Adam and Eve – Flats






Tammy walked down the road she lived on, enjoying the feel of the sunshine on her as she did so.  It had been a long week, but now the weekend was here, and she felt that a relaxing weekend doing nothing was exactly what she needed.  Working in a solicitor’s office was interesting, but hard.


She was dressed for the season, her pink peasant blouse pulled down off her shoulders with the puffed sleeves on her upper arms, the wide black and white skirt moving with the breeze as she walked on the road, the heels of her black shoes clicking as the wood hit the stone.  Her dark hair was brushed back and held in place by a wooden clasp, but the sun still felt warm on her neck.


She stopped outside the three storey building her flat was in, opening her large white handbag and taking her keys out before she used the fob to open the main door, and walked in.  As she did so, a young couple came up behind her, and she held the door open for them, figuring they were visiting someone – the man was carrying a suitcase in his hand.


“Which flat are you visiting,” Tammy asked as she unlocked the door to her flat.


“Well – we’re visiting you Tammy.”


The woman’s reply surprised her, but before she had the chance to say anything the woman took her by the arm and frog marched her into the house, holding her facing the wall as the man came in and closed her door.


“Very kind of you to invite us in,” he said as he stood next to Tammy, while the woman took her handbag off her shoulder, and then crossed her wrists behind her back, Tammy wondering what was going on as she heard a ripping sound, and her wrists were taped tightly together. 


“What the hell is going on,” she said as she felt the tape forcing her wrists together – but then she was spun round, and before she could say anything else a strip of silver tape was pressed firmly over her mouth, her eyes opening wide as she felt the adhesive pulling on her skin.


“Nicely done Adam,” the woman said as she took Tammy by the arm, and walked her into her front room.  “Now, have a seat, and we’ll put the television on.  Watching something like Pointless can help you relax while we set a few things up.”


Tammy stared at her as she was at in her recliner, the woman pressing the buttons on the side as she fell back, and then using what Tammy now realised was a roll of duct tape to secure her ankles together.  She wriggled round, wondering what the hell was happening as the television was turned on, and Alexander Armstrong appeared on the screen.


“Eve, my dear, shall I set up in the bedroom?”


“Please, Adam,” the woman said as Tammy took a good look at her.  She was a little taller than Tammy, and wearing a pair of fitted jeans, a white jumper and a pair of trainers.  She didn’t look like a criminal, or a robber – so what was she?  What was he?


“Relax, Tammy,” Eve said with a smile, “when we are finished, we’re going to order some Thai food – I hear you like that – and then we can eat together.”


“How the hell did she know I liked Thai food,” Tammy thought to herself as Eve sat down, chuckling at the cross talk between the two hosts…



“There – I think everything is ready now,” Adam said as he came into the front room at the end of the news, and Eve stepped out.  “so, where do you keep your takeaway menus Tammy?”


The bound and gagged woman looked at him, and then pointed to a paper rack by the side, Adam smiling as he picked out a menu, and then took her purse out of her handbag, opening it and taking out her credit card.




“Well – it is your flat,” Adam said with a smile, “and they get tetchy these days if their computer says the card is not registered to this address.”  Dialling a number, he said “hello – can I order the Imperial banquet for three please?”


Tammy wriggled round again, wondering what the hell was happening, until Eve came back in.  Taking a pair of scissors from the side, she cut the tape away from Tammy’s ankles, before saying “come with me” as she helped her to stand up and walk to her bedroom.


“Understand this Tammy – we are here to stay for the next day or two, and we will not hurt you if you do as we say,” Eve stated as she closed the bedroom door.  “Now, if I take the tape away, are you going to shout or scream?”


The young girl looked at Eve, before shaking her head as the tape was peeled away from her mouth.  “Why are you doing this,” she said quietly as Eve cut the tape away from her wrists, and she rubbed them.


“Everything will be explained in due course Tammy – for now, why don’t you change into the outfit on your bed and then you can collect the order when it comes and we will eat together.”


Tammy looked at the bed, and said “why?”


“Please, just change.”


Tammy looked at the young woman, and then nodded as she sat on the bed, taking her shoes and top off before she put on the red top with the black cuffs at her elbow.  She then stood up and pulled her skirt down, picking up the black one and putting that on as she fastened it at the side.  She then slipped on the black flat shoes, as she looked at Eve.


“Ah,” she said as she heard the intercom, “the food.  Go and buzz him in, and then thank him – but say nothing about what is happening.  If he asks, just say you have friends round – understand?”


Tammy nodded as they went into the hallway, and she pressed the button.




“Imperial banquet for three,” a voice replied.


“Okay – door on the left,” Tammy said as she pressed a button, and walked to the door.  “Where did you put it,” she said as she looked at Eve.


“Put what?”


“The suitcase your friend – Adam – was carrying?”


“Oh that’s not important right now,” Eve said with a smile as there was a knock on the door.  Tammy shook her head, and opened the door as Eve stood behind it, thanking whoever was there and closing the door as she held a bag.


“Adam, is the table ready?”


“It is,” he called back as they walked into the main room, Adam smiling as he stood behind a chair at the table.


“Be seated, Tammy,” he said with a smile, “put the bag on the table, and your hands on your head.”  As she did this, she saw Eve pick up two lengths of cord, and then bind her ankles to the front legs of the chair while Adam tied another length of rope around her waist.


“Now then,” he said as he poured some wine into a glass, and Eve laid out the takeaway boxes, “shall we eat?”


As she put some starters on her plate, Tammy tried to process the cray situation she was in.  This couple had forced their way into her flat, held her hostage – and now they were eating with her?


“Is this some sort of college prank,” she said before she bit into a roll.


“As I said, all will be explained in due course,” Eve said with a smile, “for now, accept we are in charge, and you need to do what we say.”


“Including you deciding what I wear?”


Adam just smiled as he said “eat up Tammy – then you may decide what movie you wish to watch before bed.”


“And what will I be wearing to bed?”




“I had to ask,” Tammy thought to herself as she felt the rope tighten round her legs, Adam tying it around and between her limbs as she lay on the bed.  They had watched A Mighty Wind, but before the film had started Eve had tied Tammy’s wrists together behind her back, and then tied rope around her arms and chest.   Now she was in her room, a knotted scarf tied round her head with the knot pressing her tongue down, grunting a little as Adam pulled her ankles back so her feet were at right ankles to her knees, and securing them to her chest ropes.


“Sleep well,” Eve said as they turned the light off and closed the door, Tammy lying in the darkness as she thought “Fat ch…”




“Good morning.”


Tammy opened her eyes to see Eve standing there, wearing a short sleeved denim dress over a long sleeved black top.  Shaking her head, she said “uhhrrsthhllhr?”


“We are indeed – Adam is cooking breakfast, so I will release you, and you may shower and then put on the clothes I have selected for you to wear this morning.”


As she was released, Tammy looked at the casual clothes that were laid out on a chair, and then looked at Eve.  “Come,” she said as she helped Tammy to stand up, “before you put them on, and after you shower, there is something I need to do.”



“Okay,” Tammy finally said as she stood in her robe, a towel over her hair, “What are you going to do before I put on the clothes you have picked.”


“Well, it’s going to be a surprise,” Eve said with a smile, “so please, put on your underwear, and then close your eyes.”


Raising an eyebrow again, Tammy went to a drawer and took out a clean bra and panties, removing her robe and putting them on before she stood in the centre of the room, and closed her eyes.  She was expecting Eve to bind her arms again, or gag her, or even blindfold her – she was not expecting to feel her panties pulled down for a moment, and something to be slipped into her passage before they were pulled back up again.


“Hey, what did you just – HEY!”  The shout was as she felt some rope been tied round her waist, then pulled up from behind, pressing on her as the rope was tied off behind her back.


“There – you may dress now.”


Opening her eyes, Tammy saw the rope tied on her, and then looked at Eve as she pressed a button on a device – and suddenly felt something very gently vibrating inside her.  “You didn’t…”


“I did – now, please, get dressed.  The bacon will be getting cold.”


Very slowly, she walked over and pulled on the faded jeans, and then put on the pink halter top, before she fastened the wide brown leather belt round her waist.  She then slipped on the yellow low heels, and went into the front room, Adam smiling as he said “ah, excellent – be seated Tammy, I will bring the coffee and sandwiches.”


“You….  Oh shit…  You are not going to tie me up?”


“Not at the moment, no – but you will be coming with me to do some shopping this morning,” Eve said with a smile, “and if you do anything to raise the alarm, then I turn up the device inside you.  I think that might be – embarrassing.  So, for now, eat, drink.”


Tammy looked at her captors, and then slowly nodded as she picked up the mug of coffee and took a drink, then bit into the bacon sandwich.   “so are you going to tell me what this is all about – do you want me to do something at my workplace.”


“Explanations soon,” Adam said as he looked at her, “enjoy your breakfast.”




“I don’t get it,” Tammy said as she sat in the back of the car with Eve, while Adam drove, “whatever you put in me, you think that is going to stop me raising the alarm the first chance I get?”


“Perhaps you should give a small demonstration, dear,” Adam said as he glanced int the rear view mirror.  Tammy looked to the side as Tammy took out a key fob, and then pressed on it.


“What the…”  Tammy suddenly crumpled and giggled as she realised what was inside her, and what it was doing to her as she wriggled round.  Turning it off, Eve said “now imagine that, full strength, in the middle of the store.  Do you really wish to be seen like that, Tammy?”


The young woman shook her head as Adam pulled into the out of town Tesco Extra store.  “So,” Eve said quietly, “we go in, we do some shopping, we get out, and then we head home.  Ready?”


“And can I ask,” Tammy panted as the teasing ceased, “what I am buying here?”


“Supplies for you and us for the next few days,” Adam said as he turned the engine off.  “I will be waiting in the coffee shop.”


“While you,” Eve said as a gentle buzzing could be heard, “will behave – won’t you Tammy?”


“Sure,” Tammy giggled as he got out, putting on a purple cardigan as she walked slowly with Eve, Adam following close behind.



It had to be the strangest Saturday morning shopping experience Tammy had ever known.  In every aspect, it was as if she was doing her weekly shop with a friend, but she was a captive, and more than that, even though she was not bound with ropes or tape, she was still under their control in a different, unusual, and if she was been honest to herself a very pleasant way.


But a captive she was, even as Eve exchanged small talk with her, and they put various things into the trolley.  She was happy – and the rope rubbing on her only seemed to add to her happiness, as she paid for the groceries and Eve packed them into bags, then back into the trolley before they walked off.


“So back to my flat, I imagine,” Tammy said as she sat in the back of the car.


“Indeed – but we need to secure you first,” Eve said as she made a loop in one end of a length of rope, and used it to bind Tammy’s wrists together in front of her, then tied the other end of the rope round her legs. 


“Open your mouth Tammy – and close your lips over it, keep it in there.”


Tammy nodded as she opened her mouth, feeling the cloth as it was placed inside, and then closing her lips together and nodding.  Eve nodded to Adam as the car set off, Tammy wondering now why this was exciting her…





“And here we are,” Adam said as he carried Tammy into her flat, placing her on the couch and taking some more rope to secure her ankles together, while Eve placed the grocery bags on the kitchen work surface.  Picking up the roll of duct tape, she came back in and tore tree stirps off, placing them firmly over Tammy’s mouth as she said “now, you just relax – lunch will be ready soon.  Adam, will you make the arrangements for tonight please?”


“the tickets have been purchased, and we eat before we make the trip,” her male captor said with a smile as Tammy wondered what they were planning next.


“Oh – and a reward,” Eve said as she pressed on the key fob, Tammy shaking as it started to vibrate inside her…




Looking at herself in the mirror, Tammy was starting to ask herelf different questions after the events of that morning.  She could nto deny there wa a growing level of exictement in what the young couple were doing with her – to her – and she still ahd no real idea WHY they were doing it.  But after the time before Lunch,w hen she had eventually started shakign as omething happened inside her, and she was unable to do anything about it, they had removed the tape and fed her, allowed her to have a drink, then regagged her.


She looked at the clock in the bathroom – four o’clock, and they had told her to strip and have a shower.  She removed the jeans, and the top, noticing the large damp patch between her legs – and then untied and removed the crotch rope, pulling her very damp panties off and holding them in her hands for a few minutes, as a small white lozenge slipped and dropped onto the floor.


“So you’re the cause,” Tammy said to herself as she picked it up and looked at it, before placing it to the side and turning the shower on, stepping into it and feeling the warm water wash over her.  Whoever these two were, they had kept their word – they had not hurt her, but she still would love to know why they were doing it…


As she came back into her room, she again found Eve waiting for her – and saw the outfit on the bed.  “So what’s next,” she said as she looked at the dress.


“Actually, we have tickets for a show tonight – but we’re going to do this in a slightly different way,” Eve said with a smile, “so please, put on the dress and the boots.”


“A show?  How are you going to stop me raising the alarm – or having the alarm raised?”  Tammy looked at Eve, who remained frustratingly silent as she picked up the floral print dress and put it on, slipped on the fawn ankle socks, and then the suede ankle boots.


“Good,” Eve said as she picked up a length of rope, “hands behind your back please.”


“You’re taking me out while I’m tied up?  This I have to see,” Tammy said as Eve walked behind her and guided her hands behind her back, securing them together with her hands palm to palm as they had been earlier.  She then wound more rope around her arms, forcing her elbows together as Tammy watched her chest been forced out.


“Okay,” she said quietly as she wriggled her fingers, “now what?”


“Open your mouth please.”


As Tammy did so, Eve pushed a folded scarf into her mouth, and waited as the young woman closed her lips over it, before she tore a wide strip of clear tape from a roll and pressed it gently over her mouth, taking care to make sure there were no creases or air bubbles.  As Tammy looked in the mirror, it looked perfectly normal, while Eve put a grey coat over her, fastening it at the front and tucking the sleeves into the pockets.




“Patience, Tammy,” Eve said with a smile as she walked Tammy into the hallway, Adam waiting with their coat as he said “shall we?”  All three walked out to the car, Tammy sitting in the back once more as they made their way to an out of town cinema.




“Ah – I didn’t say where we going to see it,” Eve said as they went into the largest screen, taking seats in the larger chairs as people sat all around them – and then the lights dimmed, Adam unfastening her coat as Tammy watched the screen light up, and then the live broadcast of An American in Paris began…




“Enjoy the performance,” Adam said as Eve helped Tammy to stand up while the last of the other cinema goers filed out.  She nodded as the coat was fastened over her, covering her bound arms before they quickly walked out and back to the car.


“We’ll collect some take out chicken on the way back,” Adam said as he started the car, “a treat before we get you settled for the night.”


Tammy nodded – she had not realised how hungry she was…




“So,” Tammy said as she wiped her hands, “what are you going to do to me tonight?”


“Allow you to change first,” Adam said, “and then we will secure you to the bed.”


“I take it, whatever the reason is you have done this, I will find out tomorrow?”


“You will,” Eve said with a smile, “so go and do what you need to do, and then come to your bedroom.”


Thirty minutes later, Tammy looked up as Adam finished binding her wrist to the headboard.  She was wearing a white nightgown, and now she was bound to the bed, her arms and legs stretched, as Eve pressed the white tape over her mouth.


“Sleep well Tammy,” she said with a smile, “the plan for tomorrow is already set…”




Tammy slowly opened her eyes, wondering why her arms and legs felt so stiff – but as she looked up and saw the rope around her wrists, that ran to the headboard, she remembered and said “Hmmhhghddd…”


She twisted round and called out – something was on her mind, and as Adam came in, he said “ah – of course,” and untied her, collecting the ropes as Tammy stood up and ran to the bathroom.


When she came back in, the white tape in her hand, Adam said “would you like to have breakfast before or after you shower?”


“Before – I need to know what you are going to do why you have held me captive?”


“Be assured, Tammy, all will be explained – for now, come – we have coffee and croissants waiting…”


Tammy nodded as she came thorough, sitting in the chair as Adam tied her waist to the chair back, and then Eve brought through a plate of pastries and set them down.  As she picked one up, Tammy said “at least tell me if this is the last day you will be here?”


“that I can tell you – yes, it is,” Adam said as he swallowed part of a croissant.  “but I hope you have enjoyed at least some aspects of our stay?”


“I won’t deny, some of it has been – interesting,” Tammy said as she thought about the shopping yesterday.  “But today?”


“Today is Sunday,” Eve said with a smile, “a day for rest and contemplation, at least in part.  And that is what you will have the chance to do.  Just let us know when you are ready…”



“Okay – at least this is casual,” Tammy said as she looked at herself in the mirror.  She was wearing for the morning a pink and black striped sleeveless dress, made from the same material as a t-shirt, and silver sandals.  She also had her hands, once again, behind her back, as Adam used white tape to secure her wrists together.


“There,” he said as he wound the tape round her waist as well, tore the end free and smoothed it down, “that makes sure they stay where they need to be.  Now, why don’t you go into the front room and sit on the couch.”


“I’ll be lying down there, right,” Tammy said as she walked through, Adam following as she sat down, and he started to tape her ankles together, followed by her knees.


“Get comfy,” he said with a smile as he helped her to lie down, and then taped round her head, covering her mouth as she said “fnkkuhhh”, and then turning the television on as she settled.  She could hear Eve in the kitchen, and smell something cooking, something delicious, but there was nothing she could do to help.


Her attention was taken by the program The Big Question, as Nicky Campbell said “is the nation too soft on crime?”






“There,” Adam said as he sat Tammy at the table, cutting the tape from her wrists and waist, “lunch time.”


She reached up and peeled away the tape before saying “it smells wonderful – but please, when are you going to tell me what you need me to do, why you have kept me captive?”


“All will be revealed after lunch,” Eve said as Adam started to carve the roast beef, putting it on the plate with some vegetables and handing it to Tammy.  “Eat – the last stage is coming.”


Tammy nervously put some of the food into her mouth, and slowly chewed, wondering what they meant by that…




Eve smiled as she walked Tammy into her room, and the young woman saw not only the outfit on the bed, but the coils of rope and other items waiting there as well.


“Time for you to take a little trip Tammy – get changed first please.”


“all right,” she said quietly as she removed her sandals and dress, and put on the other dress that had been laid out.  IT had a black low cut design with a green fern pattern on it, and was sleeveless – but there was also a lace overdress with long sleeves.  She looked at herself in the mirror, and then sat on the bed, putting on the low heeled purple suede boots that had also been left out.


“Good,” Eve said with a smile as she knelt behind Tammy, folding her arms behind her back and then tying her wrists to her elbows with lengths of cord.   She then wound more rope around her upper arms and body, framing her chest as the dress was stretched over her breasts.


“Oh my god,” she whispered quietly as Eve then took the rope over her left shoulder, under the lower band of rope and pulled it back up, before tying it off behind her.  The young female then knelt on the floor, crossed her ankles and bound them tightly together, and then secured her legs below her knees, before she looked up and said “comfy?”


Tammy wriggled round, feelignt he roeps rub on her, and to her surprsie she said “yes – but what else are you going to do?”


“Well, we need to keep you quiet – and blindfold you,” Eve said as Adam came in.  He picked up a sponge ball, compressed it in his hand, and said to Tammy “open wide now.”


“And you are going to make me do what I need to do?”


“When we get there, yes – now please, open wide.”


Tammy nodded as she opened her mouth, feeling the sponge expand in her mouth and press her tongue down before Adam took the roll of white tape he had used earlier, and tore off a strip, pressing it formyl over her mouth.  “Thank you for your hospitality Tammy,” he said as he tore a second strip off, “and now, close your eyes.”


Tammy nodded and did as she had been asked, feeling the tape as it was pressed over her eyes, and then she grunted as she was lifted over (she presumed) Adam’s shoulder and was carried a distance.  She could hear doors opening and closing, before she was laid somewhere, and she heard one more door close.  It was only when she felt the vibrations and the movement, she realised she was in a car.


She could hear music, but not very clearly, as the vehicle went on the journey – and then, it stopped.  She heard something open again before she was lifted out, carried, and laid on her side before a door closed, and she was left alone.


But there was something curious – before they left, she had felt them untie her wrists from her elbows, and the way they had tied her ankles was not as tight as before.  Tammy lay there for a while, listening to see if anyone was coming back, but after a while she tried to move her wrists – and found she could wriggle her arms free from the wrist binding – and more, her arms were not secured together except there.


Slowly, carefully, she moved her arms to her sides and rubbed her head on whatever she was lying on, the tape on her eyes coming away so that she could see she was in her own bedroom?  More than that, a pair of scissors was within reach – and there was a white envelope on the bedside table, with her name on it.


She rolled onto her back and managed to get the scissors in her hand, sawing at the band under her chest as she tried to figure out what had happened…





“I don’t get it,” Tammy said as she sat with a mug of coffee, having showered, put on some pyjamas and a dressing gown, and looked round.  Nothing had been taken, nothing at all – so what had happened?  Why?


Looking at the envelope on the coffee table, she put the mug down and picked it up, opening it and taking out a USB stick.  Frowning, she found her laptop and switched it on, then plugged the stick in and waited.  A message popped up as her eyes opened wide.




Our thanks for your hospitality this weekend.  We represent a company that provide this experience for people, at the request of a friend or relative.  In your case, we were contacted by…”


Tammy stare at the name, and said “I’m going to kill her…”


“In return, we have three gifts for you.  First, a small deposit has bene made to your account for the inconvenience.”


Opening another tab, Tammy checked her account, then went back to the message.


“Second, attached is a link to our website.  There people voted for what you should wear, and what we should do.  On this stick is also some photos of your weekend – if you agree, we will post them on the site.   Thirdly, you have the right to nominate someone for the experience.


“Again, it was a pleasure to meet you.”


“I should call the police,” Tammy said, but as she looked at the photos she smiled at the memory of what happened.  She then accessed the website, and suggested…







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