Santa’s Little Helpers









Stepping out of the shower, Kim looked at herself in the mirror and smiled – this was going to be a great Christmas Eve Party, and that was not a question for debate.


Stepping through to her bedroom, she sat at the dressing table and blow dried her hair, before she slipped on her black bra and panties.  Standing up and walking to her wardrobe, she took out the sheer purple top and put it on, the darker sleeves coming down to her elbows, but the main body allowing her bra to be seen in an – acceptable way.


“Looking good,” she said to herself as she pulled her blonde hair back and tied it there with a small scarf.  From the wardrobe she took a pair of blue denim jeans and slipped them on, fastening the buttons before a wide brown leather belt went round her waist.


She then took from the floor of the wardrobe a pair of short tan leather boots, slipping them on and tucking the legs of her jeans in as she zipped them up on the inside.  The last thing she took from the back of her wardrobe was a purple linen jacket, which she carried down the stairs with her, and then placed on the back of a chair.


Walking to the kitchen, she took a glass from the cupboard and then put some ice in, followed by a large slug of vodka and some Coke.  Kim sipped slowly and carefully from the glass as she went back into the front room, and sat down, flipping through a magazine as she heard Christmas music getting louder outside.


“Must be the Rotary Club collection,” she said as she heard the front doorbell ring, and stood up, placing her glass on the low coffee table and walking to the doorway.


A young man and woman were standing there, both dressed as elves as a float went down the road with someone playing Santa Claus on it.  “Good evening,” the young woman said, smiling under the green pixie hat, “have you anything you can donate to those who need help this Christmas?”


“Sure – just let me go and get my purse,” Kim said as she went back into the front room, the elves looking at each other.  It was only when she turned round that she saw they had come into the house with her – and the woman was pointing a very real looking gun in her direction.


“What the...”


“Relax,” the man said as he walked behind Kim and pulled her arms behind her back, “just let us do what we’re here to do, and everyone stays happy.”


Kim felt the ropes as he started to bind her wrists together, while the woman looked at Kim.  “What’s going on,” she said as the rope was tugged between her arms, and then she felt a second length pull her arms together, forcing her elbows to touch as the rope went around and between her limbs.


“Please, will you tell me what’s going on here...?”


“All in good time,” the women said as from her handbag she produced a small sponge ball.  “Open your mouth please.”


“Oh no – whatever it is, I’ll...”


“My friend said to open your mouth – I would not advise making her angry.”


Kim looked at the female elf, and then nodded as she slowly opened her lips, the sponge ball slipping into her mouth before she closed her lips over it.  She then watched as the woman carefully tore a strip of clear tape from a roll, and smoothed it down over her lips, making sure there were no air bubbles or creases.


“Very nice,” she eventually said as the man put Kim’s jacket over her shoulders, covering her arms.  “Let’s go outside shall we?”


Kim was in a state of fear and confusion as they walked her out of the house, closing the door behind her, and then down the street to where a van was waiting.  The man opened the side door and then helped Kim in, before she was sat on the floor of the van, the woman crossing her ankles and using some rope to secure them together, and then her legs below her knees.


“You need to have a little sleep now,” the man said as he poured some clear liquid onto a cloth, “and when you wake up, there will be a wonderful surprise waiting.”




As Kim’s eyelids slowly fluttered and closed, the woman nodded before she got out of the van, the man staying with their captive as it drove off....



“I think that’s just the right amount of flesh to show.”


Billie smiled as she adjusted the front of her blouse, the top of her chest clearly visible under the sheer aquamarine material.  The blouse was actually cut in an old fashioned style, with Spanish style cuffs at the wrists, and a layered ruff collar and front. 


The blouse was held closed by two buttons in front, and sat over a pair of tight blue leggings, the bottom half of which were tucked into a pair of patent black leather over the knee boots.  She was determined to be the mistress of this get together, and dressed like this, she knew every man would be attracted to her.


So when she went to answer the knock on the front door, the last thing she expected to see was a man dressed in a reindeer costume, complete with antlers and a red nose.


“Hi,” he said, “is this where the Foster party is?”


“The Fosters?  No – three doors down.”


“Oh – I see, well, sorry to have disturbed you then,” he said with a smile as he turned and walked down the garden path.


Shaking her head, Billie closed the door again and went into the front room  - only to scream as a brown leather gloved hand was pressed firmly over her mouth, and a voice say “keep quiet, keep calm, and do as I say, understand?”


She nodded slowly as the voice said “Good – when I take my hand away, open your mouth.”


Too terrified to do anything other than obey, Billie opened her mouth as she saw a second brown gloved hand, holding a pair of her silk panties which were wadded up.  She let out a small whimper as the wad was pushed into her mouth, and then heard a soft squelchy sound before white tape was wrapped tightly round her head.


Whoever it was behind her then frog marched her to a seat, and said “kneel down, and put your hands behind your back.”


“OH god it’s a robbery,” Billie thought to herself, and prayed that was all it would be as she knelt down, feeling her captor as he placed her hands together behind her back, palm to palm, and  then used the tape to secure her wrists tightly together.


As she watched, the tape was wound round her body to force her arms against her sides – and she saw the brown gloves were only part of a costume, with the brown covered arms.  A costume that looked sickeningly familiar...


The two bands of tape held her arms in place, sitting above and below her chest and the upper band also sticking to her bare flesh.  Billie could feel the tape again as her ankles were forced together, as were her legs below and above her knees, making it next to impossible for her to move or even think of trying to break free.


She wriggled round, the sound of her boots rubbing against each other and her own moans the only noise, as she was made to stand, turned round and sat on the couch.  Her fears were confirmed – it was someone wearing a reindeer costume, but not the same person as before.  This man was bigger, more muscular – and he had certainly made her binding tight.


“Don’t move,” he said as he pointed at Billie, and then he went to the front door, returning with the man who had knocked on her door earlier.


“Very nice – the van’s waiting outside.  Close your eyes, dear lady.”


Billie nodded as she closed her eyes, and felt the tape as it was smoothed over them, before she was lifted up and carried for a while.  As she was placed down on the floor, she wondered why she was being kidnapped – and where she was been taken.


All she could do was wait – and pray her father would pay the ransom quickly...




Maggie put away the Dyson cleaner, and looked round her flat, nodding as she said to herself “great – all spick and span and ready for tomorrow.


The sixty five year old woman looked at least ten years younger, thanks to a healthy lifestyle, with her blonde hair cut and her tanned features after a short holiday in Barbados.  She had returned home for the holidays, and was making sure everything was spick and span before she joined her family the next day.


She liked to dress casually and stylishly as well – today she was wearing a grey short waistcoat over a long sleeved white top, denim jeans designed with a slightly faded panel at the front, and knee length black stretch leather boots with a small heel.


Those clicked on the wooden floors as she walked into her front room, and looked at her Christmas tree.


“Time to put the fairy on the top,” she said quietly as she looked to one side of the room, and then picked up the small plastic fairy, reaching up as she placed it on the top of the tree.


“There – now it is complete.”


“It certainly is.”


Maggie spun round in shock as she saw a middle aged woman standing there, dressed as Christmas fairy, complete with magic wand, fairy wings and a long blonde wig.


“What the hell...”


“Hello dear lady,” the fairy said as she walked forward, “I am the Christmas Fairy, and I am here to grant you your Christmas wish!”


“This has got to be some sort of joke – did Bob put you up to this?”


“Oh it is not a joke,” the fairy said as she walked forward, “and I know exactly what your wish is going to be.”


She tapped Maggie lightly on the shoulder with her wand – and as she felt the slight pin prick, the older woman slapped her hand to the side of her neck, before her eyelids fluttered, and she collapsed to the floor.


“Don’t worry,” the fairy said as two men dressed in black came in, “when you wake up, your wish will have been granted.  Make her ready for her trip.”


The men nodded as they rolled Maggie onto her stomach, one of them crossing her wrists behind her back and securing them together with a plastic zip tie, while the second man used another tie to secure her ankles together.  A second tie went round her legs below her knees, while the first man slipped a long tie under her body and used it to secure her arms to her sides.


Rolling Maggie onto her back, the man then tore a length of brown sticking plaster free from a roll, before he used it to seal her mouth shut.  The second man placed two cotton wool pads on her eyes, before a second strip of plaster was pressed firmly over them.


“Carry her gently,” the fairy said as the men picked her up, “we don’t want her to be hurt in transit...”




“Oh I wish it could be Christmas Every day,

“With the children singing and the band begins to play...”


Eleanor smiled as she sang along, wrapping the last present and putting it under the large fir tree before she sat back down.  The forty five year old was wearing a light pink woollen top, with half length sleeves and a tie fastening at her neck, jeans and dark grey cowboy boots.


“Well, I’m all ready,” she said as she sipped her drink, and then heard a deep voice saying “Ho Ho Ho...”


“What on earth,” she said as she stood up and turned round, only to face – Santa Claus.  It was certainly someone dressed as him – the red tunic and pants, wide black leather belt, black wellington boots, red hat and bushy white beard.


“Robert,” she said quietly, “what on earth are you...”


“Merry Christmas dear lady,” Santa said as he walked in, and she saw the large black sack he had in his hand, “I came a little early because I have been asked to collect a very special present for a very special group of ladies.”


“Oh,” Eleanor said quietly, “and that present would be?”


“You,” Santa said quietly as he raised what looked like a toy dart gun, and fired it towards Eleanor.  She felt the dart as it hit the side of her neck, and then sat down as she suddenly started to feel woozy.


“Try not to panic,” Santa said as she walked over and crossed Eleanor’s wrists in front of her, before he took a length of red ribbon from his sack and used it to bind them tightly together, “You will be quite all right in a while, but it is necessary for me to ensure you will do what I need you to do.”


“And...  And that is,” she said in a slurred voice.


“Absolutely nothing,” Santa said as he tied the ribbon between her wrists, and then took a second length out, using that to bind her ankles tightly together side by side.  Another length was sued to secure her ankles together, before her wrists were tied down to the third band.


“No...  What are you doing...?”


“Hush,” Santa said as he eased her mouth open, and pushed a folded cloth between her lips, before he used a final length of red ribbon to hold it in place, pulling the cloth into her mouth as the ribbon went between her lips and round her head, keeping her long red hair against her neck.


Eleanor could only watch through blurred eyes as the Santa opened his sack on the floor, and lifted her in, pulling the sack up and over her head before he pulled the cords and closed it tightly.


She felt him lifting her up, and bumped against his back as he carried her out to the waiting van.   The last thing she heard him say before she drifted to sleep was “make sure everything is packed in...”




Kim slowly opened her eyes, wondering what had happened as she groaned, and then remembered the events of the night before.  The two elves had put her in the van, and then put some sort of cloth over her nose and mouth.


She tried to move, and then realised she was still bound, and the pull on her mouth told her she was still gagged.  Taking a moment to gather her thoughts, she saw she was lying on some sort of recliner, and a warm breeze was blowing in through the open bay windows at the side of the room.


The room itself was opulently furnished – and she suddenly realised she was not the only one there.




Billie struggled on the long couch she was lying on, the bands of tape around her and over her eyes and mouth meaning she had no idea where she was either.


She wasn’t the only one either – as well as her sister, she saw her grandmother sitting in a leather chair, the brown plaster over her eyes and mouth ensuring that not only could she not see where she was, but that as she started to come to the only thing either girl heard from Maggie was “whhtppnnd...  whrrmmeee...”




Kim suddenly looked at the large black sack on the floor, which was starting to wriggle round.  Her eyes then went to the large Christmas tree, with the large pile of presents arranged under it, some of which she recognised as her own...


“Ah good – they are coming too.  Would you remove the blindfolds from the other three women please?”


Hrrru?  Whrreee,” Kim called out as she looked at the large African man who had appeared in the room, as two women dressed in white walked in behind him.  One of them gently removed the tape from Bobbie’s eyes, Kim’s older sister blinking and then struggling to get free.


“Please remain calm,” the man said as the women then went to Maggie and peeled the plaster away, removing the cotton wool pads as she looked round and said “Grllss?   Hssnthskkhnnnlennr!”


As the sack was pulled down, Eleanor looked round, recognising her mother in law and daughters, and then looking at the tall African man.




“Good morning Ladies,” the man said as the two women stood beside him, “my name is George, and I am the managing director of Objects of Beauty.”


Bjcctsbeetee? Nfrhrddfthm,” Maggie said as she tried to move her wrists.


“Quite – we provide a discrete service for customers of distinction to obtain certain objects for their personal sue and amusement.”


All four women realised what he was saying, and started to struggle.


“This is not the reason you four are here however.”


As they all stopped and looked at him, George smiled and said “we were commissioned to collect and bring all four of you here, along with all the Christmas presents and your belongings, because our client needed to make sure you were all – well, perhaps he can explain for himself.”


All four of them looked at the door as a tall, grey haired man walked in.








“Hello everyone,” he said as he looked at his family, “I’ll ask these ladies to remove the gags in a moment, but I need you all to listen quietly first to why you were – brought here under cover.  Here, by the way, is the Caribbean.  You also need to here why it had to be done this way – and why we can never go home again...”







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