A Slip of the Tongue

Estralita suggested this story title, with the request that it focus around going-ons at a lingerie party.  Well, I decided to combine it with one or two other things that have been presented here in the past, and I hope you find it satisfactory.


“This is central clearing, what can I do for you?”


“This is James Donaldson, employee number 929B.  I require an emergency pick-up.”


“How many?”


“One – preferably for tonight.”


“What is the situation?”


James swallowed hard.  “A Slip of the Tongue.”


There was a pause.  “Very well, James, pick-up will be with you in ten.  Accompany them to head office – George will need to talk to you.”


“Understood.”  James replaced the receiver, and looked down at his girlfriend.  “I’m sorry, babe, I’m really sorry, but I should not have said what I said.”  She glared up at him, unable to reply because of the black silk square tied into her mouth.  James turned away and poured himself a drink, waiting for the doorbell to ring.  His girlfriend twisted on the floor in a vain attempt to free herself from the ropes around her arms and chest, but she finally lay back on the floor with her head on the pillows.  James looked at her in her bra and slip, and simply said “Let’s wait and see what happens next.”


The doorbell rang, and James recognised two of his colleagues from Procurement.  “Happens to everyone eventually, James,” one of them said as they gently picked up the bound and struggling girl and carried her out to the waiting van, “but you need to come in and explain the situation.”


The drive to the discreet mansion took half an hour, and all the way there James sat wondering how he was going to explain what happened.  Eventually, the van passed through the security gate and made its way to the rear of the building.


“Morning, James – George wants to see you right away,” the doorman said as the three men and one captive entered the building.  “Take her to the special holding area until it is decided what is going to happen.”


James made his way up the corridor, while his colleagues carried his girlfriend into a side room.   In the main display area, he found George working on a display for the sale that evening – the theme of which was “Bedroom Delights.”


“Good, good – lay that one on her side on the floor,” he said as James approached.  A group of four women were being arranged on the “Hearthside” set – three naked, and the one George was focusing on in a white lace bodysuit.  All three were securely bound and gagged in a variety of poses – the one on her back on the floor glared up at James and her look said more than her voice ever could have, even if the tape allowed her to speak.


The auburn haired beauty in the body suit was bound with dark blue ropes in a reasonably loose hogtie, and a small red ball gag was tied tightly into her mouth.  She simple lay there as George pulled the shoulder straps down and exposed her breasts to the fresh air.


“There now,” he said as he stood back.  “You ladies just stay where you are and we’ll see if we can’t find you some lovely new homes.  Now, James,” he said as he turned round, “you and I need to have a little chat.  Come with me please.”


George escorted James into the office, where he found Dave, his team manager waiting for him.


“All right,” George said as he sat behind the desk, “What happened this morning, James?”


The young man swallowed hard.  “My girlfriend accidentally discovered what it is I do for a living, so I followed standard protocol.”


“How?” Dave asked,


“Well, it began last night……”



The previous evening, Dave’s procurement team, including James, had been assigned to collect a group of for women who were attending a private lingerie party, arranged with the help of Chez Abe, supplier both of exclusive lingerie and of tip-offs to the criminal fraternity.


The collection itself had gone smoothly.  The person holding the party, a woman in her mid-forties, had answered the door to the four masked and armed men in a see-through blue top, knickers and stockings, and had no choice but to let the men take her and the other three captive.  The first was a brown hared beauty, and she was easily bound by the wrists, ankles and legs before a red ball gag was used to silence her.  Her friend, another woman in her mid-forties with longer red hair, was bound in a black lace bra and panties as well.


The two younger women had proved slightly more difficult to subdue.  One was obviously the young daughter of the first woman – she looked very much like her mother – but she had fought like a wildcat before she was finally bound by the wrists and ankles.  The top of her purple camisole was pulled down after her breasts were emphasised by more rope, and a black scarf tied over her stuffed mouth.


The final girl was a young Asian friend of the younger one – she had tried to use martial arts, but Dave was a black belt in Ju Jitsu, and she do was soon bound and gagged like the others.  In her case a red camisole was pulled down.


“So you subdued the new stock, and then what happened?”


“Well, we took the usual photographs to send into the head office, but somehow as well as sending it to you I managed to save a copy on my mobile phone.  Accidentally, I assure you, but it happened.  We brought them in, I thought nothing of it and went home to my girlfriend.


This morning I was in the shower, but when I came out I saw her sitting no the bed, looking at my mobile phone.  She didn’t hear me, but as I approached I could see she was looking at the group photograph of last night.  I picked up a scarf she had left on the floor, gagged her and quickly bound her with some rope I had.  Then I called here.”


George and Dave looked at each other.


“So what happens now?” James asked.


George picked up the phone.  “How is our unexpected guest?  Right – give her the guided tour and then leave her alone to think things over for a few minutes.”


He put down the phone and stood up.  “James, you’re not in any real trouble.  All of us at one time or another have had to use the emergency pick up signal.  Even me – when I first started in this company, like you I was in procurement, but I also worked some evenings in a local bar.


The bar was owned by a lovely lady, dark haired and slim, about five foot seven.  I had managed to keep the two aspects of my life apart until one night when I got into work to find out that the bar was about to close.


I was one of her favourites, and we sat drinking a couple of bottles of wine and talking about what we were going to do next.  Well, one thing led to another, and before I could stop myself I realised I was telling her about my other line of work.


I sobered up, and realised to my relief that she thought it was a bit of a joke.  At the same time, I could not take the risk that she would treat it that way later.  I had heard she was a little bit kinky, so I turned the conversation towards fetishes, and it soon became clear she liked been tied up.


So I offered to tie her up as if a robbery had taken place.  We went up to her flat, and she stripped out of her clothes and stood there in a red slip with white trim.  Taking some rope she had produced, I placed her arms behind her back so that her hands supported her elbows, and started to bind her up.  It tied her forearms together, then took the rope around her waist and secured them in place.   Then I wrapped rope around her chest, around her neck and shoulders, and made sure she was well secured.  She actually laughed while I was doing this.


Sitting her down in a chair, I tied her ankles together, side by side, then I rummaged around in the box she had kept the rope in until I found a large black ball gag with thick leather straps.  She actually opened her mouth willingly for me to push it in, and seemed to be really enjoying the feeling of helplessness.


I made the call, and she only really sobered up the next day when she was up for auction herself.  Pity really – lovely woman, but I had to do what I had to do.”


James sat there dumbfounded.  “So this happens all the time” he said.


“It happens to all of us sooner or later,” Dave replied, “usually soon after we start.  It means we learn to be extra vigilant, and also choose our partners carefully.


When it happened to me, I was dating a young Japanese lass over here as a student.  This was before the days of phones that took pictures, so we used to take Polaroids and bring them in.  I forget to hand one in, and she discovered it in a drawer when I was making a drink.  She just sat there, in her white slip, staring at the picture.


Well, I had no choice really.  I pushed her down onto a matress in the room, pulled her arms behind her back and tied three lengths of cord around her wrists, elbows and forearms so that she couldn’t being them back round.  I then tied some more rope around her chest, and cinched off the lower loops between her arms and her body.


I took a white scarf that was lying there, and tied it into her mouth as a gag, then blindfolded her with another scarf, black this time.  Turning her over, I crossed and bound her ankles, then made the same sort of call you made today.”


James gulped.  “How did you feel seeing her there like that?”


“Sad,” Dave answered, “but at the same time the company must come first.”


“So what happened to both of them – did they become lots in auction?”


“Well, James, we give them a choice.  Right now your girlfriend is being escorted around the premises so that she sees exactly what happens here.  Then she gets a choice – join us as staff, or join us as a lot.  In both our cases, they rejected the job offer so they were sold on.”


There was a knock on the door, and George’s secretary Gina brought in a tray with coffee and cups.


“I heard what happened, James,” Gina said as she put the tray down, “have they been telling you about when it happened to them?”


James nodded.  “I know you are an administrator here, Gina, but did you ever have to do it as well?”


“Make the call?  Yes – and it was my own sister as well.


We used to share a flat, but she had no idea what it was I did as a living.  I had two lines of income then – I worked here at the time in Marketing, but I did a nice side line in cat burglary as well.”


James looked up.  “You were a cat burglar?”


“Yes – until I did my leg in on a job.  That was some time later however – my sister had been invited to a party which by a sad coincidence was hit by a squad collecting for the company.  She somehow managed to escape the procurement squad by hiding in a blanket box, but she had recognised one of the men who were there.”


“Who was it?”


“Me,” Dave said, “Gina and I had dated for some time before that, and I had met her sister on some occasions.  Even though we were masked, she somehow knew it was me.”


“So after they had all left,” Gina continued, “rather than calling the police she had come straight home to tell me what had happened.  She had thrown a long coat over the purple slip she had been wearing at the party, and hadn’t even bothered changing to get away.


She just could not stop talking about it, until it got to the point where I knew I had to do something about it.  Taking a length of red cord that I was planning to use to tie a parcel, I instead forced her onto the floor and tied her wrists together behind her back.  A second length went around her ankles.


She screamed at me to find out what I was doing, but instead I took a long length of white cloth and gagged her before making the call.  She was brought here, shown around, and given the choice.”


“And now?” James asked.


“Now,” George replied, “she runs one of our sister auction houses in Germany.  So, the question we have to ask now, James, is what choice will your girlfriend make?  I think we should go and see her, don’t you?  Dave – you need to make sure you have everything ready for next week.”


George and James left the office while Dave and his wife Gina looked over the order books.  In the display area, they found James’ girlfriend looking at one of the newest exhibits.


The brown haired woman was lying on a carpeted area, dressed in black bra, panties and stockings with a suspender belt.  White rope was tied around her chest, arms and body in a karada, with a knot strategically placed in her crotch, and her legs were  securely bound at the ankles, thighs and calves.  A red scarf was tied over her mouth, but it was obvious that it was holding some other packing in her mouth as well.


She was writhing on the floor, trying to get free, but all that could be heard was a low ‘NNNHHHHHHMMMPHHHH!” noise.


“Have you shown her around the entire establishment?”  George asked, and the two men with James’ girlfriend nodded.


She turned to James.  “Why didn’t you tell me this was your line of work?  I’m fascinated by this sort of thing – I honestly am.”


“Well,” George asked, “that raises a question.  You see, now that you have seen what I do, you have to make a choice.  You can be part of this as an employee of Objects of Desire, or you can be part of this as a lot in our auction tonight.  The question is, can you be discrete and join us or not?”


The young girl looked at James and George, and a smile crept across her face.  “I want to be part of this.”


James breathed a sigh of relief, and George took the girl by the hand and kissed it.  “James never told us your name when you came in.”




“Well, Colleen, why don’t we go and talk in our office.”


“James,” Colleen called back as she walked away, “you’ll have to show me some more of your tricks later on.”  James just sat down and shouted in elation.