The Mature Order







“I understand entirely, Your Grace – we will complete your order and ship out by the end of the week as requested.”


As he put the phone down, George sat back and smiled.  The Marquis was a son of a recently deceased and regular client, but he was making a slightly – different request.  Lifting the telephone, he said “Janice?  Find Steve and meet me in the display room – we have a particular order to fill.”




“So what is the problem George,” Steve said as they walked across the hall, looking at the white clad staff as they prepared the displays for the next auction.


“We need half a dozen mature women to be shipped to a Scottish estate – do we have anything here that could go to that order?”


“Mature women?  How about Lot 52,” Janice said as they stood in front of a St Andrew’s Cross, a dark skinned woman glaring at them over the panel gag that covered her jaw.  She had been dressed in a black topless costume, and high heels – although her feet were lifted by the straps.





Eleanor smiled as she looked round the kitchen of her flat.  Two weeks in Benidorm were calling, and she could not be happier. 


She was dressed for a night out on the town – a short sleeved pink mini-dress with a black tiger print, and black cuffed knee length leather boots.  The fifty five year old had long chestnut brown hair, and smiled as she walked into the bathroom, and checked her makeup in the mirror.


“Girl, you look good,” she said to herself as she heard the doorbell ring.  Walking quickly to the door, she picked up her purse and said “you’re early, but…”


“Inside – and not a word.”


She stared at the two men who forced her back in the flat, dressed in black roll neck sweaters, trousers, shoes and black gloves – one of them carrying a black bag, the other pointing a gun at her.


“Oh shit,” she whispered as she was forced to turn round, and put her hands up as she faced the wall.  She watched, her head turned as the man put the bag down, opened it and took out a roll of black tape, before her hands were forced behind her back and secured together.


“Look, if you want my money or jewels, you can have them,” Eleanor said as the tape was then wrapped round her waist, forcing her hands against her back as it stuck to the material of her dress.  The men said nothing as her legs were forced together, the tape used to secure her ankles together, then her legs below and above her knees.


As she was made to shuffle and turn round, the man looking at her with the gun said “search the place – you’re not going to say a word, are you?”


Eleanor shook her head from side to side as he smiled and said “no – I know you’re not.”  From the bag, he took out a sponge ball, and compressed it in his hand as he said “open your mouth.”


“Whywhdhdeee” she said, her voice cut off by the sponge as it went into her mouth, and then the black tape as it covered her mouth.  She glanced to the side as the second man came out, and said “I have what we need.  The crew can move in later.”


“Theecccceee?  Hrruuuu?”


“Not important – close your eyes.”


As Eleanor did so, she felt the tape pulling on her skin over her eyelids, and then she was lifted and carried out….



“We did the usual clearance at her flat,” Steve said as he consulted his tablet, “one problem?”


“And that is,” George said as he stroked the side of the captive Eleanor, who grunted in disapproval.


“Her sister has apparently asked some awkward questions.”


“Sheeelel?   Fubstrdssss…”


“I advise you to be quiet,” Janice said quietly.   “You’ll see her – right now in fact.”


Eleanor looked as two men in white wheeled in a crate, and then opened it…



“Come on Eleanor – where are you?”


Sheila looked at her cell phone as her call still went unanswered.  The older sister by two years, she was worried that she had heard nothing for three days.  Her flat was shut up, and the agent said she had left in a hurry – but that was unlike her.


She put her phone back into the base, and checked herself in the mirror.  The grey checked slip dress had a brown wrap belt, the same colour as her short leather boots.


“If I don’t hear from her by tonight, I go to the police,” Sheila said to herself as she looked away for a second – and when she looked in the mirror again, she saw the balaclava masked man behind her.  She didn’t even have a chance to scream before the sweet smelling damp cloth was clamped firmly over her nose and mouth, and as she inhaled a fog started to descend over her mind.


“Whttsgnnnn” she mumbled as her eyelids fluttered, and slowly closed, the masked man keeping the cloth firmly clamped in place until she fell gently to the floor in his arms.  He smiled as he took several lengths of cord from his pocket, and secured her arms and wrists, before rolling her over and pressing a length of tape over her mouth. 


It only took him a moment to take out a mobile phone and dial.


“Janice? One to collect – send the usual crew…”



Sheila blinked as she felt herself been lifted and placed on a bed, and was dimly aware of someone securing her wrists and ankles as her vision slowly returned.  She could see someone standing in front of her, legs and arms outstretched but it took a few minutes for her to realise exactly where she was.


“Excellent,” George said as the trio walked away, ignoring the muffled screams, “those two can be added to our special order.  We need four more, however.”


“Any descriptions?”


“A typical Soccer Gilf?”


“Hmm – Dave at eSlave might be able to help.  Let’s check the current inventory on the site…”




“There you are David – come in, I need to talk to you.”


David Graham looked warily at his mother as he walked in and closed the door.  Cath had built the family business up from scratch, and at sixty he had thought the time was coming for her retirement.  Something in her voice, however, warned him Plan B may be needed.  He took out his phone and sent a text.


“Was that important?”


“Business,” he said as he sat down, Cathy taking a chair opposite him.  She was wearing a white quilted jerkin over a blue roll neck sweater, tight black leggings and knee length baggy black boots – a body that was a testament to tennis lessons.


“So – what was so important you had to drag me out here on a Sunday,” he asked politely.


“Well, since you asked so nicely – I’ve been going over the books, and there are a few things I need to discuss with you.”


“Well, perhaps we could have some coffee first?”


Cathy looked at her son, then shook her head as she stood up and walked to the kitchen.  Filling the jug, she poured the water into the coffee machine – and as she turned it on, she felt the small disc of pressure on her back.


“This is a very real gun, my dear lady.  Slowly, put your hands behind your back.”


“How did you get past security,” Cathy said as she did as she had been commanded, feeling the rope on her wrists as whoever it was proved to be an expert at tying them together.  She could admire that…


“So what is it you want?  We don’t keep much money here,” she said as a length of rope was passed round her body, then pulled tight as her arms were forced into her sides.


“All in good time,” the voice said as the rope was wound tightly round her, embracing her chest as the bands were reinforced above and below her breasts.  She watched with detached interest as the ropes were tightened, and then she was turned round.


He was a middle aged man, with a nice face, but as he pointed the gun at Cathy and said “open wide now,” she allowed him to push the folded cloth in, tasting the cotton as it pressed her tongue down, and filled the space.


He then opened his jacket, and peeled away from the lining a length of wide white tape.  She smiled as he pressed it firmly over her mouth and jaw, covering her lips and face before he stood back and smiled.


“Oh a masked man came in and took my mother away.”


Cathy suddenly turned and looked at her son, as she said “whtthhlll…”


“I think it’s time for you to retire, Mother,” David said as the intruder took the neck of her jumper and pulled it up to cover her mouth and chin.  “Don’t worry, I’ll take very good care of the business.”


Cathy stated to move towards her son, before she was grabbed from behind and frog marched to the kitchen door.  “eSlave thanks you, Mister Graham – payment will follow in due course…”


“Yes, she would be perfect,” George said into the telephone, “have her delivered safely to the auction house please Dave – we will pay the full fee and the usual bonus.”


“So, three down, three to go,” Steve said as he sat in George’s office with Janice.  “What’s next on the order list?”


“The description is, and I quote, ‘Sixties going on teens,’” George said.  “Not too difficult to locate I would have thought.”


“We may actually have a chance to fulfil an unusual request here,” Janice said as she handed George a file.  He opened it and scanned down, before he said “seriously?”


“Seriously.  Shall we?”


“Please do…”



“One is the loneliest number in the world,” Maria said to herself as she looked in the mirror of the hotel room.  Her red dyed hair was cut short, and the dress she was wearing fitted her body tightly – the halter neck keeping some of her modesty with the black and rose print material.


The skirt came half way down her thighs, her legs sitting in a pair of tight black leather boots with straps at the side.  She may be the wrong side of sixty, but she craved that youthful life again.


“Well, let’s see what is on the show for tonight,” she said to herself as she left the room, and walked to the lift.  She was soon standing outside, as a black car pulled up.


“Good evening Madame – would you be Maria?”


“That’s right – you made good time,” she said as the driver got out and held the door open at the rear, Maria getting in and sitting down, staying quiet as the driver got back into the car and drove off.”


“Good evening Maria – it has been a while.”


“Jackie – so you received my request?”


“We did – we have an opening, if you are interested.  Give the word, your flat and your hotel room will be sanitized.  All anyone will know is that you have disappeared.”


“Finally – thank you,” Maria said with a sigh.  “At least they’ll stop looking for me.  So what do I have to do?”


“Turn round,” Jackie said as she held up a set of handcuffs, “let’s do this the way you always dreamed of.”


Maria nodded as she allowed the younger woman to cuff her wrists behind her back, then sat back as a set of manacles were fastened around her ankles.


“When we get there, you will be treated no differently from the others.  Only the client will know this is by your choice.”


“The client?  So you have someone in mind?”


“A special order – some ladies of a similar age.  You will not be lonely – and you may be able to help them to adjust.”


“Well, it is a new life,” Maria said as she watched Janice pick up a leather panel gag, a rubber bung attached on one side.  Nodding, she opened her mouth and closed her lips and teeth over the rubber, as Janice fastened the straps round her head.


“Welcome to the firm – sit back, relax, and enjoy…”



“The four will be prepared for dispatch soon,” Janice said the next day, “but we still need two more.


“I’ve got one,” Steve said as he looked at his phone, “a bit of a tragedy actually.  You know the Flintlock boys?”




“Their last job went wrong…”



“What the hell did you think you were playing at!”


“I swear boss; I did not know that something like that would happen.  We barely got out with our lives.”


“Your lives I can deal with – what about HER?”


The three men looked at the fifty eight year old blonde who was sitting on the floor, struggling as she stared at them. She was wearing a zipped wool top, grey at the front and black at the back, a short black skirt and black knee length felt boots, but the bands of white rope around her ankles, knees, waist and chest were preventing her doing more than struggle.


She couldn’t even speak very easily – a red rubber ball had been pushed into her mouth, and duct tape pressed over her lips to keep it in place.


“Okay, okay – run it past me again.”


“We walked into the office as planned at midday, and she was the only one in,” the man said as he sat down and ran his hand through his greying hair.  “We made sure she was secured and gagged, and Donnie kept an eye on her while I went to open the safe.”


“Okay,” the leader of the Flintlock gang said, “so she was secured, you cut the phone lines, security disabled.”


Donnie nodded as the man continued “so I go into the inner office, and start to work on the safe.  I could hear Donnie talking to her to keep her calm, and then I opened the safe – only to realise the safe had no money in it.”


“But there was something in it?”


He nodded as he said “a bomb – and a timer counting down from two minutes.  I dashed out, threw her over my shoulder and told Donnie to run –I’m telling you boss, we barely made it out with our lives!”


The leader nodded as he bent in front of the woman.  “Let me guess – anything in the way of ID was in your purse, in the office?”


She whimpered and nodded as he said “and the building was destroyed?”


The two men nodded as he looked back at the woman.  “It appears you died in the explosion, my dear lady – I am sure you will be mourned, but we cannot let you go.  Do you have any idea who may have done this?”


She nodded, and as he peeled the tape away she spat the ball out.  “That creep of a boss – the business is in trouble, but he only had eyes for my ass…”


The leader smiled.  “We’ll take care of him – but I am afraid you need to disappear.  And I know the very people to take care of that…”



“Excellent,” George said as he looked at Steve.  “One more and we can let the Marquis know that we are ready for delivery…”




“Janice – a problem?”


“Emergency call…”


“Hmmm that does feel good…”


Selina almost purred as Robbie wrapped the leather sheath around her arms, pulling the laces tight so that they were forced together behind her back.  For a sixty five year old woman, she was supple, her partner lacing the armbinder as tightly as he could and her arms covered from finger tips to shoulders.


The raven haired woman was wearing a grey top with tight lower sleeves and a fake belt, black leggings and tight over the knee black leather boots, as she stood in the bedroom, sighing as Robbie put his arms round her and gently played with her breasts, more prominent now that her shoulder blades were pulled back.


“I’m helpless,” she purred, “but I can still get away…”


“Not if I take care of that,” Robbie whispered as he turned her round and grabbed her bottom, squeezing hard as his lips met hers, his tongue hers…


“Hmmm you are a naughty boy,” she said as he walked her to the bed, and sat her down, kneeling as he took the red silk rope, crossed her ankles and lashed them together.  She watched as the rope went round and between her long limbs, securing her ankles together as the soft leather rubbed and squeaked.


“Of course I am,” Robbie said as he took more of the red rope and secured her legs together below her knees, his fingers stroking her legs as the rope went around and between, and then a third length around her thighs.  She wriggled provocatively, as he sat on the bed next to her and kissed her again, he hands exploring her body as well.


“So, any thoughts on your retirement,” she said as he looked at her.


“Oh I’m a way off that yet,” he said with a smile as he produced a black leather blindfold, Selina nodding as he fastened it over her eyes, and then started to massage her chest as he kissed her neck.


“OH that is so good,” she sighed, “but we should spend more time together now.  You’ve given that business the best years of your life, Robbie…”


“I enjoy my work,” he said with a smile.


“But seriously – art dealing?  You think I believe that is what Objects of Beauty do?”


Robbie kept kissing her as he heard this, and then sighed as he said “time you were quiet my dear – open wide.”


Selina nodded as he pushed the black ball into her mouth, and fastened the leather straps tightly round her head, before he laid her on her back and fed a length of rope under her waist.  Tying it round, he rolled her over and pulled it up between her legs, Selina moaning as it pressed on her leggings, and tied it off before he pulled her ankles back, and secured them to the crotch rope as well.


“Hmsmsggddd” she said as she moved round, Robbie nodding as he said “I’ll be back in a minute – I have a surprise for you.”


“Hgeegeee,” she said as Robbie left the room, closing the door before he picked up his telephone.


“Control?  This is employee number 2348 – A Slip of the Tongue has occurred.”


“Excellent,” George said as the last crate was closed, Selina’s please muffled by the cotton and wood, “ship to His Grace with our compliments.”


“Of course,” Janice said as the blue clad workers pushed the trolleys away, “another satisfied customer George?”


“Indeed – we aim to please here,” the African said with a smile.








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