Adam and Eve – Weekend with Leila






6 pm


Leila had one thing on her mind as she sat on the Northern line, heading out of the city – a nice quiet weekend with no disturbances, so that she could indulge her hobbies.  Hobbies she knew her friends would be surprised by if they knew – after all, the perception of a young Muslim girl in society does not exactly include a love of MPOG such as Overwatch.


As she glanced at her reflection in the train window, she smiled at how she looked – a white jacket fastened at her waist, over a black long sleeved top and a pink over dress, the long skirt covering her black knee length leather boots, and a pick scarf with a brown leaf print covering her head and hair, knotted under her chin. 


She didn’t even get a second glance from the other passengers – but then, this was the Northern Line, so who would?  After her week working at the Consulate, what she wanted was to relax.


As she stepped off the train, and walked the short distance to the house she lived in, she debated in her own mind wheat she wanted to order for dinner that night.  She had just about decided to order some Thai food as she walked in, put her handbag and keys on the hallway table, looked at herself in the mirror as she started to remove her headscarf – then opened her eyes wide in shock as she saw the fair haired man standing behind her, and felt his hand as it was pressed over her mouth.


“Hello Leila,” he said in a quiet, calm voice, “my name is Adam, and my friend Eve and I are going to be your guests this weekend.  Now, I promise you we are not going to hurt you, or do anything to cause you real embarrassment – but it is important that you do what we say.  Nod if you understand?”


Leila looked at him in the mirror, her eyes wide as she tried to process what was happening, and then she slowly nodded to buy herself some time.


“Good – I want you to go with Eve here, and she will allow you to change into something a little more relaxing before we continue with the evening’s events.  Before we do so, however, I need an answer to a question.”




“Do you like Thai food?”


Leila opened her eyes wide again, as she slowly nodded.


“Good – go with Eve, and I will see you in a few minutes.”


He removed his hand from her mouth, Leila saying “who are you” as she turned round to see the woman standing there, wearing a black jumper, jeans and short black boots.


“I am Eve, he is Adam,” she said, “now come with me please.  For this weekend, you will wear the outfits selected for you, but I think you will like them.”


“Selected by who?”


“Come with me,” she said as she took Leila by the arm, and walked her up to her bedroom.  Laid out on the bed were a pair of blue jeans and her orange smock dress, along with a large black scarf with white stars printed on it.  She also noticed her black felt boots – and her white hijab.


“You want me to wear these,” she said as she looked at Eve.


“Indeed – and be assured, Adam will not be in the room while you change.  But please do so – quickly.”


Nodding, Leila slowly removed her scarf, revealing her long brown hair held on her head with pins, and then sat on the bed as she removed her boots, then the rest of her clothing.  As Eve watched, she put on the jeans, and then slipped the smock dress over the top half of her body, before she pulled the felt boots on.  Standing up, she looked in the mirror and tied the hijab over her head and neck.  Finally, she wrapped the shawl round her neck, the point and ends hanging in front.


She then laid her mat out, and prayed…


“All right, I’ve changed my clothing,” Leila finally said, “now what?”


“Now,” Eve said as she held up a length of rope, “put your hands in front of you, palms together.”


“You’re going to tie me up?”


“Yes – but you will still be able to enjoy the weekend.  Your hands please?”


Leila slowly held her hands out, watching as Eve moved them so her palms were together, and then secured her wrists, wrapping the rope around and between them until they were locked together.  “Come with me,” Eve said as she escorted her captive down to the front room.


As she walked in, she saw the curtains were drawn over the windows, the lights were on – and a Thai banquet was laid out on the table, Adam smiling as he said “excellent – come and get some food Leila.  I am sure you are hungry after your day at work.”


“Well, I am – but are either of you going to tell me what is going on here?”


“Dinner,” Eve said with a smile, “tell me what you want, and I’ll put it on the plate for you.”


Leila looked at both of them, and thought to herself “Like I have a choice” before she selected some food, Eve putting it on a plate and then waiting as she sat down before she placed the plate in front of her, and handed her a fork.  Both Adam and Eve then selected their own food, sitting wither side of their captive as they said “eat up – and then you can relax the way you usually do on a Friday night.”


“And how do I do that?”


“Playing Overwatch,” Adam said, Leila looking at him in a shocked way, “eat up.”



9 pm


“Well, the food was good,” Leila said, “but why are you holding me hostage?”


“All in good time,” Adam said as he switched on the PlayStation by the television, and then handed her and Eve the controllers.


“So we are both going to play?”


“Yes you are,” Adam said as he walked behind Leila, “but there will be a slight difference in your case?”


“And that iswhhtrudnnggg,” Leila said as Adam lifted her black scarf up and pulled it between her teeth, gagging her before he put one set of headphones on her, and Eve put a second one.


“TangoTwo logging in,” she said as the game started, “I have MsMuslim with me, but she wishes to remain silent today.  Anyone need team members?”


Leila looked at her, completely surprised at what was happening, but as the thick cloth soaked up her own saliva she nodded and accepted the invitation to join a team on the game, both women starting to play as Adam started to clear the food and plates up.


It was a new experience, to play silently and not say anything, but it provided a different sensation as she played – enabling her to concentrate without voicing her exasperations.  If only she knew why this was happening to her…




11 pm


Removing the headphones at the end of the game, Adam said “I think that is enough for tonight.  Eve, would you escort Leila to her bed, and make sure she is comfortable?”


“Of course – come with me,” the female captor said as she helped the bound and gagged woman to stand up, and walk back up to the second floor.  Reaching the bathroom, she untied Leila’s wrists, and said “go and get changed – you will find a set of pyjamas in there waiting for you.”


Leila nodded as she went in, and removed the scarf from her mouth.  She looked at the dark, damp stain in the middle, and said “what on earth is going on here,” as she looked at the laundry basket, “and how the heck did they know I had those pyjamas?”


Ten minutes later, she came out, wearing the leopard skin leggings and a pink t-shirt with a picture of a swan on the front.


“You are comfortable with your hair loose like that,” Eve asked quietly.


“I am – provided you are the only person who sees it,” Leila said quietly.  “So what happens now – I get tied up in bed.”


“Well – yes,” Eve said with a smile, “If you will go in?”


“Why on earth are you doing this – do you want me to do something for you, is that it?”


“We want you to do as we say,” Eve said quietly as they walked into the room.  “So please, cross your wrists in front of yourself.”


“All right, just please don’t hurt me,” Leila said, watching as Eve used more of the rope to bind her wrists tightly together, and then passed it round her waist to lock them into place.  She then took a longer length, and passed it round her arms and upper body, forcing them into her sides as the bands went above and below her chest.


“This feels…  Strange,” she said as Eve tied the ropes off.


“But hopefully not too uncomfortable – lie down please.”


Leila nodded as she lay on the bed, watching as Eve lashed her ankles together side by side, and then her legs below her knees, the white bands clear on the leopard print.  Finally, she secured her ankles to the footboard, and then picked up a roll of white tape, tearing a length off in her gloved hands.


“I need to be kept quiet, right?”


“Correct – lips together please.”


As the tape was pressed firmly onto her mouth and jaw, Leila could not help feeling nervous, and – excited?


“Sleep well,” Eve said as she turned off the light, and closed the door, Leila slowly letting the adrenaline ease as her eyes closed…



6 am


She was trapped in a box, unable to move, unable to call out as she wondered what was going to happen to her.  Hope was fading – and then a blinding light hit her as the lid of the box was pulled off, and the man looked down at her.  He knelt down and lifted her effortlessly in his arms, smiling as he said “Good morning Leila.”


Only his voice was that of a woman…


Opening her eyes, she saw Eve standing there – but she was wearing a long white jumper, black leggings and ankle boots – and her head was wrapped in a black hijab.


“It’s almost dawn,” she said as she started to untie the ropes, “I thought you would appreciate been awoken for prayer, and then you can dress for the first part of the day.  I will lay the outfit selected for you out while you wash.”


“Grttssntadrm,” Leila said as she sat up and rubbed her wrists, and then peeled the tape away from her mouth.  She took the glass of water from Eve and sipped it, before she said “thank you – now will you tell me what this is about?”


“Soon,” Eve said with a smile as she stood outside, Leila nodding as she laid out her mat and knelt down….


A short while later, she emerged from the bathroom, a towel round her hair and a dressing gown on, and went back into the bedroom.  “This…  This is different,” she said as she looked at the clothes on the bed, “but I get the feeling they want me to wear this for a reason…”


She dried herself off, donned her underwear, and then pulled on the black jeans, and the purple smock, then sat down and put on the mid-calf brown leather boots.  She then wrapped the blue scarf round her head, and looked at the purple overcoat.


“Not yet,” she said as Eve came in, “not until you tell me why I need to wear it.”


“Because we will be going out later, but fair enough – come and have some breakfast.”


The two women walked down to the kitchen, where Adam was making coffee and taking some croissants out of the oven.  “Good morning Leila,” he said with a smile, “have a seat – Eve will make sure you are comfortable.”


“You mean tied to it?”


“Yes,” Eve said as Leila sat in a chair, and she used a length of rope around her waist to secure her to the chair back.  She then bent down and tied her ankles to the chair legs, as Adam passed her a mug of coffee and a croissant.


“Look,” Leila said as she looked at both of them, “will you please tell me what this is all about.”


“All in good time, Leila, all in good time,” Adam said as Eve took a seat.  “Now, I noticed while preparing this you need some food shopping.  I take it Saturday is your normal shopping day?”


“Well, yes,” Leila said quietly, “but what does that have to do with…”


“Excellent – Eve will go with you today to do your food shopping and help you, but it will be a little different from the norm – you’ll see…”


“Did you sleep well,” Eve asked as she sipped her own coffee.


“Surprisingly yes,” Leila said – to her own shock.  “But I still don’t understand what is going on…”


“My advice,” Adam said with a smile, “is to go with the flow Leila – I assure you, all will be explained in due course.  Eat and drink – you have a big day ahead.”


10 am


“All right,” Leila said as she put the overcoat on, “so what do we do now?”


“We take your car,” Eve said as she put on her own black coat, “but first, you open your mouth.”




“So we can ensure you do not tell anyone what is happening,” Adam said as he held up a folded cloth.  Leila stared at it, unsure of what to do, and then she opened her mouth, allowing the cloth to be put in and press her tongue down.  She then watched as he tore from a roll a wide strip of clear tape, and smoothed it down over her mouth and chin, taking great care to smooth out any air bubbles and wrinkles.


When she looked in the mirror, she could barely see the edges – before Eve handed her a pair of dark glasses, and said “put these on as well, then get your handbag and the car keys.  Adam – I will call when we are on our way back.”


She then opened the door as Leila looked at both of them, and then collected her keys and headed to the SMART car that was parked in the driveway.


10.30 am


“I cannot believe I am doing this,” Leila said to herself as she pushed the trolley around the Sainsbury’s store.  As they went up and down the aisles, she put in the supplies she knew she needed, while Eve added a few others, Leila amazed at her taste.


“I know you are not a great alcohol drinker,” Eve said with a smile as she looked at a bottle of wine, “but I think you will like this later.”  Leila looked at the label, and then nodded as the bottle went into the trolley.  For some reason, she wasn’t afraid – in fact, it was as if she was liberated.  She had often wondered what those women who wore the full niqab did so, to hide so much of themselves.  But like this, unable to move her mouth or talk, she was beginning to get the idea it wasn’t just observance – it was freedom.


She saw Eve looking at her, and nodded as they made their way towards the checkout.  Paying for their purchases, they took the bags back to the car and loaded them behind the seats.


“I’ll drive back,” Eve said as Leila looked at her, “turn round and put your hands behind your back.”  As she did so, she felt the rope as it was used to secure her wrists together, and then sat in the seat as Eve strapped her in.




“We are looking after you Leila,” Eve said with a smile, “so let’s get you home.”




“Ah good – there you are,” Adam said as they came in.  “Leila, your mat is laid out for your prayers.  Eve, do you need a hand with the bags?”


“No – keep her company,” Eve said, Adam watching as Eve dropped to her knees, and prayed.  A few minutes later, she nodded as Adam helped her to sit on the couch, before he knelt and tied her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees.


“You’ll be spending some time now on the couch,” Eve said as she came in, nodding as Adam left before she took the longer length of rope, and tied Leila’s arms to her sides, the rope pulling the overcoat to the sides of her body. 




“Of course you may,” Eve said as she helped the captive woman to lie on her side, then turned the radio on as Leila tried to move her mouth, the tape remaining firmly in place…




1.30 pm




Leila looked up and nodded as Adam helped her into a sitting position, and then untied her legs.  As she stood up, he took her arm and led her into the dining room, where three plates of food were waiting and Eve was pouring water into glasses.


“A vegetable risotto,” she said with a smile as Adam helped Leila to sit down, then tied her waist to the chair before untying her arms.  She reached up and peeled the clear tape away from her mouth, taking out the wet cloth and looking at it in her hand, before she said “may I ask a question?”


“Of course,” Adam said as he sat down.


“Neither of you are of my faith, yet today you,” she said as she looked at Eve, “wore the covering, you allow me to pray, and when you bind me you bind me in those parts it is wrong for a man other than my husband to touch.  I am curious as to why.”


“To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law.  To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God’s law but am under Christ’s law), so as to win those not having the law.  To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.”


“That sounds Biblical.”


“One Corinthians – the point is, we take great pains to make those we visit as comfortable as possible.”


Leila looked at both of them, and said “how often do you do this?”


“As often as we need to – enjoy your lunch.”


Leila looked at both of them, and then picked up a fork.  “Where did you learn to cook, anyway?”


“School,” Eve said with a smile.  “Anyway, when you have finished, we want you to change, and then we need to secure you for a little while – in return for which, we have a special surprise lined up for later.”


“I don’t have a choice, do I?”


“No,” Adam said with a smile, “not really…”




3 pm


“So what do you want me to…”  Leila stopped as she looked at the bed, and then said “oh my…”


“I need to change as well,” Eve said with a smile, “but first, I need to be sure you are ready, so…”


Leila nodded as she removed the blue hijab and the over coat, then sat and removed the boots, before the rest of the clothing.  Looking in a mirror, she took a cleansing wipe and removed any traces of adhesive from round her mouth, before she slipped on the white blouse and buttoned it up the front.  She then picked up the long brown leather skirt and stepped into it, the butter soft material flowing n soft pleats as she fastened it round her waist.  Looking at herself in the mirror, she admired the way she looked, before sitting on the bed and pulling on the black leather boots.


She then tied the black scarf over her hair, before wrapping the long scarf in the same colour as her skirt around her head and neck.  Finally, she put on the short black leather jacket.


“This does look and feel good,” she said as she turned to look at Eve, and then saw the ropes in her hands.  “So - hands behind or in front this time?”


“Behind,” Eve said with a smile before she crossed Leila’s wrists and tied them securely together, then passed the rope round her waist, the band sitting under her jacket.  She then tied her arms firmly to her sides, the strands making a squeaking sound as they rubbed on the leather.


“It does sound funny, doesn’t it,” Eve said as she tied the ropes off, “would you like to know how it can sound funnier?”


“Go on – I’m going nowhere,” Leila said.  She then gasped as Eve fed the rope under the bands and her left arm, pulled it up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm, the bands tightening on her chest as a result.


“Okay – that sounds funnier,” she said as Eve tied the rope off, and then twisted round as her jacket moved under the bands.  “So where will I be?”


“Downstairs – we can put a film of your choice in,” Eve said as they walked down and into the front room.  “Well, that does suit you Leila,” Adam said as he stood with more ropes in his hand.  “Please, take a seat and Eve will finish securing you.”


“Well, this could be interesting,” she said as she sat, watching as Eve bound her ankles tightly together with the white rope, and then secured her legs above her knees, the leather moving under the final band.


“Now then to keep you quiet, we will use this,” Adam said as he held up the roll of white tape from the previous evening, tearing the end loose and sticking it to the side of her mouth before he wound it tightly round her head, covering her mouth as the hijab protected her hair.


“I think you would prefer to be sitting,” he said as he tore the tape free and smoothed onto her head, Leila nodding in agreement as Eve looked through her collection of films.


“You’re a Daniel Craig fan?”


Leila nodded as she turned on the television and player, and started Spectre, leaving their captive to watch the film as they stepped back, opening a laptop as they looked at the screen…




7 pm


“Smmffnnslmlssggd,” Leila said as she rose, the ropes creaking on her leather jacket, skirt and boots as Eve smiled at her. 


“Adam is an excellent cook,” Eve said as she helped Leila to stand up, and hop back to the chair, “but for the rest of this evening, we will be serving you.  Consider it our way of showing our appreciation for your cooperation this weekend.”  Taking a pair of scissors, she cut through the band of tape and eased it away.


“Why are you doing this,” she asked as she worked her mouth.


“If I told you we have associates at the consulate at the moment, using your access privileges to find out information for a western government, what would you say?”


Leila looked at her, and she said “I would think you grossly underestimate my level of security access.”


“You do not know our associates,” Eve said with a smile, “but if that gives you a reason to think of why we are here, and why you are like this, then accept my answer.  If I pour some of the excellent wine we bought today and put it in a glass, would you like a drink?”


Leila nodded as Eve left the room, returning with a glass of the white wine, and holding it to her lips as she took a sip.  “You were right – this is exceptional wine,” she said with a smile.


“I thought the Koran banned alcohol, by the way.”


“Depends on how you read it – it certainly calls for moderation,” Leila said with a smile.  “So what are we eating?”


“Chicken Tikka with salad and bread fresh baked…”


9 pm


“All right, that was a good meal,” Leila said as Adam wiped her mouth, and Eve helped her to have another drink, “but how much longer is this going to go on for?  I mean, I have to admit it is exciting, but why are you doing this?”


“I promise you everything will be explained,” Adam said, “but it is time for you to prepare for bed.”


“Oh – and am I going to be tied up in bed again?”


“Oh yes,” Eve said with a smile, “and I think you have earned the right to feel the full experience this time.  I think you should be released, and then shower and change into the sleepwear you will find in the bathroom – I will be waiting outside.”


Leila nodded as the ropes were removed, and she stood up, walking up the stairs and entering the bathroom as Eve stood outside.  She looked at the pyjamas left on the laundry box, and smiled as she slowly removed the jacket.


“Now what,” she said as she came out, wearing a long sleeved light purple top and baggy dark purple bottoms.  “Now,” Eve said as she held up a pair of white socks, “we pull these up over your arms and tape them to your sleeves, and you cross your hands behind your back.”


“Okay – hands covered then,” Leila said as she watched Eve pull the socks over her hands, tuck the pyjama sleeves in and then wrap the white tape round the top to keep them in place.  She then felt her cross her wrists, and the rope as it was used to secure her covered wrists together.  She felt the pressure on her wrists, and it did feel more comfortable, as Eve used a long length of rope to bind her arms to her sides again, in the same way as earlier that evening.  Somehow, it felt different, as the ropes framed and nestled on her chest.


“Why does it feel different,” she asked as Eve tightened them in the same way, the ropes pushing her chest up and out, and she wriggled her covered fingers round.


“Why don’t we go and sit on the bed now,” Eve said, Leila nodding as her long brown hair brushed over the rope at the base of her neck.  They walked into the bedroom and she sat down, watching as Eve crossed and bound her ankles tightly together, and then secured her legs together below her knees, the rope going around and between her legs in both places.


“So what else are you going to do that makes this different?”


“Well, you’re going to be really quiet,” Eve said as she held up a small sponge ball, “open your mouth as wide as you can please.”


“Well, this is going to be different,” Leila said, but she opened her mouth as Eve eased the sponge behind her teeth, and she closed her lips over it.  The sponge expanded and filled her mouth, pushing her tongue down as Eve tore a strip of the micropore tape off the roll, and pressed it firmly over her lips and chin, sealing her mouth and making it almost impossible to be heard.


“Lie down, with your head on the pillow – you will be more comfortable on your side,” Eve said, Leila nodding as she relaxed on the bed.  A moment later, she tensed up and grunted “whtthh” as Eve walked round and pulled her ankles back, securing them to her chest ropes with more rope.


“Enjoy the evening,” Eve said as she turned the lights off and walked off, Leila looking at the darkened wall as her mind wandered…



“You will never escape the death trap,” the mocking villain said as he looked at Miss Muslim, the tape round her head silencing her, her wrists and ankles secured to the four corners of the base she was lying on.  She looked at the swinging pendulum, and she wondered how long before her hero came…





7 am


As Leila opened her eyes, she saw Adam standing there, dressed in a dark suit, shirt and tie.


“Eve is preparing breakfast,” he said quietly, “would you be offended if I slackened the ropes enough to remove them without touching you?”


She shook her head as he walked behind her, and she felt him carefully removing the ropes one at a time, making sure he loosened and then removed the ropes without once touching her legs.  She managed to get herself into a seating position, facing the other way as he removed the chest ropes, and then easing them out as they rubbed on her.  Finally, he untied the ropes from her wrists, and then peeled the tape away before pulling the socks free.


“Thank you,” she said quietly after she had removed the tape and sponge, “but I must…”


“Of course – when you have done what you need to do, please dress in the clothes you will find in the bathroom.”


She smiled as Adam quietly left the room, and sat for a moment, before she headed to the bathroom.


When she emerged, Eve was waiting at the top of the stairs, wearing a black dress and knee length boots.  “So are we going somewhere,” Leila said as she looked at her.


“Yes – after breakfast, but first you need to finish dressing,” Eve said with a smile.  Leila was wearing a short black jumper over a white top, and a quilted skirt that was wrapped round her waist under her white top.  The hem of the skirt came just down over her knees, while she was wearing a pair of black leggings underneath.


Nodding, the young woman went into her room and pulled on the grey leather boots, zipping them up and then making sure the black hijab covered her head and neck.  Standing, she followed Eve down the stairs, where Adam was waiting with breakfast.


“So I guess I am still your hostage for today,” Leila said as she sat down, waiting as Eve secured her waist and ankles to the chair.


“For a little while longer, yes,” Adam said as she was passed coffee and toast, “but I think some fresh air will benefit all of us today.”


“And will I be silenced on this trip?”


“Not this time – but we will both be with you, so I hope you will agree not to say anything while we walk…”


Leila looked at both of them, and said “I must say, for a pair of kidnappers, you have been very considerate and respected me – so no, I will say nothing, provided when we return, you tell me what is going on.”


“Of course – now, shall we eat?”



11 am


“This is certainly a beautiful park – why did you not let me see where it is?”


“It adds to the excitement,” Eve said as the trio walked along the side of the lake.  Leila had wrapped a large black and white scarf round her neck to help keep her warm, and stopped to watch some swans swim past.


“So I will be blindfolded on the way back as well?”


Adam nodded as they began to walk again.  “I am glad you have not found the weekend stressful,” he said, “it makes this so much easier.”


“You have a nice car, by the way.”


“I’m glad you like it – it’s going to be a fun trip back,” Eve said with a smile, Leila looking at her as she wondered what she meant.  That became clearer as they walked back to the car, and Adam took a length of cord from his pocket.


“Hands in front please,” he said with a smile, Leila nodding as he tied her wrists tightly together.  He then took her scarf, Leila looking at him as he said “guess what we are going to keep you quiet with for the ride home.”


“I hope the car heater is on…”


“It is,” Eve said as Adam pulled the scarf between her lips, and tied the ends tightly together at the back of her neck.  He then helped her to sit on the back seat, then Eve helped her to lie down before she tied her legs together, and then walked to the other side of the car.


“Enjoy the trip,” she said as she fixed a sleep mask over her eyes, Leila nodding as she heard the two of them get into the front of the Octavia, and then felt the car move off.  The wool felt strange in her mouth, but she lay still, getting used to the feeling as they moved away.


Sometime later, the car stopped, and she was lifted out of the back of the seat, carried in what she presumed were Adam’s arms before she was laid down on a soft set of cushions.  “We will be back in a few minutes,” she heard Eve say, and then there was the sound of footsteps, and silence.


A silence that seemed to stretch for ever, as Leila twisted round, wondering what was going on.  Eventually, she managed to get the mask off her eyes, as she looked round her own living room – a room that was empty of anyone except her.


Reaching up with her hands, she pulled the scarf from her mouth, feeling the damp patch as she called out “Adam?  Eve?”


There was no response, so she sat herself up, the wet scarf on her jumper as she looked at her wrists.  The knot was within reach, so she used her teeth to loosen it and shake her hands free, then untie her ankles.  Standing up, she looked round and wondered if she should call the police – and then she saw the note on the table, and the USB stick on the note.  She picked it up and read.




It has been a privilege and an honour to share the experience of this weekend with you.  If you place this stick in your laptop – and I assure you, it is clean – you will find a set of photos of your experience from this weekend, as well as a link to a website where this experience was booked for you.


“Booked for me?  What the…”  Leila found her laptop and booted it up, then plugged the stick in, looking through the photos before she opened the website.


“Weekend kidnapping experience, who the…”  She then laughed as she read the rest of the note, and looked at the site.  She shook her head and then looked at the note again, before saying “well, that can go to a charity.  Now, who would I want this to happen to…?”







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