After the Party




Now that the party’s over,

Now that the noise is through.

Now that the room is empty,

There’s only me and you.

I think, that I might,

Just fall in love with you...


The fairy lights were twinkling as they encircled the small spruce tree and illuminated the baubles that hung from the sweet smelling branches.  Candles burning on the mantelpiece sent their flickering flames across the room as Elaine removed her wrap and laid it on the back of the leather couch.  Turning, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, her rouged lips pressing against this as they embraced.


“Thank you for a wonderful evening,” she said as she finally removed her mouth from his and smiled at him.  Her copper red hair was falling down her head and across her shoulders, the flickering light highlighting aspects of her style as she stood there.  Her gown was deep red velvet, the round yoke neck showing her tanned shoulders and allowing the pearl choker she was wearing to be visible, as were her matching earrings.  The gown went down her slim body and hung just above her feet, which were in light tan leather heels.


The man looked at her, his blue eyes twinkling.  “My pleasure,” he said as he passed his hands over her shoulders.  “How are you feeling?”


“Giddy, excited – I never thought an office party could be such an exhilarating experience.”


“Well, you were the centre of attention, and rightly so, Elaine.  You deserve to be at the centre of everybody’s attention.”


He pulled Elaine closer to him and kissed her again, her eyes closing as he responded in kind.  Taking him by the hand, she led him from the main room of her apartment into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.


“Help me with this,” she said as she turned her back to him.  Taking hold of the zip, he gently pulled it down, the gown slipping off her shoulders as it fell to the floor.  Walking to the bed, she knelt and looked at him, saying “Do you like this?  I wore it especially for you.”


He looked at Elaine on the bed, and nodded, whispering “I do” as he continued to stare.  Under the gown was a white bustier top, with thin white straps that went over the shoulders and down her bare back.  The material was thin lace and silk, her nipples visible behind the material.  At the bottom, these straps were attached to the stop of her flesh coloured stockings, while a matching pair of white panties covered her crotch and lower area.


Elaine sank back onto the bed and looked up at the man as he walked over, loosening his bow tie and unbuttoning his jacket as he did so.  “Have I told you lately that you have a beautiful body,” he said as he leant over and kissed her again on the lips.


“Only every five minutes, but keep going – I like it,” Elaine cooed as he sat on the bed next to her.  Getting back onto her knees, she ran her hands through her air, her immaculate manicured nails visible as she placed them under her stocking straps.  “So, big boy, what would you like to do now?”



“First, I’m going to get you a drink,” he said as he stood up and walked over to a cabinet, “Why don’t you lie down and tell me about your day?”


“Oh come on, I don’t want to talk about work,” Elaine said as she lay back and watched him pouring the amber liquid into two glasses.  Handing one to her, she sipped it as he sat back down, then placed it on the bedside table and lay on her side.


“Come on – I know you’ve had fun tonight, but how was your day?”


Elaine rolled over onto her knees and looked at him with pleading eyes.  “Are you sure you don’t want to do something more fun?” she said as she looked at him.  Seeing his response rather than hearing it, she lay back on her back and sighed.


“All right – we closed the Overton deal, managed to raise enough money to fund our next social project, and I got a promotion with benefits.”


“Promotion?  Congratulations – you mean you made partner?”


Elaine smiled as she ran her hands down her legs.  “Yes – I got the passwords to the senior files today.  Why?”


He smiled as he looked at her, his eyes twinkling even more.  “That is fascinating Elaine – it makes this so much easier.  I really have wanted this for a long time?”


“Oh goodie,” she whispered as he took her in his arms and kissed her again.  “Why do you want to do with me?”


“This, Elaine,” was his reply as he quickly rolled her onto her stomach and pulled her wrists behind her back.  Reaching down under the bed, he pulled out a coiled length of brown rope and held it in front of her.


“Kinky,” Elaine said with a laugh, “I didn’t know you liked that sort of thing.”


“Do you?”


“I’ll give it a try,” she said as she allowed him to cross her wrists in the small of her back.  She lay still as the rope was passed around her wrists, several coils encircling them as they were pulled them firmly together.  She felt the rope tightening still further as he passed the ends between her arms and tied the knot out of reach of her long fingers.


“You’ve done this before,” Elaine said as she tried to find the knot, her fingers probing with no success. 


“How does it feel?”


“Not uncomfortable – what are you going now?”


“Hush,” he said as he placed her ankles together and fetched another length of rope from under the bed.  “When did you bring those in,” Elaine said as she felt her ankles been pulled together.


“Oh, I snuck them in when you weren’t looking,” he said as he continued to wrap the rope around her legs, eventually passing the ends between her legs as he had with her arms.  Elaine kicked her legs up and down, but found it impossible to separate them.


“I could get to like this,” she said as she rolled over and looked at him.  “I feel helpless and safe at the same time, and I have to admit the rope feels nice.”


“I’m glad to hear that,” he said as he picked up a third length and pushed Elaine’s legs up slightly.  “Would you like me to continue?”


“Yes please,” she whispered before he kissed her again, his lips moving against hers, and then passed the rope around her legs above her knees.  Once again she felt her legs been bound together as he pulled the coils around her legs and secured them.


“You must have been a bad boy in your youth,” she laughed as helped her onto her knees, the rope tightening still further as her knees were bent.  The touch of his lips against her back made her moan softly as he caressed her.  “You have no idea,” he whispered in her ear as he kissed the back of her neck, something like an electric shock passing down Elaine’s back as he did so.  “Do you want me to carry on?”


“Yes, yes,” she gasped as his hands went around her back.  She stayed still, panting slightly as she watched a loop of rope pass in front of her and over her body, before it was pulled around her arms and chest just below her breasts. As her arms were pulled into her side, she watched her chest as it was pushed up and outwards, secretly admiring the way it made her look.  The rope was passed around again, several more times above and below her breasts, and with each pass the ropes grew tighter, her chest more prominent.  Eventually she felt the rope pass under her right arm, over the coils and around her neck before it was passed down the other side, one last tug showing how the ends were tied into place.


“Well, I’m not going anywhere,” Elaine laughed as she watched him stand back and admire her.  “So, what are you going to do with me now?”


“Now?  I’m going to start looking for your jewellery in this room.”


“I beg your pardon?”  Elaine had been laughing, but now she looked again at him, quizzical expression on her face.  “What did you just say?”


“Elaine, you are a funny, talented and beautiful woman, but I am a thief and who and what you are is not going to stand in my way.  Now, you be a good girl and stay nice and quiet while I search through your drawers.”


Elaine turned and looked over her shoulder as her boyfriend walked over to her dressing table and started to search through the boxes on the top, emptying the contents onto the top surface and selecting various items which he placed in his pocket.  He then started to search through her drawers, taking out still more boxes and rifling through the contents.  “You’re not joking, are you?” she said as she rolled onto her bottom and sat down, watching him move to the large chest of drawers that lay opposite the foot of the bed.  “Did you ever really love me?”


“Of course I do, Elaine,” he said as he removed a slim black case from the bottom of a drawer and laid it on the bed, “but I never let that get in the way of my work.  Nice necklace, by the way.”


Elaien ignored him – she was too busy looking at her wrists as she tried to bring them round from behind hre back, looking to see fi theer was any way at all she could try to start to untie the knots.  “Don’t bother,” he said without looking round, “those are very tight and precise – you, my dear Elaine, are going nowhere for the moment.”


As he left the room, Elaine threw her head back and screamed in frustration.  This only made him come back into the room with something else in his hand and a big smile on his face.  “I never knew you could be so vocal,” he said as he walked back over, picking something out of one of the open drawers as he did so, “I’ll need to do something about that.  But first, you can answer a question for me.”


“Why should I do anything to help you, you bastard,” Elaine said as she stared back at him.


“Well, because if you do I’ll let you live,” he said in return.  “Now,” he continued as he drew a small pistol from his jacket pocket and held it in Elaine’s face, “the combination to the safe hidden behind your bookcase, if you please.  I would so hate it if I had to harm that beautiful face of yours.”


Elaine stared back at his smiling face, then at the gin nozzle, before nodding and quietly saying “All right, I’ll tell you.”  As she repeated a set of numbers she watched as he balled up a pair of panties in his hand.


“Very good, Elaine.  Now, open wide, and don’t you dare spit these out.  I’ll be back in a minute or two.”  With that, he held the silk wad in his hand and pressed the pistol against her cheek.  Slowly opening her mouth, she allowed him to push the wad into her mouth, closing her lips around the packing as he left the room.  She listened until she heard the sound of a small metal door opening, and then watched him walk back in.


“Thank you, Elaine,” he said as he picked up the white roll he had left on the dressing table and walked back over, the unmistakable ripping sound as he pulled the end loose in her ears.  “Now, keep those lips together – this won’t hurt a bit.”


She lay there as he tore three strips of tape off, one at a time, and smoothed them over her lips and lower jaw.  The result was a large white band that covered her mouth, and as she tried to call out all she heard was a muted grunt of noise.


“Just lie there and you’ll be just fine,” he said as he walked out of the room.  Elaine watched him as he left, before starting to pull her arms round to see once more if she could find the knot.  Realising this was a futile move; she tried instead to shake the ropes off her arms by rolling round on the bed, her legs kicking up and down on the mattress as she did so.  She rolled to her left and right, shaking her upper body as she did so, the sweat stains starting to appear on her bodice as she did so.


There was something else that was starting to bother her as she squirmed, however – the inescapable feeling that she was getting aroused by the position she was finding herself in.  She had never been so helpless in her life, so completely out of her own control, and there was no denying she found it rather stimulating as well as terrifying.  From the way her crotch was feeling, and the way her breath was getting shallower and faster through her nose, she knew she was getting genuinely aroused by the way the ropes encircled and constrained her, the way they squeaked as she tried to shake them loose, the warm feeling there was in her crotch.


This was the most surprising thing for her – the sensation she had between her legs.  She felt it was wrong, so wrong, and yet it felt so right as she squirmed round.   She continued for a quarter of an hour before she fell onto her side, her legs dropping onto the mattress as she looked at the open door.  Her hair was falling around her face and neck, the beads of sweat glistening in the dim light as he walked back into the room.


“You look as if you have had some fun,” he said as Elaine sat herself up, her legs bent as she stared at him over her tape gag.  “From the looks of you, you’ve really enjoyed yourself.”


She looked down at her bodice, noticing for the first time the way her nipples had firmed and were clearly visible through the tightly stretched fabric, and then looked back up at him.


“Well, anyway, I just came in to let you know that I will be leaving in a minute, and that you should not feel too bad about this.  I genuinely have enjoyed spending time with you these last few weeks, and if we had met under different circumstances...”


“H r u?”


“I beg your pardon?”  He looked over at Elaine as she glared back at him through her hair.


“I sd ho r u?”


“Oh, who am I?  Well, my name is false as you may have guessed.  I was hired to get access to your offices and obtain some files, and these last few weeks have been about gaining your trust enough to get the access codes to the alarm.  The fact you got today the passwords the secure computer files is just an added bonus.”


Elaine turned and watched him as he picked up his tie and headed for the door.


“Elaine, it has been a wonderful evening, it was a fantastic party, and I wish you every success for your future career,” he said.  Pausing for a moment, he walked back over and kissed the bound and gagged woman on the forehead.  “Goodbye,” were his last words as he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.


She threw herself back against the pillows, screaming to try and raise the alarm as her movements grew more and more panicked.  Elaine was desperate, trying as hard as she could to get herself free as she grunted through the packed gag in her mouth, but theer was no give in the binding.  Instead, she felt herself grow warmer, and between her legs there was the unmistakable sensation of something growing stronger and stronger within her.


She called out in muted frustration as she continued to struggle, unable to deny the fact she was more than struggling to free herself.  She was also struggling to arouse herself – this was a feeling like she had never felt before, and she was fighting the feeling that she wanted it to continue.  Eventually, however, the urges and bodily feelings grew too strong for her to resist, and she found herself bucking on the bed to complete the journey...





It was several hours later when Elaine opened her eyes.  She was still on the bed, lying across the mattress with the pillows to her side and the covers dishevelled underneath, and a number of damp stains clearly visible both on her bodice and between her legs.  From outside the room, she could the sound of someone hammering on the door, and then the lock been turned.  She called out as two policemen, accompanied by the head of the office, came into her room.


“My god,” her boss said as the policemen came over.  Elaine sighed, her eyes continuing to look at the new arrivals even as she started to turn her head to edge of the bed.  “When we found the office ransacked this morning, you were the only person we could not contact, and now I can see why.  What happened?”


As the tape was pulled away and the damp cloth taken from her mouth, Elaine just gasped “Help me.”  There would be time, she felt, for explanations later.


Well, some at any rate.





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