Veronica’s Open House - Part 2









“Wow - are you going to be all right like that Do?”


Amy was watching as Anne secured Dorothy’s wrist to the top of the bed with two pairs of handcuffs, spreading them wide above her head as she pulled on the short chains.  The tape and cloth had been removed from her mouth, as she looked over and said “I guess I’m going to be too occupied with other things to worry too much about my arms.”


“I would say you will be,” Sue said as she pulled the ends of the rope she had used to bind Dorothy’s ankles together and secured them to the foot of the bed.  Her legs were also secured together below her knees, as she squirmed round and felt the rope rub against her womanhood even more.


“Now,” Anne said as she held up a leather panel gag with an anatomically shaped rubber bung attached to it, “Open wide and let me strap this in, and then we’ll put one of the hoods over your head.  I promise you that as soon as Blossom has finished, we’ll release you and bring you down for lunch.”


“Fair enough - but whrugnndtdswl,” Dorothy mumbled as Anne gently eased the bung into her open mouth, and then tightly fastened the straps around her raised head.  Taking one of the special leather hoods, she pulled it over Dorothy’s head and tightened the laces, watching as she rested her head back on the pillow.


As this was going on, Amy had put on a mid-length flowing denim skirt and was buttoning up a sleeveless blue blouse.  The ropes were still in place around her chest and crotch, a slight moan escaping her lips as she sat down to put on a pair of sandals.


“All right, I...  Sue, you’re not going to...”


Sue just nodded, and then slipped the white vibrator under the crotch rope, Dorothy arching her back and moaning as it slipped easily into her passage.  “Let’s go,” Anne said as she took Sue by the arm, “and leave her to her enjoyment.”


Amy took one look at Dorothy as she writhed on the bed, and said “I need to try that later,” before the three of them headed downstairs.  As they reached the hallway, Veronica came out with Bobbi and Coral.


“Well, we need to get going,” Coral said as she hugged Amy, “but we’ll both be back tomorrow first thing.  See you then.”


“Looking forward to it,” Amy said as Veronica opened the door and showed them out, turning after she closed the door and saying “Coffee?”


“At the very least,” Amy said as the two of them walked back into the room, watching as Maria cleared away the cups from the previous visitors.  “Then perhaps you can tell me exactly what you are planning for tomorrow.”


“I’d love to,” Veronica said with a smile, “and I will - tomorrow.”


“You’re not going to say anything, are you?”


“Nope,” Veronica said as there was a knock on the door.  “Would you like me to get that, Veronica,” Maria said as she came back in.


“Please, Maria,” Veronica said as her maid went to the door.  “Any idea what she wants to talk to us about,” Amy said as she sat next to her sister.


“I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough,” Veronica said as they stood up, watching as Maria opened the door.


“Mrs Blossom Dale to see you, Miss Veronica,” Maria said as she showed the new arrival in.  She was a little taller than the other two women, with long curled red hair that fell across her bare shoulders.  The capped sleeves of her white top were pulled down her arms, the top held in place by the elasticated neckline that sat over the top of her chest and on her waist.  The flowing red skirt came to just above her ankles, with the white lace trim forming the last inch of the material, while both women could see the strapped sandals that she wore on her feet.


“Blossom,” Amy said as she stepped forward, “Thanks for agreeing to come here instead of my house.  You know my sister Veronica of course?”


“Of course,” Blossom said as she sat down, and Maria brought in fresh coffee, laying the tray on the table before she slipped quietly out.  “Unusual outfit for a maid, Veronica - does she always dress so well.”


“Normally she dresses down,” Veronica said as she poured the coffee, “but she has a party to go to later.  Cream and sugar?”


“I take it black thanks,” Blossom said as she accepted the cup and sat back.  “You have a lovely house, Veronica - but is it a little big for you?”


“Oh I usually find it’s busy,” Veronica said with a smile.  “At the very least, I get to allow Heidi and Cindy to bring their friends over for parties and such things.”


Blossom raised an eyebrow as she crossed her legs and looked at the two women.  “Are you all right, Amy,” she said as she looked at Heidi’s mother, “You seem a little flushed.”


“Oh,” Amy said with a blush, “nothing for you to worry about.  So Blossom, you said you wanted to talk to me about something?”


“Well, it is a little delicate...”


“I asked Veronica to be here as well - I had this funny feeling it concerned Heidi, and when it comes to the girls I hide nothing from my sister.”


Blossom nodded and said “Well, it kind of does involve Heidi, but only...  I don’t quite know where to begin.”


“Take your time,” Amy said as she put her cup down.  “Tell me what’s bothering you.”


“Actually, it’s Britney and Margo that have led me here,” Blossom said as she sat forward.  “I’ve caught them a couple of times using old skipping ropes, scarves and rolls of tape to...  Well, to...”


“Tie each other up?”  Blossom looked at Amy and nodded, before saying “I haven’t told Kurt about it yet, but last week I found them in their room - they had somehow managed to tie their legs to the bottom of their beds, put some tape over their mouths, and were trying to tie each other’s wrists in front of them.”


Amy and Veronica looked at each other, before Veronica said “I have the distinct feeling they have not been telling you about these games, Blossom.  Did you talk to them about it?”


Blossom nodded, and took a sip of her coffee before saying “They told me that they had learned about this from two of the girls who visited you last October, and when I asked Jannifer about it she agreed - and told me she had told them not to play these games on their own.  I know she plays similar games with Heidi and the others...”


“But only under adult supervision,” Amy said.  “Blossom, is it the fact that the girls are playing these games behind your back, or is there something else bothering you?”


“Yes.  No.   I mean...”  She looked at Amy and Veronica before saying “How did Heidi start to play these games?”


“Well,” Amy said as she sat back, “I guess it started when she found some photos in my attic...”





“Oh my goodness,” Blossom said when Amy finally finished, “I can see why Jannifer enjoys being with you now.”


“On a side note, Blossom,” Veronica said, “Why did you call her Jannifer?  It’s such an unusual spelling, and yet it fits her.”


“It just seemed right,” Blossom said as her cheeks glowed a little.  “Well, I can tell you both have installed the right attitude, and for the record I have no problem with Jannifer playing these games with the others.  Where are they this weekend anyway?”


“At Katherine’s sister’s house,” Veronica said with a smile.  “So Blossom, if you are happy with Jannifer playing, what is the issue with the twins?”


“For one thing, they’re younger,” Blossom said quietly.  “For another - after I talked to them, they asked if they could tie me up.”


Amy raised an eyebrow this time, and said “And you’re scared things might get out of hand?”


“Well, that,” Blossom said, “and the fact that I’ve never been tied up before.  I don’t know what it feels like, what to do...”


“Or if Kurt will approve?”


Blossom nodded and said “That too.”  Veronica stood up and sat next to Blossom.  “Look, what you’re asking are perfectly natural questions.  Worry about Kurt later - let’s deal with the now.  There’s a perfectly simple answer to the twin’s requests - say yes, but only if Jannifer is in the room too to keep an eye on things.  We can tell you some of the rules we use for the girls as well.”


Blossom looked at them and said “Heidi ties you up?”


“Sometimes - Natalie too,” Veronica said as she went to a drawer and took something out, “but first we need to let you experience how it feels to be tied.  Take this and feel it,” she said as she handed Blossom a length of silk cord.


“It feels very soft,” she said as she looked at Amy.


“But does it scare you?”


“No - it doesn’t.”


“And will you trust us?”


Blossom nodded as Amy took the rope, gasping a little as she walked over.  “Then cross your wrists in front of you - let us tie your wrists together, and tell us how it feels.”


She watched nervously as Veronica crossed her wrists in front of her, and Amy bound her wrist tightly together, with three passes one way and two the other before she cinched the band and tied the ends together.   As Amy stood back, Blossom twisted her wrist round and said “This - it feels weird.  I can’t move them, but it is not uncomfortable.  It actually feels quite good.”


“Will you allow us to bind your ankles together?”


Blossom nodded and lifted her legs up, her skirt falling around her bare legs as Veronica tied her ankle together side by side.  “This is the simplest way you can tie someone securely,” she said as she lowered Blossom’s legs to the ground, “but this is your first time.  How does it feel?”


Blossom twisted her legs round, and then smiled as she said “I know why Jannifer likes this now - it feels really good.  Can I stay like this?”


Veronica nodded as the door opened and Katherine came in, wearing a black waistcoat over a white t-shirt and black leggings with high heeled sandals.  “Hi girls,” she said as she walked in and closed the door, “I know I’m a little early but - oh hi Blossom.  I’m sorry I didn’t mean to...”  She stopped and looked at the blushing red haired woman.


“Well now - you finally gave in?  I wonder what Heather is going to say about this.”


Amy and Veronica looked at Katherine, then back at the increasingly red faced Blossom, before Amy said “Oh, I smell a mystery here - care to spill the beans Blossom, or shall we tickle you to find out?”


“Oh god,” Blossom eventually said, “do you mean to tell me Heather still remembers Project Willie?”


“Of course she does,” Katherine said as she sat herself down.  “So, are you going to tell them about it or am I?”


“Project Willie?  All right, now you’ve got my attention,” Veronica said as she sat back.  Blossom looked round the room, swallowed and said “all right - but only because if I don’t, Katherine there will tell Heather, and given the girls are up there right now...”


Amy and Veronica sat back and waited.


“Blossom and I were at college together - she was studying modern art and I was studying literature and American history.  Anyway, one day we were in the library together when she asked me if I would help her out with a course project that she was doing on the influence of Erotica on American society.”


“Hang on - you were at college together?”


Katherine nodded and said “They were - Heather is my younger sister, and she went to Maine Uni instead of the military academy.  In fact you ended up flatmates after the project, didn’t you?”


Blossom nodded.  “Don’t get me wrong, heather is a wonderful person, but...”


“Project Willie?”


“Yeah - anyway, she had found this bunch of old magazines written by this guy called John Willie - Bizarre they were called.”  Amy looked at Katherine and nodded.


“Yeah - I’ve heard of them.  I have a complete collection at home - the one that was published a few years ago.”  Blossom raised an eyebrow, and then said “Anyway, she wanted to do some research on the man, and recreate some of the scenes that he had written about and shot., so she asked if I could help to find some of the references I needed.


“So I agreed, and we got to work - I looked up some of the pulp magazines and other material that I thought may have influenced his style, after I had read some of the articles, while she researched the costumes and looked at the photographic style that was used.


“Then the day came when we had to do the final part of the project.  Blossom had found an old apartment block which looked from the inside like one of the sequences he had shot - how to restrain a woman.”


“Oh god - the tutorial,” Veronica said as she started laughing.  “I remember having to act that out for one of the nights in...”  She looked at the other three, and blushed as she said “Go on  - never mind.”


“Anyway,” Blossom continued, “I had helped her write up the background material, and she asked if I wanted to come along and watch her recreate the actual shoot.  Now, by this time I had figured out that Blossom had a great interest in this area, but for me - well, it intrigued me, but I struggled inside myself as to whether or not I wanted to be part of the actual shoot itself.


“Come the day, Blossom was up and ready to go, waiting for me, when - well, I bottled it.  I said I wished her luck, but she needed to go alone.  I expected her to scream, to shout, to fight.”


“and did she?”


“Nope - she did the exact opposite.  Said she understood, thanked me for all I had done to help her, and went on to recreate the shoot so faithfully she got extra credit for her work.”


Amy shook her head and said “So she wasn’t angry?”


“Of course not - she got credit, so did I, and we stayed housemates.  But from that day on, she kept teasing me about my last minute nerve failure, and asking me if I ever wanted to try out the ropes and gags.  I knew she had a fairly active interest in it by now, but I was - well, I was just too scared, until now.  Then Jannifer started playing her games, the twins tried to, and...”


“And now,” Katherine said as she stood up and knelt in front of Blossom, “Welcome to the club.  Trust me, everyone has to start somewhere, and I won’t tell Heather.”


“You won’t?”


“No - because you will, or Natalie might tell Jannifer, and then...”


“Oh great - well, when you put it like that...”  Blossom suddenly started laughing, the others joining in as Anne walked in.  “Anne Duncombe, Blossom Dale,” Veronica finally said as she straightened herself up. 


“Pleasure,” Anne said as she looked at Blossom.  “Listen, we need to let Dorothy up for lunch soon.  Any requests?”


“Dorothy?  Your Dorothy?  I’m surprised she wasn’t sitting here with you - can I see her?”


“Well,” Amy said, and Blossom could see she was blushing, “How much of those magazines did you read?”


“The Bizarre?  Quite a...”  Blossom stopped, a small o on her lips, and then looked at Amy as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, showing her the rope harness around her chest.  “I see what you mean now about the club.  Of course - if the girls are playing the games, then you lot would be as well.”


“It’s our way of relaxing,” Veronica said as she sat back and smiled.  “If it offends you, then I’m sorry, but - well, you did say that felt good.”


It was Blossom’s turn to blush, before she said “What did Heather do with all the chains and things she collected anyway?”


“Stores them in her attic,” Katherine said as she stood up.  “Anyway, you said Dorothy was upstairs?  I’ll come and give you a hand Anne.  Blossom, will you stay for lunch?”


“I can’t I’m afraid - I need to collect the twins.”


“Well then,” Amy said, “Will you come back tonight for dinner?  You can meet the rest of the gang then, and we can have a pre-commitment meal together.”


“Pre-commitment meal?”


“That’s right,” Veronica said, “We’re giving Amy and Dorothy a chance to commit themselves to each other with friends tomorrow.  Interested?”


“Well, first I need to be untied,” Blossom said as she held her wrists up, “but yeah, I can come back later.  Will seven be fine?”



“Great,” Veronica said as she knelt in front of Blossom and untied her ankles and wrists.  “We’ll see you then - and we can talk a bit more then about the girls if you want.”


“You know,” Blossom said as she rubbed her wrists and stood up, “I’d like that.  I’d like that a lot.”  She smiled as Maria came and walked her out, while Veronica removed her sister’s blouse.


“Now then, sis - time to sit you down for lunch...”





“You are kidding me - what on earth is she going to think when she sees us in full bloom?”


Dorothy smiled as Katherine fed another forkful of salad into her mouth, while Veronica fed Amy.  Both women were naked again, and tightly bound tot eh wooden chairs, their ankles pulled back and secured to the rear leg of the chairs with their knees tide tot where the front legs met the seat.  Their hands were tightly bound behind the chair back, and their upper bodies lashed to the wooden chair back.


“Well, given this is a day of discoveries,” Maria said as she poured some more water for herself, “I am sure we will find out later.”


“Well, anyway,” Katherine said as she wiped Dorothy’s chin, “I for one am looking forward to tomorrow.  I think it’s going to be great.”


“Tomorrow, likely.  Tonight, certainly.  This afternoon - how long have we got?”


“I have no idea,” Veronica said as she looked at the clock, “so, I think we should be prepared for their arrival at any time.  Have you both had enough to eat?”


“I think so,” Amy said as she swallowed the last mouthful of her meal.  “But I will need to go a place.”


“Very well then - Anne, where’s Sue?”


Anne looked round and frowned.  “I don’t know - let me look for her and I’ll get back to you on that.”  She stood up and left the room, as Katherine started to gather the plates.


“You two get Amy and Dorothy ready - I’ll clear up.”




Saturday, 2 pm



Amy and Dorothy walked into the room, as Sue turned and smiled at them.


“Anne was looking for you, Sue - where is she?”


“Having a nap,” Sue said as she smiled at the two women. 


This was true - Anne Duncombe was indeed in one of the upstairs bedrooms, having a restful sleep - thanks to the chloroform that Sue had made her inhale when she tackled her by surprise.  She was now stripped naked, in the same shackles that Sue had worn earlier, and as tightly gagged and hooded as she had been.


Looking out of the window, Sue turned and said “I think Mr and Mrs Hawkins are here.”


Amy fiddled nervously with the bandana top that she was wearing around her chest, covering the rope harness with the point at the top of her denim shorts.  They covered the crotch rope, while she was wearing natural hose and a pair of black heels.


Dorothy was wearing a sarong style wrap round skirt, with a sleeveless top over her upper body, and wedge sandals.  “Well, this could be interesting,” she said as she watched Veronica walk to the door, and heard the car doors slam.




“I don’t understand why you had to come here to talk to Dorothy Elsworth,” Jack Hawkins said as he looked at the large house.  In his late forties, he was a large man, and the open necked shirt he was wearing under his checked sports jacket said more about him than anything else could.


“Because when I called her, she said she was spending the weekend with Veronica, and we would need to come here,” Margaret Hawkins said as she closed the car door.  She was as thin as Jack was large, wearing a pair of beige trousers and a black greatcoat which she pulled around herself.  “Now you have got to promise me that you are going to play nice, Jack - no arguments.”


“I won’t - so long as she’s not there as well.”


“She,” Margaret said as they walked to the door, “is the mother of one of Alice’s best friends - as is Dorothy.  Now, if you cannot deal with that, get back in the car and I’ll call you when we’re ready.  Maybe Steve will beat you at the game again.”



Jack let out a grunt as the door opened and Veronica stood there.  “Jack, Margaret, welcome to my house,” she said as she showed them in.  “Dorothy is in the front room - can I take your coat?”


“Thanks,” Margaret said as she slipped her coat off, revealing the black silk blouse she was wearing underneath.  Veronica took the coat, and showed them into the front room, where Dorothy was standing waiting.


“Hello Margaret,” she said as she held her hands out to take the other woman’s, “I’m so glad you agreed to come here instead of my house.  Hello Jack.”


The man nodded as Dorothy pointed to the couch, and they sat down.  “So, what can I do for you, Margaret,” Dorothy said as she crossed her legs and smiled, “You said there was something you wanted to discuss with me.”


“Yes, I...”  Margaret got no further when the door to the kitchen opened and Amy came in, carrying a tray with cups and saucers on it.  “Hello Margaret, Jack,” she said as she put the tray down, “I thought you might like a drink.”


“What’s she doing here,” Jack said as he looked at Amy.


“Well, this is my sister’s house, and Dorothy is my partner Jack - don’t you think it’s natural that I would be here as well?”


“There’s nothing natural about you two,” Jack said as he stood up, “I won’t stay in the same room as both of you.”


“Jack,” Margaret said as she took his hand, “Please, sit down.  You’re embarrassing me.”


“Please, sit down,” Dorothy said as she stood up as well, “I know you find the fact that Amy and I are a couple unpleasant, but that does not mean we cannot discuss whatever it is Margaret wants to talk about.”


“I agree,” Amy said.  “Jack, please - for the sake of our daughters, put your feelings to one side.”


“I cannot - I cannot in all conscience stand before God and say I approve of this - this...”


“Hi there,” Sue said as she walked in, “Sorry to interrupt, but I had to stop before someone said something that they were going to regret.  I’m Sue Duncombe - and you must be Jack and Margaret, Alice’s parents.  A great pleasure to meet you.”


“Oh - and are you another one of their lesbian friends,” Jack spat out, making Amy and Dorothy look at Margaret hanging her head in shame.


“Nope,” Sue said with a sweet smile, “I’m their friend with the dart gun.” 


Which she then fired at Jack, making him jerk before he fell to the floor unconscious.


Dorothy, Amy and Margaret stood there, their mouths wide open as they watched Sue put the dart gun down and walk over, kneeling next to the now very comatose Jack and checking his pulse.


“What was the thump,” Veronica said as she came in the door and looked at the others, then at Sue.


“She...  She...  Dorothy, what the hell did your friend just do?”


Dorothy looked at Margaret, unable of quite how she could explain this as Katherine came running in as well.  “Oh boy,” Katherine said as she looked at Jack.  “Sue, what the hell have you done?”


“I told you - he’s an idiot, and I think he needs some educating.”


“Does Anne know about this?”


“Anne’s having a nap,” Sue said again, and suddenly Amy realised the full implication of her simple statement.  “Where is Anne having a nap,” she asked as she looked at Sue.


“Upstairs, where I was earlier today,” Sue said as she lifted Jack up onto her shoulder.  “Do you think you can give me a hand with him, Katherine - I think I need to make him comfortable to let him sleep it off.  Then these three can have a nice, quiet, open and private conversation.”


Margaret was still looking round the room, her mouth open as she tried to comprehend how they could be talking so normally about what has happened.  As Amy watched, however, a smile started to spread over her face as Katherine helped Sue carry the prone husband out.


“I’d better go and see if I can find Anne,” Veronica said as she looked at the others, before leaving the room.  Dorothy turned and looked at Margaret, before saying “Coffee?”


“Do you think,” Margaret said slowly as she looked at the two women in front of her, “you can explain to me in very clear, very simple terms what the hell just happened?”


“Well,” Amy said as Margaret accepted the cup, “Sue is a very dear, if slightly unpredictable friend, who does not like to see us hurt in any way.  She made some sort of comment earlier about how she might react if Jack got upset and said something, but that...”


“... was actually what we would expect her to do,” Dorothy said as she poured the coffee.


“But where has she taken him?”


“Believe me, Margaret, where Sue is concerned it is probably better not to ask,” Amy said quietly.  “I promise you, he will be safe and unharmed - I hope.”


“You hope?”  Margaret looked to the door, and said “How long?”


“I don’t honestly know - but it may be best to say as long as we need.”


“Well, then,” Margaret said as she sat back and sipped her coffee, “I’ll say this first - I am truly sorry he has been so horrible to you.  I know Alice is angry at him for forbidding her to come here a few weeks ago.”


“Thanks,” Dorothy said as she sat back again.  “He has hurt us - a lot if truth be told, but then - he’s just a man.” 


“Well, I guess he’s just trying to protect her and me,” Margaret said with a little smile. 




“God he’s heavy,” Katherine said as she helped Sue drop the unconscious Jack on a bed in the attic.  “Why did you want him to be brought up here anyway?”


“I have my reasons,” Sue said with a smile that sent a small chill up Katherine’s spine.  “Look, can you help me strip him down to his undies?”




“I’m going to take the opportunity to arrange a few things so that this bigot never ever insults my friends again,” Sue said as she sat Jack up and slipped his jacket off him.  “You don’t need to know the details - all you have to do is help me strip him down, and then leave me alone with him.”


“And what will Anne say?”


“Tell her what happened, and tell her I’ll be up here for a little while.”


“Will she have woken up from her - nap yet?”


Sue just smiled as Katherine started to unlace the unconscious man’s shoes...



“So Margaret,” Dorothy said as she put her cup down, “We know where your husband stands on the fact Amy and I are a couple, but what about you?  What do you think?”


“I don’t know, if I am being honest,” Margaret said as she looked at the two women, Amy’s left hand in Dorothy’s right.  “How did this start anyway - what brought you two together?”


“Apart from Heidi and Cindy being best friends?”  Amy squeezed Dorothy’s hand before saying “You heard about the weekend when we were all kidnapped, right?”


“Alice told me about some of the things that happened, but not the full story.”


“Would you like to hear it?”


Margaret nodded as Amy said “Well, it started when I got this letter, and then he - well, you could say he visited me...”





Anne blinked as she looked up at Veronica, who was busy removing the manacles from her wrist and ankles.


“Whrtssshh,” she mumbled as she sat up and rubbed her wrists.


“Where’s who?” Veronica said as she unfastened the straps that held the gag in her mouth.


“My darling sister,” Anne said as she grabbed her clothes and started to put them on, “I want to let her know how much I enjoyed her little surprise.”


“Welll....” Veronica said as she looked at her friend, “There has been a little - incident.”


“Incident?  What sort of incident?”


“I’m not exactly sure - I was out of the room at the time - but it involved Jack Hawkins and a dart gun...”


“You know what,” Anne said as she walked with Veronica to the door, “I don’t think I really want to know - where is she Katherine?”


The two women looked at Katherine as she walked towards them.  “In the attic with Jack Hawkins,” she said with a smile.  “She said she wanted to make sure he never hurt our friends again, and shooed me out.”


“What’s up there at the moment,” Anne said as she looked at Veronica.


“Some equipment, cuffs, gags, things like...  She’s upstairs alone with him!”  She started to walk to the stairs, but stopped as Anne placed her hand on her arm.


“You know what?  Let her get started, and then I will go up and see what she is up to.  At least we know where she is.  Come on - let’s join Maria and talk about tomorrow.”


“Sounds like a plan,” Katherine said as she took Veronica’s other arm.  “You know what sue is like when she gets a plan in her head - the one thing we can say is she won’t hurt him.







Margaret looked at both Amy and Dorothy as they finished their story.


“So you see, Margaret,” Amy finally said as she put her cup down, “it was shared experience that brought us together, and made us realise exactly how we felt about each other.  The girls both know and understand, and so do their friends - and most of ours.  We hope you understand as well.”


“I think I do,” Margaret said slowly, “and I really don’t have a problem with that.  But Jack is a little overpowering and over protective - and that right wing dogma of his kicks in as well.”


“But if Coral has no problem,” Dorothy said, “then why should he?”


“I guess he’s afraid more than anything - afraid I may go back to how I was when we first met.”


“How did you two meet anyway?”


“You could say he literally rescued me,” Margaret said as she put her cup down.  “Tell me, how do I come across to you - and please, be honest.”


Amy and Dorothy looked at each other, before Dorothy said “Quiet, timid, always in the background.”


“A lot like you used to be then,” Margaret said as she looked at Dorothy, who merely smiled in acknowledgement.  “Well, if I told you I used to be a real hell raiser, what would you say?”


The two women exchanged a look again, before Amy said “Tell me more.”


Margaret swallowed and said “My parents were typical children of the sixties - they both came from San Francisco, and believed we learned more from living than schooling.  So I grew up a free spirit, if you like, with no inhibitions or restrictions.


“Anyway, I was in my second year at college, and I had a bit of a reputation for loose living, if you like.  I could drink anyone under the table, do things most women would shy away from, and knew every spot in the alternative nightclub scene.  And then one day I fell into the hands of him.”


“Of who,” Amy said as she saw Margaret take a handkerchief from somewhere and wipe her eyes.


“The Parkside Collector.”


Dorothy suddenly sat forward and looked at Margaret anew.  “My god,” she said quietly, “You were one of them?”


Margaret nodded as Amy looked at the other two.  “I vaguely remember the name - but not the details.  How do you know about it?”


“Amazing what you can overhear when you are in protective custody,” Dorothy said quietly as she took Margaret’s hands.  “You don’t have to say any more, you know.”


“It’s all right,” Margaret said quietly, “It’s part of the reason I wanted to talk to you anyway.  You’d been through a similar situation, after all.


“He snatched me off the street one day - I had been at some stupid party, and the last thing I remember is falling into someone’s arms.  The four weeks after that were a blur in my mind, but some things come back all too clearly.


“The nights spent chained to the wall, with the rubber ball in my mouth.


“The whip hitting my back as he filmed his attacks on me and the others.


“The drink fuelled parties that he made us take part in.”


“There were six of you, weren’t there,” Dorothy said as she held Margaret’s hands.  The other woman nodded before saying “Eventually, we were freed by a police raid on the house we were held captive in - Jack was the one who freed me and carried me out.  It took months of treatment and therapy to deal with it, and in that time Jack was there with me constantly.


“Well, eventually we came to depend on each other, then fell in love and married.  I had cleaned up my act by then, and decided I could never go back to the person I was then.”  She brushed her hand through her black hair, then looks at Amy and Dorothy, a thin smile on her face.


“Then Alice came along, and we were a family.  I put the past behind me, and didn’t give it a second thought - until Alice told me about what happened on the holiday last August.”



“Did she tell her father as well,” Amy said as she looked at Margaret.


“No - and I told her not to.  I firmly believe she is safe with you lot there, and that nothing bad was going to happen.  But if she told him - especially about some of the things she did.”


“Such as?”


“She told me about the truth or dare game - the one where she went topless.”  Margaret looked at them and smiled as she said “Honestly, she is turning into an exact copy of me - except you have helped her to establish the limits I never had.  Thanks for that.”


“Our pleasure,” Dorothy said, “but why did you want to talk to us?”


“Because I’ve been having nightmares - Jack doesn’t know, but I’ve been reliving the events of all those years ago in my mind.  I need help, but I can’t do it in a way that Jack finds out.  So I was wondering how you got over the events of that weekend?”


As she said this, Veronica came back in.  “Did you find Anne,” Amy said as she looked at her sister.


“Yeah - and I’m sorry for what happened.  What have you been talking about?”


“Margaret was asking how we recovered from that weekend.”


Veronica looked at Margaret and said “Honestly?  I staged a kidnap for Heidi, Cindy and Dorothy to help them overcome their bad dreams.  To me, however, you sound like you need to deal with a different fear - a fear of being bound again.  We can help you with that.”




“We,” Amy said as she took Margaret’s hand, “If you will let us.”


“And will Jack find out?”


“Not unless you tell him,” Veronica said with a smile.




“There now - nice and comfy.”


Sue pulled the last hasp tight and fastened it off, leaving the still sleeping Jack spread-eagled on the bed, wearing only his boxer shorts.  A large red ball gag had been fixed in his mouth, while his arms and legs were spread out and held to the corners of the bed by strong chains and leather cuffs.  A black hood had been pulled over his ears and head, leaving only his mouth visible and holding the earplugs in place.


“Now,” Sue said as she picked up the camera, “Say cheese...”



“Hello, anyone here?”


Suzanne walked into the house, and saw Anne look through from the kitchen.


“In here,” she said as she motioned with her hand, holding the door open as she walked in to join Katherine and Maria at the kitchen table.


“Sorry I’m late,” she said as she put her bag on the floor, “the road back from Heather’s place was busier than usual, and I wanted to change before I came here.”  She was wearing a short sleeved green top and a pair of matching shorts, with flat shoes on her feet.


“How did the girls enjoy their trip,” Katherine said as she handed Suzanne a mug of coffee.


“Not sure - they seemed rather reluctant to talk,” she said with a smile.  “So, what have I missed?”


“Well,” Anne said as she sat down, “right now Margaret is in the front room with Amy, Dorothy and Veronica, having a heart to heart chat.”


Suzanne looked at the three women, then around before saying “It’s very quiet - did Jack go then?”


“Not exactly,” Katherine said with a smile, “He’s here all right, but not very communicative at the moment.”


“What do you mean?”


“Sue got to him,” Anne said as she sipped on her mug, “She’s in the attic with him right now, and I don’t want to see what she’s doing.”  Suzanne put her mug on the table, before saying slowly “Sue has Jack Hawkins upstairs?  What did she do - tazer him?”


“Dart gun, actually - I’ll check on her later.”


“All right - so what else have I missed?”


Maria replied “So far, we have had visits from Coral and Bobbi Hopwood, as well as Blossom, Jannifer’s mother.  She will be returning for dinner tonight - which I should make a start on preparing.”


“Don’t” Anne said quietly, “I’ll arrange some takeout.  We may have another additional guest.”


Maria looked at the door that connected to the front room and nodded.  “As you wish Anne, we shall do that.  Will Jack be joining us?”


“I don’t think so,” Anne said as she sipped her coffee, “Not for now anyway...”






“I have to admit, this does feel very different from the last time this was done to me.”


“Well, silk scarves are rather softer on the skin then - well, you know.”


Margaret looked over her shoulder at the red scarf that was tied around her wrists, holding them tightly together as she flexed her fingers and stretched them out.  “Point taken,” she said with a smile as she looked down at Amy, who was tying her ankles together with a second red scarf.


Dorothy pulled a brown patterned shawl around Margaret’s waist to fix her wrists to the small of her back, then stood up and sat next to Amy who had gone back to the couch.  Veronica was sitting on a second chair as she looked at Alice’s mother twisting round.


“So how does that feel, Margaret,” she said as her friend turned round, and she saw the big beaming smile on her face.


“It feels nice, actually - and I’m not afraid, not this time.  It does make a difference when you are with people you can trust.”  She looked directly at Amy and Dorothy, before saying “After all, I can tell you have something under your clothes.  Will you show me please?”


The two women looked at each other, then removed their tops, Margaret’s eyes widening as she looked at the rope bras that enclosed their breasts.  “Oh my god,” she said quietly under her breath, “do you want to tell me what is going on here?”


“A challenge,” Dorothy said as she let out a low groan, and her skirt fluttered in the breeze from an open door.  Margaret caught a glimpse of something and looked at Amy, who blushed and nodded in acknowledgement.


“Amy and Dorothy,” Veronica said with a smile, “are going to be taking some time this weekend to commit themselves to each other - their attire is simply the preliminaries.  They need to be comfortable in themselves in the totality.”


“So who else is in on this?”


“Everyone - oh - else,” Amy said as she stood up.  “Blossom was here earlier, and is coming back for dinner.  Would you like to join us?”


“What’s happening to Jack?”


The door opened, and Sue walked in, wiping her hands on a piece of cloth.  “Margaret was wondering what you had done with her husband,” Veronica said as she looked at the smaller woman.


“He’s comfortable upstairs,” Sue said with a sweet smile.  “I’d offer to take you to see him, but I see you are rather tied up in things at the moment.”


“Funny,” Veronica said as Anne came in.  “Oh there you are,” she said as she saw Sue.  “I want a word with you.”


“Good - because I want a word with you,” Sue said as she took her sister by the arm, “I need your help to take care of something...”


Margaret watched as the two women walked out of the door, talking in quiet tones.  “What do they do for a living,” she said as she looked at the others.


“Probably best you don’t know,” Veronica said as she stood up.  “Now, the question is Margaret - do you wish to join us for dinner?”


“Do you know,” Margaret said with a smile, “It sounds like fun.  Will I need to go and change for dinner?”


“No - not necessary,” Amy said with a smile, “I think Dorothy and I are going to be very casual, right O dearest sister?”


Veronica merely nodded, as Margaret looked round the room.


“What sort of dinner have I let myself in for,” she said, not sure she was going to get an answer she expected...




Saturday, 6.30 pm


“Blossom - come on in.”


Veronica stood back and allowed Jannifer’s mother to come in, still wearing her outfit from earlier.  As Veronica closed the door, she noticed she was wearing a blue silk bathrobe secured around her waist with a band.


“Welcome back,” she said as she turned and looked at Blossom.  “You need to know that we are going to have a relaxed evening, but that you have to be a little open minded about whatever happens.  Up for it?”


“Sure,” Blossom said as she looked at Veronica, “What do you have in mind?”


“Well,” Veronica said as she opened her robe, revealing the black bra and panties she was wearing, “I advise you to take off your top and skirt, and then come into the front room.  We’re having drinks in there.”


“I see,” Blossom said as she watched Veronica fasten the robe again, “and where may I prepare for dinner?”


“Bathroom’s over there - see you inside,” Veronica said as she went into the front room.  Blossom swallowed and walked into the bathroom, removing her skirt and top before she looked at herself in her white bra and knickers.


“Well, this is going to be fun,” she said as she left the room, grasped the handle and opened the door.


“Hello Blossom,” Katherine said as she handed the new arrival a glass of wine, resplendent in a red basque with stockings and high heels.  “I think you know almost everyone here, except for Anne and Sue Duncombe.  They are old friends of the family.”


Blossom looked at the two women in the corner, dressed in blue underwear, and nodded before turning to the rest of the room.  Suzanne and Maria were standing to the corner, Suzanne in a pink bra and knickers., while Maria had a white apron tied over her body.  As she turned for a moment, Blossom could see the black thong she was wearing, as well as her bare back.


“Different, isn’t it?” she heard Margaret said behind her, and she turned round to look at Alice’s mother.


“Different look for you as well,” Blossom said as she looked at the other woman.  Margaret was wearing a black slip and a pair of thin knickers and a pair of heeled slippers.


“Tell me about it - you should see Jack.”


“Where is he?”




In the attic, Jack was groaning as he moved his head from side to side, wondering what was causing the pressure between his legs.  The tight leather hood still covered his eyes, and his jaw ached from whatever it was that held tightly in his mouth.


Had he been able to see, he would have realised he had been sat across a thick wooden pole, sitting on two x-frames.  Sat may not be the right word - lying straddled across it would be a better description, his ankles crossed under one end of the pole and tied tightly together under the wood, and his wrists bound in a similar manner at the other end.


More rope was tied around his knees, under the pole, forcing the wood against his crotch - and the two vibrators that had been taped either side of his crotch were buzzing quietly, keeping his mind occupied as the two motors attached to each end of the pole pushed it back and forth....





“And where are the guests of honour,” Blossom said as she stood talking to Margaret.


“You mean Amy and Dorothy - have a look,” Margaret said as she turned Blossom round, to see the two women sitting in the chairs in the centre of the room.  They were naked, except for the crotch ropes and breast harnesses, and a red ballgag sat in each of their mouths.


Their upper bodies were lashed tightly to the backs of the chairs with ropes that snaked through the woodwork and around their bodies, holding them firmly in place as their legs were as tightly secured to the back legs of the chairs.


“So Veronica,” Suzanne called out as she came back into the room, “When are you going to reveal the plans for tomorrow?”


“After dinner,” she said as the door bell rang.  “Which will be as soon as Maria and I are ready to allow you all in!”


The group watched as Veronica donned her gown again, and left the room.


“So, you two,” Blossom said as she knelt down and tickled the back of Amy’s knees, “Enjoying yourselves so far?”


“Ysfnku,” Amy said as she tried unsuccessfully to wriggle away from Blossom, “sgldducldcmbk.”


“Something told me I should not miss this for the world,” Blossom said as she stood up.  “What about you Margaret - how are you feeling?”


“You know, I was so scared of what Jack may end up doing, but this is probably the last thing I expected to be doing tonight.  Do you think Alice and the others get up to something like this?”


“No - I’m sure they don’t parade around in their underwear, at any rate,” Blossom said as Maria went into the kitchen, and then came back in.  “Anne, Sue, Would you bring Amy and Dorothy in please,” she said as she held the swing doors open.


“Of course,” Anne said as she and Sue stood either side of Amy, picking her and the chair up and carrying her in.  Dorothy soon followed, as the others came in and sat around the table.  A selection of Chinese foods was laid out on the wooden surface, as Veronica removed the red ball gags from the mouths of the two bound women.


“Now, ladies,” she said with a smile, “You tell us what you want, and we feed you.”


“You did that for lunch as well,” Dorothy said,” albeit with fewer people.”


“We said you were going to do nothing for yourselves today,” Joanne interrupted as she picked up a spring roll and held it to Dorothy’s mouth.  “We meant it - now eat.  Everyone else dig in.”


“Dot, I think we should just sit back and let them do this,” Amy said as she accepted a sip of a glass of wine from Veronica.


“Do we have a choice in the matter?”


“No - no we don’t”


The next hour or so passed pleasantly enough, with the assembled women eating, talking and passing the time as if it was the most normal thing in the world to sit around in lingerie, with two tightly bound women sitting naked in the room.


Eventually, however, as the last pot sticker was eaten, Veronica said “Right then - We need to clear away the rubbish, and then we can begin to discuss what I have planned for tomorrow.”


“Finally - I was beginning to think we would never find out,” Dorothy said as she took another sip of wine, “but is there the slightest possibility that we can be freed when we find out.”


“Nope,” Veronica said as she drained her glass.  “But we will release you from the chairs - you stay tied up however.  Don’t worry - you will be joined shortly?”


“Oh,” Amy said, “Who by?”


“Blossom and Margaret,” Katherine said as she looked at the other two women, “We want you to be part of our group in every way.  We know you have not experienced for some time the feeling being tied up, but we want to invite you to try it again tonight with two of us, while Veronica explains what is going to happen tomorrow.”


Margaret looked round the room and said “Who?”


“Coral and me,” Suzanne said as she looked at Coral, who nodded in agreement.  “If you are willing, that is.”


“What will the rest of you be doing?”


“Well, we will be explaining our roles in the events tomorrow,” Anne said with a smile, “As well as what is going to happen to Jack.”


“You’re not suggesting he stays tonight as well?”


“In a way,” Sue said with a big smile, “but our main intent with your husband is to make sure he does not ever feel compelled to judge Amy or Veronica again.”


“He’s not a bad man you know.”


“Never said he was,” Veronica replied, “but he has been rather cruel to us. You have to agree with that.”


Margaret nodded, before saying “All right - what do you want us to do?”


“Into the main room first - Anne, Sue, can you release Amy and Dorothy and bring them in?”


The two agents nodded as Katherine opened the door and the other women moved in, leaving Veronica and Maria to clear up.  As they entered the main room, Katherine said “All right - I want the four of you to line up with your backs to me, and your wrists crossed behind your backs.”


“Ready,” Coral said as she took up her position.  Margaret nodded and stood next to her, followed by Suzanne and then Margaret.  They watched as Katherine went to a bag, took out four lengths of parachute cord and then stood behind Coral, doubling one length over before she started to bind the dark haired woman’s wrists together.


“You haven’t lost your touch,” Coral said as she felt her shoulders pulled back, and then watched as Katherine started to tie Margaret’s wrists together.  “I promise you you will come to no harm here,” she whispered into the ear of Alice’s mother as her wrists were drawn together, “this is a place of safety and friendship.”


Margaret bit nervously down on her bottom lip and nodded, as Katherine moved over to Suzanne, and then to Blossom.  As she tied the last knot off, they watched Anne and Sue bring Amy and Dorothy in and sit them on the couch, both women moaning slightly as the crotch rope dug into them.


“All right,” Katherine said as she looked down the line, "Why don’t you sit down, Coral next to Margaret, Blossom behind Coral and Suzanne behind Margaret, on the floor.”


“Like this,” Blossom said as she sat herself down, with Coral sitting behind her and leaning against her while the other two took up their positions.


“That’s right,” Katherine said as Veronica and Maria came in, Maria having taken off her apron to reveal her bare chest.  “Now, cross your ankles in front of you and sit with your knees out.”


The four women shuffled a little as Katherine handed two lengths of cord to Veronica, and two to Maria, then watched as they tied the ankles of each woman together.


“So what are you going to do with my husband, Anne and Sue,” Margaret said as she looked at the two agents.  They exchanged a glance before Anne said “All right Sue - you started this, you explain the plan.”


“Well, Margaret,” Sue said with a smile, “Your husband is going to have several - interesting experiences over the next few hours.  He won’t be harmed - he may even enjoy some of it - but we will be keeping a record, and if he should ever hurt our friends again...”


“I think I understand,” Margaret said quietly.  “I’m not sure I approve one hundred per cent, but I understand.”  She looked down at her bound ankles and said “this is actually quite comfortable - what else could you do?”


“That depends on you and Blossom,” Veronica said.  “We can certainly make you more secure - perhaps tie you to Coral, and Margaret to Suzanne.”


Blossom wriggled a little, then said “all right, how?”


“I’ll show you,” Veronica said as she selected a length of cord and tied the two women together around their waist, Maria doing the same thing for Suzanne and Margaret.  She then passed a length of rope around Blossom’s body, under her arms, and secured it around her chest, before running it down and tying it around her ankles.


“That’s - snug,” she said quietly as the others all got the same treatment.  “I guess we’re going nowhere.”


She looked at Sue, and saw a strange look in her eyes and a smile on her face.


“Sue?  Are you all right?”


“Oh I’m fine,” Sue said as she started to step forward, “it’s just...”


Veronica looked at Anne, who nodded and grabbed Sue from behind, her arms coming up from under Sue’s and around her neck as she held her.  “Sorry about this, ladies,” she said as Maria picked up a white canvas strait jacket, and held it in front of Sue.


“It isn’t?  Then what is it,” Margaret said as Maria pulled the jacket over Sue’s arms, and then held them as Anne fastened it behind her back.


“Thinking of your safety actually,” Coral said over her shoulder.  “Sue Duncombe can be a little - adventurous.  Did Jannifer tell you about the mystery guest at the week away last August?”


Blossom nodded, and then looked at Sue as Anne pulled her arms across her stomach, and secured those straps behind her back.


“Oh,” she said quietly, “Gotcha.”


“We have to discuss some important things,” Anne said as she made Sue sit on the floor against a wall, while Maria brought over a wooden pole with two leather cuffs fixed three feet apart - cuffs which were attached to Sue’s ankles as she watched with a great big smile on her face.


“Aw shucks - I get all the bad press dnomsmmmmm,” she mumbled as a leather panel was placed over her mouth, and strapped into place.


“All right, now we have that sorted out,” Veronica said as she looked at Amy and Dorothy, “We need to discuss tomorrow.  This is what is going to happen - and if I hear one word of complaint or dissent out of either of you, you both get gagged, understand?”


“Promises, Promises,” Dorothy said with a smile.  “Go on then.”


“Miss Amy, Miss Dorothy,” Maria said as she stood in front of the two women on the couch, “You have a very real and deep affection for each other, do you not?  One that is based on love and mutual desire?”


Amy and Dorothy looked at each other and nodded, leaning over to kiss each other as the group watched.


“On the other hand,” Veronica said quietly, “You have both said you do not want to get married again, or do anything formal to show that, right.”


“I don’t think we can anyway - isn’t it illegal,” Amy said as she looked at Anne.


“It is - but I don’t think we should force you to do something you don’t want to do,” Veronica continued.  “Having said which, we do want you two to have the chance to stand, in front of us, and tell each other how you really feel.”


“Veronica,” Dorothy said as she looked at Amy’s sister, “What have you got in mind?”


“We want you,” Katherine said as she stepped forward, “as the mothers of two very dear friends of our daughters, to come together tomorrow and in front of your friends commit yourselves to each other.  I told you last night this would happen, but apart from Katherine, Anne and Maria none of the others knew before today or now.   They also did not know the dress code.”


“Which reminds me - what is the dress code,” Margaret asked quietly.


 “That is simple,” Maria said with a smile, “There is none.”


“No dress code?”


“No - no clothes.”


The group looked at Maria, then at each other, before they burst out laughing, even Sue joining in behind her panel gag.


“We’re not joking,” Veronica said, “We are going to give them the chance to declare their devotion to each other, in front of their friends, with nothing to embarrass them or each other.  Are you all in?”


The group looked round the room at each other, and then nodded as one.  “Bobbi won’t have a problem with it either,” Coral said, “I know that for a fact.”


“Good - because we both want to do this,” Amy said as she looked at Dorothy, who nodded in agreement.  “I know it is very short notice, but - well, thank you.”


“What about the girls - shouldn’t they be here for this?”


“I think they’ll understand - all of them,” Coral said as she tugged on her legs.  “I think it’s a wonderful idea - perhaps we can even get Jack to attend.”


“Do you want him condemning all of us?”


“You’re presuming he will be in a position to argue or even see it,” Anne said with a small smile.  “At any rate, certain roles have been defined.  I will be matron of honour to Dorothy.”


“And I will fulfil that purpose for Amy,” Veronica continued.  “Maria is preparing the food, and Katherine will lead the occasion.  The rest of us are there to support them and welcome them as partners - agreed?”


“I agree,” Margaret said, “But I wish I had time to get a gift.”


“Don’t worry,” Amy said, “Just having you all here will be gift enough.  So you know what this makes tonight?”


“Yup - the night before party,” Veronica said with a smile.  “Now, first you four there - what do you say to these?”  She held up four white ball gags, smiling at their reactions.


“Well, I did say I was willing to join in,” Blossom said as she opened her mouth, and allowed Veronica to push the ball in, fastening the straps around her head.


“Will it hurt,” Margaret said as she looked at the gag.


“I think it’s small enough to fit into your mouth,” Veronica said as she looked at Margaret, “If it gets too uncomfortable, then just grunt three times and we’ll try something else, all right?”


Margaret nodded and then allowed Veronica to complete the gagging, while Maria took care of Coral and Suzanne.  “Now then,” Veronica said with a smile as she looked at the quarter, “I think a little game of tickle is in order - only we’re not going to use our fingers.”


Blossom’s eyes widened as Veronica handed a toothbrush to Anne, Maria and Katherine, and they switched them on in unison.  As the assault on the soles of the captive women started, Sue was happily struggling in her straitjacket, smiling to herself at what Jack Hawkins was feeling right now...







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