Christyne’s Uninvited Guest







As Christyne walked into the large open room, she smiled at her current position.  When her friend had asked her to housesit for a week while she was on her cruise, she had jumped at the chance to have a break out in the country, and was determined to make the best of it.


She was wearing an off the shoulder satin top in lavender, with a navy mid-length skirt, ankle socks and white canvas tennis shoes, a white Alice band holding her hair back.  The perfect outfit for this form of home, as she made her way through to the dining room – not hearing the other footsteps coming from the hallway.


Slowly she walked round, running her hand over the dark mahogany table, smiling – until she heard the deep male voice say “Boo.”  Turning, she saw a man in his late thirties standing there, wearing a black leather jacket over a blue shirt, dark trousers and shoes – and with leather gloves on his hand, and carrying a large holdall. 


Christyne gasped as she fell backwards, bracing herself on the dining room wall as he put the bag on the table, and said “Not a word, dear lady.”  Staring at him, she called out “Who are you?? Get out of here!”  The man just laughed and shook his head as he said “Now that is no way to speak to a visitor, is it? I hope you live here...”


Shaking her head, Christyne replied “No…  I-I-I'm housesitting. You can take whatever you want!”  Her eyes opened wide as he reached into his jacket pocket and produced a gun, before saying “Really? What's your name?”


Christyne.....oh dear Lord......” she whispered as she slowly raised her hands, too scared to do much else.


“Oh I'm not him,” he said with a smile, “you're not exactly dressed as a housesitter, are you?”


“I-I won't stop you, just take anything in the house…”


“Oh I will,” he said as he walked towards her, “answer my question, Christyne...”


“Well, I suppose.....what's a housesitter supposed to be dressed like?”


“That depends on how they are housesitting, doesn't it?  You see, you look to me more like a sports mom…”


“Sorry, no kids, I’m single.  I was on my way out to go shopping....”  As she realised what he was saying, and what she was saying, Christyne whimpered “I guess I'm not now, am I..........”


“You guess correctly Christyne - are you planning to meet anyone?”  He smiled even more as Christyne started to edge herself along the wall, before saying in a slightly harsher tone “Stay where you are Christyne, and answer my question.”


Stopping, she shook her head as she said “Uh, n-no....just some food and a little shopping on my own.....P-Please p-put the gun away, I w-won't hurt you.....”  The man put his hand on the wall, blocking her movement, and she swallowed hard, knowing she was trapped as she said “please, put the gun away... Look, y-you're frightening me....”


“No, I think this will stay out for the moment. Now, you're going to do whatever I tell you, aren't you?”  She nodded, then tried to turn her head away as he stroked her cheek with his gloved hand.  “Good - Now, I’ll ask again - is this your house?”


“, the owners are friends of mine and they're in Canada for a week. They just asked me to look after their house for them while they're gone…”


“And they left?”


Christyne whispered “Yesterday........” trying not to panic as he grabbed her arm, his grip on her firm.


“Right then - let's go into the front room, and you can draw the shades over, understand?”  As she nodded and whispered “Yessir!” she was frogmarched into the room, listening as he “nice and naturally - do not raise the alarm.”  She gasped as she was pushed against the front window, noticing the traffic as it drove by, tempted to scream her head off…  But one look at the gun, and she pulled the blinds closed, shutting out the outside world as she turned and said “W-What're you going to do to m-me?”


“Now then,” he said as he pulled the telephone from the wall, “what do you want me to do with you? I can think of various things...  But right now, I want your purse”


Christyne pointed to the bag on the coffee table, whispering “Will you let me get it?”  He nodded, as he said “Give it to me, then sit down, hands on your head.”  Christyne walked over and picked it up, handing it to him as she realised she could have used it as a weapon, tried to run to the back door – but instead, she sat on the loveseat and put her hands on top of her head, watching as he opened it.


“Th-There's only a little m-money in there.....youcanhaveit!”


He smiled as he emptied the purse out, removing the battery from her cell phone and placing it and her wallet to the side, before he said “Now what makes you think I want your money Christyne?”  Swallowing hard, she said “B-Because y-you're a th-th-thief.....and y-you asked for m-my purse.....”


“To get your phone - now, I want you to put your hands together in prayer.”  Christyne resisted the temptation to say she had been since she saw him, and put her hands together palm to palm, watching as he produced a roll of black electrical tape and secured her wrists tightly together.


“Now Christyne - where is the utility room?”  As she looked at her taped wrists, she replied “It's d-downstairs......”


“Show me” he said quietly as he made her stand up and walk in front of him, the gun pressed against her back.  Christine was too scared to do anything except walk slowly, down to the basement and through a rumpus room into the utility room.  She reached up to turn the light on – just as he placed a gloved hand on her bottom and squeezed it, humming as he did so.  She almost turned round, but instead felt the gun as she walked into the room, figuring she was going to be locked in there as he robbed the house.


The man looked round, seeing some ropes and rags by the washing machine as he said “I see your friends like to go camping.”  She nodded as he walked over and picked up the ropes, looking at him through her glasses as she whispered “I-If that's for me I told you I'd behave myself! I-I won't give you any t-trouble!”


“I know you won't Christyne. Now, close your eyes and open your mouth.”




“Just do it” he said quietly as he pointed the gun at her, Christyne nodding as she nervously said “Yessir!” closed her eyes and opened her mouth.  She had to stop herself from gagging as he took a rag and pushed it into her open mouth, the edges sicking out as she mumbled “Nnnfffph!”


“Open your eyes, and do not push that out, understand” he said quietly, but as she kept her eyes closed he reached round and squeezed her bottom again, repeating “I said, do you understand Christyne?”


She opened her eyes as she felt the squeeze, mumbling “Mmm-hmmff” as she looked at him.


“Good - back into the romper room, and kneel on the floor.”  She slipped past him and walked past the table and couch, kneeling on the carpet as she faced the far wall, the stairs…  She sensed him kneeling behind her, and saw the rope as he passed it around her body, pulling it tight under her chest as her arms were forced into her sides.  “I suppose tying me up had to happen,” she thought to herself as he passed the rope around her body, framing her chest as he pulled tighter with each pass, her top stretching and starting to slip off her shoulders as he did so.


She was aware of how tightly she was been tied, her only other thought how she was going to cope with this as he pulled the ropes and tied them off, whispering into her ear “What is that perfume, Christyne?”


Spitting the rag out, she whispered “Summerbreeze” as he replied “Delightful,” kissing her neck as Christyne cringed and mumbled “Thank you…”


“But, did I say you could spit that rag out?”


“I had to answer your question!” Christyne snapped back as she felt her ankles been forced together with more rope – and then his hand as he smacked her bottom.


“Do not talk back to me - understand?”  As she felt the rope been passed between her legs, Christyne nodded as she said “Yessir!!”


He smiled and said “better” as he rubbed her bottom, squeezing it at the same time as Christyne bit her lower lip.  She looked at the rag lying on the floor, and wished it was back in her mouth.  She then wondered why, as she realised the rubbing on her bottom felt good, even if it was unwelcome – and the thought this was only the beginning…


“Don't move,” he said as he smacked her again, making her squeal “Ow! I won't, I promise!”  He reached round and started to massage her chest as he whispered into her ear “How can I trust you?”


Christyne closed her eyes tight as she felt his fingers sinking into her breasts, and gasped “You can.....I know what you'll do to me otherwise....”


“Oh I know what I’m going to do to you,” he whispered as he kissed her neck again and squeezed more firmly, Christyne gasping “Omygawd....” as she started to struggle in his grip, the ropes and tape holding her as she suddenly felt a bulge pressing against her.


“Something bothering you Christyne,” he said as he felt her rub against him, and pulled her back against his body.  “N-n-n-n-no.....” she stammered as she felt the bulge pressing on her, and stayed still, hoping he would not be encouraged to go further…


“You're lying,” I say as I stand up and walk in front of you. “Is there something you wish to say?”  She shook her head, stammering “N-Nosir!” and shaking her head, but her eyes opened wide as he whispered “Good - open my zip.”


As tears started to form, she shook her head and said “Oh gawd.....  Gawd no, no, don't make me, no.....”


Christyne,” he said quietly as he smiled, stroked her hair, then grabbed it “open my zip.”  She yelped “YEOW! Okay, okay!” as she reached up with her taped hands to do so, but could not reach with her arms tightly bound to her body.  Instead, he knelt down and whispered “open it...  Now…”


She fought back the sobs and said ““Yessir.....I'll d-do it....” as she leaned forward, using her nose to open the flap, and then her tongue and teeth to slowly pull the zip down as tears fell down her cheeks.  She managed to get it half way down before she looked into his face and said “Please don't do this....”  He just pulled on her hair as she gripped the zip again all the way down.


“I'm not doing anything Christyne,” he said with a smile, “you are. Now, open the flap on my boxers...”


She tried to plead, but then slowly leaned in and moved the flap on his boxers as his engorged cock sprang out, and she turned away crying.


“There - now touch it with your hands,” he said as he let go of her hair.  Slowly, she raised her hands, the ropes seeming to tighten on her, and touched it with her fingertips.


As he stood up, he said quietly “now kiss it.” 


“” she sobbed, knowing she was powerless to stop him, but then she turned and quickly kissed it.


“Again,” he whispered, Christyne shaking her head as she said “No.....!  Please don't make me!!”  That earned another spank from him as he said “What did I say about talking back Christyne?”  Nodding slowly, she kissed it again as he said “That's better - now kiss the tip - and do it properly.”  She looked at it, seeing the white discharge, and held her breath as she kissed it. 


“Keep kissing it,” he whispered as he watched her squirming and shaking as she kissed it again and again…  “Now open your mouth,” he said quietly, “and kiss it again.”


Christyne looked at him, and whispered “You realize this is rape...”


“Just do it Christyne. Unless you would rather I did something else.”  Shaking her head, she said “No sir....” opening her mouth and taking the head in, closing her lips round it and then letting it fall out as she took it again, and again, holding it a little longer each time.


Aahhh - keep going Christyne...” he whispered as he took her head in his hands, making it stay in as her lips closed over it, and it started to throb and expand in reaction to her kisses.


Christyne knew what he wanted, and in the hopes of getting it over with, she took his cock fully into her mouth, feeling the throbbing on her tongue as she began to suck and play with it, her tongue moving over it as she bobbed back and forth, taking it in and out each time.  She moved her tongue over it as it grew larger, trying not to gag as it touched the back of her throat, the throbbing growing stronger.


He could feel it as well, as he groaned and held her head tightly, pushing into her mouth in response.  He was filling her mouth now, feeling the pressure start to build as Christyne did all she could to bring him along…


“AHHHH,” he said out loud, Christyne looking at him and saying “Mmfffrrggghhhmmnn” as he looked at her.  “Keep going” he said as she bobbed her head in and out, sucking on him, using her tongue, all the time wishing it was her boyfriend instead of this armed intruder forcing her to do this…


As he pulled on her hair, she mumbled again “Mmmfmfffph!!” and worked faster, playing with the throbbing member and sucking on it as he felt a pulsing beginning to build inside himself.


“OHH YEsssssss  That is so good....” he whispered as Christyne felt the pressure as well, and knew soon, soon it would happen…  She braced herself, wondering for how much longer she could do this – and then it happened, the hot salty explosion in her mouth as he held her head, using her tongue to lick him as he said “drink it all down, Christyne…”


She knelt perfectly still, repulsed that she had been forced to do this, but obediently taking it all on, using her tongue and lips to make sure he gave all he had.  He didn’t relax his grip until he had stopped and she had swallowed every drop, letting go as he moved back and said “That's better…”


“Now will you let me gmmmfffph!”  Christyne’s words were blocked as he stuffed the rag back into her mouth, and then used the black tape to keep it in there, winding it round her head and over her auburn hair.  Mmmwwwwwwnnnnmmmmmfffph!!” she called out as he dragged her over to the low table, making her lie on her side on it before he pulled her ankles back and tied them to her chest ropes.


She could not move, afraid of falling as he smiled and said “Stay right there,” picked up the rest of the ropes and left the room, walking up the stairs.  Christyne lay there, defeated.....humiliated....used....crying as what just happened sank in......  She could hear him moving about upstairs, obviously searching the house, as she bent her elbows and ran her fingers over the tape over her mouth, picking at it looking for an edge.  The workshop was in the next room, but even if she could move, even if she could get herself there, everything would be out of reach…


She heard the footsteps on the stairs as she called “Hlllfffmph! Hllllffmph!!” Her struggles and calls were useless however, as he came back in, smiled and released her ankles from the chest ropes, allowing her to stretch her legs out – before he threw her over his shoulder, his hand on her bottom again.


“Come with me...” he said as he walked to the stairs, Christyne terrified she was going to be kidnapped as she struggled and called out “Hllllllmmmmfffph mmmmm!!! Smmmbyyyyy!! Hlllmmmffph!!!”


“Stop struggling,” he said as he smacked her bottom, hearing her calls of “MMFPH!  Hlllffmph!” before he smacked her again, and walked up the stairs.  She realised now nobody could hear her, nobody but him…


As he carried her up the stair, through the main room and up to the bedroom, he rubbed her bottom where he smacked her, and said “Do you like me smacking you Christyne?”  She looked behind him as they walked, seeing the mess and pillowcases with valuables in, drawers pulled open, the mess on the floor of the bedroom.


Nnn-mmph” she said, shaking her head as she was dropped on the floor, and he unfastened her skirt, pulling it down as she struggled and said “Nnnnmmffph!!”  As he dropped it on the floor, he picked up a pair of scissors, smiling as Christyne realised what he had said – and what it might mean…


“Did you like it when I smacked you Christyne?” he repeated as she pushed herself back, shook her head wildly and said “Nnnnnmmfffph!!”


“Really? Have a look between your legs...” he said as he pulled her sneakers off, Christyne saying “Whfph?” as she looked down, unsure of what he meant.


“You seem to be a little damp...” she shook her head – it couldn’t be, but as he cut away her panties she saw the damp patch, as he sniffed it.


“And then there are your nipples...” he said as he cut her top off, pulling it away.  Christyne had no idea what he meant, but she could feel them rubbing against the lining of her strapless bra – and when he grabbed her chest and massaged it, he whispered “they do seem to be reacting in a - pleasurable way.”


She wriggled round and tried to plead with him, but when he cut through the front of her bra, pulling it away, he leaned over and began to suck on her nipples as she pleaded “Lfff mmm h'lnnnn....pwfffffph.....”


“Hmmm?” was his only response as she felt his tongue running over the firm nipples as he sucked on them.  She was pleading, while at the same time knowing what was happening – he was going to rape her again, and her body…  Her body was reacting to everything he was doing in spite of herself…


As he kissed and sucked on each nipple in turn, his hand slipped between her lips, and she felt the shocks as he stoked over her clit.  Her mind was picking up on all the signals from his fondling, and somehow it was the one thing that was distracting her.  Her body was incredibly sensitive to his touch, each kiss, each stroke…  Unconsciously her hips were starting to push against his hand as he kept kissing her, playing with her petals.  She could not fight off what he was doing, bound, secured, and yet she was more and more aroused as her animal brain took over…


She noticed as he untied her ankles, and then bent her left leg, tying her left ankle to her thigh, and repeating the process on the other side, her legs forced apart as the cool air blew over her mound.  Looking up, she saw him remove her pants, before he took her glasses off, folding the legs and putting them to one side before he sucked hard on her nipples, his finger slipping past her petals and into that most special of places…


Mmmfffph!” her back arched as he did that, and then he bit gently on her nipples making her groan as he moved between her legs.  mmmmmmmfffph..........  Nnnnffph........” was her response as he continued to nibble on her nipples, the tip of his cock stroking over her petals, feeling how damp, how inviting, how ready she was…  Her protests were weak, her body screaming as she felt herself almost floating above her body, before he entered her, moving in and out as instinctively she gripped him and called out “MMMMMMmmmmmmwwwwwnnnmmfffph!!!”


As they moved together, he began to grow larger inside her, touching those most secret of spots as her animal brain took over completely, everything blurring together as the pleasure overtook the fear.  They moved in time together, pushing against each other as she felt the fire starting to burn inside her.


Her gag stifled every moan, her body moved instinctively, as he brought her along, hoping she would climax with him as they moved faster and faster.  Her defences were broken down as she closed her eyes…


Mmmm...mmmgggrrrwwmmm mmmwwmmmffph........” My back arched as she felt him getting ready to cum inside her, wanting it despite what was happening, his lips closing over her nipples as he suddenly arched his own back.  It shouldn't shouldn't happen............


“GWWWWNNNNNMMMMMFFFFFPH MMM MMMMMNNNNWWWWFFFFNNNNMMMMMM KMMMMMNNNNNN!!”  Her body shook as the orgasm exploded inside her just as he did, her body rocking as much as her bonds and his weight would let her.


Eventually, he stopped and slipped out, smiling as he said “There - I trust you feel better now Christyne.”  She lay there, exhausted, as he tied her ankles to the bottom of the bed, her legs spread as said “Don't move.”  She slowly turned her head and watched as he walked to the bathroom, returning with a damp cloth as he started to clean her clit as she slowly came down, and realized what had happened.


Wrrrr ywww dnnnph?”


“Cleaning you,” he said as he gently wiped between her legs.


Nnnwwwmmph?” she lifted her head and watched, feeling the warm washcloth working over her as he said “Doesn't that feel good?”


Mmm-hmmph...” she saw him smile as he took the cloth and put it to her nose.  She tried to turn her head away, but he said “I insist” as he pressed it against her nose and mouth.  “Unless you want this in your mouth, smell it...”


She took an audible sniff, and “Eqqqqph  Ewwwwwph…”


“Yes it does smell good - maybe I should tape this to your mouth as well...” as he held the roll of tape up.  Christyne shook her head, saying “Nnnnwwww!!” as he smiled and said “But I have a better idea...”


Picking up a longer length of rope, he tied it round her waist and then moved it round so that the knot was in the small of her back, the long lengths down between her legs.  He then pulled the rope up, pressing it against her damp and sensitive clit, and tied it round her wrists as she groaned.  She knew now she would have more problems trying to work the gag off, as she moved her hands – and then realised what he had done”


He smiled, and said “I hope you enjoy this.”  Christyne squirmed round, saying “Ywww cnnn dwww fssph tww mph!”


“Oh but I can...”




“I'll be back in a while,” he said as he walked out, Christyne looking at the door as he left.  Every move she made seemed to make that rope move against her, making her shiver.  He watched from the doorway as she moved, seeing her body glisten, hearing her moans as the rope worked on her again and again, and then putting her head on the pillow as she slowly moved her wrists to and fro.


Leaving the room for a moment, he hoped she would enjoy what was coming next…




She closed her eyes and floated again, rubbing the rope to and fro and softly mewling…


“Right - now to make you ready for the night” he said as he came in and pulled on the rope, her eyes opening as she said “Mwwfph!”


“I like you Christyne, so I'm going to take some things, and then come back.  Or I might take you with me...”


Nwww, pwfff nwwph!”


“No to me coming back, or no to you coming with me?  Or would you rather I just stayed...”




As he smiled and said “So I will stay then” Christyne looked at him.  An entire week as this man's hostage?? Oh dear.....!!


“If I untie you, are you going to cause me any trouble?”  She shook her head, as he said “good” and untied her legs, helping her to sit up before he cut the tape away from her head and eased the soaking wet cloth out of her mouth.


“Now, which room are you sleeping in, Christyne the housesitter?”


“Well, I *was* sleeping in this room.....but I'm not anymore,” she said as she looked round.


“Oh I think you could...”


As she looked at him Christyne said “Surely you have some other plans for me,” then saw his smile as he replied “Would you really like to know?” as she untied her arms.


“I'm......I don't know........You're not just going to take the valuables and leave me behind tied up, are you?” she said, realising he had left the crotch rope as she held her taped hands up.


“No, No I'm not.”


“I noticed......but why?” Christyne said quietly, the rope rubbing on her as she raised her hands.  “Do you do this to every woman you rob?”


“What do you think, Christyne?  And while you think of the answer, pick a room.”  She looked at him, and hesitantly said “I think you do”


“Yes, yes I do. Now, pick a room.”


She sighed, and said “There's a guest room across the hall. I guess I can sleep in there........  If it's not in too much of a mess........”


“There is a part of you that enjoyed it - I can tell” he said as he untied the rope, holding it as he cut the tape from her wrists.  “Ow. Thank you....” she said as she slowly rubbed her wrists, and he said “Now - follow me,” I say “and show me this spare room.”


He pulled on the rope, and tied it to her waist, Christyne nodding as she said “Eeep! Okay! It's just across the hall.......” They walked over, and she saw him smile as he said “Good, lie face down, and cross your ankles.”


“Yes sir........” So much for escape, she thought as she let the remains of her clothing fall off, and lay on her tummy on the bed, crossing her ankles.  She looked over and watched as he took a set of hose, and tied her ankles tightly together, using the legs to cinch the binding, then repeated the process at her legs below her knees.  She was amazed at how tight and comfortable it felt…


“Sir - I like that, respectful.  You will continue to call me that, won't you Christyne?”


As she wriggled round, she said “I....just don't want to make you mad....when I'm tied up you could do anything to me.....” while he took another pair and secured her arms together at her elbows.


“And you like that idea, don't you?”


“No....” even as he said this, Christyne thought that while being raped is a scary experience, some of it wasn't bad............  “I guess it depends on what you might do to me”


“We shall see,” he said as he secured her wrists, and then made her kneel, Christyne feeling more helpless than before.


“Am I… am I going to live through this?”


“DO you think I am a murderer Christyne?” he said as another pair of tights were used to secure her arms to her sides.  She tried to move, and said “I don't know what you are.....”


“I am not a murderer, so believe me when I say I will not kill you - but you must do as I say, understand?”


“Maybe, maybe not......I don't want to believe you are, but I am a witness as far as you're concerned........”


“Yes, you are a witness - let's see what happens...  Open your mouth”  She whimpered, but obeyed as her panties were stuffed into her mouth, making her say “wwwwnnnnph” before she heard a strange sound, like wallpaper been peeled away.  Looking over her shoulder, she saw the medical tape, as he tore a strip off and said “Turn and look at me Christyne.” She slowly did so, and as he smoothed the tape down over her mouth, and chin, he said “your choice - do you want your ankles secured to the crotch rope?”


She looked at him and then lay on her side, bringing her feet up against her thighs.  He smiled as he took some rope and secured her ankles to the crotch rope, and she knew she would not sleep much that night.


“We will talk in the morning - good night Christyne.”  She looked at him, and said “Nmmm mmfffph Nfffph”, trying to relax as she twisted round, and then slowly falling asleep…



“Good morning Christyne - how are you feeling?”


As she opened her eyes, she saw the sunlight coming in, and felt warm, groggy, sore, cowed…  She looked at him and said “Nnnmmmfffph......”


“Good - again, if I untie you, will you cause any trouble?” he said as he showed her the scissors.  She shook her head slowly, saying “Nnnffph.”


“Excellent” he said as he cut through the nylons, and then removed the crotch rope as he helped her to stand up.  “Would you like to take a shower?”


She stood for a moment, leaning on him as she nodded and said “Yffph pwff


“Come with me,” he said as he walked her to the bathroom.  She moaned with each step into my gag as they walked - who ever would have thought that along with being taken hostage that she'd have to rely on my captor…  As he peeled the tape away from her mouth, she pushed the wadded panties from her mouth, and then had a drink of water.


“Clean yourself up, Christyne, and then we shall start the day...”


“J-Just how? What are you planning on doing with me?” she asked nervously, as he smiled and said “You'll find out - have your shower.  After all, you were amazing last night...”


That was all she could think about as she stepped into the shower closed the screen door, and then stood under the warm water…  how was he going to tie her up today....  was he going to rape me today.....  She could tell the day was going to be as long as the previous night…


“I didn't realize you were still here....” she said as the steam hid her.


“Oh? Were you hoping I had gone, and left you tied like that the whole week?”



“I would have been rescued....eventually......maybe.....”


“Perhaps, perhaps not.  “So are you glad I stayed to make sure you were safe?”


As she rinsed her hair, she said “If that's the reason.....we both know you're just here for your own reason, and I'm part of that reason......”


“Whatever the reason, aren't you glad I stayed Christyne?”


“I couldn't stop you if I wanted to.....”


“Changing the subject, what do you want for breakfast?”


As she let the water run down her back, Christyne said “Oh gawd, anything, I haven't eaten since lunch and that was long before you broke in......”


“Good - finish your shower, and put on a robe.”


Turning off the water, she opened the door enough to grab a towel and wrap it round her head to dry her hair, then grabbed the terrycloth robe and wrapped it round her.  As she stepped out, he smiled and “Now, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


“Wow, we're starting early, aren’t we?” she said as she tied the sash round herself, and then turned round, feeling the white tape as he secured her wrists together.


“I need you to stay somewhere while I prepare breakfast. Do you have a problem with that?”  She was surprised he was using tape, but shook her head as she said “No, no problem. Where are you going to keep me?”


As he tore the tape loose and smoothed it down, he smiled and said “let's go to the main room.”


She nodded and said “okay” as they walked back down the stairs, and he said “Lie on the couch.”


“Yes sir,” she said as she walked over and lay on her back, watching as he crossed and taped her ankles together. 


“Have you ever seen Dirty Mary Crazy Larry?”


Shaking her head, she said “No. Does something like this happen in it?”


“Yes - the mother and daughter are held hostage as Larry forces their father to hand over the supermarket takings. Now, put your lips together.”


She watched as he tore a strip of tape from the roll, and said “ that where you learned to tie people up so well?”


“It was a start,” he said quietly as he smoothed the tape over her mouth, and then headed for the kitchen.  As she wriggled round, she could her him working round, and then there was the smell of freshly brewed coffee, of hot food…  She wriggled round, looking at the mess, dreaming of been able to get to the window…


But the faint sound of cooking, and the aroma wafting through smells sooooo good.....maybe this wouldn't be a good time to fight for her freedom…


Eventually he came back, carrying a tray with orange juice, coffee and pastries on it, setting it on the low table, he helped her to sit up and removed the tape from her mouth, holding the glass of orange juice with a straw so that she could drink it.


“Take your time - you don't want to be sick, do you?” he said as she gulped it down, and then slowed and stopped as she said “no… Thank you.”


“Want a pastry?”


As she said “Please” he picked one up and held it to her mouth to allow her to eat it, taking a large bite at first, and then smaller ones.


“You are hungry, aren't you?”


“Famished” she said as she swallowed the last of that pastry, and said “How long to you intend on holding me as your hostage?”

Kev Pickering Fri, 28 Oct 2016 22:16:00 UTC

“Well, I'll give you another one first,” he said as he let her bite into the second one.  “As to how long - are you expecting any visitors?”


Shaking her head, she said “No, nobody even knows I'm here.”  And then she realized she should not have said that…


“Well, that is useful to know - some coffee?”  She took another bite, and swallowed, before she said “Oh gawd yes!”  He picked up the mug, put a fresh straw in, and allowed her to take a sip – then pull quickly away.


“Perhaps we should let that cool a little first,” he said with a smile, but Christyne shook her head and said “No, let me sip it over the rim please”  He held the cup as she blew over the rim, then made a slurping sound as she took a drink, shaking her head as she said “Ooops.”


“I’m not going to tell you how long I will hold you hostage Christyne - you'll just have to find out. Is that a problem for you?”


“I guess not.”  She smiled as she took another drink, while he said “Correct answer - does that bother you?”  Shaking her head, she heard him say “Have you had enough?”


“I'd like to finish please......who knows when I'll get to eat again.”  He nodded as he helped her to finish, wiping her mouth as she said “Oh, wow, that's better.....thank you....”


“You're welcome - lie down again.”  Christyne nodded as she did that, lying on her stomach, wriggling her hands and feet as they were held together.  “I need you to be quiet while I have my breakfast” he said as he gently smacked her bottom, “So roll onto your side.”


“Ow!” she mumbled as she rolled over and closed her mouth, the man looking at her before he gently kissed her lips, and then covered them with a fresh strip of medical tape before he gently rubbed her bottom.


Mmmmwwwmmffph” she said quietly as she felt his hand rubbing her.  “Do you like this Christyne?” he said quietly, but she said nothing, even as a soft moan escaped from her covered mouth.


He smiled as he kissed her neck, and slipped his hand under her robe, massaging her butt cheek as she squirmed round, unable to stop him, and unsure if she wanted to.


As she moved, her robe opened up, and he moved her hand between her legs, moving it to and fro as she started to roll her hips, saying “Mmmmnnnmmmrrrmph....” as she did so.


“You enjoy this, don't you?”


As she said “Y dnnn knwwww...” he rolled her onto her back and opened her robe, looking at her as he stroked his hand up and down.


“I think you do like this - but I think you will like this more...”


As she looked at him, he smiled, and then he kissed her between her legs, his tongue travelling up her slit as he did so.  Christyne’s eyes opened wide as she said “Dnnn...stfff....”, but he kept going, kissing her and teasing her with his tongue as she pushed her hips up to meet his mouth.  As he licked her, she closed her eyes, feeling that feeling of disconnection again as if she was watching him from above…


He used his tongue on her petals, feeling them yield as he gently pushed it into her passage, and licked inside her.  Mmmwmwmmffnfn......” she groaned as she twisted round, the tape holding her ankles together.


Mmm - you taste so good,” he said quietly as he continued to work her, and then moved his head away, watching as he slipped his finger into you.  Christyne groaned – he had found her other weak spot, and was working it so well, as she moved her legs as far apart as she could…


Suddenly she jumped as he found that sweet spot, and worked on it as she closed her eyes and groaned even more, feeling the sensations building inside her.  She was so close, so close, if he just…”


Mmmmwmwwwmmnnnn!” she arched her back, as her body twitched and shook, and then she screamed out “MMMMFFFFFWWWMMMNNNPH!!” as her juices came.  He smiled as he put his head between her legs, licking her, eating them and her as she shook and a second, even stronger orgasm washed her completely away…


He kept going until she slumped onto the couch, looking at him as he said “There now - more relaxed Christyne?”  She slowly nodded as he sat down and said “you relax while I eat,” watching as she slowly drifted off to sleep…


Christyne lay there, her eyes closed as he ate, and then she heard him stand up and walk to the kitchen.  Slowly, she opened her eyes, and then sat herself up, saying “Mmmffph?” to see if he replied.


When no reply came, she sat quietly, working out the distance from the kitchen to the front door as she strained to move her ankles so her feet were side by side.  She failed at that, but stopped as she realised she was making noise, wondering why he did not come.


From the kitchen doorway, he watched silently, smiling as she eventually managed to kneel on the floor, and then waited, the only sound that of the coffee machine.  Eventually, she managed to lie on her side again, and pushed herself along the floor, turning to make her way to the kitchen door, hoping he was not there – and then seeing his feet as he said “Well, Christyne? Is there somewhere you needed to go? The toilet perhaps?”


She mewled innocently, and then said “Mmm-hmph” as she nodded her head.  He smiled as he knelt down and cut the tape away from her ankles, before helping her to stand up as he said “Once you are finished, you should get dressed.”


Yfph Srr” she said as they walked back up to the master bedroom, Christyne looking at the mess before she stood at the bathroom door, saying “Mmmfph?” as she twisted her wrists round.


“Of course - but no tricks,” he said, smiling as she shook her head and he cut the tape away, saying “Nnn-mmph.” What was she going to do, anyway?  She reached up to remove the tape, but he said “allow me” as he gently peeled the tape away.


Finally able to talk again, she said “Ahhh, thank you.”  She walked in and made to close the door, but the intruder said “The door stays open, Christyne


“Huh, oh no! You're not going to watch!”


“Of course not - but the door stays open,” he said as he turned his back.  Christyne tutted and said “Tsk, fiiiiiiiiiiiine,” as she walked to the other side of the bathtub and sat down.


“Of course, if you would rather I did watch...”




“No, who?”


As she pressed the flush, Christyne said “No, you're not watching me use the bathroom”


“That is a no, why. I asked No, who, Christyne.”


She started to wash her hands, removing the tape residue from her wrists, not answering.  “No, who?” Then she realized what he wanted to hear. “No, *Sir*. Is that what you wanted?”


“So, when you are ready, you may dress.  And that is better Christyne - much better.”


As she turned off the water, he said “Is there something you wish to ask Christyne?”


Shaking her head, she said “No…  Sir. No sir.”   Putting the towel back, she stepped out, turned around and put her hands behind her back.


He laughed and said “So you wish not to be dressed?  Very well,” he continued as he picked up the rope, “downstairs, if you please…”


“No, wait! I just thought---yes! Yes I do want to get dressed!”


“Very well then - get dressed. Quickly.”  She looked at the contents of her bag, noticing her own jewellery box was now missing, before she said “Turn around at least.”



“Very well,” he said as he turned round, looking at the mirror as Christyne put on a white bra and pair of panties, followed by a sleeveless purple top and a pair of white rubbing shorts with blue stripes down the sides.  Finally, she put on a pair of ankle socks, and said “Okay, all dressed.”


“Better,” he said as he turned round, “now, hands together in front of you please.”  She watched as he tied her wrists tightly together, the rope going round and between her arms, before he smiled and said “Now Christyne - downstairs, if you please.”


“You don't have to make it so tight,” she said as she wriggled her wrists round, then caught the look in his face.


“I'm sorry,” he said as he smacked her bottom, “what do you say?”


“Ow!” she jumped and glared at him, saying “I'm not going to thank you for tying my hands!”


“Then I think you need still to learn some manners - downstairs. NOW!”


She tried to pull away, before she said “Okay, I'm sorry. THANK YOU for tying my hands!” As she was forced down the stairs, she added “Sir!”


“Sarcasm, cute,” he said quietly, “lie on the table.”


“What are you going to do to me?”  Christyne was frightened now as she had one knee on the coffee table already.


“Lie face down, and keep your hands over your head”


Ohgawdohgawdohgawd....I'm sorry, whatever I did or I said, I'm so sorry....” she was shaking as she lay face down, her tied hands over and above her head as he took more rope and tied it between her wrists, then pulled them back over her head and secured them to the spar under the table at the other end.  He walked round, spreading her legs out and securing her ankles to the table legs on that side, as she said “Ooowww! I wasn't meant to be bent this way!”


“And you should not have talked back,” he said as he smacked her bottom hard.


“Look I -- OW! Look, I said I was sorry! *Sir!*”


“I’m sorry,” he said as he smacked her again, and then rubbed her bottom, “what did you say?”


“I said---OW!---I said I was sorry Sir!”


“Sorry for what?”


“I'm sorry for talking back to you sir!”  Her body ached as it was stretched…


“Better - anything else,” he said as he smacked and caressed her again.  This time she bit her lower lip, before blurting “I don't know what you want me to say.....” as she started crying.


“Tell me how this makes you feel…”


She shook as she said “....humiliated.....”  “And?” he replied as he smacked and rubbed her bottom again, making her panic as she screamed in tears “....apologetic.....I'm sorry I was bad Sir, please don't punish me like this!!”


“What will you do for me Christyne?”


“Anything!  Anything!!”  She was scared, the ropes were tighter than ever, and she wanted out of this pose…



“Good,” he said as he released her, allowing her to stretch out, “that is the correct answer. Get on your knees Christyne.”


Coughing and crying, she almost fell off the coffee table, but somehow managed to get into a kneeling position, her legs slightly apart to brace herself.  She knew what was coming next…


“Interesting - but you are wrong” he said as he stuffed a pair of panties into her mouth, “close your lips”


Nnmmffph!” Oh gawd, she thought to herself, what have I gotten myself into.  She vowed to keep her mouth shut for as long as this lasts.... or as long as she lived, whichever comes first........  She watched as he took the white tape and wrapped it round her head, then said “turn and face the couch” as he picked up more rope.


Hmmmmm nnnmmwmwwwph.” She lost count of how many times the tape went round, realising her hair was going to suffer, before she managed to turn herself and finally face the couch.  He knelt behind her, crossing and binding her ankles tightly together, and then her legs above her knees.


Reaching round, he untied her wrists and then pulled her arms behind her back, re-tying them as he “Now then… anything, right?”


Christyne knelt still, wondering what she should do, before she nodded and said “Mm-hmph...”  “Good” was the reply as he passed the rope around her arms and body, pulling it tight and with each loop making it even tighter as once again he framed her chest.


Oowwwmmmmfffph....” she swore she could feel each loop of rope, praying this was it, he was going to leave her alone and leave…  He then took the rope under one arm, pulled it up and around the back of her neck, then under the other arm before he tied it off.


She wriggled her fingers and toes as he reached round, squeezing her chest as she groaned “Mmmfmfff wwwhhhfff mmmm mmmmrrrwwwph.....” twisting as he continued.


Suddenly, she realised she wasn’t just twisting, she was pressing her breasts into his hands as her top was stretched.  The way he was fondling her was so amazing, even if she was bound and gagged…

She heard and felt her top rip as he pulled it up between the bands of rope, and then felt his hands on her nipples as he whispered “so what would you like me to do Christyne, in your wildest imaginations - and that does not include leaving you here.  And don't deny how this makes you feel - I know, Christyne, I know...”



She felt his thumbs on her firm, erect nipples once again and groaned at the way her breasts were swelling, her body responding, and she mumbled “Mmm dmmm nph...  Pwff stfff....” But she knew he would not stop, and she was not sure she wanted him to as the ropes and his hands took her closer to the edge…


“I think this can be tighter,” he said as he took more rope and tied it to her chest ropes, took it over one shoulder and then around the lower band of rope between her breasts, pulling it back up and over the other shoulder as her breasts were forced even more up and out.  Tying it off, she said “Nnnnnffffph....” as he smiled and said “There - so much nicer,” and unfastened her bra, Christyne’s breasts tumbling free as he gently pinched her nipples.


“Ah yes - you like someone doing this to you, don't you Christyne?” he whispered, but even as she shook her head and mumbled “Nwwww dnnnnff” she knew she wasn’t sure of that.  It was as if she was watching from above, his bound and gagged plaything, unable to stop him…  Not wanting to stop him…


Owff, stpph pwff srrr......”


“Do not lie Christyne - tell the truth. Do you like this?”


As she squirmed round, his hands on her bare breasts, his fingers pinching her, she did not know what to say, but then he continued “I said do you like this Christyne - or shall I find out for myself?” as his hand moved down between her legs...


Nnnnwwww...” she squirmed round but she realised she DID want to feel his hand down there…


“Oh yes,” he whispered as he felt the dampness on her shorts, and pinched her nipples again, “What is the truth my dear lady?”


Wwwwrrrrnnnnfffphllll.....” Subconsciously her hips were now pushing forward into the cup of his hand, not even the firm pinching of her nipples distracting her now as he slipped his hand into her shorts.  “Oh yes, you are wanting this...”  She tried to open her legs, but they were too tightly tied, as he pulled her shorts and panties down, one hand on her chest, the other between her legs…


Christyne was lost now, watching herself as she moaned into her gag, her body rocking in response to his touch, enjoying the way the ropes were making her feel, the taste of her panties in her mouth…


Feeling how damp she was, he whispered “you want this, don’t you?  And do not lie - you don't want to be punished again, do you?”


She nodded and said “mm-hmff  Nwwww......”  He was right – she wanted him to do this, but bound as she was, how could he, as her body twisted in the ropes, in his embrace…


“Good - put you head on the cushions...” he whispered as he slipped his finger into her passage, Christyne nodding as she did that, squeezing on it as he played her like a fine violin.  She looked over her shoulder to see him pulling his trousers and boxers down, seeing his cock, wanting it inside her, but knowing her could not.


He slowly took his finger out, and sucked on it as he smiled, Christyne wondering what he was going to do – and then she screamed out “MMMWWWWMMFFPH!!!” as he took her from behind, entering her as he pressed forward and grabbed her chest again, one part of her brain screaming she was being raped, the other enjoying it as he pushed in and massaged her.


“You love this, don't you?” he whispered as he started to throb, Christyne nodding and said “MMWWPH!! Mmm-hmmm! Mmm-hhmmph!!” as she tried to fight back, shaking as she felt a tiny orgasm.  “Oh yes, I know you do” he said as continued, getting larger and throbbing more inside her as he moved with her, Christyne wondering what could happen next…


Ggggggrrwwwwmmmph!!! Fgghhh mmmm!!!” She repeated it over and over, louder each time, every rope pressing on her as she gave totally in…  She could feel the pressure as much as him as he timed each movement, saying out loud “AHHHHHHHHHH” as she gripped him – and then suddenly they came together as Christyne called out “WWWWMMMMFFFGH!!! MMMMWWWWGGGGHHHHMMMMMRRRRWWWNNNNMMMMPH!!!”


It was the strongest yet, as if the ropes and restraint were freeing her to give full vent, as he pumped into her and kept massaging her.  Her grip took him by surprise as well, as in her mind she saw them both, and a double orgasm washed over her…


Eventually, she relaxed, lying against the couch as he pulled out.  She was exhausted, elated, tied up beyond belief, gagged into total silence, his essence oozing from her used sex, barely conscious............


“There - isn't that better? Now, will you behave?” he said as he rubbed her bottom, and then pulled her panties and shorts up.  She turned her head, nodding as she said “Mmm-hmmmph....” she was still barely aware of what just happened....but she had apparently enjoyed it....a lot....  She twisted her hands and feet as he made her lie face down on the couch, hogtying her.  She had heard some people like being tied up....surely she wasn’t one of them.....was she?


“It feels good, doesn't it Christyne?  To be helpless, unable to do anything or prevent anything happening...”


She turned her head and nodded as she said “Wwwrrmmffph.” It was all she could do, hogtied like this, still barely aware of what she was saying.....


“Good - so you can stay here while I tidy round here, correct?” he said as he started to tidy things up.  She didn’t answer, but just lay there, wondering what had just happened to her…  She tested her bonds, but found no give – and it felt so good to be like this…


Once he had cleared the floor, he knelt next to her, stroking her cheek as he smiled.  “You're discovering the truth, aren’t you - it feels good to be like this…  Be truthful with me and yourself, Christyne...”


So much was going through her mind right very much....all she could do was turn her head to look at him and nod....”Mm-hmmph...”


“Then you will be happy to remain like this, won't you? I want you to wear something else, and you will stay here until then, all right?” he said as he stroked her cheek gently.  Yfff Srr” she said quietly as he smiled and said “Good”, hearing her almost purr as he stood up and left her to her thoughts.


She watched him leave, then when he was out of sight she mewled and struggled, but only half-heartedly.   The house had been burgled, she had been held hostage, raped repeatedly – and yet she had responded to, demanded, loved it all… surely she don't like this sort of thing....she can't.....can she....?


After a while, he returned and said “So, what shall we do now?”  She turned her head and mewled as she struggled, knowing she had no say in anything he wanted to do… or do with her…


“Now then - ready for your new outfit?”


As she nodded and said Mmm-hhffph” he peeled the tape away and removed the soaking wet panties, before looking at her.  “What do you wish to say, Christyne?”


Working her mouth, she moistened her lips and squirmed.  “I said, yes I am........”  She looked as he stood up, and held up a tight blue blouse, a pair of blue denim shorts, and long over the knee black leather boots.


“I will untie you, and you will put these on, won't you Christyne?”  As he removed the ropes and helped her to stand up, Christyne said quietly “Uh-huh.....” and stretched her limbs, looking at her best friend’s clothes.  She then put on the blouse, which fitted nicely despite her lack of a bra, and then pulled on the shorts feeling the seam on her slit as she fastened them up.


As she looked at the boots, she noticed the fur lining, so she was able to pull them on easily, thankful they had the same shoe size…


“Excellent - are you hungry?  You may choose what we will eat...”


Nodding, Christyne said “A little...........I think there's some fish fillets.....”


Very well then - why don't you cook for both of us – but no tricks, understand?”


I-I understand.......” she said quietly as she walked in, the heels clicking on the floor as the man sat down.  He watched as she got the fish and an egg, and seasoned some flour to dredge the fish with…



“So what do you do when you're not house sitting Christyne?”  He smiled as he continued “Or discovering your true desires?”


As she cut some vegetables, Christyne said “I'm an administrative assistant, I took some personal days so I could come out here. The chance to stay in their house was too good to pass up.”


An administrative assistant? Must be boring at times, allowing your mind to wander...”


“Well, I don't know about's kind of new to me, kind of forced upon me, y'know? I've heard of people who like being tied up but no one has done that to me since my childhood when I played Cops and Robbers with the neighbourhood kids.”


He smiled as he said “you'd be amazed how many played those games - what happened then?”


She heated up the skillets with olive oil and butter and finish frenching the vegetables. “Nothing, we were kids. Though now that I think of it, I think I got tied up a lot more than the others......”


“I see, I can imagine that would be the case. Often in these games it is the most beautiful woman who ends up most tied.”  He smiled as he watched her bottom swaying in the tight shorts.


“Oh please, I think we were maybe 9 or 10!”


“The innocence of youth…  “So what do you remember most of those games?”


Christyne floured the fish, ran it through the eggwash, then into the flour again as she thought.  “Not a lot....just playing with the neighbourhood kids and getting tied up a lot. Nothing special, just a little rope and Bryan Foster liked to tie a handkerchief in my mouth as a gag, it wasn't anything spectacular. I can tell you used to play those kinds of game too.”


“I do not deny it - but I learned new ways of entertaining those I played with...”


Putting the fish into the hot butter she said “Do I want to know how?”


“I can show you, if you wish - if you desire?”


Smiling as she cooked, Christyne said “Not like I have much of a choice.....”


“No, you don't, but somehow I get the feeling you are - intrigued?  But for now, that does smell good...”


“Thank you......hope you like it”


“I know I will - I hope you will as well.”


“Since you came here,” Christyne said as she looked round, “I think this is the longest I've been untied.”


“And you find that worrying?”


As she got out plates and cutlery, she said “No, just unusual....isn't the hostage supposed to be tied up all the time? That's how it works on TV.......”


“Well, television is just acting - but if you wish to be tied again...”


“I'm okay!” I plate the food and turn off the range. “Just, I dunno, sort of what I expected.” Handing him a plate and cutlery, she sat down and started eating with him.


“Actually, I think you and I may need to go shopping for some more food and things...”


“Just how long are you planning on staying?” she said as she looked at him, but he smiled and said “eat your food Christyne, before it gets cold.”


She could not take her eyes off him as she slowly ate…


Smiling, the man said “you are a very good cook as well.”

 “Thank you.....” I eat a piece of my squash and beans and another bite of fish.  He poured some water into a glass, he handed it to her and took one himself.


“Tell me, where do you normally buy your groceries?”


“Back at home, at a place called Giant Eagle....but that's on the other side of the state from here......”


“I see - well, we can take your car, drive round, see what is available...”


“We?”  Christyne looked at him and said “but aren't you afraid of taking me along?”


“No - I think I need you to come with me.”


She swallowed hard, her stomach turning over as she said “B-But, what if I scream for help while we're out? If we go out you can't keep me tied up and gagged, you know...........”


“If I manage to take you out, and nobody notices, what will you do?”


Christyne thought as she said I.....I might run! Run outside, into the store and find a phone maybe.....”


The man just smiled and said “Have you finished?”  Christyne looked at the half-eaten dinner, and slowly nodded as he stood up.  “Good, stand up with your arms by your sides.”


“You… You're never going to let me go, are you?”


“Arms by your side, Christyne.”


As she stood, Christyne thought.  Her dinner companion has again become a thief, her captor....  He took two lengths of rope and folded her arms behind her back, putting her elbows in the palms of her hands, and then tied her wrists to her elbows.


“ know I know there would be no way I'd ever endanger myself and try to attract attention while you were with me, right?”


“Oh I know that Christyne,” he said as he tightened the ropes, “but you have challenged me now.” As he tied the ropes off, he then held up one of her friend’s woollen ponchos. 


“Oh! Gawd, that's tight!   Surely you're not serious!”


“Of course I'm serious - and stop calling me Shirley.”  He dropped the poncho over her head and pulled it down, Christyne realising with that on, nobody could see her bound arms…  “So, still think someone will know you have your arms tied?””


“Correct - now your car keys?”


“In my purse.....wherever you dumped it out”


“Good,” he said as he folded a clean white cloth, “now, open your mouth.”


“You're seri---” Shaking her head, she allowed him to push the cloth into her mouth, closing her lips and watching as he said “smile for me Christyne...” and picked up a roll of clear tape.  She felt unable to resist, and stupid, but she smiled as he tore a strip of the clear tape from the roll, and carefully smoothed it over her mouth, making sure there were no creases or air bubbles.


As she stood there, she started to wonder…”how *would* anyone know I'm gagged and tied up? But certainly someone in the store would be able to figure it out......right?”


“Have a look at yourself in the mirror, Christyne...”


Shaking her head, she said “Nnmm fnnnk ywww.”   “I insist,” he said as he walked her to the hallway, Christyne complaining “Dnnnn wnnn!” As she looked in the mirror, however, she nodded – who was going to look closely enough to see the tape.


Picking up the car and door keys, he opened the door and said “walk to the car, quietly, calmly, no tricks.”  No tricks as if I could outrun him in high heeled boots, she thought to herself as she walked with him to her car, getting into the passenger seat and watching as he fixed the seat belt.   She crossed her ankles, trying to get comfortable as he got behind the wheel, and they set off…


As they drove along, Christyne looked at people on the sidewalk, and in cars, and they looked back – but there was no reaction.  They really were unable to tell as dusk started to fall…


Pulling into a supermarket, he turned the engine off and let her get out, smiling as they collected a trolley and walk into the store as Christyne looked all round.  Surely someone would see her predicament…


“Now then, let's find out what we can find.”  They walked round the store, putting groceries in as a woman walked past.  Christyne looked directly at her, wondering what was going to happen, would she see?  But no, she excused herself and walked off as Christyne looked at him.


“If there is anything you want Christyne, just point it out to me.”


Vrrr fnnnph” She tried not to laugh, then saw some Oreos and then said “Dzzzph” as he picked them up and put them in.  They continued round, as he put some steaks and other items in, and all she could do was walk alongside, amazed nobody could see her gag for what it was.


Eventually, they went through the checkout, packing the bags as the items were scanned.  Christyne looked at the checkout clerk, her eyes pleading behind her glasses, wishing he would see her like this and at least say something, but he just took the money as he loaded the sacks into the trolley, and walked off.


She noticed he had parked between two lights so they were in the dark, as he opened the door and allowed her to get in.  As she sat down, he took a length of cord from his picket and tied her ankles together, then strapped her into her seat before he closed the door.  She wriggled round, trying to escape as he packed the trunk, then stopped as he got behind the wheel.


 “So - still believe someone would notice?”


She didn’t reply, instead hanging her head.


Smiling, he drove off as he said “so, back to the house, and then we can play Cops and Robbers - my way...”




As they pulled into the dark driveway, he got out and opened the front door, then returned, lifting Christyne from the car and carrying her into the house, putting her on the couch and removing the poncho.


She watched as he brought the groceries in, and then closed the door before he came over.


“Now then, when I play Cops and Robbers, I am both - a crooked cop, who likes to surprise women at home. Surprise.”


She squirmed on the couch, looking at him as he doubled over a longer length of rope.


“Hush,” he said as he tied it round her waist, letting the long ends drop in front of her as he said “Now, I need to keep you still for a few minutes - guess how?”  He laid her down and rolled her onto her stomach, pulling the rope up between her legs as she let out a “Mfph!” and securing the other ends to your arms.  As she looked at him, he smiled and said “Now don’t move.”


She whimpered as she felt the rope pushing the seam of her shorts against her sex, enjoying the feeling, and wondering what would come next…







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