“So this is where the auditions are to take place?”


Jenny and Sonia were standing outside a non-descript warehouse on a small industrial estate.  They had been approached in the street by a tall woman while shopping the week before, and offered the chance of taking part in casting sessions for, as she put it, “a very special film.”   They needed some money, and the offer of £300 for a morning’s work was too good to pass up.


“It’s a good thing her Ladyship had already given us this morning off,” Sonia said as they opened the door and walked in.


Standing by a desk in the reception area was the same woman who had approached them the previous week.  Tall, red-haired, she looked at the two young women as they walked in.


“Ah, ladies – thank you for coming.  You did not tell your employer you would be here?”


“Why should we – it’s our free time,” Jenny answered.


“Quite so, quite so.  Well, let me explain why I asked you here.


You first need to know that we deal with the more – adult end of the market.  We need fresh faces who might like the chance of taking part in these films, but it is important for us to know that you are doing this of your own free will.”


“What exactly would be involved?”


“For today, we need one of you to be a lady of the house, and the other her maid.  Have you any preference as to which you would like to be?”


Sonia looked at Jenny.  “If it’s a choice, and it’s an adult film, then I’d like to be the maid if that’s possible.”


The woman looked at her file.  “That should be fine – Sonia, isn’t it?  Why don’t you go with my colleague here to wardrobe and we’ll get you fitted out.”


A small, dark haired woman had come through a door, and she led Sonia in one direction while the woman led Jenny in another.


In a side room was a collection of costumes such as Jenny had never seen.  The woman took a dress off the rack and held it in front of Jenny.


“That should fit,” she said handing Jenny the dress and a pair of knee length black boots.  “Change into these, and then come through the door at the end of the room.”


Twenty minutes later, Jenny was looking at herself in the mirror.  The dress was made of PVC, tinted olive green with black stripes, not quite see through but enough for Jenny to see her breasts.  It was held by thin black leather straps as a halter neck, and barely covered the tip of her chest.  The boots fitted snugly as well.  She gave herself a satisfied look, and then went through the door.


The red-haired woman was standing there, wearing a similar dress with shoulder straps and black leather covering the more strategic parts of her body.


“Good,” she said admiring Jenny.  “You are the Madame of an exclusive brothel, who is captured by a gang of thieves and tied up.  Be assured you will come to no harm, but if you want to back out now just say so.”


Jenny thought for a moment.  “Will it hurt?”


“No,” the woman said walking over with a length of rope.  “Feel it – it as soft as silk, and will only hold you firmly.”


Jenny felt the rope and nodded.  “All right – but can I ask you your name?”


“Dominique,” the woman replied.  She pulled a steel high backed chair in front of the screen in the room, and motioned to Jenny to sit down.  This she did with some difficulty – the dress was tight and rode up her legs as she sat.


“Please, lean forward and place your hands behind your back,” Dominique asked, and as Jenny did so she doubled the length of rope in her hand, wrapped it round Jenny’s wrists, fed the ends through the loop and pulled tight.


With quick, dextrous movements Dominique wrapped the rope around Jenny’s wrists several times, pulling tightly each time, then between her wrists before tying the rope off.


“Now, why don’t you sit back and I’ll take care of your feet.”


Jenny slid back on the seat so that her arms rested against the back of the chair.  Taking another piece of rope, Dominique placed her ankles together and began to wrap the rope around them as well.


Jenny closed her eyes and listened to the sound of the rope tightening against the leather around her legs.  “Have you done this before?”  She asked.


“I have some experience in this area,” Dominique answered as she wound the rope around Jenny’s feet as well before tying it off.  “How does that feel?”


Jenny tried to twist her hands and feet, but quickly realised she was very securely bound.  “I’m not going anywhere.  It’s strange – I should be scared but I’m not.”


“Well, Jenny, we now need to make sure you are as securely bound as a gang of desperate men would leave you.  Are you ready for me to continue?”


Jenny nodded, and grabbing yet another length of rope Dominique went behind the chair and pulled Jenny’s elbows together.


“Oh,” she said as she felt her arms been tied together, and she looked at the way her chest was pushed out as a result.


“Am I hurting you?”  Dominique asked as she pulled the ropes tighter around her elbows.


“No, oh god no,” Jenny said with a sigh, “I never thought it would feel quite like this.  Tell me,” she sighed, “What’s happening to Sonia just now?”


“All will be revealed in good time,” Dominique said as she tied off the ropes.  “Now, we must start to secure you to the chair as the gang would.  Please, sit very still.”


Taking another length, Dominique tied one end to the back of the chair, just above Jenny’s bound elbows, and started to pass the rope around and across her elbows.  By the time she had finished, Jenny’s elbows had been pulled up and secured tightly to the chair back with the rope, making her further immobile.  Another length was then used to secure her wrists in a similar manner.


“Oh lord, this is so different,” Jenny panted.  “What else are you going to do to me?”  As she said this, she felt a strange and pleasant feeling growing within her.  She never knew, never guessed that this would be something she would enjoy so much.


“Are you enjoying yourself, Jenny?”  Dominique whispered in her ear.


“Oh yes, yes, yes,” Jenny gasped as she closed her eyes and lost herself in her helpless feeling.


“Good – I need you to close your eyes now and open your mouth as wide as you can.”


Jenny had already closed her eyes as the pleasant feelings grew, so she simply opened her mouth, and felt something hard being pushed between her teeth,


“No, no – don’t fight it,” Dominique whispered, “This will only add to the pleasure you are feeling.  I want you to be able to moan and cry without anyone hearing, and this will help that to happen.”


Jenny felt straps being pulled behind her head, and a buckle being fastened, and then more straps under her chin.  Whatever was in her mouth was filling it completely, but she was having no real problems with breathing, even if it was coming in short pants.


“One more thing to do, Jenny, and then the audition can begin.”


As she said this, Dominique knelt down and pulled Jenny’s bound feet up under the chair.  With a short length of rope, she secured her feet to the back of the chair, making her completely immobile.  As she pulled the last knot tight, Jenny let out an involuntary moan of pleasure.  Dominique stood, and rolled her tongue over the ball gag that was strapped into Jenny’s mouth.


“Jenny, open your eyes and look at yourself in this mirror,” Dominique said, and Jenny slowly opened her eyes to the sight of her tightly bound to the chair, and the black ball gag filling her mouth.


“Jenny, I have a small confession to make,” Dominique said as she crouched down in front of the helpless woman.  “There is no film, this is not an audition, and you’re here because we need you and your friend out of the way while my associates rob the house you work at.  Do you understand what is happening?”


Somewhere in the recesses of her mind, Jenny dimly heard what was being said to her, but if truth be told she was lost in the ecstasy both of her helplessness and her new found pleasure.  She simply closed her eyes and moaned.


“Well, Jenny, if you are enjoying this so much I must help you to enjoy it still more,” Dominique said, and she began to gently ease the top of the dress down over Jenny’s breasts.


In another part of the warehouse, Sonia was screaming as loud as she could while she watched on a television screen what was happening to Jenny.  She was indeed dressed as a maid, but one that was tightly bound and hogtied on the floor.  A cloth gag was holding her own knickers in her mouth, and she was unable to offer more than muffled yells of terror.  Unlike Jenny, she had tried to back out, only for two armed women to grab her and tie her in this way.


Jenny softly gasped as Dominique exposed her breasts to the cool air in the studio, and began to gently rub her nipples between her fingers.  She twisted her head round and raised it towards Dominique, who licked the lips of the gagged woman again.


“I’m sorry you had to go through this Jenny – but I’m ecstatic that you are enjoying your freedom in helplessness so much.  Why don’t we play a while?  Then, once we are finished, we may be able to meet again under more pleasant circumstances.”


Jenny moaned and nodded.  Whatever was going on here, she wanted more in the days to come.


Much more.