Aunt’s Weekend







“This could be the greatest day of our lives...”


Rhonda smiled as she served another customer, and watched her walk away with her purchases.  The art of salesmanship, to her, was in the smile, the discussion and talk, and the persuasion, and she liked to think she was very good at it.  In many ways she had to be, given the uniform of a royal blue coat dress, dark tights and heels.  Given her own dark skin and long chestnut brown hair, it suited her, but she knew when she got home, she would be able to relax and truly be herself.


“Excuse me,” a young woman said, “can you show me the eau de toilette please?”


“Of course,” Rhonda said as she showed her the selections.  She was standing with a young sandy haired man, who watched with great interest as his girlfriend tried some on her wrist.


“Wonderful,” she finally said, “I’ll take it please.”


“Wonderful,” Rhonda said as she packaged a bottle and ran the total through the till, watching as the couple walked off.  She then glanced at the clock, and thought to herself “not long now...”




As she walked towards her car, Rhonda smiled as she looked for her car keys.  Her shift was over, she had the weekend off, and the thought uppermost in her mind was “let the party begin.”




Rhonda looked up to see the young couple from earlier standing in front of her.  “Oh, hello,” she said quietly, “can I do something for you?”


“Well, yes you can,” the woman said with a smile, “you can get into your car with us, and do exactly what we tell you.”


“I’m sorry?”


“What Eve means,” the young man said as he revealed a small handgun “is we are coming to your home with you, and you will do what we say.  Now do you understand?”


Rhonda slowly, slowly nodded as she said “what are you going to do?”


“Oh you’ll see – now, shall we?”


Rhonda unlocked her car and got behind the wheel, the man sitting in the front with her as the woman – Eve, he had called her – got in behind them.  “Act natural, do nothing to attract attention,” he said as he looked at her through his glasses.  Rhonda slowly nodded as she drove off, wondering what was going to happen.




“Nice house,” Eve said as she walked in, Rhonda looking at them.  “Adam, be a dear and make sure nobody else is at home.”


“What are you going to do with me,” she finally said as she looked at Eve.


“Nothing bad,  Eve said with a smile, “why don’t you order some takeaway food for three, and then we can share in the experience.  I’ll pay.”


“You’ll pay?  You’re the ones holding me at gunpoint!”


“True – but it need not be a totally terrifying experience.  Just remember – we are here, and you do as we say.”


“Can I at least change?”


“You may put on something you like,” Eve said as she took Rhonda’s arm and walked her to the bedroom.  Indicating she should sit on the bed, Eve opened the wardrobe and looked in, before she took out a leopard skin slip dress and a white blouse. 


“Put this on,” she said, Rhonda wondering how she knew her taste before she removed her heels and dress, and put on the white blouse, leaving the top buttons on before she slipped the dress on over her head, and fastened a black leather belt round her waist. 


“Put these on as well,” Eve said as she took out a pair of long black leather boots.  Rhonda stared at them, wondering how she knew they were one of her favourite pairs,  before she took them and slipped them on.


“I am sure that feels better,” Adam said as he came in.  “Now, place the order.”




“Thanks,” Eve said as she paid the delivery girl, and took the box through to the dining room.  Rhonda watched as she put the Thai food out, squirming a little as the rope held her waist to the chair back.  Her ankles had been tied to the front legs of the chair, but her arms and wrists were free, as she was passed a plate.


“Why are you doing this,” she said as Adam and Eve sat down, Adam passing her a drink.  “I work as a sales clerk – I don’t have money or access to anything of value.”


“Oh we have our reasons,” Eve said with a smile, “so relax, and do as we say.  Eat up – and then we’ll make you comfortable for the night.”


As they ate, Rhonda noticed Adam checking something on a hand held tablet, which he showed from time to time to Eve.


“What are you looking at,” she said as she took a sip of her drink.


“Oh, you’ll find out in due course,” Eve said, “but it would appear we are going to keep you in your outfit for tonight.  I hope you won’t object...”



Whtttlmhwecnbjct,” Rhonda said as Adam smoothed the sticking plaster over her lips.  She was lying on her bed, and as she looked up she saw Eve tying her right wrist to the top of her bed.  Her arms were spread out, her wrists tied to the two upper corners, while her ankles were crossed and secured together with more rope, and her legs bound below her knees.


“We will be watching,” Adam said as he set a small round camera to look at Rhonda, “and we will see you in the morning.”


As they turned the light off and closed the door, Rhonda pulled on the ropes holding her wrists in place, and twisted her legs, listening to the squeak of the leather.  Eventually, however, exhaustion took over, and she fell into a deep sleep...



“Good morning.”


As Rhonda opened her eyes, she saw Eve standing there, smiling as she untied her legs.  “I would imagine you will wish to shower,” she said quietly as she then untied the captive’s wrists, and helped her to sit up.  “While you do so, I will be selecting the clothes for you to wear today, while we go and do a little shopping.  Remember, do nothing to try and raise the alarm.”


“I don’t understand,” Rhonda said after she had peeled the plaster from her mouth, “what are you doing this for?”


“You will see – eventually.  For now, just do as I say,” Eve said as Rhonda removed her boots, grateful they had offered some protection, and then walked to the bathroom.  She needed to relieve herself, and stand under a shower to wash the sweat away...


When she walked back into her room, she was surprised to see an outfit laid out, as Eve stood in the doorway.


“Please, dress,” she said quietly, “I think that will provide the protection you need.”  Eve watched as Rhonda dried herself off, and then put on clean underwear, before fastening the blue denim blouse over her upper body.  It had a ruffed button lien at the front, which she fastened before pulling on the knee length pleated white skirt, and fastening it before adding a wide white leather belt round her waist, buckling it before she sat down.  A pair of knee length white leather boots was also laid out, which she pulled on, feeling the soft leather caress her legs as she pulled the zips up.


“Now,” Eve said as Rhonda smelt bacon, “put your wrists together in front of you.”


“Do you have to tie me up?”


“Yes we do,” Eve replied, Rhonda sighing as she watched her captor sue the doubled over length of rope to bind her wrists together, her hands palm to palm.  “But at least, in doing it this way, you can eat and hold a cup.”


Rhonda nodded, as she walked downstairs with Eve, taking a seat at the dining table and raising her hands again as Eve secured her waist to the chair, before kneeling down to bind her ankles together, as well as her legs below her knees.


“Here we go,” Adam said as he placed a bacon sandwich in front of her, as well as a mug of coffee, “I trust you slept well.”


“You were watching,” Rhonda said sarcastically, “what did you think?”


“I thought you slept very well,” Eve said, and as Rhonda lifted the sandwich in her bound hands, and took a bite, she had to admit she had actually slept very well.  Surprisingly so.


“Well, perhaps,” she said as she sipped her coffee, and carefully put her mug down, “but why won’t you tell me what this is all about?”


“We told you, Rhonda, all in good time,” Adam said with a smile.  “Eat up – we need to go shopping and pick a few things up soon.”


“So are you going to leave me here bound and gagged again?”


“Why?  You’re driving,” Eve said with a smile, “but you may not be able to say a lot...”





As Rhonda drove into the parking area in front of the supermarket, she looked at Eve, who was sitting in the passenger seat.  Adam had stayed at her home, apparently to ‘make arrangements’, and Eve was now wearing a pair of glasses.


“Well, let’s get what we need to get for tonight,” Eve said, Rhonda nodding as she saw the small gun in her handbag, and turned the engine off.  As Eve got out of the car and walked round, Rhonda looked at herself in the mirror.  She could barely see the clear tape that had been smoothed down over her lips, sealing them and ensuring she could not push out the cloth which Adam had pushed into her mouth beforehand.


“Out you come,” Eve said as she opened the rear passenger door, taking out the bags as Rhonda got out as well.  Locking the car, they walked together to the trolley lines, taking one and then making their way in.  The supermarket was on the far side of town, an area she did not know, but as they walked in Eve kept talking and making suggestions.  The only response she could give was to nod and put items into the trolley, and then to pay as Eve packed them following the Passover the checkout scanner.


Walking across the car park, Rhonda was amazed that nobody was giving them more than a passing glance.


“I told you,” Eve said quietly, “if you do not make a fuss, nobody notices.  Now, load the bags in, and then get behind the wheel – we’re going to drive home.”




“Not until we get back – and then once we have you comfortable, we’ll take it off.”


Rhonda slowly nodded as she got in, Eve walking round and getting in before they drove off.  The journey home was mercifully short, and as they carried the bags in Adam came out of the front room.


“Excellent – come with me Rhonda.”  As they walked in, Adam indicated the long couch and said “lie face down, and cross your wrists behind your back.”


Ten minutes later, Rhonda rolled over onto her side and raised her head as Adam placed  a pillow underneath.  Her wrists were secured with rope, as were her ankles and her legs below her knees, but as he peeled the clear tape away and eased the cloth out she said “may I have a drink please?”


“Of course,” Eve said as she brought through a glass of water, with a straw in it, and held it so that Rhonda could take a long drink.  She then watched Adam as he turned the television on, and the two of them walked out, Rhonda realising she could do nothing except watch the film that was coming on, and try to relax.



“Well,” Eve said to Adam, “what next?”


“We allow her to change later – with the special addition.  Have you booked the tickets?”


Eve nodded as she said “she has to be seen in public – this will help.”



Rhonda picked up the fork and put some pasta Napoli on it, putting it into her mouth as she watched her captors.  Her legs were still bound, but her wrists free, as they sat round eating together.


“So what are you planning for me to do tonight,” she said after she had swallowed her food.


“Well, we have tickets for a screening of Suicide Squad,” Adam said, “but we think you need to change first, and have a little – added item.”


“What sort of added item?”


“You’ll see,” Eve said with a smile, “once you have finished eating.  Your wardrobe speaks of your love of denim, so don’t worry – we’ve taken that into account...”





Adam and Eve just smiled at each other, as Adam said “eat up – and then Eve will take you to get changed...


“Okay – you guys have been watching me, haven’t you,” Rhonda said as she looked at the outfit on the bed, and then sat down, unzipping and removing her boots.  “But seriously – Suicide Squad?”


“We saw the books in your study,” Eve said.


“Busted,” Rhonda said quietly as she removed and folded her cloths, and then pulled on the white tights.  As she reached for the faded denim blouse, Eve smiled and said “before you put that on, stand up with your hands on your head.”  She stared at the captor, before quietly placing her hands palm down on her head, watching as she doubled over a long length of rope.


“What are you going to do with that,” Rhonda said as Eve walked over, and tied the rope around her waist, the band sitting at the top of her hips as she knotted it at the front, and then let the ends of the rope fall in front of her.  She looked at Eve as she walked round, and whispered “oh my god, you’re not going to...  Oh GOD YOU ARE!”


The shout came as Eve reached between her legs, and pulled the rope back, the band pressing on her crotch as Eve secured it at her back.  “Like I said, an added item,” Eve said quietly, “please, finish dressing.”


Eve slowly walked forward, feeling the rubbing as she picked up the denim blouse and put it on, fastening all except the top buttons.  She then bent over, gasping again as she pulled the short tan corduroy skirt up and fastened it round her waist, then buckled the wide belt to keep it in place.


Sitting slowly down, she picked up the over the knee tan suede boots and pulled them on, taking a moment to control herself before she finally stood up, balancing on the three inch heels.


“How...  How are you expectant me to be quiet while I go out,” she said as she looked at Eve, and then at Adam as he stood in the doorway.


“Oh you’ll manage while we go to the cinema – and then...”



Somehow, Rhonda managed to stay quiet, realising that whatever was going on she had to go along with it, as the trio walked into the darkened cinema screen.  Eve had booked Premier seats, but as they sat down Adam put his arm round Rhonda’s shoulders, and then pushed the knotted centre of a rolled up scarf into her mouth.


“Lean forward a little,” he whispered, as he tied the band round her head, and then helped her to sit back as the film started.  Now she knew how she was managing to cope, with the rope rubbing between her legs as she squirmed round – and even more so as she started to laugh at the jokes...


She realised she was beginning to feel very strange, both with the situation and the constant rubbing – the squeak of her skirt on the seat, and the rubbing making her feel hotter and hotter.


She suddenly started to shake, her eyes wide as Adam held her and said “let it come, work through it, say nothing.”   Rhonda slowly nodded as the fire burned and ebbed...


“What the hell is happening to me,” Rhonda thought to herself, “I’m actually enjoying this?  It can’t be right, and yet it does feel so good...”







As the end credits ran, Adam removed the gag and put it into a bag, before they stood up and walked out with the rest of the audience.


“How much longer are you going to be keeping me like this,” Rhonda whispered as they made their way back to the car park.


“Oh a little while longer,” Adam said, “now drive home – we need to make you secure for the night.”


“Can I at least change for bed?”


Eve glanced at Adam, who looked at his tablet and said “of course – shall we set off?”




As Rhonda closed and locked her front door, Adam said “Eve, take our host to get ready for bed, will you?  Oh – and she keeps her tights on?”




“You do as we say, nobody gets hurt,” Eve said quietly as they walked up the stairs.


“But I need to – well, I need to...”


“Then I will remove it, and put it back when you are done.  Take your skirt off first.”


They walked into her bedroom, Eve waiting as Rhonda removed her skirt and then untying the rope before Rhonda went to the bathroom.  As she sat down, she looked at the damp crotch, and sighed as she wondered what she was going to be left as.


Flushing, she washed her hand and came out, returning to the room as Eve handed her a nightdress.  Removing her blouse, she allowed Eve to tie the crotch rope back into place, before removing her blouse and bra, then pulling the nightdress on.  She sat on the bed and removed her boots, before Eve knelt behind her on the bed and crossed her wrists behind her back, using a length of rope to secure them together.


She then gasped as Eve passed a long length of rope around her arms and stomach, pulling them into her sides and passing it around above and below her chest.  As she pulled it tight one last time, and tied the ends off, Rhonda wriggled round and said “this is tight.”


“Is it uncomfortable?”


“No,” Rhonda said as she bit her bottom lip, “just tight.”


“Good,” Eve said as she helped Rhonda to move her legs onto the bed, and tied her ankles as well as her legs below her knees.  She then rolled a scarf into a band, and tied a double knot in the middle, before she held it in front of her mouth.


“I guess I should say thank you,” Rhonda said before she opened her mouth, feeling the silk knot on her tongue as the band was tied round her head again.  She lay on her side, looking over her shoulder as Eve eased her ankles back and tied them to the back of her crotch rope.


“Enjoy,” Eve said as she turned the light off, Rhonda unsure of what she meant until she tried to move her ankles, and the rope rubbed her again...




As she opened her eyes, Rhonda was aware of the sunlight coming through the closed drapes, and the warmth between her legs as Eve came in.


“I see you’re awake,” she said as she started to untie her captive, “and in need of a shower.  Why don’t you do that, and then we can get ready for today.”




“Oh not much longer,” Adam said as he stood in the doorway, “but go and wash first – once again your clothes will be waiting.”


As her arms and wrists were released, Rhonda reached round and untied the gag, looking at dark saliva soaked knot before she stood up and ran to the bathroom.  The warm water ran over her body as she tried to rationalise her experiences during the night – and then she gave up, smiling as she cleaned herself.


“Ah – that does suit you,” Adam said as Rhonda came in with Eve.  While he and Eve were wearing jeans and jumpers, Rhonda had on another denim blouse, a thin brown leather belt around her waist and a yellow and white striped scarf tied in a band round her neck.  The bottom of her blouse sat over a knee length mustard coloured blouse, her legs in dark tights and a pair of knee length tan leather boots with cork soles and thin heels.


“I don’t get it – why pick these clothes,” she said as she sat down, and accepted some toast and orange juice from Adam.


“We’ll let you know in due course,” Adam said, “but we will soon be leaving.  We just need to secure and silence you one last time, and then take you for a little trip.”


“And then this will be over?”


“And then this will be over,” Eve said with a smile.  Rhonda nodded as she ate and drank, wondering what was going to happen.


Eventually, Adam stood up and showed Rhonda a sponge ball.  “Time to begin,” he said quietly, “open wide.”


“Where are you going to leave me?”


“Somewhere you will be found,” Adam said, Rhonda nodding as she allowed him to push the sponge into her mouth, then watched as he tore a strip of micropore tape from a roll, and smoothed it down over her lips and mouth.


“Please stand up, and put your hands behind your back,” Eve said, Rhonda nodding as Adam crossed and tied her wrists tightly together, and then bound her arms tightly to her sides, the rope sitting above and below her chest, before he tightened it by taking the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.


“Come with us,” Eve said as they walked into the hallway, Rhonda watching as she looked out of the door, and then she was walked quickly to where a black van was sitting in the driveway.  She climbed in, Adam following before he helped her to sit down and started to bind her ankles together, the rope rubbing on her leather boots as they were forced together, and then her legs below her knees, the band cinched between her legs in each place.


“Now, we need to cover your eyes, to keep it a surprise,” Adam said as Eve came in, carrying Rhonda’s bag with her.  The mute girl nodded as a black hood was pulled over her head, and then she felt the van move off.


She had no idea how long they drove for – only that eventually the van stopped, and she was carried between two people somewhere, before she was left lying on some sort of soft cushions. Then there was silence, as she wondered what was going to happen.


“Oh wow – they really did it to you, didn’t they Aunt Rhonda?”


Antrhnndee?  Hmmgdddstuuwllme?”


As the hood was pulled off, Rhonda blinked and saw her nineteen year old niece Wilma, looking at her and smiling. 


“Enjoy your weekend Aunt Rhonda?”


Rhonda wondered what was going on as Wilma reached down and peeled the tape away, then helped her to take the sponge out as Rhonda said “What do you mean, did I enjoy the weekend?”


“I’ve been watching – this was my birthday treat for you.”


“My birf....”  Rhonda struggled as she realised she was in her niece’s house, and then she started laughing – real laughter, before she said “start explaining kiddo...”







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