A Small Case of Blackmail







“Miss Alexander, would you step into my office for a moment please?”


Joyce stood up and smoothed down her tight black skirt – not that there was a lot of the mini skirt to smooth down, as it barely covered her crotch and the top of her legs.  As she moved, the black nylon hugged her bottom and squeaked slightly as she moved, drawing some glances from the rest of the girls in the back office of the branch of Berkley’s Bank.


“You asked me to come in, Mr Jenkins,” she said as she stood in the open doorway.  Roy Jenkins looked up from his desk at his personal secretary.  Her auburn hair was cut straight across her forehead, and then hung down her head, resting on the shoulders of her cream silk blouse.  A black silk tie was tied around her neck, while her long legs were encased in sheer pantyhose.  He had seen the seam running up the back of her legs earlier that day when she had passed by the open office door.


She was naturally tall, but that was augmented by her open toed black patent leather slingbacks, the 5 inch heels elevating her as she closed the door behind her and walked over to the desk.


“Yes, I did, Joyce,” Roy said as he stood up and walked round to join her at the front of the desk.  “I was wondering if you would be available to do some – over time tonight.”  As he spoke, his eyes travelled across Joyce’s chest, the tight silk blouse deliberately chosen by her to highlight her large chest.  He traced his finger in the air above her breasts. As Joyce smiled before saying “I may be available, Mr Jenkins – for the usual fee.”


“I will make sure you get paid in full,” Roy said as he smiled and kissed her.  “For now, I need you to deliver these documents to Harbin’s along the high street.  I promised they would be sent by hand, and I know none safer than yours.”


Joyce smiled as she took the envelope.  “As you wish, sir,” she whispered before turning and walking out of his office.  “I need to run an errand for Mr Jenkins,” she said as she picked up her handbag, “I should not be gone for more than an hour.”


“Yes Miss Alexander,” The girls said as Joyce turned and walked out of the office.  The bank was fairly busy as she walked towards the main door, one man in particular watching her before he made a call.


The day was cool, but dry, so Joyce felt no cold as she walked down the high street.  There was a grey transit van parked at the side of the road a short way down, but she thought nothing of it as she approached, nor of the doors opening as she got closer.


So it came as a complete surprise to her when she was grabbed and dragged into the van, forced onto the ground on her stomach.  “What the…” she called out as her arms were forced behind her and she felt a thin plastic strip been used to pull her wrists tightly together.  Looking over her shoulder, she saw two people in boiler suits and balaclavas holding her, one using a second zip tie a she held her ankles, the other winding a bandana into a tight band.


“Please, stop what yourdnggttmmm,” Joyce tried to call out as the band was forced between her teeth, pulling the corners of her mouth back as the masked man gagged her.  She blinked as some sort of hood was pulled over her head, and she felt the van move off.


“What the hell just happened,” Joyce thought to herself as she tried to twist her arms free. The plastic strip was too tight, however, and as she felt herself bumping on the van floor she began to panic, wondering what was going to happen to her.


“LTMMTTFHRRR!” she tried to scream out, only to feel a cold metal ring pressed against her neck and a voice saying “Shut up and enjoy the ride.”


Joyce could only guess what had been pressed into her neck, but that guess was enough to make her stop screaming, and to help her to lie very still, save for the occasional bump as the van went along the road.


Eventually she felt the van stop, and the vibrations from the engine cease.  As Joyce felt the strip been cut from her ankles, she was hauled to her feet and the voice said “Move,” pulling her along as she was forced to step out onto some sort of hard floor.


“Sit her down,” she heard a female voice say, and Joyce felt pressure on her shoulders, forcing her onto a wooden seat.  Whsthrr,” she mumbled as she felt her hands been released, and then pulled behind her.


“Just sit still, Miss Alexander,” Joyce was surprised to hear a female voice say, “And we will explain everything in due course.”  Joyce could feel somebody holding her wrists together behind her, crossing them against each other, and then rope – yes, she was sure it was rope, been tied tightly around them, forcing them together.  The feel was not unfamiliar to her – she and Roy had played some tie-up games in the past – but this was different.  They felt tight, and yet comfortable at the same time, especially when she felt the rope been passed between her arms to tighten the coils.


“Remove her hood,” the female voice said, and Joyce blinked as the hood was pulled away.  As she waited for her eye sot adjust to the sudden influx of light, she felt herself been pulled back against a wooden support and her wrists secured against something.


Eventually, her eyes started to focus, and Joyce could see three people standing in front of her.  Two were men, dressed in the overalls and balaclavas, but it was the third that intrigued her.  She was a smaller, dark haired woman, with her long hair held back in a ponytail.  She was also dressed entirely in black leather – a tight fitting jacket slightly open at the top, a knee length skirt that hugged her body, and tight leather boots with cuffs turned down at the top.


She was in an old warehouse, and as far as she could tell they were the only ones there.  There was a couple of tables, some chairs, a primus stove and the black van, but not a lot else.


“Good Afternoon, Miss Alexander,” the woman said as she walked over and cupped Joyce’s chin in her gloved hand. “Forgive the manner of your arrival here, but we wanted to have a little chat with you.”


Gfkurslf,” Joyce mumbled as she glared angrily back at hr captor.  “Such language from one so beautiful,” the woman cooed as she released Joyce’s head, walking behind and caressing her neck with her hands.  The gloves were soft, and felt gentle as she stroked Joyce’s neck.  “Would you be so angry if we told you we needed your help?”


Whtfkkduwnt,” Joyce said, but at the same time there was something, something about the way she was stroking her neck…  She was brought back to reality by the sound of a trolley been wheeled in, and one of the masked men turning on a television.


At the same time, she could see ropes been passed round her upper body, forcing her back against what was now obviously a chair back as they went above and below her breasts.  They were red, and felt like soft silk, but there was no denying their strength as they held her firmly in place, and forced her arms into her side.


They also were forcing her chest up and out, and looking down Joyce could see the buttons straining to remain closed.  Looking for a diversion, she watched as the masked man put a DVD into a player and pressed start.


“Great – they’re probably going to make me watch dirty videos,”Joyce thought to herself, and as the film started with an empty bedroom sehe sighed to herself.  Those sighs turned to screams, however, as she recognised the two people who entered the room.

Whthlhedduuflmts,” she called out a she watched herself and Roy Jenkins slowly start to take their clothes off.  “Oh this,” the woman said as she put her arms round Joyce’s neck and smiled, “we have been following you for some time, and I have to say some of it has been quite – stimulating.”


Joyce tried to turn her head away, only for the woman to place her gloved hands on either side and make her watch.  “I particularly liked this bit,” she whispered into Joyce’s ear as she watched a rather – unusual manoeuvre on Roy’s part.


“Now, I wonder what would happen if Mr Jenkins’ wife was shown this film – or indeed, any of the ones we have filmed for the last three months,” the woman said as Joyce slumped her head down.  “I am sure she would be fascinated by it – and she would want to talk to you as well, Joyce.”


The bound and gagged woman looked up at her female captor and said “Whtduwnt?”


“Sorry, I cannot hear you,” the woman said as she pulled the scarf out of Joyce’s mouth.


“I said, what do you want,” Joyce said as she glared back at her.


“Nothing that is going to hurt you,” the woman cooed as she stroked Joyce’s cheek.  Something told her this woman was not exactly attracted to men, but she let it pass for the moment.


“So what do you want?”


“Your half of the access code to the vault at your bank, or else your lover’s wife gets a new box set of DVDs to watch – at her leisure.  I think she’ll find the tape for last Wednesday particularly interesting.”


Joyce groaned – that was the one where she had pretended to be Roy’s wife, and spanked him for not doing the housework.


Joyce swallowed, and said quietly “All right, I’ll give you the code, but it’s only half of it – how are you going to persuade R… Mr Jenkins to give up the other half?”


“By offering him a choice – you’ll find out soon enough.  Now, give me the code, clearly and slowly.”  Joyce nodded and rolled of a sequence of five two digit numbers.  “Backwards, if you please,” the woman said, and Joyce sighed as she repeated the sequence in reverse.


“Very good,” the woman said as she smiled at Joyce.  “Now, we need to make sure you’re nice and quiet, so sit very still and open your mouth.”


“Why, are you going to get one of them to make me give them a blow job?”


“No, Miss Alexander - nothing so crude.”  The woman smiled as she stuffed a folded scarf into Joyce’s mouth, and then moved her jaw so that her lips closed over the stuffing.  Smiling, she kissed Joyce on the lips before tearing the end of a roll of wide, white medical tape loose.


Ugttbkdng,” Joyce said as she wrapped the tape around her mouth and head, pulling it tighter with each pass so that the lower half of her face was a band of simple white.  As the woman tore off the tape and smoothed it down at the back of her head, Joyce tried to say “What the hell are you playing at,” but all she heard, all that escaped from the gag was “Whttllllmmmmm.”


“We’re not quite finished yet, but I need to make a phone call first.” The woman said a she planted her rouged lisp on Joyce’s forehead, and then dialled a number on her call phone.


“Mister Jenkins, please.


“Mister Jenkins?  You don’t know me, but I have two people who are very close to you here with me - your wife and your secretary.


“Oh, so you don’t believe me?  Joyce, perhaps you would like to say something to your lover,”


She walked behind Joyce and put the handset next to her gag, at the same time reaching down between Joyce’s legs.  As she felt the gloved hand stroking her crotch, Joyce’s eyes snapped open and she screamed out “NNNNNNNNNN!”


“I trust you heard that, Mister Jenkins?  That was Joyce, your secretary, your lover, and if you do not sit down and listen very carefully to what I am about to say, I will go into the next room and show your lovely wife a tape of your session on Monday thus week.”


She looked at Joyce, smiling and nodding as she listened to the raised voice at the other end,  “Yes, yes, I am quite sure you love your wife, Mister Jenkins, but do you think she will love you after she sees you in that position?  Listen and see sense.


“My colleague will be in your office in one hour, after closing time - send your staff home, and say you are working late.  He has one half of the access code to the vault - you will provide the other half.  I do not want any police presence, or both your wife and your lover meet - and then die.”


Joyce tried to struggle, feeling the cold sweat on her body on her silk blouse as she listened to the call, fearing what was going to come next.


“Very sensible, Mister Jenkins.  My colleague will arrive in an hour, and will ring the bell at the front three times.  Please show him every courtesy.”  Ending the call, she walked back and looked at Joyce.


“Well your lover has seen sense,” she said a she knelt in front of her, the gloved hands stroking the inside of Joyce’s thigh, “so we have a little time to spend.  How do you think we should spend it, hmm?”  Joyce looked down, shaking her head as the woman gently pulled her ankles together, and selected another length of the red rope that was holding her upper body so tightly.


“You have a very - sensual body,” the woman said as she wrapped the rope around Joyce’s ankles and pulled them together, Joyce gasped as she felt the woman wind the rope around and between her legs, and then over the soles of her shoes, so that by the time she had finished she could not move her feet apart at all.


“Such lovely long legs, and so smooth,” the woman continued as she rubbed her gloved hands over Joyce’s calf muscles, making her groan slightly in the gag as a further length of rope was passed around her legs below her knees, and she felt them been drawn tightly together as well.


Plsdntdtsss,” Joyce mumbled as the woman then passed her hands along the inside of her thighs, the leather moving smoothly over the sheer hose.  It wasn’t as if it was unpleasant - it was actually very gentle and even stimulating - but not when she was tied tightly in a chair, or by a complete stranger.  As she watched her thighs been bound in the same way as her ankles and knees, she looked at her captor with pleading eyes, and simply said “whhhh.”


“Why you as a lever or why you as a woman,” her captor said as she picked up a large white headscarf and folded it into a wide band.  “At any rate, the answer is the same - you are a way to something I want, and I intend to have it.”


She smiled sweetly, and then to Joyce’s surprise she sat across her legs, the leather squeaking as her skirt moved up to allow her to sit on her lap, the leather booted legs wrapping themselves around Joyce’s own.


“From your lover, I intend to have the contents of the vault,” she whispered as her fingers traced down Joyce’s face.  “From you, Joyce Alexander, I intend to have and to give - pleasure.”


Joyce sat there under her, wondering what she meant, but as she leaned over and started to gently kiss Joyce’s neck she got a hint of what was intended.  Nnppllsdnntnt,” she mumbled as her captor started to gently stroke her upper arms, and her kisses grew stronger, making Joyce moan in spite of herself.


“Do not deny it, Joyce,” the woman said as she sat back and placed her hands on Joyce’s breasts, “you are going nowhere, so you may a swell gain some pleasure from your situation with me.”


Btidnntnnmmmmmm,” Joyce started to protest, but as the gloved hand started to gently massage her breasts, the fingers moving like a pianist plays the keyboard, Joyce felt a thrill running through her, a thrill of expectation and wanting.  Roy had never done this, and she found it intoxicating, diverting - arousing.  She moaned slightly and closed her eyes as she felt the strong fingers gently squeezing, caressing, and moving her to want to moan even more.


Whrudngtssss,” Joyce moaned as the captor kept on with the massage, her fingers gently kneading her breasts as she felt her nipples harden.  Opening her eyes and looking down, she saw the faint outline of them under her already stretched blouse, and wondered what her tormentor was going to do next, as she felt the lips caressing her neck again and again, making her wonder if this was something she had secretly always wanted.




Joyce screamed as two things happened simultaneously.  First, the woman leaned down and started to kiss Joyce’s nipples under her blouse, and secondly she could feel the leather covered fingers as they stroked against her clit, making her shiver with each gentle touch,  She looked down and saw the woman smile back at her as she continued to probe, her hand slipping under her panties and hose as she felt a finger moving inside her, stroking her as small electric shocks passed through her entire body as she felt the boots rubbing up and down her legs.


“Ah, you feel it now, don’t you,” her captor said as she kissed her breast again, and then moved her own body against hers, rubbing up with her jacket against the silk blouse. Joyce closed her eyes and let her head fall back as she felt leather against silk, breast against breast, body against body...


The sound of a cell phone ringing interrupted her dreams.  “Forgive me, I have to get this,” her captor said as she climbed off Joyce, leaving her with damp patches at her neck, her breasts, and as she could now tell between her legs as well.  She opened her eyes and looked at this temptress, this wonder as she spoke to somebody on the telephone.


“Well, I have good news and bad news, Joyce,” she eventually said as she walked back over, the heels of her boots clicking on the floor.  “The good news is that we have what we wanted from the bank vault, and your lover boy is safe and well, if a little - indisposed.”


“The bad news,” she continued as she went to collect something from a table, “is that we have to leave you here, but I’m glad we had a chance to give each other some comfort in the last hour.  It makes what is going to happen next slightly more bearable.”


She smiled as she placed a small package in Joyce’s laps.  Joyce looked down, her eyes widening as she saw the four red sticks held together with tape, and the small digital clock that had “15:00” on the counter.


“Mrs Jenkins sends her regards,” the woman said as she kissed Joyce’s neck, “and hopes you enjoy the last fifteen minutes on this earth.”  She pressed a button and Joyce watched, her eyes widening as the clock started to count down...


“Goodbye, Joyce - it was nice while it lasted,” the woman said as she walked away, the other men following her and laughing.  Joyce stared after them, screaming silently into her gag, and then looked down at the clock.




She desperately tried to free her arms, but they were too securely held down against the back of the chair she was sitting on.  She could feel the sweat starting on her forehead as she looked back down.




“I don’t want to die,” Joyce thought as she tried to kick the package off her legs, swinging them up and down in a vain attempt to move it, but it seemed to stay still, impervious to anything.




Joyce stared down at the package, and started to pray.  It had been a long time since she had done so, but right then seemed a good time to start.




Opening her eyes, Joyce began to laugh.  Somehow the thought “If you’re going to go, go with a bang” had come to mind, and it made her feel happy giddy, as the clock ticked down.












Joyce closed her eyes and waited.


And waited.


And waited.


When she opened them again, she looked at the counter on the clock.




Whstgngnnn,” Joyce said as she opened her eyes and looked round, the sound of heels on concrete reaching her ears.  Twisting her head, she saw a grey haired woman in a camel greatcoat walking towards her.


“So you’re the secretary are you,” she said as she picked up the package and threw it to the other side of the space.  “I’m Roy’s wife - well soon to be ex- and very, very wealthy wife.  I just wanted you to know what it is like to raise the wrath of someone like me.  Do yourself a favour - move away from him, far away.  I’ll be watching.”


As she turned to go, Joyce weakly said “whtbtmmm?”


“I’ll let the police know you are here,” Mrs Jenkins said as she turned and looked at her, “Once you have had the chance to consider your future.”  She turned and walked off, leaving Joyce to start crying, shaking as she sat and realised how close she had come to her own end...






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