Breaking The Silence

“Do you make a habit of doing this in the morning?”


“Only when I need to – or when someone’s stupid enough to let me in….”


Alexis twisted her head around and examined the ropes that were holding her wrists together behind her back.  She’d only got back from her morning exercise ten minutes earlier and walked into her kitchen after her morning routine when she had been grabbed from behind and a glove placed over her mouth.  When she was turned round, she was confronted by a young man in a white sweatshirt and faded jeans, with a grey scarf wrapped around his mouth and lower face and a baseball cap pulled over his eyes.


He’d growled at her to shut up and behave, before quickly and tightly binding her wrists together behind her back.  Now Alexis was watching him binding her ankles together with more white rope.  Once this was completed, he repeated the process around her legs above her knees and then bound her arms tightly together above her elbows.


Alexis watched the intruder as he stood up and walked to the other side of the room.


“Hey,” she called after him, “Have you got a name?”




“It’s rude to shout ‘hey you’ all the time.”


“Shout too often and I’ll stop you shouting.  Fair enough?


She watched him rummaging through the drawers in her cabinets.  As she had being grabbed as soon as she came in, she was still wearing the white vest top, light grey shorts and jogging shoes that she had worn when she left earlier.  Now she realised the door must not have shut properly behind her, and she cursed the fact that he had taken hold of that opportunity.


Leaning back, she watched him as her bleached blonde hair fell across her face.  She rested on her bound arms for a few minutes as she sized up his young body.


“You work out, don’t you?”


“Yes, I do, I thought you would have realised that by now.”


“Oh, you have strong arms, I’ll grant you that, but the rest of you looks trim as well.”


“Thanks for the compliment, but I meant what I said – shut up or I’ll shut you up.”


“Suit yourself.”


He walked across the room, turning out cupboards and drawers and taking some of the item she found into his pockets. 


“You’re on your own, then?”




“Well, at least my telly and stereo are safe.”


“Yeah, I think you can safely assume they will stay where they are.  Your money, your jewellery – well, I’ll take them if you don’t mind.”


Alexis sat herself up and leant forward onto her knees, looking at the young man all the time.


“And if I do mind?”


“I don’t think you’re in any fucking position to object, do you?”




He looked at her over his scarf muffler, and walked out of the room.  Alexis listened as she heard him rummaging around in the kitchen, and then stared at him as he walked back in with a white napkin in his hand.


“Here – I need you to stand up,” he said as he took Alexis by the arm.  There was some difficulty in this, but eventually she was standing up in front of him.  He took the napkin, rolled it into a thick band and tied a knot in the centre.


“I need to look through the rooms upstairs, but I can’t trust you to keep quiet down here, so you get to do a little extra exercise today.  First, I want you to say Ah.”




He grabbed Alexis by the chest and pinched her nose.


“Say, AH!”




He quickly pushed the knot into her open mouth, pulled the ends tightly around her head and tied them together under her hair.  She stared at him as she bounced on her toes, the front of her pants slipping slightly down.


“Now, just to make sure you’re nice and secure, turn round on your feet.”


Alexis stared at him.


“U wnt m t trn rnd?”


“That’s right; I want you to give me a twirl.  Go on – you’ll enjoy it.”


With a stare that could kill at ten paces, Alexis began to hop around on her feet.  The intruder watched as she extended her hands behind her while she bounced around ion a little circle.


“All right,” he said taking her by the arm,” keep hopping with me.”


Alexis hopped with the intruder through the doorway into the hall, and with some effort the two made their way up to the upper floor.  Opening a door, he found a box room and pushed Alexis in, helping her to sit down on the floor.  A final length of rope was used to secure her wrists to her ankles, before he went to leave the room.


“H – dnt lv m hr.”


“And why not?”


“I lk u – dn’t lv m.”


“Sadly, I must.  Someone will find you eventually – don’t worry.”


He closed the door behind him and left Alexis listening to the sounds of her own bedroom being ransacked, then his heavy footfall on the stairs and the front door slamming.



“Fckng hl – wht d I d nw?”  she mumbled through her gag as she looked to the window.  Sliding over, she managed to get into a kneeling position and looked out of the window onto the street below.


“Hlp – hlp m, m td p hr” she called through the glass, as the people walked past, praying someone would look up and see her there….