Where The Girls Are









There was no denying it - I was bored.  I had been bored earlier, with my roommate away for the weekend, it had looked as if I had three days on my own, with only the game on Sunday to keep my interest.


So when Erica rang, it was a welcome intrusion.  “Hey, Mark,” I heard her say in that bright clear voice of hers, “What are you doing?”


“Not much - I’m home alone for the weekend.  You?”


“Me too - my folks are away, and I’ve nothing until the game on Sunday.”


That was when inspiration hit me.  “Why don’t you come over and stay the weekend with me?  I’ve got a spare room, and we can have some fun together.”


Now Erica knew what I meant by fun, so my heart lifted when she said “Sure - let me call my folks and pack a bag, and I’ll be round in an hour or so.”


Erica was sitting next to me on the couch now, her feet curled up under her bottom as we watched the movie.  She looked cute in her denim skirt and white t-shirt, her head resting on my shoulder as we sat there and my fingers running through her blonde hair.


“This is an awful film, isn’t it?”


I smiled as she said this.  “Yeah - what do you want to do instead?”


“Hey - why don’t we have a house party for the weekend?  I could call the girls up and they could stop over.”


Now I had got on with Paulette and Kerry since the weekend I helped all three of them out, but they had never been to my place.  I wanted something to do, however, so I said “Sure - call them up and tell them they can stay.  I’ll take the couch for a couple of days.”


Such an innocent comment - I had no idea what was about to happen....



Eventually there was a ring on the doorbell, and I opened it to the three girls.  Erica hugged me, reaching up as she did so, and kissed my cheek as she came in.  She was wearing a green gilet with a fur hood over a white jumper, skin tight jeans and knee length black leather boots.   Kerry followed her in, her blonde pigtails bobbing slightly as she entered.  She had on a blue denim dress with brown Ugg boots, while her sister Paulette was wearing a brown leather jacket and khaki pants with matching ankle boots.


“Hi Mark,” she said with a smile as they all sat down in the living room, “Nice place.”  It was around seven when they arrived, so I had pre-ordered pizzas, which arrived almost immediately after that.  As we sat and ate, Kerry said “So what are we going to do this weekend - got any ideas?”


“Well, I was going to put a DVD on - Rocky Horror.” I said with a smile.  “Fancy dressing up?”


“Nah,” Erica said with a smile, “but we’ll watch it with you.  We might even dance along to the Time Warp.”


“You might even want to sing along,” I said as I took a slice of the pizza, “but I’m not sure I’d like the sounds of your voices.”


“Oh yeah,” Paulette said quietly, “and what are you going to do about that?”


I smiled as I left the room, returning with three sponges.


“Hey - you actually keep all that stuff?”


“Yeah - now open wide.”


“I don’t get it Mark - why did you keep it all?” Kerry said, but I didn’t reply - instead, I merely said “Once you’re ready I’ll start the film.”



Thirty minutes later, we were standing in front of the television, watching as Riff Raff started to sing.  I opened the song.


It's astounding, time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll
But listen closely, not for very much longer
I've got to keep control


I looked to the three girls, who nodded as they began to sing along.


Irmmbr dng Tmwrp
Drnkng thsmmnts whn
Thblcknss wldhtm  ndvod wldbcln


It was like that for the whole film - all three girls had a knotted strip of towelling holding their sponges inside their mouths, as they danced, sang and screamed along with the film.  Eventually they collapsed in a heap on the floor, exhausted as the film came to an end.


“Ready for a drink,” I said as I looked at them, and they all nodded, smiling as I left the room and came back into the room with four bottles of coke.


“So,” Erica said as I removed her gag, “Are we going to play games like this all weekend?”


“If you want,” I say as I look at them.  you pick some, I pick some.”


“Just so long as we get to the game on Sunday,” Paulette finally said.  “We’ve got everything we need with us.  What about you Mark?”


“I have some things,” I said with a smile, “and I can get more if needed.  In fact, we can start tomorrow morning...”




I was up early on Saturday, stretching as I got up from the couch.  The three girls were in the two bedrooms, and after I had been in the toilet I looked in on Erica, sleeping on my bed in a dusky pink top and shorts.  As I watched her sleeping, I had an idea for the first game of the day.


I slipped out of the room, and got something I would need, then slipped back in and brushed her long blonde hair out of the way.  She stirred a little, then went back to sleep, even as I smoothed the length of silver duct tape over her lips.  Gently lifting her, I carried her down to the front room and sat her on the couch, before taping her wrists together in front of her, and her ankles together.


My next target was Kerry - she and Paulette were lying on my flatmate’s bed, also fast asleep.  I gagged Kerry and carried her through, sitting her next to Erica before passing the tape over her wrists and ankles.  She was wearing a pair of white cotton pyjamas, which I made sure no tot stick the tape to.


Finally there was Paulette, who was wearing a short powder blue nightie.  She woke up as I pressed the tape over her mouth, wondering what was happening for a moment before she saw me standing there.


Frstgm,” she said, and as I nodded she got herself up and followed me into the living room.  She almost laughed as she saw Kerry and Erica sitting there, but allowed herself to be taped up as well.  I stood back and looked at all three sitting there, before going to the kitchen to put a pot of coffee on.




Erica slowly opened her eyes as the smell of the fresh coffee reached her nostrils.  As she twitched her nose, she looked to her side, and saw Kerry sleeping next to her, Paulette looking at her over the silver band covering her mouth.


Hstrtlrdrde?” she mumbled, before realising that she too had been gagged.  As this realisation hit her, she started to giggle, then laugh, her shaking body making Kerry stir and wake up as well.  As she recognised her predicament, she also started laughing, the three eventually shaking as they sat there.


“Oh you find this funny,” I said with a smile, “then you’ll love this.”  I knelt on the floor and started to tickle their feet, watching them as they started to convulse and shake, desperately trying to move their taped legs out of the way of my wandering  fingers.


Eventually, I stopped and removed their gags, waiting as they gasped for breath.  “Is it going to be like this all day,” Paulette said as she tossed her curly brown hair.


“Depends,” I said with a smile, “on how well you play and what games we play.  Any plans for you three today?”


“We want to go to the mall this afternoon,” Kerry said with a smile, “but apart from that we’re free.”  Now that was already giving me an idea, but I held off on it for the moment.  “That coffee smells nice - why don’t you free us and we will see what we can do later.”


They all smiled at that, as I found a pair of scissors and cut them free.  They stood up, rubbing their wrists as they came to the breakfast bar and started to eat the pastries I had laid on.


“So what are we going to do this morning,” Erica said as she looked at me over her mug of coffee.


“Do you remember when you tried to gag each other that weekend,” I said with a smile.  “I was wondering which one of you could have the biggest mouth to fill.”


“Paulette,” Kerry said immediately, “she always tells me off for no reason.


“Oh come on,” Paulette said as she looked at her sister, “You may be small, but you talk a lot.”


“Right then,” I said as I drank my own coffee, “Why don’t you all go and get cleaned up, and then we can have a contest - see who can take the biggest gag.”  All three smiled at this as they finished their breakfast, and then made their way back up to their bedrooms.


Kerry was first to come down.  She was wearing a white t-shirt over a dark long sleeved top, leggings and blue denim shorts.  She sat down and looked at the variety of material that I had placed on the coffee table.


“Hey - I recognise some of these,” she said as she looked at the variety of cloths and other items.  you really kept all of them?”


Paulette walked in, wearing a black and white smock top over a pair of blue jeans, with white socks pulled up over the bottoms.  Last of all came Erica, with her green t-shirt and mini skirt.



“So who wants to go first,” I said as I sat opposite the trio.  Erica leaned forward and picked up a kitchen sponge, pushing it into her mouth as she said “Btht?”


“No problem,” Paulette said as she picked up a flannel, folded it neatly and stuck it into her mouth.  Whsnxt,” she mumbled as she closed her lips over the cotton.


No problem,” Kerry said as she picked up a hand towel, and rolled it into a thick band.  Pulling in into her mouth, she looked at the others before tying it around her head.  cmmnnthn,” she mumbled as she looked at Erica.


Well, I knew Erica was always up for a challenge, so she picked up a bath sponge, opened her mouth and pushed it in with the kitchen sponge, barely closing her lips over it.


Paulette nodded and picked up the tea towel.  Opening her mouth, she stuffed it on top of the flannel, her teeth closing over the white cotton as she looked at her two friends.  Erica rose to the challenge, taking a shawl and tying it into her mouth as she wrapped it around her head.


I sat fascinated, as the odds just kept getting higher and higher.   Erica tied a second shawl into her mouth, her lips closing over the brown patterned cotton.  Erica took a blue headscarf and used it to hold her sponges in, while Kerry tied a hand towel over her head.


“All right, all right,” I eventually said.  “Enough - I have a different challenge for you.  An escape one.  For goodness sake empty you mouths - I’ll be back in a  few minutes.”  I left the room hurriedly, as they started to ungag each other.




I eventually returned with several lengths of washing line in my hands, as well as a roll of white medical tape.  “I’m going to tie all three of you the same way,” I said as I saw them standing there, smiling, “and we’ll see who gets free first.  Whoever does gets to do what they want to the other two.”


“Sounds good to me,” Paulette said with an evil gleam in her eye.  “So how are we going to be tied?”


“Identically, “I said as I looked at them, “but it won’t be as easy as you think.  I want you all to put these on your hands.”  I handed them each a pair of white sports socks.


what do you expect us to do with them,” Kerry said as she looked at the others, then realised her mistake as Erica started to pull them over her hands.  “Oh,” she said as she pulled them over her own hands.


I stood behind each of them in turn, crossing their wrists and tying them tightly together with some of the washing line over the socks.  I then used a second line to fix their wrist against their waists.  I was not intending to bind their upper bodies, just make it very difficult to use their hands.


“Lie down on your tummies,” I said, and the three of them very slowly lowered themselves down.  One by one, I crossed and tied their ankles together, and then placed them in a loose hogtie.


“So we can use our mouths,” Kerry said, but her question was answered when she saw me tear a wide strip of medical tape off the roll.


They rolled over onto their sides and looked at me as I stuck a strip over each of their mouths.  “Now then,” I say quietly, “The clock starts - now!”


I sat back and grabbed a can of coke, watching as the three of them started to struggle on the floor, trying desperately to get their wrists and ankles free.  It was a marvellous sight to see them squirming round on the floor, Erica and Kerry not getting very far as they did so.  By contrast, Paulette struggled for a few minutes then stopped wriggling round, concentrating on trying to undo the knot holding the rope tightly around her wrists.


She was clever in doing this - I had deliberately tied their wrists so that, even with their hands covered with socks, it was possible to loosen the knot enough to work their wrists loose and then untie themselves.  All it took was a little determination, and the patience to feed with their covered fingers.


Erica and Kerry tried to start working together, but I could see it was too late - the rope was loosening around Paulette’s wrists, and five minutes later she was sitting up, the smile under her tape almost visible as she untied her feet.


Heh,” she said as she eventually pulled the tape away, “I win!  Now what am I going to do with both of you?”


“I’m staying out of this one,” I said as I sat back, “You won, so it is your choice.”


whtrudngsss,” Kerry mumbled as Paulette got her up onto her knees, and then placed Erica in front of her so that their noses almost touched.  “Making sure you have fun,” she said as she used some spare rope to tie their upper bodies together, then said “Have fun, Mark” as she left the room for a few minutes.


As if I was not going to, watching two gorgeous girls struggling against each other, their bodies rubbing up as they squirmed round?  I loved the way they looked and the sounds that they made, as they looked at me and pleaded to be set free.


“Oh no, no chance, “ I said with a smile as they pleaded, “not until Paulette gets back.”  Sadly for me, that happened fairly quickly, as I heard the sound of boots on the floor and Paulette came back, a pair of brown leather boots over her legs.


“You’d better help me untie these two,” she said as she winked at me, “We need to go the mall and sort a few things out.  Maybe we can play more games later.”


“Perhaps,” I said as we took the ropes of Erica and Kerry, but I already had a different plan in mind, and I wasn’t going to tell them anything about it.


God, is that the time,” Erica said as she looked at her watch, “Can you run us in in your van, Mark, and then pick us up?”


“Of course I can,” I said as the two ran out of the door - that was exactly what I was intending on doing.  Just not the way or time they expected....







It was four o’clock as I drove back into the parking lot at the mall, and found a quiet corner to park my van in.  When I had dropped them off, I had said I would pick them up at half past five, but as I said I had other plans. 


Putting what I needed first into my jacket pocket, I entered the mall and headed for the clothes shops - I knew that was where they were likely to be looking through, and sure enough I spotted the three of them coming out of Abercrombie and Fitch.  I stood to the side and watched as Erica waved to them and then headed my way, the light shining off the grey metallic finish of her leather jacket as she walked towards me.  Her green felt boots moved slightly as she walked past, and I came up behind her.


“Hello,” I said as I took her by the arm, “Don’t scream or make any sudden moves, but I have a gun in my pocket and I want you to come with me.”  Erica turned and looked at me, before she smiled slightly and said “All right, mister bad guy, but please don’t hurt me.”


“Just do as I tell you,” I said as I walked her towards the car park, and then over to the van.  Opening the back, I helped her to climb in, her eyes widening as she saw the equipment I had brought with me.


“You really are kidnapping us,” she said as I pulled her hands behind her back and tied them together with strong rope.


“Yes, I am,” I said as I wound the rope around and between her wrists, cinching it between her arms before I made her sit down and tied the ends of the rope around a bracket in the side of the van.


Taking more rope, I pushed her legs together and started to wind it tightly round her ankles, the soft felt crushing under the rope as it sank into them.  Once I had her ankles secured, I tied her legs together, below her knees, and then picked up a roll of duct tape.


“I need to go and get your friends,” I said as I taped over her mouth, and then fished her cell phone out of her bag, “You just sit there nice and quiet, and I’ll bring them here very soon.”


lllrrt,” Erica mumbled as I got out of the van and closed the door on her.  Switching her phone on, I found the number for Kerry and sent her a text, making my way as I did so to another part of the mall.


Ten minutes later, I smiled as I saw Kerry walking towards me.  She had a pair of grey Ugg boots on over her feet, but I knew that would not be a problem to me as I watched her.  She stopped by the KFC franchise, looking round for Erica, as I walked up behind her.


“Looking for your friend,” I whispered in her ear from behind, smiling as she jumped and turned to look at me.  “Well, yeah,” she finally said, “What are you doing here early?”


“Taking you to her,” I said as I took Kerry by the arm.  “You’re been kidnapped, so don’t say anything, and just walk with me.”


Kerry smiled as she reached up and kissed me.  “This is exciting,” she then said as I walked her out of the mall, and back towards the van.  Opening the side, she put her hands to her face in mock horror as she saw Erica sitting on the floor.


“Oh god, he got you too,” she squeaked as Erica slowly looked at her, slowly nodding her head.  I smiled in turn as I bound her wrists behind her back, keeping the rope over the cuffs of her top, before sitting her down and tying her legs together above her knees, then just above the top of her boots.


“Anything you wish to say before I gag you,” I said in a menacing voice as I picked up the roll of duct tape.  Well, I tried to make it menacing, but both Kerry and Erica laughed as Kerry said “You’re a bad, bad man,” then put her lips together and allowed herself to be gagged.


As I smoothed the last piece of tape in place, Erica’s phone went off, indicating a text message.  I looked at it, smiled and said “Be back in a few minutes,” before I closed the van door on both of my cute little captives.



Walking back into the mall, I smiled as I saw Paulette walking towards me, her boot heels clicking on the hard floor.  I ducked out of the way as she walked past, then followed her as she turned into the hallway that led to the rest rooms.  Following her down, I waited on a seat, watching the people walking past until she came out and didn’t even look at me as I watched.


Standing up, I walked behind her for a few minutes, before coming up to her and taking her by the arm and steering her in the right direction.  “Mark,” she said as she looked at me, “What are you doing?  I just texted Erica to say I’d meet her somewhere else.”


“Change of plan,” I said quietly as I walked her to the van.  Opening the door, she looked in and burst out laughing.  “You’re kidnapping us,” she laughed as I pulled her hands behind her back and started to bind them together, “That is - that is FANTASTIC!”


The others nodded and their tape gags crinkled as I helped Paulette to step in and tied her wrists to a handle opposite the others.  I heard the squeak of leather as her boots rubbed against each other while I bound her legs, and then the muffled squeals as I taped over her mouth.


“Right,” I said as I closed the door, “Enjoy the ride while I take you to my lair.”  I started the engine, reversed out headed for the exit, the three girls squirming and screaming behind me.  I turned on the radio as I left the park, and started to drive in one particular direction.


In the back, I could hear the girls trying to talk to each other, their muffled tones barely audible above the radio noise, but it did not sound as if they were in any real distress.  Instead, they seemed to be trying to laugh and joke about it, as I drove up to the side of the apartment block and parked in the service alley.  At this time on a Saturday, I knew there would be nobody watching, as I slipped into the back and tied scarves over the eyes of all three girls.


“One at a time,” I said as I picked Erica up and threw her over my shoulder, before carrying her up in the service elevator, her body squirming as I held it.  As the doors opened, I looked both ways, then quickly carried her into the apartment, closing the door behind me.


I had already arranged three chairs around a table in the room, so I set Erica in the first of them and guided her hands over the back of the chair, tying the ends around the back support before I lashed her body to the chair with a length of washing line.  Securing her feet back under the seat, I kissed her on the head and rubbed her shoulders before going back for my next victim.


Twenty minutes later, I was securing Paulette to the last of the seats, the other two girls moving their heads round as I remained as silent as possible.  Once done, I said “I’ll be back in a little while,” as I left the three of them to wriggle in their chairs.  I had to answer the bell before I could continue.


Returning to the room, I lay the items I had collected onto the table between them, and reaching up I pulled the gag off Erica’s mouth.  What’s going on - are the others here,” she said, and then smiled as she heard the muffled grunts from the other two.


“Open wide,” I said as she turned her head back towards me.  She frowned for a moment, then opened it wide as I used the chopsticks to place a morsel in her mouth.


Hmmmm,” she said as she slowly chewed, “nice dumpling.  Are you going to feed all of us?”


“I would not be a gracious host if I did not,” I said as I fed her another bite, then removed the gags from the other two and started to feed them.   As I did so, the conversation turned to them discussing what they had bought in the shops and who they had seen.  For a trio of cheerleaders, they were unusual in that most people liked them rather than thought of them as toys or as boorish.  It was something I had discovered about Erica a long time ago, and also about Paulette and Kerry more recently.


Eventually, the meal was over, and as they looked in my direction Kerry said “So, what time is it anyway?”


Looking at my watch, I said “Eight o’clock.  Want to watch a DVD?”


“What did you have in mind?”


“A nice sing-along - with a twist if you are interested.  Do any of you need to go to the toilet before I start?”


“Nah,” Paulette said, “But I want to take these boots off.  My feet are killing me!”  The other two laughed at that, so I freed them and removed their blindfolds, watching as they ran off to change.


Twenty minutes later, they were all sitting on the couch, their knees drawn up to their chins as they watched me tape their ankles together with microfoam tape.  Paulette was wearing an all-in-one white sleep suit, while Kerry had on powder blue pyjamas.  Erica had on her favourite powder pink vest top and shorts, and all three had their wrists taped together behind their backs.


“You are kidding me,” I say as I tear the tape off and smooth it over Kerry’s legs.  “You really want to watch that and sign along to it?”


“Sure - put the subtitles on and we’ll have a go.  Just make sure you do what we discussed.”


I shrugged my shoulders and nodded as I held the three car sponges up.  “Who wants to be first?”


All three of them opened their mouths, so one by one I pushed a sponge into their mouths, their cheeks stretching as I made sure they could close their lips over it, and sealed it in with the very sticky, very strong white tape.


“Don’t blame me,” I say as I stick the DVD in, and the Anniversary concert of Les Miserables started.  To be fair, they made a really good stab at the opening numbers, and Paulette sounded incredibly beautiful as she mmphed her way through Tigers, as I sat back and let them get on with their karaoke sing-along or whatever you wanted to call it.


Me?  I sat back, listened and watched - this was a show over three hours long, and I would need to do what they wanted to do when they had finished.  Eventually, as the last encore finished, Erica looked at me and nodded.


“Ready for bed?” I said as I pulled the tape away and eased the sponge out of her mouth.


“Yeah,” she eventually said, “But can you leave the three of is tied up.  Ungag us, by all means, but let us sleep like this.”  I looked over at the other girls, who nodded in agreement as I picked Erica up and carried her to her bed, kissing her on the lips as I did so....







I’d left a pair of scissors within reach of all three of them, so as I walked into my kitchen the next morning I wondered how long it would be before they appeared.  Looking out of the window, I could see the rain falling steadily, and the sky showed no sign of it stopping soon.  Looking at the clock, I could see it was ten o’clock - the game was due to start to one thirty, so there was still time for the weather to improve.


As I poured some water into the coffee maker, I glanced over and saw a bag sitting on the floor of the kitchen.  I knew what it was, and as I picked it up I saw the pieces of cloth, sponges and length of rope as well as the scarves.  I knew Erica had not moved it from the hiding place, which meant either Paulette or Kerry had found it.  I realised there may be some awkward questions, but I knew it would not happen until later, so I put the bag back where it should be and went back to making the coffee.


As  I sat down and started to drink from my mug, the door opened and Kerry came in.  She was wearing her cheerleader’s outfit over a white toll necked top, the diagonal strips going down her chest and meeting at her navel on her jersey.  She sat down, the pleats of her skirt falling over her bare thighs, and said “I’ll have some of that coffee if it is going.”


I stood up and walked over to pour her a cup, then sat back down as she took a drink and said “that’s better - I needed that after last night.  It was fun, but I still need to wake up for today.”


“I’ll bet,” I said as I heard a thunder clap outside.  “Do you think the game will go ahead?”


“I hope so,” she said as she picked up the mug again, “or else I may just have to ask you and Erica what that bag is for.”


She looked at me, and I had the grace to blush.  “Well, you see...” I started to say, but Paulette came in, saving my blushes as she poured some coffee.


“What a horrible day,” she said as she sat down, her track suit bottoms riding up to reveal her white socks.  “Sleep well, Mark?”


“Like a log, thank you,” I said as Erica finally came in, her hair in pigtails.


“Great,” she said as she looked out of the window, “I hope the game does go ahead.”


As I said, all three were in their outfits, with white long sleeved tops underneath.  The jumper was wool, with a deep v-neck and a red diagonal down from each shoulder to the navel on the white wool.  The skirt was short, pleated with alternate red and white panels, and they all had white socks and sneakers.  Erica had a track suit top on over her top.


“What happens if the game is called off,” I said as Erica sat down.


“We find something else to do for four hours,” Paulette said as she drank her coffee.  “The crew are meeting for dinner tonight, so we’ll see everyone at seven anyway, but until then...”


Her words were interrupted by their cell phones going off simultaneously.  I watched as they all looked at them, and one look told me that the news was not good.


“Game off,” I said as they looked at each other, and Erica nodded to confirm it.


“Damn,” Kerry said as she looked at the other two, “What are we going to do for the next few hours - play hide and seek?”


“Why not?”


The three turned and looked at me as if I had suddenly had a stroke.  “You’re joking, right” Paulette said with a smile.


“Nope - ever seen those films where the high school girls go to explore an old house, and one by one they either fall into the hands of the killer, or are kidnapped?”


They all nodded - I knew Erica had, as she had watched some with me.


“Well, pretend this is that sort of house, and I’m the villain.  Go and hide yourselves, and let’s see if I can find you.”


They did not need to be told twice, as they quickly left the room.  I sat down, slowly drinking my coffee to allow them time to hide themselves, and then washed the dishes, before collecting some stuff from the bag and walking out of the room.


My first stop was the front room which still had the three chairs at the side of the room.  I picked them up and moved them back to the table, but as I put the last of the three chairs there I heard a sneeze from underneath.  Looking underneath, I waved my hand and said “Hello, Kerry - you’ve been caught.”


“And I thought it was a good place to hide,” she said as she came out.  “So, what happens now?”


“I need to make sure you don’t warn the others,” I said as I took a length of cord from my pocket, “but I give you the choice - chair, couch or floor.”  Kerry smiled as she turned round and crossed her wrists, looking over her shoulder at me and smiling.


A few minutes later, I left the living room and made my way up to the bedroom.  I keep my room neat and tidy, and as far as I could see nothing had been disturbed in it, so I left and made my way down towards the domain of my roommate.


As I passed the cupboard that we used to keep spots equipment, I heard a bang and a muffled oath.  Stopping, I opened the door and saw Paulette standing there, smiling as she said “Oops?”


“Come with me,” I said as I walked her to the bathroom, closing the door behind us.  Ten minutes later, I walked back out, saying “you just stay there” as I closed the door again to muffled groans.


Going back to my room, I opened it and looked in again.  Yes everything was in place - books away, clothes neatly folded, the closet door closed...  I stopped and looked again, before walking over and opening the door.


“I closed it didn’t I,” Erica said as I helped her to step off my trunk.  “I forgot you always keep it open a little bit.”


“It’s the little details,” I said as I helped her to lie face down on the bed, and crossed her wrist behind her back before tying them together with cord.  “You’re the last one.”


“Well, I guess it means I win,” she said as she tried to pull her wrist apart.  “Do I get to see the others?”


“OF course,” I said as Erica sat up and let me tie her arms tightly to her side with more rope.  but first I get to do this.”


“Do what?”


I smile as I push a pair of panties into her mouth, and then tie a red bandana between  her lips, before kissing her on them, hearing her moan as I do so.  Taking her by the arm, I walk her down the corridor and open the door.


Hlllcrsse,” Erica said as she looked at her friend, sitting on the toilet seat with her ankles and legs firmly taped with duct tape, and her arms taped to her side with her hands pressed to her side.  A flannel was pushed into her mouth, the edges visible over the belt that was pulled between her lips.


“I’ll come and get you in a few minutes,” I sais as I closed the door and walked Erica downstairs, where Kerry looked at us over the towel that was tied over her very well stuffed mouth.  Her hands were pinned together in front of her with rope, which ran down her legs, holding them and her ankles together as she lay on the couch.


Wlldn,” she mumbled as I sat Erica on the floor and lashed her ankles and legs together, before kissing her on the head.  Leaving them for a moment, I bring Paulette down and sit her on the chair, saying “Have fun freeing yourselves,” as I leave them and go to prepare some lunch.





It had been about 12.30 when I had left them, but  I knew it would take them a while to even begin to untie each other, never mind get free.  So I wasn’t surprised that it was nearly two when the three of them trooped in, sat down and began to tuck into the cottage pie that I had prepared.


“Hungry?” I said as I watched Paulette help herself to a large portion of the pie.


“Yeah, well - been taped up for half the morning and struggling to get free gives you an appetite,” she said as she bit into the meat and potato.  “Hey, not bad - who taught you,” she mumbled as she let the taste of the food melt in her mouth..


“I taught myself,” I say with a smile.  “Only way to learn - if it doesn’t work, you don’t eat it.”


“Like learning to tie women up,” Kerry said as she looked at me.  I had the grace to blush, while Erica simply played with her food before putting a large forkful into her mouth.


“You know,” Paulette said as she swallowed another mouthful of food, “I never found out why you asked for those mementos of last time.  Did you put them somewhere?”  Now it was Erica’s turn to blush, as Kerry said “What these?”  She walked to our hiding place, and pulled out the bag.


“So you did keep them!” Paulette screamed as Kerry handed her the bag, and she rummaged through it.  “But I don’t understand why - unless...”  She formed her lips into the shape of an O and looked at us.  “Oh - you two...”


“Yes, Mark ties me up with them from time to time,” Erica said as she looked at me.  “Happy now?”  Kerry and Paulette looked at each other, before returning to the food without saying another word.



“Right,” I eventually said as I stood up, “I need to go and get changed.  Can you deal with the washing up?”


“Leave it to us,” the sisters said as Erica helped to carry the dishes over to the sink.  As for me, I went up to my room, and took off the t-shirt and shorts I had put on earlier, selecting a plaid shirt and jeans from my cupboard, as well as some clean boxers and white socks.


It was while I was putting on my shirt, and buttoning it up that the soft hand placed itself over my mouth, and I heard Erica whisper in my ear “Got you right where I want you.  I can’t let you get away just saying you tie me up, can I?”


I mumbled “Nucnt” as I tasted the soap on her hand, and she gently nudged me onto the bed.   “That’s my boy,” she whispered into my ear before she gently kissed my neck, and pulled my hands behind my own back.  Looking to the side, I could see the lengths of rope she had brought up laid out on the bed, and I allowed myself a deep sigh.


It had been a week after that wonderful visit to Paulette’s house when she had called round, just as I was sorting through the mementoes they had left, and she caught me stuffing one of the scarves into my own mouth.  She had been surprised at first, but we had sat and talked, and then talked some more - and by the end of that night we had tied each other up with the items, and discovered our mutual fascination, another thing which linked us together.


As she put my hands together, palm pressed against palm, and tied the soft cord around my wrists, I thanked God again that he had brought us together.  She pulled the cord tightly around it, and then cinched the rope between my wrists, before turning me over and kissing me, her lips pressing hard against mine.


“Hmmm - what did I do to deserve you,” I finally said as she let me go, her pigtails over her face.


“Don’t know, but whatever it was it was worth it,” she whispered as she kissed my neck, and then stuffed a cloth from the bag into my mouth, keeping it in place by one of her scarves tied over my mouth.  I breathed in her scent from the cloth as she fastened it tightly around my neck, and then started to pull my jeans back off my legs, binding my ankles tightly together with more cord and then my legs below my knees.  Erica climbed on the bed behind me and started to stroke my stomach, saying “You don't know how lucky you’re going to be later” as her hand went towards my crotch.


“No - but we’ve got a fairly good idea.”


I looked over to the door to see Paulette and Kerry standing there, a big smile on their face as they looked at us.  “I think they need to spend some quality time together,” Paulette said to her sister, watching as Kerry nodded and said “I agree - you get her legs, I’ll get her hands.”


I watched, stopping myself from laughing as Kerry pulled Erica’s hands behind her back and tied them together with rope, making sure her wrists were crossed, while Paulette rolled me over, wrapped her legs around mine and tied them together, then tied her legs to mine.  They then fed a length of rope under our waists and pulled our bodies tightly together so that our noses were almost touching, until Erica moved her head slightly and started to kiss and nuzzle my neck.


It felt so good - which is why I was sorry when Kerry stuffed a cloth into Erica’s mouth, and then pulled a scarf over it as well.  The pale green complemented her eyes as she looked at me, and I recognised the feeling in there - as well as the one that was pressing against her body right now.


“Have fun, kiddies,” Paulette said as she patted us both on the head, and the sisters left us alone, closing the door behind them.  Erica wriggled her body against me, then looked into my eyes before she rubbed her gagged mouth against my neck, and I felt the pressure of her lips on it.  I moaned in response as I rubbed against her as well, my gagged mouth kissing her shoulders as we slowly worked each other up....





They did eventually release us, but not before I needed a new pair of boxers and Erica had to take a very long, very hot shower.  Eventually we piled into my van and I drove all three of them to where they were meeting the rest of the squad.


“It’s been a blast, Mark,” Kerry said as she got out of the van, “I hope we can do it again some time.”


“Yeah - but next time we’ll make sure you two lovebirds get some quality private time,” Paulette said as she and Kerry walked into the restaurant.  As Erica got out of the car, she turned and said “I may come round later - if you’re up for a game of something.”


“Any time,” I whispered as we kissed, and I watched her following the others in.  I knew exactly what game she wanted to play - and as I drove home, I sorted in my own mind what would be needed.  It was going to be a very long night...







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