“Shout, Shout, Let it all out,

These are the things we can do without...”


As Chanta drove down the freeway, she smiled as she listened to the radio.  It was an old song, but it somehow seemed right to hear it then, after the day that she had endured so far.


She had her light blonde hair piled on her head in a bun, with a red velvet band around it, and she was wearing a red velvet jacket with matching pants, which she could feel around her legs as the material caressed and pressed on them.  That was helped by the crotch high cream leather boots that she was wearing, the heels tapping as she drove along.


But her mind was still on the meetings she had – well, endured that day.  Meetings with clients and producers that while necessary did tend to go on and on and on and on...


Still, a hot bath, a glass of wine, and a stress free evening, and she was sure she would feel so much better.  All she needed was the chance to do just that, free from all interruptions.


The thought of that kept her going as she made her way into her town, her street, and finally to park outside her house.  Turning the key, she sat for a moment, and then smiled as she got out of the car.  The street was quiet, still, the only sounds the click of her heels on the flagstones, and the sound of leather brushing on leather as her legs moved.


Unlocking her front door, she walked in and closed the door behind herself, smiling as she dropped the keys into a bowl and then walked into the front room. 


“Don’t move.”


Chanta was shocked into silence as she felt the disc pressing against her back, as she whispered “who are you?”


“Not important for the moment.  Don’t move.”


“No, I want to...”


“I said,” the voice continued as she felt the pressure increase on her back, “don’t move.  Do exactly what I tell you to do.”


“All right, all right,” Chanta said as she tried to remain calm, “what do you want me to do.”


“Put your hands behind your back.”


As Chanta slowly put her hands behind her, she felt something wrap around her arms, and then gasped softly as she felt her elbows as they were pulled together, her shoulders forced back, her chest forced out.  She took deep breaths, as she heard a soft chanting coming from somewhere.


“Who is that?”


“Hush,” the voice said as she felt more rope around her wrists, securing them tightly together as the cords went around and between her wrists.  The voice was deep, but it was female, as she tried to think if she had heard it before or not.


“Umma umma uma uma, Umma umma uma uma...”


“What are you saying,” Chanta said as she tried to twist round, her arms held parallel, the velvet moving with her as her jacket threatened to open up.


“Open your mouth.”


Knowing she had no choice in the matter, Chanta slowly opened her mouth, wondering what the cloth was that the female pushed in.  It was silky, and tasted of perfume and something else as it sat on her tongue.  She then heard the soft ripping sound, followed by the pulling on her skin as a length of medical tape was pressed firmly over her mouth.  She caught glimpses of arms covered by long black gloves, as the tape was smoothed into place.


“Chant with them,” the voice said, Chanta feeling she had no choice as she said “mma mma mm mm mma mma mm mmmmmmmmmmhgdddddddddd...”


A black hood was pulled over her head, cutting off her sight before she was made to walk along, doors opening and closing as she heard the sound of her heels on the carpet, on wood, on stone...




She felt the edge she was made to sit on, and then the pressure on her ankles as they were secured, she presumed with rope, and then her legs below and above her knees.  She could hear the squeak of the binding on the leather, and the boots as her legs rubbed together, before she was pushed back and laid on her back.  There was the sound of something closing, increasing the darkness, and then the motion began.


Only then did the adrenaline wear off, as she realised she had been kidnapped.  But by whom?  And Why?  She wriggled round, trying to loosen the ropes, but they held firm, and all it seemed to do was increase the sweat she could feel, and the squeaking noise of both the leather and the velvet as she moved round...




As the car came to a halt, Chanta lay still, wondering what was going to happen  next.   She heard what she presumed was the trunk opening, and then two sets of hands lifting her as she squirmed round.  As she was carried, she heard noises, noises which she then realised was some form of chanting.  It was tuneful, and like old church music, as she was laid on what she thought were soft cushions.


She lay there, controlling her breathing as best she could, wondering what else was going on.  She could feel the dampness from her struggles, and also from something else – the warmth between her legs where they had been rubbing...


“Remove the hood.”


She felt herself been sat up, and then the hood was pulled off her head.  It took her a few minutes to refocus her eyes, to adjust to the dim light, and then she took in her surroundings.


The room was large, with red drapes hanging from the walls and ceiling – and as she looked down, she saw the bands of white rope encircling her ankles, calves and thighs.




Chanta looked up to see two women standing there.  One wore a sleeveless black leather cat suit, with long leather gloves and over the knee boots that had five inch stiletto heels.  She had long black hair, pulled back in a ponytail, and wore a black eyemask.


The other woman wore a red bustier dress, with matching gloves and thigh high boots, and had short red hair, with a similar eyemask.




“Hush,” the redhead said as she stroked Chanta’s cheek, the chanting continuing in the background, “you are here to learn, and to enjoy.”




“I know,” the dark haired woman said, “it was my pleasure to bring you here, and I can see you also got some enjoyment from the experience, despite your protests.”


Chanta looked at her, wondering what she was talking about, and then she felt again the dampness between her legs...


“Actually,” she said as she leaned over, and slowly unfastened her jacket, “I was referring to this.”  Chanta watched as she pulled her jacket open and down her shoulders, revealing her bra – and as she looked down, she saw how prominent her chest was, and how firm her nipples looked under the cups...


There was a rhythm to the chants, one which Chanta was hearing – and the two women were as well, as the dark haired woman – Miss Black was the name she thought of – knelt in front of Chanta, and slowly began to massage her chest in time to the chant.  As her gloved hands gently pressed on her, she let out a muffled gasp – to her own surprise, it was a very different feeling, one she was not expecting, but one that despite her position was pleasurable.


“See – I told you that you had a level of enjoyment from this,” Miss Black said as the other woman – Miss Red – walked behind Chanta, and she felt the pressure easing on her elbows as the rope was removed.  By all rights, she should have tried to move out of the way, but something in her mind was telling her not to, as she let out another muffled gasp.


She felt the jacket as it was slipped down her arms, and then the gentle pressure of lips on the back of her neck – and her throat, as her two captors kissed her neck and shoulders, the pressure and massage continuing on her chest as she felt her breasts getting firmer and firmer.


“Is there something you wish to say,” Miss Red said, Chanta shaking her head slowly and closing her eyes in response.  She was moving her legs in time to the chanting now, the squeak of leather and velvet matched by the feeling she had now inside her, a soft burning that seemed to be getting stronger and stronger...


As Miss Black continued the massage, Chanta suddenly felt the cool air on her bare flesh, as Miss Red unfastened her bra, Miss Black stopping for a moment as the bra was lifted over her head and down her arms as well.  She stood up, walking to the side and returning with a length of black rope.


“Japanese silk – you will like it,” she said as she doubled it over, and passed it round Chanta’s arms, pulling it tight under her chest before she and Miss Red wrapped it around her upper body, framing her chest with a band below and a band above.  Miss Black had been right – it felt so soft on her body, even as it held her arms firmly in place, and the feeling as it rubbed on her...


She felt Miss Red pull the rope tight behind her and tie it, and then as it was passed under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.  As the rope was pulled tighter, she felt the pressure around her breasts – a pressure that increased as the rope went back over one shoulder, under the lower band of rope and back up, effectively making a rope bra as her breasts were forced up and out.


Miss Black stroked her gloved hand over Chanta’s nipples, making her shiver and sigh even more.  Then she kissed them, her rouged lips encircling and using her tongue over her erect nipples as she gently sucked....


“Hmgddwhtrudnngtmmm,” Chanta sighed as she felt Miss Red release her wrists, pull off her jacket and bra, and then cross and re-secure her wrists.  By the feel, she knew she was also using this black rope as opposed to the white ones – and it felt so good....


“Hmmmm,” Miss Black said as she looked at Chanta, “do you wish me to continue?”  As Chanta looked at her, her eyes misting over, her mind was screaming at her to ay to stop, but her body was telling her something different, and it was winning the argument...  So she slowly nodded, as she felt Miss Red reach round and start to massage her breasts while Miss Black kissed her nipples...


Ran her tongue over her breasts as she found herself swaying in time to the music, the massage making her feel light headed...


Sucked gently as she felt Miss Red move her hands down, and start to unfasten her pants, pulling them down slightly along with her damp panties...


As the chanting continued, Chanta allowed herself to be laid on her back, looking at Miss Black as she smiled, and then kissed her belly.  As she did this, Miss Red walked round, and slowly untied her legs, the white ropes falling on the floor and then her boots slowly, slowly been pulled off.


Miss Black moved her pants down with her panties, and then Chanta shook as she felt the lips kissing her on her mound, the sensations and shocks making her groan even more as Miss Red slowly pulled her velvet pants down, along with her panties, Chanta shaking as her legs were laid bare...


The kissing between her legs continued, the shocks increasing as Miss Red stroked Chanta’s legs and kissed the inside of her thighs, before taking more of the black rope and crossing Chanta’s ankles, securing them together and taking the rope between her legs as well as around them.


“Are you enjoying your lesson,” she said in a soft voice as she looked at Chanta, but their captive did not really hear her – she was lost in a world she had never experienced before as, her legs secured more and more tightly so that the mere touch of Miss Black’s legs sent her into spasms...


“I believe she is,” Miss Black continued as she kissed Chanta on her gagged lips, the young woman reaching up and pressing against the lips as well.  “But she needs some time to herself while we take some refreshment.”


She took more of the black rope and fed it into Chanta’s waist, pulling it round and tying it off before the two masked women rolled Chanta onto her stomach.  She wondered what was happening as she felt a hand move between her legs, brushing her clit as it did so – and then she felt the rope as it was pulled through, slipping between her lips there as it was secured to her wrists, rubbing and sending her even crazier...


As she moved, she was aware of her ankles been pulled back and then secured to the chest harness, leaving her totally helpless – and then she felt something been attached to that last rope.  She looked over, and then screamed out as she was lifted into the air by her two captors, the hoist pulling her into the air.  They had tied the ropes so that she was safe, and secure – but the sensations running through her now were almost impossible to bear.


“We will return in a little while,” Miss Black said as she kissed Chanta again, and then started her gently rocking in time to the chanting, leaving her as the ropes worked on her, and she suddenly started to shake...



How long she was left there, she had no idea – the room was dimly lit, with no windows – but the orgasms had come regularly.  At first, despite herself, but then she had realised if she moved a certain way, rocked a certain way, they would come – and she wanted that sensation again and again and again...


“And how are we feeling?”


Chanta looked at the two women, and said “pllsslymspkkk.”


“Of course,” Miss Red said as she peeled the tape from her mouth, and she saw what she now realised was her panties taken from her mouth.  Miss Black brought over a bottle of water with a straw in it, Chanta taking a drink before she said “thank you.”


“So,” Miss Red said, “how are you feeling?”


“Why did you do this to me?”


“We will explain in due course,” Miss Red said, “but answer the question?”


“I...  I cannot explain how I feel,” Chanta said, “but I like it.”


“Good,” Miss Black said as she stroked her cheek, “shall we continue?”


Chanta surprised herself by nodding, and then she saw the large red ball gag hanging in her gloved hand.


“Open your mouth.”


Chanta nodded as she opened it as wide as she could, allowing Miss Black to ease the rubber ball between her teeth and into her mouth, before the leather straps were secured tightly round her head.  Miss Black then released her hair, letting it fall over her head as she was gently rocked, and she felt the damp rope rub her again.


She was then lowered gently onto the couch she had been sat on, sighing as the ropes were removed and she was allowed to stretch out, rolled over so that she lay on her back.  It was Miss Red now who kissed her chest, licking and sucking as Miss Black slowly untied her legs, then stroked her gloved hand down the inside of her damp, warm thighs before she bent her left leg.


Chanta looked up and watched as she took some of the black rope, and tied her ankle to her thigh, taking the rope around and between both parts of her leg and securing it tightly, before she used a second length of rope to secure her leg below her knee.  She then kissed the inside of Chanta’s thigh, the young blonde squirming as nodding before her other leg was secured in the same way.


She did not resist as she was made to lie on the floor, her head resting on a cushion as Miss Red spread her legs apart, and started to use her lips and tongue on her sex.  The electric shocks began to build in intensity again as she moved her hips in response, the dampness and heat growing in equal measure.


And then she heard the song, the chanting at the start...


“Ooga chaka ooga ooga
Ooga chaka ooga ooga...”


As she looked up, she saw Miss Black fixing a strap on round her waist, and she knew what was coming.  As the woman walked closer, Miss Red moved out of the way and watched.


“I can't stop this feeling
Deep inside of me
Girl, you just don't realize
What you do to me”


Chanta nodded as Miss Red kissed her ball gagged lips, the thin line of drool  running down her cheeks as Miss Black came closer

“Your lips are sweet as candy
The taste stays on my mind
You just keep me thirsty
For another cup of wine “

“When you hold me
In your arms so tight
You let me know
Everything's all right”


Chanta watched as Miss Black knelt between her legs, and stroked the tip gently over her passage, gasping as she felt the  petals opening up and knowing, with a startling clarity and certainty, this is what she wanted.


“I, I'm hooked on a feeling
I'm high on believing
That you're in love with me”


She felt it slip in, and gasped as the vibrator inside went to work on her as well, Miss Black smiling as she moved in and out.


“I've got it bad for you, girl
But I don't need a cure
I'll just stay addicted
And hope I can endure”


Chanta moved her hips in time with the thrusts, gripping the device tightly inside her as she started to gasp, the fire building and the desire growing stronger and stronger.


“All the good love
When we're all alone
Keep it up girl
Yeah, you turn me on...”


Chanta closed her eyes, pushing up even as Miss Black pushed down.


“I, I'm hooked on a feeling
I'm high on believing
That you're in love with me”


She moved with the rhythm of the guitar solo, Chanta screaming in her mind, and then “Hmmsswgggdddddd...”


Chanta screamed out as she heard Miss Black gasp as well, and she knew the climax was near, as she thrust deeper in time with the chanting.


“Ooga chaka ooga ooga,
Ooga chaka ooga ooga


Miss Black looked down and said “ready?”  Chanta could only nod as it was forced further in...




When the orgasm came, it was stronger than at any other time, enveloping her as she threw her head back and heard Miss Black scream out as well.  It seemed to last for an eternity, as she heard the song continue.

“When you hold me
In your arms so tight
You let me know
Everything's all right

“I, I'm hooked on a feeling
I'm high on believing
That you're in love with me...”


Eventually, Chanta collapsed onto the ground, panting as she slowly allowed her head to fall to the side.


“Now,” Miss Red said quietly, “did you enjoy that?”


She slowly nodded, letting the warmth slowly ebb as Miss Black removed the strap on and put it to one side, then shivering as Miss Red kissed and licked her between her legs.


“Is there anything you wish to say?”


She nodded again, lifting her head slightly as Miss Red unbuckled and removed the ball gag.  As the drool was gently wiped away, she said “thank you – really, thank you, but who are you, and why me?”


Miss Red and Miss Black looked at each other, and then both removed their masks.  Chanta looked at the, and then nodded – she knew them, she knew them well.


“Okay – why?”


“Because we always wanted to do this,” Miss Black said, “and we suspect you did as well.  Were we wrong?”


As Chanta slowly shook her head from side to side, Miss Red said “so, would you like to join us?”  She and Miss Black looked at Chanta as she looked back at them, trying to figure how to word her response...





Three weeks later


As the hood was pulled off, the brunette shook her head and looked round.  She was wearing a black leather minidress and over the knee leather boots, but her arms were secured behind her back at her elbows and wrists, and her legs were secured at the ankles, thighs and calves with white rope.  A wide strip of white tape covered her mouth, and was obviously keeping something in there.


She looked at the two women standing there – on with short red hair, in a red bustier dress, long loves and thigh boots, and the other in a white catsuit with over the knee white high heel boots.  Both were wearing eyemasks in the same colour as their clothing.


“Welcome,” the woman in white said, her long blonde hair pulled back in a pigtail behind her back.  She leaned over and stroked the captive’s cheek, as she thought of the fun that lay ahead...








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