She was marched into the room, her hands bound together in front of her and unable to help herself.


It has started out as a normal day, at least until she parked her car at the usual spot, but then she had been pulled into a transit van and blindfolded, with her wrists and ankles bound with tape.  Whoever had taken her drove for some time until they stopped, and pulled her out of the parked van.  She had felt the cool breeze in her face for a short while, then  she was led into a building where the tape was removed from her wrists.  One word had been said.




At first she had refused, but a slap across her face showed her that whoever had captured her meant business, so she began to unbutton her jacket, followed by her skirt and blouse.  The blindfold had stayed on all the time.


“All the way.”


She fumbled behind her back to undo the bra strap, and let that and her knickers drop to the floor.  Some one had then taken her wrists, put them together in front of her, and wrapped some sort of rope around them to secure them together.  Now she was in another room, and the blindfold was pulled off her eyes.


She blinked for a minute, then looked around.  The room was painted white, and sparsely furnished.  In fact, the only things of note were the large stone fireplace and the hooks that hung down from the ceiling.  There was also a large mirror on the wall, and in it she saw her naked well formed body.


“Hello?  Is there anyone there?” she called out.  As if in response a door opened and a young auburn haired woman walked in.  She was wearing a blue micro skirt and bikini style top, and white heeled sandals, and in her hand were a number of things that caused the captive to stare.


“Good morning, Annette,” the woman said, “Do you know why you are here?”


“No, please, why am I here?”


The woman took a length of rope, and tied it around Annette’s already bound wrists before passing the end through one of the hooks in the ceiling and pulling her wrists up above her head.  She then took a second length, doubled it and knelt down at Annette’s feet to bind her ankles tightly together.  Annette winced as the ropes were cinched and tied off.


“Now, Annette, you know why you have been brought here.  We need some information that you have.  If you tell us, then this will be a pleasurable experience for both of us.  If not, then it will only be pleasurable for us.  So, Annette, will you tell us when the goods are due to arrive?”


Annette racked her brains.  Goods?  What goods?  She was an administrative assistant, what did she know about goods.


“I…. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She stammered.


“Pity,” the woman said picking something up she had put on the table earlier. “I had hoped you would be able to express your enjoyment, but it appears I must make you more amenable to talking first.  Do you know what this is?”


Annette looked at the object – a red ball with a leather strap threaded through it – and shook her head.


“It’s called a ball gag, Annette, and this is what we do with it.”


She took the red ball, and while holding it in one hand she pinched Annette’s left breast, causing her to yelp.  The ball was then pushed into Annette’s open mouth, and she had to watch mutely as the woman pulled the straps around her head and fastened them tightly at the back.


“There now, Annette, we can begin to have some fun.  When you are ready to tell us when the goods arrive, just grunt three times and we will talk.  Nod if you understand.”


Annette nodded, more out of fear than understanding, wondering what was to come next.


“Tell me, Annette, are you by any chance ticklish?”  As she said this, the woman started to run her fingertips quickly over the sides of Annette’s torso.  Annette, who to tell the truth was very ticklish, tried to twist out of the way and screwed her eyes up as she struggled not to laugh, but the sensations was not one she found unpleasurable.  It was unpleasant, though, as the ball in her mouth meant she was unable to laugh out fully, and this was not the most comfortable way to be.


“When are the goods due to arrive,” the woman asked, but again Annette didn’t know what she was talking about, so as the tickling stopped she shook her head and tried to make it clear she didn’t know what the woman was talking about.  All that came out, however, was “Hmmm mmmp ggmmmss”.


“Oh dear, Annette, and I thought the tickling was going to be enough to persuade you to talk.  Did you enjoy being tickled?”


Annette, to her surprise, found herself nodding.


“Well then, perhaps this will give you some thought as well.”


The woman came around behind Annette, and started to caress her around the waist and chest.  She gently stroked away, not to tickle but almost as if she was trying to arouse her, and Annette looked down to see what was happening.


“Do you like what I’m doing, Annette?” the woman asked, and Annette really wanted to say no.  She could not deny, however, that the woman’s touch was both sensual and arousing, and she was having the sort of feelings that only her boyfriend had managed to arouse before now.  A soft moan escaped from her gagged mouth.


“You want to resist, don’t you?” the woman said, and Annette nodded.  “Well, just tell me when the goods are due to arrive.”


She shook her head – although she was now beginning to understand what “the goods” were, she didn’t want to betray her trust.


“Oh, Annette, I’m sure you don’t want me to carry on and do this,” the woman said, and she cupped both Annette’s breasts in her hand and started to massage them.  Annette squirmed and moaned, not just out of fear now but because she was finding this incredibly arousing, and that frightened her even more than her current situation.


“You really do not want to be enjoying this, do you Annette?” the woman whispered into her ear but only another low moan escaped from the captive woman.


The woman walked around in front of Annette, and reaching behind her back she loosened the ties around her top so that her own ample breasts were exposed.  She went up to Annette and started to move and sway right in front of her, her breasts rubbing against Annette, the two bodies moving in motion despite the captive woman’s attempts to resist.


“I know you want to call out in delight, Annette, and you can do that if I remove your gag.  To do that, though, I need to know if you are going tot ell me when the goods arrive.”


Annette closed her eyes.  She couldn’t betray her confidence, it would be wrong, but …… oh god, the feelings that were being aroused in her at this point were almost overwhelming.


The woman came closer to Annette, and placed her lips against the ball in her mouth.  “Will you tell me when the goods are due to arrive?” she whispered in Annette’s ear as she kissed the gag again, and the frustration Annette was feeling could be contained no longer.  Closing her ears in despair, she made three short grunts.




The woman stood back, looked at Annette, then reached round and unbuckled the straps that held the ball in place.


“When are the goods due to arrive, Annette?”


“Monday…” she panted.  “The gallery gets them on Monday.”


“Thank you, Annette.  You have a little rest now and we will talk later.”


Annette watched as the woman pulled her top up, turned round and walked out of the room, then hung her head both in exhaustion and in fear.


From behind the two-way mirror, two women who had been watching made some final notes on their pads.


“Well, Madame?”


“Yes, Penelope, I think Colette will make a fine addition to our team.  Please arrange for the usual contracts to be put into place.  This was indeed a most instructive and effective interview.”


“And the gallery?”


“I believe later next week would be the ideal opportunity.  Have the initial plans on my desk in two days time for review, will you?”


“Of course, Madame.”


“Thank you, Penelope.”