On The Road







“Ah Paris, a city of romance, of intrigue…”


Tonya looked over at Guy as they sat in the front of the Winnebago, and said “you’re not about to get all lyrical on me, are you?”


“Ah, but come, my dear, you have to allow the city to inhabit you, to become part of you…”


“I’ll allow that when we have completed the day’s work,” Tonya said as she checked her equipment.  She had red curly hair, which fell over the shoulders of her sheepskin gilet, that been worn over a tight black sweater, white jeans and brown suede over the knee boots.  Guy was wearing a denim jacket over a blue shirt, a blue scarf tied as a cravat round his neck, striped pants and black shoes.


“And so, to work?”


“And so to work – here comes the first model,” Tonya said as they looked across the plaza.  The woman walking towards them had long dark hair, and was wearing a grey fur jacket with darker grey sleeves, a black top underneath, tight black leggings and knee length black leather boots with straps at the top.


“Yvette?  I am Guy – we spoke on the telephone,” he said as he and Tonya went to greet her, “thank you for agreeing to meet with us today.  If you could just sign the usual waivers that Tonya has here, then we can get you into make-up and begin.”


He indicated a small tent which had been set up, a young girl waiting inside, as Yvette nodded and signed the sheet on Tonya’s clipboard.  “Good – this way…”




“Okay, Yvette, I want you to sit on the wall there, bend your legs, put your arms round your knees,” guy said as Yvette sat down, the Eiffel tower in the background, and posed, turning her head and smiling at the camera as Guy walked round and took shots, Tonya making notes the whole time.  The gentle wind blew through her hair, before Guy said “all right, can you pull the collar of your jacket up and pose again…”


Yvette smiled as she said “like this,” lifting the collar and smiling as Guy continued to take the photographs.


“Brilliant – that is truly brilliant Yvette, thank you.  If you can go over to the van with Tonya, she can arrange for the final paperwork to be completed.”


“Of course,” Yvette said as she came off the wall and walked over to the large vehicle with Tonya, waiting as she opened the door before she stepped in.


“If you will take a seat,” the redhead said, Yvette nodding as she slipped her jacket off.  “That was fun,” she said, “I hope I get to pose for him again.”


“Oh I think that’s a possibility,” Tonya said, Yvette nodding and then opening her eyes wide as the damp cloth was clamped over her nose and mouth, forcing her to breathe in the sweet smelling fumes.  She tried to pull the arm down, but the grip was like iron as her mind started to fog over, her eyes slowly closing…


Tonya held the chloroform soaked cloth in place until Yvette was finally asleep, and then put the cloth to one side as she gently leaned the dark haired woman forward, resting her head on the desk.  Going to a bag, she took out a length of white cord and crossed Yvette’s wrists behind her back, using the cord to tie them together and then looking up as Guy came in. 


The photographer nodded as he took more rope, Tonya holding Yvonne’s unconscious body up as he bound her arms to her sides, framing her chest as the front of her jacket was pulled open.  He then lifted her out of the chair and laid her on the floor, taking another length of rope and guiding it under her back at her waist as Tonya started to bind her ankles tightly together.


Bringing the rope round, Guy tied the ends at her belly as Tonya bound her legs below her knees, before they rolled Yvette over, Guy guiding his hand between her legs and pulling the rope up and back before he secured it to her bound wrists.


Rolling her back over, he gently opened her mouth as Yvette put a damp cloth in, and then taped over her lips, the white tape forming to the shape of her mouth and face as he smoothed the tape over her face.


He then went to the rear of the Winnebago and opened another door, before returning and lifting Yvette over his shoulder, Tonya watching as he stepped outside and then came back in.


“Now – who’s next…?”




“So these are the items I am to be seen promoting?”


“That is correct, Layla,” Tonya said as she and the woman looked at the various packages arranged on the wall.  Layla was wearing dark glasses, her mustard coloured coat buttoned to keep the cool air out, and a long red skirt which also buttoned up the front, her legs in a pair of black tight leather boots.


The most striking thing about her, however, was the dark yellow hijab she wore over her head and neck, tucked into her coat, as she adjusted her black woollen gloves on her hands.


“Well, I can do this, if you have the camera ready to shoot the blog post?”


“Right here,” Guy said as he held up the video camera, Layla nodding as she sat herself on the wall, and then said “in three… two… one…”


She started to talk to the camera, smiling as she presented each of the items in turn and spoke about them…


“That’s all from me now, I will talk to you all soon,” Layla finally said as Guy stopped filming, and said “great – come up to the Winnebago and we’ll get this uploaded.  Tonya, will you go with her?”


“Sure – this way,” she said as she walked alongside the model, stepping inside as Layla said “what time is it?”


“Just before noon, why?”


“I need to pray,” she said as she looked at her phone, then knelt on the floor, praying quietly as she bowed down, while Tonya found some things she was looking for.


After a short while, Layla raised her head and body, still on her knees as she looked over and then started to stand.


“No, stay on your knees until I tell you to stand.”


“What is this,” Layla said quietly as she heard Tonya, and felt something pressing against her back.


“Do not move, do not make a sound, but put your hands slowly behind your back.”


“Why – what are you going to do?”


“Please, my dear Layla, I have no desire to see you come to harm, just do as I ask.”


Layla nodded as she moved her hands behind her, grunting as she felt the rope that was pulled tightly around them, holding them together.  She could feel the thin rope around and between her wrists, as she said “is this a kidnapping?  My agent can certainly raise the ransom if it is…”


“I can’t tell you yet, but you will find out soon enough,” Tonya said as she pulled the rope tight and tied the ends off, and then then helped her to stand up.


“I want you to open your mouth,” she said quietly as she held a compressed blue sponge ball in her hand, “I need you to be quiet.”


“Why?  I do not understand…”  Layla looked at Tonya, then opened her mouth, allowing her to push the sponge in as she felt it expand in her mouth, her lips closed over it as her captor gently pressed a length of clear tape over her mouth.


“This way,” Tonya said as she opened the rear of the camper, taking Layla down some stairs and to a waiting black van.  As they approached, the rear doors were opened and Tonya helped her to step in, a muffled gaps heard as she saw the bound and gagged woman lying unconscious on the floor.


“Bind her, but do it respectfully,” Tonya said to the two masked women in black as she closed the door…




“You are the photographer, I am the model, you do as I say, not me do as you say!”


Guy put down the camera and walked over to her.  “I merely said we need to adjust the lighting.




“Naomi,” Guy said in a quiet voice, “you are a top, top model, and so you are allowed to make some suggestions, but do not forget I am the photographer, and I can make you look fabuluous, or end your career with one photograph.  If you have another outburst like that, I will make sure you never work here again.  Are we clear?”


Naomi looked at him, and nodded as she said “just remember, I have some influence as well.”


As Tonya walked back over, she smiled as Guy talked ot the tall dark skinned woman.  She was wearing a blue fur jacket over a yellow top, black leather pants so shiny the lights were reflecting off them, and black Doc Marten boots.


“Then we have an understanding,” Guy said as Tonya arrived, the model nodding as she adjusted the black woollen gloves on her hands.


“Naomi, how good to see you again – can we get you sitting on the wall over there?”


“Breaking the rules again, Tonya,” she said as she looked at the “No Climbing” notice.


“We can get away with it – so up there, look at your phone, and give us that supreme bored look you do so well.”


“It’s because I got lots of practice,” the model said as she flicked her hands through her cornbraided hair, and then sat on the wall, stretching her legs out as Tonya took the camera and started to take the pictures for Guy.  He watched for a moment, and then went back to the Winnebago for something…


“Let me put this here,” Tonya said as she balanced a furled up umbrella against the wall, Naomi nodding as she looked round while more shots were taken.




“How much longer is this going to take, I have another appointment,” she eventually said as she got down, Guy handing her a bottle of water which she opened and took a long drink from.


“We shouldn’t be too much longer,” Tonya said with a smile as Naomi walked over to a chair and sat down, drinking some more water from the bottle.


“Well, I hope so, because…  Because…”


“Is everything all right Naomi?”


“I don’t know, I suddenly feel very, very tir…”  Naomi let the bottle of water fall to the floor, her eyes closing as she slumped her head to the side, the clear liquid spilling onto the ground.


“We’d better take her somewhere for a nap,” Guy said as he lifted her out of the chair, Naomi’s head on his chest as they walked not to the Winnebago, but to the black van.




“She is not asleep,” Guy said as Layla sat on the van floor, her ankles bound tightly with white rope, her skirt gathered around her legs under another binding, and her arms tied to her sides.


“IT was not proper,” Tonya said quietly as Guy laid Naomi onto the floor, and then crossed her wrists in front of her, holding them as Tonya lashed them together.  She them took two more lengths of rope, crossing and binding her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, before helping Guy to hold the unconscious Naomi in a seated position while he bound her arms to the sides with bands of rope above and below her chest – then tightened them by taking the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm.


Laying her on her back again, they tied her wrists down to her legs, and then covered her mouth with brown sticking plaster, as Layla moaned in protest.


“Don’t worry, just one more,” Tonya said with a smile as they left the van, the two women in black smiling as they climbed back in and closed the doors…




“Now this is different.”


“Well, you were the winner of our ‘Model for a day’ competition, Iris,” Tonya said with a smile as she looked at the young brunette.  Tonya was wearing a cream jacket over a white jumper, jeans and knee length black fabric boots, and lived alone in the outskirts of the city.  The competition had been run in her local paper, and it had been a shock to her when they had contacted her to say she was the winner.


As the wind blew through her shoulder length hair, Guy checked the lighting again, and then said “well, I wonder if you can sit up on the parapet wall – and if we can add a little something to you.”


“Oh, what,” Iris asked with a smile.


“this,” Tonya said as she pinned a bridal veil to her hair, and then helped her to sit on the stone wall, the veil blowing in the breeze as she sat and posed for the photographs.


“That is truly amazing,” Guy said as he took shot after shot, “the camera really does love your face, Iris.”


“Well, it’s fun – makes a change from being a legal secretary,” Iris said as she leaned forward, hugging her legs as another picture was taken.  She then looked over and said “so are there any other outfits you need me to wear?”


“Oh no, I think we have all we need now,” Tonya said as Guy nodded, going to his laptop and downloading the pictures.  Checking a message, he nodded and smiled as he said “Tonya, can you clear up here, and I’ll take Iris to the van to sign the waivers.”


“Sure thing,” Tonya said as Iris reached up to her head.  “No – keep that on for the moment,” Guy said with a smile, “I think it adds to your natural beauty.”


Iris blushed as they walked over to the Winnebago, Guy allowing her to go in first as she said “so, where are the papers you want me to sign?”


“On the table over there,” Guy said as Iris walked over to the table and glanced over them.  “Hang on,” she said after a minute, “these are not model release papers, these are hhmmghdddd…”


“Hush now,” Guy said as he pushed the folded cloth into her mouth, keeping his hand over Iris’ lips as he tore the end of a roll of white tape free and then wrapped it tightly round her head to keep the cloth in place.  She could not believe it – he was gagging her?  Why?


“Sorry, Iris, I have a different kind of contract in mind for you,” Guy said quietly as he pulled her hands behind her back, and she felt the tape on her wrists as he secured them together - and then wound the tape round her body and arms, forcing them into her sides and pulling her jacket back as the two white bands framed her chest.


She was powerless to stop him as she twisted round, the tape bands crinkling as he knelt down and taped her legs together, above and below her knees, and then her ankles, making her immobile before he stood up, put the roll of tape down, and then walked round, his hand stroking her cheek.


“I hope you’re ready,” he said quietly as he lifted her onto his shoulder, and carried her out of the rear door and into the waiting van.  Layla struggled and called out as the doors opened, only to see Iris, her eyes wide as she realised her predicament and was sat between the other two unconscious women.


“Move out,” he said to the two women in black as Layla and Iris tried to call for help, with little success as he waved to them, and slammed the van doors shut as the black vehicle moved off.


Walking back to the Winnebago, he smiled as he saw Tonya packing things away.


“Do you think George will be happy?”


“I think so – that last one as a bride is already attracting offers to Objects of Beauty.  Where are we needed next?”




“Ah, Bavaria, so sweet – let us be on our way then…”












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