Veronica’s Open House - Part 3











Jack had now been strapped tightly to a heavy wooden chair, a large panel gag strapped into his mouth as the two vibrators either side of his crotch worked on him.  He had been freed from the previous device, not by the short dark haired woman but by a Hispanic woman who had removed the blindfold before strapping him down to the chair with heavy leather straps, padlocks secured to the hasps to stop him breaking free.


His head was secured firmly in place, as he was forced to watch the film that was running on the laptop in front of him.  The Hispanic woman had said something about educating him, as he watched the selection of well made bondage videos.


Two things were becoming very clear to Jack.  The first was that these friends of Amy and Dorothy would do anything to protect them - even to the point of holding him hostage.


The second was, despite himself, he was actually enjoying watching the films - and he could not deny the way the vibrators were working on him as well was not unpleasant....




Llll rrtttt www sbmtmtt stppplsssss,” Blossom said as she thrashed her head around.


“Do you think they have had enough?”


“I think so,” Veronica said as she looked in the direction of Amy and Dorothy, “but I know two other people who may appreciate the sensation.”

“Uh oh,” Anne said as she looked at Dorothy, “You don’t think theeeeeeeeeeeaaahahahahhahhhhhhh


The room filled with the laughter and squeals of the two women as they felt the four toothbrushes against their sides, the soles of their feet, and between their legs, the four other women looking and laughing around their ballgags as they watched their torment.


“I think they’re been a little too loud,” Anne said as she stood up, and picked up two sponge balls, “Time for you both to be quiet.”


“Oh come on, do you have to gmmsmmdmm.”  Dorothy’s false complaints were cut off by the sponge that Anne pushed into her mouth, Amy allowing Veronica to do the same to her before Maria smoothed strips of white tape over their mouths.


“Now that you’re quiet,” Katherine said with a smile, “we can give you some entertainment.”  Amy’s eyes widened as she saw the vibrator in her hand, which she began to run gently over her breasts, making her moan as she felt her body responding to the additional stimulation.


Thlkskslkfsnnmmmmmmmm” Dorothy said and then moaned as Anne started to do the same to her, feeling her breasts gardening as the device was pressed onto her chest and rubbed over it.  Both women closed their eyes and then let their heads fall back as the two women ran the devices down their stomachs, and then between their legs, before placing them under the crotch ropes as Amy and Dorothy started to squirm round.


“Enjoy some time together,” Veronica whispered into Amy’s ear, “and then I regret to say you will be separated - it is bad luck to spend the night together before such a ceremony, after all.”


ohfffrgdssskakkkakmmmmmm” is all Dorothy could say as she leaned over and placed her lips on Amy’s neck, the blonde haired woman closing her eyes and nodding as she felt the nuzzle on her. 


“Aw, I still think they look so cute as they do that,” Katherine said as she stood in front of them, her head cocked to one side.  “It almost makes you want to be tied up yourself.”


“Funny you should say that,” Anne said with a smile, “Veronica and I were just thinking that you and Maria need some down time.”


“What do you…  Katherine turned to see that Veronica was fitting an armbinder on Maria, pinning her arms together behind her back in the tight leather sheath.  “Oh yeah, Langley?  Still think you can do it in a way that this Annapolis veteran cannot get out of?”


“I think I can,” Anne said as Sue started laughing into her gag in the corner.  “Especially when I use this – which you are of course going to allow me to put on you?”


Katherine raised an eyebrow as she saw the second brown canvas straitjacket that Anne was holding in her hands.  “Well, that would be a challenge,” she eventually said, “but not one it is impossible to deal with.”  She held her hands out and slipped them into the closed sleeves if the jacket, allowing Anne to secure her as Maria was made to lean on the floor,


“And just how do you propose to tend to your guests with me out of action, Veronica,” Maria said as she looked behind her, watching as her ankles were also secured to a wooden pole with leather cuffs.


“My problem to deal with, Maria – you are off the clock now,” Veronica said with a smile as she patted Maria on her shoulder, and then knelt behind her, reaching round as she started to gentle massage her chest.


Whhsshdngtht,” Margaret said as she looked on.


Yllcee,” Coral said quietly as Maria closed her eyes, moaning as sensations ran through her body that she was ready to feel, but unable to express for long as Veronica gently eased a rubber bung into her mouth, and then secured the leather straps around her head to keep the matching pad pressed firmly against her mouth.


“Ready,” Veronica whispered into her maid’s ear as she gently squeezed the Hispanic’s nipples.  Maria moaned and nodded, then squealed out as Veronica attached a small pair of nipple clamps to her chest, linked by a small metal chain. 


“I forget sometimes just how kinky Maria can be,” Katherine said as she allowed Anne to pull the leather strap between her legs, letting out a Mona as she was allowed to sit down and a pair of leg manacles attached to her ankles. 


“So speaks an expert,” Anne said as she held a leather plug gag in front of Katherine’s mouth.   “Now be a good girl and open up, and I’ll give you a nice present as well.”


“Promises, promises,” Katherine said, but she was smiling as Anne pushed the bung into her mouth and then fastened the pad around her head.  Sppsdbtrtrndscp,” she the said as she tried to twist her arms round.


“Unless I distract you,” Anne said with a smile as she slipped another vibrator under the crotch strap.  Katherine’s eyes snapped wide open and she let out a low moan as the device started to work the magic on her.


“Now then,” Veronica said as she looked at the four women sat cross legged on the floor, “Would you care for another drink or something else?”  As she spoke, Anne showed four more vibrators to the group, who looked at each other and then nodded in unison, Margaret saying “fgtttrths” through the ball in her mouth.”


“I’m so glad you two have joined us,” Veronica said as one by one their moans joined the general noises of pleasure, “it makes things for tomorrow so much easier…”


By this time Amy and Veronica had moved so that Amy was on top of her partner, their moans moving through the air as they gag kissed each toher and moved to press their vibrators more firmly in.  As Amy threw her head back and let out a low, guttural, passionate moan, Anne and Veronica placed sleep masks over Coral, Suzanne, Blossom and Margaret, and then made their way into the kitchen, leaving them all to their devices.





“My god – that was…  That was…”


Margaret was shaking as she sat at the dining table, looking at the group that were assembled round drinking.  Veronica and Anne had released the four of them, and left the others to enjoy some more private time together – except for Sue.


Anne and Veronica had carried her up to where Jack was sitting, his eyes looking at them with a mixture of exhaustion and exhilaration as they had carried her in and deposited her on a mattress, chaining her into place.


“You get to spend the night here,” Anne had said to Jack before fixing a sleepmask over his eyes, “and we’ll switch the vibrators off.  But if you try to escape, Sue will know – and she will make sure you do not do anything like this again.”




“Rediscovering her past,” was all Veronica said as she switched off the vibrators.  “You and she will talk in the morning, and if you do not come to some sort of agreement to behave you will spend tomorrow as you spent today.”


“Only with this added,” Anne added as she showed Jack a small white object, “Where you will never forget it.”


Jack shook his head, too scared to even notice that Sue was in no position to do anything to stop him.


“Intense?  Different?  Do tell,” Blossom said as she blushed, “I mean, I can see why you get such a rush from it – I really do owe Heather a few apologies.”


“Talking of which – have you heard from the girls?”


“Heather called while you were – otherwise occupied.  It seems they have been playing detectives tonight, but the girls were just going to bed.”


“And Alice?”


“She said something about her dressing like Daisy Duke, and pole dancing?”


Margaret stopped and looked round the room.  “Pole dancing?  As in…”


“Guess she does have some of you in her after all,” Coral said as she drained her glass.  “Well, entertaining as this evening has been, I need to get going.  Blossom, can I give you a lift home?”


“Thanks,” Blossom said as she stood up.  “Margaret?”


“It’s all right – Suzanne is going to take me.  What time would you like us to be here tomorrow?”


Veronica looked at the clock.  “Please be back here for eleven tomorrow,” she said as she stood up.  “Thanks to all four of you for coming tonight.  Safe journey.”


“Thanks for an – interesting evening,” Margaret said as she left the room, “and for the sight of Jack.  I don’t think he’s going to thank you for that.”


“So long as he remembers we have the negatives,” Anne said with a smile, as Veronica went to show the four of them out.  Walking back into the front room, she knelt down and removed Katherine’s vibrator, then released her.


“All right, I admit defeat – but only because you managed to create the mother of all distractions,” she finally said as the panel gag was removed from her mouth.  “Did the others get off all right?”


“Veronica’s showing them out now,” Anne said as she removed the vibrators form Amy and Dorothy.  “Time for the lovebirds to go to bed - can you untie Dorothy’s legs and then help me to take her upstairs?”


Hhhddwhft?” Dorothy said as Katherine lifted Amy off her, sitting her to one side of the couch before untying Dorothy’s legs.


“You know the rules - tonight you spend apart, tomorrow you get to celebrate,” Anne said to Dorothy as Katherine helped her to get up, holding her as she wobbled a little.  “Amy and you both need your beauty sleep - so stop complaining and come with us.”


Veronica came in and held the door open as the two others carried Dorothy between them, and knelt next to Maria.  “Ready to put Amy to bed,” she said as she unbuckled her maid.


“I am Veronica,” Maria said as her gag was removed, “how shall we prepare her for bed?”


“Let’s just get her upstairs first,” Veronica said as she looked at Amy, a big goofy grin visible under the tape.  “We’ll take it from there...”


Lifting Amy up, the two women frog marched her between them up the staircase, and then into Veronica’s bedroom.  Laid out on the bed were several coils of rope, a large ball gag, and a long white tube.


Ahhh,” Amy finally said as the tape gag was removed, “You are a very cruel woman, Veronica Cabot - and I love you for it.”


“OF course you do,” Veronica said gently as Maria untied the ropes around Amy.  “Now, you need to get a good night’s sleep, and I know just the way to do that.”


“I’m so relaxed I could sleep forever,” Amy said quietly, “but I don’t have a choice in what you’re going to do to me, do I?”


no - no you don’t” Veronica said as she gently laid Amy on the bed, stroking her hair as Maria tied a length of tope to her left wrist.   “So lay back and sleep - let your body prepare itself for tomorrow.”


“As if I could do anything else,” Amy sighed as Maria pulled her wrist up and attached it to the top of the bed, walking round as she picked up another length of rope and secured her right wrist to the headboard.


Veronica smiled as she went down and secured Amy’s ankles together, then tied them to the foot of the bed, before she picked up the ball gag.  “Open wide,” she said quietly, and as Amy responded Veronica slipped the ball into her mouth, fastening the straps around her head as Amy raised her head, then watching as she lowered it onto the pillow.


“Now,” Veronica said as she switched on the white object, and slipped it under her wet crotch rope, “We’ll keep this on a nice low level.  Enjoy your sleep Amy.”


MSrriwwllssmmmmm” was her sister’s response as she squirmed on the bed, Maria pulling a silk sheet over her before they turned off the light and left the room, closing the door behind them.


Looking from the doorway in the next room, they could see Dorothy lying face down on the bed, a grin over the thick cloth gag in her mouth as Anne finished off the binding of her legs to her chest harness.


“Sleep well,” Katherine said as they joined the other two outside, closing the door as they made their way back to the front room.


“Well, that was an - interesting day,” Anne said as the four women sat in the front room.  “Remind me to teach Sue the subtle art of not getting upset some time.”


“Don’t you think she’s better for not knowing it?”  Anne looked at Veronica and then nodded, laughing as Maria poured more wine into four glasses.


“Yeah - but there’s a reason she gets kept on a short leash - sometimes physically as well,” Anne said, accepting a glass and taking a sip.  “However, in this case, I can’t fault her for doing what she did.”


“One thing bothers me - what is Jack going to do when we release him?  He is a police officer, after all.”


“I’m going to depend on Margaret for that - and the fact I think he was actually starting to enjoy what was happening to him,” Veronica said with a smile.  “But yeah, a very interesting day.  So are we all clear on the plans for tomorrow?”


“I think so - they’ll remain gagged save to say what they want to say?”


Katherine nodded, and said “The fact they won’t have time to think about what they are saying will help get that spontaneity we all love and admire about them.  When are you planning on telling the girls what’s going on?”


“I said earlier - when they come back tomorrow night,” Veronica said with a smile.  “Maria, what have you planned for lunch tomorrow after the event?”


“I wish to surprise you,” Maria said with a smile, “so I must be up tomorrow to receive some deliveries in my usual way.  It would not do for them to see me as I will be later.  If you will excuse me?”


“Good night Maria - and thank you for today,” Veronica said as he housekeeper drained her glass and smiled, before leaving the room.


“We’d better turn in as well,” Anne said as she put her glass down.  “See you in the morning?”


Veronica and Katherine nodded as Anne left the room.  “Do you think the girls are having as much fun as we are,” Veronica said as she stood up.


“Knowing Heather, I think they’re learning a few things,” Katherine said with a smile.  “Time for bed.”





Sunday, 8 am


“Thank you Thomas - you have excelled yourself this time.”


“No problem Maria - having a lunch party?”


Maria smiled at the young man as she placed the wrapped whole salmon on the work surface.  “Just a little dinner Miss Veronica is having for some friends,” she said as she took some notes and handed them to Thomas.  “I’ll let you be on your way, with my grateful thanks.”


The young man smiled and left as Maria carefully opened the package, sliding the salmon onto a long plate and then lifting it into the refrigerator.  As she closed the door, Veronica came in, stretching in her blue dressing gown.


“Good morning Maria,” she said as she sat at the table, and Maria handed her a mug of coffee.  The housekeeper was wearing her usual grey coat dress with dark hose and flat shoes, as she went back to the preparation of some vegetables.  “How long have you been up?”


“I rose at six, Miss Veronica,” Maria said, but before she had a chance to chastise her there was a knock on the rear door, and Maria dried her hands, opening it to a delivery of fresh flowers.


“Ah good - they arrived,” Anne said as she walked in, dressed in a short robe over a pair of blue silk pyjama bottoms.  “If you would bring those through here, I’ll tell you where to place the arrangements.”


Veronica and Maria watched as the two men carried the flowers through, following Anne into the front room.  “Have you seen Katherine yet,” Veronica said as she sipped her coffee.


“She was up about half an hour ago - I believe she wanted to look something up in your family records,” Maria said as she returned to her work.  As if on cue, Katherine walked in and sat down.


“Veronica, I know this may be prying into family business, but...”


“Heidi’s father?  No idea - he left and Amy won’t talk about what happened.  He left her with the house, and that’s all.”


Katherine nodded as she poured herself a mug of coffee, and then said “So when do we wake the lovely ladies?”


“They get breakfast in bed,” Veronica said with a smile, “Courtesy of myself and Anne - but not yet.  Let them sleep a little while longer.”


“Sounds good to me,” Katherine said as Anne walked back in.  “I suppose I’d better go and see what Sue is up to as well,” she said as she poured herself a coffee, but before she had a drink the doorbell rang and Maria made her way to answer it.


“Mrs Hawkins,” she said as she walked back into the room, followed by Margaret.  She was wearing a black silk blouse, open at the neck, a knee length skirt and dark hose, with her feet in a pair of high heels.


“Good morning, Margaret,” Veronica said as the new arrival sat down and accepted some coffee, “I wasn’t expecting you for some time.”


“I know,” Margaret said as she looked at the women, “but there is something I need to do before anything else, isn’t there?  Is he still upstairs?”


“He is,” Anne said quietly, “I was about to go upstairs.  Do you want to come with me?”


“I need to,” Margaret said quietly, “but there is something I need you to do first, if you are willing?”


Anne and Veronica looked at each other, and said “Go on...”





Jack slowly opened his eyes as he felt the pressure between his legs ease, and looked into the face of Veronica as she smiled at him.


“Good morning, Jack,” she said as she wiped his brow, “The good news is that Sue did not wake up during the night.  Aren’t you glad of that?”


Tssthnku,” Jack said quietly as Veronica stood up.  “Now, there is someone who wishes to speak to you,” she said as she reached behind his head and unbuckled the straps, easing the ball gag out of his mouth before offering him some water to drink.


“Who,” he whispered quietly, before Veronica stepped aside to reveal Margaret sitting behind her.  She was lashed to a chair, with ropes around her chest and arms, stretching her blouse over her chest as she smiled at her husband.  Her legs were tied tightly to the front legs of the chair, and her knees to the joint of the legs and the seat.


“Thank you, Veronica - give us a few minutes alone will you,” she said, watching as Veronica left them, closing the door behind her.


Marg... Margaret,” Jack said quietly, “Do you know what has happened to me?”


“I got the basic details,” Margaret said as she looked at him, “and I am told I can get a copy of the DVD if I wish.  Jack, will you allow me to talk for once and not interrupt me?”


“I... don’t have the strength... to do anything else,” he panted as he raised his head.


“Good.  Jack, you are a good man, and I know you love me and the kids.  You know that, don’t you?”


He slowly nodded as he tried to look at his wife.


“But recently, this anger you have felt over Amy and Dorothy has caused us nothing but trouble.  Ever since you freed me from that hell hole, and we found ourselves coming together, I have loved you and supported you in everything you did.  I can never not love you, you know that, right?”


“I do,” Jack said quietly, “and I would do anything for you and Alice.”


“I know,” Margaret said quietly, “but I don’t understand why, when you are a loving husband and a great father, you are so violently opposed to Amy and Dorothy.  You must have some idea of what they have been through in their personal lives - the kidnappings, the threats, what Dorothy’s husband was involved in.”


“I have,” Jack said quietly, “I even know about what happened to Amy and Heidi a few years ago at the bank.  Margaret, love, I know how it looks, but I...”


“Yes, Jack?  What is the reason for this intolerance, this anger?”


Jack lifted his head and looked at his wife, before saying “I know I have been a bad man, an angry man when I have seen them, but...”


“Jack Hawkins,” Margaret said quietly, “I love you, and Alice loves you, but you are hurting her and me with what you have said and done.  What is the problem?”


Jack looked at his wife, tears in his eyes as he said simply “Karen.”


Margaret sat back, looking at her husband as if she was looking at him anew.  “Karen?  Your sister Karen?  You so rarely talk about her, but why does she cause this reaction when you look at Amy and Dorothy?”


“When she left home, it tore my family apart - I saw my mother crying, I never saw my father so angry.  When we found the magazines, and realised what she and her - friend were up to, they cut her off completely.  They were never quite the same after that - so when I realised what was happening with Amy and Dorothy, and I knew Alice was friends with both of their daughters, something in me just snapped.”


He looked up at Margaret, tears in his eyes a she said “This last day, I’ve had time to think - when I haven’t been distracted - and to realise that Amy and Dorothy are not Karen and...”


“Her name is Rebecca,” Margaret said quietly.  “Your mother got back in touch with her, and they’ve reconciled themselves.  I met them once at her house - and I know Karen would love to meet with you.


“Jack, I know you acted for the best, but this has to end.  I’m here today to support Amy and Dorothy as they pledge their love for each other.”  She saw a look in Jack’s eye, and said “not a marriage, not a civil union - a simple pledge of love for each other.  And I want you to be there with me when they do it.  They would like that too - but only if you choose to remain silent.”


Jack looked up and said “I’d like that - but can you forgive me?  Can they forgive me?”


“Let me talk to them about that,” Margaret said as the door opened and Sue carried in a breakfast tray with food and drink on it.  “Can you untie me please, Sue - I wish to feed my husband.”


“OF course,” Sue said as she untied Margaret from the chair, allowing her to pull it over and pick up a piece of toast.  Spreading some honey on it, she placed it in Jack’s mouth, as Sue sat back and watched.





“Good morning,” Anne said as she placed the breakfast tray on the table next to Dorothy’s bed, and reached round to remove her gag, then untie the ropes holding her in a hogtie, and then her upper body.


“It is,” Dorothy said as she stretched her arms up and yawned.  “Breakfast in bed - how nice.  What time is it?”


“Ten Thirty,” Anne said with a smile.  “Breakfast, then a shower - and then we get you ready.”


“Sounds good,” Dorothy said as she picked up a slice of toast from the tray and put it into her mouth, “How’s Amy?”


“I imagine she is getting the same treatment from Veronica,” Anne said with a smile.  “Margaret has arrived, and is talking to her husband at the moment.”


“Do you think he’ll cause any trouble,” Dorothy said quietly.


“I don’t think he will,” Anne said with a smile, “but don’t let that concern you right now.  She’ll talk to you later.”




“Suzanne - looking stunning.”


Katherine stood back and allowed Suzanne to come in, taking her coat to reveal a fifties style frock dress in cream, with a wide black belt around her waist, and black heels.


“I know the dress code is less formal,” Suzanne said as she embraced Katherine, “But that does not mean I cannot dress up just yet - I see you had a similar idea.”


“Well, it made sense to me,” Katherine said.  She was in her Naval uniform, the short sleeved white blouse open at the neck, her skirt down to just below her knees, dark hose and sensible shoes.  “Come on in - the others are having some snacks and drinks.


Katherine opened the door and allowed Suzanne in, where Coral and Bobbi were standing talking to Maria.  Coral was wearing a classic black trouser suit, with a pale blue camisole top, and heels, while Bobbi had on an Aztec print dress with a grey jacket over the top, natural coloured hose and grey leather shoes.


“Would you care for a glass of champagne, Suzanne,” Maria said as she handed the new arrival a glass.  “Thanks,” Suzanne said as she accepted the glass, then looked to the doorway as Margaret walked in.


“Well,” Katherine said as she saw the expression on her face, “What did Jack have to say?”


“He regrets he won’t be able to join us,” Margaret said quietly, “but he won’t bother either Amy or Dorothy any more.  I found out what was behind his reactions and - let’s just say we’ll deal with it.”


“Good news,” Katherine said as she handed Margaret a glass, “and I will raise a toast to that.  Where’s Sue?”


“Just making him comfortable, then she’ll join us.”




“Are you sure this is what you want, Mr Jenkins?”


Jack nodded mutely as he looked up into Sue’s eyes.  The large ball between his lisp was muffling most sound, the straps securely fastened around his head, as he lay spread eagled on the bed, his wrists and ankles secured in place with cuffs and chains.


“If you do this with Margaret, do not forget the safe words and codes,” Sue said quietly as she picked up the leather hood.  “I leave you like this under your own choice, and will check you regularly until Margaret is ready to release you.”


Jack nodded again, before his world was plunged into darkness by the hood that was pulled over his head.  Sue fastened it tightly around his neck, allowing him to breath, before she left him there and went to get changed...




“Good morning Ladies - a lovely day for a ceremony.”


Blossom walked into the room, wearing a soft chiffon dress that hugged every curve of her body as she embraced the others.  “I don’t believe we’ve met,” she said after she hugged Coral and looked at the blonde haired woman next to her.


“No, I don’t think we have - I’m Bobbi, an old friend of Amy and Veronica’s.”


“Pleasure to meet you Bobbi,” Blossom said as she embraced her, while Sue walked into the room, dressed in a dark wool jersey dress.


“I have to inform you we have thirty minutes to the start of the ceremony,” Sue said quietly,  Katherine, will you do the honours?”


“Ladies,” she said as Maria refilled the glasses of the guests, “I ask you to join me in toasting Amy and Dorothy.”


“Amy and Dorothy,” the room responded as they drained their glasses, and set them to one side.


“Excellent,” Katherine said as she set her glass down, and then started to unbutton her blouse.  “It is time to prepare ourselves...”




“Blue nail polish?  Why?”


Amy looked at Veronica as she applied the final stroke to her sister’s fingernails, and then closed the cap, smiling as she put it to one side.


“You know the saying - something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue - well, there’s the blue.”


“But we’re not getting married!”


“I know, I know - but some traditions are hard to fight against, you know?”  Veronica stood up and walked behind Amy, as she finished putting her blonde hair up and put a small tiara on top of it.




“Actually,” Amy said as she turned and looked at her sister, “Yes I am.  I have no idea, what I’m going to say what, I’m going to do...”


“You’re going to be just fine,” Veronica said quietly as she walked back round, and removed her blue dressing gown, standing naked in front of Amy.  “But it is time, stand up and let the towel drop to the floor.”


Amy nodded as she stood up, her hands by her side as Veronica took a small bag from the side table and laid it on the bed, opening it and taking out a worn leather strap.


“I guess that’s something old,” Amy said as she put her hands behind her back.  “No - in front of you.  You need to be able to hold your bouquet,” Veronica said quietly as she watched her sister put her hands together in front of her.  Taking the thong, she tied her wrists tightly together, then used a second one to cinch the binding between her arms.


“So what’s the something new,” Amy said quietly, watching as Veronica reached into the bag and took out a new black leather dog collar.  She showed it to Amy, allowing her to see the dog tag that had “Dot” and the date engraved on it, before she walked behind Amy and fastened it round her neck.


“Dorothy has one as well,” Veronica said quietly as she fastened one end of a brand new leather leash to the ring at the front, and placed the other end in Amy’s hands to hold.


“I can see this is going to be interesting,” Amy said quietly as Veronica returned to the bag.  “So, although I know I’m going to regret asking this, what are you doing for something borrowed?”


“So glad you asked,” Veronica said with a smile as she drew out a white ball gag.  “I borrowed these from Suzanne - she said she found them in Joanne’s room.”


“A likely story,” Amy laughed out in response.  “Joanne prefers tape or scarves.”


“True - but I’m not going to question it - now open wide.”


“Before I do, can I say one thing?”


Veronica looked at her sister and said “Sure - what is it?”


“Thanks - I know I keep saying it, but you’re the greatest sister I could wish for.  I just wish the girls could have been here.”


“We’ll make it up to them eventually,” Veronica said as she held the ball gag up between her hands, “Now open wide.”


Amy opened her mouth to allow Veronica to push the ball in, before she fastened the straps around her head.  As she buckled it tightly, there was a knock on the door and Maria came in, also naked as she handed Veronica a small bouquet of flowers.


“The guests are assembled in the front room, Veronica - and await the ladies.”


“Thank you Maria, we will be there in a moment,” Veronica said as she handed the flowers to Amy, who smiled over the gag as she held them with the end of the leash.




Amy nodded slowly as Veronica went to the door of the bedroom, and looked outside.  “We will go first,” she said as she came back and took Amy’s arm, walking her out of the bedroom and down the stairs.


The staircase was lined with small bunches of white flowers, and as they reached the hallway Maria was waiting by the door to the front room.  Smiling, she opened the door and allowed the two women to come in.


There were two rows of chairs down the centre of the room, with Suzanne, Coral and Bobbi on one side, and Margaret, Blossom and Sue on the other.  Katherine stood at the front, smiling as Veronica walked Amy down the aisle of chairs to the sounds of “I Close My Eyes” by Dusty Springfield.  Everyone was naked and smiling as they stopped and waited.


The door opened again, and as the music changed to “Love Letters” by Alison Moyet the others watched Anne escorting Dorothy in.  Her dark hair had been pulled back from her forehead and a tiara placed on top, but otherwise she was exactly like Amy, holding the end of a leash and a bunch of flowers in her hands as she joined Amy in front of Katherine.


“Friends,” Katherine said quietly as Anne and Veronica stood beside the couple, “We are here today not to join these two women in a ceremony with a legal standing, but instead to allow them to express their devotion to, and commitment to, each other.  We do this as their friends, and to show our commitment to them as well as their commitment to each other.


“Before we begin, Anne and Veronica wish to say something to both of them.  Veronica?”


Veronica stepped forward, smiling at Amy and Dorothy before she began to speak.


“Amy, I want you to know that I am so glad we became close again over the last few years.  I have always loved you, but the experiences we have shared, and the joy you and Heidi have brought into my life has been immeasurable.  You have renewed and reinvigorated me, and I love you for that.


“And Dorothy - the first day I met your daughter, I knew why Heidi called Cindy her best friend.  And then when I met you, I hardly could have believed what was going to happen, how much you would come to mean to Amy, to Heidi - and to me. 


“We have grown to become a family together, and when I realised just how close you two were becoming I could not have been happier.  I want you both to know that, to know that whatever happens in the years ahead, I will always be there for both of you.  May this be the beginning of a new stage in your relationship, and may this be a joyous and happy day for both of you.”


The two women blushed as Veronica went and sat next to Bobbi, while Anne stepped forward.


“Dorothy,” she began, “when I first met you you were a very scared woman, who had undergone a great shock.  I saw you and your young child adapt to a new life, and go through a lot of changes, but in all that I cared deeply that you were happy.


“Now today, I stand before you, and I see a confident woman who is happy with herself.  I also see Amy, a woman I have come to know very well over the last few years, and know that she has brought the happiness back into your life that you so desired.  I have seen Cindy and Heidi grow closer as you have, and come to know you and them as friends.


“In all this, I have seen one other thing, as I have stayed with you and the girls, with their friends and the others here - that if ever a couple were meant to be together, it is you and Amy.  So today, I am proud to support you in this, and may you have many happy years together.”


She smiled and went to sit next to Sue, who put her hand on Anne's shoulder and whispered “Well said sis,” as Katherine looked at the couple.


“Amy, Dorothy, I invite you now to share your feelings to each other...”


The two women looked at each other, before Dorothy turned and nodded her head to Katherine.  She reached round and removed the ball gag, then waited as Dorothy worked her jaw before beginning to talk.


“Well, this is an interesting gathering,” she said as she looked round the room, and heard everyone start to giggle, before she turned and looked at Amy.


“I haven’t really had a lot of time to prepare for this - there have been a few distractions - so let me try to express what I am feeling as clearly as possible.  Amy, we met through our daughters, and I have to confess they looked the most unlikely of friends, especially with the way my fear of the past led me to make Cindy as - well as frumpy as possible, unlike the free spirit that is your daughter.


“But what is it they say about opposites attracting?  As we experienced so much together, as you brought both Cindy and me out of our shells and allowed us to be the people we were meant to be, I found myself realising that there was more going on here than just mutual friendship.  I can’t tell you when it first became clear to me what was happening, but eventually...”


Dorothy looked deep into Amy’s eyes, before to the surprise to everyone she started to sing.


Once I believed that when love came to me,

It would come with rockets, bells and poetry.

But with me and you, it just started quietly and grew,

And believe it or not, now there’s something groovy and good about whatever we got.


And it’s getting better, growing stronger,

Warmer, wilder, getting better every day,

Better every day.


I don’t feel all turned on and starry eyed,

I just feel a sweet sensation, deep inside.

Holding you at night, just feels kinda natural and right,

And it’s not hard to see, that this isn’t half of what it’s gonna turn out to be.


And it’s getting better, growing stronger,

Warmer, wilder, getting better every day,

Better in every way.


And I don’t mind waiting, I don’t mind waiting,

‘Cos no matter how long it takes, the two of us know...


She looked at the assembled women, who all joined in the last chorus with Amy standing there blushing.


“There it is, Amy - you complete me in a way I cannot express in any other words, and I want to be part of your life and Heidi’s, and their friends, as much as you to be a part of mine and Cindy’s.”


Dorothy then turned and nodded to Katherine, opening her mouth to allow her to replace the ballgag, before Amy was ungagged.  She stood still for a moment, looking at Dorothy before saying “Don’t worry - I’m not going to sing.”


“Thank goodness,” Veronica said as everyone laughed. 


“Dorothy - I know you and Cindy when we first met you lived in fear, although it took time to realise why.  When I did find out, I was reminded of an incident some years ago, when Heidi and I were in a local bank where a woman was shot, trying to disarm some disgruntled guard.”


Sue shot a quick glance at Anne when Amy said this, but Amy was looking straight ahead, and said nothing.


“It was soon after that when my husband left us, and Amy and I were alone.  It caused us a lot of pain at the time, and there are days when it still hurts, but once a year we visit the grave of that brave woman, and somehow it fills us both with hope as well.


“Why am I mentioning this now?  Because over these last few months, I have discovered something I never in my wildest dreams I ever thought I would feel again - the feeling that is someone was not there, then I would know something was missing.  Having said that, I also never in my wildest dreams believed it would be another woman who would make me feel that way.


“Dorothy, I cannot sing as well as you, and I sometimes find it difficult to express how you make me feel, so let me put it this way to you.  I know Veronica speaks of how she felt when she realised that Natalie was her biological daughter - how there was an ache at the back of her very being that she did not even know was there, but when she knew who Natalie was it filled that gap.


“It is the same with you for me, Dorothy - you fill a gap I never even knew was there, and now that the gap is filled I never want to realise it was empty again.  You are at the centre of my life and soul, and I want you to remain there now and forever.  I already think of Cindy as my other daughter, and I know Amy and Natalie are incredibly close to her.  I know you feel the same way about Heidi as well.


“Dorothy, my love, my angel, I want to be with you now and forever, and I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me the truth of that.  I simply need you, the touch of your hand, the scent of your skin - that is all I will ever need.


“That’s all I want to say - I love you.”


Amy opened her mouth to allow the ballgag to be pushed and strapped back in, before Katherine stood in front of both of them.


“Normally in a ceremony, the person in charge asks if anyone knows of any just cause or impediment - but I speak for all of us when I say there is no just cause or impediment to the two of you joining together in front of us.  Do I speak for all of you?”


She looked round the room, and saw all the others nodding as Amy and Dorothy looked at each other.  Nodding, she stepped forward and took the bouquets of flowers from them, handing them to Anne and Veronica before she looked at both of them.


“Hold hands,” she said quietly as Amy opened her hands and clasped Dorothy’s between them.  “Amy, will you pledge your life, your heart and soul to Dorothy?  Will you support her, care for her, be there for her no matter what may happen, and will you take Cindy to be as your own daughter, to raise into the best woman she can be?”


Amy looked at Dorothy and nodded.


“Dorothy, will you pledge your life, your heart and soul to Amy?  Will you support her, care for her, be there for her no matter what may happen, and will you take Heidi to be as your own daughter, to raise into the best woman she can be?”


Dorothy smiled and nodded in response.


“And to those of who are here,” Katherine said as she looked round the room.  “I ask you now, will you support Amy and Dorothy, will you be there when you need you, and will you stand by them no matter what may come in the days, months and years to come?”


As one, all the women standing there nodded.


“Amy, Dorothy,” Katherine said quietly, “We stand here with you, in the way we came into this world, and pledge to be with you in the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the dark days and the light ones.  We stand as one to say to both of you, may you be joined in love, in mutual support, in a desire only to be the best for each other.  Will you make that pledge?”


The two women turned and looked at each other, before they nodded in agreement.


“Then as your friends, gathered here, we wish to help you to celebrate your joining together.  Maria?”


Maria walked down the aisle, holding a box from which each of the women took a leather thong in their hands.  As she approached the front, Katherine took a thong and Maria the last one, standing to the side as Katherine lowered their hands and then bound their wrist binding together with her leather strap.


“Anne and Veronica?”


The two women stood up and knelt behind Amy and Dorothy, pushing their legs together and binding their ankles with their leather strap.  As they both stood up, they hugged their friends before standing down and allowing Sue and Bobbi to come forward.  They also knelt down, binding their legs together below their knees as they continued to look into each other’s eyes.


Coral and Blossom came next, using their leather strap to bind the two women’s arms together at each side.  Dorothy and Amy giggled at each other as their arms were then bound together above their elbows, before Maria stepped forward with Katherine.


“In front of all of us,” Katherine said as Maria passed her binder between their legs and secured them together, “I say to you, Amy Strong and Dorothy Elsworth, that we welcome you as a couple now and forever, and may nothing ever break you apart.”


There was a tear running down the cheek of both women as Katherine and Maria removed their gags, and Katherine said “I now pronounce you joined - now give each other a kiss.”


“What do you say, Miss Strong,” Dorothy said quietly.


“Shut up, Mrs Elsworth,” Amy said before she reached over and kissed Dorothy, the room cheering as they did so.  “Maria, I believe some refreshment may be in order at this point,” Veronica said, watching as Maria left for a moment and returned with two bottles of champagne and eleven glasses.






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