Turn and Turn About






Frances closed her front door and sighed, putting her large shoulder bag on the floor as she slipped her long tan coat off and placed it on the coat stand.  It had been a – difficult – day at the office, and she wanted to unwind, eat, shower, consider what she was going to do next.  The heels of her black leather boots clicked on the wooden floor as she did so, punching through the silence as she opened her refrigerator, took out a bottle of Chardonnay, and then found a clean glass.


Looking at the amber liquid as it filled the glass, she sighed again and thought of what she had discovered.  A senior admin assistant at a firm of accountants, she was dressed fashionably but conservatively, in a white top with black horizontal stripes, and buttons on her left shoulder, and a long brown wrap leather skirt, the silver buttons shining in the dim light.


“What am I going to do,” she said quietly to herself as she sipped her wine, and then jumped as she heard the front door bell.  Putting the glass down, she walked along the corridor, seeing the figure through the frosted glass before she opened it.


“Frances – can I come in?”


“Sure,” Frances said as she stood to the side and allowed her boss to come in.  Cordelia had long blonde hair, and was wearing a brown leather jacket over a tiger print vest top, black leather trousers and thigh high burgundy boots.  “Going on a date?”


“Later – I wanted to stop and talk to you first,” Cordelia said as she put her large shoulder bag on the floor.  “You left very suddenly today.”


“I didn’t think you’d noticed – want some wine?”


“No thanks – I’m driving.  So what happened?”


Frances looked at Cordelia, before she said “I guess I need to talk to you first anyway – come in, sit down.”


She walked into the front room, Cordelia collecting her bag as she followed her, and sat on the couch, leaning forward with her hands in her lap while her boss sat opposite her, saying “Frances?”


“Boss, I was checking the Broadstreet account today for Dennis, and – I found something.”


“Oh – what did you find?”


“The numbers did not add up – someone was skimming from the accounts.  And not just that one – I found four others as well…”  Looking at Cordelia, Frances said “what do I do?”


“Have you told anybody else?”


Frances shook her head as she looked up.  “I need to talk to someone tomorrow, see what can be done…”


“No – no, I don’t think you’re going to talk to someone tomorrow.”


Frances looked at Cordelia as she reached into her bag, and drew out a pistol, aiming it at her as she said “I wondered when I would be found out – guess I’m lucky to have got to you first.”


“Cordelia, what are you…”


“Oh shut up,” Cordelia said as she stood up, “I’m on a good thing here, and you are not going to stop me.  I just need to make sure you can’t raise the alarm.  So you’re going to take a little trip with me – you’re not going to cause me a problem, are you?”


Frances shook her head as Cordelia stood up, and slipped her jacket off, covering the young woman with the gun the whole time.


“Good – lie face down on the couch, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Cordelia, this is…”


“DO IT!”


Frances saw the anger in the older woman’s face as she stood up, and fearing for her life she lay on the couch, turning her head as Cordelia put the gun on a low table, and then retrieved from her shoulder bag a length of white cord.


“Look, Cordelia, we can talk this out, you don’t need to…”


“I told you to shut up,” the older woman said as she crossed Frances’ wrists, and then wrapped the cord around and between her arms, securing them together so tightly she had to bite her lower lip.  Tying the ends off, she then took a second length of rope from the bag, and tied her ankles together, the rope making her leather boots squeak as it rubbed on them while compressing the material round her legs.


As Cordelia tied the rope off, Frances looked down, twisting her legs as her boots rubbed together before saying “Cordelia, seriously, you are going to whhthhmmmmmm…”


“Told you to be quiet, didn’t I,” Cordelia said as she shoved the cloth into Frances’ mouth, filling the space behind her teeth before she removed a roll of duct tape, and wound it tightly round her captive’s head, covering her lips.  Frances was just glad her hair was up as she was silenced more and more, before the tape was torn free and she was forced to sit up.




“Need to make sure you really can’t get free,” Cordelia growled as she took a longer length of rope from her bag, doubled it over, and then passed it round Frances below her chest, pulling it tight as her arms were forced into her sides, and then wrapping it round to form two bands that framed her chest.  All Frances could do was look forward as her arms were more and more secured, and the ropes tied off behind her.  She was helpless, silenced – and afraid of just what Cordelia was likely to do next…


The blonde gave the ropes one more tug, and then reached round, squeezing Frances’ breasts as she let out a muffled groan.  “That should be quiet enough,” she said with a smile as she picked up her bag and jacket, and left the bound and gagged woman in her front room, wondering what was going on before she walked back in.


“Up,” she said as she forced Frances to her feet, and made her half jump, half shuffle across her hallway and onto the now dark street outside.  A large silver Daimler was outside, the boot door open as Cordelia made her jump to the boot, and then sit on the edge before she was tipped into the large space.


Grabbing more rope form the bag, she secured Frances’ legs together below her knees, and then bent her legs, binding her ankles to the chest ropes as the young brunette groaned.


“We’ll take a little drive – and then we have a little chat and see what happens,” Cordelia said as she slammed the boot closed, plunging Frances into darkness as she walked back and closed her front door, then got behind the wheel, looking at herself in the rear view mirror before she started the engine and drove down the dark street.


As she passed the junction, a black van pulled out and followed her down the road, the driver looking out through dark glasses…



The park was dark as Cordelia pulled into the car park, smiling as she turned the engine off.  This would be a good spot to do what needed to be done…


Frances felt the car stop and lay still, wondering what was going to happen next…


“Right – to work,” Cordelia said as she opened the driver’s door, and started to step out – only to stop as she felt a cold disk against her side, and heard a male voice say “we don’t want any trouble lady – step out slowly, hands in the air.”


“What the hell,” Cordelia said as she looked to her side, and saw a man dressed in black, a pistol against her side as two more appeared with lengths of rope in their hands.


“I said to get out,” the man repeated, Cordelia nodding as she stepped out, her hands raised in the air.


“Turn round, hands on the car…”


Frances could hear the muffled voices – was Cordelia working alone, or had she partners she had just met up with?  Just how much trouble was she in – and why did she feel excited despite everything…


“What the hell is going on here?  Is this a hijack,” Cordelia said as she put her hands on the car roof, feeling the man frisk her down as another looked in the front.


“She’s got a piece in her bag.”


“Take the bag,” the man behind her said before he forced Cordelia to put her hands behind her back, crossing and holding them together as the third man started to bind them together with rope, taking the cords around and between her arms as he secured them.  It was tight, and as she wriggled her fingers Cordelia was trying to consider her options.


“There – stand up straight.”


She felt she had no choice, but as she saw the rope passed round her body, and pulled tight under her chest as her arms were forced into her sides, she glanced to the rear of her car, wondering what her own captive was feeling.  She could feel the pressure on her own body as the rope was wrapped round, framing her own chest as it was forced out, the tiger print stretching over her breasts.


Cordelia remained calm, even as the man fed the rope under the lower band on her left side, and pulled it up, making her gasp as he took it round the back of her neck, and then under the other side, pressing down on her…


“Who are you?”


“A good question – and we will answer hat later,” the man said as she was turned round, and she saw a compressed sponge ball in his gloved hand.  “Right now, you need to be quiet, and open your mouth.”


“No way,” Cordelia said as she clamped her mouth shut – and then she felt the man behind her as he pinched her nose closed, waiting as long as she could before she opened her mouth to breathe – and the sponge was pushed into her mouth, expanding behind her teeth as she closed her lips.


She then watched as he peeled the backing paper off a strip of brown sticking plaster, shaking her head, but it was no use, as he pressed the plaster firmly over her mouth, and then smiled.


“Take her to the van,” he said quietly as her arms were held on both sides, and she was walked over to a waiting black van, the side door opened as a fourth man looked out.  Cordelia was forced to step inside, and then sit on a mat as the men lashed her ankles and legs together, above and below her knees, with more rope.  She struggled, but it was useless, as two of the men sat watching her and the other two got out.


“Here,” the leader of the group said as he searched in Cordelia’s handbag, and passed her car keys over, “follow us.  I’ll inform the team to cleanse her residence.”


“Got it…”




Frances felt the engine start again and the vehicle move off.  What on earth was happening now…




As the van came to a halt, Cordelia stared at the men, wondering what exactly was going on as she heard doors open and close, and then the side door of the van opened.  She could see what looked like a warehouse outside, as two men dressed in white stepped in and lifted her out, placing her on a gurney.


“As requested, George,” the man who led the team said as he spoke to a large African gentleman, Cordelia looking up as he smiled at her, “where do you want her?”


“Take her to processing – she will be a lot for tonight,” George said, “have her home cleared.  Welcome to Objects of Beauty, Cordelia – we have an exciting new opportunity for you…”


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”  Her muffled screams faded as she struggled on the gurney, the two men smiling as she was pushed away.  George watched before he said “good work John – is this her car?”


“It is,” John replied as he walked over, and then they heard the thumping.  “Is someone inside?”


“Open the boot,” George said as the man popped the lid, John opening it up as Frances stared at both of them.


“Well,” George eventually said, “this is a little unusual.  Help her out of there, release her from her bonds, and then bring her to my office, so I can understand what exactly is going on here.”


“Not a lot?”


“Not yet,” George said as he walked off, John removing the ropes holding Frances’ legs and then helping her to stand as he cut the tape away.


“What…  What happened?”


“That is a good question…  What’s your name?”




“Well, Frances, let’s get you untied, get you a drink, and then you can tell George what happened…”




George sat behind his large desk, his hands together and his chin resting on his fingertips as he listened to Frances.



“…  The next thing I know, the boot opens, and you two are looking at me.   What is this place anyway?”


“An auction house for those with particular tastes – so Cordelia was skimming funds from your company?”


“Looks like it – what sort of tastes?”


George looked at John, and said “Objects of Beauty specialise in supplying female workers and companions to gentlemen and ladies of taste and discretion.”


“A slave auction?”


“We prefer to call ourselves a clearing house,” John said quietly, “and the fact we have told you this means you have a choice to make.”


Frances nodded as she said “so when you said I am not a lot…”


“At the same time, we cannot let you just leave and tell the police, so as John says, you have a choice to make – be a lot, or come and work for us.  As it is, I have an opening – if you are interested.”


Frances looked at both of them, and said “go on…”





Onefifty onefityfive onesixty  Going once… Going twice… SOLD!”


Cordelia could only watch from the gurney she was strapped to as she was wheeled off, the Arab gentleman smiling as she was taken backstage.


“The purchaser?”


George looked at the tablet, before nodding.  “You will be very happy there – prepare her for transport.”


“NHHHLKPPPPPMMMMMMMMMMMM,” she called out as she looked round, and then stared at Frances.


“Safe journeys, boss – I’ll let the firm know you quit when I hand in my resignation,” she said quietly, smiling as she watched her captor being taken away…









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