Barb’s Binding Holiday







As she looked out over the Northumberland coast, with the bright sun beating down on the yellow sand, Barb smiled to herself.  When she had received the invitation to come and stay with her old friend Cass and her daughter for the first two weeks in June, she had seized on it as a chance to try and forget some of the things that had happened to her over the last few months.


Taking a sip from her drink, she thanked her maker for the beautiful weather, and how it was making her feel.  She was wearing a light blue chiffon top, the pattern on it shining in the sunlight as it allowed anyone who wanted to to see her white bra underneath.  A pair of tight black shorts over her hose, which encased her legs and feet with her red painted toenails, and a pair of black three inch heeled shoes completed her outfit.


“Penny for them Barbara?”


Barb turned to see Cass standing in the doorway, her arms folded over the front of her black and white smock top, her legging clad legs crossed as she looked at her,.


“Oh, just relaxing,” Barb said with a smile as she turned and walked back into the cottage.  “When does that concert you were talking about start?”


“Fifteen minutes, why?”


“Oh, it gives me time to take these shoes off,” Barb said as she came into the cottage.  Through a doorway she could see Cass’ daughter sitting, her legs crossed as she watched the television.


“I’ll get some drinks sorted then,” Cass said as the doorbell rang.  “Can you get that, dear,” she called out as she headed back to the kitchen, and Barb walked to her room.


She heard the young girl walking to the door, and the door opening, then Cass saying “Jennie?”  Something told her that something was not quite right, but as she turned to see what the problem was the door to the room was thrown open and two men in boiler suits and stocking masks ran in.


“Shit,” was all she said before she was pushed down on her bed, and a strip of grey tape was roughly pushed down over her lips.  “Bind her,” Barb heard somebody outside the room say, “We’ll deal with mummy and the kid.”


Wht’s gngnnn,” Barb mumbled as she was roughly rolled over and as one of the men grabbed her ankles and forced them together the second took her wrists and crossed them behind her back. 


The feeling on her skin and ankles was one she had felt before, and liked less every time - rope forcing them together, the two men binding her hand and foot by wrapping the cords around her limbs, then passing it between them to tighten the coils.  She felt more rope around her legs, above her knees, and then was rolled onto her side.


Barb looked over her shoulder to the open doorway as she saw Jennie been carried over the shoulder of another man, her hands tied behind her back and her mouth covered in tape, as she was carried in the direction of her bedroom.  “Watch her,” the voice said again, and Barb turned to see one of the masked men stand against the wall and watch her as she lay on the mattress.


Barb started trying to kick herself free, knowing even as she did so it was hopeless.  All she managed to do was kick her shoes off, and as she rolled onto her stomach she listened to the muted cries and moans from the rest of the cottage.  Her dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail, which flicked as she moved her head from side to side, trying to hear what was happening elsewhere.


“Your little girl and friend will be just fine, so long as you come with us and do as you’re told.”


Barb’s eyes widened when she heard this - so it was Cass these thugs were after?  She kicked her legs sup and down on the bed, screaming out “llttmmggumfrfvckrs,” but that only seemed to make her guard laugh.  He grabbed her ankles and twisted them under the rope so that they were crossed, before taking a length of rope and winding it between her legs, forcing them upright as he hog tied her by attaching the other end of the rope to her wrists.


“Let’s see how ticklish you are,” she heard him say as she felt his fingers running down the soles of her feet.  She tried to twist out of the way, desperately holding back her laughter, but with little success.


“MMFDGFDNDSFNHSATPTPTTTTT,” she screamed through the tape as she wriggled round, his laughter reaching her ears as she continued to torture her by tickling her feet.  This stopped abruptly when she heard the voice of their obvious leader saying “Leave her alone - there’s work to be done.”


Barb was rolled over and looked into the eyes of the man, a cruel smile on his lips as he reached down and pulled the tape off her mouth.


“OWWWW,” she screamed as the tape came away from her skin, “That hurt.  Who are you anyway?”


“None of your business, darling - we have business with the lady of the house, and if you and her little kid want to survive the day you do as we say, understand.”


“You can do what you want to me,” Barb snarled back, “but leave Jennie alone.  She’s only eleven.”


“Then she’s old enough to be treated as an adult,” the man snarled back.  “Now, darling, give us the PIN codes for your cards, or she’s the one who gets hurt.”


Barb stared back at him, before saying “all right - it’s only money.”  She gave him a sequence of codes, which he wrote down.  “Good,” he said, “now bind and secure her.  I’ll be back in a minute.”


Barb felt herself been released from the hog tie, then sat up and her top been pulled down, before she saw the white rope been passed around her arms and pulled in, the pain as they were forced into her side making her gasp as it wound round her body below her breasts.  She gasped again as the rope was passed round her body above he r breasts, and as she looked down she saw her bra more and more visible under the tightly stretched chiffon.


As the coils were pulled together behind her back, and the rope passed over her shoulder, Barb was actually grateful she was as fit as she was.  When the man binding her pulled the rope between her breasts, making an effective external bra as he passed it through the coils and back over the other shoulder, she knew she was going to be able to cope with this discomfort - but she was really worried about what was happening with Jennie.


She turned and looked over her shoulder as her captor picked up a pair of shoes, red this time, and slipped them over her feet before he went into her drawers and took out a pair of her panties, and from the cupboard took two scarves, one white, one black silk with a green,, red and brown tree leave pattern printed on it.


“You’re not going to harm little Jennie, are you,” Barb pleaded, but her voice was silenced as the man shoved the balled up panties into her mouth, pulling the rolled up black scarf between her teeth to hold the packing in and securing the ends at the base of her neck.  The white scarf was next, folded into a wide band and tied over her eyes as a blindfold.


As she was forced to her feet, and made to hop a short distance, Barb called out “wthshpnngng,” before she was stopped and turned, feeling a wall behind her.  She heard someone else been forced to come beside her, and turned her head to the right as she sensed rather than saw someone been made to stand beside her.






“Oh god - what have you done to them!”


Csssss?”  Barb turned her head to the other side as she heard her friend been frogmarched in front of them.


“Your kid and friend are going to be just fine,” she heard one of the men say, “so long as you do as you’re told.  Mummy’s coming with us kid - you stay here with this other lady.”




“It’s all right, Jennie darling; you have to be brave for me now, all right?  I promise you, I will be home soon.”


“Right - you two stay here and make sure they don’t give us any trouble.  Treat the kid real nice.”


“And the other woman?”


“Make sure she’s happy - let’s go.”


Barb threw her head back in frustration as she heard Cass been taken away, and her daughter quietly sobbing beside her.


“Why don’t you take her to her room,” she heard a new voice say, “and keep an eye on her.  Try to get her to calm down.”


“What are you going to do?”


“Make this other babe happy.”  Barb heard Jennie grunt as she was led off, and then a pressure on her shoulders as she was made to sit on the floor.


dnthrrthrubstrd,” she screamed through her gaga s she felt him tying more rope to the front of her chest, his hands brushing against her breasts as he did so.  “Hush now,” he said as she felt her legs been pulled up and the rope been passed round her ankles, “He’s not going to hurt her.  He’ll just lay her on her bed, make sure she can’t move, and keep an eye on her.  We don’t hurt kids like that.”


Barb relaxed a little as he said this, listening to the sobs quietly dying down from elsewhere in the cottage.  “You are a beautiful looking woman,” she heard the man say, “Has anyone ever told you that?”


nrtw,” Barb mumbled as she felt his breath on her cheek, and then the touch of his hands on her chest.  Plssdntdt,” she moaned as she felt him gently caressing her breasts, his fingers massaging them gently as she moved her head from side to side.


She tried to move her legs, hoping to kick him out of the way, but realised too late that they were attached to her chest, so that as she tried to move them to the side she found herself slowly falling over onto her side.  Dmmnnn,” she swore as she fell onto her shoulder grateful it was a carpeted floor as opposed to the hard stone of the kitchen.


She felt his hand on her side, and the voice saying “Are you all right?”  Barb nodded, flexing her legs back and forth as she tried to keep some sensation going in them.


“You look really sexy,” she heard him say, “and I think I can do something to help you to relax even more.” 


Barb moved her head to the side, wondering what he was going to do, but after a few moments she felt him moving her wrist back slightly, as yet more rope was passed between them.  Her arms were already aching slightly from been locked in position for so long, and she was beginning to wonder what he had in mind.


She found out quickly, as she felt the rope been passed down her beck and between her legs, pulling her shorts into her crotch as it was passed up and secured to the band of rope around her chest.  Godammit,” she thought to herself, “It was bad enough when that quiet guy did this to me, but now?  Here?  Given how - oh, god, given how it could make her feel...”


She moved her wrists up and down, feeling the rope slide between her legs, and even with her shorts on she could tell the effect it was having on her.  Mggffdgm” she moaned as she heard her captor walking around her as she lay on her side.


“You’ve had this done to you before, haven’t you,” she heard him say, and all Barb could do in reply was nod her head, trying so hard not to rub the rope too much - enough, but not too  much.  This was what they had meant about her been happy, and in a strange way she was glad of it.  She just hoped Jennie would not get to see her, as she moved her legs to and fro and her arms up and down again.


“Hey, she does look nice like that - nice job.”


Barb turned as she heard the second voice, moaning as the rope rubbed again.  She felt it been pulled up between her legs, letting out a muffled squeal as it was pulled up, before the voice continued “The youngster’s gone to sleep - any word from the boss.”


“Not yet, but...”  The sound of a cell phone going off made Barb stop as she listened to the one sided conversation.




“Good - she gave us no trouble?


“You had to strip her - you want us to do that here?”


“NNNNN” Barb screamed as she rolled on the floor at the sound of that.  She felt the rope in her crotch, as well as that rubbing her legs as it went from her chest to her ankles, and as she kicked her feet about her shoes started to come off.


“Yeah, I think she heard that.  Don’t worry, darling - we don’t have time to do any more than this to you.


“Right - we’ll head for the meeting point and see you there.”


As Barb lay still, she heard the other voice say “All clear?”


“Yeah - we leave now.  Have a nice bank holiday, darling -we have.”


Barb lay still as she heard two sets of heavy footsteps receding into the distance, and then silence.  From a distance, there was the sound of the television, and in the opposite direction was the sound of Jennie as she seemed to start snoring.


“Great,” Barb thought to herself as she lay there, “How on earth do I find myself in these situations all the time?  Have I got a ‘come and tie me up’ sign hovering over me?”


After a while, she started to roll herself onto her back, and then to rock back and forth, trying hard not to hurt her hands and wrists as she slowly, carefully, rocked herself so much that she managed to get into a seated position.  She could feel the sweat making her top stick even more to her body as she did this, and was glad their attackers seemed not to be around to see this.


“Right,” she said after a few minutes, “which way did I hear Jennie from?”  She turned her head from side to side, trying to gauge which direction to go in, before using her feet to turn herself round into what she presumed was the right direction.  The rope was rubbing between her legs as she did this, but she tried to block the sensations that were starting to bring forth, concentrating solely on finding Cass’ daughter.


She shuffled herself forward on her bottom, moving a few inches as she felt her legs up against her chest before stretching them out again.  Repeating this process, she inched her way across the floor, before she called out “Jnni?  Cnuhrm?”


Nhr,” she heard a voice faintly call out.  Kptlkng,” Barb mumbled as she listened, the sound growing stringer as she inched along, before she stopped as she heard Jennie say “STP!!!NHR”


Hngnjne,” Barb mumbled as she turned herself round, hoping she was heading in the right direction as she brought her feet back and then pushed her whole body backwards on the carpet.  As she inched back, she heard Jennie calling out more and more clearly “Htnkggdd - plsskkpgng.”


Barb slowly made her way in the same direction until she felt her back against a wooden structure with a soft feeling against her shoulder blades.  Stthr,” she heard Jennie say, and there was a soft thump as somebody sat next to her.  As she stretched her legs out, Barb felt Jennie lay her head on her lap, saying “Mscrdd,” as she did so.

kpclmjne,” Barb mumbled as she twisted her head round, trying to get the blindfold off her eyes.  When she eventually succeeded, the scarf falling round her neck, she looked down to see Jennie lying there, her red bloodshot eyes staring up over the red scarf that covered her stuffed cheeks.


Jstrlx,” Barb said as she looked down at the frightened youngster, “vertyfngs gnggtb jstfn...”






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