicly and openly.  I think you both want to, but you have been too afraid to say it - right?”


Amy and Dorothy looked at each other, and then nodded slowly as they kissed again.  “I thought so,” Veronica said quietly.  “Tomorrow morning, here, I’m giving you the opportunity to do just that.  Nobody else, just friends, and you can tell the girls tomorrow night.  And one other thing.”


“What... What’s that,” Amy said as she looked at Veronica.


“I’m going to be your companion of honour - and there is no argument on that,” Veronica said as she stood up.  “Now, my first guests will be here soon - you need to be gagged for them.”




“Yes, Dorothy?”


“Thank you.”  Veronica nodded as she left the room, only for Anne to come in, a roll of flesh covered plaster in one hand and two black scarves in the other.  She was wearing a black sweatshirt and leggings, with her bare fete sinking into the carpet.


“Now then,” she said as she placed the roll of tape on the couch and folded a scarf into a pad, “Who is going to be first?”



The sound of the doorbell ringing filled the house as Veronica walked to the doorway, her pleated skirt swinging in the breeze as she opened the door.  She looked at the dark haired woman standing there, in a knee length blue leather skirt and jumper.


“Coral - thanks for coming,” she said as she kissed her visitor, “Ready to see them?”


“I am,” she said as she stood to one side, 2but I brought someone with me.  I hope you don’t mind?”


Veronica looked at the woman behind her, a big beaming smile on her face as she said “Of course not - come on in, both of you.”


As the door opened, Anne looked to the entrance and then stood up.  “Hello, Coral,” she said as the dark haired woman walked in, “and - well, this is an unexpected pleasure.”


“I was visiting Coral, and when she said she was coming here I asked to come along,” the thin blonde haired woman said as she looked at Amy and Dorothy on the floor.  “It looks as if a lot has changed since I last saw you both.”


They both nodded as they tried to talk through the rouged red lips on the tape covering their mouths.  “Forgive them - they’re a bit quiet at the moment,” Veronica said as she came in.  “It’s so good to see you again, Bobbi.”


Bobbi Hopwood smiled as she took off her denim jacket and handed it to Veronica.  “I’ll get some coffee,” Anne said as she headed to the kitchen, “You four must have a lot to talk about.”


Amy and Dorothy watched as their two friends sat on the couch and looked at both of them.


“So,” Coral said as if it was the most natural thing in the world to sit and talk to two naked, tightly bound and gagged women, “I hear that you two have been thinking of taking things to the next level - Katherine called round to see me and filled me in on what they were planning.”


“Rmndmtklhr,” Amy said as she looked at Dorothy, and then a groan escaped as she realised the movement was making the rope rub more against her crotch.


“Intriguing,” Bobbi said as she stood up and walked over, examining their rope harnesses and crotch ropes, “I know Veronica has some skill, but this indicates professional.  Did Anne do this?”


“Prtly,” Dorothy mumbled, and then looked at Amy as she moaned as well, pressing her gagged lips against those of her lover as they both rubbed against each other. 


“I do love it when love is apparent,” Coral said as she sat back, making Bobbi smile as Maria came into the room.  She was dressed in a black leather pinafore dress and knee length fabric boots, as she looked at the new arrivals.  Bobbi looked at her as well, a small gasp escaping from her lips as she said “Maria?  I thought you had retired.”


“Bobbi?  It has been a long time,” Maria said as Bobbi got up and hugged her.  Veronica came in with Anne, carrying some mugs of coffee and saw the embrace, smiling as she said “I forgot you two knew each other - it really has been a long time.”


Amy and Dorothy looked at Veronica, before saying “Uknweshthr?”


“Indeed, Amy,” Maria said as she sat down, “Bobbi had worked for my agent in my - previous occupation.  I have not seen her for some years, however - I believe you moved away?”


“For good reason,” Bobbi said as she looked at the others.  “It’s all right,” Veronica said as she looked at Bobbi, “after all, the events of that weekend were the start of what led us to invite Coral over today, and you played a part in them as well.”


“Thstrt,” Amy said as she looked at Bobbi, “sfnks.”


“Well,” Bobbi said with a blush, “I’m glad it led to such a happy occasion.  So what is the plan for these two?”


“Glad you asked,” Anne said, “We’re going to give them the opportunity to express their love and commitment to each other tomorrow.  Totally unofficial, friends only - and wed love it if you both would come as well.”


“Well, it’s about time,” Coral said as she picked up her coffee mug, “I know there have been some problems at your church...”


“We have a plan for that,” Anne said quietly as Sue walked past, waving as she carried an armful of ropes and other gadgets out of the room.  “How do you feel about it Coral?”


“Why would I have a problem?  I have a daughter who thinks nothing’s greater than been bound and gagged in a sleep suit - and that was fun a few weeks ago - and I always say a loving relationship is just that - gender should not enter into it.”


“But your faith...”


“Is my problem.  It should never affect adversely anyone else.”  Coral turned and looked at both the bound and gagged women.  “I would be honoured to be here tomorrow and support you in any way I can.  What’s the dress code?”




Amy and Dorothy looked at Veronica, who smiled and said “It’s a private ceremony - nobody else, in this house.  Don’t you like the idea?”


“I’m not saying I’m not open to it,” Coral said slowly, “but I never expected you to be the one to come out with it Veronica.”


“I’m surprising myself,” Veronica replied as she sat back, “but I want them to know how much we accept and love them, so we do it with nothing on.  Can we count on the support of both of you?”


Bobbi and Coral nodded as Amy and Dorothy wondered what was going to come next.  “So Bobbi,” Maria said as she sat down, “How have you been? It has been a long time since I saw you.”


“Yeah, well - after Paul’s little escapade I just wanted to hide myself away for a considerable length of time.  I kept in touch with Coral, and - well, I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch with any of you.  I just didn’t want to open up any old wounds.”


“Bobbi,” Veronica said quietly as she put her hand on her knee, “I understand - we all do.  It took a heck of a lot to get over that weekend - but believe it or not, something wonderful and beautiful came out of it - apart from these two getting together.”


“Oh - what?”


“I discovered a daughter I thought I had lost a long time ago.”


Bobbi stopped, her mug almost at her lips before she lowered it and looked at her old friend.  “I’m sorry - run that past me again.  Veronica Cabot has a daughter?”


“This would be a good moment,” Anne said as Sue came back in, “for Sue and I to take these two and get them ready for the next visitor.  Give me a hand removing the bars, will you?”  Sue nodded and knelt next to Amy, releasing her ankles as Anne did the same for Dorothy, and then helped them to stand before leading them out of the room.


“Who’s after us,” Coral said as she watched the two naked women slowly walk out of the room, the rope rubbing between their legs as they walked.


“Blossom Dale - Jannifer’s mother.  She’s unaware of what happens behind closed doors here, but she wants to talk to me and Amy about something.  I’m sure Anne and Sue will find something particularly devious to occupy Dorothy while we talk.”







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