Adam and Eve – Expecting...









2 pm


“Yes, the scan shows everything is fine darling – no problems, and the doctor says there is nothing to worry about.


“Yeah, I miss you too – but I’m looking forward to you coming home tomorrow afternoon.  Have a good flight darling.”


Louise put the telephone down and looked at herself in the hall mirror.  Her red short sleeved dress fitted like a glove, especially over the bump under the brown leather belt.  The dress had a round neckline, with a floral design on the front and also on the front of the knee length skirt.  Her dark hair fell over the left shoulder, and she smiled as she twirled round, the hem of the skirt rising and falling over her burgundy leather boots.


“Not long now Junior,” she said with a smile as she put her hands on her bump, and then made her way towards the kitchen – only to turn and look at the door as the bell rang.


“I wonder who that is,” Louise said as she walked back to the door, opening it to see a young woman standing there, wearing a grey jacket and skirt and a white blouse.  She had a clipboard in her hand, and smiled as she said “good afternoon – we’re conducting a door to door survey in the local area, and I wondered if you could spare a few minutes to answer some questions?”


“Well, it may not be the best time...”


“I assure you, it will only take a little while...”


“Oh all right,” Louise said with a sigh as she stood to one side, “come in.  Would you like a coffee?”


“Thank you,” the woman said as she came in, and reached into her handbag, “but I wonder if you would do one thing first?”


“What’s that?”


“Stand facing the wall, with your hands palm down on it.”


Louise turned round to see the woman smiling, and pointing a very real looking gun at her.  “oh god,” she whispered, and then faced the wall, raising her hands and pressing her palms on the wall as the woman opened the front door.  Turning her head, she saw an equally smartly dressed man come in, putting a large black holdall on the floor as he said “hello Louise – now, just do as we say, and everyone can have a good time.  Understand?”


She slowly nodded as she said “who are you?”


“You may call me Eve,” the woman said, “and my friend is Adam.  Be calm, Louise, and do as we say.  We’re not going to hurt you to your unborn child.  Now, very slowly, put your hands behind your back.”


Louise nodded as she did that, Adam taking a length of soft white cord from his bag and then walking over as he crossed her wrists, and started to bind them tightly together.  She took several deep breaths, as she felt the thin cord around her bare wrists, Adam wrapping the cord around and between her arms and then tying the ends together out of reach of her fingers.


“Thank you – turn round please Louise.”


As she did so, she watched Adam take a roll of silver duct tape from the bag, and rip off a long strip.


“Put your lips together – if you need help, or the toilet, or anything, grunt and we will see to your needs.”


“You don’t have to...”


“Shhh,” Eve said as she put her finger to Louise’s lips, and then stood back as Adam smoothed the duct tape over her lips.  He then took Louise by the arm and walked her into the front room, Eve going first and pulling the curtains over the windows.


“Sit down,” she said as she turned round, and indicated the large armchair.  Louise nodded as she walked over and sat down, watching as Adam knelt in front of her, and bound her ankles tightly together, the rope rubbing on her boots as he pulled it tight.  He then passed another length of rope around her legs above her knees, and bound her legs there as well, the skirt gathering under the ropes.


“Now,” Eve said as Louise watched Adam place a small round black ball by the television, “why don’t we find something for you to watch, while we wait?  I understand you like musicals?”


Louise could only nod as Eve took from her handbag a Blu-ray case, and put the disc into the player.  She watched the start of the Les Miserables concert, as eve took a seat in a chair opposite, Adam leaving them and making his way to the first floor of the house...



5.30 pm

There was a tear in Louise’s eye at the four Valjeans singing, and she wasn’t sure if it was the emotion of the music and the event, or her own feelings as she moved round a little.  What she was aware of, however, was a more pressing feeling.


“Endndthttlltt,” she grunted as she looked at Eve.


“I’m sorry,” Eve said as she sat forward, “is there something you wish to say?”


Louise nodded and winced a little as Eve peeled the duct tape away, and said “I need the toilet.”


“Of course,” Eve said as she untied her legs, “lean forward please.”


As she did so, Louise felt the rope loosen around her wrists, and she sighed as she brought her arms round, rubbing her wrists.


“I am going to escort you,” Eve said as they both stood up.


“Look, why are you doing this, what’s going on?”


“All in good time Louise,” Eve said with a smile, “you have a more pressing need.”


They walked up the stairs, Eve following her and then waiting outside the bathroom as she relieved herself.  As she came out, Eve said “please out your hands together in front of yourself.”


Louise watched as Eve tied her wrists together, and then escorted her down the stairs, helping her to sit down as Adam watched.  “Why don’t we all have some coffee,” Eve said as she went off.


“Will you tell me what this is about?”


“All will become clear in due course, Louise – for now, just do as we say,” Adam said with a smile.  A few minutes later, Eve carried through a tray with three mugs of coffee on it, setting it down and handing one to Louise as she held it in both hands.


“What is that for,” Louise said, trying to change the subject as she looked at the round black ball. 


“Oh don’t let that concern you,” Eve said with a smile.  “Now, in a little while we’re going to order some dinner for you – on us.  I think it’s only fair in return for the inconvenience that we do that for you.”


“Very nice, I’m sure,” Louise said sarcastically. 


“You may even pick the restaurant,” Adam said as if he hadn’t noticed, “and you will change for dinner.”


“I will?”


“You will – now drink your coffee...”



7 pm


“Yes, that is a cash payment,” Louise said as she looked at the other two, “thank you.”


“Well,” Eve said with a smile.


“About an hour, and forty five pounds.”


“Excellent,” Adam said, “will you take Louise up to her room and show her the outfit she will wear?”


“Of course,” Eve said as she helped Louise to stand up, taking her to her bedroom and untying her wrists.  Looking on the bed, Louise could see another of her maternity dresses – this one a taupe dress with a brown zig zag pattern on the material, and a deep neckline.  There was also clean underwear, and her brown knee length leather boots were on the floor by the bed.


“Can I have some privacy?”


Eve quietly shook her head, Louise sighing as she sat down, taking off her burgundy leather boots before she lifted her dress over her head and put it to one side.  Sighing, she removed her red bra and panties, before slipping on the clean white panties and bra, and then pulling the clean dress on, watching as it covered the bump and the skirt fell to her knees.


She then sat down and put on the brown boots, before looking at Eve.


“Now what – I get tied up again?”


“Yes – but not here.  Shall we?”


Louise nodded, knowing she had no choice as they walked back down the stairs and into the dining room.  She noticed the black ball was now sitting on a shelf, as Adam said “wonderful – please, take a seat Louise.”


As she sat down, she watched Adam as he took two lengths of rope, and tied her ankles to the front legs of the chair.  He then carefully passed some more rope round her waist, keeping it below her bump as Louise was pulled against the chair back.  Finally, he took her left wrist and tied it to the chair back.


“Now, we need to make sure you cannot give the game away,” Eve said as she held up a wide roll of white tape, and tore a strip off.  Louise felt the tug on her skin as she smoothed the tape over her mouth with her gloved hands, and then calmed herself as she realised she was unable to talk.


“Oh don’t worry – we’ll take the tape away when the food arrives,” Adam said with a smile, “but not before...”

She could only watch as Eve and Adam started to set plates, forks and glasses out...



8 pm


“Thank you,” Louise said as the soft tape was peeled away, and she looked at the Thai banquet laid out before her.


“Now, tell us what you want,” Eve said, “it goes on the plate, and you can use your free hand to feed yourself.”


“If this is a kidnapping, it’s a very strange one,” Louise said, “nice, but strange.  Anyway...”  She asked for some food, which Eve put on a plate and placed in front of her.  “And I have to admit, it does look good...”


“Well, eat – you need to remember you are eating for two,” Adam said as he and Eve helped themselves as well, and started to eat the food.  “some water?”


“I could really go for some wine now,” Louise said, “but no, water will be fine, thank you.”


Adam poured some water into the plastic glass, Louise taking a sip and then saying “will you please tell me what this is about?”


“All in good time Louise,” Adam said, “for now, eat.  What else would you like to talk about?”



“How did you know I like musicals?”


Eve smiled and said “like the reason we are here, all will become clear in due course.  I must say, this Kung Po chicken is very good...”




10 pm


“Where did your partner go,” Louise said as she looked over at Eve.  After diner had been finished, she had been released from the chair and allowed to come to the front room, only to have her wrists tied in front of her, and the rope taken down to secure her ankles together.


“Oh, he will be back in a moment, he just needed t check something,” Eve said with a smile as Adam came back in.


“Well, Louise,” he said with a smile, “time for bed.  We will untie you and escort you to the bathroom, and I ask you to put on what you will find in there, before we make you comfortable for the night.”


“Do I have a choice?”


“No,” Adam said as Eve untied her, and they walked up the stairs.  Going into the bathroom, Louise looked to the side and saw the pyjamas, then shook her head as she started to run the shower.


When she came out, she was wearing a pair of pink pyjamas, the pyjama bottoms and the arms of the top covered in darker pink small paw prints.  The body of the top was plain, save for the Hello Kitty symbol on the left breast.


“These were a Christmas present,” Louise said, “and I’ve never worn them.  Where did you find them?”


Adam and Eve looked at her, as she said “let me guess – all in due course?”


“Indeed – now, I must ask you to put these over your hands, and then cross your wrists in front of yourself.”


“You’re going to tie me up in bed?”


“Well, we can’t have you trying to escape in the night and hurting yourself, can we?”


Louise looked at them both, before she pulled the pink socks over her hands, and then watched as Eve tightly bound her crossed wrists together, before she took the rope round her waist to keep them in place.  She then took a second length of rope, and tied it round her upper arms, locking them to her sides and ensuring they were held in place, with small lengths between her bodies and her arms.


“Now then,” Eve said as she tied the last knot off, “come and lie on your bed, get comfortable.”


“At least I won’t be lying on my arms,” Louise said as she walked into the bedroom, and lay down, her head resting on the pillows as she watched Eve bind her ankles tightly together side by side, and then her legs below and above her knees.


“Now then,” Adam said as he looked at Louise, and brushed her hair away from her face, “I’m going to put something in your mouth, and then tape it over.  Remain calm, relax – we will be watching you all night, and ensure your comfort and security.”


“Yeah, I can see that,” Louise said with more than a hint of sarcasm.  “All right – do it.”


She opened her mouth, and felt the cotton as the pad was placed in her mouth, pushing her tongue down to the floor of her mouth as she closed her lips over it.  She heard the soft squelching sound as Adam tore a long strip of the white tape off, and then pressed it down over her jaw and lips.  She was used to the feeling of it on her skin by now, and the way it formed to the contours of her face.


“Sleep well,” Eve said, Louise nodding, accepting her situation as the light went off, and her eyes slowly started to close...





9 am


Louise slowly opened her eyes, wondering if the previous afternoon and evening had really happened – and then she felt the damp lump in her dry mouth, the gentle tugging on the skin around her mouth, and the way she could not move her arms and legs, and she remembered it had really happened.


“Good morning Louise – I trust you slept well?”


She turned her head to see Eve standing there, still wearing her clothes from yesterday – and she also saw the black ball sitting on a shelf opposite her.


“Let me untie you – except for your wrists – and take that gag off, you can go to the toilet, and then we have breakfast ready downstairs.”


“Fnkuu,” Louise mumbled as she was untied, and then the tape peeled from her mouth, before Eve eased the very wet cloth from her mouth.


“Do I have to have my wrists tied still?”


“For the moment yes,” Eve said as she helped Louise to stand up and stretch.  “Once you have eaten, you may have a shower, and we have an outfit selected from your clothes for you to wear.”


“I know you won’t tell me – but why are you doing this?”


“All in good time,” Eve said with a smile, Louise shaking her head as she came downstairs with her.



11 am


Louise looked at herself in the mirror as Eve stood to the side.


“I have to admit, I do like this outfit – how did you know?”


Eve smiled as Louise shook her head, and looked again.  Her hair was now up in a bun on her head, while the fawn woollen cardigan sat over the striped round necked top.  She was also wearing a pair of black leggings, with crimson over the knee leather boots.


“So what’s going to happen now?  My husband is due back this afternoon – does this have anything to do with him?”


“I know it sounds like a broken record, but all will be explained in good time,” Eve said with a smile, “please, put your hands behind your back.”


“And here we go again,” Louise said as she turned and crossed her wrists behind her back, feeling the rope as it held them together.  It didn’t feel as scary as it had the previous day, as she felt the tightness of the binding, and then the rope around her waist as Eve passed it round, making sure they stayed against the small of her back.


“Shall we go downstairs,” Eve said, Louise nodding as she walked down, and joined Adam in the hallway.


“Ah excellent – I thought we would take you shopping, allow you to pick up some nice food for when your husband returns.”


“With my hands tied?”


“Yes,” Eve said as she put Louise’s coat over her shoulders, Adam buttoning up the front.  “We’ll be with you, but not a word, or else we cover your lips with clear tape.  Agreed?”


Louise nodded as she was escorted out of the house, and sat in the back seat of the car, Eve sitting next to her as Adam drove off.


They drove to a supermarket on the other side of town – not one Louise usually went to, but she was still nervous as they walked round, Eve pushing the trolley and Adam selecting the items she indicated before putting them in.


When it came to the checkout, Eve again paid cash, as Adam put the items into bags and then pushed the trolley back to the car.  As he put the bags in, Eve helped Louise to sit in the back of the car, and sat with her as Adam closed the boot and got back behind the wheel.


“Okay, so we bought a nice meal for my husband – what happens when he gets back.  We eat and then you take him somewhere and leave me in the house?”


“Actually,” Eve said with a smile, “we’ll answer that question when we get to your house...




2.30 pm


Louise watched as Eve passed the rope round her legs below her knees and then pulled tight, her boots squeaking as they rubbed together when the rope was taken between her legs.  Her ankles were already secured in the same way, while Adam had tied the rope around her upper arms and chest, keeping them locked in place.


“There now,” Eve said as she tied the ropes off and stood up.  “I hope that is not too uncomfortable.”


“I have a choice?”


“Not really,” Adam said as she tied his ropes off.  “Once we have one more thing down, we’ll lay you on your side, your head on some nice comfy pillows, and then we’ll see what happens.”


“Okay – what do you want me to do?”


“Open your mouth please.”


As she did so, she saw the rolled and knotted headscarf held in front of her, and nodded as she tasted the faint hint of perfume on her tongue as it was taken between her teeth.  Biting down, she felt the silk band as it was tied tightly round her head, and then she move do toher side, Eve lifting her legs and laying them along the recliner as she put her head on the pillows.




She nodded as Adam looked at her, and then the young couple left the room, while she watched the television.  She just hoped her husband would understand...



5 pm




Louise opened her eyes to see her husband kneeling in front of her, smiling as he eased the now much darker knot of the gag from her mouth, and left it on her chest. 


“Oh I am so glad you’re back – where are they?”


“I think they left before I came home, but they left this.”


He held up a USB stick as Louise smiled.  “They were good – very good – but who chose the outfits?”


“Oh this was a private event,” he said as he helped her to sit up, “I was the only one on this feed, so I chose the clothes.”


“Even the pyjamas?”


“Hey – I bought them, and they did suit you.”


“All right, all right,” Louise said.  “So do we get the same offer?”


“Oh yes,” he said with a smile, “so who do you want to nominate for Custom Kidnap?”







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