Amy's Night In





It happened a few months ago – and to be honest, I had tried to put much of it out of my mind.  Walking in on Barb, though, and seeing her there, and then hearing her description of the man who had robbed me brought the memories back to me....




I had been getting ready to go out for an evening with some friends.  Nothing special, just a night out with the girls if you like.  We were going to a few bars that had a dress code, so I had decided to wear a new dress I had picked up.  It was cotton, with a white base on which was printed those patterns that were popular a few years back – fractals, I think they were called, but all I knew was the blue and dark swirls pattern was one I liked.  It was short, but not too short, with the skirt coming half way down my thighs, and the front neck line coming down and across the top of my breasts.  The shoulder straps went down to the small of my back, with a strap of material across the middle at the rear making it not entirely backless.  I also had on a pair of dark leather heels – at least to begin with.


At any rate, I walked down the stairs, brushing my hair as I did so, and stood for a moment to look in the mirror and put on my lipstick.  As I applied the finishing touches, I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, but just put it down to a trick of the light.  Realising I had left my handbag in my front room, I went in to pick it up, and that was when I was grabbed from behind.  A large hand clamped over my mouth and nose, and as I struggled I felt a strong arm pick me up around the waist.  That struggle only lasted a few minutes, however, as I slowly fell unconscious, the gloved hand tightly over my lower face.




When I came to again, I found myself sitting on the floor, my back against what I later realised was my bed.  My mouth felt dry, and my tongue felt strangely rough, but as I tried to say something I discovered that I was - well, in a bit of a bind.


To be more specific, as I looked down I could see that my legs were tied together at my ankles, the white rope going around and between my legs.  My hands had also been pinioned behind my back, and I could feel something pulling my arms into my side.  Feeling with my fingers, I could tell that my hands had been tied together with something soft and smooth, while a glance down showed me the soils of rope around my chest, both above and below my breasts, rubbing against my bare arms.


I tried to say something, before realising that the rough feeling in my mouth was more than a bad taste – something was holding my tongue down, but I could feel with what little movement I had the cloth that had been pulled between my lips, rather effectively silencing me.


So, someone had forced me to faint, then bound and gagged me.  Well, what else would any girl in this situation do?  I screamed, “SMBDYHLPM” out of the gagged mouth and started to kick my legs up and down as I twisted myself round to try and get loose.  The thing that I discovered very quickly was whoever had done this knew what he was doing – there was little or no give in the ropes, and I succeeded in doing with my feet was kicking my shoes off, leaving me bare footed as well.


It was while I was looking at my ankles that I first heard him.  “Hey, hey, hey,” a voice barely above a whisper said, “You will do yourself a serious injury if you keep doing that.  Please, calm down and sit still – I promise you I mean you no harm.”


I looked up to see this man standing in front of me, dressed casually but with a dark stocking pulled over his head.  He was about five foot ten, well built, but the most disarming thing about him was the smile on his face, clearly visible under the nylon as he knelt beside me and brushed my long brown hair out of my eyes.

“I’m sorry I made you faint,” he said as he checked the ropes around my arms, “but you just would not stop struggling.  You need to stay calm now, as I am afraid you will be this way for a little while.  I promise you, I will not harm you in any way, but for your own safety do not struggle.”


He held my chin up and looked at me, as he said “I just want to take a few things from your house, and maybe help you to relax a bit.  Now, are you going to try and stay calm?”


“Hru,” I mumbled through the cloth, and he said “Nobody you need to worry about, Amy.”  My eyes must have widened at that point, for he took my driving license out of his pocket and showed it to me.  “Now, I want to spend a little time downstairs.  Can I trust you to stay still?”


Something in the way I looked at him at that point must have made him realise the answer, as he took me by the shoulders and helped me to lie down.  “I had hoped this would not be necessary,” he said as he rolled me onto my stomach, “but something tells me I need to take further precautions.”


I finally noticed the knapsack on the floor next to me as he drew out a length of rope and shook it loose.  I felt him tying one end around the rope behind my back, as it tugged at the coils, before my legs were pulled back and the rope wrapped between them as well.  I looked over my shoulders as he wrapped the rope around itself, noticing that he had used the sash from my dressing gown to bind my wrist together.  I tried resting them on my back, which made my legs go further up as they pressed down on the rope running underneath them.


“Don’t go anywhere,” he whispered as he left me on my stomach, watching his legs as they went out of the doorway and the sound of him descending the staircase receded into the distance.  I lay there for a short while, not sure what to do as I could hear the sounds of somebody searching through the cupboards downstairs.


Eventually, I decided to try and get loose again, and started to roll round on the floor, pulling up and down with my legs to see if I could get loose from the ropes that were holding them in place.  I felt the sweat building on my back as I did so, as well as running down my cheeks, and whatever was in my mouth was slowly becoming heavier as it soaked up the saliva I was producing.


“Having fun?”


I looked up to see the masked intruder standing there, a can in his hand as he was watching me move round on the floor.  Placing it to his mouth, he took a long drink as I stared back up at him.


“I did say you should stay still,” he said as he knelt down next to me.  “Now I need to check to make sure you have not hurt yourself.  If I untie you for a moment, do you promise not to try and get away?”


Well, by this time I was getting tired, so I just nodded and said “MMM” as he started to release my ankles from the hogtie.  As I stretched my legs out, he helped me to roll onto my back and sit up, before he started to take the rope away from my arms.  I could see the slight red lines where it had rubbed against my skin, but to my surprise he picked up a pot of skin cream and massaged some in with his gloved hands.  To my eternal surprise, I found I was enjoying the feeling of the latex against my skin, especially as his touch as so light and delicate.


“If I help you to sit on the bed, then I will untie your hands for a moment,” he said as he helped me to stand up and hop over.  I sat on the mattress as he walked behind and removed the sash from my wrists, allowing me to bring them to the front and rub them.


“Now,” he said as he sat down next to me, “I’m afraid I need to start looking for valuables in this room, so I’m afraid I need to prevent you from moving round again.  I promise, however, that this time I will make it simple.”


“Cnt u ntmft,” I mumbled, but he simply shook his head and said quietly “No, I cannot.  If you allow this, however, I will give you a special surprise before I go.  Now, put your hands together, palm to palm, in front of you.”


I did as he asked, and watched as he used the sash again to bind my wrists together.  “Shuffle back on the bed, rest your head on the pillow and let your hands rests on your lap,” he said, and I pushed myself back so that my head was indeed resting on a pillow.  He picked up one of the lengths of rope from the floor, wrapped the end around my wrist and then pulled them above my head.  The headboard to my bed is an old wooden one, a shelf that goes back and a lamp attached to the wall, and it was around the metal of the lamp that he secured the other end of the rope.


I watched as he started to open my drawers and search my way through them, and realised that he was going to take my jewellery once he found it.  Closing my eyes, I started to try pulling on my arms, but with little success, but I discovered something else.


To my surprise, I was actually enjoying the sensation of being helpless now, and I started to roll around on the bed, moaning slightly as I moved my legs up and down.  Yeah, I was scared, but I could not help becoming a little aroused by my predicament.  I tried to keep my noises as quiet as possible, but obviously he had noticed, as I felt him stroking my legs when my eyes were closed and saying “I do believe you are enjoying this, aren’t you?”


I looked into his covered eyes, and found myself nodding.  “Well, then,” he said quietly, “Would you like to play a little game?  Sometimes the ladies I visit I help to relax in a different way, but I think you might like this.”


Hell, I wasn’t going anywhere, so I nodded and watched as he quickly folded one of my red bandanas into a wide strip.  “This will help the surprise,” he said as he tied it over my eyes, cutting off the light as I raised my head to allow him to tie the ends together at the back of my neck.  As I let it drop back down onto the pillow, I felt his hands on my legs before my wrists were released, first from their position above my head and then from the sash around them.


My relief was short lived, however, as I felt some rope been tied around my left wrist and it was pulled back over my head.  As this was repeated on the other side, I wondered what he had secured them to, but that was a moot point as I felt him stroking down my legs again.


“I need to keep looking,” he said in that soft voice, “but please, knock yourself out.”  I tried pulling on my wrists, but to no avail.  Later I realised he had effectively tied my arms in what I think is called a spread eagled way, fixing the ropes to the headboard, but at the time I was starting to just to try and wriggle round, using my imagination to take me somewhere very, very different.


I knew I was getting warmer all over, and I could feel my body responding to what after all was just a fantasy, before I heard him saying “Well, I think I am just about finished here.  I just want to make sure you are comfortable – it is not safe for you to be left in this position.  Please, lie still for a moment.”


I felt the rope around my ankles been slackened and taken away, before his hands massaged my legs to bring the feeling back to them.  To my surprise, I then felt something silk-like been pulled up first one, then the other leg before my ankles were crossed and tied together again with the rope.  I protested, but he just stroked my hand and said “shh, shh – I promise you this will not be for long.”


The next thing I knew, he had untied my arms and brought them together on my lap, again rubbing my wrist to bring the feeling back into them.  They were feeling a little numb, but I offered no protest as I was turned over and my hands brought together again behind my back.  The silken touch against my skin told me the sash had been employed once more, before my legs were brought back and secured to the silk in another hogtie.


“Forgive me for leaving you like this,” he whispered into my ear, “but I am sure you will be all right.”  He removed the blindfold and kissed me gently on the cheek, before picking up the rucksack which jangled slightly.  I turned my hand and watched him as he walked out of the room, before looking over my shoulder to see what had happened.


He had indeed hogtied me, my ankles perpendicular to my knees.  It was tighter than last time, but one other thing was different.  Well, two, if you count the fact that I realised the silk touch I had felt was him pulling a pair of white knee length tights over my feet and legs.


The other was that, with a little effort, I could reach the knot that held the rope wrapped around the length holding my ankles to my wrists.  So I bent my legs a little more, to gain some extra slack, and slowly started to pick at the knot with my fingers.


The shoulder straps of my dress were starting to slip slightly, exposing my bra straps as I kept working, but eventually I let out a satisfied grunt as I felt the rope slacken.  Slowly, carefully, inch by inch I unwound the rope, releasing the tie as I felt it start to slacken and eventually give way as my legs fell back onto the mattress.


I shook the rope free from my wrists and lay, my face down in the mattress as I started to regain some composure and my breath.  After a few moments, I started to move my ankles round, eventually managing to uncross them and leave them side by side.  I lay still for a little while longer, wondering if he was still in the house, but there were no other sounds save the birds and the traffic outside. 


Rolling over onto my back, I stared up at the ceiling wondering what I should do next.  Looking to one side, I saw a pair of scissors lying on the chair by my bed.  He must have left them there, offering me a way out, so I slowly started to slide myself over on the bed, inching my way over to the side so that I could somehow get off the bed and cut myself free.


It took me half an hour to free myself and call the police, telling them what I could about the man, but leaving out what he had done to me.  I only said that he had tied me up on the bed before leaving me there.  The rest I wanted to keep private, and eventually forget about – but now it has come back again.


I’m meeting Barb for a drink tonight – I think it is time to tell her about what happened to me.  After all, you never know when you may need the support – or who may be next to be visited by this guy,





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