Veronica’s Open House - Part 4









“How do you expect us to drink that,” Amy said as she watched Katherine open one of the bottles.


“Don’t worry,” Veronica said as she stood behind Amy, and Anne behind Dorothy, “We’ll soon get you out of these and give you both a drink.”


“I’m not sure I want to let go of you right now,” Dorothy said as she looked at Amy, but eventually the group stood in a circle, their glasses raised as Katherine said “Ladies - Amy and Dorothy!”


“Amy and Dorothy!”


As the glasses were drained, Bobbi said “I know it’s probably the wrong time to ask, but are we planning to have the lunch naked as well?”


“Would you like to,” Blossom said, the whole room laughing as Katherine said “no - we’ll put our clothes back on before we eat.  What are you two planning to wear?”


“I’m sure you lot have already thought of that,” Dorothy said with a smile.


“Indeed we have - Veronica and Anne will take you to dress appropriately,” Katherine said with a smile as the two women were led away.  “As for us - let’s take a few moments to dress ourselves.”





Fifteen minutes later, Amy returned with Veronica.  Amy was wearing a light blue summer dress with a white floral print, natural hose and white strapped sandals.  Veronica was wearing a tan coloured jacket and pants with a white camisole top underneath her jacket, and white ankle boots.


“Nice,” Katherine said as she handed the two women a second glass of champagne.  “When Dorothy gets back, there’s something we need to do before dinner.”


“Someone mention me,” Dorothy said as she returned with Anne.  She was wearing a fifties style lime green dress with a wide collar, a red bow attached to one side of it, light green tights and heels, with a thin red leather belt around her waist.  The skirt flowed out from the gathered waist to just above Dorothy’s knees, and her dark hair was pulled back from her forehead.


“Wow,” Amy said as she looked at Dorothy, “You look fantastic.”


Anne was, unusually for her, dressed in a red sweater and leather skirt with red high heels, but all eyes were on Amy and Dorothy as they looked at the room.


“Look,” Amy finally said, “I know this isn’t a legally binding thing or anything, but we don’t need that - not when we have you.  Thank you - thank you all.”


“Forgiven for Friday night now,” Veronica said quietly.


“Of course you are,” Dorothy said as the two of them hugged Veronica, “but next time, give us some warning, eh?”


“You got it,” Anne said with a smile, “A toast - to friends.”


“To friends,” Amy said as they drained their glasses, before Maria said “Lunch is ready for all of us.”


“Good idea - I’m starving,” Sue said, making everyone laugh as they made their way to the dining room.



As they walked in, Amy and Dorothy were surprised to see a number of brightly wrapped presents waiting for them.


“Well, we couldn’t let the day pass without some sign from us of how much we want to wish you both well,” Blossom said as she saw the look on their faces, “Why don’t you open them?”


“It’s just like Christmas,” Amy said as she looked at the first present, which had a label wishing them both well from Suzanne and Joanne.


“I still don’t know who we’re going to tell the girls about this,” Dorothy said as Amy opened the box to reveal a framed photo of the four of them.


“It’s a small thing - we took this last year before Heidi went off to England,” Suzanne said quietly, “I hope you like it.”


“I love it,” Dorothy said as she looked at it, “Thank you very much.”


Blossom then presented them with a voucher for a weekend away at a local spa.  “I think after this weekend, you two deserve a break by yourselves,” was all she said, which made everyone laugh.


“What’s this,” Dorothy said as she picked up an envelope from Anne and Sue.  Opening it, she looked inside, then at the two of them and said “You can’t be serious...”


“We are,” Anne said, “and Veronica has an envelope of her own as well.  I spoke with your host, and she wants you there as well.”


“I...  We can’t accept this, it’s...”


“Trust me,” Amy said quietly, “She won’t take no for an answer.  So what shall we open next?”


“Ours,” Coral and Bobbi said as they handed the couple a white box, wrapped in a pink ribbon. 


“I shudder to think of what this is going to have in it,” Dorothy said with a smile.  “Let’s open it together.”  Amy nodded as they slowly opened the lid, and looked inside.


“Oh my,” Amy said as she looked at the two matching leather sheaths inside, “I don’t know what to say.”


“Don’t say anything,” Bobbi said with a smile, “just make good use of them...”


“Oh dear.”




“Something I’ve got to do - excuse me,” she said as she ran off, Anne looking round the room to make sure everyone was still there.


“Shall we try them on later,” Dorothy said with a smile.


“When we’re alone - I’ll put yours on your arms first,” Amy said as she gently kissed her partner.


“I’ve got something else for you,” Coral said as she reached behind the table and took out a frame, “Andrea did this sketch a few weeks ago, and when I saw it I asked her to work it up properly.  I think you both could use it now.”


Taking the frame, Amy and Dorothy looked at the painting of Amy’s house, in the height of the summer.  “Thank her for us,” Amy said with a smile.


“You can thank her later - I believe the girls will be coming back here, right Veronica?”


“I have a small gift for you,” Maria said as she stepped forward, holding a small wooden box in her hands, “Please, accept it with my best wishes for a long and happy partnership.”


Dorothy opened the box, and took out a small velvet bag, which clinked as she shook it.  Opening the drawstrings, she took out thirteen golden coins, which glistened in the sunlight.


“This is the madrina des arras,” Maria said with a smile, “Traditionally given by the groom to the bride to show all he has is hers.  I give it to you now as a symbol to you both for your commitment to each other.”


“Are you sure, Maria - are these not a family heirloom?”


“I am sure,” Maria said with a smile, “for you are my family now as well.”  She bowed and stepped back, the two women looking at each other as Veronica walked over and hugged her housekeeper.


“She cares about you and the girls a great deal, you know that don’t you?”


Amy looked over at Katherine and nodded silently.  “So the girls are going to be coming back here tonight?”


“Yeah - if you’re in agreement, Amy and Cindy can stay here tonight, to give you and Dorothy some quiet time together.”


“Thanks,” Dorothy said as she turned round.  “We must meet this sister of yours at some point.”


“I’ll let you know next time she is in town,” Katherine said, “but I did ask her to sort me out a present, so here it is.”  She handed over a magazine rack, made of wrought metal that had been welded into an intricate spiral pattern.


“Very practical,” Amy said as she looked at it, and then looked at the four small metal rings on the legs.  “What are these for?”


“Knowing Heather, for attaching something to,” Blossom said with a smile as she looked at it.  “She always did like working with metal.”



Amy picked up a large gold wrapped box, and opened it to reveal a set of kitchen knives.


“Not as exotic as some of the other presents, I know,” Margaret said as she stood by them, her head bowed slightly, “But - well, this is still all so new to me.”


“Margaret,” Dorothy said as she put her arm round her shoulder, “I’m just glad that you were able to come here today.”


“So am I.”


The room turned to see Jack Hawkins standing there, dressed in his clothes from the previous day.  Sue closed the door behind him, and then stood to one side.


“I have a gift for you as well,” he said as he walked over and hugged Margaret, “It’s not very expensive, but it comes from my heart.”


Amy and Dorothy looked at each other, then at Jack as he said “I’m sorry - I hurt both of you, and I should not have done so.  Please, forgive me.”


“Well,” Dorothy said slowly, “I suppose we can - on one condition.”




“You do not say a word about what happened to you this weekend to anyone - if you have truly learned that we mean no harm, then don’t harm Sue.”


“Why would he want to harm me - all I did was help him to realise the error of his ways,” Sue said as she refilled her glass and a new one, handing the second one to Jack.


“Don’t worry,” he said with a wry smile, “I won’t - although I pity the man you meet in your professional capacity.”


“Funny - a lot of them say that,” Anne replied, making the whole room laugh.


“Which I guess leaves me,” Veronica said as she picked up an envelope from the table, “although I suspect the girls may want you to get something when they find out what’s happened.  Here - take this, with my love.”


Amy opened the envelope, taking out a set of door keys.  “Veronica,” she said quietly, “What is...”


Dorothy took the key and looked at Veronica, who was standing there smiling.


“It’s a place on the outskirts of town,” she said quietly, “nice neighbourhood, set back from the main road.  When I was asked to sell it, I realised it would be perfect for the four of you - if you want to move in, that is.  If not, well it will make a good place for the girls and us to party if we want.”


“What do you say,” Amy said as she looked at Dorothy, “We have just pledged ourselves to each other...”


Dorothy could not say anything, as she looked up at with tears in her eyes.  “Veronica, I...”


“Don’t you dare say no,” Veronica said quietly, “I can afford it, and you both deserve it.  Mind you, Anne may have a word or two to say on the matter...”


Dorothy slowly nodded and then hugged Amy, burying her head into her shoulder.  “I think that’s a yes,” Amy said quietly, “but we’re never going to be able to repay you for this.”


“Who said you have to repay - it’s a gift, sis,” Veronica said quietly as Anne walked over.  “Give us a couple of weeks,” she said quietly, “and then you can start to make arrangements.”


“Right,” Dorothy said as she raised her head and rubbed her eyes, “Can we eat now?”


“Please,” Maria said as she stood to one side, “Help yourselves...”





“Ladies - and Jack,” Veronica said as the party stood around, their empty plates in their hands, “I just wanted to say thank you for coming today.  I know we pulled a massive surprise on Amy and Dorothy to set this up, but I’m sure you all agree it was worth it.


“We also want to especially thank Blossom and Margaret - I know you both had absolutely no idea what you were walking into this weekend, or indeed just how strange things were going to get, but you joined in - and we’ll welcome you back any time.”


“Next time, take the dart gun off her,” Jack said as he looked at Sue, before the room burst out laughing again.


“May I say something?”


“Of course you may, Blossom.”


“I came over on Saturday to ask how to deal with two young girls who seem to think tying themselves up is great fun - and discovered that I find it great fun as well.  Perhaps one of these days we can have a mum and daughter kidnap - though perhaps, with our clothes still on?”


“Sounds fun to me - last time we did that was for the week away, but I’m sure we can work something out, if you and Margaret are up for it?”


“If Jack allows it,” Margaret said as she placed her hand on her husband’s.


“I won’t stop you - so long as it’s done discretely,” he said with a smile.


“Well, we’ll table that for now - but speaking of the girls, there’s something we need to do.  Let’s all go through to the front room.”


“What about the dirty dishes,” Blossom said as she looked round, but Maria shook her head.  “I will deal with them later,” she said quietly, “for now, let us hear what Veronica has to say.”


The party made their way back to the front room, where Amy and Dorothy sat next to each other on the couch.


“Now, forgive us,” Veronica said as she and Katherine re-attached the leashes to their collars, and then used Dorothy’s leash to bind Amy’s wrists together in front of her, then Amy’s to bind Dorothy’s.


“You two need to be as one as we do this,” Veronica said quietly.


“As we do what?”


“Talk to the girls,” was Veronica’s response as she put the phone on the coffee table on speaker, and dialled a number.  After a few rings, a female voice said “Hello?”


“Heather?  It’s Katherine here - how are things on the farm?”


“All good thanks - the girls have had a very restful weekend, and they’re here with me now.  They spent the morning down at the watering hole.”


“Really?  I presume that means they went for a nice refreshing swim.  Pity they forgot to take any costumes with them.”


“You know they didn’t need them, Kath.”


The women looked at each other, as Blossom said “Don’t tell me Jannifer...”


“Not Jannifer - no.  From what I understand, it was...”


“Alice.”  Margaret rolled her eyes and said “We need to have word with her” to her husband.


“Heidi and Cindy?  Are they there?”


“Sitting here with me, as you asked them to be.  “Say hello girls.”


“Hi Aunt Veronica,” Heidi called out, “How’s Mum doing?”


“We’re fine,” Amy called out, “and - well, Dorothy and I have something to tell you.”


“Really,” Dorothy heard Cindy say, “Don’t tell me you both decided it was time you got married.”




“MUM!”  The shriek from Heidi made the other mothers laugh.


“Actually, no - but we have decided it’s time we made our commitment to each other real, so Veronica and Katherine made sure we had a chance to do that.  I’m sorry you weren’t here to see it, but we’ll tell you all about it later.”


“Sounds interesting,” Coral heard Andrea say, “Will we get the full story?”


“No,” Amy said with a blush, “but there is one thing we need to tell you both.  What would you say to us living together in the same house?”


There was a moment’s silence, before Cindy said “Do you mean it, Mum?”


“We do,” Dorothy said, “but only if you two are happy for that to happen as well.”


There was silence on the speaker for a few minutes, before Heidi said “Does this mean we have to share a room?”


“No,” Dorothy said with a laugh,” I think the house we will move to has enough rooms for you to have one each.”


“Well then, I have only one thing to say,” Heidi said as Amy and Dorothy looked nervously at each other.


“And that is?”


“We are going to have the biggest celebration meal this week!”


“Oh thank god,” Dorothy said with a sigh, “I think they like the idea.”


“Listen,” Veronica said, “Suzanne and Katherine are going to come and pick you girls up in a little while and bring you back here.  Heidi, you, Cindy and Natalie are going to stop here tonight, if that’s all right?  I think you should allow your mothers some personal time tonight.”


There was a muffled reply, before Heather said “Sorry - we had to stop them screaming for joy.  I’ll see Suzanne and Katherine later this afternoon.  Congratulations, Amy and Dorothy.”


“Thanks,” Amy said as the line went dead, and the women looked at each other.


The sound of a mobile phone ringing interrupted the silence, as Anne fished it from her bag.  “Excuse me a moment,” she said as she left the room, while Maria said “More wine, anyone?”


“So,” Katherine said as she walked over and sat with Amy and Dorothy, “How does it feel to not be a married couple?”


“I think more people should try it - if it’s right for them,” Dorothy said as she put her head on Amy’s shoulder.  “Thanks - for everything.”


“Well, there may be some obscure Naval law that means I just helped you two tie the knot, so be careful,” Katherine said with a smile, as Anne came back in and talked with Sue.


“So I guess we even have a honeymoon of sorts arranged,” Amy said with a smile.


“Oh yeah - Anne and Sue’s gift.  What was it?”


“Sorry - sworn to secrecy,” Dorothy said with a wink.


“Amy, can I see you with Veronica for a minute?”


“Sure - but you need to cut us loose first,” Amy said as she tried to hold her hands up.


“Allow me,” Katherine said as she untied the two women, and Amy gave Dorothy a peck on the cheek before she followed Anne into the kitchen, Veronica following behind.


“What’s up,” she said as Sue came in and stood by the doorway.


“That was Lord Holderness,” Anne said as she sat by the breakfast bar.


“Alicia’s grandfather?  What’s happened?”


Anne took a deep breath and said “A few weeks ago there was a break-in at the Manor House, and both the Holderness and the Craig family were held hostage.  Lord Holderness has asked if I can come over and help them - cope with what happened, at his expense.  I agreed, but said I needed to bring some help.  Will you both come to England for a few days with me to help out?”


Veronica and Amy looked at each other, before Veronica said “When?”


“Two weeks time - I’m sure Dorothy would look after the girls, but I need to ask you to not tell her where we’re going.”


“I’m not very happy with the idea of lying to Dorothy already,” Amy said with a small frown.


“I know - but I promise you, it is necessary - and especially necessary that the girls don’t know.”


“Anne, what happened to them?”


“I’ll tell you later - for now, will you help?”


“Of course we will,” Veronica said, “It may give us a chance to plan some other things as well.”


“Thanks,” Anne said with a smile, “Now, let’s get back to the party...”





“Suzanne?  We need to get going!”


Suzanne looked at her watch and nodded, as Katherine pulled on her jacket.  “Thanks for a great weekend,” she said as she hugged Amy and Dorothy, “and I’ll see you soon.  Have you got the SUV Katherine?”


“Yup - I’ll bring the younger girls back and you bring the older ones.”  Katherine hugged Amy and Dorothy as well, before saying “Have fun tonight” as she and Suzanne left the room.


“We need to be going as well,” Coral said as she and Bobbi came over.  “Until next time?”


“We’ll look forward to it,” Amy said as they embraced, and then Blossom came over.


“I should let the husband free from watching the twins,” she said with a smile.  “Think we may have another night like last night?”


“I think you can count on it,” Dorothy said as Margaret walked over with Jack.  “Thanks for everything,” Jack said as Margaret embraced them, “and for the lesson,” as he looked at Sue.


“Just take care of her and Alice,” Dorothy said as they watched the others leave, Anne and Sue standing to the side.


“We need to get going as well,” Anne said with a smile, “I’ll be in touch.”


“About what?”


Amy looked at Dorothy and said “Anne asked if Veronica and I could help her with a project in a couple of weeks.  I know it’s a pain, but I hope you don’t mind?”


“Why should I?  I love you, but I don’t own you, right?”


“Right,” Amy said as she put her head on Dorothy’s shoulder, and watched as Veronica showed the last of the guests out.


“There’s still quite a bit of food left - what are you going to do with it?”


“I know three girls who could probably make good use of all this...”


“I suppose they would,” Dorothy said as she sat down.  “The place seems really quiet now.”


“It won’t be for long,” Veronica said as Maria brought in some fresh coffee.  “So when do you think we should tell the girls?”


“We don’t - the details are quite specific, and I think we leave it as a complete and total surprise both of them. All three of them, actually.”


“Yeah - I’ll need to tell Katherine about that at some point, but not today.  Right now, let’s drink our coffee, and then I’m going to take you two to Amy’s place - or Dorothy’s if you prefer.”


“No - mine,” Amy said, “I have something special planned for this little lady.”


“Sounds intriguing - do I get to know what it is?”


“Not yet,” Amy said with a smile, “Not yet...”





Sunday, 9 pm



Amy walked into the bedroom, dressed in a see through black negligee, and smiled at Dorothy as she closed the door.


“You look fantastic,” Dorothy said as she sat on the edge of the bed.


“You don’t look too bad yourself,” Amy said as she ran her hand through Dorothy’s dark hair, and down her side, planting her lips on her partner’s as she sat there in a striped nightshirt with buttons up the front.


“Mmmmm,” Dorothy said as she put her arms round Amy and passionately kissed her, “So, I get to go first, don’t I?”


“You do,” Amy said as she opened the box on the bed, “But first, let’s get you out of that garment.”  She leaned over and kissed Dorothy’s neck, the moans that came from her egging her on as she slowly unbuttoned the shirt and slipped it down Dorothy’s arms, before planting sweet kisses on her neck and chest.


“Mmmmmso gooodddd,” Dorothy moaned as Amy moved behind her and ran her hands down Dorothy’s spine, then moved her arms behind her back and wrapped the soft red leather sheath around them, lacing it tightly as she kissed Dorothy between her shoulder blades.


“That’s nice and tight,” Dorothy moaned as Amy passed the straps over her shoulders and between her breasts, fixing the armbinder in place before she moved round and started to gently kiss her breasts, her tongue stroking over Dorothy’s nipples.


“Ohhhhhhhhnnngggg,” Dorothy moaned as she bit on her bottom lip, feeling her breasts firm up under Amy’s gentle massage, and her nipples harden as they were gently sucked and teased out.  “You know I’m going to get you for this, Amy Strong?”


“I’m counting on it, Dorothy Elsworth,” Amy said with a smile, before she laid Dorothy back on the bed, her arms resting between two sets of cushions and her head on a third.  Her partner watched as Amy slowly, gently, delicately placed her lips on her chest and belly, showering her with sweet kisses over her naked body.


“What did I do to deserve you,” Dorothy said as she raised her head to look into Amy’s eyes.


“You existed,” was her reply as she placed her hand between Dorothy’s legs and stroked up her crotch, smiling as Dorothy groaned and closed her eyes.  Amy slowly moved down the bed, kissing Dorothy’s legs as she did so, before taking a length of silk rope and binding her ankles to the foot board, spreading her legs wide as she did so.


“What are you planning to do to me, you little minx,” Dorothy said as Amy slowly made her way back up the bed, her lisp tracing along Dorothy’s body until they were planted firmly against Dorothy’s.  Their tongues moved and entwined as they exchanged a passionate kiss, while Amy slipped out from under a cushion a special surprise.


“WhtsthtbsngAHHHHH” Dorothy mumbled as Amy placed the vibrator against her crotch, slowly stroking it up and down as she continued her passionate kiss.  Eventually, she broke contact and said “I want you, I want to taste you, and I want to feed off you.”


“Good,” Dorothy groaned as the vibrator moved over her clit, “because I could devour you right her, right now.”


“Later - my turn first,” Amy said as she moved, and with one hand started to run the vibrator over Dorothy’s chest, while her lips kissed Dorothy’s mound.  The dark haired woman opened her eyes wide and let out a long, erotic moan as she felt the touch of Amy's lips, and the effect it was having on her body.


“AHHHOOOHHHHYYEREESSSSSS” she screamed out, and as Amy stopped she wondered what was happening - a thought that was soon cleared by the red ball Amy showed her.


“Open wide,” she commanded Dorothy, before the rubber ball was nestled between her teeth and the straps fastened tightly round her head. 


“Now where was I,” Amy said as she started again to run the vibrator over Dorothy’s chest, and kissed the petals of her womanhood, Dorothy moaning and twisting slightly as she felt the warm juices starting to flow from her.


Amy licked gently at them, which made Dorothy groan even more, before she pushed her tongue delicately into Dorothy’s passage and started to lick her, kissing and teasing her as Dorothy arched her back in joy and arousal.  The moans become softer and more frequent as the combination of the vibrator on her chest, and Amy’s tongue work on her clit, brought her closer and closer to an orgasm.


When it came, Amy continued to tease and kiss, pressing into Dorothy as the other woman bucked, moaned and screamed in equal measure, before collapsing into the bed, gazing with longing and lust into Amy’s eyes.


“Happy non wedding day, Dorothy,” Amy said as she lay with her, wrapping her arms and legs around her as she kissed her neck and shoulders.  “When you are ready, I will release you, and you can reward me.”


“Fnku,” Dorothy said as she rubbed her gagged mouth into Amy’s neck, and waited for her strength to return....




Monday, 5 pm


“Mum?  MUM???”


“No need to shout,” Amy said as she came in from the kitchen, dressed in a striped jersey and jeans, and embraced Heidi.  “I can hear you perfectly well.  So can Dorothy.”


Dorothy came in and hugged Cindy, as the two girls dropped their bags on the floor.  “So come on - what happened,” Cindy said as they all sat in the chairs.


“Well, we can’t tell you everything that happened,” Dorothy said, “but yes, we are going to live together as one family once the new house is ready.  What about your weekend?”


“It was fantastic - Katherine’s Aunt Heather is an amazing woman.  We saw her workshop, went for a blindfold walk, went skinny dipping...”


“Whoa whoa - I thought only Alice did that fully?”


“She did, Mum,” Cindy said to Dorothy, “but we all went in our underwear into the water.    At any rate, we all had a great time - and I’m sorry if you were scared when we were taken last Friday.”


“It’s all right,” Dorothy said as she ruffled Cindy’s hair, “We were scared as well at first.  Have you seen Alice today?”


“Yeah - apparently she and her parents had a real long talk last night, but they’re cool now.  What happened to her dad?”


“Long story,” Amy said with a smile.  “As for today - well, let’s all go out and celebrate.  You two go and get changed, and we’ll tell you what we can.”


As the two young women ran up the stairs, Dorothy said “They’re getting so much older, you know.”


“I know,” Amy said, “but she’ll always be my little Heidi.  Come on - let’s dress up as well.”


She took Dorothy’s hand as they walked out of the room, and up to Amy’s bedroom to change into something more suitable - and for a little kiss.







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