When Sinthia Calls









“No, I am not interested in selling those particular stocks, and if that enquiry is raised again I will place the matter in the hands of my solicitors.  This is my final warning!”


“Don’t tell me that was him again,” Beatrice said as she looked in from the kitchen. 


“Maybe he will take the message this time,” Sarah said as she slammed the phone down.  She and Beatrice were the two directors of an asset management company, and for some weeks now they had been the target for an attempt to buy their holding in one particular company.


“Anyway – dinner?”


“It will be ready in a little while – are we still going to Alice’s party tomorrow night?”


“Oh yes – her annual Slut party.  Wouldn’t miss it for the world...”





The man sat in his office for a moment, and then picked the telephone up again.


“I fear we need to take a more direct approach with our mutual problem – do you have any possible groups that could execute such a move.


“Oh is she now?  Well, if she has an opening for tomorrow night, then of course she would be ideal for this sort of work.  There’s just the bitch and her stuck up sister to deal with.


“Excellent – let me know when she is successful.”




As she reached over and picked up the handset, she took a sip from her glass and said “Hello?


“Well hello – how may I be of service to you today?


“Tomorrow?  Of course we can take care of things – if you will let me have the derails in the morning?


“Excellent,” she said as she replaced the handset and stood up, her thigh length leather boots creaking.


“Rhonda!  Abigail!”


“Yes Mistress Stroob,” the two blondes said as they came in.


“We have an assignment for tomorrow – make the necessary arrangements.”





“Looking good,” Sarah said to herself as she looked in her full length mirror.  Her black hair was cut short, and she was wearing a black halter neck minidress with a red and white abstract pattern printed on it, and the front hanging so low a clear view of her small, pert breasts was there for all to see.


For a moment, she contemplated using some tape to help preserve her modesty, and then said “screw it – it is a Sluts party, after all.”  The skirt of her dress barely came halfway down her thighs, the tops of her black stockings clearly visible.  To complete the outfit, she was wearing a pair of black over the knee leather boots, with the cuffs turned down and three inch heels.


“Well, we all know which side of the bed you want to get out of in the morning.”


“The question is, whose bed,” Sarah said as she looked at Beatrice.  Her younger sister had long grey-black hair, and was wearing a black leather sleeveless top, the zip barely containing her own chest, a knee length pencil skirt also made of black leather, and straight black leather boots with stiletto heels.


“And you’re not asking the same question?  So, let’s grab our purses, and...”


The knocking on the door took them both by surprise, as Beatrice said “Who can that be?”


“I’ll go and find out,” Sarah said as she walked to the door, the front of her dress flapping as she did so.  Opening the door, she said “yes – can I ...”


“Inside,” was the only thing she heard as two women pushed her back.  Both were wearing black leather biker jackets, fastened up to their necks, tight black leggings and knee length leather boots, as well as leather gloves on their hands – but one of them was also pointing a pistol at Sarah, as the other closed the door behind herself.


“Who was it – OHMYGOD,” Beatrice said as she came out.


“Not a word – either of you,” the armed woman said, “hands in the air, and walk back into the front room.”


“What the hell do you think you’re doing,” Sarah said as she stared at the two women.


“We’re robbing the hell out of you,” the masked woman said as her partner took two lengths of cord from her jacket pocket, and walked behind Sarah, pulling her hands behind her back and placing them together palm to palm before she used one length to lash them tightly together, ensuring the rope went around and between her limbs as she grimaced slightly.


“You have got to be kidding me?”


“No, we’re not,” the armed intruder said as Beatrice felt the rope rubbing on her own wrists, her arms forced together as the cords were pulled tighter and tighter.  As the ends were tied off out of reach of her long fingers, the two women were pushed down onto the couch, watching as the unarmed intruder produced two more lengths of cord and lashed their ankles tightly together.


“Go and tell her we’re ready, Abigail,” the armed woman said, the second one nodding as both Sarah and Beatrice watched her turn and walk out of the house.


“What the hell’s going on here Sarah?”


“I have no idea,” the older sister said as she tried to twist her legs round, hearing the squeak as her boots rubbed against each other, “but whoever she is, I am going to...”


“Be quiet and listen to what I have to say.”


Both women looked at the new arrival, who was looking at them her arms crossed in front of her and smiling.  She wore a black leather catsuit, the front pen just enough to show the top of her large chest, and thigh high red leather boots, as well as short red leather gloves.  As she stared, the second woman put a large holdall on the floor.


“Thank you Rhonda,” the new arrival said as Beatrice looked at her.  Her brown hair was pulled back and held in place as a ponytail, her eye shadow dark and emphasising her bright blue eyes, her lips full and black.


“Who...  Who are you, and what is the meaning of this?”


“Introductions first,” she said quietly as she looked at the women.  “By the descriptions I have, you are Sarah, and you are Beatrice, correct?”


“That’s right,” Sarah said as she twisted round, “but who are...”


“My name,” the woman said quietly, “is Sinthia Stoob, and I have been hired to retrieve something from you.  Now, if you wish us to go quickly, you will answer my questions quickly, but if you resist, then I will be forced to use various – techniques to persuade you.


“So please – resist.”


“Did HE send you?”


“Oh I never discuss my clients,” Sinthia said as she walked behind Sarah, “but I suspect you know what I am here for, yes?”


“You’ll never get it,” Sarah said as she twisted round.


“Oh good – I am so glad you feel that way,” Sinthia purred as Rhonda handed her a length of cord – and then Sarah gasped as her elbows were brought together behind her back, the rope holding them firmly as she expertly wound it around and between her limbs.  As she looked down, she saw the way her dress was failing to keep her breasts covered.


“Now then,” Sinthia said as she took a longer – much longer – length of rope from Rhonda, “tell us where the items are, and this can be so much quicker.”






“Oh good – Abigail dear, will you do the honours?”


“Of course, Miss Stoob,” the armed woman said as she put the gun down, walked over – and yanked the front of Sarah’s dress down, revealing her chest as the fastening snapped and the material fell onto her lap.  Before she had a chance to say anything, the woman called Sinthia had wrapped the rope around her arms and body, framing her chest as it was forced even more up and out, and then the ropes were passed under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm, forming a harness that rubbed on her bare flesh every time she tried to move.


“If you hurt my sister...”


“Oh do be quiet,” Sinthia said as she produced a sponge ball, and pulled Beatrice’s hair back, pushing the ball past her lips and teeth as she opened her mouth in surprise. 


“Whhddujstddd,” she moaned as her hair was released, Sarah watching as she closed her lips and Rhonda pressed a long length of wide white tape firmly down over her jaw and mouth, the tape forming to the contours of her face.


“Now, as I was saying,” Sinthia then said as she started to caress Sarah’s chest, “where are the things we are looking for?”


“I’ll...  I’ll never tell you,” Sarah said as she felt the gloved hands pressing firmly no her chest, the fingers starting to massage her flesh as she tried to stop the feelings she was beginning to have.  She clamped her mouth shut, desperate not to give voice to the way those hands were making her feel, the way she could feel her breasts firming under the caress, the way she could feel her nipples becoming more and more erect...


“Oh you cannot fool me,” Sinthia whispered, “you are afraid of what I am doing, but it feels so good, doesn’t it...”


“Whtsshpnntuuserrhh,” Beatrice said as she saw her sister finally close her eyes and let out a long, low moan.


“If you want me to continue with this,” Sinthia said quietly as the other two watched, “tell me where they are...”


“No – no I can’t....”


“Yes – yes you can,” Sinthia said, “because the reward can be so great...”


“OH god...”


“WHRUDNNTHRRR,” Beatrice screamed as she saw her sister writhe round, her boots squeaking as they rubbed against each other, the moans getting louder as the red gloved woman began to gently squeeze her nipples.


“ALL right – all right, I’ll tell you?”


“That’s better,” Sinthia whispered as she nodded at Abigail, who took more rope and started to bind Sarah’s legs together below her knees, the leather squeaking even more as the binding went around and between her limbs.  “Tell me...”


“Safe...  Safe in my bedroom upstairs...”


“There now – isn’t that better?  And the combination?”


“Oh fuck,” Sarah said as she felt the burning and moistness between her legs, “82560”


“Excellent,” Sinthia said as Rhonda pulled the skirt off the bound woman, revealing her lack of underwear.  “Now, I need some guarantees you are telling the truth.  Rhonda, help young Beatrice here to stand up and allow her to lead the way will you?”


“Where...  Where are you... Oh shit that feels so good...”


“Well,” Sinthia said as she pushed a second sponge ball into Sarah’s mouth, “Abigail here will take very good care of you.  Won’t you Abigail?”


“Yes Mistress Stoob,” Abigail said as she pressed a second length of white tape firmly over the captive’s stuffed mouth, the shape of her lips visible to Beatrice as she was made to jump out of the room.  Sinthia smiled as she collected the bag, leaving some lengths of rope before she followed the other two out of the room.



As she was forced to jump up the stairs, Beatrice felt the leather of her top rubbing on her bare chest, the feelings new and strange as the two intruders followed her up.  They made their way into Sarah’s bedroom, Rhonda making the bound and gagged woman sit on the bed as Sinthia opened the wardrobe, and then punched the numbers in the keypad on the door safe.


“Excellent,” she purred as the door opened, and she examined the contents.  “Rhonda, you may go and help Abigail.”


“Whtrruggntoftmm,” Beatrice said as the other woman left, and Sinthia took more ropes from the bag.


“Make you comfortable, of course,” she said as she pulled Beatrice’s elbows together behind her back, making them touch as the zip on top slowly moved down, no longer able to keep her chest covered as it opened up.


“Oh now that is nice,” Sinthia cooed as she stroked her hand over the breasts, and then fashioned a rope harness around Beatrice like the one she had tied on her sister, the bands rubbing from the top, bottom and sides as the woman started to moan.


“Now,” Sinthia said quietly as they both heard the load squeals downstairs, “I could do to you as I did to your sister, but you were patient, and I think you deserve more, no?”


“Whtduummnn,” Beatrice said before she was pushed onto her back, Sinthia lifting her legs and pulling her round so that she lay along the bed before she straddled the captive, and stroked hr gloved finger around the already firm nipples.


“See – you did a much better job of hiding your excitement than your sister, but I knew – and because you were such a good and patient girl, I will reward you.”


Beatrice could only watch as Sinthia slowly leaned over, and embraced her nipple with her lips, before the woman closed her eyes and groaned at the pressure on her flesh, the touch of a tongue on what she now realised was an incredibly sensitive area, the sucking and the gentle pop as Sinthia moved to the other side.


How long this went on for Beatrice had no idea – all she knew was the feeling stirring within her, the burning an throbbing she was starting to feel as she wriggled under her tormentor, and the sweet sweet pleasure that was building.  She barely noticed as Sinthia moved up and started to kiss her neck and throat, and then down, caressing her chest with her lips again as a hand slipped under and lowered the zip on her skirt.


Then the woman moved down, taking the skirt with her as she kissed the inside of Beatrice’s thighs, and then ran her finger up over her bare, damp, soft clit...




It was like a fire lighting in her as she arched her back, and her petals opened like a spring flower, Sinthia smiling in her blurred vision as she started to use her finger, slowly, gently, caressing her throat and chest again as Beatrice moved in motion with her, feeling her grip on the gloved finger as it worked in and out, bringing her on, taking her closer and closer to the age.





Beatrice screamed and arched her back as the orgasm washed over her, and Sinthia moved down, kissing and licking as she came.  Eventually she collapsed onto the bed, barely aware as Sinthia tied some rope round her waist and pulled it up between her legs so that the cords rubbed on her red, damp, wonderfully sensitive clit.  A further length of rope held her legs together below her knees, before her ankles were pulled back and secured to the crotch rope, so that every movement seemed to start Beatrice going again.


She watched through misty eyes as Sinthia emptied the contents of the safe into the bag, and then walked over, pressing her lips against the tape covering Beatrice’s before she walked back downstairs.




“Thank you Mistress Stoob,” Abigail and Rhonda said as Sarah slowly moaned on the bed, a crotch rope helping keep her in a  tight hogtie as she looked up.


“My thanks for hosting us tonight,” Sinthia said as she kissed Sarah’s gagged mouth, “enjoy your evening.”





Several days later


“I’m sorry,” Sarah said as she and Beatrice sat in the oak panelled office, “but...”


“Do not worry,” the fair haired man said with a smile, “I have heard of Miss Stoob and her – techniques.  You stood no chance.  But do not worry – I am sure she will pay for what she did to both of you.”


“I am sure you will take care of that, my brother,” Sarah said as they both stood up and walked out.  A few moments later, he picked up the phone.


“Yes – I have a task for you, one I am sure you will enjoy...”









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