The Gift That Keeps On Giving









The large tree reached from the floor to the vaulted ceiling, filling the far corner of the room as what seemed to be two miles of lights around the scented needle clad branches cast the room into a red, blue and green glow that reflected off the baubles and glass drops.  Below the branches on the floor were scattered brightly wrapped and ribbon clad boxes of various shapes and sizes, but one in particular was larger than the rest.


I stood upright, wrapped in shiny green paper and with a large green ribbon tied round it, and attached to the ribbon was a label.


“For Samantha,

The Gift that truly keeps giving - Happy Christmas.

Love, Alex.”


Through the heavy velvet curtains that hung over the large windows, the first signs of dawn were starting to peek through, as the door opened and a young couple walked in.  The man was wearing a blue dressing gown over a pair of blue and white striped pyjamas, and his feet were in a pair of blue slippers.  He was thin, and about six foot tall, with short cut brown hair that was greying at the temples.


The woman was dressed in a short red jacket, wrapped around her and tied at the waist with a sash.  Her shapely legs went down to a pair of high heeled pick slippers, with a little pompom on the front, as she stretched and yawned.


“Merry Christmas, darling,” the maid said a she put his arms around her waist, before brushing her shoulder length blonde hair out of the way and kissing her neck.  “I hope you enjoy your presents.”


Mmmm thank you Alex,” she said as she felt his lips on her neck, and looked at the pile of boxes.  Her eyes were automatically drawn to the large one, as she turned and said “You didn’t...”


“I did - they were able to fill the order at very short notice.  Why don’t you open it first?”


She clapped her hands, kissed Alex and ran over to the large box, tearing the ribbon and paper off as she revealed a lid covering the top.  Pulling it off, she stared at the present inside and said “Oh, it’s perfect Alex - just what I always wanted.”


The dark haired girl inside stared back at her, unable to speak because of the large leather panel that was covering her mouth.  She was dressed in a traditional maid’s outfit - a tight fitting black dress with a short flared skirt, which had a square yoke collar, dark stockings and shoes with five inch heels strapped on her feet.  Around her slender neck was a velvet collar, and attached to the collar was a tag.


The woman removed the tag as her present stared at her with big blue eyes, and read the writing on the other side.


CONGRATULATIONS!!  This is Mimi, and she has been selected by Objects of Beauty to be your new servant.  She comes fully guaranteed to bring pleasure and to obey all your commands, and brings with her everything you need to help control and order her.


Beside Mimi in the box were a number of items, held on by wire ties.  There were coils of rope, several sets of cuffs for wrists and ankles, two ball gags and a bit gag, and a small cat of nine tails.  She reached up and stroked Mimi’s short dark hair, before saying “You are going to be a good servant for me, aren’t you?”


Ysmstrss,” Mimi mumbled as her mew mistress began to untie the cuffs that were holding Mimi into the box around her wrists and ankles.  The young girl stepped out and stood, her hands clasped in front of her and her head bowed.


“You may go and prepare a light breakfast for us - Alex will show you the way to the kitchen,” she said. 


“Come, Mimi,” the man said as he opened the door.  “You do not want to keep Samantha waiting, do you?”


Nsrrr,” the maid said as she followed the man out, while Samantha started to open the rest of her presents.


The clock was showing eleven on Christmas morning as Mimi cleared the breakfast items from the table, while Samantha watched her walk, her short skirt rising up as she almost fell on her heels.


“So do you like your present,” Alex said as he looked at his wife.


“She’s wonderful,” Samantha said with a smile, “and she is mine to do with as I choose.”


“Exactly - she is your own personal maid, and I will not interfere.  I’ve prepared a bed for her in the spare room...”




“I’m sorry?”


“She’s a servant, and will not sleep in the spare room.  You can set up a camp bed in the basement for her, and put an alarm clock in there.  I want her up an hour before I am in the morning to draw my bath and make a cup of tea for me when I wake/”


Alex frowned slightly, before saying “Very well - she is yours after all.  Now, we need to get ready - the Caruthers are expecting us for Christmas Dinner, after all.”


As he spoke, Mimi came back in and stood meekly by Samantha’s side, her head bowed.  “Is there something you wish to say, Mimi,” Samantha said as she looked at her.


Plsmstrs, mmggbrmvd?”


“Very well,” Samantha said as she reached over and unfastened the buckles, easing a rubber plug out of the maid’s mouth as her lips made a soft popping sound.


“Thank you, mistress,” Mimi said with her head bowed.  “I merely wished to ask if you had any other duties for me before I ate?


“Yes - you may clear the front room and hoover it,” Samantha said in a high tone, “and then you may have some food.  We will return at six tonight, and we will expect some supper.”


“Very good, Mistress,” Mimi said, but as she turned to go Samantha said “Wait.”  Standing up, she took from the table one of the pairs of cuffs that had come in Mimi’s box, and fastened her wrists together in front of her.


“Now you may go, I will release you later if you do a good job,” she said with a cruel smile on her face, as Mimi bowed and turned, walking out of the room with her hands in front of her.


“That’s going a bit far, isn’t it,” Alex said with a frown.


“Nonsense,” Samantha said as she walked to the door, “She’s only a servant after all.  Come, Alex - we need to get ready.”




As the Daimler drove up to the front door, Alex could see Mimi standing in the open doorway, her hands together and her head bowed.   “Good evening, Mimi,” he said a she got out of the door, “Is everything all right?”


“I have supper prepared and ready to cook for you when you are ready to eat,” she said as he and Samantha walked up to the door.  “See, efficient as I promised,” he said a she looked to his wife, but then saw the dark cloud over her eyes.


“I said we would expect supper when we returned, not that supper would be ready to begin cooking,” she said in a low voice.


“Forgive me, mistress, but I was unsure if...”  Mimi looked at Samantha and stopped talking, as Alex looked on.  “We will have supper when it is cooked,” she eventually said, “and when you have finished washing up, report to us in the front room to discuss this matter further.”


“Yes, Mistress,” Mimi said as she turned to go to the kitchen.  Alex took the mink coat off his wife’s body, revealing her dark green silk dress, before saying “You were a little harsh, darling - she was only wanting to ensure we wanted supper when we were ready.”


“I gave an order, Alex,” Samantha said as she sat on the leather recliner, “and I expect her to obey it.  Fetch me a drink now - I don’t want to talk about this until later on.”


Alex looked at his wife, before going to the drinks cabinet and poring some scotch and soda water into a glass, handing it to her as she saw the fire in her eyes...



“You wished to see me, mistress?”


Mimi stood in front of Alex and Samantha a few hours later, her hands still manacled in front of her and her head bowed.


“Yes, I did,” Samantha said as she stood up, “I need to punish you for not following my orders today.  You understand, don’t you?”


“Yes, mistress,” Mimi said, “You must treat me as you see fit.”


“Very well,” Samantha said as she stood up, and unlocked Mimi’s cuffs from one wrist, only to pull her arms behind her back and re-cuff them.  She then produced one of the ball gags from the box, and pushed the red rubber ball into Mimi’s mouth, tightly pulling the straps around her cheeks and fastening the buckle at the base of her neck.


“Bend over,” Samantha ordered the gagged maid, and as Mimi bent the skirt of her costume rose up, exposing her panties.  Alex watched as Samantha picked up a table tennis paddle and brought it down smartly on her servant’s bottom, making her yelp through the ball as saliva slowly dripped down her chin.


Fnkumstrs” she mumbled as the blows rained on her bottom, making what Alex could see of her bottom red, before Samantha finally stopped.  “Did you set up the bed?”


Alex nodded as Samantha pulled Mimi up and took her by the arm.  “Come with me girl,” she said as she pulled her out of the room, “I want you up nice and early tomorrow morning to serve my morning tea - and you can do it cuffed.”  As they left, Alex sat there, rubbing his forehead as he thought about how to control his wife’s fiery temper...


After a while he stood up and followed the pair out, walking down the staircase to the basement where he found Samantha tying a cord from Mimi’s collar to the top of the camp bed she was lying on.


“I am setting the alarm for 5,” she said as she wound up an alarm clock “and I expect you to rise and untie the leash, then get to work immediately.  Do you understand?”


Yssss,” Mimi mumbled as she rolled onto her side, looking at Samantha and Alex with her hands manacled together with a set of steel cuffs in front of her.  Alex looked at her and nodded slightly as Samantha turned and her heels and walked towards him.


“Leave her alone,” she said as she grabbed her husband’s arm, “She can do a better job in the morning.”  She walked out of the room, her heels clicking on the stone floor, as Alex was forced to follow her out...





Samantha opened her eyes to the sound of a china cup been laid gently on her bedside table, as Mimi placed a cup of tea for her, the steam rising from the liquid inside.


“Your tea, mistress,” Mimi said as she stood by the bed her head bowed.


“Who removed your gag?”


“The master did - he came into the kitchen a few minutes ago, and did so at my request.  I am sorry if I overstepped the mark...”


“I want you to be wearing it when I come down to breakfast,” Samantha said as she sat up and took the cup.  “Now run me a bath and wait for me to come in.”  Mimi nodded as she backed out of the room, almost bumping into Alex in the corridor.


“How is mistress this morning?”


“She was upset at the loss of my gag, sir - I need to wear it later.  I must go and run her bath now.”  She bowed her head and walked to the bathroom as Alex shook his head, and walked into the bedroom.


“The stupid girl let it go cold,” was the first thing out of Samantha’s mouth as she saw her husband coming in.


“Don’t be so hard on her - it takes time to adjust to a mistress-maid relationship.”


“She needs to change, not me,” Samantha said as she pulled the covers off her body, revealing the red silk nightdress she was wearing.  “She needs to improve or I will suggest returning her.  Now for the bath...”  Alex watched as she walked out of the room, and sat on the bed, his face in his hands.


He heard his wife calling “That’s too hot!” from the bathroom, and then stood up, walking to the wardrobe and taking out his clothes for the day.  He needed to be in the office that afternoon, and he still had to tell Samantha about it.




It was two in the afternoon, and Samantha was standing in the middle of the room, her foot tapping on the floor with the sole of her knee length boots that fitted her legs like a glove.  The boots covered also the legs of her pants, which were covered at her waist by the bottom of a rustic print smock top.


The young maid came in and stood her hands in front of her as she said “You called Mistress?”


“Mimi, did I not tell you to dust in here?”


“No, mistress,” Mimi said as she fidgeted with the feather duster in her hand, “you told me to clean the dining room.”


“I told you to clean in here,” Samantha said with a scowl on her face.  “This is unacceptable, Mimi - you are to follow my orders explicitly.”


“But Mistress...”


“No buts,” Samantha said as she grabbed Mimi by the arm, “Come with me.”


She dragged the young girl to the garage, Mimi stumbling on her heels behind her.   In the corner of the room was a set of metal shelves, and it was this that Samantha dragged Mimi towards, forcing her to stand in front of it as she used two sets of cuffs to fasten her wrist above her head, spread wide..


“I don’t like you,” Samantha said as she looked into Mimi’s frightened eyes, “and under the contract I have, that means I get to punish you as I see fit, and treat you as I see fit. Now stand still.”  Going into the kitchen, she returned with a coil of washing line and a large kitchen knife, as well as a bit gag.


“Please, mistress,” Mimi pleaded as Samantha cut tow lengths of rope, pushed her legs apart and lashed them to the bottom of the shelf unit, “You do not have to do this.  I promise, I will do better for you in the future, just don’t aHHHHHHHH.”  The last gasp came as Samantha took the knife, pushed it against Mimi’s neck and then cut straight down the back of her dress, pulling the two halves to the side as her back lay exposed, the clasp of her black bra and her panties clearly visible.


“Now,” Samantha said as she looked at her captive, “You stay there.  I want to see if that little leather set of thongs will leave an impression on you.” 


“no, you must not,” Mimi cried as she tried to look over her shoulder, but that only seemed to annoy Samantha even more, as she took the bit gag and pushed the rubber bar between Mimi’s teeth.


“First Alex leaves me to work,” she mumbled as she fastened the straps tightly around her maid’s head, “and then I have to deal with your incompetence.  Well, that will not happen again, I promise you.”


Ntwntn,” Mimi mumbled as she watched Samantha walk back into the house, her boots clinking on the hard concrete floor, and then she closed her eyes.


Samantha went back to the front room, and found the leather cat of nine tails in the box.  She slashed it through the air, hearing the crack as the thongs snapped in mid flight, and smiled in pleasure at what she was about to do.  “I’ll soon knock her into shape,” she said quietly as she turned and walked back to the garage, saying “Now we will begin the lesson” as she walked in.


There was the metal shelf unit, and hanging from the top shelf were the two sets of cuffs, but of Mimi there was no sign.  Samantha stood, her mouth open as she took the picture in, before saying “Where...”


“Right here, MISTRESS,” Mimi said as she grabbed Samantha’s arm and pulled her to the side, spinning her round as she forced her arm up her back and made Samantha cry out.  “It’s my turn now,” she sneered into Samantha’s ear as the young woman tried desperately to reach back and grab her hair.


“Do that and I really hurt you,” Mimi snarled as she grabbed Samantha’s other arm, and pulled it behind her back, before Samantha felt the cold metal of the fixed cuffs as they were fastened around her wrists. 


“What do you think you’re doing,” Samantha cried out as she was forced to her knees, and she felt a set of leather straps been tightly fastened around her arms, pulling them firmly into the side of her body as they forced her chest up and out from her.


“You do not deserve a maid like me, Mistress,” Mimi said as she pulled the straps a notch tighter, making Samantha gasp as she said “I... I cannot breathe.  Plus, for the love of God, stop this Mimi.”


“He cannot help you now,” Mimi said as she stood in front of Samantha in her underwear and stockings, “I am in charge here.”  Reaching down, she squeezed Samantha’s breasts hard, making her yelp out in pain.


Nnnnnnn,” she mumbled as the maid pushed the bung of the panel gag she had worn yesterday into her owner’s mouth, and fastened the straps tightly around her head.  “Get up,” she ordered Samantha as she pulled her to her feet and marched her back to the front room, where the box she had arrived in was standing open.


Whtrudng!” Samantha screamed as Mimi pushed her into the box, turning her round as she fastened her ankles and legs to the hard back of the box.  Her eyes widened as Mimi kissed her cheek, and said “Goodbye, mistress,” closing the lid on the box and wrapping the ribbons round it as Samantha called out.


Running her hand through her hair, Mimi went to Samantha’s handbag, and took out her mobile phone.  Dialling a number, she waited for a moment and then spoke.


“George?  It’s Michelle - one to collect.  Send a retrieval team as soon as possible.”




Alex came in at seven, to the smell of a freshly cooked meal.


“Mimi,” she called out, and was pleased to see the maid walk out, smartly dressed in a cream coloured camisole top and a smart two piece trouser suit.


“Good evening, Sir,” she said with a smile, “Your instructions have been carried out, and dinner is ready.  I regret to say you will be dining alone tonight, but your bank balance will be considerably more tomorrow.”


“Excellent,” Alex said as he hung his coat up.  “I got my Christmas wish after all.  Will you stay for a while?”


“I am yours to serve,” the maid said, “and please - call me Michelle...”







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