Nancy’s Hot Chocolate


It wasn’t a town like Aspen, but it had very good places for winter sports. During the rest of the year it was another small little town in the mountains, nothing usually happened there. Which is exactly why they picked it for the exchange place?


Nancy’s Hot Chocolate was just a cozy little place right in the middle of the distance between the town and the mountain’s winter facilities, a good place to just stop by without anyone in town realize that you were around, that was the first reason why he (according to their sources) had choose the place, the second was that he really had liked the beverage that gave name to the small cafeteria.


For the past 31 years Nancy Gallager adamantly refused to tell the secret of her hot drink, no amount of pressure or bribe could seem to be able to make her tell her secret. The now 46 years old cook had inherited the place from her uncle Ben ten years, and changed its name a couple of months later, and made her chocolate one of few tourist attraction in the spring and summer.


The third reason of why he was sitting on a table by the window that morning was the all girl staff of the place. True, according to his taste only one of these girls was a real beauty, the waitress that was picking the order of the other guy that made with him the present customers of the place. But he had to admit that the two other waitresses were not ugly or just ‘sympathetic’, they just didn’t have a good pair of breasts.


And he was a breastman, but he had to admit that both blonde twins fitted just right the brown with pink dots uniform that they were wearing. The redhaired gal was just… Elvegreenian if not Vargasian in her own. That’s it, she was the living embodiment of one of these famous artist’s good girl art! Was he falling in love with her? If, at least, he could spare her from what he had planned to the others…


The young assistant cook, a Latina teller and the mature (and a little fat) Nancy completed the staff. The pretty brunette behind the desk kept looking at Nancy, who wasn’t feeling really good today. She looked distraught and sad, and suggesting from time to time that she let the business in her hands for today.


About twenty minutes before the meeting Nancy and the teller exchanged whispers and she excused herself, removed the white apron and left.


Nancy lived in the back of the isolated one floor construction, in the room were her real employees greeted her with muffled whimpers as she entered the room. The leader of the three men that were there made the ‘silence’ signal and the girls obeyed after Nancy told them, again, that everything was going to be fine.


If she only could believe in that too…




They had arrived the night before. Nancy was sleeping in her sofa in the hall of the residing area of her business when she felt a gloved hand over her mouth. They were in eight, five women and two men, and were surprisingly polite. They were not after any valuable of her house or business; they were not going to hurt her or any of her girls and (hopefully) not a single drop of blood would be spilled during their action. But the women were going to pose as her staff in the following afternoon.


Nancy tried to resonate with them. Even in the middle of the ‘anti-season’ as she called it, the time of the year that there was NO tourist at all in town, there were enough regular customers to make her hire five young women of the place to work with her. But the leader of the men, a mass of muscles and testosterone under a blonde mustache, told her that they knew that between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. there weren’t any regular customers so their ruse wasn’t going to be found. And if, by any chance, one of them appeared he or she would be dealt with properly, like her staff.


They showed to Nancy the absurd amount of rope, scarves and tape that they had brought with them in order to fulfill their job, and all the guns that they would carry with them. During the morning of the following day they would (not all at the same time) pose as clients, and after the last regular client that they had a register of (and they had the pictures, names and such of over twenty people!) paid his bill and left, they’ll act and her girls would be replaced. They will not be harmed, only bound and gagged and watched by the men as the women did their act. After everything was done, they’ll be freed and with a weird story to tell to the authorities.


Under gun point they forced Nancy to drink a glass of spiced water, when she woke up several hours later they had installed about twenty microcameras all over her place, brought a small arsenal inside and one of them was making their breakfast. The funny thing was that the young woman that was going to pose as Dahlia (Dahlia-B as Nancy decided to call the substitutes adding B to the name of the substitutes girl) was a better cook than her employee, she could really replace Dahlia.


Actually all the women could pass for their targets.


Dahlia-B, as the original, was afro descendent and the same short haircut, black eyes and smile. The height was wrong by a few inches, but otherwise… Stephanie-B and Sarah-B were twins like the original pair of blondes, and had the exact same color of hair and eyes (wait they were using lens), but their breasts were a number or two smaller than those two ones. Was it to make a contrast with the buxom Tiffany-B? True, Tiffany’s bust size was big, but this gal must have faced some surgery to have them in that size, actually she was a real model material! All three soon-to-be-waitresses had more or less the same height that their target’s, nothing that a heel (or the lack of one) couldn’t take care. Juanita-B had a bigger nose than her faithful teller and all had harder looks than her staff, until the leader told them to relax.


More or less the same height, body shape and weight… all five of them. They could really pose as her staff… they could do it.


And they did. At eight o’clock Nancy opened the door so Dahlia and Juanita could come-in, all three waitresses arrived fashionably late over the next ten minutes. Fortunately there were no customers until 8:30, when the local sheriff (and uncle of the twins) decided to stop by. At the same time that he entered the leader of the team and Dahlia-B were parking their car and Nancy knew that the heavy armed rest of the gang was ready to invade the place if they merely thought that she was going to do something ‘stupid’. Bob, the Reubens, Gerry and all the usual customers did noticed her weird behavior, far more calm and even constrained. Specially the girls.


Alone or in pairs they tried to convince her to tell them what was wrong, but every time Nancy merely thought in that and she was remembered of their presence; Tiffany-B and the real Tiffany became fast friends, Sarah-B flirted with Huey until his brother remembered him of a job in the Glenns (he got her number or at least a phone number)… she even received a couple of phone calls ordering her to go to her room so she could be properly instructed better. In both occasions they were more interested in make her act more naturally than anything else.


But how can you be yourself when you know you are being forced to cover up the presence of hard boiled… something… in your own house and work?


When the leader of them show you pictures of what they are here to prevent to happen. Corpses, about a dozen of them. According to him who had done that was going to be in her restaurant that afternoon. Who she preferred to be there when he appeared, she and her girls or she and his girls? He told Nancy more or less what was going to happen, a meeting between two ********** who were going to conduct some business transaction that none of them wanted to see completed, so each one was going to try to steal and kill the other, as well as any witness that was in the premise.


Nancy was from them on torn between the choices she had. And she chose to not oppose any resistance to them when they ordered her to lure the girls to the residential area of the place. Juanita, Dahlia and Stephanie were the first. By then only the other two also burly men of the gang were posing as clients in the cafeteria. As soon as the trio passed the kitchen and entered Nancy’s private area they were rendered helpless.


To Nancy, forced to stay back and watch everything by the leader who was quick in grabbing her and handgagging her. Her right arm was kept behind her back in a barely bearable lock while his left hand stopped her cry to be heard by the now frightened girls. Tiffany-B was holding Juanita in a similar way that Nancy was while Dahlia was being forced to strip by Juanita-B, four feet at their right a now clad in a set of white lacy bra and panties Stephanie was quickly being bound and gagged by the combined efforts of Dahlia-B and Sarah-B while Stephanie-B was dressing her uniform. Soon all three girls were lying side by side on a mattress on the floor.


Stephanie hands had been bound at her sides by a rope that connected them to her calves and waist, and then to her crossed ankles; her elbows had been tied as close as they could get in that position and finally she had been tape gagged. Juanita was now showing her sexy bikini style purple underwear that her lean and elegant body fitted very well; she was the most artistically bound since Tiffany-B was such an enthusiast of the ropes (as the leader of the gang knew it very well) that she was cinching the last knots when the real Tiffany and Sarah were brought to the room, already subdued and tape gagged, by the pair of muscle bound guys; Juanita’s legs, arms and torso were enveloped by a weblike pattern of rope, that held the frightened woman as secure as comfortable that she could be under such circumstances. The contrast with Dahlia who had only her wrists and ankles bound and connected by a reasonably long length of rope was obvious. Both sported cleave gags that were soon reinforced with tape.


As the leader reprimanded Tiffany-B for her ‘excessive artistry’, the real Tiffany and Sarah were (after having to remove their uniforms) ordered to seat back-to-back on the ottoman, their arms were passed around the other girl’s waist and then tied together and to the other girl’s knees, their bound ankles were connected by a rope that went under the ottoman, rope was passed all over their torsos and under their armpits and they were soon unable to move an inch without moving another from the other girl.


As a gag Tiffany-B suggested that they were cleave gagged and then tape gagged. Tape was also added on Dahlia relatively free body and soon Nancy found herself surrounded by the replacements of her staff, and checking every three to five minutes in the screen of the computer at the teller’s desk how the captives were faring until she received an order to stop with that. The growing concern on the behavior of her girls had made her act in a way that forced them to order her to ‘retire for a while’.



As soon as she entered her own room she was tape gagged and ordered to strip. She could see that the girls were fine, all had cried or were crying, but none showed a bruise or any mark of abuse from the guy’s part. True, the breasts of two had popped out of their bras, but it looked more like that that had happened because of their useless struggles (and the bad choice of bra size) than an attack from one of the trio.


As the leader told them a more elaborated version of the story she had heard hour before, the smaller of the men (but tall enough to tower any of the women in the room including Tiffany) and also the only oriental person in the whole place. He quickly had Nancy roped in a way that it wasn’t hurting her (much) and made sure that she wasn’t going to release herself, not with her arms tied behind her back and the wrists of one tied to the elbow of the other. He helped her to seat on the floor and soon her calves and thighs were tied together.


That’s when Nancy realized that the girl’s bonds had changed and all now were bound (more or less) like she was, and that the other burly guy was doing something with the girls one at the time. He was taping their fingers in the shape of thumbless gloves with generous amount of white tape, reducing considerably their chances of freeing themselves or another girl. He delicately grabbed each chin a forced an eye contact, so he could say something to each girl and dry the tears of the ones that were still crying. Then he begged them to close their eyes and blindfolded them with the tape.


When it came to Nancy’s turn he politely asked if she needed or expected to going to need soon to use the toilet, Nancy shook her head and closed her eyes as he asked her to do so. After he smoothed the tape he whispered in her ears ‘we are here to avenge a friend and protect your lives’, and then he helped Nancy to lie on the floor and put a pillow under her head. Nancy could hear a door opening and closing but wasn’t sure if he had left the room or was still there. Then she heard the shooting.




Something happened at Nancy’s Hot Chocolate during the next two hours, but the imprisoned women were unable to witness it and the police (and some townsfolk) only arrived in the place after the shooting happened.


Sheriff Horace B. Perkins was surprised to force a door in the Nancy’s private area of the building and find six women bound, gagged and blindfolded lying on their underwear on the floor or the bed of the room.


There were evident signals of a shooting in the business area of the place. Three corpses were found and evidences that at least four other people got injured in the shooting. None of the dead men were like the male members of the gang that had overpowered them said Nancy and the girls as their photos were shown to them in the hospital. The mysterious incident did brought some fame to Nancy, especially after a real crime TV series reenacted the incident less than a semester later. She still had an all women staff, but her security system was from them on better than the local bank.


The FBI got involved when the identity of two of the corpses became known; one of them was a well known ‘dealer’ (buyer or seller depending on the circumstance) and the other was the military attaché of a not well known Asian nation.


Over the next two years all the women held captive at Nancy’s received a white envelope with fifty thousand dollars in it and a written beg of forgiveness for all the trouble. The envelopes were found under their pillows, above the daily mail, inside their closets, etc… None of them reported it to the police.