Adam and Eve – Farm Days





2.30 pm


Sitting to the table in their Tudor farmhouse, Sheila held the mug of coffee in her hands and smiled.  The farm workers were taking care of things, since her husband had passed on, and her son was due to visit on Sunday evening for a week – something she was looking forward immensely to.


In her late forties, Sheila had long dark brown hair and wore rectangular black glasses, her hair today falling over a black ruffed cardigan over a red top.  She had come in from feeding the hands, so her black wellingtons were still covering the lower legs of her old blue jeans.  Taking care of the birds was the one thing she had insisted on doing – her link to the life with Eddie…


Sighing, she stood up and walked to the sink, putting the cup into the warm soapy water and washing it.  As she placed it on the draining rack, her thoughts were on what she would cook for dinner that night – not on the footsteps behind her.  That became an issue when a hand clamped over her mouth, and she was pulled back to her seat.


As she was sat down, she saw a young woman, with shoulder length dark hair, smiling as she held a rolled up scarf in her gloved hands.  She was wearing a black leather jacket, jean and sneakers, but as the hand was taken away and Sheila started to say “what th…” her words were cut off as the scarf was pulled between her lips, pressing her tongue down as whoever was behind her tied the band around her head.


“Hello Sheila,” the woman said, “my name is Eve, and the man now taking your hands behind the chair back and tying your wrists together is Adam.  We’re going to be spending the weekend with you, and so long as you do as we ask, I promise you there will be no harm that comes to you.  Nod if you understand.”


“Hrrru,” Sheila said as she felt the rope pulling her wrists together, “whtdduwnt?”


“Oh we’ll explain in good time,” a male voice said behind her as Eve knelt down, placing her ankles against the chair leg and tying it into place with rope.  She repeated the process on the other side, before she sat down, a tall fair haired man dressed in black coming and sitting with her.


“Now then,” Eve said, “if the men from the farm come, we’re guests staying for the weekend, and they’re not to disturb you unless it is absolutely essential.  Do you understand?”


Sheila looked at both of them and then nodded as Adam said “Good – I have a few things to set up, so you stay here with Eve for a little while.  We’ll give you a chance to change later, and I promise you we will not hurt you.  In fact, we’re going to make sure we take very good care of you, and you have a relaxing weekend.”


“Relxxen?  LKTHS!”


Sheila struggled in the chair, but then she looked at the young couple as he stood up and left the room, and Eve stayed where she was.  “Honestly, it would be better if you calmed down,” she said quietly, “we’re not going anywhere, and we’ll all get on much better if you cooperate…”  Even Sheila could see there was not a lot she could do, so she stopped struggling, closing her eyes and wondering what would happened when the farm foreman came in…




6 pm


“Well, at least you’ll be with some company for the weekend,” the foreman said as he finished his coffee.  Sheila nodded as Adam and Eve sat at the table with her.  “We’ll be up in the fields all weekend, so you should be all right.”


“Oh I think I will be kept occupied,” Sheila said quietly, “but you and the boys have fun, and I’ll see you on Monday morning.”


The foreman nodded as he left the room, Sheila putting her head in her hands as Adam stood up and put his hand on her shoulder.


“Well done, Sheila,” Eve said, “I think that deserves a reward.  Why don’t you come upstairs with me and you can change for dinner, while Adam makes the arrangements.”


“Changed?”  Sheila looked up and said “Changed into what?”


“Something to let you relive your youth a little,” Eve said as she took Sheila by the arm, and escorted her out of the room, Adam smiling as he took out a mobile phone.  The two women walked up the stairs, and walked into the bedroom as Sheila stared at the outfit on the bed.


“Where…  Where did you find this,” she said quietly.


“At the back of your closet – go on, put it on.”


Shirley sat on the edge of the bed and eased off her wellingtons, before standing up and taking off her cardigan, jeans and top.  She then picked up the black dress and put it on, standing in front of a mirror for a few minutes as she looked at the scooped neck, the flared sleeves from the cuffs, and the way it hung between her waist and her knees.  Even the little white motif printed on the black material made her feel happier, younger even.


“Put on the boots as well – I can see you have not worn them for a while.”


Sheila looked at the over the knee black suede boots, before whispering “I felt I was too old for them.”  She looked at Eve, who shook her head, before she sat down and pulled them up her legs, standing and turning from side to side.  “You’re right,” she eventually said, “I can still wear these.”


“Of course you can,” Eve said, “but I need to secure your wrists.  Please put them together in front of yourself, hands palm to palm.”


“And how am I going to eat?”


“You won’t have a problem – but we still need to secure you,” Eve said as she wrapped the rope around Sheila’s wrists, and then tied them tightly together, the rope going around and between their arms.  As she tied the rope off, she said “you do look good in that outfit by the way.”


“Even with my wrists tied together?”  Sheila twisted round, surprised at the way it did feel, as Eve opened the door.  The two women went down to the main room, where Adam was waiting with several coils of rope.


“Well, a truly excellent choice of outfit,” he said with a smile, “please sit down Sheila.”  The captive nodded as she sat down, and watched as Adam tied her ankles tightly together, taking the rope around and between her limbs, then adding a second binding below her knees.


“You have a fine collection of concert DVDs,” Eve said, “”shall we watch one over dinner?”


“And what shall we be eating,” Sheila said as a car drew up outside.  Eve tore a length of white tape from a roll and pressed it over Sheila’s lips, saying “a precaution” as Adam went to the door, returning with two bags and placing them next to some plates and glasses.


“Our treat, for hosting us this weekend,” he said in reply to Sheila’s raised eyebrow, beginning to lay out a selection – no, a vast array of Chinese finger food as Eve removed the tape from her mouth.


“So I use my fingers,” she said, as Adam picked up a bottle of wine, opened it and poured the amber liquid into three glasses.


“Precisely – although I suggest holding this in both hands,” Eve said as she handed Sheila a glass of wine, the older woman taking as drink before she said “but why are you doing this to me?”


“We will tell you – in good time,” Adam said, “for now, let’s start to eat and we can enjoy some music.”


Sheila nodded as she sat forward, putting her glass down and picking up a won ton, dipping it in the chilli sauce and then putting it into her mouth.  “Not bad,” she said as she swallowed it, “where did you order it from?”


“We’ll leave details,” Adam said with a smile as he put a recording of Les Miserables in the player and started the show.  Sheila was surprised at how comfortable she felt – despite the fact they were holding her hostage for some unknown reason.


10 pm


“I always cry at the last song,” Sheila said as she used a paper napkin to wipe her eyes.  “So what happens now?”


“Now you get ready for bed,” Eve said, “and then we get you ready for the night.”


“Which means I am staying in the bed?”


“Which means you are staying in the bed – come with me and we’ll select your nightwear before you go into the bathroom.”


“Do you choose that for me as well?”


“Already chosen,” Adam said with a smile as the three of them went up the stairs, and he handed Sheila a pair of striped pyjamas.  Taking them, she nodded as she went into the bathroom, taking off her dress and boots as well as her underwear and then stepping under the shower.  The warm water washing over her seemed to revive her, and relax her – but she was surprised she was not tenser.


After all, she was been held hostage – but she wasn’t afraid, and they genuinely seemed to want to take care of her.  Given she was likely to be tied on the bed, that made her feel a little better as he put on the jacket and bottoms, and then stepped out.


“Excellent,” Eve said, “now, cross your wrists in front of yourself please.”  As Sheila did so, she secured them together with rope, and then walked with her to her bedroom, where Adam was waiting, the duvet pulled to the side.


“Lie down,” he said, and as Sheila got comfortable he took more rope and secured her ankles together side by side, taking the rope around and between her legs.  He then did the same to her legs below her knees, before tying one end of a length of rope around her wrists, down and between her ankles, and then to the foot of the bed.


“Put your lips together,” Eve said quietly, Sheila nodding as she felt the fabric plaster pulling on her skin when it was pressed firmly over her mouth.  She watched as Adam covered her with the duvet, and then the two captors left the room, turning the light off as the room fell dark.   Her eyes suddenly felt very heavy as she wriggled round, wondering how long it would tak…



9 am


“Good morning.”


Sheila opened her eyes and looked up to see Eve standing there, wearing a blue jumper and skirt, light blue stockings and black boots.  As she peeled the plaster away, she said “I trust you slept well?”


“Amazingly enough, I did,” Sheila said, “but how much longer is this going on for?”


“Until we are ready to go,” Eve said with a smile as she lifted the duvet away, and started to untie her.  “I suggest you go to the toilet, and then we have coffee and croissants ready downstairs.”


Sheila sat up, rubbing her wrists and nodding as she went to the bathroom, and sat down for a moment, glad to get some relief.  As she stepped out, Eve was waiting to escort her down the stairs to the kitchen.  Adam was waiting there, placing warm croissants on a plate as he said “Good morning Sheila – please, be seated.”  As the older woman sat, she nodded as Eve tied some rope round her waist to keep her in the seat, and then Adam handed her a mug of coffee.


“So what are you going to do with me today, if I may ask,” she said as she took a croissant.


“Well, have breakfast first,” Adam said, “And then we are going to go for a drive into the country.  We may even stop and do a little shopping.”


“With me as your hostage?”


“With you doing as we ask,” Adam said quietly.  “But first, eat up, and then we will have your clothes for today ready for you.”


“Do I get a say in what I wear,” Sheila asked quietly.  Eve smiled as she said “Later – but not for now.  I suggest eating and drinking…”



10 am


“Okay, this does look good,” Sheila said as she stood in front of the mirror.  She had showered, dried herself off and blow dried her hair, and then put on the clothes Eve had laid out for her from her wardrobe.  The black lase design stockings covered her legs, the lower half and feet in a pair of brown leather boots with low heels.  A black knee length skirt with a fleur de lis detail, a long sleeved black top, and a large black and white tiger print shawl wrapped round her neck.


“So what are you going to do now,” Sheila said as Eve came in.  She saw the rope in her hands, and nodded as she said “I thought we were going out?”


“We are – but you are our captive still, so hands behind your back please.”


“But if we’re going out, won’t people notice?”


“Have faith,” Eve said as she crossed and secured Sheila’s wrists, and then turned her round, holding a small cloth in her hand.  “Now, open wide please.”


“I should have seen this coming,” Sheila said before the cloth went in, and then Eve cut carefully a strip of clear tape from a wide roll, and pressed it firmly over her mouth, smoothing it and making sure there were no creases or air bubbles.  As they walked down the stairs, she saw Adam holding her long coat, which he placed over her shoulders and fastened up the front.


“Shall we,” he said as he opened the front door, Eve taking the door keys as he walked Sheila to the car outside and helped her to sit in the rear, before fastening the seat belt over her body.  Eve locked the farmhouse door and then got in the other side, as Adam said “so – we’re going to go for a little drive, maybe get some lunch in a little country pub – oh, and we’re going shopping for an outfit for you for tonight Sheila.”


“Ntffet?  Frwht?”


“Dinner – you’ll see,” Eve said with a smile, “I think you’ll like it.  But for now, let’s enjoy the countryside.”


As they drove down to the main road, Sheila tried to process everything that was going on.  They were holding her hostage – and yet here they were, in a car, and going Lord only knew where.  She had her mouth covered in tape, but only if you got close would you be able to see it.  Her hands were tied, but the coat covered her upper body.  It was almost as if her children were taking her out for the day – but how was that supposed to work?


As they joined the motorway, however, Sheila realised this was a very different drive to what had gone before.  They appeared to be heading towards Manchester – surely they would not be taking her into the city centre?


As it was, it wasn’t the city centre they headed towards – it was the Trafford centre, Adam pulling into a quiet corner of the car park and then opening the door as Sheila got out, looking round with a look of panic in her eyes.


“Relax,” Eve said, “and walk with us.  I think you may find this a very different experience.  If you behave, we will release your wrists later, but the gag remains at all times until we say you can remove it.  Understand?”


Sheila nodded as they made their way to the stairs, and then walked into the main arcade.  To begin with, Sheila was terrified someone would notice, but when she realized nobody was actually looking, she began to find she was relaxing – and that it was a pleasurable and exciting thing to be doing.  Knowing she could not talk, she felt free to view things in a different light.


“Let’s go in here,” Eve said as they stepped into a fashion store, Sheila looking round at the outfits as Eve guided her.  As they stopped by a rack of leather skirts, Sheila raised an eyebrow as Eve put one or two next to her, and then held on to them as they walked along.


“Whhrruhldngthtm – fru,” she mumbled.


“Nope – for you,” Eve said with a smile as she picked up some leather pants, and a variety of tops, and then walked with her to an assistant as Adam kept watch.


“May my friend and I go into a changing room,” she said, Sheila watching as the girl nodded and then checked the number.  “Going for a new wardrobe,” she said as she looked at Sheila, who just nodded.  “Sore throat,” Eve said with a smile as they walked into the changing room, and she secured the door before removing Sheila’s coat and untying her wrists.


“Now then,” she said as she held up the skirt, “let’s try this on first, and see how it looks.”  Sheila looked at her for a moment, and then removed her scarf and skirt, before slipping the soft black leather up and fastening it round her waist.  As she looked at herself in the mirror, and turned round, she felt how soft it was, and admired the way she looked in it.


“Quite different, isn’t it,” Eve said, Sheila nodding as her companion held up a red leather vest style top with a black leopard print.  “Take your jumper off and try this on with it.”  The older woman looked at it, and then slipped her jumper off before putting on the sleeveless top.  She had to admit, she did like the way it looked, and she did look a lot younger in it.


“Good – they’re coming,” Eve said, “now try these pants on.”


“Hsspngfrths – rugnnstlthm?”


“Oh no – we have the finance to do this.  So, try them on…”



When she had woken up this morning, the last thing Sheila had expected was that she would feel so good doing this – as they walked away with her bags of new clothes, she felt more alive than she had done since Eddie had passed away.  Her hands were free now, but she was still gagged – and she really preferred it that way.  They then popped into HMV, and she purchased some new DVDs for herself, before they returned to the car, placing the bags in the boot before she sat in, and they drove off.


“You may remove the gag now Sheila,” Eve said, “if you promise not to raise the alarm when we stop.”


Nodding, Sheila reached up and pulled the tape away, then eased the cloth out before she deposited them in a clear bag Eve held.  “Dear God,” she finally said as she accepted a bottle of water, “that is the most exciting morning I have spent for a long time.  I never knew been kidnapped could be so much fun!”


“Good,” Adam said, “so, that pub I mentioned for lunch, and then we will make you comfortable for the trip home.”


“Comfortable?  How?”


“You’ll see…”


4 pm


As Adam pulled up outside the farmhouse, Eve got out and looked round, smiling as she went to unlock the front door of the farmhouse.  Adam walked to the boot of the car and opened it up, smiling as she said “so how was the drive home?”


“Vreecmfrtblefnks,” Sheila said as she looked up, her large scarf rolled up and pulled between her lips as a very effective gag.  Her arms were folded behind her back, her wrists tied to her elbows, and her crossed and secure ankles tied to her forearms.  She lay still as Adam released her from the hogtie, and then lifted her out of the car, carrying her into the farmhouse and sitting her down on the couch in the front room.


As he stepped outside again, Eve untied and eased the scarf from Sheila’s mouth, smiling as the older woman worked her jaw and said “That was different – so what’s going to happen now?”


“Well, we’re going to dress for dinner – and I’m going to select the outfit you will wear while Adam cooks.  For now, sit back and watch the television, I am sure there is a decent film on.


“Actually, would you put on that copy of Fargo?  I want to enjoy this.”


Eve smiled and nodded as she put on the DVD player, and then started the film as Sheila settled down.  If she was going to be tied up, she might as well enjoy herself.


6.30 pm


As the film finished, Eve untied Sheila’s arms and legs, and walked upstairs with her as she smelt the aromas from the bathroom.  “A hot bath, and you can get ready,” she said as she escorted her captive into the bathroom, waiting as she removed her boots and clothing before she slipped into the warm water. 


She was surprised at how relaxed she was anyway, but as the scented oils got to work she found herself looking forward to the night – and wondering just what they would make her do next...


Eventually, however, she got out of the bath and towelled herself off, putting on a bath robe and heading to her room.  Laid out on her bed was the black knee length leather skirt and red top she had – well, Eve had somehow paid for earlier today, as well as new underwear and the black suede boots from the previous night.  She put them on and then looked at herself again in the mirror, before she said “I need new glasses.”


“Perhaps,” Adam said as he stood in the doorway, “but Eve was right – she said that outfit would suit you.  Will you come with me please?”


Sheila nodded as she walked to the dining room, taking a seat and waiting as Adam tied her waist to the chair, and Eve secured her ankles together before tying them to the front leg.  As Adam pushed her chair in, Eve served some cold meats and salad on a plate and passed it to her.


“Adam is a very good chef,” Eve said, “and he has prepared a Boeuf Bourgeon for dinner.  Please, eat.”


“Can you tell me who paid for these clothes,” Sheila said.  “I mean, I love them, and I never thought I would wear anything like this, but who?”


“All part of the reason we are here, and we will reveal all – eventually,” Eve said with a smile.  Sheila nodded, smiling as the leather squeaked with her movement, and started to enjoy the meal.


Suddenly she sat up and said “the chickens!”


“Are fed and cleaned out, and the eggs are in the kitchen,” Eve said, “the least I could do…”


10 pm


Sheila shook her head as she sipped her brandy, and said “well, may I say something?  I didn’t think I’d say this yesterday afternoon, but – well, thank you for making this a very different weekend.”


“You’re welcome,” Adam said as Eve came back into the room, “but it is time for you to retire for the night.  Eve will help you to get ready.”


As she was accompanied up the stairs, Sheila said “look – this is me asking this, but will you let me do something before I get tied up.”


“And that is,” Eve asked.


“There’s something starting to burn inside me – an itch I need to scratch.  Would you allow me to try something – a crotch rope?”


Looking at Sheila, Eve said “and this idea came from?”


“A long time ago, and something I always wanted to try but never got the chance to.  Given I won’t be able to do anything about it…”


Smiling, Eve said “of course – come into your room, and strip off.  We’ll hang your clothes up first.”


Sheila smiled as she sat on the bed and removed her boots, then handed Eve the top and skirt, watching as she hung them next to her other new outfits.  The younger woman doubled over a length of rope and then walked over, passing it round Sheila’s waist and tying it under her belly button, letting the rope drop to the floor.


“Ready,” she said as she looked at Sheila, the older woman nodding as Eve walked behind her, and then reached between her legs.  She gasped as the ropes were pulled up and pressed on her clit, and then were secured at her back.  IT felt different – and as she picked up the white nightdress, it rubbed with every movement, gasping as the skirt fell to just above her knees.


“Cross your wrists behind your back,” she heard Eve said, looking ahead and smiling as she felt the rope going around and between her arms, forcing her wrists tightly together.  Rope was then passed around her arms and chest, stretching her nightdress as that the v-shaped neckline exposed a little of her chest, and then forced her arms into her sides with each tug.  As the ropes were tied off behind her, Sheila realised she was taking short breaths, as a feeling stirred within her she had not felt for some time.


“Before you lie down, I’m going to gag you,” Eve said as she stood in front of Sheila, a compressed sponge ball in her hand, “open your mouth please.”


“thank you,” was Sheila’s response before she felt the sponge expand behind her teeth, filling her mouth and pushing her tongue down as Eve tore from the roll a long, wide strip of white tape.  She felt the tape form to the shape of her lips and chin as the younger woman carefully smoothed it into place, and then helped her to lie on her stomach.  Looking over her shoulder, she watched as Eve crossed and bound her ankles tightly together, and then secured her legs below her knees, before she pulled Sheila’s ankles back and secured them to her chest ropes.


As she rolled onto her side, she saw Eve smile as she said “good night,” and turned the light off before closing the door.  As she wriggled round, she felt the ropes rubbing on her, and a fire starting – a fire that she encouraged as she moved around, wanting what she felt was going to come as she did so…



9 am


Sheila was aware of the dampness between her legs, but she didn’t care as she slowly opened her eyes.  She had eventually got to sleep, but not before she had rediscovered just how good to felt to be like this.


“Well, I think you had fun last night.”


She looked up to see Eve standing there, and then looked down at the damp patch on her nightdress, before a smile appeared on her covered lips and she nodded.


“Good – so if I untie you and let you go and shower, you can put on the outfit I lay out for you?”




“We’ll see what we can do – we need to leave you clothed when we go, but we can do something,” Eve said, Sheila nodding as she felt the ropes being released, and stretched her legs out.


Once the ropes had all been removed, she went straight to the bathroom with her mouth still covered, and looked at herself.  The white strip stretched from jaw to jaw, and the shape of her lips was clearly visible underneath, but she was smiling – two days held hostage, bound and gagged, and she was feeling happier than she had for years?


“Dmrrthem,” she heard herself say – and then she gently peeled the tape away, and spat the wet sponge into the sink.  She looked at the saliva soaked dark brown ball, and then squeezed it out, feeling her warm saliva on her hands before she rinsed it out.


“Sheila what are you turning into,” she said as she looked at herself – and then she grinned as she began to run a shower.  Whatever it was she was turning into, she liked it…



10 am


“Good morning,” Sheila said as she came into the kitchen.  She was wearing a blouse that had a grey pattern, and purple side panels, epaulettes and trim, tight blue jeans and knee length brown leather boots.  Both Adam and Eve were dressed in black again, as Eve poured the coffee and they all sat down.


“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” Sheila said after she had taken a drink, “but my son is arriving this afternoon.  Will you be going before he arrives?”


“Yes we will,” Adam said, “I hope he won’t be too shocked at the way we leave you when he arrives.”


“And how will you leave me,” Sheila asked with a smile.


“Breakfast first, and then we shall see,” Eve said quietly.


“And you will tell me why you did this?”


“Oh, we’ll let you know,” Adam said with a smile.  “For now, eat and drink.”


A short while later, the three of them walked into the front room, as Eve said “do you still wish the extra rope?”


“Oh yes,” Sheila said as she saw the lengths of rope and other material laid out.  “Very well then,” Eve said with a smile, “cross your wrists behind your back, and we will get started.”


“Thank you,” Sheila said as she felt the familiar pull on her wrists while they were secured together, and then the ropes as they hugged her, holding her arms to firmly to her sides as the bands pressed on her chest.  She giggled as the ropes were tied off, and then she felt them tighten even more as a rope was tied between her left arm and her body, drawing the bands together.  Eve then took the rope round the back of her neck and tied it round the other side, while Adam tied one end of a length of rope between her breasts, effectively framing them in rope.


“Why are you doing – oh, now I get it,” Sheila said, smiling as Adam took the rope down and passed it between her legs, Eve taking it and pressing her pants against her as the rope was secured to her chest ropes as well.


“Do you like that,” Eve asked as Shirley wriggled round, the older woman gasping as he said “oh my god – that feels so good….”


“Sit on the long couch please,” Adam said, Shirley sitting and watching as he crossed her ankles and secured them together, and then tied her legs below her knees, both times taking the rope between her legs to make it even tighter, and not even noticing as Eve pushed a folded cloth into her mouth as she gasped at the feelings of the ropes on her chest.  A rolled up silk scarf was then added as cleave gag, before the white tape was wrapped round her head to complete the gag.


Adam helped her to lie face down on the couch, before she felt him securing her ankles to her chest ropes as had happened the previous night.  As she tried to move her ankles, what little movement she could get was making the rope rub between her legs, as she closed her eyes and groaned.


“Have a nice time,” Eve said as she and Adam left the room, and Sheila amused herself, hearing them depart a short time later…




3 pm


“Mum?  Mum, are you there?”


Sheila opened her eyes as she felt the ropes rubbing again, and she called out “mnnhrrr.”  She looked up as the door to the room opened, and her son came in, staring at her.




“Well, this is – different,” he eventually said as he looked at her.  “I mean, I knew they did a realistic job, but…”




“The couple I hired – they promise a weekend never to forget, tailored to requests – and I know you’ve been down so much since Dad died, I wanted you to have a weekend where you could not do anything, but…”




“This, whatever was purchased yesterday – all of it.  So, do you want me to get you out of this, and then explain, or do you want to get the screaming out of the way first?”


Sheila stared at him, and then shook her head as she said “Gtmmffrrrfrst – enddtognddsmfn.”







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