There are auction houses that cater to the more - discreet and specialist of tastes, and Objects of Beauty are just such an establishment.  The tales of their staff and work can be read here.


A Slip of the Tongue


We return to the auction house of note, and learn more of the past of some of theri employees as they discuss what to do about a security breach.


Avon Calling


This started otu as a story for The Longer Form, but it never really got as long as it needs to be to go there.  Objects of Beauty are moving, but they need some special items for the opening sale - and a nosy reporter is looking very closely at their affairs.




In all businesses, people decide from time to time to set up shop in a new way - so when Dave and Gina leave OoB to set up an e-commerce business, they get a full support for their start.  NB - this story was originally to be called www.slaveauction.com - until we realised that was a genuine site....


Garage Sale


Objects of Beauty cater for the more - up-market clientelle, and their service and support arrangements reflect that.  By comparison, at the other end of the market, you have this mob....


On The Way to be Sold


It looks like an ordinary house, although it is set back from the road and sits behind gated walls.  As one young man discovers, however, this is the headquarters for Objects of Beauty, a very special auction house.


Protect and Survive


The story "Year of the Tiger" in the Holiday Hostages section hinted there was a reason for the attack on the house in Kowloon.  Here we explore that reason, and the connections to Objects of Beauty that must be protected.


Slave Caravan


Objects of Beauty cast their web far and wide for new lots - as illiustrated in this tale set in the East of the world, abnd based partially on a set of stills from a Fu Manchu film.


Taken For A Ride


Sourcing of items for the firm comes from a number of sources - as one of them now explains.


The Gift That Keeps On Giving


What do you get the woman who wants - no demands everything? For Alex, the answer is simple - call Objects of Beauty for the perfect present.


The Wedding Display


Objects of Beauty do offer a number of special services, such as displays for weddings, funerals or christenings.  It's just their bespoke displays are more - alive than most.


To Serve...


Over the years, Objects of Beauty have prided themselves on their relationships with their clients. So when one very prominent person comes to ask for their help in staffing his retirement home, George is only too happy to oblige...


Shopping for Ebony


A pharmacist makes a discovery, that Objects of Beauty can put to use...


The Baker's Dozen


When a rival operator is shut down, George has 24 hours to gather 13 very different women...


A Question of Colour


Objects of Beauty do not dsicriminate on the basis of race, creed or sexual persuasion - but the client's needs come first...


Random Collection


George walks two guests across the display floor, explainign how some o fthe lots were obtained...


Santa's Little Helpers


A seasonal tale from your favourite service provider...




Sometimes you have to think on your feet...


Charity Auction


A weekend retreat for a group of friends takes a very different twist...


Another Country


On the outskirts of a town, a family find themselves the target of an armed intrusion...


The Mature Order


Obects of Beauty cater for all tastes - including that for the older woman...





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