Working Your Way Up





As the van pulled up outside the townhouse, the driver looked up at the lights that shone in the windows, then into the glass doors at the front of the building, noting the two women sat there as the sunset neared completion.  Nodding, she banged on the panel behind her and waited.


The doors at the rear of the van opened and six women got put, dressed in black leather.  Swiftly, quietly, they made their way round the side of the building, carrying bags between them as they moved...






Gail looked at Abi as she walked towards the kitchen door behind the desk, the heels of her black shoes clicking on the wood.  As the two who manned the front desk, they were both in smart business dress – in Abi's case, a short black skirt and matching jacket over a white scoop necked sleeveless top, and white stockings which just peeked out from under the skirt hem.


“Sure – it’s quite out here anyway,” Gail said as she turned back to the magazine she was reading.  Her long brown hair fell over the shoulder so f her light blue jacket, while her skirt allowed her room to cross her legs as she relaxed.


She heard Abi running some water, and the kettle starting to boil, but the next sound she heard was a thump as if something had fallen on the floor.  “Are you all right in there,” she called back, but there was no reply.  “Probably embarrassed,” she thought to herself as she turned back to the magazine.


The lack of reply was not due to embarrassment, but the large wad of white cloth that the leather clad woman had stuffed into Abi’s mouth as she had been forced to lie face down on the floor.  As she felt grey duct tape been forcibly smoothed over her mouth, and her wrist been tightly bound together with rope, she looked round to see how many there were.


She counted six of them, all dressed in black leather jackets and wearing gloves.  Five of the six were wearing leather pants, while the sixth had on a skirt that came to just above her knees, the slit in the side the only thing that allowed some movement.  They all wore dark glasses, but as she felt her elbows been pulled together with more rope Abi realised that whoever they were, they were professionals.


“Get her in the corner,” one of the women with dark hair said, and as Abi felt herself been physically lifted up and placed against the kitchen wall.  One of the women knelt in front of her and started to tie her ankles together, while the other lashed her arms to her side with length of rope after rope until she could barely move.


By the time they had finished, her knees had been pulled up, and her jacket forced to the side of her body by the way the ropes encircling her forced her chest out.  She glared at the six as the woman said “Get the other one.”


“About time too,” Gail said as she heard the kitchen door open, but instead of the mug of coffee she was expecting in front of her she smelt the odour of leather as a gloved hand was slapped over her mouth and she was pulled, still in her chair, into another room to the side of the reception area.  She caught a glimpse of a leather clad woman carrying another chair in before the door was slammed and a commanding voice said “Shut up and put your hands behind your back.”


She could see five of them, all female, all dressed in leather and all carrying guns.  “Where’s Abi,” she said as she watched one of the gang walk behind her, pulling her wrist behind her back before something rough and irritating was wrapped around them.


“She’s safe,” a dark haired woman who seemed to Gail to be the leader said.  “We have some business to do here and you need to be out of the way.”  A second woman knelt in front of Gail and placed her ankles together, side by side, before she saw her starting to tie them together with white rope.  At the same time, the woman behind her passed a large loop of rope over her head, pulling tightly around her under her breasts so that her arms were pulled together as the rope went round and round, above and below her breasts.


“Open wide,” the dark haired woman said, and Gail gasped as she saw the large wad of white cloth she held in her hand.


In the reception area, the blonde haired woman removed her gloves and jacket, to reveal a crisp white silk blouse with a tie neck underneath.  Taking a pair of glasses from her jacket pocket, and stowing them carefully under the table, she picked up the magazine Gail had been reading and started to flip idly through the pages.




Gail mumbled “whru” as the last layer of the close fitting white tape was pressed over her mouth.  Her upper body had been secured to the chair back by further loops around her waist and lap, each set cinched on both side against the chair with smaller lengths of rope, while her legs were also bound above and below her knees.


“Not for you to worry about,” the gang leader said as the five of them left her, closing and locking the door behind them.  “How many,” she said to the woman at the desk.


“Two on each floor,” she said without looking up, “I’ll make sure nobody else gets in.”


“All right, ladies,” the leader said to them, “Let’s start on the first floor.”






“Claire, would you bring me the Lawton file please?”


“Of course, Suzanne,” the secretary said as she walked over to her filing cabinet.  She had been asked to work late at the offices of her boss, in order to try and clear some of her legal case load and filing, and was happy to do so.  Suzanne was a good boss, and Claire was glad to call her a friend as well.


It was a casual day, and Claire was wearing a long sleeved white cotton blouse, brown skirt and matching leather heels.  She opened the cabinet, retrieved the manila folder and took it into the office, where Suzanne was sat behind her desk, half hidden behind a mountain of paperwork.


“Thanks,” Suzanne said as she took the file.  “I think that’s enough for tonight – you can go home now.  Close the door behind you.”


Claire nodded as she walked into the outer office, closing the door behind her, but she had hardly taken another step before she saw the five leather clad and armed women standing in front of her.  One of them who was dark haired, put a gloved finger to her lip and beckoned Claire over, while another took a length of white rope from the bag she was carrying and held it up.


“What do you want,” Claire whispered as she walked over, but there was no response except for the dark haired woman to indicate she should turn round.  As she did so, a third woman took her hands and pulled them behind her back, as the second one unravelled the rope and doubled it over.


Claire stood there, silent from fear as she felt her wrist been pulled together and bound.   As the woman proceeded to lash her arms to her sides with more rope, the dark haired woman walked round and stood in front of her.


“Where’s your boss,” she said, and Claire nodded silently in the direction of the office door.  “Right then – our business is not with you,” the woman continued as Claire felt her chest pushing against the front of her blouse, “but we do need to have total security, so I’m afraid you’re going to be inconvenienced for a little while.  Just stay calm, and you’ll be just fine.  You,” she said as she nodded to one of the other women, “come with me while they finish off in here.”


She watched the two women walk into the office, heard Suzanne saying “what the fuck” as the door closed behind them, and then moved as she was pushed roughly towards a small chair that had been set on the floor in front of the shoes that Suzanne kept in the office.


As more rope went around her waist, she watched one of the gang cross her ankles and start to tie them together with more rope.  She whimpered “Please, don’t do that,” but to no avail as her legs were also lashed together above her knees.  Finally, she grunted as a folded up scarf was pushed into her mouth, and a thin strip of pink cloth tied between her lips to keep it in place.


In the inner office, Suzanne was struggling as she lay face down on the white couch she had for meeting with more well known clients, while the two women bound her wrists and ankles with rope.  The buttons that fastened at the front of her short dress were straining at the way her arms were been tied, but she knew there was little she could do about it – the gun facing her on the table as she looked over was evidence of her position.


“Sorry we have to do this to you,” the dark haired woman said as she picked up a small white hand towel, “but we need some peace and quiet.  Now, open wide.”


“You really don’t have to ggmmsmswadmas” she mumbled as the cotton was pulled into her mouth, secured over her hair.  “Whtvudnwfclr.”


“Your secretary is fine, “the dark haired woman said as the office door was opened and she saw Claire leaning forward on the metal chair.  “Let’s move out – we have other people to see to.”


“Clrcnucmn,” Suzanne called out to her friend, but Claire was frozen with fear and shame, the tear tracks starting to show on her cheeks as she struggled in the chair.





The second floor apartment was tastefully furnished, the soft candle light reflecting off the polished surfaces as Joanne and Ruth sat nursing their drinks.  The remnants of the evening meal were on the dining room table, as they looked at each other from their seats.


“It was a wonderful evening,” Joanne said with a smile as she nursed her brandy, “It’s just a pity that it has to end so soon.”


“Oh, I don’t know,” Ruth said as she stood up and walked over to sit next to Joanne on the long couch.  “It does not have to end if you don’t want it to.”  The candle light showed the highlights in her long brown hair, and in the shiny leather of her heels.  The front of her pinstripe jacket was opened, to show the camisole top underneath.


“Why,” Joanne said with a smile as she stroked Ruth’s cheek wit h her hand, the sleeve of her pick jacket falling down her arm, “What did you have in mind?” Her smile lit up Ruth’s eyes as she leaned forward.


“Something like this,” she replied as she stroked Joanne’s dark hair with her hand, gently pulling her head towards her as her lips brushed against hers.  Joanne responded by placing her arms around Ruth, holding her as they kissed, their embrace becoming tighter and tighter as they continued to kiss passionately, tenderly, lovingly...




The two women looked up to see four leather clad women, carrying guns and staring at the two lovers.  “Who the hell...” Ruth said as she tried to stand up, only to be pushed back into the chair as a gun was pressed against her forehead.


“Sorry to interrupt,” the dark haired woman who had spoken earlier continued, “But we need to rob you tonight, so I guess we have to make sure you don’t get in the way.  You,” she said as she pointed to Ruth, “where is the safe?”


“Safe?  What safe?”


“Look, don’t play games with us,” the woman continued.  “Take the lover and make her stand up.”


Two of the women forced Joanne to her feet, making her stand in front of Ruth.  “Now, you do as we say or she suffers.  Understand?”


“All right, all right,” Ruth said as she put her hands up, “Please don’t hurt her.”


“Hurt her,” the dark haired woman said as she produced a length of black rope from her bag, “I’m going to help her to enjoy herself.  You two,” she said as she nodded to two of the female intruders,” take Blondie here to raid the safe.  You, put your hands behind your back.”


Joanne nodded silently as she slowly moved her hands behind her back.  The dark haired woman smiled as she watched her teammate place Joanne’s arms together behind her back, her arms resting in the palms of her hands, as the black rope went around her wrists and was pulled tightly to secure them together.


“Ever been tied up,” she said with a smile as she watched Joanne’s face.  Joanne looked into her eyes and nodded, saying “I used to be by my brother.”


“Not like we’re going to do, I suspect,” she said as Joanne felt her wrist been secured and cinched, with no room to move her arms apart. “Depends,” she said as she watched the rope going around her arms under her breasts, “He had a very vivid imagination.”  As her arms were pulled into her side, she moaned as she felt the constriction, the rope going round and forcing her breasts out before the rope went around her neck and tightened her arms still further.


“I don’t think he would have done this,” the woman said as her wrists were pulled against her back by another length of rope, which went around her waist.  The ends were tied together in front of her, but to her surprise she watched the long length drop in front of her.


“Crotch rope,” Joanne said as she looked into the gang leader’s eyes, “Been there, done that.”


“Not like this,” was the response.  “Have a seat on the floor, over there by the cupboard door, and we will see.”


As Joanne set down, Ruth was dragged back into the room.  Unlike the black against Joanne’s pink outfit, she had white against black, her wrists tied in a box fashion behind her back and hitched up to those that went around her upper body, her small breast compressed by the tight binding.


She was forced to sit in a high chair by the breakfast bar, and as one of the intruders started to lash her ankles together side by side the other pulled her back against the chair with rope around her waist, passing it around the wooden slats in the chair back to hold her in place.


“Are you all right, Jo,” she said as she looked over at her lover, who was transfixed as she watched her ankles been lashed together by the black rope, followed by her legs above her knees.  “Hmmm,” she moaned as she closed her eyes, still wondering why the lengths of rope were down in front of her lap.


The answer to that came soon enough, as the dark haired woman pushed her legs right up and passed the two lengths of rope between her ankles.  This forced the rope to rub against Joanne’s crotch, making her gasp as she felt the movement as she tried to move her feet forwards and backwards.


“Still think you’ve been tied this way,” the woman said as Joanne looked over at Ruth, who was staring down at her legs as they were lashed together above her knees.  “I... I’ll be all right,” she gasped as she watched one of the leather women wad two large white cloths up.


“Enjoy yourself,” the dark haired woman said as one of the cloths was held in front of Joanne’s mouth.  As it was pushed between her kips and behind her teeth, she heard Ruth moan as she was gagged in the same way.  She looked over to see one of the women take a roll of bandage and start to wrap it around Ruth’s mouth and lower jaw, forcing the cloth to stay in place.


“For you,” the dark haired woman said as she held up a roll of white tape, “I think this will be more expressive.”  Joanne nodded as she watched a strip been torn off, and then smoothed over her rouged lips.  Strip after strip followed, as she heard Ruth’s protestations getting more and muffled with each pass of the bandage, her hair been trapped under the binding.


“Right, we need to get moving,” the woman said as the four intruders walked out of the room.  “Enjoy your evening, ladies.”


As Ruth looked over her shoulder at the gang leaving, she heard Joanne moaning softly in the corner.  Turning back, her eyes widened as she saw Joanne moving her legs forward and backwards, the black rope rubbing against her and her eyes closing.  For her part, Ruth could not deny she was been turned on by the sight, and started to moan for her own part, frustrated that she could not join her lover...



“Right,” the dark haired woman said as they ascended towards the penthouse, “now for the primary target.”






Dorothy looked out of the large window onto the street below, her hand passing through her fine long light brown hair.


“He should have been here by now,” she said as she turned back to look at Penelope.  “I wonder what’s keeping him.”


“How should I know – it’s typical of him to be like this,” Penelope said without looking up.  The two women worked in a art dealership in the city, and were still dressed in their work clothes.  The gallery offered a strict dress code for their employees, so the two women were almost identically dressed – short black skirts. Heeled patent leather shoes, and blouses with the sleeves rolled slightly up.  The only difference was in the colour of the blouses – Penelope’s was a slightly lighter shade of red than Dorothy’s but red was the required colour.


The doorbell rang, and as Dorothy said “At last,” she walked towards the door.  She opened it, saying “About bloody time,” followed by a shriek.  As Penelope looked up, she saw Dorothy back away from the door as four leather clad women walked in, wearing dark glasses and gloves, but carrying bags and rather large guns.


“Shut up and sit still," the dark haired woman said as the three blonde women followed her in.  “We are the Black Angels, and we have business with both of you.  Your boss has been delayed – something to do with his wife – but we don’t need him.  Sit down, hands on your heads, and shut up.”


“The Black Angels,” Dorothy said as she sat down.  “My god, you’re meant to be ruthless.”


“We are,” the dark haired woman said as she walked in, “so don’t try anything funny.  Since you know who we are, we’ll start with you.  Stand up, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


“What do you want with us,” Penelope said as she watched her workmate stand up, and saw the lengths of white rope that one of the blonde haired women dumped on the floor in front of her.


“All in good time,” the dark haired woman said as she looked at Dorothy.  “You – don’t move.”  Dorothy nodded as she felt the rope going around her wrists, and she looked over at Penelope.  “Just do what they say,” she said before grunting as she felt her wrists been pulled together, “we need to get through this in one piece.”




On the first floor, Suzanne was making her way across the floor, inch by painful inch, as she heard Claire crying in the outer office.  This was not the first time she had been bound and gagged and she wanted to offer what little comfort she could.



“That bloody hurts,” Dorothy said as the rope that had pulled her arms together below her elbows was passed around her chest and then between her arms and body, tightening the loops in place.


“Don’t be such a cry-baby,” the dark haired woman said as one of her gang passed more rope around Dorothy’s arms below her breasts and pulled tightly.  “You’ll put your friend off – speaking of which, I want you to give me the access codes to the dealership.  There are a number of things my contractor wishes to obtain from there.”


“All right,” Penelope said as she saw Dorothy grimacing as the rope tightened and squashed her breasts as it went round and round.  “But I don’t understand, what do you get out of this?”


“Anything we can find in this building,” the woman replied as Dorothy was made to sit down on one side of the long couch Penelope was sitting on, “and the pleasure of making sure such lovely women as yourself are nicely secured.


“Anyway,” she continued as she sat in an armchair and pointed a gun at Penelope, “the codes, if you please.”





“hgdd,hgdd, HGDDDD,”


Ruth opened her eyes to see Joanne inching her way across the floor towards her, her eyes filled with longing as the rope rubbed up and down against her crotch with each slide.  Ruth too was feeling damp between her legs, as the restriction of her binding had freed her imagination to a degree she had never thought possible.  She watched to get off the chair and meet her lover, but it was impossible, so all she could do was watch and nod, vicariously sharing the feelings Joanne was experiencing as she inched slowly across.








“Language,” the dark haired woman said as she looked over at Dorothy.  A long white scarf had been passed around her mouth twice, each pass been used to pull the cloth further in, before the ends were knotted together at the base of her neck.


As she watched another Angel lashing the upper body of Penelope, she switched on her cell phone and dialled a number.


“This is Simone,” she said as she turned to look out of the window, “I have the information you wanted.  Are you in position?


“Good – these are the codes...”


Penelope wanted to protest, but she too was having a thick white cloth been used to fill eh mouth. As he red lips closed around the gag, she looked down at Dorothy, loops of rope around her ankles, calves, thighs and upper legs, and knew she too was going to receive the same treatment as she was pushed onto the couch.  As the first loops went around her own ankles, she watched the woman called Simone as she nodded.


“Excellent,” she said eventually, “We will expect payment in the usual manner.”  She switched off the phone and walked over to Penelope.


“The codes worked,£” she said as she stroked her hair away from her eyes, “So you get to enjoy the rest of the evening.  Make sure she is bound tightly – I’ll look around the apartment.”





It was midnight before Abu finally managed to work her way out of the ropes she had been bound in.  She stretched her legs, trying to ease the cramp from been stuck on the floor with her legs up against her chest, and pulled the duct tape away from her mouth.


“God,” she gasped as she spat the saliva soaked cloth out.  “Gail, where are you?”


There was no reply, and she gingerly made her way out to the reception.  It was deserted, but there was a thumping noise from the store cupboard.  Unlocking the door, she looked in to see Gail sting there, her hair hanging around her face and her clothes stained with sweat.


“Hlpm,” she mumbled through the tape that covered her jaw.  Slowly, Abi pulled the gag away and removed the cloth from her friend’s mouth.


“What happened to the coffee,” she said as she worked her jaw.  “Sorry,” Abi said with a weak smile, “Something got in the way.”


“Call the police,” Gail said, “and then get a knife or something.  I get the feeling others are going to need our help.”


In the penthouse, Penelope looked at Dorothy as the knocking started on the door.  She forced herself to sit up as the policemen ran in, screaming for help as she looked over at her friend, her eyes closed, unsure if she was all right.




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