Bouncing Baby

It was a lovely picture of herself in the camera viewer.  She was standing in the kitchen, looking sweet and coy at her boyfriend.  He’d just snapped a shot of her as she came into the kitchen for breakfast, wearing a white t-shirt, blue laced panties and white bobby socks, and she had responded by standing with crossed ankles and hands clasped in front, smiling cutely as her blonde hair fell around her young face.


That had been half an hour ago, she realised as an involuntary gasp of breath left her chest.  She had poured herself an orange juice, and taken a few sips when the intruder grabbed her from behind and waved the hunting knife in her face.  Telling her to be quiet, he’d deposited an obscene amount of rope onto the breakfast bar, and told her to stand perfectly still.


That had been fifteen minutes previously, and she now winced again as the intruder knotted off the rope he was tying around her elbows.  Her wrists were already securely bound behind her, held in the small of her back by a length of rope that had been tied around her waist and two long tails draped on the floor behind her.  The man knelt behind her, tied two knots in the length, and then pulled it under and between her legs.  Walking round to the front of the woman, he tied it to the waist rope so that the knots were nestled somewhere rather intimate.


She looked at the man, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, and finally found the courage to speak.


“Who are you?” she asked.


The intruder went back behind her, took a long length of rope and passed it around her chest above her breasts.  Pulling it tightly behind her, he wound it again below her breasts and knotted it behind her back.  Passing the free length over her right shoulder, he passed it through the lower rope between her breasts and took it back over her left shoulder before tying it off tightly behind her.  Another length went around her neck and shoulders, cinching all the bindings around her chest tightly.


“Are you the Dawn Raider I’ve heard about in the news?”  She asked again.


“Yes,” he said in a rough voice, “so just stand quietly and let me do what I have to do.”


She watched as he took yet another length of rope, doubled it and passed it around her ankles, pulling the rope tight and making several more passes before cinching it between her legs.  Another rope was used in a similar way to bind her legs together above her knees.


“Please, just take my stuff and leave me alone, I won’t get in your way” she pleaded.


The intruder stood in front of her and looked directly into her eyes.


“You talk too much,” he said, and grabbing her nose he waited for her to open her mouth.  As she did so, a large washcloth was pushed in so that her cheeks bulged with the packing.  Reaching back into the bag the ropes had been in, he produced a brown sports bandage and started to wrap it around her mouth to keep the gag in place.


She tried to call out, but only muffled gasps escaped as he secured the loose end of the bandage at the base of her neck.


“Now,” he said as he stood in front of her, “are you going to stand still and not make any noise?”


She shook her head and continued to try to call out in answer.


“Pity,” he said, and taking his knife he approached the frightened woman.  She feared he was going to cut her, but instead, he cut away the fabric around her breasts.  This filled her with more fear, as she realised she hadn’t put a bra on that morning!


“Very nice,” he said.  “I think your partner may like to see what happens now.”


She watched with fear as he took the video camera her boyfriend had used it earlier, and plugged it into the computer she had been working on.  She could see on the screen her bound and now bare-breasted body.


“You just stay there and don’t do anything while I go and rob you,” the intruder said, and the young girl was left alone in the kitchen.


She twisted her body around to try and get some purchase on the ropes around her, but not only would they not give, the ropes between her legs were rubbing in a way she realised was rather arousing.  The realisation of this made her stand up suddenly, and the shocked look in her eyes was mirrored to her on the computer screen.  How on earth was she going to get herself out of this predicament?


The sound of drawers been opened reminded her she wasn’t alone in the flat, so she started to look around for some way of getting free.


She stood for a moment, and then tried jumping on the spot to see if she could move that way.  Realising that was a possibility; she took a short hop across the kitchen floor.  There was no noise as she landed again, but her breasts bounced up and down with the movement.


“Stuff decorum, I have to raise the alarm,” she thought, and with short hops she began to make her way towards the alcove between the kitchen and the corridor, listening for the intruder with each landing.  The ropes around her arms were chafing more with each jump, but at the same time she was making her way out of the kitchen, into the corridor and towards the main room.


She paused as she passed the door to their bedroom, and peeping in she saw the robber sorting through her jewellery boxes.  She continued to hop into the front room, ignoring the growing pain around her chest and aiming for the telephone which was on a small table.


Closer and closer she got, each time listening to see if the robber was coming back.  Eventually she had to stop as the feelings between her legs grew to a stage where she could hold back no more.  Resting for a moment, a loud moan somehow escaped from her gagged mouth as she allowed herself to feel the complete release the jumping had brought to a climax.


“Feeling better now?” a rough male voice said from behind her.


Twisting round, she saw the Dawn Raider standing there behind her, a smile across his face, and her own eyes widened with terror.  He must have been watching everything – and what had that made him think of doing next?


“Entertaining though that was, I think we need to make sure you can’t raise the alarm just yet.  Why don’t you come back into the kitchen with me, hmm?”


The man pulled the cord for the telephone from the wall, and faced the young girl.  Flashing the knife in front of her, he pushed the frightened girl in front of him as she shuffled back into the kitchen area, almost falling over the breakfast bar as she did so.


“Just stay there,” the intruder said, and he shut down the laptop, placing it and the video camera in his bag.


“You know what; I think I’ll keep this for myself.  I think I’m going to enjoy watching you hopping around later.”  The girl screamed again into her gag as he patted her on the bottom.


“Look, I’m not going to hurt you, I just wanted your valuables.  Have a nice day now.”


She listened as the sound of footsteps receded into the distance, and the front door was opened and closed again.  Looking around, she realised that she had finally been left alone – but her boyfriend was not due back for hours.  What was she going to do.


Gathering up her courage, she stood herself up and began to jump across the kitchen floor again, this time towards the drawer where they kept their sharp knives.  Hop, hop, hop, she went, her breasts bounding again all the time, until she reached the drawer and regretfully jumped against the work surface with a bump.


Turning her self round, she tried to open the drawer but her hands were bound in such a way that she couldn’t get a grip on the small round handle.  She allowed herself to slump to the floor and sat there, tears rolling down her cheeks as she wondered how she was going to free herself from her bonds.


“Baby?  Baby doll, are you there?”


She opened her eyes, sat up in astonishment, and called out as hard as she could to get the attention of her boyfriend.  The clock on the wall showed her that the day had passed, and the sight of her boyfriend looking down on her caused more tears to flow, this time of joy and relief.