Gauranteed Cure

“You’re kidding – Donna recommended me to your firm?”


“She did indeed, Ms Simmons – she said you were in need of expert guidance with your money problems.”


Kelly took a long drag from her cigarette holder and sat back.


“I haven’t spoken to her for a few days – when did she contact you?”


“We have been dealing with her issues for some time, and we always ask our clients to recommend one of their friends to us.  May I show you our resume?”


Kelly looked at the man sitting next to her as he opened his case.  He was a strange looking salesman, dressed as he was in a blue zipped jacket, faded jeans and loafers, but Donna had never let looks cloud her judgement.  Replacing the cigarette in her holder, she lit the new stick and leaned back, crossing her legs as the short skirt on her black sleeveless dress rode up.


“So tell me, how can you clear all my money worries up in one easy lesson?”


“Well, Ms Simmons….”


“Please – call me Kelly.”


“Well, Kelly, we do so by consolidating all your assets into one easily manageable fund.”


“Isn’t that a bit silly, given the current economic climate.”


“Not with our fund – we guarantee a handsome return and the security is excellent.”


Kelly shook her head.  “I’m not convinced, mister – I don’t believe I caught your name.”


“That would be because I didn’t tell you,” the man said as he turned and looked at Kelly.  She was of Asian stock, about five foot six; with her black velvet dress revealing the pale skin of her arms and legs.  As she put her arm on the back of the couch, he reached over and touched her shoulder.


“So, what is your name,” Kelly asked as she looked at the man.


“Oh that’s nit important right now?”


“No?  Then pray tell what is?”




He reached over and pulled Kelly over onto his lap, grabbing her arm with his right hand.  As she fell over, she noticed a length of white cord that he had produced from somewhere in his jacket.


“What the hell’s going on here?” Kelly shouted as he looped the rope around her left arm just above the elbow, fed the two ends through the middle and pulled tightly.


“Just relax, Kelly – this won’t take long and you’ll enjoy it more if you don’t fight.  Let me take that for you.”


He took the cigarette holder from Kelly’s hand, before pulling her right arm behind her back and quickly lashing her wrists together.  She struggled mightily, but he was too strong as he looped the rope around and between her wrists, securing them firmly.


“What the fuck are you trying to do to me?” Kelly screamed as he pulled a red scarf out of his pocket.


“You need to shut up,” was all he said as he pulled the cloth tightly into her mouth, knotting the ends together at the base of her neck and letting her long black hair fall over the bulge.


“Now, here’s the deal, Kelly,” the man said as he pushed his captive forward so that she stared back at him from her lap.  “I’m going to make a call to my associate, and when he gets here we’re going to take a little ride.  When we do that, we will make sure all your money worries become our worries, and then you won’t have to do anything about it any more.  All right?”


Kelly screamed at this man who had so easily taken her in.  “You need to take a rest,” he sneered as he pulled her back and threw a cushion at the end of the couch.  “Just relax and let things happen.”


Pushing her over so that she lay with her head on the cushion, he stroked Kelly’s cheek as she tried to turn away.  The man stood up and took a cell phone out as she glared up at him.


“Ten minutes then,” he said as he sat back down and looked at Kelly struggling on the couch.  Looking at his watch, he stared at Kelly as she writhed around, trying to free her wrists.


“That won’t do you any good,” he said as he looked at his captive, “I learnt to tie knots in the forces.  I told you should just relax – perhaps I can help you with that.”


He reached over and lifted up the hem of Kelly’s skirt, staring at her white panties.  Fearing for herself, Kelly lashed out the only way she could – with her feet.  She was still wearing the heeled sandals she had put on earlier, and she aimed to hit him as hard and as fast as she could.


“Why you little…”  As he reached over to slap her, Kelly lunged forward and bit as hard as she could on his arm.


“You little bastard” he shouted a she felt the pain of her teeth – at the same moment as a masked man walked in and said “This one giving you trouble then?”


“About time you showed up,” his companion shouted as he felt the heel of Kelly’s sandal hit him too close to his crotch for comfort.


“Oh this one’s got fight – I like that.”


“Well do something about it, before she kills me.”


“All right, all right – you grab hold of her and I’ll deal with the weapons.”


“Come here, you stupid bint,” the unmasked man said as he grabbed Kelly around the chest and hand gagged her with his free hand.  “You are so going to pay for what you just did.”  Kelly screamed impotently into the flesh and cloth as the masked man knelt down and grabbed her feet.


She saw him pull another length of rope from his pocket as the first man said to her “If you stop screaming, I will take my hand away, otherwise there’s a good chance you are going to choke.  Now, are you going to be a good girl or not?”


Realising there was no way she could take on two of them, Kelly nodded, and the hand was taken away from her mouth as she was pulled back.  She could smell the stale breath from the unmasked man as he held her tightly.


“Jst dnt hrt m” she mumbled through the gag as her ankles were placed together.


“Then don’t pull that sort of stupid trick again,” the captor said as the masked man began to bind her ankles together.  “You just lie down and stop struggling.”


Kelly resigned herself to whatever was going to happen as she felt the rope pull her ankles together. 


“All right, you can let go of her now.”  Five minutes had passed as the masked man lashed and cinched her ankles, and now she was allowed to sit up again.  The two men kept hold of her as she looked down at her legs, and over her shoulder.


“Right – we’re going to go for a little trip now.  Are you going to give us any bother?”


Kelly looked at the two men, and with one last desperate urge she threw herself head first into the stomach of the masked man.  He let out what sounded look “oomph” as his companion reached out, grabbed her arms and pulled Kelly to her feet.


“Try that again,” he said as he placed his fist next to Kelly’s face, “and you will not come out of this unblemished.  Do you understand?”


“Fck u”


“Likewise,” he said as he raised his middle finger.  “Get her out of here – I’ll meet you at the hideout.”


The masked man picked Kelly up in his arms, and started to carry her out of her house.  As he walked to the door, Kelly shouted out “Dna?”


“Donna?”  The unmasked man said as he felt under the strap of her dress.  “You’ll see her soon enough – get going.”


She screamed and screamed as he carried her out of her house and into the waiting van…..






IT was over an hour later, as Kelly was being carried into a house she did not know, that she saw Donna sitting on the floor of the room.  Her friend was dressed in a black sweater, tight grey flecked skirt, patterned tights and knee length brown leather boots, but that wasn’t the striking thing about her.  That was the red handkerchief that had been stuffed into her mouth, the edges sticking out, and the three men standing over her wearing stockings on their heads.


“Your friend Donna has already given us so much,” the masked man said as he carried Kelly into the house, “and the last thing she gave us was your name.  Once we have finished collecting your money, if you want to see the free world again you will have to give us the name of one of your friends.


“And if any of you ever tell the police or the authorities, these three men will come and make you disappear.  Sorry boys – she gets to be left for collection.  Carry on.”


“M sr kle”, Donna mumbled as rope was passed around her arms above her elbows and pulled tight. 


“As we said, Kelly, we guarantee to cure your money problems.”  Kelly watched as her friend’s arms and wrists were secured behind her back, and then loop after loop of rope passed around her arms and chest so that she looked as if she had been trussed up like a chicken.  The last thing Kelly saw was the rope being pulled through a large knot against Donna’s back, and her friend had been pushed over onto her stomach, before she was taken to a darkened room and left to scream…..