Here Comes The Bride

Peggy Sue sent me a mail and asked if I would consider a “Stolen Bride” storyline for a reader’s request.  Her exact suggestion was…


I would like to recommend a story to you of identical twins one of whom is getting married but her twin overpowers her.....binds and gags her then puts on the strapless wedding gown with above elbow white gloves.

she looks at herself in the mirror while her twin sister struggles and muffles cries then says "relax aren't going anywhere and besides this fits me better than it fitted Chris will be sooooooo p-r-o-u-d" then goes out the door.


Well, it’s a well used plotline in soaps, particularly Latino Telemundos, but that’s not going to stop me having a go at my own version…


“You must be so excited about Saturday!”


Penelope giggled with delight as her friends gathered around her for her bridal shower.  Her upcoming nuptials with her boyfriend Chris Hawkins had been the social event to be invited to since the announcement had appeared in the society pages, and now all her girlfriends had come round to wish her luck,


“I am too,” she said as she recovered her breath, “I really do think Saturday is going to be a day to remember for everyone!”


“It’s just such a pity that Patricia won’t be there,” another friend said.


A slight frown crossed Penelope’s face.  “Well, I did invite her, but she’s never really forgiven me for the fact that Chris chose me over her.”


Patricia was Penelope’s twin sister – identical twin at that, although Patricia was perhaps an inch taller than Penelope.  They had done everything together – went through school, ballet lessons, gymnastics, college, everything – until they had met Chris at a college graduation party.


Chris had smitten both girls.  Tall, dark haired and unforgiving ruggedly handsome, both had hoped they would be swept off their feet by him.  When he had chosen Penelope, however, Patricia had been unable to accept that for the first time in their life she had come second best.  A furious argument had broken out, and Patricia had stomped off vowing never to talk to Penelope again.


Penelope shook her head, and her long blonde hair cascaded around her oval face.  “Never mind, girls,” she said, “I’m willing to forgive and forget, and the invitation is still open to Patricia.  Come on – let’s order some more drinks.”


From across the street, a young woman sipped her coffee and watched from her street side table as the party laughed in the bar.  She was dressed in a dark sweater and slacks, with a dark blue scarf over her blonde hair which had been put into a bun, and dark sunglasses covering her deep blue eyes.  The sight of the laughing and smiling Penelope only increased her anger, and she thought over her plans with a grim smile of satisfaction.


Saturday morning dawned, and Penelope woke in her own bed for the last time.  The maid had brought her breakfast in bed, and her mother knocked on the door as she ate a slice of toast.


“How are you feeling dear,” she asked as she brushed some stray hairs from Penelope’s eyes.


“I feel fantastic, mother,” she said, “but I wish we had heard something from Patricia.”


“Give her time, dear,” her mother said, “I’m sure she’ll come round eventually.  Today, however, is all about you.”


They both looked over to where her bridal gown was set up on a tailor’s dummy.  It was an exquisite creation in cream and pearl silk, with a strapless bodice and full train.


“I want you to have these,” her mother said, and she handed Penelope a box.  Opening it, she found a pair of antique white silk opera gloves, which came up over the elbow.


“Your grandmother wore these when she was married, and so did I.  It’s time for you to carry on the tradition.”


Penelope looked from the box to her mother, and tears welled up in her eyes.  They hugged, and her mother said “It’s all right, Penelope, I felt the same way too.  Now hurry up and start getting ready – you only have a few hours before the ceremony.”




At the rear of the house, the woman from the café slipped through a gate and made her way stealthily to the rear of the building.  She kept to the bushes, watching as staff made the final preparations to the wedding area and the marquee where the breakfast would be held, and ensuring that she was not seen by anyone.


Reaching the rear of the house, she found an old cellar door covered with ivy.  Taking the rucksack she was wearing off her back, she cleared the ivy and opened the door before dropping into the cellar below after her bag, closing the door behind her.




The hairdresser stepped back.  “There,” she said, “a bride worth the waiting for.”


Penelope looked this way and that in the mirror, admiring the way her hair had been put up.


“Now, your make-up specialist will be here in half an hour.”  She collected her bag and headed for the door.


“Thank you,” Penelope called over her shoulder as she continued to look in the mirror.  She stood up and tightened the sash of her silk dressing gown around her – a sudden chill had hit her.  She glanced over at the window, but it was still closed.  Walking over to examine it, she didn’t notice the connecting door to the next room open and close, nor did she say the dark clad woman walking up behind her with a cloth in her hand until it was pressed over her nose and mouth.


Penelope instinctively reached up to try and pull the cloth away, but the grip of her assailant was too strong and the cloying aroma of whatever was soaked into the cloth was beginning to overpower her.  She felt herself slipping out of consciousness, but as her eyes closed she caught a glimpse of her assailant in her full length mirror.  Her eyes widened for a second, then closed as suddenly as the chloroform took full effect.


The assailant looked at the prone bride to be, and then she rolled her over onto her stomach.  Loosening the sash, she pulled the dressing gown from her and looked at the lace underwear that she was wearing.  Pulling her hands together behind her back, she quickly bound them together with a thin length of cord, and did the same to her feet.  She rolled the girl over, picked her up and carried her into a walk in wardrobe, where she gently placed her on the floor before taking a sash from another dressing gown and tying it into her mouth as a gag.  She then placed a number of gowns in front of her, and began to strip take off her own clothing.



“Come in!”


The make up artist closed her bag as Penelope’s mother came on.


“Darling, you look fantastic!”


“Thank you mother”, Penelope said as she sat at her bureau.


“You’d better get you dress on dear – the guests have almost all arrived.”


As she left the room, Penelope stood up and looked out of the window as the last few guests arrived,  A smile crossed her face as she walked over to the cupboard, opened it and looked down at the bound form on the floor, who was just beginning to stir.


“Up you get,” she said as she picked up the girl and sat her on the bed.  It was just like looking n a mirror – only some crazy funhouse version where your reflection was bound hand and foot and stirring from chloroform induced slumber.


“I want you to be awake fro this” Penelope said as she took a length of rope from the rucksack hidden under the bed and started to wrap it around the drowsy girl’s legs.  She tightened the ropes above her knees, just below the tops of her cream stockings, and began to wrap it between her legs.


“Whhassa….. Patty?” the girl said as she came round.


“Why yes, Penny, it is your dear twin sister Patty.  Excuse me while I knot this off.”


Patricia tied off the rope above the real Penelope’s knees, took another length from the rucksack and began to repeat the operation below her knees.


“Wh… What do you think you are doing?  Why can’t I move my hands?”


“I would have thought it was obvious, sis – Chris deserves better than you, and I’m going to make sure he gets it.  There,” she said as she tightened the ropes and tied it off, “is that nice and comfortable for your wedding day?”


“Patricia, stop this.  It’s not my fault he chose me over you.  I mean, I’m ecstatic he did, but that’s no reason for tying me up.  Let me go now and come down for the wedding.”


“You really don’t get it, do you Penelope?” Patricia said as she looped rope around her sister’s elbows and pulled them together.  “I am going to the wedding – you’re the one who’s going to miss it.”


“Oh god – you can’t be serious Patricia.  What on earth makes you think you’ll get away with it.  Let me go this instant.”


“Actually, dear sister, I was thinking of making sure you were more secure.  Just sit tight for a minute.”  With that, she took the longest length of rope Penelope had ever seen, and wrapped it around her chest and arms, above and below her breasts, so that they strained against the pearl coloured corset she was wearing.


“There now, that’s better,” Patricia said as she pulled the last strands of rope tight and tied them against her sister’s back.  Penelope tried to twist and strain against the ropes, but they allowed her little or no movement.


“Patricia, come on, there’s still time to…….. Don’t you dare!”


Patricia had slipped out of the dressing gown to reveal a white silk bra and panties set and white stockings with suspenders.  She walked over to where the wedding dress had been laid out, and slipped into the dress.


“It fits me like a glove, dear sister,” she said as she looked at herself in the mirror, “It’s so lucky that we are identical twins, isn’t it?”


“Patricia, please, stop this and let me go.”


“Penny, you talk too much.  Let me do something about that.”


Patricia went into the wardrobe, and Penelope recoiled in horror as she returned with two Hermes scarves.



The orchestra was playing on the lawn, and the guests were mingling as the usher called out “Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats for the wedding ceremony.”


“Come on Chris,” his best man said to him, “time to do the deed.”

From the bedroom, Penelope could hear the orchestra starting to play the opening music, and she tried to scream for help.  It was difficult, if not nearly impossible, thanks to the two scarves that were tied into her mouth.  Patricia had rolled one of the scarves, a gold one, into a thin roll and tied it into her sister’s mouth, and then tied a large knot in a brown cheeked scarf before tying that into and around her mouth as well.


Patricia pulled the white gloves over her arms, and then admired herself in the mirror.  Behind her, Penelope kept trying to scream out, and tears started to roll down her face.


“Relax honey bun,” Patricia said as she turned round, “You’re not going anywhere, so you may as well listen while the ceremony takes place.  I’ll even open the window a little so that you can hear.”


She walked over and opened a small window.


“This dress really does fit me better than you – my Chris is going to be so proud of me today.  Enjoy the show.”  She opened the door and left Penelope crying and struggling on the bed.


Patricia walked slowly to the top of the stairs, and descended to where her father was waiting for her.


“Shall we, Penelope?”


She took her father’s arm and walked out of the door, as the orchestra started to play Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.


Penelope bucked and kicked around on the bed as she heard the music.


The proud father walked his daughter down the central aisle, and left her with Chris.  The pastor stood up.


“Dearly beloved, we are gathered together in the sight of God and this congregation…..”


Penelope kicked so hard that she rolled off the bed onto the floor.


“Penelope Ann Millar, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband….”


The bedroom door opened, and Penelope raised her head to scream for help.


“I do.”


She saw two men standing there, dressed in black jumpers and trousers and with stockings over their heads, and wondered what the hell was going on.”


“Christopher Makepeace Thackeray, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife….”


The two men looked at each other, and then back at the bound and gagged woman screaming at them.


“I do.”


They picked Penelope up between them and with her writhing and screaming in their arms, they carried her down the stairs and into the cellar.


“By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife.  You may kiss the bride.”


The orchestra started to play Purcell’s Trumpet Voluntary as Mister and Mrs Christopher Thackeray made their way back down the aisle.  At the rear of the building, Penelope was dumped on a blanket in the back of a transit van, and the two men drove off with her in the rear.



Towards the end of the evening, Patricia returned to her room to change, and discovered that Penelope had disappeared.  Figuring she had somehow escaped and was hiding her shame somewhere, she changed into the leaving outfit and left the dress on the bed.  “No way is she going to come back now” she thought as she closed the door behind her.




One year later…


“Darling, would you do my dress up for me please?”


Patricia was standing in the bedroom, with the shoulder straps of her long dark blue gown on, waiting for Chris to complete the fastenings at the back.


“There you go,” he said as he pulled the fastener to the top.  “Happy anniversary darling!”


He kissed her on the lips, and they embraced for a few minutes.


“I need to go and mingle with the guests.  Will you be long?”


“No, I just want to complete my outfit.”






“Do you think your sister will ever come back?”


“Patricia?  I don’t know – she disappeared so suddenly.  One day perhaps – but please don’t let her spoil our special night.”


“All right, Darling – I’ll see you in a little while.”


Chris left the bedroom, closing the door behind him, and Patricia sat down to finish her make up.  It was strange that Penelope had never re-appeared after her wedding day, but life had been so wonderful for the last year that she had put all thoughts of her sister behind her.


She replaced the lipstick on the table, gave a quick puff of perfume onto her neck, and then pulled on the elbow length gloves that matched her dress.  She stood up and admired herself in the mirror.


“You lucky girl,” she thought to herself, and then noticed a slight movement in the curtains that were drawn across the door to the balcony outside the bedroom.


“Strange – I though those were closed,” she muttered, but as she went to check the curtains were pulled open from the other side and a masked woman dressed from head to toe in black rushed forward.  Pushing Patricia onto the bed, she stuffed a ball made of sponge into her mouth and with deft movements tied a knotted scarf into her mouth to keep it in place.


Patricia looked on as two other similarly dressed women came in through the open window and closed it behind them.  The first woman nodded to the new arrivals, and as one came forward pulling lengths of rope from a bag the second began to empty Patricia’s jewellery boxes into a small velvet bag.


Silently, the leader rolled Patricia over, crossed her wrists behind her back, and wrapped rope over her wrists, pulling it tighter with each pass.  As she passed the rope between her crossed wrists, Patricia was silently thankful that the gloves were providing some protection.  Such protection, however, was not available for her arms as they were pulled together above her elbows.


Rolling her back over, Patricia was pulled up into a seated position and the leader of the robbers began to wrap rope around her arms and chest, first below and then above her breasts, while the other robber crossed her ankles and bound them together with rope.  As the chest ropes were cinched by passing it around and under her shoulders, Patricia’s legs were tied together below and above her knees.


This had all happened so fast that Patricia had barely had time to react, but as the three masked intruders stood back and looked at the trussed up woman she began to struggle in a vain attempt to get free.


“Have you got everything?”  The leader said, and Patricia stopped struggling with a start.  Surely it can’t be…..


“Take the jewellery back to the van, and then come back here.  I want a little private word with this one.”


The two others slipped out of the room, and the leader stood in front of Patricia.  She looked on as she slowly pulled off the mask to reveal….

“Hello, Patty,” Penelope said as she looked at the terrified young woman.  “It’s been a while – a year in fact.  Have you missed me?”


Penelope reached over and pulled the scarf out of her sister’s mouth, before easing the ball out.


“Penny?” Patricia croaked, “wh…. Where have you been?”


“Oh, you would not believe the places I have been and seen, Patty.  Do you want to hear what happened that day?”


Patricia nodded.


“I was taken by a pair of robbers – they saw a way of making some easy money by…. Well, by selling me to a slaver.  I, on the other hand, managed to cut a deal with the person I was left with.  I persuaded her….  Well, if I’m honest, I promised her that if she let me work for her, I could make her even wealthier than she already was.”


“Penny, you have to understand that was never my plan for that to happen.  I was going to come and free you, honestly….”


“Hush, Patty” Penelope said as she pressed her fingers to her sister’s lips, “I’m the one talking here.”


“Anyway, she agreed to let me have a trial run.  Did you hear about the robbery at Hannah’s place a month after the wedding?”


Patricia nodded.  “She and her parents were woken up, bound, gagged and the house cleared out.”


“I helped to plan that.  When that was a success, my new boss helped to train me, and in return I helped her with some most profitable work.  All I asked in return was that, one year after I was taken to her, she allowed me this one personal visit.  And here I am.”


Patricia gulped.  “So, what happens now?”


“I’m so glad you asked, Patty.  You see, I think you need to have a taste of what I have seen.”


“What do you mean?”


“You’ve had a year – a wonderful year I presume – as Chris’s wife.  It’s my turn now, sister.”


“Wha… what do you mean?”


“Hush now, Patricia.  You need to save your energy.”


Penelope took a scarf that Patricia had left on the floor, balled it up and approached her bound sister.


“Say ahh, Patricia,” Penelope said, and as Patricia gasped her sister pushed the scarf into her mouth, ensuring it filled the space before pushing the knot of the second scarf back in and re-tying it behind her head.


The two assistants re-entered the room, and picked Patricia up between them.  As she was carried out, Penelope started to remove her black clothing.


“Please than Madame for me, offer her this gift and tell her I will be available if she wants me,” Penelope said as Patricia was carried out, struggling and trying to call out.



“Darling, what kept you?”


Chris looked up as Penelope descended, resplendent no tin blue, but a floor length white strapless gown with the white opera gloves.


“I thought I should wear something else to mark our anniversary,” she said as she approached Chris, placed her arms around his neck and kissed him fully for five minutes.


“Wow,” he said as she backed off slowly.  “That was fantastic.  It’s almost as if you haven’t seen me for a long time.  Are you all right?”


“I couldn’t be better darling” Penelope said as she took a glass of champagne.  “Happy anniversary.”