Lessons in Revenge




“Mrs Hesketh?”


The blonde haired woman stood in the doorway, looking at the new arrival in a slightly quizzical manner.  Shaking her head, she said, “Yes, I’m Mrs Hesketh.  Can I help you?”


“I’m Donna Strangeways, Jacks’ teacher.  We had an appointment for this morning?”


 Mrs Hesketh looked at the woman standing there, with a black folder in her arm.  She was about five foot ten, dressed in a grey silk blouse and pinstripe skirt, with dark stockings and back shoes.  She had a large Hermes scarf thrown tastefully around her neck.


“Oh, of course.  Forgive me, Mrs Strangeways, it’s being a hectic day.”


“That’s all right – and it’s Ms Strangeways.  Can I come in?”


Mrs Hesketh nodded, and led the teacher into the front room of the cottage.  She was wearing a sheer top, through which it was possible to see her white bra in outline, tight white pants and sandals.


This is a lovely room,” Donna said as she entered the front parlour.


“Yes, it is, isn’t it?”  The other woman replied, looking around.  “Please, come over here.”


The two women walked over to a small leather couch which was situated in front of the window.


“Please, sit down here,” Mrs Hesketh said as she sat at one end of the couch, and indicated to Donna to sit down.


“Well, Mrs Hesketh,”


“Please, call me Elaine.  Do you mind if I call you Donna?  Ms Strangeways sounds so formal.”


Donna nodded as she sat down.  “Elaine, I wanted to come and talk to you because I’m worried about Jack’s marks in my class.  Where is he, by the way?”


“Oh, he’s out with some friends.  Why are you so worried about him?” Elaine said with a smile.


“Well, Elaine, the quality of his work has deteriorated quite markedly.  I have some examples here if you will allow me?”


“Now, Donna,” Elaine said as she placed her hand on the other woman’s knee, “I’m afraid that before you do that I have something to tell you.  Do you want to hear a secret?”


Donna was puzzled by this behaviour, and putting her hand to her chin for a moment she started to wonder what was going on here.  “Elaine….. Mrs Hesketh, is there something the matter?”


“Not at all, Donna, but there is something I have to tell you first.”


“What’s that?”


“I’m not Mrs Hesketh.”


Donna looked at the blonde haired woman, who was sitting looking at her with her hands in front of her.  She recoiled slightly as she stammered “You….. You’re not Mrs Hesketh?”


“No, I’m not, but I do know you Donna.  Don’t you recognise me?”


Donna looked keenly at the woman.  There was something familiar about her, but what?  She started to slide back in the seat as her scarf fell from around her shoulder, but Elaine grabbed her by the wrist.


I’m afraid Mrs Hesketh is a little tied up at the moment,” she said as she produced a length of rope from the floor beside the couch, “but don’t worry – you soon will be as well.”


Donna raised her hand to her mouth. “What do you mean?  Who are you?  What’s going on here?”


“Enough talking – stand up and turn around.”


Elaine suddenly got up, and twisted Donna’s arm around behind her back, forcing the other woman to turn with her back to the mystery woman.  Elaine grabbed her other wrists, and pulled both of them over as she placed her knee in the small of Donna’s back.


“Why are you doing this?”  Donna called out.


“You’ll see, Donna, but in the meantime just stay quite still.”


Elaine took the rope, and holding together Donna’s wrists with one hand she looped the rope around and pulled it tightly so that her hands were held, palm to palm.  She took care to keep the rope over the cuffs of Donna’s blouse, but she still winced as the cords went round once… twice… three more times before the rope was passed between her wrists and tied off at the top of the binding.


“That hurts – please, please stop,” Donna called out, but Elaine clamped her left hand over Donna’s mouth.


“I need to shut you up, you little cry-baby,” Elaine said as she pulled the scarf off from around Donna’s shoulders.  As she looked over her shoulder, Donna began to remember dimly where she had seen this woman before.


“Listen,” Elaine said, and as Donna stood there in silence she began to hear a thumping noise coming from elsewhere in the house.


“That will be the real Mrs Hesketh – and if you want her not to be harmed, you will stay very, very quiet when I take my hand away.  Is that clear?”


The frightened girl nodded.  “Good – just stand still and look straight ahead.”


“I don’t understand – what have I done to you?”  Donna asked quietly as Elaine took her scarf and tied a large knot in the centre of it.


“Keep thinking about it and it will come back to you,” Elaine replied.  “Mind you, silence helps to concentrate the mind wonderfully.”  She held the scarf in front of Donna, with the knot in front of her lips and the two ends in her hands.  Open wide now.”


As Donna opened her mouth, the knot was pulled into the space and the ends pulled tightly at the base of her neck, knotted off with a strength she didn’t think the other woman possessed.


“There now – have a seat, Donna, and I’ll make sure you are nice and secure.”


Taking a further length of cord, Elaine knelt down and placed Donna’s ankles together, before doubling the cord and wrapping it around the ankles, pulling the loose ends through the head with each pass and then cinching the ropes between her ankles.


Donna sat thinking as Elaine passed a length of rope around her chest and arms, below her breasts, than above, and repeated several times, pulling tightly each time so that her arms were secured to her side, and her breasts were pushed out by the constriction of the rope.


“There now,” Elaine said as she tied the last knot.  All nice and cosy.  How are you feeling, Donna?”


Donna tried to call out, but all that escaped from the gaga was a muffled moan.


“Well then,” Elaine said as she stood up, “I need to go and check on Mrs Hesketh and take care of a few things.”  She took hold of the top of Donna’s head and pushed it back so that the bound woman’s eyes looked into hers.  I’ll be back in a little while, and then we’ll have a nice little chat.  All right?”


She smiled at Donna and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.  Left alone, Donna started to try and twist around, in the vain hope that this would loosen the ropes around her, but whoever this woman was she was too good at doing knots.  If only she could place where she had seen her before….


The thumping noise, which had continued throughout Donna’s binding, suddenly stopped, and she looked around frantically.  She could hear voices, and hoped that wherever she was she was still alive if not able to ask for help.  Donna looked around the room to see if there was anything she could use to get out of her predicament, but to no avail.


The sound of heels clicking down the stairs caught Donna’s ears, and she turned her head round as the door opened.  The sight that greeted her caused her to gasp through her gag.


“Mrs Hesketh is sleeping now – but I wanted to thank you, Donna, for giving me a chance to get my own back after all these years.”


Elaine was standing behind her, but she had changed her outfit.  Instead of the mother she had thought Elaine was at first she was now dressed in a white long sleeved blouse with frilled cuffs, a long black leather skirt and patent leather high heeled shoes.  Black gloves were over her hands, and she held a riding crop in them.


“You see, Donna, you interrupted me when I was talking to Mrs Hesketh earlier.  I don’t believe you’ve ever met, have you?


Donna shook her head.


“You may know her better by her maiden name – Jo Ann Hardy.”


Donna thought.  Jo Ann?  Her old school friend?  The dawning light of realisation lit her eyes.  It couldn’t be, could it?


“Ah, I see you remember me now, don’t you Donna?” Elaine said as she tapped the captive on the shoulder with the riding crop.  “I must expect, I hadn’t expected to get round to you quite so soon, but it does mean I don’t need to spend time tracking you down.”


Donna tried to cry out again.  It was her – Elaine Poole.


When she was at school, there had been a number of incidents of girls in her year being attacked, bound and gagged and left in rooms in the school.  No-one had known who was carrying out the attacks, or why, until Donna and Jo Ann had stumbled across Elaine leaving a room in the school, and finding another girl tied up when they looked in.


“You and that bitch upstairs reported me to the authorities, remember?”  Elaine said as she sat on the arm of the couch behind Donna and pushed her head down.  “I was expelled for doing nothing more than teaching stuck up little madams a lesson in humility.  Expelled and left to work my own way into the world.  Well, I succeeded, Donna, more than you can possible imagine.


One thing kept gnawing at me, though – what would I do if I ever met up with Donna and Jo Ann again.  So imagine my surprise when, on stopping off for some petrol, I found Jo Ann in front of me in the queue to pay.”


Elaine stood up and walked round to look at her bound captive,


“Well, I followed her home and surprised her.  I’d just finished teaching her a lesson when who should knock on the door but dear sweet Donna – and a teacher now as well.  I ‘borrowed’ an outfit from Jo Ann, and lured you in.  And here you are now.”


Elaine placed the end of the crop in Donna’s lap, and pushed her skirt slightly over so that her stocking tops showed and her black lace panties were visible.


“Are you ready for your lesson to begin, Donna?”