Taken For A Ride







She’s beautiful - that is all I can think of as I look at her, sitting next to me with her eyes closed.  She really is beautiful, one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure to meet and deal with.  It seems a great pity that it has to be like this, but business is, after all, business.


I’d met her in the hotel bar the night before, sitting there drinking her drink all on her own.  She stunned me even then, with her strawberry blonde hair falling around her perfectly formed face and the shoulder pads of her designer jacket.  The jacket, and the short skirt that matched it, were pale blue, a slit at the side of the skirt calculated to show just enough of that shapely thigh to entice any man.


Underneath the jacket was a white silk blouse, the top buttons undone and the collar carefully arranged to offer just a glimpse of her cleavage.  This was a woman who knew how she looked, and sought to exploit that look for all it was worth.  Why else, when she was easily five foot ten, would she be wearing those white leather shoes with four inch heels?


So, I sat next to her, and offered to buy her a drink.  As I had anticipated, she accepted, and I order two of the same from the bartender.  We sat, we talked, she moved her body so that her breasts were full on in my face, and I smiled in response.  After all, what else does a woman sitting in a hotel bar on her own do?


After a while, she said she had to “go fix her face” and got off the stool, the come on look in her eyes unmistakable.  As she walked away, I ordered two more drinks, and made sure hers was ready for her when she got back.  She smiled as she sat down, raised her glass and took a long, long drink from it.


The drug started to take effect almost immediately, as I watched her put the glass down and put her hand to her head.  She looked at me, saying with those beautiful blue grey eyes “What was in that?”  As she tried to stand up, I caught her and said to the barman that I would take her to her room.  Grabbing her bag with my free hand, I walked her out of the bar and towards the lift, pressing both the down and the up buttons as we waited. 


Naturally, when the lift came in I pressed to go down, and we went to where my car was parked in the lowest level of the car park, nice and quiet in a discrete corner.  As the doors opened, I looked at her as her head slumped down.  She would be out for a few hours now - plenty of time for me to be about my work.


I half walked, half dragged her over to my car and opened the back door, laying he rout on the back seat as her head fell to one side.  Opening her bag, I rummaged through and eventually found her driver’s license - Tess Anderson, according to the PennDOT card.  I put the card back in the bag and left it on the floor, walking round tot eh trunk and opening it to retrieve a clear plastic bag and a few other items.


First things first - I climbed in and turned her head so that she was facing upwards, opening her mouth gently as I took a large handkerchief and gently pushed it into her mouth.  As I closed her lips together, I brushed her hair out of the way and picked up the roll of white tape, tearing off a strip and pressing it gently down over her mouth.  As I put two more strips into place, I heard her breathing, smooth and regular through her nose. 


Looking at her body, I gently pulled her arms out from her jacket and start to unbutton her blouse, working down as she moaned in her drug induced sleep.  Putting the blouse to one side, I saw her white lace bra, barely holding her breasts in.  It took a few minutes for me to pull her arms out and then roll her onto her side, pushing the garments under as I rolled her over and picked up the jacket and blouse.  I opened the plastic bag and put them in, before rolling Tess onto her stomach and placing her hands together behind her back.


I had beside me several lengths of white rope - thick, soft and perfect for preparing those I choose to come with me.  Putting her wrists together side by side, the palms facing me, I took one length and double it over, passing it round her wrists and pulling them tightly together, before I passed it round them several more times, pulling tighter with each pass.  I then took the rope through one loop, separated the ends and passed them between her arms, tightening the rope against her wrists as I did.  I could hear her moaning again as the rope constricted her arms, but I ignored it, tying the knot where I knew she could not reach it and moving down to her legs, stroking the back of them as I did so.


As I removed her shoes, and placed them in the bag alongside the nylon socklets she had been wearing, I marvelled at the smoothness of the skin on the soles of her feet.  This was a woman who took care of her body, right down to a professional pedicurist by the appearance I was seeing.  Nevertheless, it did not stop me binding her ankles tightly together, side by side, and making sure they were nice and snugly secured.


My next step was to pull down the zip at the back of her skirt, and slip it down her legs.  As it smoothly came away, I saw her bikini briefs, the thin strip of white almost disappearing between her cheeks and the thin band of white lace around her waist.  Rolling her back over onto her back, I pushed her legs up slightly and tied more rope around her legs, just above her knees, bringing her legs tightly together as the rope dug into her soft skin.  I knew this would leave no bruises, and I was careful to arrange the loops so that she would be in no pain when she woke up.


As I put her legs down, I contemplated putting one more length of rope around her waist and between her legs, but decided not to - that would be for someone else to think about.  Instead I picked up the remaining coil of rope, closed the door at one said and walked round, opening the door and pushing Tess up into a seated position supported by me.


This was the part I was really looking forward to, as I Shook the longest length I had free and doubled it over, passing it around her chest just below her breasts and gently pulling her arms into her side as I fed the rope through the centre loop and pulled.  She groaned again as I did this, and I wondered where exactly she was in her dream world.


As the rope went round twice more, each time pulling her arms more into her side, I saw the way her breasts were forced out, and I was so tempted to touch them.  That would have been against my ethos, of course, so I just watched as I took the rope up her left side to go round the top of her chest, and then round her arms and body three more times, each time feeding the rope through the bottom band behind her so that her arms were well secured.


I wanted to make one final flourish, as I fed the rope through her back binding one more time, placed it gently over her left shoulder and fed it through the lower band of rope between her breasts, pulling it gently back up as I took the rope over her right shoulder and started to secure the final knot behind her back.  This has the effect of pulling her breasts up and out even more - an effect I was known and praised for by all my clients.


Eventually, I was satisfied, so I laid her on her side and placed a blanket over her, covering her as I picked up her handbag and closed the door, locking the car as I did so.  It was ten by then, and I still had to return to her room and pack her bags before slipping them down here as well.


It took me another hour to do that, placing her suitcase and her laptop bag in the trunk and shutting it before I checked on her.  She was still out, and breathing well, as I climbed n and started the car, leaving the hotel and heading for the back streets.  I had plenty of time, and took a wandering route home, just in case anyone had tried to follow me.


Fortunately, I was lucky and saw no-one, as I eventually stopped outside the garage and opened the door.  Driving in, I killed the engine and got out, closing the garage doors before returning to the car and opening the rear doors.  Tess as still out, and did not respond as I gently pulled her off the back seat and lifted her into the passenger seat of the car, her head rolling to one side as she sat there.  I closed the door and opened the trunk, taking her bags and hauling them into the house.  By My reckoning, I had a few hours to get some coffee, change and prepare myself for her awakening - and I wanted to be there when she woke up.


And now here I am, watching Tess from the driver seat as she slowly starts to groan and open her eyes.  As she raises her head and starts to look round, I just smile as I say “Hello, Tess - I hope you had a good sleep.”


mmm,” she says as she turns her head and looks at me, then around her as her eyes suddenly open wide, her blue grey eyes staring as she realises her predicament.  She looks back at me, and then down her body, raising her legs from the passenger well to look at the rope holding her shapely legs together and screaming “Whthll...  whrme... shtddud...” through her covered mouth.  It takes her a few moments to realise she cannot speak, but hewn she does she looks at me again, her eyes asking all the questions I was expecting.


“Don’t panic, Tess,” I say as I smile at her, “you came home with me, and soon you will be going on to a new home.”


Ukdnppdm?  Hwdruubstrd, ctmlossss.”


“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Tess,” I say as I reach over and brush her hair away from her eyes.  “While you were asleep, I made a phone call, and in a little while someone will come to collect you.  I just want to spend the time between now and then building my memories of you, and taking a few mementoes.”




“Language, language, Tess,” I say as I get out of the car and walk round, looking at her through the windscreen, “You will need to learn to control that temper.”  She glared back at me through the glass, and turns to look at me as I walk back to the rear of the car, opening the door and looking to make sure I have removed everything.


“I have all your belongings here with me from the hotel,” I say as I look at her and smile, watching as she processes this fact and lets her head drop.  Stsakdnpeen?” she says as she slowly shakes her head.


“Not really - I want no ransom from your family or friends, Tess.”  As I say this, I get back into the driver’s seat and watch her as she looks at me.


Thnwhtst, ffff......  osht.”  She looks at me again, her eyes pleading as I simply say “That’s right, Tess - your value to me is in another way.”  I reach out to her, and she pulls back, watching me as I stroke her legs with my gloved hand.


Frgdssk, lpau, plsltmg,” she mumbles as she tries to shake the ropes off her arms, but I have secured them tightly enough to hold - I always do.


“Please, struggle all you want,” I say as I stroke her thigh, “I love to see a woman like you when she realises that - ah, there it is.”  Tess had suddenly stopped, looking at me with her head slightly tilted to one side, her hair falling in strands down her face as she said “Thsrl, sntt?  Mgngtbsld.”


“That’s right Tess,” I say as I look at her, “So let me offer you the chance to move round a bit - I have a feeling this may be your last chance for a while.  Please, lift your feet up and put them on my lap - and if you kick me, well, let’s just say I know the true meaning of hobbling.”


She’s obviously a Stephen King fan, for her face pales before she slowly lifts her feet up and puts them on my leather seat.  I smile at her as I untie her ankles, massaging her legs as I remove the rope and then place them back on the floor.  As I do so, she looks at the rope around her knees, then back at me before saying “cntuntetsto?”


“Ah, alas no, Tess - you may be tempted to run off.  Now, sit quite still.”  She watches me as I get out of the car, her head turning as I walk round the front and then open the door by her side.  Taking her legs, I turn her body and lift them out of the car, helping her to lower her head as she slowly allows herself to be pulled out and stand on her feet on the cold concrete floor.


“Come on, Tess,” I say as I take her by the arm, “Take a walk with me.”  She looks at me with those beautiful eyes again before she starts to shuffle rather than walk.  The rope around her legs is keeping her knees together, so she takes small, tentative steps as I guide her round the car towards the back, her breasts bouncing up and down with every little move she makes.  It reminds me of that eighties pop song,


Every little thing she does is magic,

Every little move just turns me on...


Anyway, I take her to stand next to an old wooden support I have there - don’t ask me why, that’s a whole other story.  As she stands there, looking at me, I pick up a digital camera and say “Now, Tess, I need to take a few photos.  For my own use - and others.”


Whtdumn,” she mumbles as I start to snap the pictures, walking round her as she struggles and moves round.  “I told you the ropes would hold,” I say as she stares at me, standing with her head to ones die as she tries to say what I imagine is “Please, just let me go, I won’t tell anyone I swear.”  I imagine that is what it is, because all I hear is “Frdfgdmfmdgmmdfmmmmmsmwr.”


As I lower the camera for a moment, I watch Tess as she stands on her toes, trying to stretch her body up and see if that will help her situation.  I have to say, it’s helping my particular situation, and Tess realises that as well when she looks at me.


Ulktsdntu,” she says as she looks at me, her eyebrows raised.  Well, the evidence is clear to her, so I simply say “Actually, Tess, I do - I just wish we could have met under different circumstances.  I’d love to have got to know you better, but...”


The side door to the garage opens, and Tess looks over to see who has come in.  There are two men standing there, dressed in black overalls with baseball caps on, and looking at Tess and at me as they pull their gloves onto their hands.


“Morning Jack,” one of them says as he comes over and shakes my hand, Tess watching us the whole time.  “You were right; you have a real beauty here.  She’ll make a fine addition to the auction.”


Ucshn?  Fcknghl, dnt, dnt....”  Tess starts to scream through her gag and twist round again, as the second man walks over and takes her by the arm.


“I’ll fetch the blanket,” my friend says as he looks over Tess’s bound body.  “I want her to be nice and warm for the journey.”  He leaves for a moment, coming back with a blanket and a stretcher which he places against the wall.  The blanket he lays on the floor as his colleague picks up Tess and lays her on it, her head to one corner.


“You’ll take good care of her, Joe,” I say as I watch them wrap the blanket round her, leaving only her face showing as they wind grey tape around her in various places.


“Of course we will,” Joe says as he unfolds the stretcher and the two of them lift Tess on it.  “Objects of Beauty always do.  Your fee will be deposited in the usual place. When will you call again?”


“Some time later in the week, I’ll let you know,” I say as they carry Tess out, her body squirming as she looks at me for one last time with those beautiful eyes.  I really wish I had met her before - it’s such a shame we could not have got to know each other better.


I hear the van drive off, and go back into the house.  I need some sleep - I may have another busy night ahead of me.





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