Lola walked into the room, looking round and nodding as she assessed the layout of the area.  Wood panelling on the walls, frosted glass in the windows.  Rugs placed on the polished wooden floor, classic style wooden furniture upholstered in red patterned silk.


“Good choice,” she said to herself as she ran her hand over the red upholstery, smiling to herself.  She was a mature woman, with dark hair cut in a bob and large white sunglasses over her eyes.   Her black jacket was fastened over a taupe coloured blouse, and under her jacket her thigh high tan suede bots covered her legs, the four inch stiletto heels clicking on the wood as she walked round.


The sound of the doors opening made her turn round, and smile as she saw the two men walk in.  They were both smartly dressed, tailored suits, ironed white shirts, dark ties, highly polished shoes – and like her, they were both wearing dark glasses over their eyes. 


“Gentlemen?”  Her voice was deep, husky – a similar sound to Marianne Faithfull.


“You are Lola?”


“I am – my thanks and compliments on the arrangements.”


Both men nodded as the one who had spoken said “you may refer to me as Cain – this is Abel.  You have signed the releases, but you have agreed to today of your own free will?”


Lola slowly nodded, as Abel said “very well then” and walked over, stroking Lola’s cheek with his hand before he took it down her body and over her chest.  “Cain, shall we begin?”


“We shall,” Cain said as he walked to a chest of drawers and opened it up, taking out several skeins of red rope and placing them on the top before he unravelled one, shaking it loose and doubling it over before he walked back.  “Kindly open your jacket, Lola.”


As she did so, the front of Lola’s jacket fell open, to reveal the way her blouse came down over her crotch, and the stocking tops above the boots – and the complete lack of any panties.  Abel nodded as Cain moved her arms behind her back, and then started to bind her wrists tightly together, her hands palm to palm.


Lola could feel the rope rubbing on her wrists, soft, but strong, as she said “may I ask what the rope is made from?”


“Silk – imported specially,” Cain said as he took the ends between her wrists, and then tied the ends off on top, out of reach of her long fingers.  Lola smiled as she wriggled her fingers, and said “I again complement you – what do you wish me to do now?”


“Remain standing for the moment,” Cain said as she heard him walk across the room, and then back again, before she saw him pass more of the soft red rope around her under her chest – ad then gently pulling tight, so that her arms were forced against her sides, the band sitting snugly in place as he took it round again above her chest.


She bit her lower lip as she felt each band tighten, neatly arranged but ensuring she was not able to move her arms in any way.  She glanced down, noticing the way her jacket was being pulled out the sides and her chest as being forced out, supported above and below, and slowly nodded as they tightened on her still further.


She wriggled round, admiring the way her blouse was starting to strain over her chest, as Cain tied the ropes off, putting his hands on her shoulders as he whispered into her ear “I trust that so far, we are meeting your requirements?”


“Most admirably,” Lola said with a smile as she walked round the room, both Cain and Abel watching as her blouse started to open.  She had a body of a woman much younger than her – and as the ropes rubbed on her, she hoped they were enjoying the show as well.


“Please, have a seat Lola.”


As she sat on the red recliner, Abel sat behind her, Lola sighing as he started out massage her shoulders with his strong hands.  She could feel what little tension there was being eased away – not that there was a lot of tension.  In her shoulders, at any rate.


She could feel his hands moving down her body, and looked down as Able stroked his hands over her, and then slowly started out unfasten her blouse, opening it up to reveal the taupe bra underneath.  As he did so, Cain stood in front of her, smiling as he said “I shall be first, if that is all right with you.”


“Acceptable,” Lola said quietly, licking her lips as she looked at him, watching as he slowly unfastened the buttons at the front of his trousers.  It was a truly well tailored suit – and as his member emerged, she saw he was gifted in that way as well as in his sartorial sense.


She could also feel Abel’s hands in her chest now, his fingers gently kneading into her flesh, massaging them as they started to firm up under his influence.  It was a gentle, loving caress, and she nodded as Cain said “when you are ready?”


“I am ready,” she said quietly as she leaned forward, placing her rouged lips on the tip as he held it in his hand, and gently kissing it, before she moved her head up and down, her lips tasting him as she admired how well he truly was endowed.  As Abel gently pressed down, she sighed and then put her lips over the tip, kissing it gently and then pulling her head back as Abel slipped the cups of her bra down, the ropes now rubbing on her bare flesh as his fingers danced on her breasts.


She then put her lips over Cain’s penis, taking it into her mouth and sucking gently as she started to bob her head to and fro.  She twisted her upper body round, feeling the ropes and the massage as she felt the hock of Abel’s fingers gently playing with her nipples.  What was more, as she kissed and used her tongue to stroke the organ in her mouth, she could feel Cain responding, the mass increasing and pressing her tongue down as she continued out work him.


She could feel a fire, a passion burning inside her as well, as she felt the throbbing on her tongue.  It was the sign that Cain was pleased at hat she was doing, as she felt the tip now gently touching the back of her throat, and she started t move, her head gently bobbing to and fro as she sucked on him and gently licked him, her lips forming a seal as his member grew larger and larger.


And as she groaned, Abel’s hands pressed even more firmly on her, as he played with and pinched her nipples, making her wriggle round as well.  The fire was growing stronger inside her, but her focus was not on that.


Her focus was on Cain, as her movements continued to elicit the response she wanted in him.  She could taste the pre-cum on her tongue now – salty, but she knew that was only the next sign in what he could give, an encouragement out her to continue.


Her motion also meant she was rubbing on Abel in a way that was exciting him as well, and she could feel that bump behind her, but she trusted he would not take advantage of her.


Not yet, anyway…


She closed her eyes and moaned softly – the throbbing was so amazing on her tongue, the feeling of him in her mouth making it impossible out express her enjoyment in any more vocal way than that.  She could tell the Cain was enjoying it as well, however, as the throbbing seemed out suddenly increase as he stood there – and then it happened.


The jerk was the first sign as she prepared herself, and then her own body shook as the hot, salty flow began, hitting the back of her throat as it started out flow down.  She kept sucking, her lips sealing any from escape as her own body shook slightly, but the pleasure of the swallow was so intense for Lola…


Cain looked over at Abel and smiled as she serviced him, greedily drinking in as she worked every drop from him, pleased that he had been able to please her.  But he was patient as Lola drew every drop from him, waiting until she was sated and ready before he watched her move her head back.


“I trust you enjoyed that?”


Lola nodded, a small white streak escaping from the corner of her mouth as Cain took from his jacket pocket a white handkerchief, and gently wiped her cheek and mouth before he wiped himself.  Lola looked at him as she drew several deep breaths, wondering what he was going to do next as he looked at her.


“Open your mouth.”


She smiled and did as she had been asked, feeling the material on her tongue as Cain gently pushed the soiled cloth in, tasting him once more as Abel stood up and walked round, Cain adjusting his trousers before he moved behind her.


“I see you are slightly damp,” Abel whispered as he drew a handkerchief from his own jacket, and then wiped up between Lola’s legs.  She closed her eyes and sighed as he did that – she was aware of how aroused she was getting, but it felt so wonderful…


She then felt his finger on her lips, and she opened them slightly, sucking on it as she tasted her own fluids – and then accepted the second cloth in her mouth, filling it even more as she heard a soft peeling sound behind her. 


“Itis my turn now, Lola,” he said as Cain pressed the white tape gently down over her mouth, the material adhering to the shape of her chin as it held firm and silenced her even more.  She slowly nodded as she felt the tug on her face, and then groaned – a muted groan, as Abel sucked on her nipples before he moved her round on the couch, and bent her right leg so that the stiletto heel of her boot sat against the back of her thigh.


Cain handed him a new length of the rope, and Lola watched as he tied it round her ankle, the soft brown suede compressing under the binding before he secured her ankle to her thigh.  He made sure the bands were cinched as well, before a longer length was used to secure her leg below her knee. 


He repeated the process with two lengths of rope on the other side, Lola wondering what he was going to do next – and then he watched Abel as he put his head between her legs and gently kissed her sex.


“Hmhgghddd,” she groaned as she felt the gentle touch, felt his tongue as he ran it up between her legs, felt it stroke over her mound as her whole body shivered.  She twisted round, forcing Abel’s face to rub on her as well, and feeling the fire start to expand, to burn ever more fiercely inside her.


Able looked up and smiled as he moved Lola round, spreading her legs wide before she watched him unfasten his own trousers, letting them fall to the ground as she saw just how aroused he was as well.  That was when she heard the buzzing, as Cain began to run a small white vibrator over her breasts and nipples, making her twist even more…


She was truly burning inside now, as she felt Abel’s lips on her neck, and on her chest – and then felt him slip into her, the passage easy, the sensations washing over her as she gripped on him.  He nodded as he thrust further in, and she tried to raise her body to accept him as the vibrator continued out move over her chest.


IT was sublime, ureal as the soft groans got louder, if still muted, and she trust up as he ushed down.  He was inside her, moving over those sweet, wonderful places that mad her whole body shake – and she could feel the throbbing against the walls of her passage as well as he got larger inside her.


Abel nodded as he moved with her, bringing her closer and closer out the edge, but seeking to time her release with his.  To not do so was wrong, and he wanted Lola out fully enjoy the experience…


He felt the pressure growing on him, and heard her moans, felt her thrust back as they moved together, increasing in speed, in intensity, in desire…


And then her groaned as he came inside her, and Lola shook – truly shook as the orgasm enveloped her, drowned her, made her scream out into the soiled cloths and through the tape in pleasure and desire.  She could feel the flow inside her, but she was not concerned – the days when that was an issue were sadly long passed, so this was pure, unadulterated pleasure…


Her whole body was shaking as she squeezed Abel, but he just continued out give until Lola slumped down and Abel withdrew, smiling as he watched Cain tie another length of rope between Lola’s breasts, tightening even further the bands round them – and then he slipped the vibrator into her passage, before rolling her over and pulling the rope up, the cords sinking into her and keeping the vibrator in place as he secured the ends out her back.


Two more lengths of cord followed, securing her bound ankles out her chest ropes as Lola slowly moved, gasping into the gag before she rolled over, her glasses slipping off as Cain picked them up and placed them to the side.


Her body was coated in sweat, glistening in the light as she lay there, while Cain and Abel watched her wriggling round.  As Abel pulled up and fastened his pants, he said “we are glad we were able to give you pleasure, Lola – you will remain here for a while, and someone will come to serve you later.”


Lola slowly turned her head and said “Fhknkuh,” as the two men left, and her body started to shake again.  She closed her eyes as she felt her body start to respond again, the ropes rubbing on her and making her even more aroused as she allowed her eyes to close…







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