“And so, we wish Dave all the best with his new business venture, and good luck in the years ahead.  Gentlemen, Ladies – Dave and Gina!”


“Dave and Gina!”


George gave Dave a firm handshake as the assembled party toasted their soon to be ex-partner at Objects of Beauty, then turned and started talking as Dave stepped down from the podium with his former boss.


“Thanks for everything, George – you’ve been a great help in setting things up for us.”


“Nonsense, Dave – I think you’ve identified a niche market, and you and Gina will make it a great success.  Where is Gina anyway?”


“She had to slip away early – a last minute hitch to deal with….”




“You know, Olivia, you have done a fantastic job on the site.  I am very pleased, very pleased indeed.”


“Yes, but you told me it was for a project.”


“Indeed it was – our new business project.  You should be proud of yourself, Olivia.  Now, there’s just one thing I need to do before we carry on.”


“No, please, don’t do that, please mmmpphggss!”


Gina pulled the rolled up bandana tightly around Olivia’s head and knotted to at the back of her head before she sat down. Olivia stared at her, her short blonde hair held back by the bandana.


“As I was saying, Olivia,” Gina said as she sat, “you should be proud of yourself.  Not only have you built our site, you will be the first lot to go on sale.  Isn’t that wonderful?”


Olivia twisted round in her chair, trying to loosen the ropes, but they held firm.  She had come in to finish the job, dressed in a sheer white blouse over a black dress, as she was planning to go out afterwards.  As soon as she had finished, however, Gina had pulled her hands behind her chair and lashed them together with rope, before wrapping rope around her upper body and arms to hold her in place.  Her ankles and legs were tied together with more rope, and she glared at her captor as she started to enter information.


“Let’s see – computer expert, mid-twenties, blonde hair, good build and shape, suit private individual or company.  Starting price of – does five thousand pounds seem fair?”


Olivia screamed into her gag.  Gina smiled, and with a digital camera took Olivia’s picture and uploaded it.


“There – is on the net!  Olivia, you will be our guest while bidding takes place.  Dave will clear your flat for you and make sure your clothes go with you.”


“Just as soon as I make her comfortable downstairs, that is.”


Dave walked over and kissed Gina as Olivia watched.


“George was sorry you weren’t there, but he wishes us well.  So, Olivia, let me show you where you’ll be staying.”


With that, Dave picked up the chair with Olivia struggling in it and carried it out of the room, as Gina turned back to the computer screen.




Objects of Beauty have always catered to a very select clientele, but sometimes they just are not able to attend at one of the auction houses.  For such people, the company have sometimes offered an exclusive mail order service, but when Dave and Gina approached George with both their business idea and the way they planned to work with it, he saw the potential and obtained the backing of the Board of Directors.


Hidden behind an adult mail order site, and with the URL only known to a select few, eSlave provided a way for clientele both to place orders and view items currently available for bidding, with the usual guarantees of complete discretion and confidentiality provided by Objects of Beauty.  Dave and Gina stepped down from the company to take on the work full time, but with backing for the start up from the backers of the parent company.  Within days they had received enough orders and interest, thanks to the offer of Olivia, to know they were going to be successful.


That’s not to say, however, that there wasn’t a few teething problems to deal with – such as Olivia’s sister….







“I really don’t know how we can help you – Olivia left here, with her payment, after the work was done and we haven’t heard from her since.”


Gina was sat in an easy chair in the living room, while opposite her was a young brown haired woman, conservatively dressed in a grey skirt and jacket, who was looking keenly at Gina as she spoke.


“Nevertheless, this is the last place my sister was known to have been.  If there is anything you can tell me that may explain why she disappeared….”


“Sophia, if I could tell you anything I would – oh, hello Dave.  This is Sophia, Olivia’s sister.  You remember Olivia – she helped set up our website for us?”


“Oh yes – how do you do Sophia.  Is something the matter?”


“I’m afraid so,” Sophia answered.  “Olivia has disappeared – I’m just trying to see what may have made her take off without telling anyone where she was going.”


“I see,” Dave said as he handed his wife a sheet of paper.  “Please, forgive me for interrupting – it’s just that a special order has come in for us.”


Gina read the sheet, looked at her husband and nodded when he stood up.  “Well, if we hear anything we’ll be sure to let you know, Sophia.”


The young woman stood up and collected her handbag.  As she left the room, Dave stood to one side and held the door open for her, before clamping a wet cloth over her face as she stepped across the doorway.  She grasped hold of his arm in an attempt to pry it away, but Dave’s grip was too strong, and the last thing she saw before slipping into unconsciousness was Gina smiling down at her.


“Lucky I could hear your conversation when I came to the door,” Dave said as he allowed Sophia to fall to the floor.  “You move her car, and I’ll take her to see her sister.”



Sophia groaned as she slowly returned to life.  Her head felt groggy, and her mouth felt as is it was stuffed with cotton wool while her arms ached.


As it turned out, her mouth was stuffed with cotton wool – as well as a length of rope tied into it to hold the stuffing into place.  It was only slowly that she realised this, as at the same time it dawned on her that she was unable to move her aching arms at all.  “Good – you’re just in time.”


As her eyes came into focus, she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror beside her.  Her jacket had been removed, and she was sat in a wicker chair with her black bra and skirt on.  Her wrists had been pulled behind the back of the char and tied together, and rope was wrapped around her upper body above her breasts to hold her arms in place.  A further length was around her lower chest, holding both her arms and back to the back of the chair.  Finally, a length was tied to the backrest, passed under the woodwork at the back and her left armpit, around the back of her neck and through her other armpit, before being secured to the chair back as well.  Looking down, she could see her legs were tied above and below her knees, and her ankles were crossed and tied together.


She tried to scream, and kicked her legs out in frustration, but she then heard a familiar voice saying “I’m sorry, Sophia, but no-one can hear you.”


Looking up, she called out “liva?”


Olivia was standing in front of her, dressed only in a white pair of knickers and black bra.  Her wrists were bound together in front of her, and Gina was tying more rope around her elbows.  Olivia’s legs were criss crossed with rope, holding them firmly together, and more rope was around her crotch and pants.  Her ankles were securely tied together, side by side, as Gina attached a final length of rope to her wrists and fed it through a hook in the ceiling of the room.


“Sophia, I’m so sorry, you shouldn’t have tried to find me.  Now you’re caught up in this too, and it’s my entire fault…..”


“That’s enough, Olivia, we need to make you ready for your trip?”  Gina said.  Taking a long purple scarf, she first pushed a wad of cloth into Olivia’s mouth, before pulling the scarf into her mouth and tying it tightly behind her head.


“You see, Sophia,” Dave said as he sat next to the frightened girl, “Olivia is going to work for a very rich Arabian man who needs a computer expert on call twenty four seven.  That’s what we do – fill the requests and desires of our clientele.


“As for you – well, I think we’ll see you on our website very soon indeed.”


Both Sophia and Olivia looked at each other and began to cream out, but their cries were so muffled that once the door was closed on them, nothing could be heard.



“Do you think the other one told anyone she was coming here?”  Gina asked as they sat back down in the living room.


“Probably,” Dave said.  “I think we should pay a visit to her office.  Agreed?”


“Dave, we may have a problem if we start building a chain like this…”


“Who said we were going to take anyone there?”





“Good Morning, Ladies.  Is this the office of Sophia Sinclair?”


The two women looked up at the couple who had just walked in. 


“Yes, but I’m afraid she’s not in yet.  Can I help you?” asked the nearest of the two.  She was dressed in a grey blouse and short checked skirt, while her co-worker was wearing a blue blouse and denim mini-skirt.


“Well, I hope so.  What’s you name, my dear?” the man said.


“I’m Helen.”


“Well, Helen,” the woman said as she produced a gun, “You and your friend can do exactly what we tell you.  Understand?”


The two women looked at Dave and Gina, and raised their hands.


“Very good,” Dave said as he set down the bag he was carrying.  “Helen, I want you to tie your friend’s wrists together behind the bag of her chair.  Do it tightly, or else you will both suffer.  Do you understand?”


Helen looked over at her friend, who quietly nodded.  Taking the length of rope Dave was holding, she knelt down behind the chair and quickly tied her friend’s wrists together.


“Secure them to the back of the chair as well,” Dave commanded, and Helen tied the loose ends to the back as instructed.


“Here’s another length – tie her ankles together in the same way.”


Helen walked round to the front of the chair, and began to lash the rope around her friend’s ankles.


“What’s going on?” she asked Helen.  “I’ve no idea,” she replied, “but I bet it’s something to dot with the fact Sophia’s not here.”


“Bright girl,” Gina replied as she brought another chair other.  “Now sit down and shut up.”


Helen took a seat, and watched as Dave tied her friend’s legs together above her knees, then started to wrap rope around her arms and chest.  She barely noticed Gina starting to tie her own wrists together behind the chair, until with a sharp pain she felt them being pulled down and secured to the chair.


“Where’s Sophia?” she asked Gina, who merely pulled more tightly on the rope around Helen’s ankles.  “First things first, dear,” she said as she continued to tie her up.


Dave, in the meantime, had taken a sponge ball and a bandage from the bag.  He went back to Helen’s friend, and pinched her nose until she had to open her mouth.  Pushing the ball inside, he began to wrap the bandage tightly around her jaw and head, ensuring she was tightly gagged.


A few minutes later, Helen was gagged in the same way, and the two captives looked at each other.


“Now,” Gina said, “we’re going to take a few pictures.  If you would, darling?”


Dave reached down and unbuttoned the blue blouse of the other girl, pulling it out to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra that day.  The two girls watched as Gina took pictures of both of them on a digital camera.


“Now, here’s the deal,” Dave said as he stroked the hair of the other girl.  “Your boss isn’t coming back, but we don’t want anyone coming after her.  This is now your business, and so long as we never see each other again, or we don’t hear of anyone looking for Sophia, I think we’ll get along just fine.”


“On the other hand,” Gina said as she placed her hand on Helen’s head, “If we hear someone is looking for Sophia, or from either of you then you will go the way she has, and never be seen again.  The choice is yours – what’s it going to be?”


The two girls looked at each other, thinking over what they had just been told.


“ll rght,” Helen said through her gag, and the two nodded.


“Excellent, then we’ll make this look like a robbery and leave you two alone.  Just remember what we said – one word or hint, and you’ll be part of our business permanently.”


The couple left a half hour later, having made the place a mess, leaving Helen and her friend to contemplate their new business.




Over the next few weeks, business began to grow for eSlave, and there was a steady passage of young women through the premises.  One particular call involved a little speciality, calling as it did for a three women to be captured and sold, so Dave returned to an old love of his – photography.



Dee, Eve and Fi arrived at the studio looking forward to the special assignment they had been given.  Entering the building, they were net by Gina at the reception desk.


“Ah, so you’re here for the heroine shoot, are you?  Excellent, I’m Gina, Dave’s assistant.  He’s setting things up in the back, so why don’t we go over the contract while he’s getting ready.”


Dee swept her hand through her dark hair, which had been partially dyed brown on top.  “So, what do you want us to be?”


“Are you Dee?”




“Well, you and Eve are secret agents, who are going to be captured by the enemy and held hostage.  Fi will be the girl who comes to your rescue.  You won’t be in any danger – so are you ready to sign?”


The three girls looked at each other, and then signed the contracts that Gina had laid out before them.  As Fi signed her name, Dave came into the reception.


“Excellent – if Fi could wait out here, the other two can come in with me now.”


“We’ll see you in a few minutes, Fi,” Eve called over her shoulder as the other two walked into the studio, Gina closing the door behind them.


“So, Dave, where do we start?” Eve asked.  The couple looked at the two girls – Dee in her black mini dress and white over the knee boots and eve in her red jersey dress and leather boots.


“I think these will be perfect, don’t you Dave?”


“I do so agree, darling.  Ladies, I’m afraid we’ve been slightly economical with the truth.”


“What do you mean,” Eve asked with a hint of fear creeping into her voice.


“We are going to take some photos,” Gina said as she pointed a gun at them, “but the purpose is not for your modelling career.  Not here, anyway.  Now, please take your dresses off, both of you.”


“FI!!” Dee screamed, but Dave laughed.  “The room is soundproofed – she can’t hear you.  Now, take that dress off, turn around and put your hands behind your back.”


Eve started sobbing as she pulled her red dress off, revealing a white corset and bikini pants.  Dee looked furiously at the couple, then unzipped her dress and let it drop, standing there in her black bra and panties with hose over them.


Dave and Gina each took a length of rope, and quickly bound the wrists of the two girls together behind their backs.  They then wrapped rope around their upper bodies, above and below their breasts, so that they were unable to move their arms.


“What’s this all about?”  Eve asked as the two girls were sat down in two folding chairs placed back to back, with the hands behind the back of the chair.


“You’re a special order for our business,” Gina said as she passed rope around the wrists of both girls, securing them together, “But we need to show you in the way our clients want to see you.”


“Oh no, you don’t mmmmm” Dee started to speak, but Dave took a white scarf and tied it into her mouth as a gag.


“Not another word now – we don’t want to spoil the surprise for Fi, do we?”  Gina said as she gagged Eve in a similar manner.  The couple then secured the ankles of the two girls together, side by side, and tied the rope to the cross beam of the chair, before securing the legs of both girls above their knees as well.


“Now,” Dave said as he started to take photos of the two girls struggling, “Let’s make sure this is a good shoot, shall we?”  Dee and Eve struggled to get free and call out, but to no avail as Gina stepped out of the room.


“Ah, Fi – Dave will be ready for you in a few minutes.  Can I get you a drink of water before you go in?”


“Thank you, yes.  I can’t hear what’s happening – is Dave happy with the other two?”


“oh yes – we’re both very happy with how the shoot is going.  Listen – I have to take care of something.  Give it five minutes, and then just go in – OK?”


Fi nodded as Gina went into an office off the reception area, and continued to read the copy of Hello!  As five minutes passed, she put down the magazine and went into the studio.


“Dee, Eve, Are you in here?”  she called out, but she then saw her two friends sat in the chairs, with ropes around them and the gags in their moves, wildly trying to get her attention.


“Oh my goodness, I didn’t realise this was going to be a kinky session,” Fi said as she walked around the couple.  “Whoever did this is good – are you two all right like that?”


Eve just glared at Fi, as she stood there with her hands on her hips.  Her purple blouse and wader boots complemented her black leather mini skirt, but Eve was too busy trying to figure out how to tell her to run.


“Well, it is quite funny seeing you two silenced.  Have you seen Dave anywhere?”


“Right behind you,” Dave said as he clamped his hand over Fi's mouth and pointed a pistol at her head.  “You really are a very sill girl not to realise this is real, aren’t you?”


Fi dropped to her knees, her hands over Dave’s, as she suddenly realised what was happening here.  Dee looked up at Dave with a resigned look in her eyes.


“Don’t worry,” Gina said as she walked back in with a fresh batch of ropes.   “You’ll soon be resting on that couch while we take some photos, and then we’ll take you somewhere so that you can rest while we put you on our website.”


“Cheer up girls – a whole new life awaits you,” Dave laughed as he picked Fi up and led her over to the couch.




Dave had just seen to the dispatch of the three models to their new home in the Far East when Gina knocked on the door.


“Dave, George is here to see you?”


“Right-o, I’ll be up in a minute.”


Dave walked down the basement corridor, looking in on the current crop of guests they had, before climbing up and greeting his old boss in the office.



“George, nice of you to drop in.  How’s James working out as the team head?”


“Wonderful – he shows a real talent for planning, and I think he’ll go far.”




“Thank you – a malt would be nice.”


The two men sat on the leather couch, drinks in hand.


“So, what brings you to our little home?”


“The Board asked me to pass on their congratulations on a successful launch – you clients so far have been singing your praises.  I presume you’ve had no problems with that sister’s firm?”


“No, no – they do some work for us occasionally.  I think they know what will happen if things go wrong.”


“Anyway, the Board asked me to say that they will be in touch with a special bonus in the near future.”


“That’s very generous – please pass on my thanks to them George.”


“By the way, Dave, where did Gina go?  I wanted to talk to her.”


“Why don’t we go in and see her – she’s dealing with a small problem we had with a client.”


“What - don’t tell me you had a false bidder?”


“I’m afraid so – so we’re sending him a little message now.”


The two men put their drinks on the table, and Dave led George into an office where Gina was talking to a young, dark haired woman dressed in a peach skirt and jacket and black heels.  Both women were kneeling no the floor while Gina took some pictures of the visitor.  She had been bound by the wrists and ankles, and a thin white scarf tied around her mouth as she looked sadly down.


“Very simple really,” Dave said.  “if he doesn’t pay, his girlfriend will be our latest lot.  If he does, she’s returned.  She thinks this is a kidnapping, so for her sake I hope he pays up.”


George smiled.  “Some habits die hard, eh George?”


“Oh yes – but eSlave is going to be a big success, I can see that now.”